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On a recent 60 Minutes interview with Norah O’Donnell which focused on the Biden administration’s China policy, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken talked about the United States as a defender of the rules-based international order and the importance of bringing Beijing into compliance with it.

“Our purpose is not to contain China, to hold it back, to keep it down:  it is to uphold this rules-based order that China is posing a challenge to,” Blinken said. “Anyone who poses a challenge to that order, we’re going to stand up and defend it.”

Now, had Blinken been speaking to an actual journalist, he would have been asked in what specific ways defending “the rules-based order” against China would differ from trying to contain China and keep it down. He would have also been asked what business a nation that has killed millions and displaced tens of millions in illegal wars just since the turn of this century while deliberately starving civilians to death with sanctions and blockades has proclaiming itself the defender of any “rules-based order”.

But Blinken was not talking to a journalist. Blinken was talking to Norah O’Donnell.

O’Donnell’s interview with Blinken was a perfect illustration of the fact that modern mainstream reporters are only allowed to ask confrontational foreign policy questions of US officials when demanding to know why they aren’t being more hawkish and aggressive. Here are some of the questions Blinken was asked during the interview:

“I know you say the goal is not to contain China, but have you ever seen China be so assertive or aggressive militarily?”

“Do you think we’re heading toward some sort of military confrontation with China?”

“Let’s talk about human rights.  Describe what you see is happening in Xinjiang that maybe the rest of the world doesn’t.”

“If Xinjiang isn’t a red line with China, then what is?”

“The Chinese have stolen hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars of trade secrets and intellectual property from the United States.  That sounds like the actions of an enemy.”

“And so did President Biden tell President Xi to cut it out?”

“China thinks long term, strategically, decades in advance.  Is America just caught up on the latest fires here and there, and we’re not thinking long term, strategically, and as a result, China will surpass us?”

“What is the administration going to do about Hong Kong?”

“Then why not boycott the 2022 Olympics in Beijing?”

At no point is Blinken ever confronted about the many glaring plot holes in the US government’s Xinjiang “genocide” narrative, or the many indications we are seeing that there is an immense propaganda campaign manufacturing that narrative to advance western geostrategic agendas. At no point is Blinken ever asked if China acting “so assertive or aggressive militarily” might have something to do with the fact that the US has been aggressively surrounding it with military forces for years. And at no point is Blinken ever asked by O’Donnell what measures can be taken to move away from this dangerous trajectory in pursuit of detente.

In fact, as the US-centralized empire hurdles headlong into increasingly hostile cold wars with both Russia and China, the word “detente”, which means the easing of hostilities between nations, has been curiously absent from mainstream discourse. During the last cold war it was a mainstream point of discussion embraced by prominent Democrats and Republicans alike, but in this dangerous new multifront cold war it’s gone missing.

You’ll see the word appear occasionally, but almost never with regard to the two powerful nuclear-armed nations where it matters the most. A recent Guardian article talks of potential detente between Syria and Saudi Arabia, a Reuters piece three weeks ago referred to detente between the US and Iran, and a Wall Street Journal article last month spoke of detente between the US and North Korea, but recent use of that word in widely circulated western news media is hard to find or missing entirely.

It’s like the concept doesn’t even exist. Like it’s not even considered an option. Like people are being kept ignorant that it’s an option.

And I see this play out in the online conversations and debates I engage in from day to day: people who defend the reckless cold war escalations by the United States against Moscow and/or Beijing generally speak as though they haven’t even considered the possibility that detente could occur. Many don’t even know the word exists. They simply assume that the only option on the table is increasingly confrontational cold war escalations, and don’t even have a conceptual framework in place for considering any alternative. That’s how extensively the possibility of peace with Russia and China has been hidden from their attention.

And one gets the sense that this is entirely by design. The late Stephen Cohen, renowned scholar and expert on US-Russia relations, used the word “detente” constantly until his death last year, but in the preceding years as things began heating up with Russia he’d been finding his analysis less and less welcome on mainstream channels. For the same reason Norah O’Donnell only asked Blinken how he was going to escalate aggressions against China and never how he was going to de-escalate them, the mainstream media are keeping the general public ignorant of the possibility of, and dire necessity for, detente.

