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In 2016 the most corrupt and murderous government on earth dealt with public discontent by selling a sociopathic billionaire as the anti-establishment presidential candidate, then in 2020 sold a lifelong empire lackey as the revolutionary people’s uprising against that candidate.

“You want a revolution? Here. Here’s a revolution for you to have. There. Done. Glad you got that out of your system.”

– Set up an imperialist oligarchy which rules as tyrannically as any monarch.

– Remain hidden and unaccountable.

– Propagandize people into thinking they’re free.

– Whenever there’s unrest due to systemic injustices, let them elect one of your employees who promises to change things.

The imperialist oligarchy deliberately keeps the public poor, busy and confused and then directs their resulting anger toward Russia, China, immigrants, and people from the other political party. Our anger at each other protects them from our anger landing where it belongs.

Propagandists know you don’t need to give the average person factual reasons to believe something. You don’t even need to give them financial reasons. All you need is to make sure your claim validates their current worldview. Rigidly-held belief structures facilitate propaganda.

Americans will happily give Israel billions of dollars a year to murder Palestinian civilians and then brush off a panhandler on the street because he might spend the money on booze.

Israel is getting another Prime Minister who was partly raised and educated in the United States with extensive ties to US power and speaks English with an American accent. Stop acting like these are two separate countries.

The US power alliance’s genocide in Yemen remains the single ugliest thing that is happening in our world today. What will it take for humanity to cease averting its eyes from this horror?

Enlisting in the US military should be infinitely more taboo and shameful than being a sex worker.

Until mass media was invented the best carrying agent for establishment propaganda was religion.

I have no problem with people saying that the furthest-left politicians in the most powerful government on earth should be a lot further left than they are. Setting up centrists like AOC as “far left” and “the best we’ll ever get” builds a roadblock to further leftward movement.

“Leftists” who try to derail the anti-imperialist conversation by concern trolling about human rights within Pentagon-targeted nations are the same as rightists who try to derail the racial justice conversation by concern trolling about “black-on-black crime”.

One of the biggest challenges for a developing anti-imperialist, at least in my experience, is learning to differentiate between those who actually want to end the oligarchic empire and those who just want the empire to act a bit more cosmetically nice than it does. These are two completely different positions, especially because the latter is pure fantasy: you cannot have a globe-dominating unipolar power structure that doesn’t use violent force to maintain that world order. Yet the two groups often wind up moving in overlapping circles.

I’ve never had trouble knowing what my own position is toward the empire, but I’ve often struggled figuring out who shared that position. There was a long unfolding process of going “Ohh, we’re not on the same page at all. You want entirely different things from what I want.”

Most of the sectarian fighting you see on the left splits along those lines: those who want to end the oligarchic empire, and those who want the oligarchic empire to be a bit nicer. These two positions are ultimately irreconcilable, so those factions will never get along.

If there are indeed extraterrestrials and they are indeed flying around our world in strange aircraft, we are more likely to get the truth about this from the extraterrestrials themselves than from the US military.

The US government is pure swamp; you can’t use the swamp to fix the swamp. Democrats were never going to use a Special Counsel to remove Trump. Trump was never going to take down the Deep State. The US government isn’t going to investigate itself and reveal the truth about aliens.

Perhaps the best explanation for the many reports of unidentified flying objects demonstrating maneuvers and features we don’t understand is that we’re hurtling through a vast and mysterious universe that our barely-evolved primate brains know almost nothing about.

If there are ETs visiting us they probably already treat this planet more like a home than we do.

Humans focus on outer space to avoid focusing on inner space.

Maybe the world really did end in 2012. Everything’s been unraveling into an exponentially expansive field of weirdness ever since.


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46 responses to “Divide And Brainwash: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. ..sadly, it seems to me only a naive and/or evil person would waste any time complaining about or supporting any politicians holding high public office anywhere on the planet…they are mere puppets, managers, operators, etc. for the real ruler$…

    …as bill clinton’s professor at georgetown’s ‘school of foreign service’, carroll quigley, wrote:

    “…The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies….”

  2. If we pay too much attention to our oligarchy’s mascots I think we miss something important. There appears to be a schism in the US oligarchy:
    — Team A (Mascot Donald): seemed to hint that a path back to a normal country – away from financial collapse and WW3 – would be to end the wars and overseas deployments, attend to the (real) infrastructure, restart manufacturing, establish a better level of self-sufficiency, stop importing the homeless, and heal the culture, etc. This team’s standard bearer was tagged as a threat to the empire and all deployable corporate MSM and US agency resources and foot-soldiers were directed against him – and they failed.
    — Team B (Mascot Joe): continued in the footsteps of the Obama administration, raised the ante of threats directed at our ‘now-standard enemies’, repurposed the word ‘infrastructure’ to fund bread and circuses, and raised the rate of printing/spending with promises of yet higher taxes.
    It might be nice if the American public were (able) to identify the team/segment of their ruling class which backed the team that reflect their goals/aspirations – and not merely accept the (aberrant?) re$ults of the ritual $election performed on November 3, 2020.

