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Vice President Kamala Harris spent the weekend under fire from Republicans, which of course means that Kamala Harris spent the weekend being criticized for the most silly, vapid reason you could possibly criticize Kamala Harris for.

Apparently the likely future president tweeted “Enjoy the long weekend,” a reference to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, instead of gushing about fallen troops and sacrifice.

That’s it, that’s the whole entire story. That silly, irrelevant offense by one of the sleaziest people in the single most corrupt and murderous government on earth is the whole entire basis for histrionic headlines from conservative media outlets like this:

Harris, the born politician, was quick to course correct.

“Throughout our history our service men and women have risked everything to defend our freedoms and our country,” the veep tweeted. “As we prepare to honor them on Memorial Day, we remember their service and their sacrifice.”

Which is of course complete bullshit. It has been generations since any member of the US military could be said to have served or sacrificed defending America or its freedoms, and that has been the case throughout almost the entirety of its history. If you are reading this it is statistically unlikely that you are of an age where any US military personnel died for any other reason than corporate profit and global domination, and if you are it’s almost certain you weren’t old enough to have had mature thoughts about it at the time.

Whenever you criticize the US war machine online within earshot of anyone who’s sufficiently propagandized, you will invariably be lectured about the second World War and how we’d all be speaking German or Japanese without the brave men who died for our freedom. This makes my point for me: the fact that apologists for US imperialism always need to reach all the way back through history to the cusp of living memory to find even one single example of the American military being used for purposes that weren’t evil proves that it most certainly is evil.

But this is one of the main reasons there are so very many movies and history documentaries made about World War Two: it’s an opportunity to portray US servicemen bravely fighting and dying for a noble cause without having to bend the truth beyond recognition. The other major reason is that focusing on the second World War allows members of the US empire to escape into a time when the Big Bad Guy on the world stage was someone else.

From the end of World War Two to the fall of the USSR, the US military was used to smash the spread of communism and secure geostrategic interests toward the ultimate end of engineering the collapse of the Soviet Union. After this was accomplished in 1991, US foreign policy officially shifted to preserving a unipolar world order by preventing the rise of any other superpower which could rival its might.

A 1992 article by The New York Times titled  “U.S. Strategy Plan Calls For Insuring No Rivals Develop“, reporting on a leaked document which describes a policy known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine after then-Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Paul Wolfowitz, reads as follows:

In a broad new policy statement that is in its final drafting stage, the Defense Department asserts that America’s political and military mission in the post-cold-war era will be to insure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge in Western Europe, Asia or the territory of the former Soviet Union.


A 46-page document that has been circulating at the highest levels of the Pentagon for weeks, and which Defense Secretary Dick Cheney expects to release later this month, states that part of the American mission will be “convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests.”


The classified document makes the case for a world dominated by one superpower whose position can be perpetuated by constructive behavior and sufficient military might to deter any nation or group of nations from challenging American primacy.

This is all US troops have been fighting and dying for since the Berlin Wall came down. Not “freedom”, not “democracy”, and certainly not the American people. Just continual uncontested domination of this planet at all cost: domination of its resources, its trade routes, its seas, its air, and its humans, no matter how many lives need to risked and snuffed out in order to achieve it. The US has killed millions and displaced tens of millions just since the turn of this century in the reckless pursuit of that goal.

And, as Smedley Butler spelled out 86 years ago in his still-relevant book War is a Racket, US military personnel have been dying for profit. Nothing gets the gears of industry turning like war, and nothing better creates chaotic wild west environments of shock and confusion during which more wealth and power can be grabbed. War profiteers pour immense resources into lobbying, think tanks and campaign donations to manipulate and bribe policy makers into making decisions which promote war and military expansionism, with astounding success. This is all entirely legal.

It’s important to spread awareness that this is all US troops have been dying for, because the fairy tale that they fight for freedom and for their countrymen is a major propaganda narrative used in military recruitment. While poverty plays a significant role in driving up enlistments as predatory recruiters target poor and middle class youth promising them a future in the nation with the worst income inequality in the industrialized world, the fact that the aggressively propagandized glorification of military “service” makes it a more esteemed career path than working at a restaurant or a grocery store means people are more likely to enlist.

Without all that propaganda deceiving people into believing that military work is something virtuous, military service would be the most shameful job anyone could possibly have; other stigmatized jobs like sex work would be regarded as far more noble. You’d be less reluctant to tell your extended family over Christmas that you’re a janitor at a seedy massage parlor than that you’ve enlisted in the US military, because instead of congratulating and praising you, your Uncle Murray would look at you and say, “So you’re gonna be killing kids for crude oil?”

