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Everyone around the world should criticize the US empire constantly and without apology. Nobody anywhere ever needs to justify or defend criticizing the most powerful, destructive and influential government on earth. It’s always right to criticize America, in any way you choose.

Consider the possibility that the most powerful government on earth got that way largely by being willing to do whatever it takes to claw its way to the top, no matter how many people it’s needed to kill and oppress to get there and remain there.

The US empire is the single most depraved and murderous power structure on earth. The Democratic and Republican parties are two Nazis arguing over which route to take to bring their captives to the concentration camp.

Growing up in crushing poverty is inherently traumatic. Not everyone who’s been traumatized goes on to hurt people, but everyone who hurts people has been traumatized. Supporting a status quo which includes an impoverished underclass is supporting widespread crime and violence.

If you believe anti-Zionism is anti-semitism, then you’re naturally going to see an uptick in “anti-semitism” every time Zionism rips children’s bodies apart with explosives.

What is being done to Palestinians would be horrific and inexcusable regardless of the ethnicity or religion of their persecutors. Opposing apartheid injustice and abuse has nothing to do with opposing anyone’s religion, and attempts to claim it does are made in bad faith.

If I wanted to sabotage the pro-Palestine movement, I would make myself a part of the conversation by criticizing Israeli abuses and supporting Palestinian rights, then I’d start going “This rise in anti-semitism sure is concerning though, can we pause and focus on this please?”

Zionists will spend 100 times more energy attacking and smearing an influential Jewish defender of Palestinian rights than opposing a brazen Jew-hating white supremacist. Supporters of Israeli apartheid don’t care about fighting anti-semitism, they care about narrative control.

The rapist was forced to murder his rape victim because she tried to fight him off. The rapist has a right to defend himself. Rape has a right to exist. This is actually a very complex issue, too complicated for you to understand.

If Moscow hadn’t intervened in Crimea in 2014 and Syria in 2015, the US wouldn’t have begun training us all to hate Russia in 2016.

If Russia would’ve just let the US do its thing with the Ukraine coup and the proxy war to topple Damascus, there would not have been a Russia panic, because the US war machine would not have felt an argent need to manufacture one. But then Russia would’ve eventually found itself surrounded by a sea of hostile empire and forced to relinquish its sovereignty.

Same goes for China asserting its own power regionally and economically. At some point Russia and China both realized that if they don’t start taking bold action to prevent the US empire from absorbing the entire world, they’re going to slowly see their allies and trading partners disappear until they’ve got no choice but to join. That’s all we’re seeing with all this hysteria.

If you don’t interfere in the empire’s agendas of conquest and absorption, it won’t be in a hurry to get rid of you; it will just absorb you when it’s got time and nothing else to devour. Interfere with its war machine, though, and you’re in for it.

Steal from The New York Times. It’s not legitimate for the “paper of record” whose narratives shape your world to hide its stories from you behind a paywall. Use apps, use private browsers, use; any method used to access NYT and similar outlets without paying them is perfectly legitimate. That information is your right; you shouldn’t have to pay a plutocratic propaganda institution just to find out what it’s telling people.

The US-centralized oligarchic empire has no ideology and no values beyond the acquisition of more power. If Islamic fundamentalism serves them in one part of the world they’ll support that there, while simultaneously backing woke progressivism overseas if that serves them in that part of the world.

Imperialists often favor corporate liberals over conservatives in the western world because they now see liberals as better custodians of the empire’s western branches. There’s dwindling support for Bible thumpers and racists in our society, so the empire seeks better drivers.

And you may be sure that the opposite would have been the case if our society hadn’t become too conscious to accommodate the right’s ugliest aspects at mass scale. If racism had retained widespread popular support, all oligarchic institutions would’ve backed Trump to the hilt. All they care about is power and continuing their reign.

If you think it was a big red pill to realize that the media’s narratives about the world are nothing like real life, wait til you realize that the same is true of your own narratives about your own life.


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78 responses to “Australia Is A Giant US Military Base With Kangaroos: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. You are a continuous and totally necessary breath of fresh air in a dark and toxic world Caitlin.

