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You can tell how backwards our society is by how much easier it is to thrive in it as a sociopath than if you have any other serious mental disorder.

If instead of money our society valued connection, emotional intelligence and empathy, people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder or other severe psychological issues would get all the support and care they need, while sociopaths would flounder. It would be a handicap instead of an advantage, because attributes like compassion and vulnerability would be valued instead of the willingness to do whatever it takes to get to the top no matter who it hurts.

A highly emotionally conscious world is what we should all want, since most of our world’s problems are ultimately due to the fact that people without functioning empathy centers in their brains get to the top in the way we have things set up now. If we become deeply caring and healthy, sociopaths won’t be elevated.

Capitalism is like polyamory; sure it might work okay for some people, but generally the ones who reap the most rewards from it are those who don’t care about other people’s feelings.

Introducing SlaveApp, the app that summons a criminally underpaid individual to provide whatever service you want.

SlaveApp: You Know It’s Wrong, But God It’s Convenient And Affordable™.

Biden was appointed to get things back to normal, but there can be no “back to normal” for a dying empire in a rapidly shifting global paradigm. You can tell by how hard they’re having to work to spin this desperate, ridiculous clusterfuck as a normal presidency.

All the fangirling over Jen Psaki is getting really gross. She’s supposed to be charismatic you dopes; she’s responsible for managing the perception of an entire empire. The world’s most destructive government having skilled perception management is a bad thing, not a good thing.

US presidents always get praise for the small smattering of half-decent things they do, but no blame for the far, far greater mountain of evil things the US empire does during their presidency. People look at the everyday butchery and oppression of the empire as normal, required stuff.

When you try to inquire as to who is to blame for all the everyday evils of empire, the wars, sanctions, oppression, exploitation, propaganda, authoritarianism and ecocide, you can’t get any straight answers. It’s widely thought of as something that kind of happens magically, by itself.

And that’s just so revealing, for a civilization which prides itself on its respect for the individual to refuse to place any blame on any individuals responsible for the worst crimes being committed on our planet right now. Individualism is for the little people.

It’s hard to blame people for believing dumb conspiracy theories about the powerful, considering the fact that proven conspiracies by the powerful are usually a lot worse. The conspiracy of the US power alliance to slaughter children in Yemen and lie about it is far worse than all the QAnon stuff, for example.

Corporate media propaganda is another example. Wealthy elites and government agencies are indeed conspiring to manipulate the thoughts of the entire population; this is a fact that has been studied and documented for decades. It happens in a mundane way, but it’s a huge, creepy conspiracy. I mean, just think about it: powerful elites are engaging in mass-scale mind control to justify murder and genocide around the world. This is a fact. The only reason it doesn’t give people the thrill of 5G nanobot mind control conspiracies or whatever is because we’re used to it.

If everyone could just truly see the empire and what it does with fresh eyes, just the verified facts that we know about, they’d tear it all down bolt by bolt. That’s why so much energy gets poured into ensuring that they don’t see it.

People keep waiting for a big reveal, for some investigative journalist or leak to expose the abusive dynamics of the powerful. Thing is, that already happened: there’s enough public evidence already. It’s just that people can’t see it with fresh eyes. That’s what we need to change.

The big reveal already happened. If there was some massive WikiLeaks drop or whatever ripping the veil off all the ugliest secrets of the empire, we’d still have what we have now: a propagandized populace ignoring all the mountains of evidence for horrific acts of the powerful. The problem isn’t getting the information, the problem is getting people to actually look at it. That’s what I place my emphasis on: finding new ways to get people to look with fresh eyes and really see the ugly monster that’s right in front of their face.

Our priorities get skewed by the way the powerful think in global mass-scale terms while normal people don’t. Even well-intentioned people think police violence is more of a problem than war, or that lockdowns are more dangerous than brinkmanship with China, because it’s something local that can affect them personally.

This is just a product of normal human psychology. If I’m a store clerk I’m unaffected by things happening on the other side of the world, so I don’t think about them. If I’m a war profiteer or empire architect those dynamics affect my bottom line, so I do think about them.