  3. Putin stopped the wars NOT Trump !

    Russia entering Syria in 2015 will go down as the most pivotal time in modern World history !!

    According to Syrian estimates – 350 thousand ( that’s how big it was ) ZIO/US ISIS proxies have been turned into fertiliser and the US has been reduced to STEALING Syrian OIL ( with Trumps blessing of course ) – Russia even had the spare time to save Maduro !!

    If it was a game of chess – well – Russia has been waiting for the ZIO/US next ‘move’ since 2015 !!

    ANYBODY who can’t see that it is OVER for the MIC and the US thieving military has not been paying attention !

    1. The U.S. Military now worries where it will get it’s computer chips to develop next generation military equipment, certainly won’t be able to order them from China.
      But we need to have some form of federal democratic republic that still carries weight in the world if we hope to transform this world into one of “We the People.”
      That won’t happen in China, the CCP has a stranglehold on China.
      People in the United States still dream of have a government of “We the People,” but I fear that big tech will usher in a CCP type of government in the United States in short order.
      The people of China once dreamed of a government of “We the People” for China as well, but Tienanmen Square put an end to that dream.
      Not sure where that will happen, or if it will happen.

    2. Yeap, That is correct!

  4. You are right about the United States and Israel being the same country and it has been this way for a long time. I am glad that you draw attention to this fact.
    You still see China as this small country compared to the United States which is being bullied by the United States. It should be observed that Microsoft now censors search results on Yahoo to comply with the dictates of the CCP. China today isn’t what it was ten years ago, and it could be seriously argued that the GDP of China has passed that of the U.S. It could also be argued that China’s influence in the world, including inside the United States, has now surpassed the Influence of the United States throughout the world, including inside China.
    We have two problems now, the United States and China.
    “If there are indeed extraterrestrials and they are indeed flying around our world in strange aircraft, we are more likely to get the truth about this from the extraterrestrials themselves than from the US military.”
    “The US government isn’t going to investigate itself and reveal the truth about aliens.”
    “If there are ETs visiting us they probably already treat this planet more like a home than we do.”
    This is just a cover story fomented by the U.S. military to sow confusion about sightings of U.S. experimental aircraft.
    The nearest planet to Earth that could possibly harbor intelligent life, and by intelligent we mean something like a salamander up to and beyond human intelligence, would be Alpha Centari B, and that is 4.37 light years away. If you traveled at 100,000 miles per hour the entire distance it would take 172,000 years to get there, meaning a round trip would take 344,000 years. It takes time for anything made out of matter to move from point A to point B anywhere in the universe. There is the quantum property of Quantum Entanglement where two pieces of matter, whose subatomic states are entangled with another piece of matter, can have it’s states changed instantly, across any distance, by changing the subatomic states of the other piece of matter anywhere in the universe, meaning you could conceptually teleport using this method by having the subatomic states of all the atoms in the other piece of matter on the other side of the universe instantly changed to match yours simply by uploading the subatomic states of the atoms in your body, producing an exact copy of you. But you have to physically move that other piece of matter, whose states you want to instantly change, to the other side of the universe, or wherever else you want to teleport to, before you can do that; meaning you would still be governed by the laws of special relativity which says that as you accelerate a piece of matter faster and faster, that as you approach the speed of light the amount of energy you have to supply to that piece of matter, to do that, goes to infinity. To just accelerate a rocket ship the size of Space-X’s Starship SN-10 rocket to 50% the speed of light would require the energy equivalent of 4,989,516 one megaton thermal nuclear bombs. Still the trip to Alpha Centari B would take 8.74 years or a round trip would take 17.48 years. Do you see how ridiculous this proposition is? Do you really think that there is intelligent life somewhere in our Galaxy that would expend this kind of effort just to visit Earth? I mean even with technology far beyond what we have, it is still an inconceivable stretch.

    1. Your point(s) regarding interstellar travel are fair enough. However, I think there may be other channels where this travel is indeed possible. Physical exploration of outer space is not the way. As Caitlin mentions so often, inner space exploration is where it’s *really* at. If you’ve read “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions” by Edwin Abbott Abbott (hopefully the original sharply satirical and exceeding humorous version) you’ll realise that strange encounters may possibly be made through extradimensional means. Once a good understanding of new but hidden dimensions has been achieved then physical distances in our usual reality may no longer pose the problems that you highlight since what we call wormholes could easily be conjured up. Inner space looks to be where it’s at. No wonder the jokers at the top of this reality don’t like us to explore the inner means of escape from what is an effective prison. One’s price to escape may well be the sacrifice of one’s (planet destroying) ego. That would be an excellent bargain, yes?!

