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Drivers Of The New UFO Narrative Keep Absurdly Saying They Could Be Dangerous ETs

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I’ve been learning as much as I can about the new UFO narrative the political/media class have been pushing in conjunction with the US military to prepare for the Senate report that’s due to be released this month.

One of the disconcerting things I’ve been seeing again and again from all the major players in this new narrative like Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon is the absurd assertion that not only is it entirely possible that the unknown phenomena allegedly being regularly witnessed by military personnel are extraterrestrial in origin, but that if they are extraterrestrial they may want to hurt us.

Mellon, the former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence who helped get the ball rolling on UFOs entering mainstream attention back in 2017 when he leaked three Pentagon videos to The New York Times, has stated that he sees extraterrestrial origin as an entirely possible explanation for these phenomena.

“We don’t even understand how you could do something like that,” Mellon said in a recent interview with CTV News of the inexplicable maneuvers and features these aircraft supposedly demonstrate. “We don’t even understand the science behind it. Not like somebody’s a couple generations of fighter jet behind us; I mean this is a whole difference of kind, not degree.”

Asked why the pilots of mysterious aircraft with incomprehensible scientific advancement might want to monitor the US military, Mellon said the following:

“Well probably for the same reason we do: to understand what kind of threat we could pose to them. Should a conflict arise they want to be able to engage us effectively, defeat us rapidly, at minimum cost of life and treasure, just as we would on the other side. We do similar kinds of things; we don’t have vehicles quite like this, but we’re certainly very actively monitoring military forces of other countries.”

The notion that UFOs could pose a threat to humans whether their alleged operators are from our own world or from another is being promoted by the main drivers of this strange new plotline, and it is being enthusiastically lapped up by many UFO enthusiasts who see framing these phenomena as a national security threat as the best way to get mainstream power structures to take them seriously and disclose information to the public.

This is bothersome for a couple of separate reasons. Firstly, it is of course bothersome because one ought to be bothered any time military and intelligence insiders make unsubstantiated claims that there’s a foreign threat to US security. The added notion that this foreign threat could be from another world carries all kinds of implications for what kinds of unprecedentedly radical policy and funding adjustments would have to be made in order to counter this supposed threat, and it would take an appalling amount of gullibility to believe that those adjustments would be made for that reason at this point in time instead of the very obvious reason that the US is in a new and escalating cold war with both Russia and China.

Secondly, it’s bothersome because it just says so much about human madness that people believe UFOs could simultaneously be the product of an immensely advanced extraterrestrial civilization, and also be a threat. They could be one or the other, but not both.

Just in our own tiny blip of recorded history, humanity has matured mentally and emotionally during our time on this planet. We no longer accept it as normal for our governments to torture someone to death in the town square, for example, and owning another human being as property is now seen as reprehensible. We’ve still got a mountain of inner demons to conquer, but you also can’t deny that we’ve created a much more conscious and peaceful world for ourselves than the one we used to live in.

Imagine how much further an intelligent life form would have progressed if it began maturing millions of years earlier than ours. Imagine how emotionally and intellectually developed a civilization would have to be to make it past all the self-imposed dangers its own intelligence posed to it like the dangers human intelligence poses to us now, if it had passed the great test and cleared that hurdle in its maturation process, and then gone on maturing for thousands or millions of years past the point we’re at now.

When I bring this up online people tell me, “Well look at what the Europeans did when they met indigenous populations! That’s what happens when a more advanced civilization meets a less advanced one.”

You see this ridiculous notion pushed everywhere, including by supposedly smart people like Stephen Hawking, that Europeans meeting the indigenous people of Africa, Australia and the Americas is a good model for what we could expect from an encounter with a civilization millions of years more advanced than our own. This reveals a fallacious assumption that genocidal Europeans were in fact “more advanced” than the other humans they met around the world; they were a bit more technologically advanced, but any research on the horrific things they did to those people will show you that they were emotionally infantile by today’s standards. It also looks at humans who began developing on the same planet at the same time as comparable to extraterrestrials who would have begun developing long before us.

Beyond the fact that we have seen in our own experience that an intelligent consciousness will keep expanding its consciousness over time, the most glaring piece of evidence that UFOs could pose no threat to us if they are extraterrestrial is that if they did, they would have taken us out long ago. UFO encounters have been documented for generations; there is nothing humans could do to stop a sentient species that is orders of magnitude technologically superior to us, no matter what the movies say.

