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Do you remember how there was global outrage after the Panama Papers exposed a massive international tax evasion scheme involving many high-profile wealthy elites, leading to mass incarcerations and sweeping overhauls to the world’s taxation and legal systems?


How about the huge scandal when it was revealed that the CIA unilaterally funds its own clandestine operations via secret drug trafficking programs to circumvent the oversight of elected bodies, leading to the dismantling and disbanding of the entire CIA? Or the time WikiLeaks exposed war crimes leading to tribunals at The Hague and a complete restructuring of the US military? Or all the criminal investigations and paradigm-shattering arrests after we learned that powerful intelligence agencies have been using child sex slaves to manipulate our society via blackmail?

You don’t? Hmm. That’s weird.

I mean, it is weird, right? It’s really, really weird how any time there’s a major scandalous revelation about the powerful, there’s a lot of noise about it for a few days, and then essentially nothing happens. Mainstream news media might report on it for a bit (though sometimes if it’s really inconvenient for the empire they won’t even touch it), they trot out the pundits to manage the narrative in such a way that ensures nobody in power will ever face any consequences, and then it is quietly memory-holed.

It’s weird. But we can’t deny that it’s real.

There are many people who understand that we are ruled by sociopaths who manipulate our society into alignment with their greedy and power-grabbing agendas, and that most of our world’s problems arise from this fact. It is not difficult to see and understand this for yourself; there are more than enough readily available facts in evidence to make it abundantly clear to anyone with the time and willingness to look. Yet it remains a relatively fringe understanding, far short of the numbers it would take to make a real difference in our world.

Still, many who see what’s wrong with our world also hold out hope that there might be some Big Reveal in our future, some leak drop or heroic feat of investigative journalism which rips the veil off the mechanisms of oligarchy and oppression and shocks the world into revolutionary change. They think if there was just some major unprecedented revelation about 9/11, or Covid-19, or the oligarchy, it would snap open people’s eyes at long last to the fact that everything they’ve been taught about the world is a lie.

This will never happen. We know this because if it were going to happen, it would have happened already. If facts and evidence were enough to open people’s eyes and change their minds, then consent for the entire world order we are currently living under would have been rescinded as soon as we learned the Iraq invasion was based on a lie. Or as soon as we saw the first pictures of the children in Yemen who are being starved to death with the help of our government. Or any number of shockingly evil atrocities that the world’s most powerful people have engineered right out in the open.

The Big Reveal will never happen, because the Big Reveal has already happened. All of the information needed to show people that we are ruled by murderous tyrants who shouldn’t be left in charge of their own children much less a globe-spanning empire is already publicly available. Any new information that got added on top of that would be treated the same way it’s been treated up until now: narrative managed and memory-holed into oblivion. Wouldn’t matter if it was a leak drop exposing all the most horrific secrets of all the world’s most powerful people. It would unpack in the same way it’s always unpacked.

The problem is not that we are lacking in sufficient evidence that we are living in an unacceptably dystopian oligarchic empire, the problem is that people can’t see the evidence that is already available to them. Science already tells us that hard facts aren’t enough to change someone’s mind, and that we have whole cognitive defense systems in place to protect our preexisting perceptions. It doesn’t matter how much information is handed to someone if they are fighting like hell to prevent the death-like experience of having their entire worldview ripped away from them. The trick is finding new and innovative ways to breach those defenses.

Whistleblowers, investigative journalists and leak publishers do heroic work for which we should all be grateful. They are the reason that there is enough publicly available evidence that we are effectively ruled by uncrowned kings in an unacknowledged empire that is driving us all toward disaster. But the bulk of the work that needs to be done actually comes after their mission is completed.

The real legwork is in getting the public to see the oligarchic empire with fresh eyes. How ugly it is. How horrifying it is. How psychopathic it is. To take the facts they already have in front of them and rearrange them in a new way that lets them really deeply perceive them in a way that they hadn’t before.

This is why I write so many articles about how creepy the empire is; I’m trying to provide new concepts and imagery to help people really grasp the true nature of this thing they’ve been marinating in their entire lives, whose propaganda they’ve been ingesting since they were children. It’s like trying to teach fish to see water.

Take mass media propaganda. The fact that the plutocratic class and government agencies collaborate with each other to manipulate the way the public thinks, acts and votes is an indisputable fact that has been researched and documented for decades, but people don’t see it. They don’t get how rapey and gross it is that powerful people are actively messing with our minds all the time on purpose. It’s just as freakish and depraved as any conspiracy theory about 5G nanobot mind control, but because people are used to it, they don’t see it.