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58 responses to “Capitalism Rewards Sociopathy: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Mike McDonnell Avatar
    Mike McDonnell

    ‘m with Cait on this, but I think we will not advance as society unless we can neutralize
    the influence of psychopaths. Psychopathy is a quirk of human personality which is
    very destructive of benign social activity and whatever “progress” we may achieve
    in our societies.

    If you want some insight into psychopathy and its influence in our lives, look at the website

    Robert Anthony “Bob” Altemeyer (born 6 June 1940) is a retired Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He produced a well-validated test and scale for “RWA” or right-wing authoritarianism. He did extensive research on authoritarianism, identifying the psychological makeup of authoritarian followers and authoritarian leaders. He has devised
    a test which reliably identifies psychopaths and has performed many social experiments
    with his grad students which clearly illustrate the destructive influence of psychopathic
    authoritarian leaders and their unthinking followers in social situations.

    His research is depressing, but should be better known. Maybe we can protect ourselves as a society from right wing psychopathic authoritarians, and maybe we can’t, but we should know what science tells us about them.

  2. oh, that’s EZ: i just think of assassiNATIONS AND 911:
    [the drumstick.]
    i know a building is not going to drop like a bowling ball right through it’s own structural steel that held it up for what>. 20 years? it might topple but the the whole idea is bogus. and they call me a conspiracy theorist, and a traitor. i got a degree in lying. i majored in economics. trickle down is now dead. thank you. but i learned it and the value of a free market managed by thugs and conmen…as well or for worse.
    america is great: the greatest fake on earth. but we are not MARRIED to this forlorn ECON 101 system.
    i have had a war to cheer for very day of my life. how about y’all?
    wasted USDs you ask me. wasted lives. wasted time. wasted future for humanity, maybe.

  3. The Sociopaths and Psychopaths In Charge do not use a system directed by either capitalism or socialism. The system they use is called government. Wherein a group of such mentally diseased people assume authority to kill you if you don’t go along. If you object to paying taxes on the sale of your labor while big corporations pay none, and you refuse to pay, men with guns will come visit you. If you continue your refusal they will drag you off to prison. If you resist being dragged off to prison they will shoot you dead. The same would apply if you refused to pay the tax in order to take care of one who does not work. Without this threat of murder, government cannot exist, regardless which brand name it is , capitalism or socialism. Both are held up as lofty goals we should work toward, while the fundamental authority to murder is the foundation both are built upon. Death is the coin of all government. The bigger the government the more death it can deliver.

    1. … dare you expose me to reality!… 😉

    2. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      You don’t seem to know much about true socialism. Marxism is not built on authority to murder at all. You are mistaking Stalinism for socialism. They are NOT the same thing.

  4. Speaking of WikiLeaks, why don’t you say something about the decade long persecution of your fellow Australian Julian Assange, whose only “crime” was making the world aware of the evil committed by the Empire? If he is not released, it will be a very bad precedent for all the journalists in the world.

  5. Unfortunately Australians are easily manipulated – they forget that they have lost basically ALL their fundamental rights since the COVID BS began !

    Can’t protest – immediate lockdowns when they find a SINGLE case of the BS FLU !

    Can’t travel Internationally – Can’t travel across borders sometimes – borders that are 1000s of kilometres LONG in some cases !

    But hey – you can take your mask off sometimes and you can get a job – that’s enough for Australians – an illusion created by the government – ALL is forgotten and forgiven – Australians then think they are the FREEST country in the world !

    Yet welfare is unsustainable and Australia ( like the US ) has embraced debt that can NEVER be repaid – THAT means you are BANKRUPT !

    That is ALL the central banks do now – create an ILLUSION of prosperity through money printing – too funny – Australians fall for it every time !

    They will soon learn a hard lesson and China won’t be there to buy their their grain and mineral resources ! WHY ??