If extraterrestrials are here they clearly don’t want to hurt us, and why would they? What could we possibly have that they’d want? In the unlikely event that there is some kind of element or resource here that they need, there’s no reason to believe they couldn’t get it elsewhere, or indeed that they couldn’t create it themselves at the level of scientific understanding they’d necessarily be operating from.

The idea that a civilization could attain a level of advancement comparable to ours, successfully learn to share resources and collaborate enough to avoid wiping itself out, continue maturing for a very long time, master interstellar, intergalactic, and/or interdimensional travel, create aircraft that can operate in the way people who encounter them describe, and then fly across the universe to go kill a bunch of barely-evolved primates for some reason is just absurd on its face, and even if such a thing could happen it would have happened already. This is humans projecting their own particular madness onto a hypothetical species far more mature than our own, myopically assuming that our collective insanity is some kind of immutable quality of consciousness itself.

I’ve sat through so much video footage on this subject, and I just get so frustrated listening to all these military-minded men talking about the need to know what the “capabilities” of these things are and how to prevent them from posing a threat to “national security”. If we are in fact not alone in this universe and are in fact being visited by other civilizations, these are the absolute stupidest questions we could possibly be asking ourselves about them. Not how can we contact them, not is it possible to communicate with them, not what could we learn from them, not where are they from and what is their story, but how can we kill them if we need to.

I have no idea if we are being visited by ETs, but if we are the US military is literally the worst thing our species could possibly use to relate to them.


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Latest comments

  • So we need to be afraid of something else now that the pandemic is ‘cured’, eh?

    well, if you want to be afraid of aliens, you should familiarize yourself with the “dark forest” idea.
    I read of it in a Liu Cixin novel and it makes sense to stay hidden if you believe that any meeting of two types of aliens will result in war.

    Being 78, I’ll just keep on doing the inconsequential things I do and then leave.
    Y’r ol’ Bud, Forrest

  • While the conditions that give rise to life seem ubiquitous, on earth it took four billion years of nearly perfect conditions for complex life to arise from simple chemical compounds. Such very long planetary stability is extraordinarily rare, as far as science has been able to determine to date. In our solar system, Mars and probably Venus long had earth-like conditions but their systems changed drastically before intelligence could evolve there.
    Other solar systems are immensely distant. Despite science fiction, it’s astonishingly unlikely that there are practical ways to travel to or from them. Even if a vessel were developed that could travel at nearly the speed of light, it would take several centuries to arrive at our nearest neighbor and return. Meanwhile, because of relativity, 24,000 years would have passed on earth. The apparent natural speed limit of the universe precludes intergalactic travel.

  • Hilarious, just goes to prove the government’s point that the loss of human life is no loss at at all, and delete this, too.

  • Your story “Lisa and the Stranger” about the great filter preventing species from going interstellar, was so beautifully written it brought a tear to my eye, and I read well written thought provoking stuff like that all the time and to actually be that hard hitting and potent with your writing, that is a rare thing. You’ve thought this stuff through and it isn’t often I read truly new perspectives like I do on your sites. I never thought I’d enjoy reading the writings of a Socialist, but here I am. Major respect!

  • I have it on good authority that a rumour is spreading among aliens throughout the universe that we taste very nice.

  • My guess is that it is one of your friends and mine that is behind this new UFO craze. As for the crazy part; what would ETs want with us? What would people want with frog legs? Big question is, who owns the patent on the UFO? My guess is that for the sake of pocket change the the entire human species was sold down the river, despite that it was not the intended purpose.

  • So much weirdness… like, they can ‘fly’ light years to visit us and then crash in droves in the desert?

    The ‘angels’ of ancient Judaeo-Christian tradition can be helpful or fallen… and we are to worship neither kind.

    The military can always reduce an intractable problem to ‘is it a threat?’.

    • It’s only Abrahamites who think that everybody shares their instinct to worship.

      It’s projection.

  • Skepticism of UFOs is like skepticism of god. Let’s wait until they actually come down for a talk with us.