And that’s exactly how it should be. Continuing to uphold the lie that US troops fight and die for a good cause is helping to ensure a steady supply of teenagers to feed into the gears of the imperial war machine. Stop feeding into the lie that the war machine is worth killing and being killed for. Not out of disrespect for the dead, but out of reverence for the living.


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65 responses to “US Troops Die For World Domination, Not Freedom”

  1. Very good article telling the truth. As a Veteran from 1972 to 1974, I can vouch for the lack of care our own military leadership has for our own military personnel. It’s all about preserving the profits of the miltiary industrial and other contractors such as the vaccine producers who have made $billion selling the governments dangerous vaccines to even children but also to all military personnel. The Federal Government has a little-known program called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) that has paid out over $4.5 billion in vaccine injury claims for mostly children, of which the program was designed for. From the now well known VAERS, the US. now has over 4,407 deaths reported “after” taking the Covid-19 inoculations and the putzes are trying to claim they’re all coincidental. The law of probability would suggest overwise. In the EU it’s over 11,000 deaths now. The hard part is to actually determine a true cause of death. It not as easy as everyone thinks. That’s why so few “High Quality” studies have been done on the efficacy. And there are 60 studies now that show Vaccines are unsafe.

    Do you think it is coincidental that millions of experimental vaccines were given to soldiers around the world during WWI and almost immediately after the war concluded, millions of people around the world started dying from bacterial pneumonia? Yes, numerous studies now confirm everyone died from various bacterial upper respiratory infections, the same bacterias those sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation were experimenting with and then sold to the various governments around the world. How clever is it that when the state and the corporations, who control the media collude they are almost always able to cover up the truth, at least for a while? One of my favorite quotes is “There were no fact-checkers before the truth started getting out”. Keep up the good work and keep asking those hard questions.

  2. Smedley Butler wrote his great book, whereof I own a first edition copy, in 1935, years before the second world war. Since 1985 I have made studying the excuses, rationalizations & justifications of & for the second world war my close business. I believe I long ago found no better encapsulation of just what was behind American entry into the second world war than the title of Quincy Howe’s 1937 book England Expects Every American to Do His Duty. I have lost friends & the cordiality of relatives over my contrarian ex post facto judgment of the second world war & the better I defend my position the more shunned I am; so be it. A horse can be led to water but can not be made to drink. What too few know even fewer believe or can accept: the axis rulers were constrained by circumstances created by the same British empire that rooked America into war to euchre themselves into positions which made war inevitable. This by the British empire fed by the obscene Bank of England that was supposedly as anti-communist as the axis powers, Franco Spain, South Africa & a vast majority of Americans no matter how lowered by the depression. The corporatism whereof Miss Johnstone rightly complains is the respectable mirror image of communism & has nothing to do with capitalism as properly understood by austrianism, objectivism, the American old right, old fashioned natural law & utilitarian liberalism & petty bourgeois libertarianism. Bottom line: Americans must balk foreign war via laisser faire capitalism, free trade, anglo-fobia & counter subversive domestic anti-communism.

  3. We Americans have swallowed the ” brainwashing ” all of our lives; it is very hard to admit the Dr. Roberts is right. We are American Dumbshits!!

  4. Major Smedley Butler played a key role in the conquest and occupation of Haiti.

    1. That is why he wrote his book about how the politicians and military-industrial complex send our military off to war for profit and control. Who do you think put François Duvalier and later his son into power? Since the UN agreement, our foreign policy has been basically controlled by them and why they never declared another war after that. The U.S. was created to gain even greater centralized power and it has been quite successful.

  5. Here’s some more human shop talk to add to the fire:

    1. Three minutes more:

    2. He is right. But like John Wallace on Brave Heart, people will betray for a couple of coins, attention or to have the feeling of belonging to something. America is totally hypnotized and brainwashed. I think the only place having success is in London. A million people protesting in this last weekend is not a small feat. Remember, evil always win or stop for sometime till regain strength to try it again. It’s a historical moment. Probably the most important to the human race. Things will be shaped. The pope will publish this year his new book: God and the world to come or something like that.

  6. In other news, uniforms insist on marching in the parade. If a fascist comes back in power, the uniforms will beat them down again.

    You can’t have it both ways. You get to be a machine-mind or a human—choose!

