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After the January 6 riot at the US Capitol Building, the mass media immediately seized the opportunity to call for more internet censorship to prevent the spread of crazy conspiracy theories. Now the mass media are saying the US military has been lying about UFOs for decades and hey, maybe space aliens are flying around above your house.

Half of the UFO articles coming out of the mass media these days are basically just stalwart propagandists for the western empire explaining to each other that it’s okay to talk about UFOs now and they should all feel perfectly fine and normal about that.

These unprincipled propagandists are falling all over themselves to dismantle taboos which they’ve been unquestioningly upholding and enforcing for decades, really for no other reason than because they were told to by the US military.

Can we take a minute to ingest how obnoxious that is? The “free press”, the journalistic institutions who are purportedly responsible for maintaining a well-informed public and holding the power to account, are now reporting something they used to scoff at and dismiss, because the US military told them it’s legitimate.

The US military. The single most dangerous part of the single most powerful government on earth, who the press is meant to be holding accountable with the light of truth. The part of the US government where intense skepticism is the most important. They’re not just failing to apply critical journalism, but are actively picking up the torch and running with a story as bizarre as the possibility that extraterrestrials are buzzing around the earth’s atmosphere.

The fact that the mass media are now talking about UFOs all the time because the US military told them it’s a legitimate story to cover says very little about UFOs, but it says a lot about the mass media.

These outlets are propaganda firms. Clearly. When The New York Times first reported that US officials familiar with the government UFO report say that UFOs might be alien aircraft or could be secret Russian or Chinese technology, but say it’s definitely not any kind of secret US technology, there was not a shred of incredulity from the mass media about the latter claim. News media institutions all took great pains to inform their audiences that UFOs could be a sign that the US is losing the arms race to Russia and China, and that it could totally be space aliens, but I never saw one news report reminding readers to take US government denials of possession of secret aerial technology with a very large grain of salt.

These propaganda institutions aren’t just selling the public one irresponsible story here, they’re selling them two. They’re not just uncritically reporting that UFOs are definitely real and probably threatening, they’re also tacitly selling the false idea that the US war machine does not have an extremely well-documented history of lying.

The more I learn about this new UFO narrative and its origins the more of a freaky psyop it looks like. It’s clearly been packaged for and marketed to mainstream Americans who don’t understand global power dynamics or the depravity of the US military/intelligence machine. There’s basically just a handful of people who are officially responsible for this weird new mainstream UFO plotline, and they’re all either military/intelligence insiders, sleazy warmongering politicians, or the singer from Blink-182.

I really mean that, by the way; Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge and his To The Stars Academy played a critical role in the unfolding of this story. Think about how easy that situation would be to manipulate. All you’d really need is to surround DeLonge with some spooks feeding him whatever information you want him to believe, allow some “leaks” to the press, and then you’ve got this vaguely organic-looking group seeding out information that you wanted to get out anyway so you can advance whatever agendas you’ve got planned.

And if you listen to DeLonge talk at length about the insane things he’s been told about aliens and UFOs by the military and intelligence insiders he’s surrounded himself with, it’s pretty clear he’s at the center of some kind of disinfo operation. The things he’s been told include things like that aliens are responsible for the world’s wars, that they feed off human conflict and negativity, that nuclear tests were actually the military targeting alien aircraft because that’s how you kill them, and that the US military has been acting heroically in the highest interest for the benefit of mankind against these malevolent entities.

How hard would it be to take a naive rock star who comes from a military family, who trusts the US war machine, and who desperately wants to believe in UFOs, and use him to insert a desired narrative into public consciousness? I reckon not too hard.

This is what the mass media are swallowing hook, line and sinker, with zero gag reflex, and regurgitating into the minds of their audiences.

And now you’ve got philosopher Sam Harris reporting that he’s been contacted by insiders allegedly privy to special knowledge about this thing who are telling him that “when this other shoe drops you’re going to be in the position of having to acknowledge that all the experts are on the same page, and there’s just this blanket declaration that we’re in the presence of alien technology, we don’t know what to make of it. So prepare your brain for that and figure out what you’re going to do.”

Pretty jarring stuff. Now, re-read it with the understanding that he’s talking about some sort of military or intelligence operative who is openly prepping a high-profile influencer. Looks a bit different in that light, no?

Like DeLonge, Harris has also demonstrated a blindly trusting mind when it comes to the US war machine, which is kind of funny coming from an outspoken atheist who prides himself in his logic and evidence-based worldview. Harris has placed his trust in everything from Russia hysteria to the “war on terror” to the invasion of Afghanistan, so he makes another ideal mark for uncritically seeding disinformation out to the public.

You’d have to be absolutely out of your mind to trust anything we’re being told about any of this, and this is coming from someone who has actually seen UFOs. On two separate occasions I’ve seen lights in the night sky behaving in ways known technologies can’t explain, and I’ve had plenty of other experiences most people would consider extraordinary as well. And I still place exactly zero trust in this new UFO plotline. And neither should you.

Today I received my first online comment from someone calling me a “conspiracy theorist” for expressing skepticism about UFOs. This is the new reality, folks. Buckle up.