  • To finally put to bed our speculations, I propose we make an effort to have a meeting with them that unpretentiously puts the cards on the table and then make a judgement. It’s about having courage to meet the unknown and without pretense and negative suspicion. Innocent until proven guilty right to say nothing of our own species failures? But don’t judge on hearsay alone and never claim there is a bear in the other room without first going there to see it yourself. People need to stop explaining their suspicions and ranting endlessly and redundantly and start actually dipping their tow in the water. They won’t jump in because of archetypal fear so they invent a fantasy to explain it. Perhaps the water is too deep.

  • Isn’t it extremely common UFO lore that they have been here all the time?

    That UFOs have been sighted for millenia?

    If that is true, it seems exceedingly unlikely that they intend to murder or enslave (it’s not like they’d have use for things like slaves anyway) US.

    If they had such stereotypical supervillain goals, they’d have gone through with it ages ago.

    And if they kept an eye on us for so long, it’s basically impossible we could do anything to surprise them.

    They’d know us FAR better than er do ourselves (or than Amazon, Google, Faceborg and the NSA together), including all our scientific knowledge and technology.

    So forget Spaceforce doing shit to them.

    If they are real, until they show us their true face (if they ever care to do, even if they ARE real), they’ll be just a strange (and admittedly fascinating) fact of life that we will have to (and can) live with.

    I definitely see no reason to fret or be paralysed with fear or anything of that kind, even if I were convinced the phenomenon is real (which I’m as of now definitely not).

    I am definitely very worried about our terran power elites though, who DO proudly sport all these stereotypical supervillain traits.

  • I’d like to believe there are friendly UFOs, or UAPs, out there, and fully agree with Caitlin that the prospect of them ever being hostile and wanting to “take us over” or just exterminate us for their resource benefit is laughable and obvious projection from the US military which is programmed to think only in terms of kill or be killed.

    But I tend to think this whole thing is somehow a long-prepared contrivance by the US military to get trillions of $$$$ for funding space weapons to be used against our terrestrial “adversaries,” Russia and China. Or anyone else attempting to stand in the way of US capitalist-imperialism. Most likely we’re all being played here.

    We need to believe these objects are potentially zooming and zipping around at speeds and trajectories none of our science can even attempt to explain, they won’t let us know in any way what they’re up to, so it must be threatening to our sacred “national security,” and thus we must build space-based weapons systems to ward off the danger. There is literally nothing we can put past the US national security state and the Pentagon, where lies and Byzantine deceit are concerned, from countless directions, and war-enabling propaganda that never ceases for a moment on corporatized government media.

    The military state, together with its media platforms–all corporate media–have been drilling into our heads non-stop for several years now that Russia and China are trying to either dominate us utterly or destroy us, so it’s our sworn and patriotic duty to defeat them instead, both economically and militarily. This is Rachel Maddow’s raison d’ etre, after all, as well as everyone else at MSNBC, CNN, network news, the NY Times, WaPo, etc.

    So I’m having trouble believing the hype that these are actually objects from other worlds. Maybe, but the Pentagon ET Ruse Theory seems way more plausible.

  • We are currently in the early stages of the chaos phase of the program. But at some point, they will want to bring back order. What better way to do that than having all countries come together to fight against a common off-planet enemy?

    • I haven’t noticed Russia or China being invited to join the US Space Force. When they are, I might start thinking its real mission is defending us against an off-planet enemy.

      • Yeah, very good argument.

      • Is that 1million or 6 million you fucking snake. Read my last comment again and maybe you can figure it out. If you can’t add something intelligent, stay out of it.

        • Thank you for the clarification.

    • Like fighting the Covid under one leadership the WHO next leadership is the Pentagon.

  • ““We don’t even understand how you could do something like that,” Mellon said in a recent interview with CTV News of the inexplicable maneuvers and features these aircraft supposedly demonstrate. “We don’t even understand the science behind it. Not like somebody’s a couple generations of fighter jet behind us; I mean this is a whole difference of kind, not degree.”
    My BS detector starts tingling when I hear of some deep state flack saying something like this in the MSM.
    The fact is, we have no idea what kind of technology DARPA and the deep state are capable of. If they don’t have aircraft that are capable of these maneuvers, they certainly have the capability to fake it.

  • It’s not a coincidence that the ET’s started showing up in greater numbers immediately after we started blowing up nuclear bombs. While certainly, they don’t pose a threat to us in any way that we would define hostility, it IS reasonable to imagine that the ET’s are rather alarmed at having watched us go from Kitty Hawk to Hiroshima in a very small number of years. Their biggest concern is that we’ll develop the anti-gravity propulsion that they use and start traveling among the stars and potentially make trouble in THEIR neighborhood.