  7. Lockdown Citizen Avatar
    Lockdown Citizen

    A couple of years ago the Vatican, the most powerful and rich institution worldwide, had to make the Pope step back about discussing the true origin of the Bible, god and Jesus. Ironically, he reinforced the church position about abort, same gender marriage, women conducting as men the Sunday mass. The Borgias and Luther lost an unique opportunity at their times to put an end on Christianity forever. They doubted the validity of having to burn at the stake those opposed to the “new environment” to make Christianity proliferate in the New World to be built over the rubbles of the ancient world on Europe and Americas. They had to picture native Americans and pagans as a threat. It’s surreal to see today a Native American, Norse or a Chinese in Presbyterian churches. Now we have to live dealing with the “moderate” Vatican and the extremists evangelicals boosted by Eisenhower in the 50s since the Vatican refused to approve “one nation under god” as an answer to communism and socialism. Bill Graham a sociopath without remorse could only happen under Eisenhower in the same way as CIA along with the military complex and the distorted use of the word Anti Semitism to reach the oil and gas on Middle East. Today instead of burning at the stake you just have to spread a virus to convince the world to bend towards what they want you to be. Random deaths without a culprit are more than enough to make you comply.

  8. Just wanted to say “FUCK YOU!”

    1. Looks like you got suckered again.

    2. Vet. Son of a vet. Grandson of a vet. Avatar
      Vet. Son of a vet. Grandson of a vet.

      The level of ignorance displayed is directional proportional to the noisy efforts to support this completely criminal empire.

      Whether it’s stealing resources or overthrowing legitimately elected governments, the US is the premier criminal organization on the planet. As far as I’m concerned, the pole shift could not happen soon enough.

  9. Media and social media have an important rule to play in wars and social experiments. The minute you doubt the validity of your environment is the minute the experiment fails. A collateral effect when you live in a constant state of lockdown and punishment for breaking the rules is depression. At some point the government will assess info in psychiatric professionals. Most people think the psychological evaluation was designed to assess personality. The true purpose is to determine the break-point. Realizing you’ve met everyone you will ever meet and that you’ve seen every place you will ever go can make anyone panic.

  10. Before the 1989 war on Panama, Gen. Manuel Noriega was called Hitler; before the 1999 attack on Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic was compared to Hitler; as was Saddam Hussein before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. As tensions rose with Russia during her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton called Vladimir Putin Hitler, leaving the impression she too was itching for war.

  11. Not since the year 1945 has a single bullet been fired by a British or US serviceman in defence of his country. Not once. Every bullet fired has been to kill someone in some foreign country who has never posed a threat to us or done us any harm. We have a name for people like that. We call them terrorists.

    1. Finally someone agrees with me. WWI & WW2, were not our concern until they attacked our country’s ships and Pearl Harbor. We remained neutral until provoked. Since then, It’s been totally about Domination and the war machine and money.

      1. Vet. Son of a vet. Grandson of a vet. Avatar
        Vet. Son of a vet. Grandson of a vet.

        Franklin D. Roosevelt harassed Japan with sanctions (an act of war) until Japan responded. Reading Hawaiian newspapers for the week prior to Dec 7, 1941 shows that the attack at Pearl was anything but a surprise.

        Likewise, US naval forces were harassing German U-boats in the Atlantic.

        Roosevelt badly wanted into this war but public opinion was firmly anti-war at the time.

    Clues to The Elite’s Next Pandemic:
    Cyber Polygon and SPARS
    Zoom Presentation June 10, 2021​ ​
    Presented by​ ​Cat McGuire
    ​More on the global political sea-change in Geo-Petro-Political alignments from Tom Luongo
    A Critical Shift in the War for Oil
    ​ ​Davos really do think they are too clever by half. Despite prognostications to the contrary, negotiations with Iran over a new JCPOA are nearing completion which Biden/Obama will sign off on after putting up a bit more token resistance to lifting sanctions.
    Why do I say this? ​ ​Nordstream 2.
    Biden backed down on Nordstream 2 and, at The Davos Crowd’s insistence, he will back down on the JCPOA.
    Davos needs cheap energy into Europe. That’s ultimately what the JCPOA was all about. The basic framework for the deal is still there. While the U.S. will kick and scream a bit about sanctions relief, Iran will be back into the oil market and make it possible for Europe to once again invest in oil/gas projects in Iran.
    Now that Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer going to be leading Israel, the probability of breakthrough is much much higher than last week.

  13. Surely the kids America send to die are fighting for American freedom, just not in the way the propaganda would have the population believe. If America remains the dominant force in the world then they are truly free to do as they please. Bully, abuse and pillage with impunity. Just Americans might not be so willing to fight to be the worse bully in the playground, so its framed as others wanting to take their freedom away and they must defend against that. They’re just the good guys defending their way of life, forget that that way of life has violence and theft as its foundation.