    I do find that many of those who comment regularly ceaselessly promote their own own agendas in your space. Wannabe’s or seeking relevance or any number of curious motives, I do wish they would disappear. Muddying the water with small and egoic diatribes is boorish at best and wasteful to those who scroll madly to escape idiocy.

  2. If Britain is “Airstrip One” maybe Australia can be “Airstrip Two”.

  3. I have been studying counselling recently and I like you last paragraph.

  4. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    I finally framed “Opposition to Israel is anti-Semitism” like this:
    When people began opposing the South African government for apartheid, the government officials didn’t respond with “We’re being attacked because we’re the descendants of English/Dutch settlers! This is anti-Whitism!”

    1. People attacked South African apartheid because they were communists. Apartheid South Africa was righteous AF because it was so stoutly anti-communist. Anti-communism covers all sins. American domestic counter subversive anti-communism began strong in the first Palmer raids then it was all down hill thereafter. The official response to the broad sympathy for Sacco & Vanzetti should have been mass state terror. God, how I have hated American life since 1968. Now I must bear proper opposition to zionist depredations driven by improper citation of South African apartheid’s totally invented impropriety!

  5. The genocidal US empire began with killing about 650,000 Americans in order to deprive the South of the right to self determination. Immediately upon the completion of that atrocity, the same players began a concerted effort to exterminate the native American population. There had been conflicts before, but nothing even close to this nearly successful genocide. It continued its murderous rampage, but to lesser degree, until WWII. The US and the UK instituted a day and night bombing of German cities, directly targeting the civilian population. The US did likewise in Japan, concluding with the only time a nation determined using nuclear weapons was a good idea, and did so, twice. Almost immediately upon the completion of WWII, with the creation of the CIA, it began a campaign of deciding what government other nations should have. Interfering in elections, and executing the winners if they weren’t of the “approved” variety. The US never recovered from the creation of the omnipotent, ubiquitous federal government inflicted upon it at the hands of Abraham Lincoln.

    1. At last a voice of reason.

      1. I might add that the first time noncombatants were directly attacked by a western military was in the War Between the States.

  6. Could you make this stuff up?
    The multibillion-dollar plan from ConocoPhillips to drill in part of the National Petroleum Reserve [in Alaska] would produce more than 100,000 barrels of oil a day until 2050. … In a paradox worthy of Kafka, ConocoPhillips plans to install “chillers” into the permafrost — which is thawing fast because of climate change — to keep it solid enough to drill for oil, the burning of which will continue to worsen ice melt.

  7. Looks like the occupiers of PALESTINE might be heading back to Europe after their humiliating defeat by the Palestinians !!

    BIBIs’ own estimates were that 4500 rockets were launched by the Palestinians !!

    Of course the ‘Iron Dome’ was completely ineffective !

    Wonder where the Palestinians got 4500 rockets ???

    Palestine has a SILENT partner that does not seek accolades !

    1. Where do you think they got the rockets? Most sources I’ve seen, including Palestinian sources, reckon they built them themselves. Do you think otherwise?

    2. Nobody supports Palestinians with more than lip service. Iran gives more than most but as far as weapons go, they make do. Including making their own rockets. They’re not exactly the most technologically advanced models you do realise? Mostly they can’t even carry a warhead. They’re a symbol of resistance. A finger to the beast. As such they serve their purpose.

  8. It seems Australia made two recent mistakes that contributed to its re-colonization by the Empyre:

    — It allowed Gough Whitlam to be coup’d out of existence (1975).

    — It allowed itself to be disarmed in just one staged event (Port Arthur Massacre 1996).

    1. Who is disarmed? How does a population fight government tyranny with firearms which are listed and licensed with that very entity? This is why I scoff at Americans self assurance their huge arsenals will serve them in such an event. They’ll be picked off one at a time by overwhelming force, hand them over or die like a pig. What we got from Port Arthur was a wake up call. I have nothing more to say on this.

      1. I know a few ‘gun nuts’ from the USA who reckon guns’ll defend them against their government (‘when the time comes’, as if it didn’t long ago). They don’t have much of an answer when I ask them how AR-15s will help against helicopter gunships, tanks, napalm and who knows what.

