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Back in 2019 I wrote an article titled “Things Are Only Going To Get Weirder“, and from Covid to the 2020 election to the steadily increasing regularity with which UFOs are now mentioned in the mainstream media, that has indeed proved to be the case.

Our ongoing slide into the abyss of infinite weirdness may have eclipsed this from your memory by now, but there was once a time not too long ago when frequent mainstream news stories about the possibility of extraterrestrial aircraft in our skies would not have sounded like something from real life. Lately it’s been a daily occurrence, and the president of the United States is now being asked about it at news conferences.

“President Obama says there is footage and records of objects in the skies — these unidentified aerial phenomena — and he says we don’t know exactly what they are. What do you think that it is?” a reporter asked Biden near the end of a joint press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday. Biden brushed off the question in his trademark almost-but-not-quite-lucid way with the comment “I would ask him again,” and hustled off the stage.

The question followed comments by Barack Obama earlier in the week on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“But what is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there are, there’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are, we can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory,” Obama said. “They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so, you know I think that people still take seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is.”

This follows a recent high-profile 60 Minutes special on UFOs (or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as the cool kids are calling them nowadays), while the Pentagon continues to release “information” to the public about the existence of these encounters and the US Senate prepares to receive a mandated report on the matter next month.

A new Telegraph article titled “The Pentagon thinks UFOs may exist after all… and the evidence is growing” just trended on Twitter under the much more click-friendly title “The Pentagon strongly suspects aliens exist – and we’ve got the evidence”, and it ominously warns us that there is “a growing acceptance among defence officials around the world that there may indeed be something ‘out there’ – and that it might pose a genuine global security threat.”

These are just a few of the many, many mainstream news reports that have been pouring out lately on a subject which until recently was the sole purview of fringe “crackpots” and “conspiracy theorists”. Speaking of which, another weird thing we’re seeing is the roles between mainstream reporters and UFO enthusiasts being almost reversed: we now see MSNBC pundits openly musing that “UFO’s are clearly real? And have been hanging around our airspace for a while?”, while influential UFOlogists like Steven Greer are warning that this is a hoax by the US military to get a bunch of dangerous weapons into space.

I’m not interested in being one more person on the internet claiming to know exactly what’s going on with all this, but I do know there’s an exactly zero percent chance that all this is coming out into the mainstream spotlight because the US war machine suddenly decided that the public has a right to know about a potentially dangerous security threat. The Pentagon did not spontaneously evolve an interest in radical transparency, and it is not coincidental that this is happening as we hurtle into a new multi-front cold war and an accompanying race to weaponize space.

As I’ve said before, the simplest and most likely explanation for all this UFO stuff is that the US military is manipulating us yet again to advance yet another strategic agenda. I’m not saying that’s necessarily the full story, but it’s definitely happening.

Again, there is a high-profile Senate report on this subject due next month, so we can expect the weird to get even weirder quite soon. This is happening as narrative manipulation gets even more ham-fisted and overt, with the empire having now graduated from just imprisoning inconvenient journalists to literally bombing inconvenient journalism offices.

The only prediction I’ll make out of all this mess is the same one I’ve been making: that things are going to keep getting weirder and weirder. Patterns are unpatterning, power structures are struggling to retain their foothold, humanity’s relationship with narrative is radically transforming, and we are not just plunging into the unknown but actively flooring the accelerator into it.

And, in a profoundly sick society with profoundly unhealthy patterns, that might just end up being a good thing.


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65 responses to “Everything Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder”

  1. I’ve only lived in America 20 years, so I’ve not yet seen a decent presidency, and it’s already looking as though Poor Old Joe is heading off down the rabbit-hole of broken ideals after the rest of them…but I think by UFO any politician means Unrelenting Frivolous Obfuscation?

    We have plenty to keep us anxious locally in Texas- the $1.4 billion shortfall in the ongoing Harris County Harvey flood repair program after the US Department of Housing and Development unexpectedly gave the money to Texas General Land Office to redistribute. Or the abandonment of Texas handgun licensing.

    Invading space aliens should bring waders and bullet-proof waterproof jackets.

    I expect Governor Abbott will deal with them with his usual repertoire…and maybe he can get them to work for $11.50 an hour and feel blessed!