  • Even one of the streaming services has an infantile made for TVs series about Project Blue Book … further normalizing the narrative for clearly nefarious purposes … more fear porn … something else to be afraid of snd to distract from individual growth and development of both self awareness and class consciousness … to pump up the military budget …

  • Contrary to previous instances like 9/11 or the WMDs though, It’s not immediately clear who we’re gonna lynch this time because of the UFO threat. Even the corporate media, contrary to their most fundamental ethics, don’t seem to be whipping up hate against anybody. It’s nerve-wracking… How do they expect us to sleep at night if they don’t tell us who to hate? Our emotional balance is at stake… Pray that Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow find it in their hearts to fucking detest someone new and if they can’t stretch their imagination that far, that they at least convince us that Donald Trump is behind the whole shebang as an Alpha Centauri puppet

    • The corporate media don’t seem to be whipping up hate against anybody? When’s the last time they didn’t remind us that China is an existential threat, Russia’s out to get us, and Iran is just plain evil? Once they’ve got their Space Force up there watching over us, they can use it to threaten or attack whoever.

      • Noticed how they told you Afghanistan and later Iraq had to be invaded for 9/11 and WMDs? When exactly did they tell you we had to go and invade any of the “evil” countries you mention for UFOs? Did that escape me?

  • Why is it that when you see these programs about UFO sightings and the video/film clips of them, there are dozens and dozens of different shapes and sizes. There was one on Channel 5 (in the UK) a few days ago – ie The Top 100 UFO Sightings, or something like that. I mean it’s HIGHLY unlikely that there would be a number of different aliens from different planets that just happened to have come across planet Earth at the same time, and be zooming around for whatever reason checking us out. One, maybe, but if there is, surely their spaceships would all be the same design.

    But if there ARE aliens checking us out, then THEY must know that they have been sighted……. What I’m trying to say is that is it possible that they don’t have a problem with being seen, because their thinking is that ‘Yeah, but, yeah, but you can’t actually know for certain that our spaceship IS a spaceship from another planet somewhere in the galaxy or beyond’. IF there is a highly advanced civilization supposedly monitoring us, why would they just keep zooming around for decades and decades or longer, and NOT make contact and make themselves known to us. If they’ve been monitoring us for yonks, then surely they know that we are in the process of rapidly poisoning and destroying the planet and, being highly advanced – which they must be – intervene to save us from ourselves AND show us how we can live sustainably in harmony with each-other and nature.

    But the likelyhood is that there is no alien species checking us out AND that the PTB have got some massive big psyop in process for everyone on the planet.

    • NB Yes, our very OWN aliens, right here on planet Earth – ie the Psychopaths who run the show, and have done for thousands of years! The greedy, power mad, war mongering, hate mongering, fear mongering, manipulating, deceitful, devious, duplicitous corrupt beings that ‘created’ our reality and our history.

  • When you have conquered all your enemies, then you must invent new ones to justify your existence.

  • One cannot be sure that aliens mean no harm, but I love the sheer common sense of this column. The Europeans who invaded the “new” world were uncivilized, even infantile by today’s standards. And who in heck would trust the assessment of another civilization to the military, a group of people whose importance comes from magnifying threats, and destroying innocent people all over the globe?

  • If the Big Bang theory stands wouldn’t all life supporting planets be on the same evolutionary time table? We all hope the Sci-Fi story of a far advanced civilization will someday show and save earthly humanity from themselves. Give us a renewable energy source, cure all health problems, and show us how to live peacefully with each other. I used to be a believer in my younger days. I had all the UFO books from the 60s and early 70s. Alas no ETs have been brave enough to arrive.

    • Even Earth is on multiple evolutionary timetables … why did dinosaurs happen on one timetable and crustaceans on another … let alone mammals and humans …?

    • Even if all life were on the same general timetable, which is by no means self-evident, another civilisation could easily be a few million years more advanced than ours, a mere 0.1% difference in terms of the age of our universe, but a colossal difference in what they might have achieved.

  • UNBELIEVABLE what is happening in Australia !

    This won’t be up for long !

    WATCH !


    This will be happening in all the major Australian cities soon !