Our job is to help them see it.

And the cool thing is, we can all do this. We don’t need to be a heroic whistleblower or daring investigative journalist, we just need a little creativity and a slightly different slant on things.

This is what Arundhati Roy was pointing to when she said, “Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.”

It is good to be a hard-hitting journalist or an expert conspiracy analyst. But, because the Big Reveal has already happened, the real difference will be made by the artists.


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52 responses to “What If The Big Reveal Already Happened?”

  1. Caitlin is right in her observation that new stories get run and then soon are swept away. What she is saying is there is no “continuity” to news stories. There is no attempt to keep track of and follow up on event facts which would provide a basis to “learn” something or improve something. In science, circumstances and events are logged, documented which eventually separates the chafe from the wheat – new knowledge is discovered learning takes place. Currently, one would think that the “news” would be a great place to put all this to work learning new things but it isn’t. The news is useless in its ability to enlighten the public of anything and as we can see the same social problems pop up in the news over and over again since time immemorial. Nothing changes, nothing is learned. Why? I posit it hinges solely on “environment” and the psychological ramifications of that environment (e.g. competitive “needs” environment – needs being met through competition vs cooperation and collaboration [open source knowledge + democracy]). In short, competition fosters and engenders “vanity” and “secrecy”. Thus, most all the corruption is society we see is due to these two things resulting from competition (a game). However, games are forms of entertainment whether of skill or luck, are played for a time and then put away just like we are seeing in news stories. Because facts are distorted as a competitive strategy, it is best to bury them as soon as possible, introduce a new confusing set of facts and never give enough space for people to sort things out. Caitlin is sorting them out and love her for her work and understanding. Love, love, love.

  2. Warren Parsons Avatar
    Warren Parsons

    Excellent commentary!
    My cognative dissonance got shattered at age twelve, when, after returning home from Sunday morning church, I sat alone in the family room and watched Jack Ruby murder Lee Harvey Oswald live on our black and white TV! I knew from that moment on that America was not what they claimed at school, the whole thing stunk and nothing since has changed my mind!
    The oligarchy or the ‘real power via mass media, “the Wurlitzer”, provides an official narrative, or in otherwords, their telling us what to believe, if we want to continue enjoying the “good life” in the capitalist American hegemony!! They’re not even trying to fool us anymore by providing a coherent, reasonable, believeable, though false, narrative.! If you get too loud or go too far or dig too deep in trying to reveal the truth, you can lose your job, reputation, friends, family, freedom or life! NO Land Rover, McMansion in the burbs or Five-Star hotels for you! We, humans, are herd creatures. For most, it is safer to stay huddled within the herd than to stray and be the target of a predator!
    2 + 2 = 5, doesn’t it?

    The Cabal knows that they must keep truth from the people in order to continue in power, and now the advent of the worldwide Internet is posing their greatest threat ever, and their demise may be right around the corner.

    Some of the oldest most senior members of the Cabal believe that the only way to stop this erosion of their control over truth that the Internet now presents is to elicit a major nuclear WW3 that will radically depopulate the earth and convert the political structure back into a Middle Ages type feudal King/Serf system.

  4. Stephan Borau Avatar
    Stephan Borau

    So true — the artists will show the way. Need to look at artistry more broadly — not just painters. Comedians, writers, graffiti, dance, music. We can all exhibit artistry in our own way.

  5. Discovery takes time. I did not start to discover the true nature of partisan politics until I was about 30. By the time I was 35 I had concluded that there was no real partisan politics, only two narratives generating a mass of false advertising. That everything will be just grand if we can just elect the “right” people. Too bad for us that none of the “right” people are running for office, because they aren’t psychopaths. Upon that conclusion, I also realized the very basic fundamental of all government is that a particular gang of psychopaths has authority to kill you if you don’t go along. It matters not whether that system is capitalist, socialist, fascist, etc. How can one give moral authority to an institution founded on that fundamental?

  6. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    The video embedded about George Washingtons teeth started me thinking. In my lifetime I have seen history books rewritten. Old facts replaced with new facts. So are any facts real except in the most general sense. The victors decide the facts and then future generations change the parts they dont like. So what are we to believe about anything outside our own personal perceptions and experiences. Our beliefs are little more than opinions. What happens in our time will be distorted and changed by future generations. Does it really matter that much what beliefs we hold. Yes it does but not in this life only the next.