  2. The Australians used to have a reputation for careless disregard of threats such as alligators, poisonous snakes, spiders and box jellyfish. But I heard that Australia are now so cowardly that Australian citizens who try to return home will be imprisoned for 5 years (where they will spread whatever illness they have throughout the prison), rather then simply being given a test and a free hotel for a week). THAT is what I call weird.

  3. Where have you been?
    – Its been pretty weird for the last 400 years, ever since the aristocrats in the (soon to be) US invented the racism divide-and-conquer wedge, after a nearly successful rebellion of white and black workers fighting together against being exploited.

    – The US was founded on: Defend democracy and freedom – kill indigenous people
    Doesn’t the reasoning here seem a trifle confused?

    – A 150 years ago they were demonizing Chinese in the US, like they were the evil deranged people in the movie Reefer Madness. After thousands of years of selection, by now its probably generically coded for many Chinese to be respectful and cooperative. I found it amazing that they were able to people the Red Guards with so many wholeheartedly insanely violent people.

    – 80 years ago the US put a lot of hard working, law abiding, Japanese (who previously had been proud to be americans) into concentration camps. Which demographic will the US put into concentration camps next?

    – For 70 years, ever since Roosevelt died, the pretend elections in the US have been more like ritual religious pantomimes, from the middle ages of Europe, than displays of democracy.

    – In the 1950’s they used rightwing thugs in the US to crush opposition to the official narrative. Then in the 2020’s they used leftwing thugs to crush opposition to the official narrative. The common theme is thugs dominating “democracy” in the US, and this is just the domestic politics. The right-left dichotomy is just another handy divide-and-conquer wedge, and useful lever for propaganda and population suppression.

    – Does this US policy make sense, or is it off the scale for toxic weirdness?
    – Humanitarian carpet bombing protects people from despots.

    -In the 1980’s there were marines fixing electronics in nuclear capable fighter planes, going to Grateful Dead concerts on the weekend, eating drugs, and on Monday putting the pickle suit back on, and fixing the planes again. Same thing for the people doing maintenance on the military cargo planes used in the Iran-Contra scandal. While the movie “Apocalypse Now” was obviously Hollywood melodrama, its tone of surrealistic bizarreness (i.e. intense weirdness) was spot on for the reality of life in the US military (once you shake off the brainwashing).

    Don’t get me started on all of the Elvis cults that have been active ever since he died (or something).
    Google search: Elvis cults
    Only 957,000 results
    While he was an amazing performer, projecting supernatural powers on him is pretty scary.

    – This was a precursor (from the same demographic) that projects supernatural powers onto Trump. All of this would be funnier, if there weren’t so many people who really seriously believe all of that. While an idiot, Trump was incredibly successfully in starting the derailment of the imperialism juggernaut. However, photogenic idiocy does not translate into supernatural powers.

    The servants of the aristocrats just rotate thru all of the possibilities for exciting and scary narratives. The old narratives were wearing out. So some propaganda planner said “hey, lets try UFOs”.

    – Once you realize that ALL of the narratives about “the official normal” in the US are just more propaganda, then the current fad for UFO news seems to be typically weird. Many people point to the 1950’s as a golden age in the US. I was there, and it was horrible.

    – 50 years ago Gilbert Shelton explained all of this politics
    Ignore the fact these are drug culture comic books, and focus on the narratives in the stories. Its bizarre (or maybe not) how much they remind me of today’s mainstream politics and news. Trump encouraged the deep state to let it all hang out, so their control is a lot more obvious now than it was 50 years ago.

    – When the UFO narrative wears out, probably they will “discover” that the Elvis cults are a Russian operation to undermine the US. This is ridiculous because how could the stoic Russian culture ever imagine something more bizarre than what the US is already doing to itself?

    – Don’t forget that the Nazis learned about eugenics from the americans, and american industrialists helped finance the start up of the Nazi movement.

    The important question, which nobody asks is: Why has the US always been such a fertile breeding ground for creative toxic weirdness?

    – In this context, I can definitely say that the US is truly an exceptional (exceptionally weird) country. LOL

    I acknowledge that there is a series of severe shocks as a person learns just how incredibly weird the US really is.

    – This is why so many people in the US use defense mechanisms to distort reality until its tolerable enough to survive another week of it.

    Reality is a lot easier to face, without flinching, if:
    – You have a strong network of close and deep personal connections.
    – You spend time in undeveloped, freewheeling, natural, diverse nature
    – You do a lot of community celebrations with laughing, singing, dancing, and feasting.

