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Ana Kasparian’s infamous Young Turks tantrum about Aaron Maté was the screams of a dying empire.

Some want to dismantle the imperial slaughter machine and create a harmonious world; others just want the imperial slaughter machine to give them healthcare. These are two entirely different positions. It’s not strange that these factions feud—it would be strange if they didn’t.

US progressives who smear The Grayzone and other anti-imperialist media never have any other equally anti-imperialist media that they promote and uphold as good. This is because they are imperialists.

The only way to do actual foreign policy journalism in the western world is to make a conscious decision to tell the truth without being bullied into accepting any unproven US narrative, no matter how badly they smear you and no matter how hard it is to find work and make a living.

US liberals are orders of magnitude more outraged about a small group of wingnuts making people nervous in the Capitol building for a few hours than they are about the fact that their government is constantly murdering people around the world.

The blame for public distrust in government and media institutions rests solely on those government and media institutions.

Most westerners know that Bush and his allies destroyed Iraq, while hardly any westerners know Obama and his allies destroyed Syria. That right there tells you why we haven’t seen any full-scale US ground invasions lately. America’s solution to the PR crisis caused by the horrific consequences of its military interventionism has been to switch to preferencing sanctions, blockades, and proxy wars where violence is outsourced to other powers so the US doesn’t take the blame.

Syria is a perfect example of this new model of imperialist slaughter. The US power alliance absolutely demolished that country by arming jihadist proxy forces and then sanctioning the hell out of it to keep it from rebuilding, all with the goal of eventually toppling Damascus, but the general public is completely unaware of this.

And make no mistake, good PR is absolutely essential to the operation of the empire. They don’t pour that much energy into manufacturing consent because it’s fun, they do it because they have to. You can’t rule a managed democracy without good perception management.

The need to avoid bad PR fallouts is why Bush-era “Hulk smash” ground invasions are largely a thing of the past. It’s also why the US empire now has a secretary of state who vocally supports the new model of subtler imperialist butchery:

Trump supporters act like it’s something special that their guy “started no new wars”, but the fact that he didn’t has nothing to do with Trump himself; it’s just the new model of imperialist butchery to favor sanctions and proxy conflicts instead, which Trump absolutely did.

Netanyahu’s right-wing thuggishness causing a PR nightmare for Israel is a good example of why the US-centralized power alliance increasingly prefers liberal manipulators to head many of its “democracies”. An Israeli Obama wouldn’t have lost control of the narrative like that.

There’s just not enough public support for wingnuts for them to operate as effective stewards of empire in the western world anymore. That’s why so many oligarchs and imperialists disliked Trump; not because they disagreed with him on any important policies (they didn’t), but because he sucked at perception management.

The US empire only recently started ramping up aggressions against China because while China’s economy is doing well, its military nowhere near rivals the empire’s, and that’s the real currency. If your neighbor has $100 and you have $100 plus a gun, then you actually have $200.

If you’re having trouble interpreting a particular Bible verse, it’s because the correct interpretation is “This is an ancient document authored by confused men whose words have no relevance to my own experience.”

History is one long string of horrific atrocities with the dominant religious institutions of the time either doing nothing or actively participating.


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61 responses to “The Screams Of A Dying Empire: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Hmm. Looks like change is in the air in Israel, but I reckon not until the vote happens, but still can’t deny the drama of it all.
    Amazing to me how little of it made the news…..meanwhile, NPR has a big story today about why folks are losing faith in the MSM………
    Funny ain’t it.
    Still, I applaud the diplomats who must of worked hard to try to make a coalition of 8 across the whole spectrum, which to is amazing, and I’m encouraged by it!

  2. If your neighbor has $1000 and you have $100 plus a gun, then you can have $1100 in no time, so just start spending.

  3. From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”
    Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy. The simulation, named Cyber Polygon, may have been more than a typical planning exercise and bears similarities to the WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.

  4. “Only telling the truth when it is politically convenient is the same then lying all the time”
    When dear Caitlin have you in this past 14 months been telling the truth about the biggest crime against humanity that is being perpetrated on the global human family?
    1 article ?

    1. Do you maintain a blog of your own where you might publish ? Why demand and attempt to demean one who does do the work ?
      Curious . . .

