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So in case you haven’t been keeping up it’s been pretty thoroughly confirmed that the US government’s highly anticipated UFO report due this month won’t contain any significant revelations and certainly won’t verify anyone’s ideas about these phenomena being extraterrestrial in origin, but it absolutely will contain fearmongering that UFOs could be evidence that the US has fallen dangerously behind Russian and Chinese technological development in the cold war arms race.

Unknown US officials have done a print media tour speaking to the press on condition of anonymity (of course), with first The New York Times reporting their statements about the contents of the UFO report and then CNN and The Washington Post. Each of these outlets reported the same thing: the US government doesn’t know what these things are but is very concerned they constitute evidence that Russia and/or China have somehow managed to technologically leapfrog US military development by light years. All three mention these two nations explicitly.

This narrative was then picked up by cable news, with MSNBC inviting former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta on to explain to their audience that the US government should assume UFOs are Russian or Chinese in origin until that possibility has been exhausted.

“Is it your assumption that it is Russia or China testing some crazy technology that we somehow don’t have, or are we sort of over-assuming the abilities of China and Russia and that the only other explanation is that if it is not us ourselves then it is something otherworldly?” MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked Panetta.

“I believe a lot of this stuff probably could be countries like Russia, like China, like others, who are using now drones, using the kind of sophisticated weaponry that could very well be involved in a lot of these sightings,” Panetta replied. “I think that’s the area to go to very frankly in order to identify what’s happening.”

“It sounds like you think we should exhaust that out, exhaust that hypothesis first before you start dealing with other hypotheses,” Todd said.

“Yeah, absolutely,” said Panetta, who for the record is every bit as much of a tyrannical, thuggish imperialist cold warrior as any other CIA director.

This UFOs-as-Chinese/Russian-threat narrative has quickly been picked up and thrust into mainstream orthodoxy by all the major branches of the mass media, from Fox News to Reuters to The Guardian to Today to the BBC to USA Today. Whenever you see the imperial media converge to this extent upon a single narrative, that’s the Official Narrative of the empire. We can expect to see a lot more of this going forward.

Interestingly, the only mass media segment I’ve seen on this topic since the New York Times story broke which doesn’t promote the UFOs-as-Chinese/Russian-threat narrative is a guest appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight by Lue Elizondo, the military intelligence veteran who got the ball rolling on the new UFO narrative which emerged in 2017. Elizondo goes out of his way to tell Carlson (who himself has been promoting the idea that UFOs may be a foreign adversarial threat with cartoonish melodrama) that there’s no way these could be Russian or Chinese aircraft.

Elizondo, who seems to favor the UFOs-as-extraterrestrials narrative, argues that there are extensive records of military encounters with these phenomena stretching back seventy years, which rules out China since it could barely keep its head above water back then and rules out Russia because it shared its UFO knowledge with the US after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I don’t know what’s going on with that last bit; I see no reason to trust that an American spook is acting in good faith on such an easily manipulated topic, but it is entirely possible that Elizondo set out on this road out of a sincere desire for government disclosure on UFOs and is now trying to regain control of the narrative now that he sees the cold war arms race direction it has taken.

Chris Melon, another major player in the new UFO narrative, recently complained on Twitter that “some important information was not shared” with the public in the UFO report. So who knows, maybe the initiators of this new UFO narrative were acting in good faith and their efforts were just swiftly hijacked by forces beyond their control to advance preexisting cold war agendas.

Regardless of whether or not that’s true, it was always inevitable that this strange new rabbit hole of UFOs going mainstream was going to lead to more cold war propaganda. I’ve been interacting a bit with the online UFO community for the first time ever, and it seems like they’re mostly decent people with good intentions and a lot of hope for this new governmental investigation. But it also seems like they’re largely a community which mostly just talks to itself and is only just beginning to meet the cold harsh light of day that is the impenetrable depravity of the US war machine.