  4. “…the simplest and most likely explanation for all this UFO stuff is that the US military is manipulating us yet again…”

    No, the simplest explanation is that people are idiots…

    1. I guess it’s a totally impossible and utterly wacky idea that the “UFO” in the embedded video is a NASA or media drone there to film the launch.

  5. We live on a little green and blue island surrounded by trillions of miles of empty space. To get an idea of our utter insignificance, google “earth from the rings of Saturn”. From two planets over, we are a little dot in the sky. The nearest star is 24 trillion miles away and it’s a brown dwarf. Think of us as ants. Ants probably think they are the highest form of life because, despite all their intelligence and organization, they can’t detect us. Are we so full of hubris that we can’t imagine a species higher than us, that coexists with us here?

    1. I love that picture. It’s the desktop background on my computer.

  6. If you haven’t seen it already, here is one good explanation for the so-called UFOs.

    It is pretty obvious that there are lots of tests going on with new systems, and while this article focuses on foreign drones, I am sure that the vast majority are of US origin. The reason for The Blob playing up the “UFO” angle right now is anyone’s guess, but they are obviously trying to distract attention from what is really going on.

  7. There are a number of possible purposes for this UFO cascade, none of them positive. Unite people for defense from them, claim they are supporting Russia or China, claim they have taken over all US “enemies”, claim they have ordained the US Psychopaths In Charge as the saviors of the planet, claim that the next time we are assaulted with a biological weapon that it came from aliens, declare war on the aliens, even if they don’t exist, and launch billions of dollars worth of weaponry into space that cost the taxpayers trillions to buy, etc.

    1. And once that weaponry’s in space, it can be pointed up – or down.

      1. And blame it on the aliens.

  8. “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.” – Hunter S. Thompson

  9. Mainstream Media can be most accurately defined as an institution that has all the answers to all the questions; they want you to ask. If you ask one they don’t know? They will put you in prison.

    1. Thomas Pynchon /Gravity …/ Proverbs for Paranoids: As long as they can get you asking the wrong questions they don’t have to worry about the answers.

  10. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    With this ET stuff, we need to come together under one world government and double our space defense spending to combat this world threat. When we defeat them we can steal their technology and terraform Mars. I can hardly wait. Then we can screw up other planets.

    1. See the Rosin Affidavit – supposedly Wernher von Braun’s detailing of the sequence of psy-ops to be executed to subdue humanity into some totalitarian nightmare. A fake alien invasion is in there.

  11. But just think of the trillions of tax dollars the Pentagon can spend developing weapons to destroy aliens in the sky (whether imagined or real doesn’t matter at this point)! And all those troops need to be deployed somewhere once the US is finally driven out of all the countries it currently occupies or is bombing. Thank goodness for Space Farce. I mean Force….

    Besides, we don’t want the Russians to beat us in this new “space race” do we….? Why should their female actress (who played the lead in “Battle for Sevastopol”) be the first movie star in space when it should be Tom Cruise with stars and stripes waving behind him?

  12. Belated Happy Anniversary, Ms Johnstone and Mr. Foley….

    May I suggest reading Gore Vidal? He has (had? he’s dead 2012) this great line in reference to the Obama election, goes something like ‘We’ve had simpletons before, but never elected a fool.’ Not that Vidal thought Obama a fool, but a ‘bought’ simpleton. Anyhow, maybe Trump is the fool in question? And, things are getting weirder because there is a complete disconnect between the American electorate and the elected AND between the elected and corporate sponsors? I don’t know if I’m making sense but I figure that Biden anticipates the likely dictator to come…Americans have been obedient to a fool, now to a dodgy old man whose lost his marbles (but removed most of their individual liberties), they’ll probably follow-up with electing an apparently smarter fool who will tell them what they can or can’t do. Maybe?

    I don’t know. I like your podcasts. Check out Gore Vidal.

  13. Yes, this is a total psy-op.

    I read a piece not too long ago titled “ The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy Ops”:

    This is just a new wave of psychological warfare, an attack on people’s minds and their sense of being able to know or understand the world. They are “flooding the field” in a very weird but not surprising way.


    Speaking of psy-ops, whoever that the Buffalo_Ken person is in the comments above, that also looks like a psy-op lol. They are writing all sorts of absurd things, but let me guess, the text also make reference to things only Caitlin could know… The person seems crazy, but my bet is they are not and they are writing in that intentionally cryptic manner for a very specific reason, to “send a message.” Basically anyone who speaks truth or is touching on some nerve centres of the empire can expect to get harassed in some weird way.