      1. Just pointing out an obvious blind spot.
        When you acuse someone but don’t deliver yourself
        That is called being a hypocrite.

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          when you smear somebody by lying that’s called what you just did. what did she do?

  5. Those who rule lost touch with Life, Love and Truth early in their lives.
    Most of them are ‘clones’ of their parents, teachers, priests, peers or idols.
    They only way they can be shaken from their reverie or somnambulism is through a massive shock.
    That will occur in one or two ways:
    Climate Catastrophe or Nuclear Winter.
    Evolution IS creative chaos.
    And we create it.

    1. There are other ways it can happen and wiser minds know this already.
      Get with the game – learn or die.
      and then the quiet bullet flew silently and it went through the head of the one who planned on making a difference, and after it happened, somebody somewhere said, this is not the end of it, this is the beginning….
      the day
      May 30th, 2021. Tomorrow is Memorial Day in the US of A and lets all remember….shall we?

  6. “hardly any westerners know Obama and his allies destroyed Syria.” Here is a short video to explain for victims of American corporate media:

    1. After listening to this it should be obvious to Turkey who their friends are and who has no care. It should also be obvious, that you are making a mistake if you mess with Russia just to cut to the chase.
      How about Syria gets a moment to catch their breath and how about the nettling ones get their due. You get what you give and you get what you deserve, and Russia has learned this, so why can’t the rest figure out the obvious. Best not to upset the Bear. The Bear means business – serious business.
      Goodness Gracious me, agendas of corporate media who have already lost the narrative are fixing to be sent back to the hell-hole where they came from and this will happen or if it don’t we all will basically be dead. Sad to say this, but evidence points to it.
      The plot to destroy Syria has failed, Russia has come to the defense of those who were being imposed upon, and not a bit of this is confusing or difficult to understand. It is just all the ignominy, which we all know is gonna be revealed, and the sooner the better, but the longer the truth is denied the worse the outcome will be so truly it is a quandary and what is the solution to this problem? Frankly, one at a time, I think those who perpetuate this suffering of innocence need to be discriminately eliminated one at a time. One at a time is all it will take.
      The People of Syria demand justice and they ought get what they want. None of this is complicated, and if the world can go through a pandemic, then it can deal with the ignominy of it all, cause as god is my witness, the ignominy is all around and we all know it whether most are ready to admit it or not. Don’t live in a dream land and take the red pill cause if we all do then we all can learn together. Then the suffering of the children in Syria, Palestine. Yemen, and Iran will get the just response it deserves. Justified Retribution is on the horizon.
      Enough is enough and too many children have died for what? It makes no sense, so lets change it……lets move on to something better.

    1. Negative on that.
      Oh well, maybe tomorrow we will figure it out. Maybe, maybe not.

  7. very good!

    “if you’re having trouble interpreting a particular Bible verse, it’s because the correct interpretation is “This is an ancient document authored by confused men whose words have no relevance to my own experience.”

    “History is one long string of horrific atrocities with the dominant religious institutions of the time either doing nothing or actively participating.”

    1. Re: Cal Lash
      Especially the monotheistic cults that gained prominence denigrating existing local and more traditional spiritual beliefs and practices with lies claiming various degrees of ethical, cultural, and moral superiority; in short, theological colonialization.
      As Usual,

  8. Yes I am an old man asking; has our C.I.A. decided to get rid of ” Bibi “???
    This article can be read here:
    “This Is the Price of War”: Israeli Newspaper Publishes Photos of All 67 Palestinian Children Killed in Gaza Onslaught by Julia Conley!

  9. Maybe and maybe not. Some websites dare to say, or maybe just some propaganda; that even the alternative press is under the control by the same who control the MSM, all you can really do is an awful lot of reading all over hell, even my best friends and truth tellers on the internet lie, some are even actively pushing the agendas of the oligarchs as they claim otherwise.
    The battle isn’t over until there’s a wooden stake through the heart and the coffin screwed tightly closed with non reversible heads. Though, of course, there’s a tool for that as well. Though if you’re right, and I think you are, you may want to spend a few moments here and there, of how to keep yourself relevant in the other,’ New World Order ‘.

    1. What the hell are you talking about.
      No wonder.
      You must of been hypnotized. Scurry away why don’t ya.
      Mean, mean, meaner than hell is what somebody who has suffered can be and you are babbling.