      2. Susan Mercurio Avatar
        Susan Mercurio

        The late Dr Gene Sharp, a Harvard professor who spent his life studying nonviolence, discovered that nonviolent civil disobedience and resistance is the most effective way to get rid of your own oppressive government.
        As a US citizen, I think that the people who believe they can successfully oppose the US government with guns are fools.

  9. ZIO/US are no longer even capable of waging an open WAR !

    IRAN just kicked ISRAEL’S brains in by destroying most of their military installations – ISRAEL had no FUCKING choice but to call a cease fire !!

    Of course you won’t read this in MSM – far too humiliating !

    Notice the ZIO/US didn’t come to the rescue – IRAN would have kicked their brains in as well !

    Like Russia who destroyed 350 THOUSAND ZIO/US ‘ proxy’ terrorists in Syria – they NEVER boast – IRAN and RUSSIA just go about their business with a minimum of FUSS !

    FFS – even YEMEN has now offered support to the Palestinians to fight the Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid state !!

    Because YEMEN knows how cowardly and piss weak – ISRAEL actually is !!

    The Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid state of ISRAEL is FINISHED !

    Read the links !

    1. Where did you hear that most of Israel’s military installations have been destroyed? This recent piece suggests they’re effectively expanding into the Red Sea:
      “That operation which knocked the Saviz out of action and the establishment of the new Emirati helicopter base at Perim arms the UAE, Saudi Arabia – and through them, Israel – with the means of control for safeguarding that important sea route.”

      1. Read my post above PERKY – the Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid state of so called ‘ISRAEL’ – is FINISHED !

        It’s OVER !

        You will soon be out of a JOB !

        1. I not only read your post, I read all three of the links within. You were the only one claiming most Israeli military installations have been destroyed, so, again, where did you hear this?

        2. Jack your enthusiasm alone should do it but upon checking I am assured “Israel” is regrettably not yet finished. Straight from my sister in Gaza. Despite the fact Gazans are feeling fairly good about recent events, they’re convinced, perhaps rightly, that they won this round.

          I am sure given her understandable hatred fro the Zionist entity Anwar would be the first to notice if “Israel” were finished otherwise. I do believe they are in an untenable situation and survival is not even on the cards for Rothschildlandia let alone thriving to become a real state. However just like their equally despicable cousins the Saudis who I expect to drop off the map about the same time, I’d not count them out of play yet.

          Your evident joy in the impending destruction of the stole state is heart warming but I’d not be putting the champagne on ice just yet.

      2. Looks like the occupiers of PALESTINE might be heading back to Europe after their humiliating defeat by the Palestinians !!

        BIBIs’ own estimates were that 4500 rockets were launched by the Palestinians !!

        Of course the ‘Iron Dome’ was completely ineffective !

        Wonder where the Palestinians got 4500 rockets ???

        Palestine has a SILENT partner that does not seek accolades !

      3. Debkafile LOL !

        Owned by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – acronym ISIS !

        Same people ( In collaboration with their barbaric allies ) who created – controlled – radicalised – financed and armed 350 thousand ISIS butchers who slaughtered – maimed -and displaced MILLIONS of SYRIANS so they could build a CNG pipeline ??

        Thankfully Russia has turned ISIS into fertiliser !

        ISRAELI’S should be packing their bags at this point !!

  10. Australia is more than just a military base.
    It is arse licking, grovelling outpost of empires.
    It is a subservient sycophant of cold blooded psychopaths.
    It is a source of tens of thousands sacrificial ‘lambs’ who were sent to be slaughtered in preventable wars.
    It is a resource rich country that allows plunder and ecocide.
    It is complicit in war crimes, past and present.
    It is ruled by the mentally deranged.

    1. It is also populated almost exclusively by sheep of one kind or another.

  11. If you don’t wanna get punished, a 9/11 style commission is the perfect ground to make it happen; every informed person is aware that elements of the US government were involved either in the perpetration or a coverup of the 9/11 attacks. No one would in sane conscience trust his own life to the US government. No one can trust in USA statements much less in American media.

  12. Caitlin I absolutely love the way you look at the world. Come to VK .com you
    have loads of fans there.

  13. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    “The US empire is the single most depraved and murderous power structure on earth.”