    Keep up the good fight.

    1. I ain’t no psy-op. I’m a real breathing living person from Buffalo New York, but I don’t live there anymore. I was born there and lived on Louvaine. There was a kind Jewish family that lived next door to us.
      So your theory is wrong, wrong, wrong. What are you afraid of?
      Do you want me to prove it to you or do you realize you are incorrect?
      If you realize this, then apologize, otherwise, what is your game?

      1. As a long time reader here, I make reference to things that I hope the other long-time readers appreciate.
        False accusations are all the rage these days and I hope some ladies back off with their hostility because it is misdirected.
        I expect an apology within the next 10 minutes. If it doesn’t occur, then as I was taught, in that Israeli school based on the inquisition, then it ought be obvious. Ain’t no place at the table for those who make false accusations.
        I’ll depart presently cause I have better things to do. I have a blind dog I need to take care of and I have a family that I love.
        Go Bills!
        52221230……1530……….a bit and a byte went to the right and then they got lost but then they found an it who needed a friend and they wandered off into the neverland……No robots allowed and I expect an apology. The clock is ticking.

    2. Mr. DBG….
      Incidentally, my comments are below – not above on this thread. So now, you are suspect. What you said is incorrect. I expect an apology.
      You see, 20th century thinking is on its way out.
      I know sometimes others have a level of comfort that they are afraid to depart. They have certain ideas in their heads, but many do not suffer from that because they have suffered way more than their fair share. I with those who have suffered in spirit.

    3. Time is up David.
      Who is the psy-op? Me or you. My vote is you.
      Plus, I’ll give you a clue and here it is.
      Love is the bottom line.
      No apologies were expected and none were received. Oh well, welcome to what we learned in the 20th century. Now it is time for better things and be cautious when somebody else makes an accusation because political forces are in play and they will take advantage of human emotions and frailties whenever they can cause they are pompous and they think the rest of us are nothing but puppets.
      I ain’t no puppet and I hope you ain’t either.
      *weirder and weirder it will get till we get back to our roots and remember what it means to be mutual.
      *no apology was received and none was expected, but it will be remembered.
      *if you want a place at the table you better know your history….you better know about the ladies… better know better than to make a false accusation. There will be consequences.
      *Lastly, and most importantly, boycott Israel and boycott Saudi Arabia, because they are obviously causing suffering for innocence – it is in our face and some of us have had enough of it. We are fed up!

      1. I’m sorry.

        1. Friedrich.
          Apology accepted.
          What are you apologizing for….if you don’t mind me asking. I ain’t never felt any harm from you, but nonetheless, apology accepted regardless. It feels good to say I’m sorry sometimes.
          You are forgiven!
          Ha, ha…….
          wierder and weirder it keeps getting…..

        2. “Love means never having to say sorry.”

          And Kenny … I think it’s time to change your medication again.

    4. “This is just a new wave of psychological warfare, an attack on people’s minds and their sense of being able to know or understand the world. They are “flooding the field” in a very weird but not surprising way.”
      It became “legal” for the U.S. government to propagandize our citizens when Obama signed the NDAA in 2013 with that provision in it. It’s criminally authoritarian and should be outlawed.
      We lost so many civil liberties under Obama. I’m ashamed I voted for him. No longer going with “the lesser of two evils.”
      I remember when Snowden leaked the NSA involvement to Wikieleaks years ago. Seems odd to me that MSM Newsweek would do a story like this now. Perhaps conditioning people to the idea that they’ve infiltrated everything? Sewing more division and distrust, more isolation between people and powerlessness?
      In any case, I had no doubt they were manipulating social media then and I have no doubt it’s gotten much worse now.
      In addition to government operatives, you have to think there are paid political and corporate operatives, working websites and social media to promote their agendas, as well.
      The truth is, we can never be certain who the paid operatives are. I have a few people I suspect on this site. I could be wrong, but I doubt Ken is one of them; I would think they’d be much more subtle and less contentious.
      I try to take nothing at face value, use common sense, Occam’s razor and follow the money. I try to focus on those most responsible for creating all of this war, corruption, ecological disaster and authoritarianism.
      And another thing, this lack of trust thing is a real problem. It is unbelievable how isolated and divided we have become. How little trust there is in our media, government, institutions . . . and between people these days.
      This has to have been intentionally done to us.