    Because you SH!T on them and chose antagonism in partnership with the ZIO/US over peace and good relations

    Just a reminder Australia – they have not taken away ALL your rights for NOTHING and according to ASIO – well – you are going to get a FF terrorist attack soon – which will put the final NAIL in the FREEDOM coffin !!

    That is the trouble with Australians and their clueless – ball less government – they NEVER read the SIGNS !

    1. Are Australians being mown down en masse in the streets by state goons using automatic gunfire? Are they all starving and homeless? Do they lack clean water and education? No? Then maybe they haven’t lost all their fundamental rights.
      And the Australian dollar, like the USA’s, is a sovereign currency, so Australia will always be able to repay its debts denominated in AU$. If it still has outstanding debt, that is precisely because it is able to continue borrowing and hence is not bankrupt.

      1. ….any ‘country’ that must borrow money from some private, $ecret-$quirrel bankster$ [banksters who are unjustly and insanely privileged to create it ‘out of thin air’] is certainly not ‘sovereign’… the banksters are…

        1. True enough! I believe MMT holds that they don’t need to borrow it, they can simply spend it.

  6. Capitalism doesn’t merely reward sociopathy.
    It IS sociopathic.
    As Kropotkin pointed out, more than a hundred years ago, ‘Mutual Aid’ is how nature works and we ARE nature.
    Though sometimes I do wonder.

    1. While a lion is choking the life out of a gazelle, at what point does the “mutual aid” begin?

      1. A lame analogy JWK.
        Lions, and their ilk kill to survive.
        Humans kill for greed, lust, jealousy, thrills and patriotism.
        We also allow the SLAUGHTER of more than 100,000,000,000 sentient creatures EVERY YEAR.
        As for Mutual Aid, consider this:
        No bees = no humans.
        No worms = no humans.
        No birds = no humans.
        No micro organisms = no humans.
        Getting the drift.

        1. THANK YOU, JOHNNY!

  7. Happy International Workers’ Day!

  8. Harry Nydick Avatar
    Harry Nydick

    Limited time, so will be brief.
    1. I completely agree about Jen Psaki. Not only did I dislike her when I first heard her speak, but her lies were so transparent that I knew that I could never trust another word that came out of her mouth.
    2. While I, myself, am NOT polyamorous, I believe you do it the same sort of injustice that the general public does to those of us who know and discuss the truth about the empire’s imperialism. Polyamory is not just a lot of people having sex with a lot of other people. I have polyamorous friends who I know to be the most loving individuals of all; they respect and care for others. Personally, I think that most of the things you’d like to see, Caity, would exist widely in a polyamorous society. I suggest that you cast aside whatever preconceptions you have and research the topic as fully as you do those which you generally discuss in your articles. Over millennia, religions have propagandized most of humanity into believing that the only valid love relationships are two people (most approved is one man and one woman) in a committed relationship. However, sex and love are each only one part of relationships. It is rare when one person can provide everything that another wants and needs. Life is not quite two people being the last two, perfectly-fitting, pieces of a puzzle. If it were, there would be no divorce, no physical abuse, no arguments. Using your own arguments against you, what the world needs is more love, not less. I’ll take it in any form that real love expresses itself.

    1. Yeah. I was really surprised to read Caitlin taking a swipe at polyamory. Disappointing.

  9. homo oeconomicus psychopatis

    the praxis of Kapitalism turns you into a psychopath..

    Geof’Rey, communist from Belgium

    1. Je bent best eng! Ben je een echte komiek of probeer je de lang geleden overleden Belgische imitator van George Carlin te zijn?
      Nu toonde hij enige nederigheid!

      Hoe anders is een Belgische communist dan?