We are meant to take it as a given that the only option available is to continue increasing aggressions with these two nuclear powers. This is a lie, and it is insane. Detente absolutely is an option. We do not need to keep risking all life on earth with this psychotic game of nuclear Russian roulette every day just because a few powerful sociopaths have decided the US empire must retain supremacy at all cost.

There is no valid reason why we cannot all get along and spend our energy collaborating toward human thriving. The incredible shrinking Overton window of the mainstream discourse manufacturers not even permitting this as a topic of discussion tells you they are deliberately hiding it from our awareness in the interests of the powerful. It is being hidden because the only alternative to attacking and undermining the interests of China and Russia is for the US empire to relinquish its unipolar domination of the planet and allow other nations to thrive beyond its control.

I am often accused of having sinister loyalties to the Kremlin or to the Communist Party of China–which one depends on the day and what I happen to be writing about at the time. The reality though is that I simply do not consent to having my life, the life of everyone I love, and the life of everyone I share this planet with gambled on some idiotic American supremacist value that serves nobody but the powerful. There is no good reason we can’t lay down our arms and collaborate with other nations in friendship, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.


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57 responses to “Detente: The Vital Word Missing From Discourse On Russia And China”

  1. Ron B. Liebermann Avatar
    Ron B. Liebermann

    I’m always glad to see the writing an intelligent person, who wishes for a peaceful solution to the world’s problems. But I don’t like the word “détente” because it implies that two opposing ideologies can peacefully coexist. Usually they can’t. So as far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as détente; there is only the calm before the storm. That sense of ominous foreboding that preceded WW1, and WW2, and now WW3.
    The West believes in the sanctity of the individual. The East believes in the sanctity of the group. Americans have been raised to believe that good personal conduct, honesty, hard work, and family ties are the foundations of material success.

    In China, children are raised to believe that individual effort is not important, because life is not about the individual. It’s only about context. That’s why China is trying to build a new society where context is everything. First, the social credit score, then the elimination of inheritance, then the militarization of females, and finally, endless surveillance. The net result will be a new generation of Chinese youth who believe that there is no such thing as identity, ownership, family, or privacy. They will be compliant robots.

    America is the leader of the free world. And for that reason, we simply can’t allow China to do that to their youth. And it’s the same in Japan and Russia. So let’s forget about the word “détente”. Allowing criminals to enslave billions of children is not the American way. We have now recognized the evil of Asian ideology, so now we have to destroy it. That means reducing our Asian enemies to rubble, and then allowing them to rebuild without communism. The process of reforming Asia will take a hundred years, and cost billions of lives. That’s a shame, but it has no bearing on our will to protect the kids. Children all over the world are growing-up in a frightening totalitarian political atmosphere. Even in America the kids are watched, recorded, admonished, and even arrested for say the wrong thing. That’s pure evil. And there’s only way to deal with that sort of problem. Total War.

    1. A guy named Hitler tried that, but it turned out to be a bad idea that really backfired on him.

    2. “In China, children are raised to believe that individual effort is not important, because life is not about the individual.”

      You obviously have never been to China, have no knowledge of China, and are projecting.

    3. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      President Xi Jinping talking to children
      From 1:45
      President Xi Jinping:
      “How many words have you learned?
      Like hundreds of words?
      Grade two students should have mastered a few hundred words, right?
      These children are still very young; they are the apple of their families’ eyes.
      It’s an important task to teach and look after them well – as you are not just their teachers but also their temporary guardians at school. I think safety comes first – including campus security and food safety.“
      • President Xi inspects poverty alleviation achievements in SW China
      • China’s Toughest Exam
      Meanwhile …
      • To Promote Equality, California Proposes a Ban on Advanced Math Classes

    4. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      “That sense of ominous foreboding that preceded WW1 … “
      And someone had to create that “sense of ominous foreboding” …
      • Arthur Ponsonby – Falsehood in War-Time
      Here is an audio of the introductory chapter …
      • The introductory chapter to 1928 book “Falsehood in War-Time” by Arthur Ponsonby
      “It has been rightly said that the injection of the poison of hatred into men’s minds by means of falsehood is a greater evil in wartime than the actual loss of life. The defilement of the human soul is worse than the destruction of the human body.”
      It goes on to say:
      “Many of the old war lies survived for several years, and some survive even to this day.”
      We just need to figure out who is behind these falsehoods and eradicate that cancer in order for humanity to survive.