    2. Robert L Phillips Avatar
      Robert L Phillips

      What if they’ve been here all along, as so many myths suggest? What if they’ve been here before us?

      Regardless of whatever deception is (undoubtedly) being sown by the Pentagon et al right now, you still have to explain the extensive record of UFOs, as evidenced in official documents released through the FOIA, statements by top military officials in the past, countless recorded encounters. You don’t have to believe in aliens, but you certainly can’t just dismiss all the evidence.

      Some of it is top secret human technology, but that becomes a stretch the further back you go in time.

  5. Pentagon?
    I thought it was called the PSYCHOGON.

  6. We are just maggots in a pile of of shit. It will all be over soon. Just sit back and smoke a bowl. Hopefully your next life will be on a higher plane.

  7. there’s also a touch of “good cop, bad cop” going on in U.S. so, the Dems vs, the Rippers.
    the oppression is also aimed at black people: an easy target and a catalyst for young right wing honkies to get behind. also orchestrating the hiring policiesof newly armed police nationally.

    this follows under the old poem about ” firt they kiled the jews, then they kiled the Roma, then they came for me. i did nothign along the way…” sort of like that.
    nw comes the part where J. Gould said it best,”I m not worried about labor. i got enough money to pay half the poor to KILL the other half.”

    when that part gets here. life will become abysmal and more disaster capitalism will result. so how to avoid these outcomes? wish herder.
    there is a very meek dumbercrap party. and a silenced progressive wing that should be in charge. i see corpo control of dem levers at the top but losing badly at the grassroots level.
    so BIden has to go and also, Kamala. the trap is, if we go to the progressive types we will have to spit the dumber party. then lose all sense of any order and finally go into craziness under someone like Pence.
    thus the final half vs the other half fight will shatter the dummer’s force.
    i wanna new nation. MAGA is psychotic and armed to the teeth.

  8. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    “One of the biggest hurdles for developing anti-imperialists” is covered perfectly by Dr William Ryan in his 1960s book, “Blaming the Victim.” Those for whom the system has worked will never want deep change; they only want cosmetic change in order that the victims of it aren’t so unpleasantly obvious.

    And “the US government is a swamp” is why I keep telling everyone that a third party won’t work at this time in this broken system. We need to get the criminals out of their control and institute a different system. This means that we need a revolution.

    Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary about nonviolent civil disobedience and resistance and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book.

    1. there’s also a touch of “good cop, bad cop” going on in U.S. so, the Dems vs, the Rippers.
      the oppression is also aimed at black people: an easy target and a catalyst for young right wing honkies to get behind. also orchestrating the hiring policies of newly armed police nationally.

      this follows under the old poem about ” first they killed the jews, then they killed the Roma, then they came for me. i did nothing along the way…” sort of like that.
      now comes the part where J. Gould said it best, “I’m not worried about labor. i got enough money to pay half the poor to KILL the other half.”

      when that part gets here. life will become abysmal and more disaster capitalism will result. so how to avoid these outcomes? wish harder.
      there is a very meek dumbercrap party. with a silenced progressive wing that should be in charge. i see corpo control of dem levers at the top but losing badly at the grassroots level.
      so Biden has to go and also, Kamala. the trap is, if we go to the progressive types, we will have to spit the dumber party. then lose all sense of any order and finally go into craziness under someone like Pence.
      thus the final half vs the other half fight will shatter the dummer’s forces.
      i wanna new nation. MAGA is psychotic and armed to the teeth.

  9. These notes are great. Caitlin uses her creative energy as a weapon and vehicle for imparting higher truths and sundering the countless false binaries.

    I’d also argue there are some false binaries in some of these notes, though I still think they are great overall. The main one I would take issue with is the one on outer and inner space. Focusing on outer space is not actually a way of avoiding focusing on inner space. In fact, the exploration of “outer space” is actually what helps us further discover the nature of our own inner space. The inverse is also true: the more we investigate the nature of our inner space, the more we learn about the outer space. Of course, this implies that we actually understand what’s meant by a real investigation, rather than a flaky pseudo-intellectual idea.