  14. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    “UFOlogists like Steven Greer are warning that this is a hoax by the US military to get a bunch of dangerous weapons into space.”

    That’s a real possibility or these supposed alien objects might just be the latest DARPA technology.

  15. In full agreement with NEVADANY:

    And they at the Pentagon will need to at least double the defense budget to protect their planet from us.

    Say anything, but in their own eyes, their intentions are honorable, for they have given us fair warning. Their planet must now be defended against all-comers.

    They are incapable of defending us against a ‘random’ microscopic virus. How will they succeed against a less than microscopic infinite unknown, ever-expanding, universe.

    The only thing expanding in the minds of man is the realm of imagination.

    However, man’s conceit is not diminishing.
    So, no worries, if anything, we, the majority, are still as gullible as ever.

    If we are going to be saved from ourselves, it’s going to take loving Aliens and not self-satisfied, Alienated Automatons.

    1. We have no chance against the aliens unless we have humility.
      Without humility you are dead per my reading of Darwin.
      Kropotkin took the thinking to the next level, but it does depend on using one’s brain to deduce what is in the interest of everyone.
      Once that easy deduction is done, fruit and bounty is on the way.
      Boycott those who believe in their self-fulfilling ideas because those are the ideas of the 20th century.
      Get with the game. Ayenbite of inwyt to you and you know don’t ya….what I’m gonna say next?
      Peace is easy.

      1. Total psy-op.

        To quote from this Newsweek article, “ The explosion of Pentagon cyber warfare, moreover, has led to thousands of spies who carry out their day-to-day work in various made-up personas, the very type of nefarious operations the United States decries when Russian and Chinese spies do the same.”

        1. Oh yeah, goodness gracious me, Newseek is the authority. Thank goodness for them.
          I think you have about 4 minutes to apologize.

        2. Peace is Easy isn’t a nefarious operation,

          1. You got that correct and there ain’t been no apology, so I’ll move on, just like so many others who never got an apology. There are too many to list. It ain’t a big deal – it is the normal thing.
            If there were apologies for all the wrongs committed over the times we wouldn’t even be able to make any new history or herstory, if you prefer, so what the hell, lets move on shall we?
            No apologies necessary, but it will be remembered for the sake of providence.

      2. It is an easy deduction.
        And the same thing goes about humility. Reverence and awe should be a part of life which naturally leads to humility and some things are obvious, yet neglected and underdeveloped.
        I like the ideas you stress. Rather straightforward, with an ethical bent, as opposed to “cryptic”, is my thought.

  16. Steven Greer is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. The more you know about him, the less you do. I remember seeing him eight years ago on Joe Rogan where Rogan pushed him hard to get something concrete out of him, some kind of materialistic certitude, facts, as opposed to “we know people who’ve seen and we got pitchers” kinda stuff (same problem as with David Icke’s reptiles). Eventually Greer said he was organizing some kind of expedition in some desert where there would be an ET encounter. Rogan asked if he could tag along and Greer answered he was welcome. I never saw any follow up to this in eight years, whatever the reason and in spite of Rogan saying UFO research had always been a top priority of his. So we don’t know… Now Greer says that Rogan sold out to Spotify by erasing that show from his archives “which tells you a lot about free speech” while Rogan says, on the contrary, that as Spotify dismissed that show (among 40) from their archives, he listened to it again and it is “worth revisiting knowing what we know today”:
    So we still don’t know… As Rogan tells Greer (in substance) near the end of the 2013 interview (link below): “Either you’re the nuttiest dude who ever lived or you’ve tapped into the craziest thing that’s ever been hidden from mankind by the power that be”.
    And we still don’t know the answer to that one eight years later…
    The only certitude we can have is that the CIA (whose “mission will be complete when all that the American public believes is false” according to former director William Casey) will come up some day with the “appalling notion” that Hamas, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Yemen have joined forces to send nuclear weapons up there and that the USMIC needs to collect trillions of dollars from the American taxpayers to fund a Star War program in the name of national security as soon as everybody’s had the vaccine passport successfully forced down their throats :o)

    1. Ah yes Pascal…….ah yes. You sense it.
      Agenbyte of inwit, ayenbite of inwit, ah it happens again, oh I want something – oh the pain of Ayenbite of inwyt.
      The pricking of pricks, the games of the rics, the pain of the innocence…..agynbite of inwyt….
      The suffering of fools, the fools all around, the pain in the air, the pain in the ground.
      Ayenbyte of inwit is in wit and best one look inside to wonder about wonder……
      Got me some stones out of India,
      but I’m not sure if they are true.
      Maybe a lie was told,
      ayenbyte of inwit…….
      Still, package arrived, little baby stones look nice and green…
      Green Garnets, so I’ve been told.
      At the end justified retribution has a way of asserting itself….
      with or without us.
      Ayenbit of Inwht….
      and yes, thjs is a poem.