    5. LOL, you must be living in a mirror where everything is opposite of reality. You loosely paraphrase lies that the ignorant are supposed to believe as though this nation and many others were ever that..I’d love to see you spouting such dribble on the southeast side of Chicago at 2am in the morning, or better yet in the Pace neighborhood in Riverdale, just one inch south of the south side of Chicago; not that long ago recognized as having one of the highest per capital homicide rates in the world, all because of neo-liberal lies.

    6. Are Palestinian children who will shortly be evicted from their homes in East Jerusalem the exception?

  2. Since the XV century, when the world opened Americas to be slaughtered using Christianity, gold and power to shape the new world, all what humankind have been knowing in their lives was misery. We had a gap of 40 years to relax from the 60s till the year of 2000. From 2001 till now it’s the same misery and it’s just the beginning. When the emperor and allies are surrounded by illiterate minds but with the pockets full of money everything can happen. CIA, church, big techs. That’s the triad. They should be far away from power. Imagine the whole world living under the thumb of these fanatics? Imagine American values being the rule when people worldwide have no idea how fucked up the USA already is. Covid it’s just a small sickness. Once you let the empire establish bases and contractors you are done. I pity the children of Ukraine. I pity all those who have not Jesus as their savior. I pity all those who believe in American values. Our greatest strength as species is diversity. Just 35% the world knows what is democracy and the leader is a religious lunatic serving the one who sold the rights to explore the old “new world” till today. The whole tree is rotting and soon will fall with or without American values, Jesus and God.

    1. Christopher Columbus was Jewish, the Grand Inquisitors of the Spanish Inquisition at the time were lead by cryptojews, the Pope at that time was also Jewish, and the Jesuits were mostly Jewish. To be Catholic or any other supposedly Christian church is to be Jewish. You and the whole world have been lied to since birth. Nature recognizes only one law; kill or be killed, eventually all will die in the end. There is another explanation but only the blind can see it.

  3. The Amerikan Empire has done many bad things as you say. Of course, those things have nothing much to do with the American people, either their agency or interests, rather multinational cabals which have been around in various ever-morphing forms for centuries.

    But you seem to think that ONLY the US Empire is bad, and China is as pure as the driven snow, that they are not already waging economic and cultural war – quite successfully, given they were a major player in the quasi-official Death of the US Republic last year.

    Furthermore, I’m not so sure how much detente can work with a huge trading partner who is also cleaning your clock using the collusion of the corporatocracy and intelligence communities from within. The latter are quite happy with the way things are and are working to further consolidate Statism (or whatever term you prefer) which is entirely aligned with China who is joined at the hip, gut, heart and head with Mother Russia, both of whom are pushing hard for a new Eurasian Civilisation which might turn out to be a good thing, albeit it won’t be based on Western post-Enlightenment period rights, constitutions, rule of law and so forth.

    Make no mistake, Caitlin: once the rights-based rule of law is finally overthrown – as is happening rapidly right now – and furthermore known and acknowledged and finally celebrated as having been overthrown, although things might change for the better in that the American Empire might (only ‘might,’ sorry) have gone the way of the Dodo, the New World Empire may turn out to be far, far worse.

    For some reason you seem generally oblivious to this possibility. The US Empire is not the only monster to be leery of.

  4. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    I agree. Not enough people are eating their pasta Al Dente. If there was more Al Dente in the world, it would be better for peace.

  5. Ah yes China is great,and has done no wrong to anyone ever,and the world under their rule will be a utopia… Seriously fuck off. How much is the CCP paying you ?

    1. I’ve never worked for or been paid by any government. The age of Maddow has trained you to believe that it is normal and acceptable to just randomly accuse people you disagree with of working for foreign governments, but it has never been normal, and it has never been acceptable. It has always been oafish and obnoxious, and you should not do it.

  6. Tony Blinken got snubbed by the Chinese while lecturing them of all kinds of mistakes they have been making, according to Blinken. Not “rule-based” or “value-based” policy counts in international relations but only international law, which the US breaching at will. Each country has its own values. If the US likes its values so much, it should act accordingly.