The US government is pure swamp; you can’t use the swamp to fix the swamp. Democrats were never going to use a Special Counsel to remove Trump, Trump was never going to take down the Deep State, and the US government isn’t going to investigate itself and tell everyone that aliens are real.

If there are indeed extraterrestrials and they are indeed flying around our world in strange aircraft, we are more likely to get the truth about this from the extraterrestrials themselves than from the US military. The war machine only does killing and destruction; it’s not going to suddenly develop an interest in truth and transparency. The sooner UFO enthusiasts realize this the better.


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48 responses to “Media Converges On The Narrative That UFOs May Be Russian/Chinese Threat”

  1. Year , right, UFO, a Russian and china development. But this CIA MSM propaganda is targeted to kids 15-25 age. It is expected they will swallow it, hook, line and sinker. CIA controlled Media says nothing about 100s of US scientists elaborated statements for work on back engineering alien technology, nothing of Karla Turner, Steven Greer, witnesses, and documents reveled in the last 70 years.

  2. Robert L Phillips Avatar
    Robert L Phillips

    Actually, most of those who’ve seriously investigated the matter of UFOs are hardly “true believers” who expect much to come of this report. They know the history of the national security state and its massive disinformation, denial, ridicule and obfuscation. They don’t posit hard and fast theories of what UFOs are for certain, but they are well aware that the record – including numerous documents gotten through the Freedom of Information Act, numerous statements by high-ranking military and intelligence officials, and countless documented events from around the world – are all very real.

    Secret technologies have certainly existed for decades that could explain many of these sightings, but it’s unlikely they can explain them all. Further, there are stories from antiquity and even into recent centuries (the 1800s and before) that talk of bizarre moving lights, heavenly visitations, mass sightings, aerial wars. To discount these pre-industrial accounts is to dismiss a key part of the story.

    I don’t know if UFOs represent aliens, a breakaway human civilization, inter-dimensional beings, unknown Earth intelligences, secret human technologies, or all of the above. But they are NOT merely hoaxes, mistaken known phenomena, moonlight on geese, swamp gas or the hallucinations of crazy people.

    It’s long past time to quit making uninformed dismissals and attempted debunking of true unknowns. It’s also time to apply a grain of salt to anything being ‘explained’ by people like Elizondo, who to me is working an agenda that is part truth, and part setup. Just my opinion.

  3. Of the many people who claim and honestly believe to have direct experience with UFOs (mostly seeing things), I agree that most are probably “decent people with good intentions and a lot of hope”. Unexplainable, life-changing experiences can have that effect, maybe at least as a self-defense mechanism. But there is a whole ecosystem of media that plays to their questions, with an incredibly, bizarrely complex meme-sphere of ideas (kindly put), which is its own swamp. IMO that meme-sphere really doesn’t care about the believers, except as a profit/power source, which is what it has in common with the corporate oligarchy that runs our so-called democracy. So it’s no surprise that these threads are being interwoven. It’s also just as likely that aliens will show themselves and settle this once and for all, as some truly truth-liberty-justice bearing power will appear to unite us in a truly free democratic society.

  4. Thousands and thousands and thousands of years of horseie, horseie, horseie…
    All of a sudden,
    Computers and satellites and smartphones?
    Just sayin’.

    1. Sorry, but the development of all those technologies are very well documented and there’s nothing that requires outside help to develop. If you fail to understand the fundamentals of how they work, that’s not evidence of aliens, just evidence of you not being all that smart.

  5. Also,
    I still feel compelled to state that the asshats screwing up our lives have not been launching vehicles into orbit and outer space for the better part of a century because they want to see if they can grow hydraponic space potatoes…
    They just might be up to something a bit more serious, which probably does not include there being no such thing as someone out there to do it with.

  6. Well, if it ain’t them aliens,
    It must be those darned Ruskies,
    Or perhaps those sneaky Chinamen,
    Or something,
    Say our trusted public officials…

  7. I get the message and am buying Defense ETFs to fund my own way out of all this nonsense.

    XAR & PPA for 2026!