  10. The sooner America falls the sooner Israel will fall…..

    1. Lets put a time stamp on that.
      53021345pm est – for the message above
      Netanyahu goes initially, then Israel falls so to speak, but not really. They will just get better leadership and it will be better for all of those tired of the nettling ones. The nettle so much – they are a bunch of pricks – they will get what they deserve – one at a time. Might come from something overhead – might not.
      The US will fall when its number comes up, but the difference between them and us is most of us don’t hate our neighbors nor do we really think we are entitled to the land of others…….it was our ancestors who stole the land from the previous occupants some of whom still remain, and so from my perspective it is de facto. I didn’t do it. Not the same around there in Palestine – the country of said.
      Can’t say the same about Israel now can ya? The Israel of ’48 in the effing 20th century.
      That is why Israel goes first and then maybe justice can start prevailing how it would if the scales were balanced as they should be. We all know it, so what is the hold up?
      Their ain’t no holy land if the life of an innocent whose brother and uncle might of offended somebody was left to bleed, but what is the species we are amongst if the innocent one died for this? The answer matters. It matters what we want to be.

  11. Actually a tribute has to be paid to religious propaganda for having been able, right back to the end of the Stone Age, to make people believe stories that don’t make the slightest bit of sense and be prepared to kill and be killed for them. Never at any point in history has anyone (not Bernays, not Goebbels, not Stalin, not corporate media…) been able to achieve levels of success and durability coming anywhere near. Religious propaganda, milennia ago, was able to colonize the core of the reptilian brain, bypassing the filters of intelligence and common sense, with the added bonus, as Montaigne observed, that nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know. To the credit of the believers, it must be acknowledged that this is some kind of miracle :o)

  12. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Caitlin you are right on about everything except your dismissal of the January 6 attempted coup in Washington. It was definitely an attempted coup on the part of the fascistic followers of Donald Trump. More and more evidence is emerging showing how it was planned and executed, involving the police and security services, all the way up to the fascist-in-chief, Trump himself. It failed, but only because most of the yahoos recruited to take part were feckless. If anyone in Congress had been killed (and could very well have been, including Pence) we would be talking differently about this right now. Or perhaps not. Perhaps we would not be talking at all.

    For a detailed and succinct encapsulation of the history of US regime change/sanctions/lies and general subornation, read “Washington Bullets” by Vijay Prashad. Perhaps you already have.

    Thanks for your clarity.

    1. It was an orchestrated event where the “useful idiots” were led inside and mostly herded in a certain direction. Showing their support of the police by beating them down and wanting to kill their own vice-president pretty much destroyed whatever credibility these fools had left while throwing all gun owners under the bus with them.

      Republicans did more to destroy their own party in that one act than any liberal could ever do. What remains is nothing they claim to represent.

      1. You are wrong about that freefall…you country is the one that is going to go down. Not mine. We are survivors. We ain’t saints, but we ain’t killers we just try to learn day-by-day. We escaped from suffering and we continue on and the tree of liberty is fixing to be blessed once again. It will be a thing of beauty.

      2. I read it again and realized how wrong you are. So wrong you can’t even grasp it.
        Your toad legs will get you nowhere when your sick purple self with so much sadness reveals the reality that you have no idea what it really means to be in free fall, but maybe your dreams will materialize and we all will free fall………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
        Where do you want to land.
        So, we all got our views and I think you are wrong and prove me incorrect if you can, otherwise you get what you deserve.
        Freefall into the never land of nothing and this and that…..the land where nothing is everything and vice versa. The rabbit hole which ain’t really a place anybody wants to go cause most never come out of that place and so why would anybody want to go there? Best to be humble and have humility.
        53021632ps est

      3. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
        Johny Conspiranoid

        “Republicans did more to destroy their own party in that one act than any liberal could ever do. ”
        Thia assumes it was Republicans who did those things and not a bunch of agent provocateurs.

    2. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
      Johny Conspiranoid

      Both the January 6th event and the BLM events could be part of the same psy-op designed to breath life back into the rotting corpse of the ‘two party’ myth.