  7. LOL, I watched a movie the other day, a couple of dishonest creeps walking around, but only for a short while before being dragged to the underworld, not realizing that they were dead; that’s my guess of where we are right now, and since we don’t know it yet, that’s probably where the empire should be. As the song goes, “the revolution won’t be televised”.

  8. “There is no valid reason why we cannot all get along and spend our energy collaborating toward human thriving.”

    Keep repeating this, Cailtin. The key word here is ‘valid’.

    People need to understand that war is totally optional and never ever successful – by which I mean successful without enormous suffering, death and destruction to many many innocent people. People who should not be the price of the insanity and greed of a handful of politicians and profiteering business people.

    We can co-exist with each other, if we choose.

  9. Remember the old golden rule?
    ‘The people with the most gold make the rules’
    That requires updating:
    The nation with the most paranoid psychopaths (and bombs) makes the rules.
    No prize for guessing who that is.

  10. well, that does it! i’m moving to China. love the language. free t-shirts. Take the train to Russia. love the language! maybe a bus to Odessa. Ukrainian grrrls got chinese cheekbones. love the language!!!
    look for a cheap condo overlooking the Black Sea….mommie, why is the sea black? because it reflects WWIII, jimmy.
    why is WWIII BLACK?

  11. Yanis Varoufakis gives a fascinating historical account of capitalism in

    his “Global Minotaur” book. How & why the US played Bretton Woods,

    steam-rolling Keynes on Bancor,

    how the US played the unraveling of it, right up to the present crisis:

    I like your work.

  12. The problem with any discussion of United States foreign policy, especially on the issue of Afghanistan, is that no one, no one, on either side of the isle have ever admitted that 9/11 wasn’t something inflicted upon the United States by Afghanistan and the Taliban and that it was instead a horribly misguided strategy to allow the United States a open ticket to wage any kind of war it wanted in the Middle East. I am sure that the leadership of China is keenly aware of that.

    As far as China, it is good that the United States is still in a position to keep China honest. I fear that when China surpasses the United States economically, that China’s level of aggression will change.

    It is also unfortunate that the United States has not behaved honorably, where it’s foreign policy is concerned, because that makes it nearly impossible for the U.S. to hold others to the rule of law, when they have so clearly not abided by the rule of law for such a long time now. That may throw us into a draconian future regardless of what happens from this point forward.

    Don’t expect China to act honorably all on their own, their needs to be others in the world that can hold China’s feet to the fire.

    1. Do you mean “a horribly misguided strategy” which involved the PNAC false-flag attacks of 9/11/2001 as an excuse to wage aggressive, invasive global warfare for the last 20 years? Also, why do you assume that China will resort to aggressive behaviour? Have you not heard of China’s OneBeltOneRoad (OBOR) initiative. Their policy has been to help other nations, globally, in a way that both the other nations and China prosper — a win, win policy. And why are China and Russia constantly demonized by the USA? They do not seem to be the ones attacking & invading other nations. “”hold China’s feet to the fire”’? WTF?

  13. Harry Nydick Avatar
    Harry Nydick

    I haven’t the time to go into anything in depth. So, here’s just two of my previous points that seem applicable:

    1. Per John Lennon, “Imagine all the people sharing all the world.”
    2.I haven’t been able to tolerate Nora O’Donnell for at least the past 6 years. She’s part sociopath, part stupid and everything that we write against.

    1. John Lennon was just saying what Kropotkin already espoused.
      Not diminishing what John Lennon said, just saying that he was supporting a good idea.
      Some ideas take time to flower, but if they do, sometimes the flower is so beautiful that everybody who is anybody recognizes the beauty. Beauty is not to be denied.
      Harry NY Dicks sometimes are annoying, but most of the time, I’d just assume be with somebody from New York – especially if they were from the fine city on Lake Erie that is in my heart.
      Once something is imagined and the imagination is shared, then the possibility increases, and after a certain threshold is reached it becomes exponential. It could happen cause it has been imagined.
      Just goes to show you we are collective animals at base and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with good communication.