  8. Dan Landewall Avatar
    Dan Landewall

    Is this really a debate in the US now? For real? Then…can it be more obvious that the people in power are wackos? And if the American population buys this bullshit, we’ll…then they’re all wackos too! I can’t believe this is really happening in America. The story is the lousiest of lousy fairy-tail I’ve ever heard. Has the American population all turned into idiots?

    1. Robert L Phillips Avatar
      Robert L Phillips

      Are you at all aware of the history of UFOs and the national security state? The Freedom of Information Act? The Twining Memo? Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter? Washington D.C. events of July 1952? Incursions at Malstrom Air Force Base (and elsewhere) in 1967, 1975?

      Sure there is an agenda at work and propaganda, and sure we’re being set up. But these events, documents and objects are all quite well demonstrated. Their nature and origins are not. To pretend they don’t exist is simply to demonstrate that you are not aware of these matters. No offense, just trying to get away from the total denial syndrome.

      The spin is real, but it’s based on legitimate unknowns, not merely ‘stories.’

  9. So anything scary must be Russian. Maybe we could save time by just calling anything scary Russian. Horror movies would be called Russian movies, and Halloween would be called Russiaween. What a time saver!

    1. I’ll try and remember. The CIA is Russian. The Pentagon is Russian. Trump is Russian (but we knew that). Biden is Russian. Yes, things do appear simpler.

  10. The MIC needs $billions more to catch the $billions the MIC spent on thse UFOs. OK, I got it.

  11. Elizondo is probably slyly goading us towards the notion that this stuff comes from Cuba, Venezuela or Iran, which would be easier to gobble up than China or Russia since those two would instantly melt into “the Russia/China block” as soon as one of them came under attack by Uncle Sam and his minions. Anyway Tucker should ask the ETs themselves because may I remind y’all that we have had the whole shebang under control since 1954 when Eisenhower met with them ETs no less than three times? That’s how friendly we got with these guys!
    Is it possible there’s been a glitch in our relations since then and the public wasn’t informed? Shocking thought… Is it possible, for instance, that Ike’s aliens were Republicans and so now they won’t talk to Sleepy Joe’s administration on account of the alleged election fraud? Extra-terrestrials are kinda touchy – and gullible -, everyone knows that…
    Of course, there’s also the possibility that these intelligence guys have been bullshitting then and are bullshitting now… But I can’t believe that! I pinned posters of John Brennan and Mike Pompeo on my wall and did a seance of scrutative introspection on them. Conclusion: there’s just absolutely no way either of them – or any of their clones – could ever bring themselves to lie to us – or even cheat or steal for that matter. Don’t even think of it! :o)

  12. First, The New York Times, and then CNN and The Washington Post. Next, cable news, with MSNBC inviting a former CIA director to boldly represent, well, uh, the CIA’s perspective (PR – as if it’s “news”). Then, from Fox News to Reuters to The Guardian to Today to the BBC to USA Today – the “Acting” (mouthpieces just “acting” out roles) and stenography abilities were on full spectrum and precisely-timed display. Bottom line: “The US government isn’t going to [just] tell everyone that aliens are real.” Whatever could be accomplished, for them, with this subject, has been debated and updated within their utmost secretive ranks for more than 70 years. Katherine Graham: “We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn’t [until we determine what outcome is desired].” And, during this onslaught, a First Grade teacher presented this (“It must be Russia or China!!!”) to the class. One responded: “But, that doesn’t make sense. Those things are not from here.” The teacher replied: “And that, my son, is the level of the world we live in.”

  13. Jose Pardinas Avatar
    Jose Pardinas

    Thanks for this article!

    Until I read it the endless stream of UFO reports emanating from the American military were a head-scratcher.
    The “sightings” are almost certainly a hoax. Most likely software simulations running on the display systems of the planes in question. But why was the hoax being perpetrated? This article provides a convincing answer.