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89 responses to “Media Flipping 180° On UFOs At Pentagon’s Directive Says More About Media Than UFOs”

  1. Robert L Phillips Avatar
    Robert L Phillips

    Caitlin, if you are not yet acquainted with Richard Dolan, his two-volume book (UFOs and the National Security State), I very strongly recommend you read it or visit his channel. He is the ultimate voice of objective reason and deep research on the subject.

    Here’s a recent video:

  2. Dennis Mitchell Avatar
    Dennis Mitchell

    Caitlin’s writing are pure junk. I can tell because every other day I have to go into my junk folder and lable it not junk. I’d be tempted to think it was a conspiracy.

    1. Richard Coleman Avatar
      Richard Coleman

      It is. We will overload your brain with CJ’s writing until it explodes. You can’t get away; there are hundreds of us……. Thousands…….MILLIONS!!!! MWHAHAHA. And we’re all COMING TO GET YOU, DENNIS!!! And then we’re going to take over the world! MWHAHAHAHAHA.

  3. Blair Schirmer Avatar
    Blair Schirmer

    Evidence. E-v-i-d-e-n-c-e.

    Funny how, in an age of high definition video, we still lack anything resembling strong (never mind conclusive) evidence that UFOs are of non-terrestrial origin. I’ve even heard that UFOs spend a lot of time around U.S. military bases, so you’d think the U.S. military would be in an excellent position to capture one on video or on radar, with its attendant records. Harmonic radar can even track insects, but large craft? Nah.

    There’s not one strong piece of evidence. There’s no more evidence for non-terrestrials than there is for Bigfoot.

    But sure, it’s aliens!

  4. Robert L Phillips Avatar
    Robert L Phillips

    Wow, people are still making ridiculous remarks ridiculing the entire subject of UFOs?

    Do some real research; it might take you a few years. Look up the Twining Memo, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, 1952 DC UFO flap, FOIA and UFOs, Malstrom AFB and UFOs. I am not claiming that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, nor am I saying this is false. But to ridicule a subject one hasn’t even bothered to research (“Well, there’s nothing to research. It’s all just a joke.”) is pretty absurd.

    Yes, of course the US military lies, and is lying about what they know. Yes, of course there are secret technologies – and have been for decades – that can explain *some* of the sightings. Yes, we are being set up for perhaps the biggest trick of all time.

    But enough with the ‘little green men” jokes and ridicule. If you don’t know anything about the extensive history of UFOs, UFO research, national security state interest in the subject, infiltration of UFO research groups, planting of disinformation and *countless* documented encounters, the joking comes off as nothing more than juvenile. It’s like an 11 year old kid watching a romance scene in a movie and getting all giggly.

    I think it is quite likely that all the ancient myths about sky beings and vimanas, aerial wars, visitors from space, didn’t just come out of people’s imaginations. And I have seen several unknowns, and talked to a lot of people who have related very bizarre experiences. They aren’t kooks.

    A mature and rational, objective view of the matter is urgently required, not either “true believers” saying to the Nth detail just what they are, where they come from and what their intentions are, nor people making sarcastic dismissals of a subject they clearly have spent zero time researching.

    A lot is at stake here, people. We’re undoubtedly being set up for a massive trick, something that will make the CV narrative and control mechanisms look like child’s play. Enough with the childish jokes.

    1. Richard Coleman Avatar
      Richard Coleman

      Right on.

  5. Johnstone is the absolute best at making me happy about my decision not to follow the news.

  6. Bill Waterson put the right sentence in Calvin mouth: The best evidence that there are intelligent life forms out there in the universe, is that they are avoid us.
    But seriously; We should think about the timing to re-launch the UFO theories in this times. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, all the focus in the news about UFO ( among other subjects ) distract people from Cold War, arms race, overthrowing elected governments, and several proxy wars everywhere. Not a surprise that in these strange new times we live, someone think about as many distractions as possible to made people look another way as the economic and political elites screw or lives without any reaction from the sheep’s. Why not UFOs? As good as many other distracting options. Next steps, bread and circus, and burning “witches”.