    1. Their “way of life” is this:

      The USA is 4.4% of the world’s population; it occupies 7% of the globe’s land surface and it consumes 25% of the world’s resources. It does this by economic extortion and blackmail, and that failing by military means because it has by far the largest military in the world.

      The American “way of life” is inherently violent and at least in some minds, “evil”.

  14. BIBI has given the LETHAL Pfizer mRNA ‘Gene’ therapy to 75% of his population ! 

    They are already dropping like flies ! 

    Jewish people should have noted the fact that the Rothschild’s HATE Jews – that is why they financed Hitler in WW2 ! 

    The Rothschild’s created the Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid state of ISRAEL !! 

    You would think that the Jews could put TWO and TWO together !!

    Obviously NOT !

    1. Can you give the location of your rabbit hole?

  15. Russia has been building pipelines for the last 25 years – they are light years ahead !

    Russia and CNG are the energy future of road transport – well – at least in Europe and China !

    The giant Pars gas field in Iran is their backup partner !

    Already 25 million CNG powered cars and trucks in China – MUSK has produced less than 800 thousand EVs since inception in 2012 !

    EVs will produce 11 million TONS are highly toxic lithium waste batteries by 2015 – Musk will probably try and bury the SH!T on the MOON rather than bury it on earth where is will leech into underwater streams and contaminate any continent it is buried on !!

  16. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    It’s a pernicious myth that US imperialism’s last ‘just’, ‘supportable’ war was against Nazi Germany, surely the exemplar war ‘to defend democracy’ and ‘freedom’. BTW, what about Japan? Was Japan’s emperor system and bonapartist military regime also ‘fascist’?
    Normally, without intensive propagandising and jingoistic social pressure and coercion, no-one who opposes supporting their ‘own’ imperialist rulers in peacetime would all of a sudden support them when waging war against another rival imperialist gang, even under the rubric of ‘defending poor little [fill in the blank]’ or ‘defending freedom’, etc. But plenty did in WWI & WWII of course — understandably because the horrors of Nazism meant the destruction both of the ‘untermensch’ and of all political freedoms.
    It’s thus not surprising that even the most ‘progressive’, ‘left wing’, pacifist, even ‘communist’ tendencies supported the Allied war effort in WWII, including strike breaking, enforcing speed-ups and supporting locking up of war opponents. During WWII some of the worst national chauvinism was unleashed against the opposing side in the name of fighting fascism. The Stalinist Communist parties around the world had become so disgustingly social chauvinist, with one egregious example being the Australian CP organ which published a ‘cartoon’ of an atomic bomb about to hit general Tojo with the simple caption, “Jappy Ending”. Yet today many progressives still cling to the ‘good’, WWII ‘exception’ in US/UK ‘Allied’ imperial military history.
    Siding with and supporting the Allied war effort against fascism is underpinned by a fatal illusion: that the struggle against fascism can be entrusted to the bourgeoisie, its state and its war machine. But, as is well known, large segments of the US and UK ruling classes, for example, supported Hitler and the Nazis, and made no secret of it. US corporations including General Motors and Ford provided the Nazi war machine with vital equipment to wage its war, and used slave labour to do so. IBM provided the Nazis the means to track down Jews for extermination. These criminals all made handsome profits from both sides of the war, never paid one cent in reparations. And let it never be forgotten that after the war the OSS/CIA provided the ratlines and means for the Nazis to help the US in the very same mission that Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa failed in: the restoration of capitalism in the USSR, and in the US’s eternal fight against any other country wanting to ‘experiment’ with communism — operations Paperclip and Gladio being the more well-known examples. Never mistake the ‘defeat’ of fascism with its separation for state power when such a need has passed.
    Certainly the revulsion against fascism was such a wonderful recruiter to the imperial ruling class’s war designs and murder machines! But as any Marxist or communist knows, a consistent struggle against fascism that smashes it completely can be carried only by the organised working class, which won’t come short of a revolution, as fascism is the last resort of a capitalist ruling class trying to prevent a revolution in the first place, to restore its untrammeled rule.
    Consequently, the only principled position in WWII, as for WWI, was revolutionary defeatism, to split the overwhelmingly conscript militaries of all the imperialist belligerents along class lines to ‘turn the guns the other way’, not only to stop the imperialist slaughter but as the best and really only means put fascism to the sword, not only at the heights of state power but on the ground.
    A common argument against such a defeatist perspective during WWII was that the Nazis would win if such policies were carried out by communists in the ‘democratic’ countries, especially since, being locked up or shot, they couldn’t as easily do it inside the fascist enemy. Yet while the Nazis may have gained temporary victories, maybe even crossed the English Channel, their occupation of Britain would have been very difficult if the working class in Britain had been organised sufficiently already at sabotaging industry and who would be even more happy to do so against the new Nazi masters. And if revolutionaries were leading the British workers they would have made damned sure to fraternise with the German conscripts to help them turn against their Nazi officer overlords. During the war, 80,000 German soldiers were shot or hanged by the Nazis for insubordination or desertion.
    During WWII it thus would have been wonderful if imperialist war efforts were damaged by mass strikes, ideally in both the Allied and Axis camps. By colonial uprisings also, as occurred, for example, in India when 90,000 workers in Bombay went on strike after Britain so kindly announced that India was at war also. The massive Quit India movement that began in 1942 was directly inspired by Japan’s victories over the supposedly ‘invincible’ British in East Asia.
    In short, the defeat of one’s ‘own’ masters in war is always the lesser evil, because no matter how bad the opposing imperialists may be, the main enemy is at home. WWII was no exception.

