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Mainstream Politics Offer Pretend Revolutions To A Discontented Public

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In 2008 the American public was fed up with the disastrous status quo politics of George W Bush, so they came together and elected a progressive candidate who campaigned on hope and change to replace him.

But no progress happened; the hope and change never came. Barack Obama continued and expanded all of his predecessor’s most depraved policies at home and abroad, and it wasn’t long before the initial elation wore off and the illusion that things were looking up evaporated. It was as if Bush had never left office.

Worn out and disgusted by crushing neoliberal policies at home and murderous neoconservative policies abroad, Americans elected a political neophyte who ran on a populist platform which criticized both Bush and Obama. Trump promised to “drain the swamp”, end the wars, and fight the establishment in the interests of ordinary people. This time for sure there would be change.

But the wars kept going, and the swamp got even fuller, and the US empire kept chugging along on the same trajectory it had been on throughout the Bush administration and the Obama administration. Despite all this, the Democratic Party and its allied media institutions acted as though some drastic deviation from the norm had taken place, insisting that the United States had been plunged from a free democracy respected around the world into an isolationist fascist dystopia.

In order to stop fascism, the American people had yet another people’s uprising against the corrupt status quo and… elected Obama’s vice president. Lifelong corporate crony and empire lackey Joe Biden now sits in the White House, advancing all the same murderous, oppressive, exploitative, authoritarian policies as his predecessors, as a result of the latest fake, decoy revolution against tyranny.

And that’s all mainstream electoral politics ever is in the US empire: a fake, decoy revolution staged for the public every few years so that they don’t have a real one. A symbolic ceremony where the public pretends to cast the abusive status quo into the sea so they feel like the battle against their oppressors has been won. And then their oppressors just keep right on oppressing them.

Every few years the public gets to choose between two reliable lackeys of the oligarchic empire, and then all of the evils of that empire get pinned upon the winner. The public then directs their rage at the lackey rather than the actual power structure which has been oppressing them, after which they have another election to rid themselves of the scoundrel once and for all. They hug, they cry, they celebrate, and the oppression machine continues completely uninterrupted.

As Gore Vidal once said:

“It doesn’t actually make any difference whether the President is Republican or Democrat. The genius of the American ruling class is that it has been able to make the people think that they have had something to do with the electing of presidents for 200 years when they’ve had absolutely nothing to say about the candidates or the policies or the way the country is run. A very small group controls just about everything.”

That small group is the plutocratic class whose legalized bribery and propaganda machine has immense influence over US politics, as well as the imperial war machine and special interest groups with whom the plutocratic class is allied. It is necessary to form coalitions of support within that power cluster if one wants to become president in the managed democracy that is the United States, and no part of that power cluster is going to support a president who won’t reliably advance the interests of the oligarchic empire.

From this point of view, the oligarchic power cluster is essentially running its own employees against each other and having them promise to end the injustices which are inextricably baked in to the oligarchic empire. Americans live in a totalitarian state whose most important elections are rigged from top to bottom, and they’re fed news stories about Evil Dictators in other countries rigging their elections to remain in power.

Politicians cannot change the status quo to one which benefits ordinary people instead of their oligarchic owners, because the oligarchic empire is built upon the need for endless war, poverty, and oppression. You cannot have a unipolar global empire without using violent force (and the threat of it) to uphold that world order, and you cannot have a plutocracy without ensuring that a few rulers have far more wealth control than the rank-and-file citizenry.

For this reason, even politicians who run on relatively progressive-sounding platforms are themselves a part of the fake decoy revolution unless they demand a complete dismantling of oligarchy and empire. The politicians who present themselves as progressives in America today offer only light opposition to some aspects of empire and oligarchy, in effect merely supporting an oligarchic empire that gives Americans healthcare. Since keeping Americans poor, busy and propagandized is an essential dynamic in the hub of a globe-spanning oligarchic empire, this is a nonsensical position; the oligarchs don’t want ordinary Americans to have money to burn on campaign donations and free time to research what’s really going on in their world, because then they might meddle in the gears of empire. A power structure built upon economic injustice will never permit economic justice.