  10. “Wealthy elites [in total concert with corporate media] and government agencies are indeed conspiring to manipulate the thoughts of the entire population.” Within that conspiracy, we should constantly remind ourselves of the power of manipulating words, alone: It’s Aggression When ‘They’ Do It, but Defense When ‘We’ Do Worse
    Orwell: “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

  11. …’capitalism,’ like all the other ‘isms,’ is a subjective THEORY that no two people [ime] understand the same way… if people want to truly ‘comm’ unicate they must use language with which they have a ‘comm’on understanding…’capitalism’ and all the other ‘isms’ are terrible terms for honest communication…these terms are good for promoting finger-pointing and endless bickering only…

    ….from what i can see, it is objective REALITY that ‘the us,’ and most everyone else on the planet, is controlled by a class of [largely anonymous] plutocrats….plutocrats who exercise and enjoy their ability to arbitrarily control/direct the energies/lives of others using their hideously unjust, insane, etc., privileges over the issuance of money….

    …ime and unfortunately, the VAST majority of people are WORSE than ignorant [what they ‘know’ is completely false] about the HIDEOUS origin, nature, etc., of ‘the money’ for which we dedicate a huge portion of our life… the plutocrats have always fed us a steady diet of panem et red herring circenses … and as goes the old dictum: ‘you are what you eat’…

    ..i am fairly certain that the institution of honest, vigorous, OPEN competitions of ideas about ‘government’ would create a much more educated citizenry and therefore much ‘better government’ everywhere… can anyone think of a better place to start?

  12. Come on Jack!!! See the Sarcasm Ian was presenting and have a laugh! 🙂

    1. OOPs this comment was a reply for elesewhere – but I’ve been having trouble with the captcha

    2. Sarcasm? I have it on reliable authority Amazon Mechanical Turk’s legal team have already sent cease and desist letters, and will be instituting court proceedings at the earliest opportunity.

  13. Mme. Caitlin; Happy to try something else – but:

    1) We still need a planet-wide commonly-accepted definition and store of value.

    2) Little-c capitalism (I guy a guitar) and BIG-C CAPITALISM (I buy a railroad line) should not be conflated/muddled under “capitalism.”

    3) I personally dread the scale of the administrative solutions that I have seen and anticipate to ‘solve’ capitalism; the larger the scale, the more Byzantine and oppressive.

    4) I would not look forward to establishing social bonds suggested for trivial business transactions: “A highly emotionally conscious world is what we should all want …”. I think that sounds forced and intrusive. It is something for friends to pursue at their leisure,

  14. On disinformation of ways of killing

    Survival of the fittest pertains to the adaptation processes of natural life forms – of which we humans are an integral part, though some of us like to think otherwise – to their surrounding environments.

    With viruses, which are less even than microscopic animals; these forms are by many orders of magnitude more complex than the entirety of the human animal genomic processes, ever more so; basically viruses are just packages of nucleic acid and protein. To claim, therefore, that these processes are fully understood, with conclusive finite certainty, by contemporary ‘science’ blows the mind.

    We haven’t yet even fully begun to understand the functions of observable individual human cells, so how can they be claiming to know comprehensively the processes of nucleic acids and proteins?

    This link below is about, just that – the critical concern of a Dutch/Belgian virologist, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, with an alternate point of view to that of the narrow, hubris biased display, given in an interview with a Dr. Ashish Jha, ‘conducted’ by CNN.

    According to the reportage of a Madeline Holcombe – updated this morning (5/1/21), the Dean of Brown University School of Public Health, Dr. Ashish Jha on Friday (an American general internist physician and academic … [wikipedia]; he certainly has impeccable Ivy League credentials) – “we will not see the kinds of sufferings and death that we have seen over the holidays. I ‘think’ we are in a much better shape heading forward.”

    The reporter of this story added: “The only thing that could threaten the outlook, he (Dr. Jha) said, was the spread of coronavirus variants, making the push to increase vaccinations even more critical.” This outspoken observation MSM will definitely not pursue further!

    See McGill Universities Office for Science and Society/Separating Sense from Nonsense, attempting (4/24/21) to disparage any alternate point of view, which does not conform to the hierarchy’s clandestine modus operandi.

    Follow Bill Gates and the influence of his money trail in all of this. Look to Dr. Vandana for guidance on this subject.

    Do your own comprehensive reading and make up your own, more critically thinking minds, of where we stand in the real world!