    If you consider what this doctor has to say, you are probably right:

    We truly are living the return of the days of Noah and the flood just before the return of Jesus. Decadence is everywhere, especially among the elites.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Michel, lets dance.
      you got the rectangular robot eye with a sliver of light coming out from one side in a line north to south….3 hairs of the head part and they are twisted and one of them is a misfit…….2 fairly balanced arms, but you have no ears……you jumping on a spring but I’m sorry to tell you that is just your imagination because where you are with respect to others is relative and even after you jump we all know you have to land, so seems to me you ain’t got no standing and you have nowhere to go any different than the rest of us….I like the slim smile you present and I think it is cute, but being the slit eye, I think you are a robot and I’d just assume not have anything to do with your sweet slim smiling self cause you keep pushing your proselytizing pontificating old testament believing and i think you are full of it and I already told you – ain’t gonna be another flood. Grow up will ya.
      Prove me wrong if you can and don’t include any mention of Noah and floods in your proof cause as i said already in italics you and I already talked about that and seems to me you didn’t get the message. Just a bit of more evidence as to why I think you are a robot!
      Now, let me prove that I ain’t while I go click on some images that really are so unnecessary and they are a waste of all of our time. When the momentum of battle gets so elevated then it will tear down corporations, walls, and mountains in swift moments of retribution and nobody will expect it and that is why when you have the advantage you best wield it for the better of the peasants.
      Goodness Gracious me.
      Praying for you Michel, and yes indeed, I’ll pray on my rosary…..if I can find it. Please, if you have it in your heart, make an effort to be a bit less dismal and rather than talk about floods contemplate better times for future generations… you have it in ya?

  14. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    At least you have kangaroos………

    1. In the game I’m creating (“Green Garnets Potion Shop) that has to do with finding potion ingredients…..because I’ve been here reading for so long the theme for level 1 is “Australia”.
      One of the ingredients is some of the skin from a kangaroo pouch (pouch shavings about 2 grams)….the ingredient in the potion will only work if you get the skin from a live one. Another ingredient is water from Lake Eyre. Can’t get that every day or can ya?
      What do you think of that? I love the concept of Australia, I just wish they would get some Kahunas.

  15. What is an “Air Warfare Destroyer” as indicated by the blueish star with seven points for the large ones, of which there are two, and another little one having 5 points near Perth. Do these represent locations with potentially nuclear armed bombers? Oh yeah, them bombers could destroy so much and if their loadout resides near the base, so could they destroy much of the local community by mistake.
    The other bases with a red plane image most likely house fighters (jet planes) and they need much less runway to take off, but if bombers go on a mission without fighter escort, then they are very vulnerable. Have you not ever played a wargame? Do you know about “combined arms”. The best military commanders know both how to take advantage of any given tactical situation as well as the necessity of combined arms to refute the who rock-paper-scissor thing properly and with precision. The best military commander in my mind hate war. They know the suffering.
    Anyhow, best strategy is to keep the bombers from ever taking off in the first place, and if you believe even the most basic of message of Jesus, then this would be a no-brainer. Obvious, so obvious that it makes ones head spin.
    So many hypocrites in our midst and the peasants anger and angst is rising. I feel it. I support it. I’m tired of planes and missiles killing babies – mother effing DUH!
    Jeepers creepers what a pathetic shame it all is and meanwhile the clock of forever is ticking with or without us.
    Direct Action of the citizens where the bases reside unjustly could have positive consequence for all of humanity. Ain’t none of this a mystery – its been in the good book(s) for a long time.

  16. Hahaha, after a page of wonderful truths from a global perspective comes a reminder of one equally earth shattering personal truth: “If you think it was a big red pill to realize that the media’s narratives about the world are nothing like real life, wait til you realize that the same is true of your own narratives about your own life.”

    As usual your writing is nourishment to me in a world where very few people I encounter are aware of how the global powers that be operate.

  17. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
    Linda Jean Doucett

    Israel a military base with Jews
    Australia a military base with Kangaroos
    Another military base … the EU
    The British Isles and ….Canada too?

    Canada is just a fucking hairy beard of legitimacy for US war crimes.
    The littlest poodle.
    Just look at the wall to wall China-Did-It press today in Canada
    We pay the White Helmets and give them free housing in Canada to support the narrative.

    We the respected peacekeepers might not be mighty but for some reason the world looks and sees our support as an indication of a just cause… good over evil.
    The the US likes it that way.