The door to meaningful change in America via electoral politics has been closed, locked, bolted, welded shut, and barricaded with a metric ton of solid steel. The only thing that can cause an end to the oppression and exploitation is an end to the oligarchic empire, and the only thing that can cause the end of the oligarchic empire is direct action by the American people: mass-scale activism, general strikes, and civil disobedience the likes of which the nation has never before seen, in sufficient numbers to bring down the plutocratic institutions which maintain the status quo.

The problem is that this will never happen as long as Americans are being successfully propagandized into being content with their fake decoy revolutions. There is a zero percent chance of electoral politics leading to an end of the empire, but a concerted effort to spread awareness by those who understand what’s going on just might.

All positive changes in human behavior are always preceded by an expansion of awareness, whether you’re talking about awareness of the consequences of one’s addiction leading to their getting sober or an expansion of awareness of the injustices of racism leading to racial justice laws. Making people aware that the mass media are lying to us about what’s real, aware of the horrors of war, aware of the underlying dynamics of the economic injustice which is grinding Americans into the dirt, that can lead to a chain reaction which sees the collective using the power of its numbers to shrug off the chains of oppression as easily as you remove a heavy coat on a warm day.

What’s needed is for the people to awaken to the truth. An entire empire is built upon a pair of closed eyelids.


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  • I applaud your optimism, even if I don’t share it. IMO, your assessment of the collusion at the top is spot-on. While it isn’t overt, it doesn’t need to be, just as with corporate collusion; the dancers are innately synchronized, being from the same mold. The left/right show is entirely for our entertainment and righteous anger. At the bottom of this pyramid, we are as different as possible, though we share much more than it would seem. But at at the top, they are a single beast with two faces, addressing us in our opposite corners.

    Where your argument seems to stray is in the hope for us to “awaken to the truth”. It will take much, much more than that. IMO there is much more awareness (including “awareness of the consequences”) than is needed already. What is missing is a resolve to break free of the self-imposed chains of addiction to a system that meets enough of our basic needs, to keep us enslaved to it. Religion is a key part of that addiction, as is self-interest, and a general desire/willingness to delegate the tough parts of our self-determination to someone else, a strongman or god maybe. You are totally right that awareness is the first step, but it’s far from the last. And as long as the powers keep left/right locked in a culture war that risks democracy itself (especially right now, and leading up to 2022), I think the prognosis is much darker than you seem to hope for.

  • “The only thing that can cause an end to the oppression and exploitation is an end to the oligarchic empire, and the only thing that can cause the end of the oligarchic empire is direct action by the American people: mass-scale activism, general strikes, and civil disobedience the likes of which the nation has never before seen, in sufficient numbers to bring down the plutocratic institutions which maintain the status quo.”
    This itself is a perfect example of a ‘fake decoy revolution’. Why? Because a revolution isn’t made simply by ‘bring[ing] down the plutocratic institutions which maintain the status quo’. It’s actually made when the insurgents have a program to effectively replace those institutions, when they fight to assume power in their own right, in their own interests, to replace one ruling class by another to prevent the re-emergence of the ancien regime and its defunct, decrepit and life-threatening social system. That’s what a social revolution entails, the smashing up and replacing of one state machine by another. Without recognising the need to seize and hold power, all nostrums of ‘bringing down institutions’, etc — ie, a naive negative without any necessary positive programmatic element — amount to yet another ‘fake decoy revolution’.
    At most, mass civil disturbances, disobedience, strikes and uprisings alone may achieve a change in government. At most. Replacing a state machine, whose core comprises the cops and military, along with its institutions is a qualitatively more rigorous task that requires the leadership of professional revolutionary party that knows ‘What Is To Be Done’. It’s not just a matter of quantity (ie, ‘in sufficient numbers’) but quality: do those ‘sufficient numbers’ want to take power to build a new, rational society and social system or not? Only revolutionary propaganda, agitation, organisation and leadership in struggle can imbue the masses in general, and the working class in particular, with the necessary outlook, ambition and means to take power to achieve such a necessary goal.