    The “conspiracy theorists” said in March 2020 that you would lose ALL you rights incrementally !

    The FROG is almost BOILED !

    Conspiracy Theorists were right AGAIN !

  • Re: Controlled leaks and provided narratives: “They may want to hurt us” and “the absolute stupidest questions.” Statement (as one with experience): Yes, “we are in fact not alone in this universe and are in fact being visited by other civilizations.” And, this has been going on since ancient times, not just the 1940s. Imagine the difference between those who have been manipulating the related world stage, say, since 1947, and those who have been studying the same manipulators during that span. Should some of the extraterrestrials finally make themselves known, with a message (as many are expecting some day), who would it be wiser to trust as altruistic? Those who have been and are among 1% (or less) controlling elites (like Katherine Graham: “There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t.”), or those who would have overcome those levels of evil deceit against oppressed masses maybe a million years ago? Whose message would bring “good news,” and whose message would promote the darkest opposite? https://seaclearly.com/2020/11/29/what-is-left-to-be-trusted

  • If we are being visited by intelligent aliens then it is likely that they want only one thing; to understand us better. No doubt life on earth and the semi-intelligent human species are a very rare examples of such things in the universe. You probably have to travel countless light years to find anything thing like them. We must be an exciting discovery for alien scientists to study and learn more about the fascinating universe in which we live. However they may not want to relate to us any more then we would relate to monkeys that we study in the jungle.

  • Sadly, I must disagree with one of your basic premises here. You assume the human story is one of “progress”–and while western civilization has gotten better in some of the ways you name in recent centuries, it has gotten worse i n others. The evidence is strong that most indigenous groups, hunters and gatherers, were wiser than the dominator culture that now dominates the whole world.
    I must say, when this narrative is being pushed by the US military, after a century of ridiculing the idea of UFOs–ETs, rather–is suspicious. Like, they want another justification for the madness of the Space Force and making more nukes, or whatever.

  • Well, if there are any ET aliens, they do well to monitor human military capabilities since first contact is most likely to involve humans attacking them. Not only is that what humans generally do, but aliens, extra-terrestrial or not, seem to be universally feared and hated.

  • ““We don’t even understand the science behind it. Not like somebody’s a couple generations of fighter jet behind us; I mean this is a whole difference of kind, not degree.”
    Which means it really doesn’t matter what their intent is. There isn’t a damn thing we can do about it.
    I have long had the thought that if UFOs exist, its just as likely they are time travelers, since that would likely be no more difficult than faster than light propulsion. They could be us, from the future. If such be the case, they aren’t likely to do anything of significance for fear of deleting themselves.

  • In a way it is appropriate that these people are pushing the UFO story. The government has been selling fairy tales for years. The only thing new here is that the story is on its face fantastical. Americans seem to like living in a fantasy world. We have professional wrestling, televangilists, the Weekly World News, and Donald Trump. Maybe after Trump, some people in government think they can profit from really outlandish claims.

  • Predictive programming for fake “alien invasion”.


  • Maybe, the aliens from outerspace are arriving to support the working-class by ridding the planet of a sociopathic cabal of greedy “transnationalist gangsters” determined to turn the Earth into a tyrannical neofeudal biosecurity state.

  • UNBELIEVABLE what is happening in Australia !

    This won’t be up for long !

    WATCH !


    This has NOTHING to do with a virus – TOTALITARIANISM has arrived in Australia !

  • Everybody with some understanding of the theories of relativity will be able to explain that meaningful interstellar space travel is impossible. Thus, the problem is solved. I do not have to fantasize about the psychology of aliens. That intelligent people maintain the idea that there might be aliens visiting earth is mind-numbing.

    • But if you pepper what you say with sciencey-sounding babble about trans-dimensional anti-gravity drives, anything becomes possible …

      • Yep, and if it were not so difficult to get tradies these days, I’d finally have my wormhole built, so I can get faster to my weekender on that homely planet near Alpha Centauri B. “Four light-years from Earth, four million light-years from care!”

  • Yes, Caitlin , there has two confirmed landings of UFOs. One on long Island and the other in Chicago. Both vehicles were chock full of white male supremacist. All of them hetero …..EEEEEEEUUUUUUU!