  14. This article can be read here:
    This is the real reason why Disney Lesbian army ads are the new normal, Tim Kirby writes.
    You Can Be as Woke as You Want as Long as You Are Functionally Useless by
    Tim Kirby!

  15. Had enough yet? Avatar
    Had enough yet?

    The mockingbird media narrative. Propaganda of the purest form.

    Ultimately, fedgov/pentagon have stolen around 100 trillion (with a “T”) dollars. They refuse to give it back and they will not allow themselves to be held liable for the theft.

    I’m guessing the mainstream media narrative will support whatever fairytale fedgov decides will be used to destroy this country. After all ….. they can’t be tried and convicted in a country that no longer exists.

  16. Curious, that the Pentagon loving MSM promotes the idea that Russia and China are flying these UFOs, indicating that one or both may be generations ahead of the US in military tech. But somehow misses the point that US military spending, as in “defense” budget, exceeds both Russia and China’s spending combined by about 20%, if my shaky math serves me. We aren’t getting our money’s worth if this narrative is true. The Pentagon needs to be called to account for how such a thing could happen, if that’s what it claims did happen. How could the Pentagon fall so far behind each of them in tech, while spending more than both of them combined? I know, such will never happen. I was just pretending we lived in an at least modestly sane world.

    1. I think your maths is a little shaky. US military spending is more than twice that of China and Russia combined, and maybe nearly three times as much, depending on which figures you look at.

      1. Did I not suggest it was? Thanks for the correction. Regardless, whether 20% or 100%, how can they excuse themselves? How can they justify more money after demonstrating their abject failure with what they have?

        1. You’re asking a comedian to explain a joke.

          1. I’m asking monsters to explain themselves. I’m asking the people to insist they do. I’m asking the sociopaths that prey upon us to crawl back into the sewer from whence they came.

        2. Robert L Phillips Avatar
          Robert L Phillips

          I would not assume the United States doesn’t possess advanced technologies, nor buy the story that somehow Russia and China do. Research on electrogravitics (‘antigravity’) as well as other even more advanced technologies has been underway since the 1950s.

          Check out the German “bell” of the 1940s, or the “Foo Fighters” of World War II.

  17. We know the warlords always want more money; and will use any excuse, beat the war drums … SOP. But I think what’s really important is that in the midst of all the disinfo from all quarters, the existence of technologies that may include Zero Point energy and anti-gravity may slip into view – and the consciousness of the peasantry/deplorables (def: assets less than 1 B U$D). And that I think would be the worst nightmare imaginable for the US Oligarchy: the energy and transportation cartels would collapse quickly, and many governments with them. We should be alert for hints of this in narratives of all the Usual Suspects.

    What I have suspected is that IF the USA had such technologies, it might explain the wildly rash games of ‘chicken’ the warlords have recently played with Russia and China – as if they had an ace up their sleeve (and weren’t just berserk [which is the way to bet]). Suggesting the possibility that Russia and China also have this technology is probably just the usual Pentagonian ‘enemies’ narrative – but if not it might might mean that the implicit MAD could reduce the possibility of WW3 – for a while.

  18. People see what they want to see.
    It’s been happening for millennia.
    Angels, gods, ghosts, monsters and UFOs.
    The enemy wears a suit, or a uniform (usually with lots of stars)
    and a smug smirk.
    They perch at the top of hierarchies so they can look down and shit on the useless eaters.
    They infest every nation and are completely devoid of Love.
    Evil incarnate has been stalking and slaughtering Life on Earth for a long, long time.
    But Mother Nature bats last.

  19. People should consider the possibility that our achievements making the world free from influenza and variants but full of covid and variants might have reached all places in the universe. They had to come till here to see if it’s true or fake news. Maybe we can make an intergalactic trade with our covid masks and social distance rules in exchange for some new tech.