  • “All positive changes in human behavior are always preceded by an expansion of awareness,” such as “awareness of the injustices of racism leading to racial justice laws.”

    There has always been shockingly little racism in America. The notion of decades of rampant racism was lies, proffered strategically by the very oligarchs against whom you are railing. These same oligarchs are behind the “racial-justice” laws that they told us were necessary for solving the (fake) racism problem that they had intentionally created.

  • I HAD a friend who thinks that she is progressive. She voted for Biden. In a discussion with her, I discovered that she is very good at connecting the dots until she gets to the limit of her comfort zone. At that point, she has built a solid wall and no number of facts can penetrate.

    She starts spouting every MSM propaganda talking point in a gush. There’s no reasoning with her.

    She is one of those whom I call “suburbans,” although “bourgeoisie” is actually the right term.

    • That’s almost literally every person I work with—most of whom are PhD’s and physicians! It’s a sad, sick, upside-down world, where almost everyone is brainwashed, unsophisticated, and obtuse.

  • it is anti-capitalism in that it does not allow for competetive price discovery in a free market economy.

    • It’s a highly restrictive and unusual definition of capitalism that requires competitive price discovery in free markets.

    • Free-market systems are inherently evil.

  • At least in the time of Royal Rule we had a slim chance of a benevolent King or Queen. Not any more. These pricks wouldn’t know benevolence if it bit em on the arse.
    On a related subject, the Federal Police in Australia have just nabbed a heap of criminals using an app designed by the cops.
    Imagine if they did that to politicians and corparasites. The jails wouldn’t be big enough.

  • Injustice and extreme suffering is not what ” democracy ” is supposed to be about! The ” evil empire ” is something we should all be ashamed about; instead we just continue to look the other way!!
    What is there about our shared journey that permits us, with ease, to consciously blind ourselves to the grief of others because it aches too much to see the obvious? That upends echoes of pain as screams come in unbearable waves that leave no doubt of its horrible source of crimes, in progress, of broken families and dreams never to be dreamt? What finds escape in crafted denial that accepts no combat from waves of reality… for to handle truth is, seemingly, well beyond our collective capacity? It is the story of our day. Star of David … land of myth.
    This great article can be read here:
    Star of David; Land of Myth By Stanley L. Cohen

  • As long as humans are capable of horrendous crimes against each other there will be those who oppress others for their own benefit.

    It doesn’t matter what you call them, their purpose is always the same – to use the masses to obtain power, wealth and control, regardless of the suffering it causes.

    They will do absolutely anything to make sure the masses never gain control over their own destinies. So, if one system fails they will create another – after all they have the money and power to buy or force what they need, and if they can’t buy it they will steal it. No holds barred.

    • That is indeed the way (((they))) operate.

  • If people didn’t have needs ie. food, shelter etc then we could just opt out but in order to remain alive people need to have their basics met. That’s really the bottom line. That’s really how empire perpetuates by cutting off your basic needs, making it illegal to procure those needs by any other means than those sanctioned by the state and then violence if you don’t comply. The propaganda is the icing, obscuring this fact and sugar coating the reality.

    • It is illegal for the state to make it illegal to procure our needs by any other means than those sanctioned by the state and then violence if you don’t comply. We should not comply with tyranny.

    • That’s why I disagree with the idea the economy is a delusion. True, if enough of us start organising production and distribution differently we’d have a different economy, but the empire will resist that tooth and claw, and in the meantime, their economy remains the bottom line, backed with violence if we don’t comply.

      • Backed with violence, and with us being kidnapped by police, tried by corrupt judges, and jailed on bogus charges.