    2. Recommendation: follow Jacques Vallee – an independent researcher with his own money.
      We do know billions of dollars have been spent to obscure, obfuscate, mislead, etc., etc. the public in this area. My bets for why this is so:
      — Zero point energy: if a harvesting technology exists, and if it was released, all the energy cartels and secondary industries would evaporate within hours, days … and financial empires with them!
      — anti-gravity: the planet, the solar system and beyond would be borderless and very hard to ‘govern’ by modern brutal standards.
      Read The Hunt For Zeropoint by Nick Cook & Igor Witkowski’s ‘Wunderwaffe’ if unable to believe.

      1. “if a harvesting technology exists”
        – that’s a mighty big if. Visiting aliens are a ton more likely.

        1. Disagree here. Proverb: ‘the fish will be the last to discover water applies.’ imho. Had you noticed they are looking for extra dimensions at CERN?
          If you look at the books on the topic, you’ll see that ZPE s e e m s linked to A-G.

  17. Welcome back Ms. Caitlin or did I miss the article that you posted upon returning from a well deserved break in the action. I must of missed my chance.
    Since I’m being all sentimental, let me also say I apologize to anybody whose sensibilities I have offended with my emotion in past posts. Nothing wrong with passion, but as any good friend will tell you, try to be centered. I’ll practice some more.
    Of course, there is a big difference between metaphorical conversation on the “www” and dealing with those whom you love who you see up close day after day. If it is a loving situation, you get to touch each other and share your human energies up close and personal and that feels good to me at least.
    Nonetheless, here we find ourselves amongst the bits and the bytes, the 0’s and the 1’s. Best not to be proud in this imaginary place cause it is all a bit of ayenbyte of inwit so to speak when we are talking without actually sitting at the table of peace.
    I’m gonna put out an offer of discussion at the Table of Peace. I hope you accept, but if you come with bad intent, well then it is obvious, be prepared for Justified Retribution. The beauty is it is an imaginary place just now, but it can be imagined, so it can be. I imagine peace in the future.
    So, I hope it is settled. Boycott Israel and Boycott Saudi Arabia, and have direct action against the biggest bully (this could be done in Australia and New Zealand….), and then boycott the big bully as well but it won’t be the same as boycotting peanuts.
    After all this transition, things will get better for future generations, so who could be against that I ask?
    Peace is easy,

  18. Most flying objects are unidentified. A person may generally identify a plane or a helicopter but exactly what kind of plane or helicopter they wouldn’t know. People can tell the difference between a machine and a flashing light or an indistinct blob or shape. Indistinct blobs, lights, and flashing lights are what you are shown by the people in position to capture these images because you are not entitled to see ACTUAL flying machines that cannot be identified as belonging to any known country or entity. Evidence of actual flying machines that are clearly indentifiable as such, and defy known science and technology, exist in abundance. Like so many things this kind of information is not available to the public, exactly who or why such info is available to some people and is kept highly secret is a mystery, But lets face it, we as a whole live in a controlled reality.

  19. Put a sky hook on my tiny home
    To lift me above the combat zone
    Astral travel’s the life for me
    No more Earthling misery

    Sorry Jesus, I can’t wait no more
    The world has fallen into war

    The house is now lifted
    I fall to the ground
    The rush of wind is the only sound

    With a solid landing
    I open the door
    “What did you bring me back here for?”

  20. U.S. empire and corporate news stenographers promoting cold war communist threat and UFO sightings? It’s the 50’s all over again. Isn’t this what MAGA meant and was nostalgic for to bring America back to a saner time?

  21. “As I’ve said before, the simplest and most likely explanation for all this UFO stuff is that the US military is manipulating us yet again to advance yet another strategic agenda.” I totally agree. Thank you for your article and your work.