  13. Everybody’s behavior is determined by their very narrow understanding of self-preservation. Not in a general context. Even though, the minute you doubt the validity of your environment is the minute the experiment fails. It’s a long list where you can find several experiments being tested in our belief reality: covid, 9/11 senate commission final report, 9/11 controlled demolition, 2008 financial meltdown, JFK, Apollo missions, landing on the moon, shape of the world and universe, school system, laws, religious beliefs, etc…

  14. Actually this planet could easily support a human population, at an enjoyable quality of life level of some one trillion people if the people who are alive today so wished it to be, unfortunately, there would probably be nay sayers for whatever reasons, who would wish humanity to remain as small as possible so that their influence would remain relatively greater; it’s a form of murder just like abortion, but the reality is that some people are so much into mind control that if they can’t starve the world into submission they’ll go to war with others lives to accomplish it. It would be a much greater sin to bring life into a world where that life could not flourish than to have it suffer at the hands of another’s attempt at mind control.

    1. Stephen of hypnotizing eyes and many scurrying legs and a head full of thick grass – the buffalo would just love to munch upon.
      There could easily be one trillion and maybe more living on the planet we all presently reside. So now, it is an idea shared by more than one, and that means it is getting some resonance. We just need to take care. Once a good idea starts resonating, then it grows exponentially, and after awhile, it can’t be stopped because it just has too much momentum and the old ideas will fall like dominoes that blow away with better visions of the future. One at a time they will fall and we will watch it as it happens.
      Lets all be careful, I think there is a big volcano fixing to blow in the Congo….maybe, maybe not, but if it blows, then I’m guessing most will give a flip about Netanyahu, his brother, or all the WAR crimes being committed by Israel. But after surviving the volcano, then justice demands that those in Israel meet their maker, and if the volcano don’t happen then lets just take care of this swiftly. Shall we? Honor calls for it, ignominy is going to be exposed and justice cannot be denied. It is so OBVIOUS and we KNOW! Maybe the volcano won’t happen, but justice won’t be denied because justice must be served.
      Change is in the wind and open your eyes and open your mind and consider all the possibilities of the future and remember it is best when we work together mutually, and if homo sapien is destined not to learn that, then the saddest thing about it is that so many members of the species knew but they succumbed to the few who had vengeance on their minds. I reckon any species unable to restrain individual members who have lost their minds is a species that odds are ain’t gonna survive.
      I don’t think it is going to go this way. Why not let new ideas emerge cause how else are we gonna get better and the best way to learn is when we learn together.
      Better times on the way.
      53021133pm est

      1. A trillion? What makes you think that possible?

        1. Hell yeah Ian. Why not?
          You know about biology, so you must know, when organisms, biological entities, interact mutually, the the sky literally is the limit! We ain’t robots and we live on a sweet planet all blue and green just to get mushy about it!
          One trillion……..1,000,000,000,000……would be a piece of cake, but of course, first some ideas probably need to evolve. That is what I think but I’m just my one lonely lonesome self…..ha, ha.
          poem of the day and I’ve made challenge for myself and I plan on fulfilling it – I won’t post again today at this place:
          ps – the element on my calendar this month is Neon and I consider Neon a noble element if there ever was one…………Neon and Helium just love blowing in the wind……..oh they are so noble them two

          1. Because biology also is self-limiting and if it destroys its environment (which human cultures have done locally quite a number of times) it destroys itself. We are well on our way to doing globally what we have done locally before. And do you understand that a trillion is one thousand billion? I sus.pect not

            1. Hey J, assuming that is your name, you seem to have another.
              Your eyes and ears are not balanced, so maybe you suspect this or that, but maybe you are wrong pretty boy. Pretty old boy.
              Your smile has no effect on me. In fact, it kind of pisses me off.
              What is it on your shoulder there in the image? Your right, my left.
              6221643pm est

    2. A trillion? What makes you think that possible?

      1. Ian – see above.
        By the way, for those who doubt, let me spell it out….
        1 –
        000 (thousand)
        000 (million)
        000 (billion)
        000 (trillion)
        Do you get it. Can you add it up? Of course it is exponential, but my goodness, how big is the petri dish we are all living upon?
        I think if you learn to be mutual, then the sky is the limit!
        I think there ain’t no aliens buzzing around in the sky just now.
        I think the aliens are in some folks heads, cause they have lost their minds.
        I think things are fixing to change and then new limits can be found.
        I think it is better if we do it together.
        That is what I think.