  14. Detente is great and I support it but you can’t talk People into making sense – only direct action will accomplish this.
    So all the zombies need to wake up and all those who act like puppets need to cut the strings and then there can be some direct action that will make changes for the better. Wake up and cut the stings holding you back People. Zombies are worthless.
    All the gods and all the goddesses at the end of the day desire peace because they know if we all die then so do they. Simple.
    Peace is easy.

  15. All the world:

    Please, enough war, we want peace! Try some detente, oh great and powerful Amerika.


    Detente? We don’t need no steenkin’ detente. All the rest of you, just kneel down and kiss our exceptional asses. To question the mighty USA could be the last thing you ever do. Ask the citizens of over a dozen countries now feeling our righteous wrath… er, our beneficent freedom and democracy.

    1. A poem

      Yeah – us in the us r mighty ruthless.
      we lost our way when we tried to get away….
      from the ruthlessness of others…
      when will it end one might ask
      ask away but there will be no answer.
      If you want an easy answer you will never know….

      End of poem

  16. This is basically how world war I started- the ruling class in Germany and the newspapers they owned were competing over who could be the most belligerent towards Russia. People who suggested cooling off and thinking about peace received an avalanche of condemnation and accusations of treason. More and more aggression was the only permissible answer to any foreign policy question. Germany finally got their glorious war and wound up defeated. Twice. Food for thought.

    1. It is said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. Many rhymes with the present moment are possible, but as with Germany (and Great Britain and Russia) leading up to World War 1, a lot has to do with domestic politics. Someone local is benefiting from the sabre-rattling, and generally speaking the beneficiaries must be the incumbents because they’re the ones rattling the sabres.

    2. It’s happening again.
      I submit the French national anthem because it is the most unashamedly bellicose, but all of Europe shares the same bloody history.

    3. At the 1919 conference after the Great War, British PM Lloyd George boasted, “We have got most of the things we set out to get. The German navy has been handed over, the German merchant shipping has been handed over, and the German colonies have been given up. One of our chief trade competitors has been most seriously crippled and our allies are about to become Germany’s greatest creditors. This is no small achievement!”
      In 1938, future PM Winston Churchill said that it did not matter whether Germany was ruled by a Hitler or a Jesuit priest, only that it was necessary to ruin her productive economy, which frightened the decrepit British Empire as much as China scares our ruling class today. After the war Churchill admitted to conservative MP Lord Robert Boothby, “Germany’s most unforgivable crime before the Second World War was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.”
      In 1919, in his St. Louis Coliseum speech, US President Woodrow Wilson asked, “is there any man here or any woman, let me say is there any child here, who does not know that the seed of war in the modern world is industrial and commercial rivalry?”
      Which is more credible, that the rapacious British empire declared war on Germany (which the empire outnumbered by more than ten to one) to selflessly “rescue” first Belgium, then Poland, from Hun savagery, or because these small nations were just expendable pawns to achieve a much larger policy objective?

      1. They were both pretty bad, but only Germany made it world war I. They could have stopped it from spreading by making it clear that they weren’t going to war over an archduke, but they had to look tough on Russia. Then they took a severe ass kicking. Britain would have been a poor example, since they held back until someone else started shooting.

  17. “There is no good reason we can’t lay down our arms”

    If not, we could at least stop brandishing them.

    1. Agreed.
      Sick of the brandishing. Lets have a protest against brandishing fools who have been brainwashed with this self-fulfilling idea of death called “exceptionalism”. How about the coin gets flipped and the exceptional ones get to experience what it is like to be on the other side? How about that.
      Peace is Easy!

  18. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    The fact that the guy giving you the vaccine is the same guy who swears he saw plane wreckage in the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 when there was absolutely nothing that looked like wreckage, that should be enough to get you an idea of the vaccine and pretty much everything to do with politics and also the level of decay of the ruling elites.

    It is the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus and the end of this world. There is no other explanation for what is happening in the world right now.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  19. You all are funnier than all out.
    Detente makes so much sense let me say it again: detente.
    Detente, detente, detente, detente, whether the spell checker checks it or not!
    I am a big fan of DeTenTe…….oh yeah on 5/5 there ought be respect for 10.
    So how bout some detente?
    How bout it?
    The game is progressing and the name of the game is “Green Garnets Potion Shop”. So, let it known here, that I “Buffalo_Ken” am the creator of this game – and let me tell you – it is going to be fun!
    Who could have a problem with that, and yes, I support detente and want that word in the discourse and I’ll do my part to make detente happen – as a word and as a concept.
    Peace is Easy!