    Creepy little toadies do their bit

  18. ‘opposing a brazen Jew-hating white supremacist’

    LOL ever talk to one, most are too stupid to realize it it’s Republicans that are totally Fucking them over. HA HA HA

    1. Regarding propaganda. Here are two videos of propaganda nature. The first is a scare tactic for Americans, a video showing China as intending to take over the world. The man interveiwed speaks Chinese, so we don’t know what he is really saying. Furthermore, he does not seem to be official, though he is described as being influential. Lastly, it puts a little truth to make the lies palatable. There is a totalitarian police state planned, but it is not Chinese, all world governments are under the globalists, not the Chinese. Do you think that something like this focusing on a Vatican tool would not be censored? Why wasn’t this? 

      1. “Russian and Chinese leadership, as well as that of every nation, bow down to the globalists” (from another comment of yours here) seems to conflict with “all world governments are under the globalists, not the Chinese.”

        1. I assume mistakenly that readers have read my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH. The globalists, called in the past “illuminati” were formed by the richest man in the world (his family is still the richest) Mayer Amschel Bauer, the first in the Rothschild line, by him aligning with JESUIT Adam Weishaupt in 1776. Eight years later they integrated with freemasons, who had originally been called “KNIGHTS TEMPLAR” the mercenaries for the RC church. (crusades). Other bankers later were allowed to join, and acquire riches by aligning with their agenda. THey foment wars, happenings, and world calamities to enable their evil plans for world dominance.

      2. I have another article that describes Bill Gates’ meeting with Xi Jinping:

        It is interesting that it was Xi JinPing that was responsible for Tedros Ghebreyesus becoming chair of the WHO.

        I don’t think that Neocolonialism & Belt Road Agenda is necessarily propaganda, I think within the globalist community different factions are jockeying for dominance.

        I live with someone that spent extensive amounts of time in China and toured a large portion of the country. It is he that provided me that video so that I would have a better perspective of how leadership in China thinks.

        I think we need to challenge all globalist agendas or we will see that one gets taken down only to find that another rises to take it’s place.

        I also think the following video describes the global problem we all face pretty succinctly:

        1. Good luck with treating COVID homeopathically, if you’re unfortunate enough to get it. And vaccines are intended to affect our immune systems; it’s exactly how they work, as their advocates say quite explicitly.

          1. They’re not vaccines in the sense you think. They provideno protection from ctaching or transmitting CV. They only reduce mild symptoms, they do not prevent death. They actually raise the mortality rate upwards of 1000 times, according to their own data. They also reduce the average age of death, and not only many die young but absent any comorbidities. Instead of watching TV and listening to BS artists, you should check out the real science. ie: The data they are not telling you. There’s literally nothing to be gained from these shots, esxcewpt death and illness. By all means jump right in, plenty of room for more guinea pigs, but forget getting everyone else to follow. reminds me of the rabbit who lost its tail. Then tried to talk everyone else into cutting theirs off.

        2. I have no idea what you are talking about. I had COVID-19 and all it involved for me was swollen lymph nodes for a couple days.

          1. I don’t know why you’ve no idea what I was talking about. The blurb accompanying the video you recommended says, “playing with vaccines … is indeed very dangerous (very far from the secure homeopathic treatment of targeted virus and fungal and bacteria infections by dilutions invented and used by Samuel Hannemaan in the 17th century), and can affect our human immune system.”
            One Samuel Hahnemann invented homeopathy, first using the word in the nineteenth century – but maybe FatBuddha was talking about someone else in the seventeenth doing something similar.
            As for you having a mild case of COVID, good for you, but many who don’t go in for homeopathy also have mild cases, while many – over three million so far – die.

          2. Of all the positive returns of the rtPCR test only 25% are actual detections of infection. Took a class on virology and one of the lectures was on the reverse transcriptase polymer chain reaction (rtPCR) test, so let’s divide that 3.3 million by 4 to get at the actual number of deaths that can be attributed to SARS-CoV-2, 875,000, which is 0.01% of the world’s population. I also didn’t say we should eliminate vaccines, I said we should administer them to people severely at risk of dying from COVID-19. The fact that healthy people who already recovered from COVID-19 are dying from receiving the vaccine is reason enough to restrict the vaccine to those that have compromised immune systems or feel they need it. The vaccine should be completely voluntary.