  • Expecting “the people” to wake up is wishful thinking. People only wake up when super-wealthy conspirators, like the CIA or MI6 hire terrorists to foment revolutions which put new dictators or corrupt puppets in power. But Yeshua promoted a better plan. His name means Liberator in Hebrew, and He explained how we can precipitate the downfall of the evil empire. He instructed His followers to withdrawn financial support and cooperation in state crimes against humanity. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  • i appreciate your idealistic yet simplistic assessment of socialism, however it is inapplicable in contemporary global political economics. our current politcal economic system in the US, and in the rest of the G20, is more akin to fascism, or state socialism. fascism is, at its core, state interventionism into captalist markets whereby the state colludes with large corporations to benefit the state. this has devastating consequences on the rest of the economy and it is these devastating consequences that we are currently subjected to and have been subjected to all of our lives. it always makes me laugh when people who have never truly experienced laissez faire free market capitalism propone the “great benefits” of socialism and the need to eliminate the “oppression” of austrian economics and free market capitalism when it is in fact state socialism that is the true oppressor of the masses. i would suggest you read ludwig von mises or murray rothbard. if not, you can always join the BLM / Antifa riots this summer and march in step with the great marxian overthrow of our current state socialist system in order to usher in the next great state socialist system. the government is just hoping and praying you will join the marxists.

    • Prayer granted.

      • behold…..another marxist fool. here is marxist BLM’s toll free number: 1-800-KLU-LESS. and here is the fascist group Antifa’s toll free number: 1-800-4HI-TLER. sign up today and get a 20% discount at amazon.

        • Capitalism is destroying the environment as fast as possible. If you think that’s smart, then you’re the biggest fool around.

          • No, Evil is destroying the environment as fast as possible.

            • Freakin’ sharks with freakin’ lasers on their heads!

    • The USA is state socialist? Is that why it hurls money hand over fist at the banks and stock market?

      • yes ian that is correct. it is called market manipulation and it is precisely done to control asset prices.

        • It’s market manipulation to control asset prices for sure, but in what way is it remotely socialist?

          • it is anti-capitalism in that it does not allow for competetive price discovery in free market economies.

            • Capitalism doesn’t depend on all that.
              And anti-capitalism is not automatically socialist.

              • you are a funny guy ian. so you are saying that capitalism does not depend on free market price discovery and socialism is not necessarily anti-capitalist. whoa which planet were you born on ? i recommend you stop embarrassing yourself my clueless friend but you are welcome to continue if you prefer.

  • “Every few years the public gets to choose between two reliable lackeys of the oligarchic empire, and then all of the evils of that empire get pinned upon the winner.”
    Heads… They win. Tails… We lose. But we get to flip the coin, right? And we PAY for the coin, too! And we pay the Winner of the ‘coin flip’. And in some way, we’ll also pay the ‘loser’ of the coin flip. Everybody wins! Wait a second… NOT everybody. But why change anything? Why change the coin? Why change who flips the coin? Why change the two ‘sides’ of the coin that both read the same? Why swap out the coin for something else! It’s all working so well!
    “What’s needed is for the people to awaken to the truth. An entire empire is built upon a pair of closed eyelids.”
    No one will ever awaken to the truth while they’re glued with eyes wide-open-shut while being transfixed and bedeviled and bedazzled by the magic box of dancing pixels that spreads its daily dose of mental and spiritual sewage into our brains and bloodstream. The tiny box of dancing pixels is the true weapon of mass destruction. Mission accomplished!

  • …’government’ is nothing more than the people who make it up…

    …i am thoroughly convinced that by mere choosing the names of public officials through lottery, sortition, etc., americans [and i bet others too] would have a much better government than the republicrat puppet $how the bankster$/plutocrat$ ram down our throats here…

    …i always ask any puppet…err…politician, past or present, i meet, ‘who creates our money and how do they do it?’…lots of bull$hit comes out of their mouths…in other words, as politicians their holes are/were frequently agape as to some zillion dollar economy, spending bill, etc., even though they are clueless about the hideous origin and nature of even one dollar!…