  20. People should always begin with the affirmation that the US Government and its swarm of war-shrieking harpies have no honor, none at all. It gets easier to navigate reality from that point.

    1. But they do have a sense of honour. Nixon wanted peace with honour in Vietnam, by which he meant he’d prolong the war a few more years, presumably to show the world that even when the US couldn’t win, it could still inflict death and destruction before going elsewhere. Perhaps their honour has a lot in common with men who kill women breaking the rules of the patriarchy in so-called honour killings – cowardly murder in defence of the indefensible. Honour often means loyalty to power, and the US and its war-shrieking harpies have plenty of that.

      1. Frank Thomsen Avatar
        Frank Thomsen

        OTOH, Nixon introduced the USA to the concept of “detente” in dealings with the Soviet Union and China in the midst of the Cold War.

        Even Nixon knew that the future of human civilization could not be won via exchange of nuclear-armed missile strikes.

      2. I’m sure that the Nazi Field Marshals spoke to their men about honor. Probably the same thing that Nixon was talking about.

        1. Nixon was an asshole through and through, but at least he was genuine in his assholeness. I mean it is all on tape. Imagine if we had tapes of the ones who have followed him.
          I have a solution that I’m willing to sell and the price will be – 5 river rocks delivered directly. I prefer river rocks that have substance.
          Honor is empty when it is full of death. Ain’t we smarter than that? If somebody gave me the order to polish somebody off, I’d say eff you – kill me first you SOB. Then, if they acted like they were going to do it, then I would kill them first if I could. I’d do it swiftly.
          Peaceful Direct Action is the best solution, but what do you want to happen? You want a big conflagration? One to celebrate you life of no achievement for the better of all of us? If you have accomplished nothing for the better I can understand how you might want it all to go up in flames, but just remember there are some of us who have better ideas than that.
          Something has got to give – don’t you think?
          So during their celebration so many got choked out when they were in a tight point with gravity in play and it makes one ponder what Yahweh wants? I think it is obvious, Yahweh wants peace.
          So obvious it is pathetic.
          Lets see who wins this point of contention.
          Peace is Easy,

          1. I think some of the Gnostics had it right. Yahweh was an insane god-child, but it eventually grew up and became Yahashweh.

            Your mileage may vary.

            1. Any God that does not want peace is no God of mine.
              Any God that perpetuates suffering of innocence is a god to be diminished ruthlessly with vengeance if need be. Pushed into the ground forever.
              Justified Retribution is a serious concept and not to be taken trivially.
              Peace is easy but those who prevent peace at some point in time if they keep on with their foolish actions against what all the gods and goddesses of peace want….
              Well, they will get their due. They will get what they deserve. If you bring your hate down on me and I am innocent, then you must know that there will be recompense. The blood of the innocent holds power reminiscent.
              So says the god of peace in my mind.
              Peace is easy.

              1. Your god seems cool enough.


      3. IMHO, Nixon framed his policy of “peace with honor” so that he did not have to use the more accurate term: surrender.

        Domestically, he could not talk about the terms of the USA’s surrender in Vietnam because the hard right would not stand for an American president talking about a surrender. SO he did what he had to do to be re-elected. Unfortunately for him, he required a landslide, so there was the whole Watergate thing.

        1. You know after playing a bunch of bridge hands in a fine app I just discovered, I’ve learned the value in being able to say: “I surrender”.
          The best thing is that there are so many better players I have something to strive for.
          Frankly, I think a little humility would do us all some good, but there ain’t no freaking chance any of the is gonna come out of the made of up city of DC, so time for something better. Don’t you think?
          A little humility can go a long way and peace is easy and I’m hungry.

          1. Let me encapsulate that.
            Ain’t no peace coming out of DC, ain’t nothing good come out that made up place for a long time, so how bout we make a change for the better?
            How bout that?
            Article V was put into the record for this very purpose and the time has come, so time for some state assemblies to respect the will of the People. Time for that or time for some serious Revolution…..hell ya, it is time. Long overdue if you ascribed to Jefferson’s thoughts……. oh yeah, indignancy don’t go away….oh no, it just grows until justice demands that something changes for the better.
            Now or never.