            Besides this is about China and they role they play in globalization, which this video show that they are partnering with the very oligarchs some of us are strongly criticizing.

            1. The claim that “only 25% are actual detections of infection” is highly contentious.

            2. Viral particle remain in our systems up to 80 days after onset of infection and the symptoms on average last for last for 20 days. So 75% of the time all the PCR test shows is the presence of viral particles and not infection.

              1. I thought most people who recover from COVID return negative PCR tests soon after.

            3. Nope, PCR only tests for viral particles and that could be anything from a whole virus to a piece of the spike protein.

          3. I noticed that you only bothered to read the commentS of the person that posted the video, rather than watch the video yourself. PLEASE DON’T WASTE MY TIME when you don’t even bother to inform yourself about the subject matter.
            Those comments don’t have anything to do with the video itself. Notice that the video is ridiculously age restricted, as a way of censoring it.

            1. My apologies. I assumed the comment reflected the content of the video.

          4. Apology accepted. I have searched and searched for this video and have not been able to find it posted anywhere else. I am pretty confident that Google/YouTube takes content down like this. So I would expect that this video will disappear soon as well.

          5. I had it earlyon, before it was famous and while it was pretty harsh, I did end up with pneumonia, the pneumonia was cured in a day once I realised it had gone that far. I’m also 58 and had two heart attacks. Besides the breathlessness and it left me a bit reduced lung capacity it seems, I’d never risk a vaccine against such a pussy of a virus. You’d have to be pretty weak and foolish to die from this thing. My mistake was to just ignore it, having had no viral infection until then for 33 years.

        3. Oh yes, you can’t ignore your health for decades and then hope that you can suddenly eat right and start exercising and you will be able to cure yourself. Your life has to be focused around health and vitality, always. A healthy individual inherently has a healthy immune system.

          For those that haven’t taken care of themselves, a vaccine, that targets the innate immune system needs to be available and should only be recommended on a voluntary basis.

          People who have already recovered from COVID-19 should not receive the vaccine, because they are primed for serious side effects from the vaccine.

          1. One of the many reasons I will not take a shot whatever they call it. Besides which I like my DNA composition just the way it is. If I thought Bill Gates to Hell could make a better immune system than God, I’d be calling myself a Gatesian and be happily bleating along with the other masked sheep.

        4. The important thing to take away from this video is that Xi Jinping works and in glove with the rest of the globalists.

          It is also my opinion that it is through this vehicle, the pandemic, that authoritarian control is rolled out across the globe.

        5. THe globalists, aligned with the Vatican, are kept in line by their god, satan. They all do as told to in a coordinated and well-obeyed plan. All the seemingly opposing forces are a staged act, and they do all to deceive the public. The leaders visible to the public are all actors. They just rubber stamp and follow the globalist agenda filling their pockets and given promises and threats. IN case of lack of success the evil ones have alternate plans. They have been plotting and scheming for centuries.

        6. In your comment below regarding health and eating, you are wrong on all counts. I ate a terrible fast food diet with the average amount of sugar. At age fifty six, seven years ago, I started to eat healthy-only organic fruits, veggies, nuts, organic free range eggs, and no meat and no sugar. I ate all I wanted to. I lost thirty five pounds in one month. Then I started to exercise vigorously. Now, at age 63, I do 150 situps a set, 40 pushups a set, 150- squats a set, and likewise other exercises. My health is amazing. Dont be deceived. What you have been taught is mostly deceptions. I have debunked the medical system, legal system, Christianity, evolutions, psychology, etc.. and have less than a year college completed, am self-educated and think outside the boxes. YOU have been programmed and indoctrinated to obey and conform to wrong mindsets, worldviews, and values

        7. “within the globalist community different factions are jockeying for dominance.”

          Yes, and while simultaneously cooperating to the same goal.