  15. Another reason for not having ground invasions is due to the risks involved. Why have more body bags coming home with all those heroic drone operators at your disposal?

    Shooting fish in a barrel is their favorite tactic.

    1. That is the irony of it if you give it some consideration.
      I agree who wants troops on the ground in the 21st century.
      Peace is easy.

    2. Freefall,
      Ha, ha.
      Looks to me like you could land on your feet and jump far away if need be…..
      The Buffalo ain’t that quick on the fly being they have four legs, and they rely on the herd when it comes to matters of justice or perceived threats.
      If not for them damn homo sapiens, so confused they are, the Buffalo, the american bison, would still be roaming freely and the nearby communities would live with them more or less in harmony out of mutual respect.
      But that ain’t the world we live in and the big advantage home sapiens have versus the american bison is one hopes them homo sapiens can learn from their mistakes. The american bison just want to eat some grass and they basically mind their own business. They would of been the kind capitalists the world could use more of, but most of them are dead now.
      Who will be the next fish?

    3. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
      Johny Conspiranoid

      Yet another reason for not having ground invasions would be if you knew you were going to loose.

  16. Here is a poem in memory of another Palestinian I just read on Al Jazeera was shot dead in cold blood cause of something maybe his brother or uncle did……..oh, it was a mistake was the response as if it would have ever been justified.
    Start of poem

    Netanyahu had an older brother who died on a mission many years ago
    Some called his brother a hero
    Other are not so sure.
    Netanyahu’s younger brother is a survivor politically speaking but
    some wonder if he has burned his heart up to survive……
    others consider him nothing but a prickly nettler
    I’m amongst the others….I seen the images…..I find the news
    I’m sick of prickly pricks thinking they pull all the strings
    Time for something better ain’t it?
    Let’s get rid of the nettling Netanyahu and then let him face
    justice for all his corruption and indiscrimate acts
    that are WAR crimes committed by Israel – the country he supposedly leads.
    Let them be relieved of the nuclear arms and let
    them get a bit of what they have given
    Let it start with that nettler cause his older brother is already dead, and he died for what?

    end of poem

    1. Fixing to shut my big mouth for awhile, but here is the link:
      Tell me if it is propaganda, but seems to me even if it is, the evidence is overwhelming, and honestly the scales are in the balance. So get you some snake or dragon skin before who interact with the nettler and then let him know – we are all tired of 20th century ideas and the death associated with them. Time for some rest don’t you think?
      When the attempted blow was sent back, the anticipated blow, be ready to shoot it before it even gets off the ground.

  17. “If you’re [a rigid atheist] having trouble interpreting particular Bible verse[s], it’s because the [various] interpretation[s]” are, of course, beyond your allowable perceptions of discernable reality. The related “ancient document[s] [were] authored by [clearly inspired and touched] men” who were moved undoubtedly by spiritual callings. Consequently, and of course, again, “[those] words [would] have no [embraceable] relevance [within your current void of holy] experience[s].” And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?” He answered: “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.” “Because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.”

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Which is why I abhor religious mysticism and obscurantism. I am a lifelong Atheist as were my parents before me. I cannot tolerate religious superstition.

      1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        Makes on wonder how many of our ideas are just learned behavior from our upbringing.

  18. Hey – I checked out Ms. Ana K’s twitter feed using the link provided. Don’t she look so “cute” in the image above with her “diffidentness-ness“. She proclaims she is against “corporate greed” and she recommends Biden joins the cause in her most recent twitter post. I didn’t read any of her others.
    Well, I reckon we can agree on that with respect to corporate greed.
    Still, if I was at a party and she was there, it probably would be best if we didn’t meet face-to-face. For both of our sakes I reckon as well, but mostly for her sake cause I don’t respond well to offensive behavior and offensive assertions and offensive gestures are best left for the school playground and I hope we can all be adults as the clock keeps ticking.

  19. Bibi kills Palestinians because his countrymen and women love to kill those people be they children or adults. If the outside world does not like to see children killed he does not care. No one can do anything about it because he has nuclear weapons to use on anyone that tries. The United States gave Israel nuclear weapons; so far no one has given those types of weapons to Syria or Iran. North Korea or Pakistan might someday and the shit will hit the fan!