  20. “Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) Director Nadav Argaman issued a rare public warning on Saturday sounding alarm bells that the current atmosphere of incitement could lead to tragic bloodshed in Israel.”
    “Argaman reportedly decided to make the statement on his own, not trusting that his warning would reach the public given that elements of the ruling Likud coalition – which might leave office in the coming week – are said to be behind some of the incitement.”

    1. Are you referring to the occupied state of Palestine ?

  21. I have seen UFO’s twice.
    They were amazing, and beyond any technology I have ever seen.
    The easiest way to describe them is that they were very much like the objects in the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.

    Both of these sightings were in Nevada, where I live.

    The first one, much of the people of the small Nevada town of Cedar City, saw them fly overhead, including the Mayor and the Chief of Police.
    The objects came from the direction of the place known as Area 51.

    The second sighting was in a rural area, not far from the real Top Gun, which is on a Military Base in Fallon Nevada.

  22. Does the USA really think it needs another feeble excuse to ramp up its war machine?

    In doing so it is admitting that its intelligence services are so bad that they have totally failed to discover that the Russians and Chinese have been building and testing ‘advanced’ flying machines for decades – if not centuries. And flying them all over the world?

    Do they expect anyone with half a brain to believe that?

    1. Yes, they want another excuse for more military spending, and yes, judging by the reaction so far, plenty of USAmericans’ll find the UFO threat plausible.

    2. The problem is that they prey on peoples fears – their emotions – and THEY over-ride objective and critical thinking. And the black propagandists who dissemble the fear-mongering know it!

      1. Just to be clear, I was responding to what WILLD said – ie ‘Do they expect anyone with half a brain to believe that?’

        The thing is that most people – because their critical thinking potential gets over-ridden by fear – won’t stop to think that UFOs have been spotted all over the world for hundreds of years (and so why is our Government now suddenly telling us the UFOs are down to Russia and China, and that their technology must be light-years ahead of hours).

        1. …. ahead of ours!

  23. ZIO/US must think the sheeple are sufficiently dumbed down to believe this !

    With 56 continual years of ‘Days of our Lives’ – I am not surprised !

    Americans have been conditioned to THRIVE on DRAMA and CHAOS !!

    They are fed SHITLOADS of DRAMA and CHAOS everyday – in EVERY facet of their lives !

    I have spent many – many hours wondering about this – I have come to the conclusion !

    It can’t be FIXED !

  24. I liked this, from Christopher Mellon’s Twitter thing:

  25. be nice to things that go “faster than a speeding bullet.”

  26. Initially this was just a cover story fomented by the U.S. military to sow confusion about sightings of U.S. experimental aircraft.
    I think the issue is that it is projected that by 2030 or 2035, China will own the United States and the U.S. military is grasping at any straw it can find in the hopes of turning this inevitability around.
    The solution for the United States doesn’t lie in it’s military, the solution for the United States is to reform itself into a country that is the hope and aspiration of the world, and it currently isn’t on a trajectory to do that.
    There are no aliens from distant solar systems visiting the Earth.
    The nearest planet to Earth that could possibly harbor intelligent life, and by intelligent I mean something like a salamander up to and beyond human intelligence, would be Alpha Centari B, and that is 4.37 light years away. If you traveled at 100,000 miles per hour the entire distance it would take 172,000 years to get there, meaning a round trip would take 344,000 years. It takes time for anything made out of matter to move from point A to point B anywhere in the universe. There is the quantum property of Quantum Entanglement where two pieces of matter, whose subatomic states are entangled with another piece of matter, can have it’s states changed instantly, across any distance, by changing the subatomic states of the other piece of matter anywhere in the universe, meaning you could conceptually teleport using this method by having the subatomic states of all the atoms in the other piece of matter on the other side of the universe instantly changed to match yours simply by uploading the subatomic states of the atoms in your body, producing an exact copy of you. But you have to physically move that other piece of matter, whose states you want to instantly change, to the other side of the universe, or wherever else you want to teleport to, before you can do that; meaning you would still be governed by the laws of special relativity which says that as you accelerate a piece of matter faster and faster, that as you approach the speed of light the amount of energy you have to supply to that piece of matter, to do that, goes to infinity. To just accelerate a rocket ship the size of Space-X’s Starship SN-10 rocket to 50% the speed of light would require the energy equivalent of 4,989,516 one megaton thermal nuclear bombs. Still the trip to Alpha Centari B would take 8.74 years or a round trip would take 17.48 years. Do you see how ridiculous this proposition is? Do you really think that there is intelligent life somewhere in our Galaxy that would expend this kind of effort just to visit Earth? I mean even with technology far beyond what we have, it is still an inconceivable stretch.