    1. New variants of SARS-CoV-2 which can outwit existing vaccines will let the manufacturers keep reaping huge profits as they roll out tweaked booster shots for those countries that can afford them. Stopping the pandemic is not in their financial interest.

      1. “The longer this coronavirus circulates anywhere … the higher the chances that a variant could emerge that renders vaccines less effective. That’s just what viruses do. We face the very real possibility of affluent countries administering variant-blocking boosters to already vaccinated people when many countries will still be scrounging for enough vaccines to cover their most-at-risk groups. This is unacceptable. Analysts predict vaccines will generate huge revenues for manufacturers.” – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
        It may be unacceptable to Ghebreyesus, but it’s surely music to the ears of vaccine manufacturers with an eye on the bottom line.

        1. You know of course that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is an employee of Bill Gates!
          It’s the power of the money that is the actuality, not the rhetoric.
          “When will they ever learn!”
          The power of the money is the pentagon paymaster who is the backer of the power.
          They have long ago squared the circle in front of our eyes.
          Now that’s real magic!

      2. This is NOT a pandemic and these are NOT vaccines !!

        Get a GRIP !

        Man has survived for four billion years without this !

        1. The US regime is pandemically “prevalent … over the world”.

          Though of course there are variants – such as Australia, spreading, perhaps more slowly, than COVID.

          Is there a vaccine against this disease?

          Aside: Anatomically humans/man has been around on the planet for approx. 300,000 years.

          Get a grip man!

        2. “these are NOT vaccines !!”
          In what way?
          And we’ve survived a long time without lots of things, like clean water and sanitation. So?

    2. One thing I can’t understand is why no one is celebrating Science’s defeat of influenza. This triumph is HUGE!

      1. Getting an annual influenza shot is not equivalent to having nearly eradicated a disease, for example, such as Polio, although even here there are still cases reported; the difference being that an annual vaccination program for all is unnecessary. What was once an epidemic is no longer the case.

        Hence the purveyors – big pharma, don’t get to plunder the global populace ad infinitum as is happening right now..

        Afterthought: Jonas Salk did not patent his vaccine!

        The vaccine is calculated to be worth $7 billion had it been patented. However, lawyers from the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis did look into the possibility of a patent, but ultimately determined that the vaccine was not a patentable invention because of prior art. wikipedia

        Do such ethical considerations even come into play today? Ask Bill Gates.

  15. When you write of the powerful, it’s not just propaganda and soft power, but violent, hard power, e.g. the extreme violence by police against BLM protests and assassinations of dissidents around the world. Average people know the rich control everything and also that efforts to change that can result in extreme brutality.

  16. Kissinger Warns Washington to Accept New Global System or Face a Pre-WWI Geopolitical Situation

    1. That cynical old vampire still isn’t in hell, eh? Well, he can’t escape it forever. One morning he’ll stay up past sunrise and *whoosh*

  17. Stephan Borau Avatar
    Stephan Borau

    The SlaveApp — that’s brilliant! That’s why people like capitalism and the oppression of developing countries — we focus on low cost and convenience.

    So true — there’s more than enough evidence about what’s really going on. How to get more people to see it is the core of the challenge.

    As Matthew Fox said many years ago, what’s needed to really change things is a spiritual awakening.

    1. If I were Caitlin, I’d be worried about getting sued for copyright infringement over the SlaveApp.

      1. If I were you – I would FVCK off completely – you are a ZIO shill with absolutely NO fvcking future !

        1. Come on Jack!!! See the Sarcasm Ian was presenting and have a laugh! 🙂

    2. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      Where is the Slave App available. I could not find it in my google store. 🙂

    3. Sadly a spiritual awakening is next to impossible with all the silly religious dogma spewed out. There are yahoos that have acquired PhDs in theology!!!! Why not have PhDs in Astrology or in Flat Earth circles? Make about as much sense.

  18. I am a capitalist. I have done very well by promoting and encouraging others. My capitalist friends have done the same. Are there exploitive capitalists? Of course, just as there are exploitive socialists. Here’s a great resource for gtreat outcomes: Honorable Business by James Otteson.