  20. Westerners, across the political spectrum, apparently do not realize that using made-up words like “jihadists” and “Islamists” is extremely insulting to Muslims. It would be nice if before they did so they learned why….

  21. American liberals more or less all support, openly or tacitly, military imperialism. They like to pretend they don’t but when a brutal fact of US reality is laid out plain and simple, there will be a silence. I have posted this hundreds of times on Facebook in reply to endless liberal commentary about this and that; never – not once – have those liberals responded to it. They just ignore it, as if it were not so, not relevant, unworthy of comment:

    The USA is 4.4% of the world’s population; it occupies 7% of the globe’s land surface and it consumes 25% of the world’s resources. It does this by economic extortion and blackmail, and that failing by military means because it has by far the largest military in the world.

    The implications of this are too ugly for American liberals to contemplate. Plain and simple.

    1. I believe it is a little unfair to just blame American Liberals – when clearly it is the American right-wing that controls most of the elected positions in the USA

      ‘In 2021, Republicans will have full control of the legislative and executive branches in 23 states. Democrats will have full control of the legislative and executive branches in 15 states.

      Population of the 24 fully R-controlled states: 134,035,267
      Population of the 15 fully D-controlled states: 120,326,393

      Republicans have full control of the legislative branch in 30 states. Democrats have full control of the legislative branch in 18 states.

      Population of the 30 fully R-controlled legislature states: 185,164,412
      Population of the 18 fully D-controlled legislature states: 133,888,565’

      And when Mitch McConnell states categorically his job is to block everything Democrats want to do including ending any wars – well there you have it.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Agreed about Liberals. We in the Socialist Equality Party refer to them as the “pseudo left” for a reason. They like to assuage their consciences via left-sounding phrases and keywords, but they continue to vote for the Democrats, who after all are supporters of the capitalist system and all of its imperialist wars. Gutless phonies and fakers, the lot of them.

  22. I agree completely with this analysis, Caitlin; and with Jack Oliver’s comment above. I was a journalist and a columnist for our local newspaper for more than a decade. That was back when it was a real newspaper and not the rag it is today, and I quit ‘journalism’ almost 20 years ago, precisely because of what you wrote here in regards to covering real policy and telling the truth, rather than being a stooge for the ‘official’ narrative. Isn’t it ironic that here in the U.S. we get more objective news from RT than we do from our own media. It’s obviously complicated by a general public that is essentially brain dead. Most of them are all ‘vaccinated’ now and that alone defines them as idiotic bots. They’ll read the label on a can of beans but they’ll let some ‘physician’ inject them and their children with hideous toxins. It’s unsettling to be both conscious and caring in this culture. Telling the truth has become socially damning. My problem is I know too much, because I dig for the truth instead sitting in my easy chair and ingesting the mainstream vomit. Too many of my friends are completely brainwashed, and it doesn’t matter if they’re ‘left’ or ‘right.’ Politics is just bad theater. It’s now become something of an epiphany to meet and have an intelligent conversation with someone who is actually employing their brain rather than sucking up the propaganda.

    Keep up the good work.

  23. An online site says that:

    Humans are the only known species to have successfully populated, adapted to, and significantly altered a wide variety of land regions across the world, resulting in profound historical and environmental impacts.

    Of the three criteria stated above, only one is factual. Three guesses as to which it is!

    Homo sapiens is part of a group called hominids, which were the earliest humanlike creatures. Based on archaeological and anthropological evidence, we think that hominids diverged from other primates somewhere between 2.5 and 4 million years ago in eastern and southern Africa. Though there was a degree of diversity among the hominid family, they all shared the trait of bipedalism, or the ability to walk upright on two legs. (1)

    From the aforementioned sentence, the only trait that has successfully adapted to and evolved to a higher plain befitting the elevated term ‘humanity’ since the split from the status of ‘lower’ primates, somewhere between 2.5 and 4 million years ago, seems – through longitudinal empirical observation, throughout its recorded history – to be its bipedalism.

    No other animal alive on the planet today has evinced such consistent, instinctive brutality – throughout time – unto those of its own genera.

    This behavior is antithetical to its long-term survival, as we are just beginning to be aware.

    In this contemporary, less than conscious ‘adult Wonderland’ Western culture, it has become even more difficult to see one’s reflection through the ‘looking glass’ of youth.