  19. Just want to remind you that Russian and Chinese leadership, as well as that of every nation, bow down to the globalists, who work in tandem with the Vatican. Notice how every nation (excepting Burundi and Tanzania) shut down and imposed masks on their populace. The rulership of the planet is in the globalists and RC church’s hands, and they have planned a huge genocide (using vaccines and war and guillotines and such) and a new world order- a totalitarian fascist police state of 500 million people by 2025. THat number is for the whole planet. Do not be decieved, all these powerplays are deceptive, as they need soldiers to do their will.

    1. With all the FUD it’s hard to distinguish between the puppet masters and the merely propagandized “soldiers”. TPTB are not a monolith and the quaking is a result of their battles. Regular people need to understand that power does not care about our well being…we are all livestock and useless eaters to them. Eugenics has been forced behind closed doors, but it is more powerful than ever and the Faustian bargain tech we build will be deployed against us. We may benefit for a time from one crime boss or another but none of them are on our side or cares about anything other than wealth and power consolidation. Covid and ESG are their most recent tools. Do they even care about consumption to make money so much anymore or is the money to be made in financializing the ESG markets? Regular people, especially soft ones in the DW, should pay attention…nothing personal…just business.

      1. on target. They worship satan(god) and do his bidding. Of course they don’t work for our benefit, not even for money. It is an evil destructive force to destroy mankind. So simple and so obvious, but sheep are dumb and Christians and soldiers dont ask questions.

    2. Where do you place the Black Nobility and their Jesuit henchmen in this? The Black Nobility think themselves the true real Roman ruling class…as ordained by the original Pope before The Vatican was occupied by The Savoy and the White Pope installed? This stuff is fascinating. These royal and aristocratic families have been running the world for a very long time…and still do…albeit from the shadows so as not to draw attention. History is obfuscated so as not to burden the modern materialistic consumer, but this stuff did not go away…it is still what makes the world go round.

  20. “The rapist was forced to murder his rape victim because she tried to fight him off. The rapist has a right to defend himself. Rape has a right to exist. This is actually a very complex issue, too complicated for you to understand.”

    This is why I put you at the very top of my list of the most powerful truth-tellers.

    This is ***THE VERY FIRST TIME*** I have seen anyone say/write this “de-Zionized” and ***TRUTHFUL*** response to “Israel has the right to exist” and “Israel has the right to defend itself”, which matches what I have been saying for years.

    My version: Israel is a geopolitical crime-in-progress. No crime has a right to exist. And no criminals have the right to employ violence against the police when they arrive to put an end to the criminal activity.

    I often go on to say that they — those committing the criminal acts have the right (1) to surrender in an orderly manner and not suffer summary judgement, (2) to have the matter adjudicated by a competent and unbiased authority, (3) if found guilty, to be subjected to a proportionate penalty, and (4) once having “served their time”, restored to civil society in good — or at least probationary — standing.

    Thank you, Catlin.

    1. What do you do when the police murder, lie in court, and play dirty to have a salary justified by the arrests they do. You have no perception of the evils of our so-called justice system. NO fucking idea of how the legal system is used to destroy lives, force people to conform to an evil empire, and to pretend that they are the good guys is a joke. Just like fuckin Israel saying that they are such a carefully targeting terrorists with their missiles, assuring no civilians are killed. No innocents in prison, no Palestinian children targeted.

    2. You write “those committing the criminal acts have the right (1), (2), (3) & (4). That may be true on paper in some countries, but it’s far from the case in practice. Just look at the case of George Floyd in the USA for an example. He appears to have surrendered in a reasonably orderly manner, but did that help him avoid a summary execution? Until those rights move from legislation into real life, your (1) to (4) remain wishful thinking, divorced from reality.
      You also say “No crime has a right to exist”, while ignoring the issue of who gets to decide what is and isn’t a crime. Homosexual acts are a crime in many places; should LGBT people simply surrender and await their penalties and prison time? There are many other unjust laws, and you appear to be saying those they define as criminals should accept that is what they are and not resist. If laws make criticism of Israel a hate
      crime, should we meekly agree, passively submitting when armed police enforce such laws?

      1. The Nib has a nice cartoon today on the topic of crime and resisting the police:

      2. George Floyd KILLED HIMSELF! That despicable, stupid MOB ENFORCED verdict is just beyond rational belief! Further PROVEN TRUTH, available on Paul one more perfect “reason” we will NEVER live usa again. Expat tom….