    1. Nice numbers there Tim. Yeah it’s not conceivable is it? Unless there’s something about the fundamental laws they know and we don’t. I’ve always thought the idea of ETs as having a craft ridiculous. Crossing the vast gulfs of space would be done in a way completely unlike anything we can comprehend. Maybe upload your consciousness into a tiny spore that can pollinate the galaxy … a mushroom spore perhaps … Terrance McKenna anyone … ?

    2. You’re making an assumption Timothy. That we know all there is to know about the issue of interstellar transportation. Our knowledge is a fraction of the knowledge we don’t know. With no idea how large or small that fraction may be, since we don’t know that which it is a fraction of. We could discover tomorrow that what we thought we knew is pure male bovine organic fertilizer.

      1. Richard Alan Anderson Avatar
        Richard Alan Anderson

        America is a country where the highest ranking officials are pathological liars (Even the Sainted Fauci who is the highest paid individual in the federal government) CANNOT bring himself to NOT lie, the president is a demented prevaricator who was a dedicated liar even when he was mentally functional, and a splendid array of ‘intelligence’ services that fail in their primary duty at every turn EVERY TIME whilst endlessly concocting asinine psy-ops which would be laughable if they were not so prodigiously murderous and that this group of bumbling thieves would or could expect to pronounce on any topic and be believed is beyond my ability to suspend reality. I guess we will have to settle for the Russians did it or perhaps a Martian passport will float down from the heavens.

        1. Trump’s duplicity regarding the virus by talking out of one side of his mouth to the public and another to Bob Woodward is just like two-face Fauci and his e-mails.

          These clowns are “walking contradictions, partly truth and partly fiction” all by themselves. This is no accident as it all adds to the chaos.

    3. Re: JWK

      We know a lot about our universe. We have to also understand our condition. We are made of atoms, molecules and cells and everything about that, all of our intelligence exists at that level, neurons anyone.
      Anything affecting us has to take place within the realm of matter, atoms, molecules, cells, etc., and matter is governed by the laws of general and special relativity. We recently detected gravity waves from a couple of black holes in a decaying orbit around each other. This confirmed our ability to know that such an event took place through laser interferometery that for the first time was able top measure ripples in the fabric of space/time. But the event took place 100 million years ago because even gravity waves, ripples in the fabric of space time, can only travels at the speed of light. Granted we are still learning and will continue to learn. But let me observe that the laws of Isaac Newton, formulated in the mid 18th century, still hold today within the realm of our every day experience. I therefore think it is safe to say that any intelligence that can interact with us on our level, will be constrained by the same forces that we are constrained by, and the images on those radar screens are pure fiction. When you want to examine whether someone is making up a wild story or not, you have to use the best knowledge available to find that out. Base on what we currently know about how the universe works, I think the military’s story about these UFO sightings is pure bunk.

      1. All we know about anything, the universe included, is limited by our perception of it. Which could be absurdly inadequate in any particular instance, or all of them. Do we lack a sense, or senses that might allow us to perceive differently? We cannot perceive flaws in our perception.

    4. Inter dimensional travel negates the point of your post.

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