    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I disagree that brutality is hard-wired into our species. We would never have survived if that were the case. We would have gone extinct a long time ago if greed and selfishness had been the only operating procedure of our ancestors. Sapience and reason come with a great responsibility. The responsibility to choose peace over war, love over brutality, a good life for all rather than a luxurious life for a tiny minority. The fact that brutality rules the day in our time is down to the failure of socialist revolutions a century ago. The socialists are right. There is abundant means to enable a decent life for everyone on the planet. We must never give up the struggle against the greedy and violent warmongers. Another way is possible, but it must be CHOSEN by rational beings.

      1. I agree. It almost seems as if we might be getting the Table of Peace established, but I ain’t no fool.
        One time there was a table in my office and I literally threw it down the stairs and that forever changed my neighbor’s impression of me, but oh well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and I still have a few pieces left over from that table as it broke when it tumbled down the stairs.
        That is a memory that me and only me will ever be able to have cause I sensed it up close…….now ain’t that the origin of Liberty and ain’t that why we are all individuals?
        come on the piper said……it ain’t hard to imagine……you can be both individual and collective at the same time and that is the natural way!
        Peace is easy,

      2. I doubt that there is too much difference between us in how we understand the term ‘rational beings’.
        I agree that brutality in human beings is not a hard-wired trait.

        Can we agree that greed and altruism are at opposite poles of the human continuum of behavioral traits, and that neither is hard-wired into our species?

        In the early 1900’s the people power of the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, en masse, overthrew feudalism, yet what happened to these millions of rational beings during the next two generations, after they had succumbed to the follies of a bickering, internecine leadership, who, from positions of power, CHOSE alternate methods to reach their ideological ‘economic’ paths.

        For beings to chose rationally, they must basically feel secure in their persons.

        Were both Trotsky and Stalin simply hard-wired war mongers with different views for attaining similar goals?
        Or was it something much deeper in individuals’ psyche; having to do with differences in innate character traits?

        I guess what I’m attempting to convey, rather too simplistically I fear, is, is why generosity has never been the dominant pole on the human behavioral continuum.

        As history has shown, in no uncertain displays of brutality; at this point it will not be enough to wave a wand, and humanity, en masse, will become rational.

        So how is “our species” going to get to where it must be, to save itself from extinction, in a much shorter term than a hundred or so years?

  24. The US public just can’t fathom that sanctions are an act of war. The modern siege. Which afflicts pain, suffering, and death most often on the civilian noncombatant population, including women and children. In fact quite often most of the effect is upon those women and children.
    The US Psychopaths In Charge have currently got their panties in a wad because China is doing exactly the same thing the US has done since WWII. Build bases around the world. How dare they come within striking distance of the US while the US is bumping ships into the borders of Chinese waters.

  25. “US liberals are orders of magnitude more outraged about a small group of wingnuts making people nervous in the Capitol building for a few hours than they are about the fact that their government is constantly murdering people around the world.”
    It wasn’t outrage that motivated them, it was fear. They are perfectly fine with you protesting “over there”. When brought to their doorstep, they suddenly realize that its possible they could be held directly and personally accountable for their crimes. The fact that none of the “wingnuts” were armed, and didn’t inflict any serious injury or damage is of no consequence regarding their fear. What could have been?
    Similar reactions occurred last summer, when protests showed up in the residential neighborhoods where mayors and councilmen lived who had previously supported the protests. At which time in many cases protests were outlawed.

  26. ISRAEL is FINISHED and BIBI knows it !

    No wonder he made them all take the Pfizer mRNA ‘suicide’ Injection !

    The TRUTH is out there – you just have to know where to look !

    ISRAEL will never admit that IRAN kicked their brains in WITHOUT killing Israeli civilians !

    Palestinians celebrating like they WON – which of course they DID !

    Syria also celebrating VICTORY !

    It really is all over for ISRAEL – they need to remove themselves from Palestinian land NOW !

    In fact RT are calling it the ‘State of Palestine’–Military-wing-of-Hamas-hold-parade-in-Khan-Yunis–Fireworks-light-up-Aleppo-skies-as-crowds-celebrate-Assad-s-pres-elex-victory

    ISRAEL begged for the ceasefire and SYRIA predicted they would !

    It is ALL here !!

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