  21. Gil Scott Heron sang in 1971 that the revolution would not be televised but he didn’t explain why:
    Well it’s because warmongering freaks posing as TV journalists like George Stephanopoulos, Norah O’Donnell and their crews will be too busy running down the streets to try and save their skins from the pitchforks (their souls having already been irremediably lost long ago :o)

  22. Thank you for once again writing the much needed, and mostly absent, truth about the unmitigated, reckless and irresponsible aggression of the U.S. against Russia and China (and, of course, any other nation or entity which in any way opposes the imposition of the “U.S. Rules of the World”).

    As you point out, the MSM serve as propaganda agents for the establishment rather than as legitimate journalists. Had the neocon warmonger Blinken made his statements concerning the “rules based international order” (complete with their “MADE IN U.S.A.” stamp on them) to a real journalist, he would have suffered the fate of a pig led to slaughter, peppered with the questions which such an outrageous proposition naturally produces, e.g. “which rules are those”, “who made them”, “how do they square with international law”, “what gives the U.S. the right to make them”, “what gives the U.S. the right to enforce them”, etc. You have already made that point quite well. I am just underscoring it. There does not seem to be any hope for getting people to understand how totally outrageous and dangerous these policies of total aggression are until they are made to understand that they cannot get the truth from their television sets.

    I wish I could say that the conduct of Biden’s team of neocon warmongers is shocking but, unfortunately, such conduct has become pretty much “normal” U.S. foreign policy, especially after 9/11. I join you in your anger over having our lives endangered by these lying psychopaths.

    1. Lying psychopaths, how true. The ”normal” U.S. foreign policy instituted by what those who were in the streets called — ”9/11 was an inside job”! And we are continually being led down the same insane rabbit-hole. Revolution NL

  23. The entire 60 Minutes “Interview” section was an excellent representation of Scripted PR Setups presented as “News.” Across the board, we can see this on virtually every TV station and every other medium. Norah O’Donnell is and actress, “Acting” with scripted talking points – which have been set up to exactly correspond to whatever message (propaganda) the other actor, Tony Blinken, is wishing to present. It is fully “Staged” from the onset. It is a fully controlled “Production.” This works with “anonymous sources” to/for the NYT/WAPO/etc., as well. A “Presentation” is created and crafted. The “Actors” play their parts (objective writers and altruistic sources). We get the finished/polished Public Relations “News” releases. Look at the following. Behold the (ongoing and) total “Acting” abilities:

    1. Excellent points. O’Donnell is a superb actor, like Maddow, and in fully in service to the new cold war narrative saturating corporate media. As Caitlin points out, all her questions to Winken, Blinken and Nod are tailored to promote an aggressive cold war (that can easily turn nuclear hot) stance from the State Dept. China is a threat to the righteous USA, Russia is a never-ending threat, we’re the only truly moral actors on the world stage, the commies are out to destroy us just as they were in 1950, and Norah O’Donnell is there to remind you of it with her pretty Irish eyes and hair and imperious facial expressions. Just look at her and tell me America isn’t the Exceptional Nation, as Obama lectured it is.

      Unadulterated propaganda.

  24. Incompetent, or suicidal? It appears that as tyranny grows in the US the sanity and/or mental ability of those inflicting the tyranny declines at a phenomenal pace. There is nothing remotely sane or reasonable about avoiding “détente” with other nuclear powers at the very least, if not ALL nations. The only nation that is sending troops across national borders is the US, and those puppets it has managed to draft into NATO. The health of the Military Industrial Complex is apparently far more important than our survival?

  25. Not that I necessarily want to watch interviews by the likes of fake journalists like Norah O’Donnell but the videos don’t open .This is the message I get : “Video unavailable
    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. “

  26. Of course – you are being completely Bullshitted to about the Uyghurs as well – ZIO/US has been radicalising ( Wahabbi style ) them in China and sending them to Syria !

    Game is UP !

    1. Mintpress had a good article recently reminding anyone who’d forgotten how not so long ago Western media were reporting on atrocities committed by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, while the US classified the group as terrorists.

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