  • two different flavors: chocolate and vanilla. same ol’ ice cream.
    all desert and promises; the audacity of nopelessness.
    Olama and Biden his time.
    He made prez. he done now. life over.
    sends Ka-mala to Guate-mala to solve korruption problem.
    here’s yer corruption prob in a nutshell: CIA.
    killers of Torrijos socialist pres of Panama [Wanted to own the panama canal.]
    Killers of Arbenz, who wanted land reform in favor of displaced indios in yes, Guatemala/. some day Guatebueno. not soon. Prettiest place ya ever saw.
    Honduras, ask Hil da Shill, she kidnaps Zelaya because he reminded Obama of Bernie. replace with 3 corrupt drug dealed in a row. mommies so depressed they send kids al norte on roof top of la bestia.
    Aristide 2 X re-elected. 2 X deprted by US Marines.
    Allende, DOA after Friedman’s Chicago boyz strike ala Kissinger.
    Sukarno, sent to mansion in the sky with “dementia.” Brought in Obama’s mama, and her Col. Soetoro to kill jover one million commie/socialists, mostly seking free health care.
    what are our chances for anything Norway or Finland might have. and BTW, costa rica also has free HC. and Japan. They have free HC.And Japan national debt has been over 200% for maybe decade. look it up. i’m too busy. i did look it up like 3 years ago.
    every poor person needs free EDU. also.
    BUT, the plan to me seems to be keeping us alive but in partial indentured servitude and less jobs than apps. a vicious milieu. then when the robots cantake over change the Moderna and pfizer recipes and kill us all off as if it was da batty virus.
    “not our fault,” i can hear it now. i wonder what jmePretty Gates knows. i wonder what Gherlaine knows. what about those HS grrrls..who fucked Bill Clinton besides Monica?
    aside: there is NEVER any accurate news about da FED or Treasury. we did not “GIVE”
    Wall St. $29 Trillion dollars. nah… we lent it out. maybe in return for stock options that did something good for future generations. Anyway you can thank corporate business secrets for that piece of shit confusion.
    29 trillion is more than US GDP for a year and almost a half. just thot i’d say….i do not believe it.
    but we did give criminals bailouts like 250 billion. over and over again. Fuuld, Camara(sp) Rubin, Dimon, Blankfein, and even Yellen. check her out on


  • Trouble is all this can only go on because it’s supported by an overwhelming majority beyond party lines – like the war machine with its (Facebook and Twitter compatible) hate speeches, its medals and its mythology (it will make a man out of you – I don’t know what they tell girls) like the “heroism” of the guy who went out of his way to save his ass and may be a couple others by spending rounds of ammos that make ding ding in Browning’s cash register. The overwhelming majority hates the truth. They like, instead, illusions that make them feel good. Give them the truth and they’ll throw Aesop down a cliff, burn Pythagoras’ school, make Socrates drink the hemlock and threaten Galileo with the stake. The American people specifically want to help. That’s what makes them feel good. They helped the Chinese get rid of the Japanese in WWII and it’s not their fault if Mao Zedong then proceeded to kill millions more than General Tojo ever dreamt of. They helped the Europeans get rid of Hitler and it’s not their fault if all the Eastern countries under nazi yoke were abandoned to the Soviet boot – complete with gulags, KGB, Stasi and all this “commie” folklore the Americans love to hate. Then they wanted to help the South Vietnamese against Charlie and it’s not their fault if that ended up with four million tons of bombs dropped on the South against a small million on the North. They wanted to help Afghan ladies get rid of the abusive Taliban and it’s not their fault if this killed hundreds of thousands of them and their families while no women’s lib came out of it under the opium warlords of the new US compatible regime. They wanted to help the Iraqis get rid of Saddam “who’d gassed the Kurds”, the Libyans of Gaddafi who’d “killed his own people” and the Syrians of Assad who’d “butchered” his and it’s not their fault if this led to the three worst civil wars of the ages, only then surpassed by Yemen which, fortunately, they’re not told about. Otherwise, they’d want to help the Yemenis and things are bad enough as they are. Meanwhile their “boyz” fight to “defend their country” over there (probably thinking that’s what JFK called the “new frontier” :o) and are duly feted when they come back before being dumped into homelessness and/or suicide once the MIC has turned off the media spotlights. Peace lovers like Sweet Tulsi get a trickle of attention on a good day. Mostly she’s smeared as a Putin agent by Killary’s golden hordes and/or labelled Assad’s whore by rednecks in perfect agreement for once with virtue-signalling wokesters. An overwhelming majority is fine with all that. Why? Because propaganda gives them what they want: a good image of themselves, complete with God’s blessing and exceptionalism. And it’s true that they’re exceptionally gullible :o)

  • I would think that a literate and educated citizenry could deduce from the histories of nations the only real cure for despotic government. I guess given that there is no capacity to Take the Cure, the next best chance is for sympathetic aliens to step in. Chances between the two choices is at 50/50.