    1. The thing is, in studying history, that facts do not change. The emphasis on some facts, the omission of others – that is what changes. Historians are rarely so objective that their own beliefs and prejudices do not color the way they interpret past events. Nor indeed should one overlook the need to fund grant proposals. Revisions that offend the academic establishment (or its patrons) very rarely see their way into print.

      For one example, there was a Harvard PhD candidate in 1954 whose doctoral thesis was a detailed analysis of how World War II actually began in Europe. He received his degree, because his research was impeccable, but he was never able to secure a teaching position at a major university. But his effort remains in libraries and online for future historians.

      The people who came before us were not a whit different from any of us today, with all the complexities and contradictions inherent in human behavior. No one can rightly hold a recently developed culture-specific standard of acceptable behavior, for example, as applicable to all people in all times and in all places. Nor should one overlook its political usefulness to certain elements in the present, i.e., divide and conquer.

      If one thing is certain, it is that the people who come after us will also be shocked (or amused) at how such poor, unenlightened fools could have mistaken such quaint (or offensive) beliefs as we cherish today for the great and wonderful truths that they will have been the first persons in history wise enough to have discerned.

  7. ZIO/US doesn’t even need a MILITARY !!

    There was that time about 20 years ago when they ‘pretended’ to get attacked – but hey – the entire US Air Force was having the FVCKING day off – that DAY !

    Other nations have militaries BECAUSE the ZIO/US has a military !

    FFS – accept your CHECKMATE by Russia and China and FVCKING exit stage LEFT !

  8. ZIO/US can’t start a WAR because they cannot WIN !

    If you look beyond the Zionist owned MSM – US bases are being blown up in Iraq and supply lines as well !!

    Same thing is happening in Syria and there is NOTHING the US can do about it because of Russia’s presence !

    Same thing is happening EVERYWHERE !

    While Russia was turning 200 thousand ISIS ‘proxies’ into fertiliser in Syria – Russia displayed over 70 ‘never before seen’ weapons in Syria !

    You and I don’t even know what they were but ZIO/US ‘intelligence’ does and it has obviously scared the SH!T out of them !!

    SIX years in Syria and Russia have had less than 120 casualties – 20 a year – obviously ZERO would be good but Russia has had EVERYTHING thrown at them by the US and NATO terrorist PROXIES !

    It really is OVER for the US militarily – they are just pathetic now and have turned on their OWN people !

  9. Arundahti Roy, like you Caitlin, is another fearless lover of Truth.
    Long may you both shine.
    Meanwhile, the other ‘pandemic’ of Trump Syndrome is wreaking havoc worldwide.
    All many people want to talk about is money, movie blockbusters, corporate sport and themselves.
    Pathetic, isn’t it?

  10. Art? Art is why we’re all fked up, yo! Long since co-opted. Terence McKenna said this 30 odd years ago(“make good art”)..wasn’t he CIA, too? Yah, know…the human experience is something we ENDURE. This is the only answer I’ve come to realize as possibly true. Think of that image of the child starving you used..what is the purpose of this nightmare? Earth is a good place for dreams and nightmares.

    I think we need honesty, what we live in is the opposite: deception.

    I also think we need a universal, coming-of-age-ritual. We need a “Flat-liners” type of experience to overcome our animal/lizard fear of death. Otherwise, we’ll continue the rise/fall Cabal cycles until our sun explodes. Isn’t this boring? For the plebs but also for those in charge? How many sacrifices before you’re like…bra let’s try something else?

  11. ‘They’ say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I honestly believe that the Conservative Political party is truly the worst enemy that a Christian can have! look at us who claim to be conservatives who are Christians. This how close they kept us, so that they could be cheating off our homework. I know that it is all in Gods plan. But this is really the final wakeup call to us all.
    If one truly believes that the world will ever go back to normal, remember that it has been said that he who has the money has the power.
    And this is what those in power are putting into motion for everyone who is not in their elite populace:

    Synthetic meat (fungal/mealworm hybrid or the like)
    Synthetic people (DNA changing, Gene therepeutic, software progamming vax)
    Synthetic thoughts (vax/chipped/AR/VR mind control)
    Synthetic lives (slaves to machines)
    a Synthetic World (virtual/nightmarish reality)
    a Synthetic god (created by your elite men)

    1. They kind of made it obvious, when the flipped the Stars on the Elephant ito ‘nverted’ back in the Cheney/W. era. I always wondered how all of those Christian Conservatives (Dominionists, mostly) could MISS that obvious symbolic shift.