  • I think this “alien invasion” has been tentatively on the oligarchs’ schedule for a while now. In a document known as the “Rosin Affidavit” Wernher von Braun even stated it would be invoked for bogeymen du jour at some point. We may have got there with covid fading.
    But I think the more interesting questions are:
    — Does the US military have Zero Point Energy and anti-gravity technology?
    — Do other terrestrial militaries or organizations have this?
    — It’s looking like ET may have had this tech for a while – and intends us no immediate evil.
    But it’s infuriating (if predictable) that – if these technology exist – they are being denied to us déplorables simply to keep the energy and transportation cartels and their subsidiary industries fat and happy – as well as making swinish governments possible, and denying knowledge to science.

    • Zero Point Energy and anti-gravity technology – why stop there? What if they can travel backwards in time, switch between alternate realities, inhabit our dreams, and all the other stuff in science fiction?

      • I’ll admit, it would be cool If all of that were possible.

        I don’t believe it is, but it sure would be awesome if it was.

        And there we have our answer (or at least certainly one of them) why people want to believe it.

  • If the “uaps” are a threat, what possibly holds them back from this plan? One would think our weapons would be crude and mostly useless. Useless being used against aliens or for most intended purposes (peace keeping, home defense, etc). Maybe the thought of war never occured to the aliens until they ran into us. And we just made it look so awesome. Maybe they watched all the hollywood movies we beamed into space first on the way here and they just want to get in on a good old mass killing spree. Maybe their intelligence is only good for things like fusion energy and warp drives and nuclear weapons or laser weapons just never occured to them. Lots of maybes going on.

    Its kind of punching down to write about buffons saying buffonish things. But I suppose someone might mistakenly watch one news show because the internet went out and the tv only works on the cable news channel or something, with one of these jabbering over confident sock puppets saying extremely silly things might accidentally be taken seriously. Perhaps the poor rube never having heard or thought about any of it prior might be inclined toward panic. I think after the war in Iraq, the point was made that these fuckers will lie, will get reporters to lie, despite people seeing through the lies and saying so loudly, if this is a game they want to play, theyre going to play it even if they lose shamefully. Someones already all lined up to make a fortune hyping it, selling extremely expensive and unproven official ufo fighting bric a brac to the US gov, and having permanent jobs fabricating inclusive truthiness out of brazen lies in the useless bureaucracy establishment built around this psyop. Do you want their dogs to have to go back to eating cheap kibble? Force their poor children into public schools and subsist of only ramen noodles? Monster

  • Aliens schmaliens.
    Life is only here and now on this besieged Earth. That’s it.
    The rest, like religion, is fantasy, speculation and wishful thinking of our shallow minds.

  • Thank you for always being the fresh breath of commonsense.

  • Point one- These UFOs never do anything except fly around and make fuzzy images.

    Point two- Rupert Sheldrake gives the example of growing new crystals to exemplify that the universal intelligence learns as a whole. Attempts to grow particular types go on for years and when the first one is grown in one location, in very short order others the same crystals then grow in separate far off locations worldwide. The universal intelligence learns and applies universally. One could posit this phenomenon as local to the earth but if that is not the case we may assume that there are no civilizations much in advance of ours or that universal knowledge would become available to us too. It is likely that there are planets whose situation is much like ours but to give them credit for being more advanced is an anthropomorphic type of fantasy.

    Everyday being itself is far more wondrous than any concoction. The vacuous wasteland of the modern psyche feeds on garbage while the feast of life that is always there remains forever hidden in plain view.

  • http://www.peaceinspace.com over 100 country presidents have agreed to not be first to place weapons in space. Read the NEWS articles. Start with General Leonid Ivashov. It is time to support getting the Treaty to Prevent the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, the first to acknowledge the reality re ETs and their crafts with the truth….that NONE of them are hostile. Russia and China initiated this Treaty and have Called for it to be signed into a binding world law, fast. Time to change the narrative. You will see how to….

  • http://www.peaceinspace.com over 100 country presidents have agreed to not be first to place weapons in space. Read the NEWS articles. Start with General Leonid Ivashov. It is time to support getting the Treaty to Prevent the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, the first to acknowledge the reality re ETs and their crafts with the truth….that NONE of them are hostile. Russia and China initiated this Treaty and have Called for it to be signed into a binding world law, fast. Time to change the narrative. You will see how to….