  22. AriusArmenian Avatar

    The Pentagon and MIC are going the extra mile to justify increased military funding.
    That’s what this is about.

  23. Richard Coleman Avatar
    Richard Coleman

    As someone who has been interested in the UFO subject (off and on) for any years, this is the most commonsense and coherent article I’ve seen in many years. CJ, you are a gift.

    P.S. I think “the UFOs are a national security threat” will be a hard sell. Are “they” waiting for us to catch up with them so we can engage them in a war as equals? When they could have removed us as adversaries easily many decades ago? And if current reports are to be believed, still can?

    1. I also think “the UFOs are a national security threat” will be a hard sell if they try to do it explicitly, say with Biden addressing the nation in a special all-channels TV & media thing, or Congress debating a new Emergency Alien Threat Bill.
      It’ll be much easier to slyly nurture the idea that UFOs might be real, and hence might be a threat, with a continuous dribble of leaked photos, press scoops and statements from ‘trusted’ voices – which seems to be exactly what we are seeing.

  24. My opinion is getting ordinary people to worry about aliens etc. is just another ” hand is quicker than the eye” type distraction to keep us from realizing how we are being manipulated / screwed by our various western governments. Inflation is just really starting and covid is dying as a distraction. It seems like the US military is involved with all these psyops type distractions in some way or another.
    The faint hope some people have that someone else like aliens are going to step in and save our planet from the unscrupulous greedy is just dream wishing — we might just have to do it ourselves if it is to happen.

  25. Clearly a propaganda operation.
    As we all should know by now it is “legal” for the United States government to use propaganda on American people. Signed into law by Obama with the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.
    “July 14, 2013, 7:06 PM
    “For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in January. The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption in a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts. So what just happened? ”
    Exactly why everything (including/especially covid) must be questioned.
    Someone commented, in another article Caitlin did on UFO’s, about the Lockheed Martin TR-3B anti gravity aircraft.

    “It doesn’t exist officially. It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. Conventional thrusters located at the tips of the craft allow it to perform all manner of rapid high speed maneuvers along all three axes. “

    1. Does this plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity also allow the ship to exploit sub-quantum scalar wave dynamics to teleport into trans-dimensional hyper-manifolds populated by dark energy oneiric information constellations?

  26. After more than 74 years of concerted worldwide coverups, total disinformation operations, and “conspiracy theorist” shaming of everyone/anyone who tried to come forward with stories in opposition, now there is “a growing [campaign] among defense officials around the world [promoting a completely controlled new narrative which nefariously inverts the previous narrative of something actually being] ‘out there’ – and that it [definitely] pose[s] a genuine global security threat.” Always remember: Virtually nothing happens in this place/on the world stage without it having been scripted, step by step, and as to how and when the PR/Propaganda Releases will take place. Summary: In a series of previously created chapters: First, Star Chamber interests decide what directions and actions are needed to fulfill what has been chosen for implementation. Next (after successful steps), many months (or even years) beforehand, they dispense Talking Points to concerted operatives, pliable/collusive publications, and fronted or “reliable” “news” sources. Then, the people are (sold) “informed” incrementally as to what is inevitably upcoming. Thus, under the guise of Facts simply being reported, it works (exceedingly) as a well-timed machine.

  27. I sure hope there are Aliens.

    I hope they show up and tell us enough is enough and we humans do not OWN this Planet and its Environment-that Planet Earth is part of the rest of the Universe -and we better stop abusing it RIGHT NOW or they will take it away from us!

    1. I disagree with this wholeheartedly.
      If any alien shows up trying to tell “US” how to run “our” planet, especially if we weren’t “effing” with them, then I will personally tell said alien to go shove it up your “effing” alien eff-hole. I’m sure you got one jerk-off. Go eff off to whatever planet it is you came from and stop trying to tell us earthlings how to do our business. We can figure it out ourselves in our own convoluted way.
      Got that you mother-effers” I would scream as I witnessed them off the planet. Good riddance.
      Then we could get back to the fun crazy demented killing of ourselves and having some good ole 20th century fun – know what I mean as I say it sarcastically, and it pisses me off to have to even add that for the pussies out there who don’t know sarcasm when it is in front of their pussy faces – Know what I mean? Pussies.
      We are gonna solve this issue on our own or we ain’t, and if we don’t, then so be it. I’ll go to my grave knowing that I loved my family, my neighborhood, and all the dogs we ever had in the house.
      Peace is easy and their ain’t no alien coming to save us, so you elite fools who think propaganda still works best start waking up quick cause we ain’t living in the 20th century anymore and some things are fixing to change and the changes will be so rapid you will have no control over the narrative. The narrative is no longer in the control of the few and that is the beauty of this site and is why I am here posting this message just now! It will be hyper flux in action and I look forward to it cause it is time for something better and I trust the human spirit to make it happen.