    2. To “A Witness” :Amen

  12. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Douglas Rackemann

    Okay, Caitlin. I’m not up to date with the latest payment methods. Can we make a donation using a Visa card? Please don’t confuse me with Paypal and the rest of it.

  13. Ha, ha. Imagine, Caitlin admitting that it’s ok not to believe what she has said is absolutely true in the past. Because you just can’t accept things until you let go of your strongly held beliefs. No. What she says can never be believed. Because she is simply WRONG. Wrong. False. Liar.

    1. Oh look. Another batshit murder monkey who spouts slander with zero evidence. Get stuffed.

      1. Amen. Notice the Zero specifics technique. He disagrees with the realities that she reports – so obviously must be a liar, right?

  14. Love you as always, Caitlin… But PLEASE… Use the correct terminology. “Covert Operations” – analyst – researcher – theorist – denialist – perpetrator, etc… “Conspiracy Theorist” is a CIA tested Neuro-Linguistic Programming perjorative term – made common during the effort to broadly tar, and wrongly discredit, critics of the Warren Commission report, to protect the people who organized and orchestrated JFK’s assassination. Don’t give energy to those forces, by uding their preferred language. A “Conspiracy” is a crime. “Covert Operations” (Special Operations/Special Warfare) becomes “legal” – with the stroke of a pen. And in a world run by sociopaths and psychopaths – what meaning does “legal” or “crime” really have, anyway?

    Aside from that…I don’t truly disagree with you. Sure, I’ll keep trying to use facts and logic, in order to restore some kind of LAWFUL order and justice…but like Sisyphus, I know that at best I’ll have an uphill battle, that never ends. Which us why we can never stop pushing, and supporting others who do, too.

    It’s why I support you, too – and won’t ever stop. Do what you do. It’s fantastic work.


      I meant to include that evidence of CIA Weaponization of the words “Conspiracy” and “Theorist” – particularly when used in tandem.

      Please correct the small typos in comment above, in your mind as you read it. There’s no “edit” feature,.

      And since I’m making addendums and erratums… here’s the news that no one is allowed to see…

    2. The censorship is deplorable, but what would be achieved if everyone knew the truth about 9/11/2001? The truth about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, a lie which led to vastly more death and destruction, is widely known and undisputed – with what result?

      1. Sadly – neither issue is at good visibility. That – WMDs story – got a brief window of coverage with “the Downing Street Memos”. If it were a PR Campaign managed by SKD KNICKERBOCKER – it be would at “tipping point” numbers and public consciousness, and 60% favorable (official) numbers – like Joe Biden. But unlike w/ Biden – the “Regime Change BEGINS AT HOME” would be much higher in reality, than their polling

        As for the “Dick Cheney, The CIA and The Pentagon DID “9/11” “Campaign – THAT – can’t even get a soft rollout, or a cold open.

        Either story, could easily be used to create a “Color Revolution” if the NED and CIA wanted that to happen. And in fact they’re complimentary narratives. I think you’re missing an opportunity for some Synergy here.


        So that’s for THIS VIDEO, below.

        Wouldn’t want anyone under a given age seeing a real time recording, of a Video Billboard, that went up in Times Square, or in an incognito fashion…

  15. Yep, the emperor has no clothes, and most people are sheeple!

  16. Conspiracy Denialist.

  17. In relation to “Big Reveal[s],” there just had to be something derogatory (in the video) about Jesus Christ: “Jesus Christ was not born on December 25.” Well then, my God, everything else about him must be false! Just utter ridiculousness, sickening hypocrisy – and continually Reveal[ing]. A day was chosen to celebrate and honor his birth. Respect that. No need to go any further. This subject and area (Jesus Christ/Christianity) is one where Progressives go off the rails. They set themselves apart as supposedly “newly enlightened” truth-tellers who know more, understand more, and are embracing more than anyone else. But, incessantly, they ruin their whole credibility by ridiculing and mocking a man who (as documented) stood and died for the poor and oppressed, who cured diseases, raised people from the dead, and was as Progressive in Spirit as the Beatitudes. This target of far-left atheism (prejudiced of the worst level) even fails to recognize or welcome that there are Christian Progressives – because they are to be banned from consideration. What does that “Reveal?” Why is this not done regarding other spiritual leaders? What about MLK, Gandhi, Buddha, or Mohammed? Why not deride them to second deaths as a means of further fulfilling newfound “enlightenment?” The answers to all those questions, at this point, are too much of a “Big Reveal” for them to handle.