    Humanity is still in its infancy. We don’t know most things about most of the universe. Space exploration programs are actually where many of the most fundamental and frontier breakthroughs in knowledge happen. Having a space program is one of the most vital aspects of an economy and society because that’s where all our most fundamental axioms about nature and the universe are challenged. That’s where we are challenged to develop fundamentally new and better ways of doing research, treating disease, producing things, creating new resources and materials, rather than acting like there are these absolute fixed quantities of “resources” and that all of humanity is bound by these arbitrary limits. These limits are in reality only the limits of our knowledge of the universe at any given time. As that knowledge changes, the resources change, our understanding of the universe changes, and our overall species changes. This is the proper definition of progress, in my opinion. There is no need for false binaries, human beings vs. nature, de-humanizing industrial society, losing touch with nature, and all these pseudo-intellectual ideas.

    So the whole idea of fixed resources, limited resources, and the necessary logical Malthusian conclusions that people are tricked into accepting are based on fundamentally flawed axioms about what a resource actually is, and how it’s developed.

    Nowhere does this become more clear than when we actually try venturing into space in realizing how little we actually know about the universe, or how to thrive in it.

    The oligarchy would love nothing more than to keep humans stupid, not curious, and simply looking for ways to self-police themselves, to self-impose its own population control, rather than having to overtly enforce such policies. Hence, today we’re largely seeing the oligarchy push for a post-Judeo-Christian new pseudo-religious Malthusian death-cult which they euphemistically describe using words like “sustainability” “carrying capacity” “net-zero emissions” “A Great Reset” etc… Behind this veil of “environmentalism” is nothing but a pure Malthusian death-cult based on the idea that the earth ultimately has a fixed carrying capacity with fixed resources, and that the most important thing therefore becomes population control, resource control, all under the guise of “sustainability.”

    There was a report released after the success of the Apollo program, and it demonstrated that for every dollar invested in the space program, there was a 10-14 dollar return. Everything from telecommunications, pace makers and heart monitors, production of new materials, insulation, engineering precision, machine tools, the space program completely redefined the spectrum of what and how we were able to create and producing things, which in turn fundamentally changed our understanding of things for the betterment of society.

    The Oligarchy hates things like the space program, and that’s why they actually went to work dismantling much of the programs after the death of Kennedy. They didn’t want humanity to develop fusion rockets, which would mean mastering fusion energy, because it would have overthrown the whole geopolitical chess-board based on a Hobbesian, Malthusian, zero-sum game struggle over fixed resources.

    The idea of knowledge, science and technology being somehow “dangerous” or making us less human, and separating us from nature is really one of the biggest pseudo-spiritual and intellectual oligarchical arguments there is. Knowledge, science and technology are not opposed to nature in any way, it’s pure oligarchical “Eve don’t eat the apple” and “Prometheus was bad for stealing fire from the Gods” Zeusian thinking.

    From the Zeusian oligarchical standpoint, humanity should be kept dumb, scared and living in darkness, with little understanding of how the universe actually works, with little love for truth, or discovery, but simply kept in a primitive struggle for existence while the Gods of Olympus and their priests minister unto us and have us read and repeat things we don’t even understand, largely just superficial slogans.

    1. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      We are destroying the planet that we were given. Most people on this planet are living in less than subsistence circumstances.

      Your argument for space exploration doesn’t hold water.
      The government wants to explore nearby space to install weapons to point at Earth. The ultra-wealthy are funding space exploration so that when they have extracted the last resource from the planet, they can jet off it and go elsewhere, leaving what’s left for the poor slobs who didn’t have enough money to qualify for a seat on their rocket.
      There’s nothing wrong with solving the problems we are facing on this planet before going out into space and taking our destructive, greedy habits with us. It’s the worst humans who have the money to buy spaceships, and I forsee them spreading throughout the galaxy like cockroaches. The fact that you are arguing in favor of the cockroach people doesn’t help me to admire your position.

    2. The space program may have given a $10-14 return on each dollar invested, but did it result in any increase in resources, like land, water, sand or aluminium? We might be able to utilise them somewhat more efficiently due to the program’s spin-offs and other scientific and technical advances, but not in a way that keeps up with the increase in our population or consumption.
      It seems to me the death cultists are those who reject ideas like sustainability and the earth’s carrying capacity. Science can improve our lives; it doesn’t enable us to endlessly have more and more of everything.

      1. Dear Ian,

        Since we are on the subject of the narrative matrix and narrative wars… ALL the major conservationist and environmentalist movements of the twentieth century were spawned top-down from the highest echelons of the oligarchy. These include organizations like The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, The World Wildlife Fund, The Sierra Club, Earth First, the list goes on and on… They were all launched by the leading eugenicists and race science advocates of the world, including people like Julian Huxley, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, and Prince Philip of Edinburgh. If you’re not already aware of that, you should consider putting aside the popular narratives about saving the planet and saving the environment and look at the origin for most of these environmentalist organizations and their narratives.

        The reality is quite shocking.