  17. Hamas is FAKE but IRAN ( who are using the ‘tag’ ‘Palestinian Resistance’) are using the Russian strategy of not exposing it and using it to their advantage !

    Just like the ISIS BS – Russia called the ZIO/US ‘bluff’ that ISIS was the enemy – when they were really a ZIO/US ‘asset’ !!

    You have to be smart to follow this HYBRID WAR !

    However since Russia entered Syria in 2015 – 350 thousand ISIS (according to Syrian estimates ) have been turned into fertiliser – while Russia ha suffered a mere 112 casualties !!

    Pretty clear indication of who has WON !

  18. As is so wisely introduced and recognized herein, the murderous depravity of the “Wolfwitz Doctrine” being and remaining the public policy formulation of our national governance, both foreign and domestic, is a fact that every U.S. citizen should consider and understand on this Memorial Day.
    As Usual,

  19. Caitlin often describes the symptoms of corrupt government officials and mind-controllers but diagnosing, exposing and attacking the root cause of evil, namely, the agendas and central banks of elite, super-wealthy globalists will be more to the point. That was what Yeshua did. His name means Liberator in Hebrew, and He explained how we can precipitate the downfall of the evil empire. He instructed His followers to withdrawn financial support and cooperation in state crimes against humanity. Read more of this here:

  20. When you consider that the Rothschild’s have financed EVERY major WAR since BEFORE even 1856 when the Crimean War ended – well – with WARS – Economic induced POVERTY and many other ‘covert’ methods !!

    They have killed at LEAST 100s of MILLIONS of people around the world !

    Russia has lost close to 100 million in just over a century when the Bolsheviks seized control of Russia in 1917 ( 70 million) and WW2 ( 27 million ) !!

    I have Russian friends who estimate those figures to be much higher !

    Putin quotes –

    “They said we could not do it, they said we would be destroyed,” Putin told personnel and senior associates at an event last year.

    “Our future generations will be born without Rothschild chains around their wrists and ankles.

    “This is the best present we can provide.”

    And this is just more evidence that the ZIO/US is FINISHED – they lying Rothschild’s owned media are FINISHED as well !!

    Impossible to know where it will go from here – but it won’t be PRETTY !

  21. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    The American media has worked themselves up into a spittle-flecked moral outrage over the fact that Kamala Harris committed the unAmerican Thought Crime of … not properly Seig Heiling the Troops in her Memorial Day Tweet!


    Amurica is truly becoming ever more depraved and unhinged everyday.

    P.S. One reason why the Support the Stormtroopers crowd are so aggressive in demanding people worship the American war machine is the reality that deep down they know damn well that the American military are war criminals through and through–given America’s multiple wars of aggression from Serbia to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria to the (fake) War on Terrorism in general. Wars all based on Lies.

  22. Fearless writing Caitlin- well done .

    Let us also put the blame where it squarely belongs – the Rothschild’s !!

    Russia has always been the ultimate prize and all the major wars – well – since the Crimean war which ended in 1856 have been financed by the Rothschild’s and targeted Russia !

    Switzerland conveniently stays NEUTRAL and the BIS in Basel finances the whole shebang !!