  18. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    CJ: ‘I’m trying to provide new concepts and imagery to help people really grasp the true nature of this thing they’ve been marinating in their entire lives, whose propaganda they’ve been ingesting since they were children. It’s like trying to teach fish to see water.’
    “Do you see that storm up ahead?”
    “What storm?”
    “What do you mean, WHAT storm. THAT storm. It’s right up ahead!”
    “I don’t see any storm.”
    “How can you say that? The clouds are swirling like crazy and the dust cloud is coming right at us!”
    “Sorry. I don’t see any storm.”
    “Are you LOOKING?”
    “Looking at WHAT?”
    “I don’t see any storm! You’re crazy, or racist, or hateful, or something like that.”
    “Sorry. I just thought I’d warn you that THERE’S A STORM COMING!”
    “Forget it. I only believe what I see on Fauxbook or Twiblabber. Everything else is FAKE news. Who told you to see things for yourself? You CAN’T DO THAT. That’s selfish and dangerous and racist and hateful. You’re a threat to everyone around you. You mustn’t stray from the pack! Don’t you know that? I should report you, or something.”
    “OK. I’m SORRY for being such a crazy, selfish, racist, hateful person that was just trying to warn you that THERE’S A STORM COMING AT US!”
    “That’s better. There’s hope for you, yet. But please, just stay away from me. I can’t be seen with the likes of your kind. And STOP looking up at the sky and ONLY LOOK AT THE LITTLE MAGIC BOX LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO.”
    “OK. I guess I was wrong. The storm is already here.”

  19. To paraphrase Upton Sinclair, it’s difficult to get a man to see something when his peace of mind depends on his not seeing it. Providing peace of mind is the job of propaganda, which is why most people feel comfortable with it. According to propaganda, the homo americanus is the universal “good guy” (registered trade mark). This has a price. It imposes upon him the duty to police a world made out of terrorists, fanatics, wife-beaters and other unpeople always at each other’s throats for reasons we’ll never be able to understand because they’re the bad guys. Among other things, it’s the good guys’ burden to make sure the bad guys don’t talk back when announced the shitty prices their raw materials are gonna go for. Some of them being hard of hearing and patience having its limits, every once in a while, you get the inevitable massacre. You can’t make omelets without breaking eggs. Is it worth it? Of course! As long as things keep looking pretty! And let’s be honest here: once everything’s said and done, how could we make things look pretty without the help of propaganda?

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      When his paycheck depends upon his not seeing it.

      1. Sal says soldiers saw?

      2. Yes, that’s where the rubber meets the road, isn’t it? But in fact a lot of people do know something about what’s going on, thanks in large part due to social media, which is why the powers that be are actively trying to censor it. I don’t think they will succeed. And it seems to me that the next step is going to be doing something about it.

  20. “new concepts and imagery to help people really grasp the true nature of this thing they’ve been marinating in their entire lives”

    To support that imagery we need narratives and stories. So I’m writing ‘Ten Mile Road’ Where a billionaire is living through the end of the world on his own beach. Where will it go? I’ll know as I write it but Chapter one has been polished and published.

  21. The one thing the article hints at, but doesn’t actual introduce is the reason why people refuse to accept truths that contradict their dystopian views. For many, it is not the destruction of preconceived ideas, per se, that leads to their refusals. It’s that by accepting those things they are undermining a weak self view – admitting personal insecurities that they don’t want to face. Ego-wise, they just don’t have the strength to admit when they are wrong.

    1. It’s a lot of work to change your mind. And while you’re changing it, you’re vulnerable.

    2. I don’t have access to the data that the PTB do…just a single teeny tiny pinhole perspective…so my wife and others close by have had to bare the burden of my probing in order to try and figure out this game. I know now that’s essentially what I’ve been doing for a long time now…to the annoyance of most. We truth seeking bloodhounds are invigorated when sniffing out the truth…not much else provides the same rush to us. For others, that path provides only dissonance and discomfort. Most people, including my own confidant wife, just cannot understand how we bloodhounds process the world…such is our lot in life…and a story as old as time. I love the red pill world and am never going back. After much thrashing about, my wife remains forever purple…and I have resigned myself to cherish that bit of red in her and the insight her blueness provides about others.