        However, rather than go into too much detail, I would just quote from the article “The Genocidal Roots of the Green New Deal: The Limits to Growth and the Unchaining of Prometheus”:

        “In order to finance this paradigm shift, the 1001 Trust was founded in 1970 by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands. Bernhardt (card carrying Nazi and founder of the Bilderberger Group in 1954) had worked alongside his close misanthropic associates Prince Philip Mountbatten, and Sir Julian Huxley to create the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) just a few years earlier. The plan was simple: each of the 1001 founding members simply put $10,000 into the trust which was then directed towards the green paradigm shift. Other prominent 1001 Club members included international royalty, billionaires, and technocratic sociopaths who wanted nothing more than to manage this promised Brave New World as “alphas”. Many of these figures were also members of the Club of Rome, including Canada’s Maurice Strong, who later became Vice President of the WWF under Prince Philip’s presidency. Strong had replaced another WWF Vice President by the name of Louis Mortimer Bloomfield. Bloomfield was another 1001 Club member whom New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison discovered to be at the heart of the Montreal-based assassination of the anti-Malthusian President John F. Kennedy in 1963.”

        How many people know that leading environmentalist organizations of the world were spawned by the leading royal houses of Europe? Did you know that? Why did they do this? Why did they launch the World Wildlife Fund for Nature?

        Regardless of how you feel or what you think, if someone is going to talk about questions of environmentalism and saving the planet, they should first know where these narratives actually came from.



        1. You may call that lot “the major conservationist and environmentalist movements of the twentieth century.” I find that equivalent to seeing the US Democratic Party as a socialist beacon of hope.

          1. ‘the warming trend dominant since 1977 has been on an strange “pause” (from your The Genocidal Roots)?

            1. Ian,

              If you believe that the world over is going to melt in the next decade such that we need to adopt the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” and Paris Climate accords (backed by THE SAME oligarchical interests), you are deeply submerged into the narrative matrix. Just look at who is actually pushing the “environmental” policies from the top down, from the the Democratic Party, Black Rock Investment, the World Economic Forum, former Bank of England governor Mark Carney, and the whole cabal. If you believe we need to adopt their policies in order to save the world, you’re being subverted by some very nefarious ideas.
              Do you really believe that the climate change narrative has penetrated the boardrooms of the largest corporations and halls of the greatest government power because of a few well-meaning liberals and grass roots organizations?
              It happened because it was backed by the most powerful and well-established Wall Street and City of London circles.
              There is so much information available on this.
              When you hear people like Prince Charles (a key spokesperson for the WEF) saying we need to start studying and living more like the indigenous tribes, or Klaus Schwab saying “you will own nothing and you will be happy,” that should paint a pretty good picture of what they are going for, what “sustainability” is actually about.
              These same institutions have done virtually nothing to end poverty and starvation across the world, despite the immediate danger of mass death and famine, and yet you’re saying these are the people who are worried about saving the planet?

              There is some real dark stuff and people really shouldn’t be fooled by the protecting the environment argument. These people do not care, but these people are behind EVERY major environmental reform and “Great Reset” program for a more “sustainable” world ie massive and rapid depopulation. That’s all “sustainability” means for these people.
              And what makes it so terrible is that it’s all being sold as an effort to “save the planet.”
              The irony is great.
              Enjoy this nice clip of Klaus Schwab talking about what he wants to do with your brain in order to help usher in this new “Reset.”


    3. Malthusian dogma aside, planet Earth does NOT have a fixed carrying capacity?

      1. We know of more solar systems than there are grains of sand on this Earth. The idea that the human species is forever doomed to fight over space on a tiny blue dot is actually a sign of how deeply infected people are with the Malthusian disease. Their ability to think in creative and non-linear ways has largely been snuffed out by our modern education system. In reality, the best and most honest thing that could be said about the state of humanity is that we don’t know most things about most of the universe… Anyone who thinks they know what the absolute limits and boundary conditions are for humanity is a fraud or total ideologue. The best and most honest scientific statement that could be made is that we don’t know most things. We don’t even know how to sustain a fusion reaction, despite that being the essential process happening in all stars and solar systems. Arguably, most of the future resources are not even found on earth.

        What did Newton or Leibniz know about nuclear fission or fusion processes back in their day? What did they know about cutting the travel time from Europe to North America from several months to several hours? Take for example China’s recent experiments with creating an artificial sun. One can say what he/she wants about China’s fusion experiments, but the point is they’re actually concerned with making new discoveries and developing new resources… That’s the point. They are actually thinking about fundamental breakthroughs. The West used to care about these things… until the Malthusians took over. If you believe there are these absolute limits, then why would you even bother to make new discoveries or think about something like fusion, why not just focus on keeping people stupid and limited in number?