  • President – Here is what we are going to do. We don’t have how to blame China neither Russia on this covid thing since apparently our major expert Fauci is involved, right?
    CIA – Yes.
    President – And we don’t have how to send our warships to the Black Sea neither to Taiwan without heavy loses, right?
    CIA – Yes.
    President – Do we still having those blurred UFO’s pics and videos?
    CIA – Yes, we do but today everyone has high quality cameras. Not sure if they will bite that.
    President – You are not here to think, you are here to do as I say, okay?
    CIA – Sorry, sir. Yes, sir.
    President – Find a way to make UFO’s the new scapegoat to free our asses from all this pandemic mess. We have more lawyers than experts, it’s impossible to lose this battle.
    CIA – Our best docs have the Clinton’s, Obama and one or another republican. It’s okay to go with that?
    President – If we can make Osama Bin Laden to shake hands with aliens while the WTC is collapsing, who cares? Go for it.

  • Everyone here might benefit from watching The Phenomenon.

  • Most of us need deprograming from the insanity these creatures in the military are projecting as truth or consequences… Most of us HUMANS would already have seen these so called Visitators from another world by now… There is a lot printed in the lying press… when the press was invented we became slaves to brainwashing on a daily basis… Now the Propaganda Media lathers up the fringe of delusion way beyond the truth of daily reality. But the mind of man can create the lathering of soap box reality that everyone watches and believes… The exceptions to that rule seem to thing being WOKE is something they can overcome the sub limital conditioning of a lifetime in just reading the stuff so;d here as the true Narrative… tyranny of the self seeking ego has always brought the journalist out of the swamp…. revolt, revolt against tranny… sitting behind a keyboard filled with thoughts and imaginative pseudo deprograming! Yes we have arrived… the ET’s will follow the yellow brick road to discover their is no real OZ… Maybe OZZY OSBORN… Everyone on the Crazy Train! All aboard!!!!

    • Yes oral tradition was better.
      May Hunter/gatherers rise up

  • You hit the nail on the head Caitlin, as usual, both in terms of possible motivations of alien visitors and the idiocy of the military. They keep proving, again and again, that the phrase ‘military intelligence’ is an oxymoron!

    • Agree on military intelligence.
      And why should we not think the boys and girls at the Defense Department have ran out of locals to murder?
      A new enemy. May the force be with us and god bless America.

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YWyCCJ6B2WE
    Toto had sussed out ! Way back

  • The UFO er UAP in the video on all the news shows looks just like the UFOs I see in my microscope field when I forget to clean all the grunge off the eyepieces.

  • Intelligence life forms from other planets or other dimensions would probably shun all of humanity as long as we stayed on this planet. If we try to ” colonize ” any other planet they would probably get rid of us because we are a very sick species!

    • Exactly. And if they are clever enough to make the journey from wherever they live to here, they are most likely quite capable of assessing our threat to them. The US military is not known for its willingness to talk first, preferring to shoot first and make excuses later.

  • The CIA meme of the alien threat has been entirely dismantled by Daniel Liszt. I highly recommend his latest video on this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M03V4HGuwcA&t=5058s

  • There is a simultaneous sense of impending doom and great relief when I read one of your articles. Its nice to know I’m not the only one noticing weirdness like this but it would be nice for everyone else if I were as crazy as the rubes that surround me think me to be. I am clearly insane but not about these things.Thank you for the work you’re doing. Please keep doing it. The books are great.

  • Yeah, it’s seemed likely to me that there are people from other planets most of my life, same as the majority of Americans of all ages, except even more as they get younger. I have talked to 2 ex military who witnessed a UFO or saw an alien body.
    The main thing after all these years, since before WW-2, is that War Of The Worlds never happened.
    The owners of our world retain the right to declare people from other planets to be a dire threat that we must fight with a new generation of weapons, made for outer space.
    They keep doing little focus groups and Facebook tests to see how it rubs people.
    They really have been investigating this option since the 1960s, if not longer.
    We’re sucker, right?
    We’ll bite,

  • But what about the actual ‘reality’ of this planet. Human Slavery is higher than it ever has been in human history and governments are tyrannical all over the world.
    The only thing that is different these days is that there is a teeny, weeny segment of the plant that are free people who enjoy democracy (or whatever it is we have in countries like Australia, USA and UK) that don’t practice ancient barbaric acts in the street like you mention.
    Plus we have the box telling us all is good, all is fine, they are looking after us, they (govt) are on our side…

    Im not saying Aliens want to come and hurt us – if they did, we’d have known about it ages ago.
    We (most) of us know the aliens are here already and most likely already running the joint. But they want us docile, angry at each, divided. And of course IN FEAR
    Hence, the alien invasion narrative….