    2. “Let the children lose it
      Let the children use it
      Let all the children boogie”

  28. Robert Bolman Avatar
    Robert Bolman

    While modern day UFO’s might very well be secret government/corporate programs, the same basic class of objects have been regularly seen going back to the 1940’s. Significantly, they started showing up as soon as “we” began detonating nuclear bombs. I have a hard time believing that secret programs have had anti gravity propulsion for 75 years and Elon Musk is still using rockets to blast stuff up into orbit.

    To paraphrase Greer, “If the ET’s were hostile in any way that we would measure hostility, they would have eliminated us decades ago.”

  29. I don’t know who this Steven Greer is, and I haven’t listened to all of his Twitter/Youtube thing, but what he says in the first couple of minutes ties in exactly with what I think is going on. He says the Pentagon hardliners want to make out there is an alien threat, when this is nothing but a ruse to get more money for ‘space wars’. (He goes on to talk about US weapons makers like Northrop Grumman developing ‘anti-gravity’ vehicles, which sounds either trivial, as in all planes and rockets could be seen as anti-gravity machines in a sense, or bizarre, fanciful and next to impossible, if he means Northrop Grumman/Boeing/Lockheed have found a way round general relativity.)

    The US now has a Space Force, and if you ask me, by letting the US electorate think UFOs are real and there’s plentiful evidence for them, it’s hoped there will be less resistance to devoting huge amounts of resources to militarising space, having vast amounts of advanced weaponry in orbit ready to strike at alien invaders – or more realistically, at whoever down here on earth the US wants to obliterate or threaten.

  30. That new Space Force ain’t gonna fund itself.

    1. Whitey McPrivilege Avatar
      Whitey McPrivilege

      Biff, I think you are on to something. Having the Fed create trillions of new dollars to protect us from “intelligent aliens” makes a lot more sense than having it so debase the currency to protect us from people who live in caves on the other side of the world. Speaking of “intelligence,” it appears that someone in our “intelligence” community was intelligent enough to both read and understand Vonnegut’s “Sirens of Titan.” I am impressed.

      1. Free will is where it is at.
        If you don’t believe it you must be a Calvinist, and if you are a Calvinist, then you will get what you deserve!
        Ain’t that the beauty of free will? We all get what we deserve and it is freely gotten. You get what you give, but if you think it is all heaven sent, then I think you are disrespecting the Gods and the Goddesses, cause they could give a flip about you. That is until the group of us stop worshipping those of them who seem addicted to controlling our free will.
        It really isn’t a quandary, but it is weird that we are still dealing with simple things like this that are easy to deduce.
        I’m sensing some seriously good science fiction that will be written by the current generation and god knows I’m ready for the ideas of generations who have nothing to do with the 20th century to slowly but surely prevail. Pray that this happens for the sake of future generations, and if it does, imagine all the fruits and bounty they will have had, and those of us who did all we could to make this possible will be able to rest easy in our graves.
        Peace is easy.

        1. Hi Ken!
          Hope all’s well …
          “We all get what we deserve … ”
          I’ve been waiting along time for Henry Kissinger to get what he deserves.
          Apparently, he’s 97 YO., so …
          Could be fake news but I’ve heard that his tomb will include an attached urinal for all the folks that will visit and want to piss on him …

    2. Surely they will take up opium farming, human trafficking, etc. like the spooks and banks?

      1. The Orgasmatron will suffice …
        Apparently, the are accepting reservations at Best Buys …

  31. The line I learned in the military was “WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot, Oscar” which when translated from the phonetic alphabet is “WhatTheF#*k, Over”.

    Information internalization and dissemination could be the moment of truth for the future of our species, all our institutions, governments, ideas, et alia ad infinitum.

    Meanwhile, nature is laughing at us earthlings from a galaxy far, far away.

  32. The US must be running out of human targets, so now it’s raising the specter of hostile, bloodthirsty aliens. Gonzo!

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