        What bothers most people is that they don’t like the idea of accepting the fact that there is no fixed equilibrium, there is no fixed start or endpoint. We live in a creative universe which is changing and developing, and that’s also the fundamental quality defining the human species. As our ideas and understanding of the universe changes, our society changes and organizes itself in a way that more accurately reflects our greater understanding of the universe. In the words of Heraclitus, “Nothing is constant but constant change.”

        This is what the oligarchy hates. They don’t want people thinking like that i.e. actually being creative. They want everyone to accept an axiomatically closed system, where the limits have been arbitrarily set and dictated by their own institutions and scientific priesthood, and anyone who doesn’t accept their conclusions is not following the “science” and “denying” reality.

        The psy-op fraud is the idea that somehow we have reached some kind of peak, or apex, that we can somehow predict “Yes, no more fundamental discoveries, no more fundamentally new forms of fuel or resources will be discovered. We’ve discovered it all. Now we just have to define these fixed limits and everyone just has to accept that. That’s what was done with the MIT “Limits to Growth” studies from the 1970s, and Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb” etc… The assumptions were based on the idea of using computer models to predict the point at which human population growth and resource production would reach its absolute peak.
        But the reality is that all these linear projections had as an assumption that there would be no more fundamentally new resources discovered or sources of power developed, that we had to accept the fixed conditions inherent in their computer models.

        From an actual scientific standpoint, the reality is that we don’t know what might be discovered in the future. That’s the most honest and scientific assumption one can have. What we can do is actually choose to investigate and understand the universe. To the degree we focus on that—allowing everyone to develop their innate creative spark—then breakthroughs happen.

        On the other hand, when science is largely corrupted by a scientific priesthood and Malthusian oligarchy, you get these pseudo-scientific frauds which are just about enforcing the idea of population control, converting everyone to a new Malthusian pagan Gaia worshipping death cult.

        That’s literally what’s happening lol. However, it’s based on obviously false and arbitrary epistemological fallacies. The Malthusian outlook relies on people not being able to point out these obvious fallacies. If you point them out, the whole thing falls apart, the whole narrative becomes junk.

        This is a great example of that:

        1. Ignore exponential growth at your peril.

          1. The idea of “exponential growth” is not really a scientific concept. Are you talking about linear growth, non-linear growth? What about change? Are you talking about linear change or non-linear change? Are you suggesting there is some perfect equilibrium?
            Unless you believe there is some perfect equilibrium in nature and the universe, the question becomes “what kind of change will occur after this perfect balance is achieved?”
            The idea of reaching some perfect equilibrium is a purely Utopian idea. It’s never even existed and it’s silly to think that it could.
            Unless constant change, scientific and artistic development are allowed, society is doomed.
            The oligarchy wishes to keep that to as limited a level and amount of people possible, with just a small “elect” and hereditary class allowed to reap the greater benefits of creativity and scientific knowledge. This is ultimately what the Great Reset is meant to usher in.
            In this respect, the story of Prometheus is useful: Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of Olympus who wanted to deny humanity knowledge of “fire.” In the eyes of Zeus, humanity should simply live like beasts, have little understanding of the world around them, and be kept as stupid and limited in number as possible.
            Why do I say this? Because if you look at who is actually pushing and promoting the Great Reset, “net zero emissions,” Paris Climate Accords “Green” stuff, they are all the Zeusians. The idiot politicians and media personalities parroting these ideas on tv are just that, idiots parroting someone else’s ideas and worldview, which they arguably don’t understand themselves. That’s the only reason this stuff is able to spread.

  10. Happy world environment day everyone!

  11. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Maybe the world really did end in 2012. Everything’s been unraveling into an exponentially expansive field of weirdness ever since.”
    ‘The World’ completely ends every few seconds of time. The World ends and is reformed countless times every day and year. The quantum particles that form the appearance of the World flash in and out of existence continuously and without end. It’s not the fault of the World ending in some dramatic way like many today seem to be lusting for. It’s that we humans keep creating and recreating the toxic patterns that are being duplicated and reduplicated like a bad photo copy page that you keep xeroxing over and over again. We can choose to change the copy paper anytime we want to… IF we want to.