    1849: Gutele Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

  23. The ” owners and the masters ” have master plans for us peons! We should all try to understand just what they intend to do with humanity and this planet!
    -“The scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important.
    In order to produce it, all the researchers of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play…. All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called “co-operative,” i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.”
    For the ruling class: “Except for the one matter of loyalty to the world State and to their own order,” Mr. Russell explained, “members of the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous and full of initiative. It will be recognized that it is their business to improve scientific technique, and to keep the manual workers contented by means of continual new amusements.”
    This magnificent article can be read here:
    From Russell and Hilbert to Wiener and Harari: The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism by Matthew Ehret!

  24. Politicians are SO high maintenance.

  25. ZIO/US can no longer win anything – so they will die – I mean they had to stand by and watch their ISIS ‘proxy’ army get completely slaughtered in Syria !

    Russia has begun the big cleanup – even in Central Africa !

  26. Speaking of heroes fighting for freedom . . .

    Huge demonstration against Covid tyranny in London last weekend.

    1. @ SHOCKER

      Thanks for the link.

  27. In March 1945 my Dad landed on Iwo Jima as a 19 year old U.S. Marine. He miraculously survived, but came home a permanently scarred casualty of that horrific experience. When I buried him at age 87 his back and legs were covered with subcutaneous shrapnel from his battlefield wounds almost 70 years earlier. To his last breath, like millions of his generation, my father considered his military service to his Country to be a noble sacrifice.

    In the family tradition I joined the USMC and served two tours of duty as a special operations officer. My younger brother also served as an enlisted Marine. From an early age I was surrounded by and immersed in the American military culture.

    It took a long time for me to see through the specious patriotic ”noble warrior” narrative and accept my personal culpability as a willing operative of the evil American war machine. The blood-soaked battlefields and eternal cries of departed innocents are a constant reminder of America’s abject failure, not our moral superiority. I can only imagine where the world would be today if the technology, resources and wealth developed in America since its’ founding had been deployed for the protection, health and benefit of all humanity, instead of its’ conquest.

    There is no moral justification for taking any human life, except in self-defense or to protect the innocent and helpless. The use of violent force to defend of our lives, families and homes is a morally justified response to unprovoked aggression, and is the natural right of every human being. But, all politics and government flag-waving are political theater, and have no useful purpose except the manipulation and exploitation of the weak and vulnerable.

    The American people have become increasingly ignorant and complacent. Our leaders have cultivated a universal sense of entitlement and the popular expectation of more and more free-shit, which they are pleased to oblige in exchange for our fealty. The masses will accept the devil’s bargain and lose their souls to the State.

    For those who refuse, the narrow gate is waiting.

    1. Thank You for telling the Truth !

  28. And, just to make sure that no one has too much free time on their hands to think about anymore th minimum wage should be cut from whatever it is now to half that, while keeping all other cost high.

  29. The suffering of the working class, within and outside the United States, is ignored by our corporatized media, and yet, it is one of the most important human rights issues of our era.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Chris Hedges: “Dying for an iPhone”

  30. Another thing to consider is the fake historical narrative promoted by the US empire. It makes it out to be like the US was the main fighter for freedom and democracy and the eventual savior in WW II. The US actively entered the battlefields when the war with the momentum having irreversibly shifted in favor of the USSR not until Summer of 1944. Military deaths on part of the USA were about 450.000 compared to about 11,000.000 among the Soviet army. We all owe the heroic russian people and the red army big time for defeating Nazi Germany. The US EMPIRE, Hollywood and the corporate media machine is still promoting a false picture of America as the nation to which we all owe our freedom. American history books are full of lies when it comes to WWII. Moreover, the US dropped nuclear bombs on civivilian people when the war has been long decided, which is the single biggest war crime ever.

    1. Eisenhower probably killed more German POW’s through starvation than Jews killed by Hitler. Here at the end of empire, the same thing is being done to the American people now.

      1. Eisenhower killed six million POWs? Or Hitler killed a million Jews?

  31. Kudos for being one of a very few to mention the central driving ethic behind U.S. foreign policy since the demise of the USSR: The Wolfowitz Doctrine. As central today as it was when first published.