  • I have been telling people exactly what Caitlin writes here and have been vilified by adamant supporters of the Democratic Party. I have lost friends (both real and FB) over this, mostly when I criticized them for believing the election of Joe Biden was the second coming of Christ. People old enough to know better–people who marched against war in the 1960s and marched for civil rights in that same decade–have completely changed into believers that capitalism can be reformed. In other words, they have learned nothing. But there are those of us who will never fall for that bullshit.

    • I’ve had exactly the same experience, with the exception of FB, which I stopped paying any attention to about 6 years ago. Most liberals I know won’t discuss much anything political now. They know Biden’s a farce but at least he’s not Trump and that where their interest begins and ends.

      As you say, they’ve learned literally nothing about this political culture since the ’60s, and most of those I know were around then. The younger ones seem mainly interested in moving ahead with their lives and don’t want to hear a lot of “negative stuff” about Biden and the Democrats being scarcely different from the R’s on any actual policies. Rhetoric and platitudinous assurances from Rachel Maddow & Co. seem sufficient to keep hope alive no matter how hollow the hope.

    • Remind those dolts that there was no “election of Joe Biden” but rather an installation.

  • Never forget that a mass peaceful uprising by the citizens of the US will be met by the full force of the police and the military. Thousands of US citizens will be gunned down. And if the uprising is successful in any part of the country, the US war machine will use all the weapons in it’s inventory , including nuclear weapons to stop the uprising. The only way this would not happen is if the US military sides with the people and defeats the US police. I wouldn’t hold my breath that this outcome would happen and anyway it would lead to martial law. The American people are rightfully afraid to get into the streets and I’m not sure what could overcome that fear.

    • It already has. Look at what happened to the protests following the police murder of George Floyd. The full might of the police and military were called out to gas and shoot demonstrators of all colors and ethnicities. (This might was noticeably absent on January 6, 2021, by the way.) What will overcome people’s fear? Events will overcome it. When things finally get bad enough, the people will explode. We already see it misdirected towards fascism, which is a possibility. Look at Germany in the 1930s. In fact, look at Germany NOW. And France and most of Europe. We socialists have to explain to the workers that socialism is the only sane alternative.

      • socialism is the problem. the US government is socialist, it is not capitalist. we have been living under left wing government monopolism, or anti-capitalism disquised as capitalism, our whole lives but the masses don’t understand this. we continue to live under government monopolism in virtually every sector of the economy. the government wants a left-wing socialist revolution because the government is left-wing socialist. never forget friends that anti-capitalsim is left wing and free market capitalism is right wing. god bless the progressive right wing progressives who will deliver us from left wing totalitarian anti-capitalism. just ask yourself if you were silly enough to vote for left wing socialist trump or left wing socialist biden.

        • Socialism is the ownership and control of the means of production by the workers or the community in general. Beyond some small and mid-sized worker cooperatives there is no socialism in the United States or in any other state. I don’t know why people have so much trouble with this simple concept and persist in making up lurid stories about it. If they can’t figure it out, they might try reading Michael Harrington’s book.

      • The “murder” of Floyd and the cop’s trial were staged events. Get your head out of your asterisk.

    • Read From Dictatorship to Democracy by the late Dr Gene Sharp. He was perfectly well aware that the state would respond with violent reprisal, since that’s the only solution it knows. He instructs the resistance in methods of continuing the struggle. Just giving up in despair before a blow has been struck because you contemplate the power of the state makes you a poor candidate for change. He did say, “Fear creates submission.” Put that together with: “People get the government they deserve,” and you’ll see why we live in a fascist state.