    1. Capitalism or the profit system is simply “get all you can and give as little as you can and the hell with economic justice.” It is true you can have exploitive socialists, but unlike the in the profit system they are despised not made much of.

      1. I recently had an interesting discussion with a friend who’s a successful and unashamed capitalist about giving as little as possible and the hell with justice. He said he’d never have got where he is by treating his workers that way. Instead of staff who’ve been with him for years, working knowledgeably, willingly and conscientiously, he’d have a constant turnover of unskilled and resentful employees. Nor would his customers appreciate being given as little as possible; rather than being a trusted and popular retail chain, his stores would be struggling to compete.
        I’ve had similar exchanges with capitalists in the education sector. While some do indeed offer as little as they can get away with, to both their teachers and customers, they’re usually not around for long. The ones that are try hard to do the opposite, though of course taking their cut.
        None of which is to say there aren’t plenty of capitalists ripping off everyone they can, or that I’m particularly comfortable with any of it!

        1. The thing that makes a capitalist a capitalist is capital, that is, means of production. For capital to function as a way to accumulate wealth (for instance, to make money), the capitalist also requires a working class, a set of people who do not have capital but need access to it in order to make a living and who therefore have to find and submit to a capitalist. Generally, the capitalist not only control the means of production but the products as well. The basic nature of the relationship between the capitalist class and the working class, therefore, is one of domination and exploitation, even if the capitalist is a very nice person. That kind of relationship creates an opposition of interests which inevitably leads to class struggle or class war.

        2. These types of examples can only ever hold under limited circumstances.
          For workers being able to have a decent power relationship to your boss (and get more than chicken feed for your labor) requires either in demand enough skills that you are hard to replace OR an actually good union to make the ‘we can replace our employer easier than you can replace all us workers’ type threats for you. And make no mistake that is what collective bargaining is in a nutshell. Without one or the other your boss can (rightly) point out that they can have a new person in training by the end of the week so shuddup and accept the 7th year in a row without a raise.
          On the ‘customers won’t stand for it’ side that is true…at first. Once you get people making a habit of using, say Amazon Prime, they become far less likely to check if its still a good deal as long as it used to be a good deal when they started it. Then there’s the whole monopoly problem where a few big players can squeeze out any upstart competition by temporarily slashing prices to starve out startups (if the whole force of habit thing isn’t enough to doom them outright) basically good customer service and consistent value is strictly a little fish problem.

    2. Steven Bruns Avatar
      Steven Bruns

      How about the workers you exploited, or as you put it, “promoting and encouraging”, by stealing their surplus value fared? You talk only of yourself, trademark of a sociopath.

      1. For the retail chain capitalist I mentioned above, many of his staff are university students. Without their jobs, most would be unable to study, and the universities here would be even more dominated by those from more privileged backgrounds.

  19. I don’t know if there is or has been a study about the difference in the number of psychopaths/sociophaths in a capitalist system versus a communist/socialist system but definitively I believe that the former creates always a bigger number of those in the society and at the same time create a in-conscious consesus in the vast majority of the population, based of what I experienced first hand in my life, so far.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s a wash, given Stalin, Mao, and lesser monsters that communist/socialist systems have produced. And let us not forget, Hitler was also a socialist, of the nationalist variety.
      Blaming capitalism for current atrocity is no more genuine than blaming socialism for the aforementioned atrocity committed by monsters of a self described socialist nature.

  20. Trouble is, according to scientific studies, psychopaths make up 3% to 5% of the general population, which would be between 237 and 395 million earthlings. That’s a helluva lotta folks!

  21. The Marxist-psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, devoted his life to studying the authoritarian character of people. Why do we not clearly see how we are manipulated, exploited, and abused? The first half of Reich’s work is devoted to social science; the second half natural science. His later years were filled with outrageous claims which I want to believe are true, but have no way of testing. His social science work is brilliant. I highly recommend him. He is a great companion to Karl Polanyi, for those who know of Polanyi’s The Great Transformation.

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