  32. There’s a lot to be said even about WWII and who really pushed for it for profit (going back to the 1919 Versailles Treaty and the subsequent US deals to arm Hitler – Prescott Bush anyone?) but without getting into this highly emotional (therefore sterile) debate, my favorite episode of the “defending your country” saga took place in the aftermath of the sacrosanct (victors’ privilege) American Revolutionary War and went down in history as Shays’ Rebellion. The war started because the American merchant class rejected the Brits’ colonial taxes. They beat the drums of “freedom” on the usual tune of “patriotism” to get the masses to fight for them. Most of these poor sods were living off subsistence farming, bartering between themselves. Hard currency was scarce and only used to buy manufactured or imported goods from the rich town merchants. The federal government, although made up of those rich town merchants, didn’t have much money in its own right, so it often missed soldiers’ pay – which went unnoticed if they got killed. However, ignoring what their left hands were (not) doing, the merchants’ right hands carried on business as usual, sending debt collectors to seize the properties of the soldiers who’d defaulted on their debts and/or taxes because they were busy “defending their country”, i.e. basically fighting for the merchants for peanuts. Until a guy called Daniel Shays rebelled at the head of 4,000 men in the same predicament.
    Of course they failed miserably because the now directly threatened rich town merchants found the money this time in their own private coffers to quell that rebellion by enrolling 3,000 militiamen – often former fighting mates of the rebels. Can’t make that stuff up :o)

  33. Aha, once again, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the un-sugarcoated truth to her readers! Our United States Government is just a ” firmly entrenched ongoing criminal enterprise “. It is the greatest criminal on this entire planet. War, extortion, and narcotics ( and their side effects ) are our most profitable businesses; so what if ” humanity suffers ” money is being made. Everything here is always about the money; empathy, caring and all of that touchy feely stuff is for the ” suckers ” and the ” losers “. Get rich killing humans beings; its fun and it will destroy your soul forever!

  34. I would like to thank those who protested the war in Vietnam. They probably saved me and many others from being drafted into the wars that came after. And when I was young, I would’ve been stupid enough to fall for it.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      You’re welcome.

    2. I’m not to be commended for my protest against the Vietnam war, cuz I simply left the US for France in June 1971 after only one protest march in NYC. Still in France, a retiree enjoying a decent life with great healthcare, but disgusted with France’s complicity in US-dominated NATO, as well as continuation of its African colonialism. But I’m glad I pay the absolute minimum of tax to contribute to these abominations. Happy to think I may have contributed to your realization that war is hell.

  35. 1992: U.S. Strategy Plan Calls For Insuring No Rivals Develop: “[T]he American mission will be ‘convincing potential competitors that’” even if you are as insignificant as Grenada (1983), the Nuremberg Principles will not stop us, or save you, should you stand (or represent something) in the way. 2000: PNAC: Rebuilding America’s Defenses: “[S]ome catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” may be needed in order for the full spectrum to be implemented, then completed (over decades). 2002: “Humane Treatment” was updated: the Geneva Conventions became “Quaint.” 2003: Bush Doctrine: Preemptive War: WMD: “Military action against [all] foes,” real, imagined, or created: We will bypass all UN Resolutions if necessary (especially since they have no teeth): Inspectors did not follow narratives and were kicked out. 2006: Syria War just “developed.” 2011: Libya overthrown: “We came. We saw. He died.” Laughter ensued. 2014: Ukraine Coup: We will surround you. Venezuela: (1999 to 2013) Chavez must go! (2013 to present) Maduro must go! (2019) Juan Guaido “recognized” as president! 2018 to present: OPCW Whistleblowers: “described being ‘horrified’ by the ‘abhorrent … mistreatment’ of the inspectors. The new whistleblower also warned of a climate of intimidation designed to keep other staffers ‘frightened into silence.’” Karl Rove: Reality-Based Community: “And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities.” And so it has been.

  36. Memorial Day holiday. Just where is the memorial day for all the slaughtered civilians everywhere? Their lives don’t seem to matter somehow.

  37. The US military is the largest single institutional user of gas/oil, and gee whiz fights a lotta wars over, uh, oil. Like an addict. We con country kids or black ghetto ones or latino macho boyz to fight under the banner of blah blah blah being a real man etc., and if they survive physically what we put them through we abandon them when PTSD makes them unemployable or maybe there just aren’t any jobs anyway. America is, since the outset, a self-deluded killer nation, and fkn proud of it. WARS R US(A).

    Where “sanctions” and bribes, and overthrowing governments with black ops don’t work, send in the Marines (or the drones or…..).

    Morally we are not an inch above our ever-hated Nazis.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I agree about the U.S. military. But I disagree with your usage of the word “we” in your comment. We, the working class, ordinary citizens, are not the warmongers. We, the working class, oppose war. We, young students an workers back in the 1960s, protested against the Vietnam War and were beaten by cops and teargassed and busted for doing so. In other words, “we” are not on a level with Nazis or American warmongers. Throwing around that “we” is an insult to all of us who oppose Empire.