  12. All this commotion about ETs being first hand news is frankly exaggerated. We’ve lived with ETs for as long as we can remember as a species: God, angels, archangels, the Devil… One could argue that our former gods living on Mount Olympus were indeed terrestrial but our present lord and master is definitely NOT of this Earth. Prophet Isaiah saw him up there (6:1): “In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up”. So there’s no question about that. Although very few other people have ever seen Him – there’s been a lot more UFO sightings than God sightings to be honest, even counting acid trips -, He’s got in common with the present ETs that a lot of folks believe in His existence nonetheless. And to their credit, it can be argued that He wrote a book (which the present ETs failed to do – or it hasn’t been published yet) in which, besides revealing that He is by trade an estate agent in the Middle East, He also tells us that He decides (like Facebook and Twitter) what we must do or say, adding that our punishment for disobeying will not be a simple Facebook or Twitter ban but burning for eternity. Anyone who’s burnt themselves knows how painful it is, even for a couple of seconds. Imagine for eternity! The present ETs can’t be so cruel as to have something that nasty in store for us or they would have informed Tucker Carlson of it long ago! So let’s have hope… They might even rid us of God’s threat through an extra-terrestrial war and send Him to pound sand in another universe like the Brits exiled Napoleon to Saint Helena in the middle of nowhere, if we play our cards right :o)

  13. Time to put away the medals
    As we enter the next phase
    It’s hard to sell a hero
    When they’re making us their slaves

    Back to “pillage and plunder” pirates
    As their plan becomes revamped
    Be sure to thank them for their service
    When they march us to the camps.

  14. Once again the Buddha Ms Caitlin Johnstone brings truth, wisdom, and understanding into this depraved world we live within! Sanity is kept by reading her insights because so few humans get to be really human at all any more! As a child the local movie theatre presented cartoons and childrens movies on Saturday afternoons. Some of those movies were terrifing and gave us nightmares for months. There was the movie ” Five ” which showed the lives of five left in a city after the nuclear war and the mutated insects and animals also left.
    There was another movie where aliens placed satelites around our planet to eliminate all humans after a certain date. The human hero of the movie figured out how to rig the satelites to only eliminate the ” bad evil humans ” and do nothing to the good humans. Such is the wishfull thinking of our species.
    Thank You Ms Johnstone; May the Heavens keep you on point!!

  15. Newton E. Finn Avatar
    Newton E. Finn

    “Most of the sectarian fighting you see on the left splits along those lines: those who want to end the oligarchic empire, and those who want the oligarchic empire to be a bit nicer. These two positions are ultimately irreconcilable, so those factions will never get along.” It’s not this split that has turned me off, because it does indeed reflect a profound difference in the belief in the human spirit–and, accordingly, how much things can or cannot get better in light of who we think we are. Boiled down, this split is much more about assessments of human potential than politics, and I stand with those like Caitlin who view the human spirit and human potential as holding collective possibilities which far exceed the imperial capitalist system, including some viable form(s) of global eco-socialism. No, it’s not this genuine split that has turned me off; rather, it’s the hatred of the “enemy” so clearly reflected in calling them sociopaths or psychopaths on the personal level, instead of seeing them as deformed and dehumanized by a sociopathic or psychopathic system, much like grinding poverty can deform and dehumanize people on the other end of the capitalist spectrum. This ugly personal hatred simmers beneath the surface of so much of radical leftist political commentary, and the radical left will gain no political traction until it grows out of it.

    1. It’s not the aliens we gotta worry about, it’s the alienation!

  16. By definition: – “a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations”, every U.S. President has been a nationalist, except for the most recent glaring example of an extreme narcissist plutocrat, who cared not a whit for the integrational integrity or wellbeing of the general populace.

    So, for a BBC talking head to describe Israel’s Naftali Bennett’s presumable rise to the Prime Minister ship of Israel as that of nationalist, as if he will be Israel’s first nationalist P.M. who vigorously supports its interests, is absurd. Whether, in the long-term, any of Israel’s past leaders have supported the country’s best interests is now wide open to debate.

    Bennett is an ultra-right-wing supremacist, and a ‘self-made’ millionaire to boot. Like the former U.S. president, he is as divisive a racist separatist – of the first order – as was American extremist ultranationalist Rabbi/politician, Meir Kahane, who in 1968 formed the militant American Jewish Defense League (JDL) prior to moving to Israel in 1971 where he served one term in the Knesset (Parliament) before his party was banned. On a return visit to New York in 1990 he was assassinated by a naturalized American of Egyptian descent.

    That was then – forty years ago, this is now, where the Kahana settler cohorts’ vision has been steadily coming to fruition, since 1967. Since then, during these years, things have sure been changing in Palestine/Israel, and not for the better. The “live by the sword” mindset of Israelis has become more entrenched throughout the land.

    History, unlike the potential uplift of the natural sciences – but one example, is not made standing on the shoulders of those giants who came before, but on the backs of the innocents today, as always, who refuse to be cowed!