  22. Auwal Mohammed Nyako Avatar
    Auwal Mohammed Nyako

    Beautiful piece Caitlin, according to an African Proverb ‘when a Web of lies have been sold to the masses, the truth sounds preposterous and the person saying it will look like a raving lunatic’…..
    The Elites found out that the masses are incapable of understanding the truth, therefore there are presented with comforting lies…..

    1. Plato, ‘Allegory of the cave’

  23. “If the people knew the truth, they would act differently.” Perhaps the Big Reveal for many of us on the left would be that this idea is blatantly, and unfortunately, not true, at all, for most people. Perhaps the Big Reveal is actually that the vast majority of the “good citizens of the United States” don’t really care, or give a damn, about the horrors, the atrocities, and the war crimes their government commits, or abets, around the world, day after day after day -and even that they are paying for it. Most of them support all of this, just as the settler colonists supported the atrocities committed against the indigenous population, starting in 1607. They will not thank us for revealing these truths to them. In fact they will hate us and persecute us for doing so. The Democrats and their supporters hate Julian Assange (and Wikileaks) even more than do the Republicans and their supporters. The United States is an extremely cruel country, as is most of its population, who want M4A but are not antiwar. Racism, sexism and white supremacy are just the tip of the iceberg. Empathy in the U.S. towards the people of the world (the more than 96% of world population that does not have a U.S. Social Security number) is basically nonexistent. Most of the left also needs a Big Reveal in order to know what, and who, they are really dealing with. Talk of “brainwashing” and “manufacturing consent” does not help at all, reveals nothing, and may even be counterproductive. In my opinion.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I imagine that when you use the term “the left” you are referring to what we Marxists call the pseudo-left, i.e., supporters of the Democratic Party who pretend that that party can be turned from the oldest capitalist party into a party of the people, which IT HAS NEVER BEEN in its history. The only true left is Trotskyism and the Socialist Equality Party, the American wing of the Fourth International. Trotskyists have always seen the truth clearly, but people shun us because the truth makes them uncomfortable. I would count you among those who ignore us because you cannot conceive of a world without capitalism. Well, WE CAN.

      1. On the other hand, there is always the possibility that you are wrong, and the other guys are right; or that neither of you holds the one true truth and each can learn from the other. Maybe that sounds to namby-pamby for y’all tough Trots?

  24. Thanks for the ‘You’re not going to believe’ video! Something to think about.

  25. “The Mafia, CIA & Geo Bush” by Pete Brewton on the $600 billion Savings & Loan heist by VP Big Bush under puppet Ronnie Ray Gun
    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VeteransToday(.)com on the WTC vaporization and $2.3 trillion vaporization at Pentagon under Baby Bush, leading to massacre of millions in the mideast

    1. I think you may be shorting that number of f Trillions, by quite a bit. I thought it was closer to $9 Billion, at the time (not looking at my notes, here).

      1. *9Trillion

        Also – evidence on any kind of Nukes or Energy Weapons is pretty limited, There’s tonnes (literally) of Evidence on NanoThemite (that’s a Naval Special Warfare invention/product only made in high tech Pentagon labs – nobody in an Afhhan cave could do that) and or thermate use.

        1. Israel does nano-thermite too.

  26. It is because people do not think in terms of class. The mainstream media and the ruling establishment is running identity politics, pitting people out against each other. It is black against whites, old against young and women against men. That’s the oldest trick in the book. They also have trickling down some wealth and giving some groups a few crumbs here and there just to preserve the status quo. For most middle class people it is like ‘I got mine, screw everyone else’. The left again needs to take a leaf out of Lenin’s book: It takes both, the ballot and the streets the shake up the system. In this day and age this will not happen though and people will not take it to the streets if there is no powerful media outlet

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Correct. Lenin knew what he was talking about.

      1. The bit about Lenin may be correct, but I hope the bit about it not happening in this day and age is wrong!

  27. It’s definitely creepy. It’s like the mother that ignores her husbands pedophilia, only worse. I’m finding it more and more difficult to talk to everyone as though everything is normal. People don’t want to see the truth. This is going to end badly for the US.

  28. Good to see and hear (Tim Foley) your articles back up and running on another media platform..

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