  21. LOVE THAT LAST CRACK, CAITLIN. You put the arrow into the gold with your back turned and your eyes shut, or maybe we have our backs turned and our eyes shut.

  22. …ime the vast majority of ‘the voting class’ […’the lowest common denominator’…] quibbles over the puppets, the operators, the mere managers, etc…..ignorant as to their true ruler$… [ime, most people everywhere are butt-ignorant as to the origin, nature, etc. of the very ([bankster cartel) money/mere numbers for which they devote their life/energies…]

    …to paraphrase one wag, “It is not my contention that all the troubles and woes of man can be removed by the establishment of an honest, egalitarian, scientific, etc., monetary system. It is my contention that until such a system is established other attempts to remove those troubles will have a g@ddamned hard time succeeding.” 😉

    1. Aardvark-Gnosis Avatar

      The international Mafia… the Cartel of underground goods sold and laundered through these same folks that are situated to look legally legitimate… The masses of …”IME’s”, as I include myself in the desperation to unlock the …ime… programing we were all fed during our state educations under the franchise of crypto reality’s subjugating the mind to normalisiertes of imperialistic false churchianity. The latter, covered and glossed in some righteous format to allow death by the sword and political patriotisms to over rule the common sense of our spiritual one ness of created humanity and love we should have as sprits in a earthly cosmos of galactic appreciation for all creation and each other. $$$$ the love of, the material mindset that says you can kill unimpeded because you can fool the rest of the …ime’s with false logic and false reason… the philosophical conundrum of the ultimate mind F**K…

  23. “At some point Russia and China both realized that if they don’t start taking bold action [to prepare for an actual hot war, they would not be ready for the First Strike].” Through economic warfare (think Venezuela, etc.), ongoing Psyop blitzes (think a continuing Russiagate and exponentially rising ant-Chinese campaigns, etc.), and coups (think Ukraine, etc.) which result in ever-increasing surroundings of their countries (to name a few aspects), war has already been declared (in a modern fashion). As a result, they have every right to defend themselves, in the present, as well as every right to take whatever steps necessary in order to be able to defend themselves in an undoubted future.

  24. Reading the NYT, and many other paywalled sites, isn’t that hard.

    1. This is an admittedly long-winded response
      Why would I waste my time reading the NYT propaganda? There are always workarounds to get through paywalls, but who has time for that and who wants to waste time reading their gibberish anyhow. When they had the “narrative” it was important to know I suppose, for the sake of defense, what they were spewing, but now it is just a waste of time. They are losing the game.
      Still, thanks for the link. They have lost the initiative and so now I could give a flip what they think and as any good commander on the field will tell you, once you lose the initiative you are on the defense and you best hope your opponent doesn’t push you against the wall of your own making or you better hope you can retreat and form a defensive line after your offensive behavior has been rebuked.
      Now, just like then, is not the time for Montgomery or McClellon. They are the worst crony fool generals who have no courage. Give me a Grant, or as God is my witness, give me a Sherman. Grant and Sherman knew how to bring a war to an end – Ohio is not a place to be trifled with. I’m not from Ohio, but that is how I fight even if it means I’d be dead in the current battle – fate is full of chance. I fight to win and I take advantage of the initiative when it is on my side or I think it is.
      If I was the commander in any situation, history will tell you, that you have to push the momentum and sometimes there is is nothing like the current moment in the heat of battle. Better to die for a noble cause then to later on regret not taking advantage when momentum was blowing on your back. Best to have good intelligence of course, so don’t be a fool. Nonetheless, the cautious are not the best generals and the meek will get what is their due as long as some remember what really matters at the end of the day. What would the meek ever have if there was nobody with courage to fight for their sentiment?
      Better stories on the way…….can’t you imagine it Ian. I hope so. They won’t be reported by the NYT so eff them.
      Call me Grant if you want to, call me Sherman if you think that makes mores sense. Please don’t call me Montgomery or McLellon. Hells-Bells, call me Rommel. He was a desert snake if there ever was one and he did it all on short supply, but he tried to kill Hitler and for that he died. Call me a lover of history if nothing else and somebody who tries to learn something every day of my life. I want things to get better and I hate war.
      how bout that soliloquy….ha, ha

    2. Why would you want to read the NYT?

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