  • Where is America‘s Lenin?

    • Good question. The closest we have is the Socialist Equality Party, the only true socialist revolutionary party.

  • Which is exactly why there is no reason to waste time voting. The new movie is already in the can before the election starts.
    There has never been but one form of government that has ever worked to the advantage of those governed. A monarchy with a benevolent king. Unfortunately they only last as long as the king does. Otherwise, we are at least as well of with no government at all, since all they ever end up doing is become the allies of those they pretend to protect us from.

    • > “A monarchy with a benevolent king.”

      The main problem is an entrenched elite which considers the mass of people livestock as a means to serve their superior purpose. so .. a monarchy where there is continual churn from the lower orders to the national administration. (.. and therefore, the elite returning back into the lower orders.)
      Also .. the live option of cultural revolution at signs of decaying into an arthritic elitist structure which doesnt serve the interests of the people.

  • “What’s needed is for the people to awaken to the truth.”
    Bob Dylan: Come writers and critics – Who prophesize with your pen – And keep your eyes wide – The chance won’t come again – And don’t speak too soon – For the wheel’s still in spin – And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’ – For the loser now will be later to win – For the times they are a-changin’

  • I’m mind boggled that the masses never see this and instead cling to their my team is the best, go team go mentality. Obama was the clear demonstration that our government is controlled by big money behind the scenes and that both parties are the left and right legs of the march of the oligarchs. Obama was the best orator of any President I’ve known, he seemingly demonstrated somewhat progressive policies and certainly family and household wisdom. But the wars not only went on they increased, he signed the NDAA allowing people to be killed without even presence in court based only on the suspicion of a military official. That one thing is far from the ideals of a freedom and justice loving society. It’s Fascism like the 30s, but with a twist. Somehow it’s underground, the masses go to work and go out and play just like nothing is happening, yet offshore it’s a hell as great as the 30s Fascism.

    • But the working class is getting it. More and more young people are supporting the idea of socialism and more and more people are joining the Socialist Equality Party.

      • And after the Socialist Equality Party gains power, and as all governments must, assumes sole authority to kill all who don’t comply, and attracts sufficient sociopaths to its ranks, as all governments eventually do, being their ideal environment, exactly how is our situation improved? Yes, there may be a “honeymoon” period, perhaps 20 years, or maybe not, and then we will be right back where we started, or worse, since they claim even more moral authority, since its derived from the “working class”, to inflict the very same evils. Government is inherently evil, since death is its coin. So one must decide if they will follow the leadership of evil, or their own counsel. The individual is the smallest, most abused, and least protected minority.

    • maObama was an atrocious orator. Weird voice. Harsh accent. Whistled his s’s. Every single syllable came from the no-talent’s teleprompter. 100% of the “charm” was contrived.

  • Everything on MSM is complete BS !

    Only FOOLS believe ANYTHING they say !

    I have been following this – Israel had to call a ceasefire with the Palestinians because the IDF and their military installations were getting the SH!T kicked out of them !!

    This is a hybrid WAR and IRAN are way too advanced for ISRAEL OR the US !

    Why do you think Yemen is still standing ? – Syria has won and Iraq asked the US to LEAVE – but they won’t – so this is the result !

    The average IDIOT has NO idea what is going on because the Rothschild’s ( Israel ) OWN Al Jizzera ( sic ) – this is so funny – all these ME ‘experts’ know FVCK ALL !



    Syria predicts the Palestinian ceasefire due to the fact ISRAEL was getting the SH!T kicked out of them https://syrianews.cc/the-war-on-gaza-will-be-over-within-48-hours-israel-lost-this-battle/

    IRAN will make the Stolen/Apartheid/Zionist state of ISRAEL – PAY !


    • Israel’s stock of missiles was depleted, but it looks like that’ll soon be topped up. Have you any sources for this idea that IDF military installations “were getting the SH!T kicked out of them”? The Syria News article you link to says rockets landed on Israeli airbases, but that doesn’t seem to amount to what you claim.

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