  • It is most likely that these visitors are not extraterrestrial, but inter-dimensional. In which case, they are “here” without being completely here in our terms of physical existence.
    This also then means that there is precious little that a physical military can do in any event in regards to these incursions into our dimensional space.
    Science does not yet recognize consciousness for it’s role in all of our physical manifestations, and until it does, it will not understand what it is witnessing.
    The explanation for the narrative is understandable enough… “never waste a good headline when it can bring you more military funding.” The bigger the bogie man, the more the funding.
    And yet, it is meaningless in terms of the Shift, and the thinning of the veils. These occurrences of incursions will continue and increase until misconstruing them will be futile.
    Time will tell.

    • Dude, don’t give them another enemy, It’s bad enough that whenever I hear the words China or Russia now UFO’s I automatically translate it to Marica, Marica, Marcia..

    • Well put. In “The Spirit Molecule”, can’t remember the authors name, about the first allowed scientific study of the effects of dmt, a surprising number of subjects had “alien” related experiences. In Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist who encountered past life experiences and eventually dialed into the interlife period, noted several accounts of past incarnation on other planets. According to that book Earth is among the most challenging of places to incarnate and we choose it for the chance to have rapid soul development. Nothing builds character like hardship apparently.

    • And what does ‘inter-dimensional’ mean? It’s just a word dreamed up for the purposes of sci-fi.

      • It means – where does an electron go when it can no longer be observed until it can again?
        Quantum theory, molecular entanglement, we have all the clues that there is more to our environment that we simply do not or cannot grok with our physical senses… yet.
        With greater awareness comes greater understanding.

        • Electrons behave according to quantum theory between observations. It’s extremely well-verified science, even if it’s a bit counter-intuitive.You can call where electrons are when we aren’t observing them inter-dimensional if you so choose, but how does that make it “most likely that these visitors are not extraterrestrial, but inter-dimensional’?

          • Your first indication is what you can observe with your physical senses.
            These appear to be ghost images, and move in ways that do not support the idea that they are physically manifest as we understand the term.
            It seems to me that if they were physical extraterrestrials, they would need to conform then to our general ideas of physics while they are within our physical environment.
            These “ghosts” exhibit no such conformity – more like “now you see it, now you don’t.”
            They almost seem to be peering into our dimensional space from another. Not able to completely transform themselves into our physical form, and yet, there nonetheless.
            However, in order to entertain that or any idea, one must allow that something is “possible.” Doing so opens our senses to things we would dismiss out-of-hand otherwise, and allows us to consider new information.
            Our senses happily conform to our limits through our beliefs. Letting go of those reins, sts, opens us to what is not only possible, but what is ultimately plausible.

  • Without getting into an analysis of why this ET agenda is rolling out now, I feel compelled to respond to at least one of the fallacious statements made in this article. She asks, what could they possibly want from us? The answer could be very simple–our real estate.

    • If it is ET’s, they’ve been here for quite awhile. They’d certainly have taken our real estate by now. They would obviously be smart enough to realize we’re destroying it.

  • inter-dimensional, they must look at things differently, objects and so on. as to why they want to visit or play with aircraft, no clue.
    could be that’s when we see what is going on all over though some report mild interaction.
    something other than tech? looks like quantum (as in ?) ‘lake’ reflections, parts of nature and ice we don’t typically see.

  • I believe this narrative is designed to distract from Great Reset activities. We (USA) have had these sorts of spacecraft for some time now. Look up Triangular Spacecraft https://patents.google.com/patent/US20060145019A1/en
    I’m not afraid of any ET. The government and its propaganda (media) arm have proven themselves dishonest at best and nefarious at worst.

  • Oh my goodness – they’ve been watching too many Captain Terrific movies and believe the general thesis that a band of them will save the world by blasting imaginary alien characters to smithereens. Can’t these goofballs be sectioned, somebody? Good for you, Caitlin – calling out this Sci-Fi nonsense. How on earth do such people get to the positions they do without someone telling them enough is enough? Bizarre.

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