      1. “We” is every American who pays their taxes, submits to the orders of the US State, votes, enters the military, etc., just as “good germans” overwhelmingly submitted to Nazi rule. Opposing the US Empire asks radical behavior which perhaps 97% of Americans cannot and will not engage in.

        The USA is 4.4% of the world’s population; it occupies 7% of the globe’s land surface and it consumes 25% of the world’s resources. It does this by economic extortion and blackmail, and that failing by military means because it has by far the largest military in the world.

        How many Americans would willfully cut back their consumption by around 80% in order to fit into their morally OK level of consumption. I would wager almost none.

        Carolyn, you have a romantic idea of your working class etc and see the world through rose colored leftist lenses which have little to do with the real world. Most of the US military is manned by those working class people; a majority of Trump’s supporters are those people. Nice middle and upper middle class Americans of a liberal bent accept the US empire, and its benefits. Etc.

  38. Instead of annually memorializing those dead youth, who were, in one way or the other, coerced to go off to foreign lands to kill or be killed, by other youth, in the name of a piece of dead symbolic cloth, wouldn’t it be a better idea to honor them, while alive in the prime of living (the world over) by affording them the means to learn, leading by example, to discover for themselves – how to think critically, as to what the real options are, collectively as well as individually, for survival and thriving.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Yes. If there is to be a holiday, it should be “Anti-War Day”.

      1. Do you mean that would be a happier holy day than the tear-filled holiday it is today?

  39. The US has been involved in exactly 1.5 just wars. The Revolutionary War, and the Southern half of the War Between the States. The latter lost some justification when it started conscription late in the conflict. The people were manipulated into all the other wars, with the US Psychopaths In Charge directly involved in the instigation of many, if not most. I can forgive those who joined the service back when information was completely controlled by corporate news and the CIA. They really thought they were defending the US population. There’s really no excuse in the past few years (10? 20? More?). Any who want to discover the reality of US warfare can easily do so without a huge investment of their time. Although today’s censorship is making such progressively more difficult.

    1. There are a few reasons that suicide is the number one cause of death in active duty personnel. One of them is shame. Another is horror.

  40. And those that survive the ‘fight for freedom’ die slowly or by their own hand:

    1. I had an uncle that did exactly that. After his experience in Italy in WWII, he commenced to drink himself to death. It took a few decades, but he succeeded. He never ever talked about it, no matter how plastered he became.

  41. Dear Caitlin,

    Namaste, Salam, Shalom, Peace, Sohl, Pyeongwha,

    The Nobel Laureates recently issued an “Urgent Call to Action” * because the world crises are getting worse!

    I humbly, but BOLDLY, would like to announce a new global peace movement is planned. It is an Emergency Plan that is designed to begin immediately. One last step remains to begin the movement.

    The movement is designed to unite the people, all the movements, religions, mayors and community leaders in every village, town, and city in every country under one umbrella — nonviolence!

    The movement NEEDS YOU! Please contact me at your earliest availability!

    Peace and Love,
    Andre Sheldon
    Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence

    Link to Nobel Laureates article:

  42. The U.S. is a John Wayne Society — We shoot from the hip and then ask questions later. Our righteous indignation shines bright. However, there is a world of enlightenment and the power that can promote is nonviolence — no war – a commitment to nonviolence! Gandhi and King were right. Nonviolence works!

    All the sages throughout time lived and died to teach us that nonviolence works. The first thing Gandhi and King did was to ask the people to commit to nonviolence and practice that commitment.

    A new global peace movement is planned — a Global Movement of Nonviolence! The people everywhere will be asked to commit to nonviolence and demand that their own government do the same!

    The TWIST is that non-governmental women leaders will ask women to be the FIRST to rise-up and unite as the peacemakers, and then invite the men. Ask me about why, or think of reasons yourself.

    Nonviolence will change the consciousness of the world.

    Peace and Love,
    Andre Sheldon
    Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence

  43. Edward Hackett Avatar
    Edward Hackett

    For once I totally agree with you. I have never believed that some poor Afghan farmer wanted to invade New Jersey.
    I also find it very enlightening that we can find a car, in some backwoods area filled with terrorists and destroy it with a drone, but we can’t find poppy fields in Afghanistan. Something that is plainly seen from the air.
    My only conclusion is that we are asking our military to fight for oil and an improved supply of heroin.

  44. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    The military is indeed big business. It employs thousands of people worldwide. Pumps billions of dollars into foreign economies. It also bribes said economies with foreign aid. Everyone benefits except the enemy of choice at the moment be it the blind, the crippled or the innocent.

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