    1. RT Chris Hedges interview with Richard Falk

      Twenty-six minutes of Universal Relevance: Confronting the Ruling Elite

  17. “Most of the sectarian fighting you see on the left splits along those lines: those who want to end the oligarchic empire, and those who want the oligarchic empire to be a bit nicer.”
    I’ve seen plenty of sectarian fighting among left groups calling themselves Trotskyist, Marxist, Maoist and whatever, and it’s often damned hard to figure out what they’re squabbling about. “They believe the 1832 events in Country X were an attempted Bonapartist military putsch by the petty-bourgeoisie, when in fact they were an unsuccessful military neo-Bonapartist coup on behalf of the petty-bourgeoisie” or something like that. Whatever the real reasons for their splitting and feuding, wanting the end of the empire versus wanting it nicer doesn’t seem to explain it.

  18. Thanks for correcting my poor typing skills.

  19. If there are indeed extraterrestrials and they are indeed flying around our world in strange aircraft, they are petty little shits. No balls. No introductions.
    Faster more maneuverable aircraft? Whoop-dee-fukkin-doo.
    These aliens are lame and boring, using the same schtick for decades.
    Since the above describes Pentagon and the MIC I automatically assume its those goons with new, innovative murder weapons that fly.
    What or who else could it be? Dumfuk losers from planet xenon?!

    1. Yeah that’s something that always bugs me too. As far as an “advanced species” goes they suck. If indeed these craft exist, if indeed they are extraterrestrial, they do nothing. They fly around in our atmosphere… big deal. If you believe the abduction stories then, again big deal. That only furthers their unimpressive stature. It would make far more sense for a race of beings who have mastered interstellar travel to come to Earth and knock our socks off! I don’t mean in any Hollywood pew pew shoot em up way, I mean they would make clear the unbridled universal love that binds the universe. They would be so utterly incredible that we would be changed forever. That’s the main reason I call bullshit on the whole idea.

  20. “The US power alliance’s genocide in Yemen remains the single ugliest thing that is happening in our world today. What will it take for humanity to cease averting its eyes from this horror?”
    It’s just so easy for us to dismiss and ignore the horror being done on factory farms and in laboratories, and everywhere else animal beings are exploited, by the Billions, every second of every day, isn’t it?

    1. Right On . . .
      Thanks for shining a light on one of the most horrific acts by humans. Advocating for the suffering, slavery and murder of sentient beings for 10 minutes of what the find “tasty.” Another beings dead flesh and organs coursing through (or stuck) in ones body should be cause for revulsion but it is instead, celebrated.
      I no longer question the stupidity and ignorance od any human, whether lefty or righty, in thought and deed when I witness dead flesh dripping down their heartless faces. How stupid and hollow can one become

  21. The UFO’s are from the planet MIC who need a new fear campaign to get more money from you. As soon as a real war gets going the UFO’s will disappear.
    Ugh. Same shit, different year.

  22. “If there are indeed extraterrestrials and they are indeed flying around our world in strange aircraft, we are more likely to get the truth about this from the extraterrestrials themselves than from the US military.” Based on my present anonymity and currently anonymous sources, “I [can] predict the future”: There will come a time when the “intelligence” shared by them (aliens/extraterrestrials) will be clear, as altruistic messages. No one, then, will wonder if the coordinated communications are just continuing Psy-Ops of earthly fashions/technologies/goals. The truth of this place: for needed revelations. The uplifting realities of theirs, as related: for preparatory awakenings. Following, the masses will be freed to make choices based on a different “voice” (for a new future) – without this suffocating oppression.

  23. The very instant a new government is founded, tyranny starts to grow. An authority given exclusive power to kill anyone who doesn’t go along, which is exactly what government is, is bound to attract tyrants to it, along with other sociopaths. It’s a near perfect environment for them. Perfected when absolute tyranny is achieved. The smallest and most abused minority is the individual. Government despises them. If you don’t fit in one of there prearranged boxes, you don’t exist. To expect actual solutions from it is a fantasy. They hate solutions. They much prefer everything to continue as is. After all, what we face is exactly what they planned.

    1. If you don’t fit in one of *their* prearranged boxes, you don’t exist.

    2. Gaddafi gave the people of Libya a whole new form of self governance in the form of Peoples’ Congresses. He also outlawed political parties and the charging of interest on money loans (usury). The individual was king. It was all too much for the psychopaths and sociopaths of the West who felt their entire global political domain over all the people was threatened. The notion of Full Participatory Democracy was anathema to the likes of Cameron, Sarkozy, O’Bomber, Clinton, et al., who, as a class, continue to thrive on the deeply flawed paradigm/system of representational democracy at our exponentially rising cost. Here’s his Green Book if you want to know the solution to the political problems we face:

      Also, this short video

      gives you an insight into what the disparate usually-at-war tribes of Libya arranged when they sat down together to work out what they wanted to see for themselves and their children. It really is worth a watch.

      1. And the Democrats showed their displeasure of this murderous campaign by voting in Biden. I wonder why none of these clown kings here in America no longer stick their heads out of the sunroof?

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