  7. The actual COVID-19 fatality numbers are vastly lower than those reported. On March 24, 2020, the DHHS changed the rules applicable to coroners and others responsible for producing death certificates and making “cause of death” determinations – exclusively for COVID-19. The rule change states that “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.” Many doctors have attested that permitting such imprecision on a legal document (death certificate) has never happened before in modern medicine. This results in reporting of deaths as caused by COVID-19, even when in fact deaths were imminent and inevitable for other pre-existing reasons and caused by co-morbidities. In other words, people dying with COVID-9 are being reported as dying from COVID-19. DHHS statistics are now showing that 95% of deaths classed as “COVID-19 deaths” involve an average of four additional co- morbidities.
    156. Substantial government subsidies paid for reported COVID-19 deaths undoubtedly fuel this misattribution of the cause of death. Former CDC Director Robert Redfield acknowledged this perverse financial incentive in sworn Congressional testimony on COVID-19: “I think you’re correct in that we’ve seen this in other disease processes too, really in the HIV epidemic, somebody may have a heart attack, but also have HIV – the hospital would prefer the classification for HIV because there’s greater reimbursement.”
    157. Dr. Genevieve Briand of John Hopkins University published a study demonstrating that the overall death rate in the United States has remained the same, despite the deaths attributed to COVID-19. Dr. Briand analyzed federal CDC data for 2018 and 2020 and found that nationwide deaths from causes other than COVID-19, decreased by the same amount that COVID-19 deaths increased, raising the presumption that deaths from these other causes have been characterized as COVID-19 deaths. There are no excess deaths due to COVID-19.
    158. Similarly, the actual number of COVID-19 “cases” is far lower than the reported number. The signs, symptoms and other diagnostic criteria for COVID-19 are laughably broad. Applying the criteria, countless ailments can be classed as COVID-19, especially the common cold or ordinary seasonal flu. Compounding the problem, the DHHS authorized the use of the polymerase chain reaction (“PCR”) test as a diagnostic tool for COVID-19, with disastrous consequences. The PCR tests are themselves experimental products, authorized by the FDA under separate EUAs. Test manufacturers use disclaimers like this in their product manuals: “[t]he FDA has not determined that the test is safe or effective for the detection of SARS-Co-V-2.”
    159. A PCR test can only test for the presence of a fragment of the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and literally, by itself, cannot be used to diagnose the COVID-19 disease. The RNA fragment detected may not be intact and may be dead, in which case it cannot cause the disease COVID-19. This is analogous to finding a car part, but not a whole car that can be driven. Manufacturer inserts furnished with PCR test products include disclaimers stating that the PCR tests should NOT be used to diagnose COVID- 19. This is consistent with the warning issued by the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test that such tests are not appropriate for diagnosing disease.
    160. Further, the way in which the PCR tests are administered guaranties an unacceptably high number of false positive results. Cycle Threshold Value (“CT value”) is essentially the number of times that a sample (usually from a nasal swab) is magnified or amplified before a fragment of viral RNA is detected. The CT Value is exponential, and so a 40-cycle threshold means that the sample is magnified around a trillion times. The higher the CT Value, the less likely the detected fragment of viral RNA is intact, alive and infectious.
    161. Virtually all scientists, including Dr. Fauci, agree that any PCR test run at a CT value of 35-cycles or greater is useless. Dr. Fauci has stated:
    What is now evolving into a bit of a standard is that if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more that the chances of it being replication competent are miniscule…We have patients, and it is very frustrating for the patients as well as for the physicians…somebody comes in and they repeat their PCR and it’s like 37 cycle threshold…you can almost never culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle. So I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you gotta say, you know, it’s dead nucleotides, period.” In other words, it is not a COVID-19 infection.
    A study funded by the French government showed that even at 35-cycles, the false positivity rate is as high as 97%. Despite this, a majority of the PCR tests for COVID-19 deployed under EUAs in the United States are run at cycles seemingly guaranteed to produce false positive results. Under the EUAs issued by the FDA, there is no flexibility to depart from the manufacturer’s instructions and change the way in which the test is administered or interpreted. The chart below shows that all major PCR tests in use in the United States are run at cycles of 35 or higher.
    There is, however, one GLARING exception to this standard. THE CDC HAS STATED THAT ONCE A PERSON HAS BEEN VACCINATED, AND THEN AFTER VACCINATION THAT PERSON TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 USING A PCR TEST, THE CDC WILL ONLY “COUNT” THE POSITIVE RESULT AT 28 CYCLES OR LESS! Why the difference? More recently, the CDC has announced it will no longer compile and report data showing the total number of vaccinated who subsequently contract COVID-19: “[We are] transitioning to reporting only patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection that were hospitalized or died to help maximize the quality of the data collected.”8 There appears to be an agenda to protect the myths about the vaccine, rather than to protect the public.
    163. The Defendants and their counterparts in state governments used the specter of “asymptomatic spread” – the notion that fundamentally healthy people could cause COVID-19 in others – to justify the purported emergency. But there is no credible scientific evidence that demonstrates that the phenomenon of “asymptomatic spread” is real. On the contrary, on June 7, 2020, Dr. Maria Von Kerkhov, head of the WHO’s Emerging Diseases and Zoonosis Unit, told a press conference that from the known research, asymptomatic spread was “very rare.” “From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual.” She added for emphasis: “it’s very rare.” Researchers from Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China, published a study in August 2020 concluding that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is almost non-existent. “Asymptomatic cases were least likely to infect their close contacts,” the researchers found. A more recent study involving nearly 10 million residents of Wuhan, China found that there were no – zero – positive COVID-19 tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases, indicating the complete absence of asymptomatic transmission.
    164. On September 9, 2020, Dr. Fauci was forced to admit in an official press conference:
    [E]ven if there is some asymptomatic transmission, in all the history of respiratory borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person, even if there is a rare asymptomatic person that might transmit, an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers.
    —-excerpted from

    1. You’re very selective regarding asymptomatic infections and transmission, and the sources you cite for this are mostly from 2020.
      January 2021:

      Overall, the model predicted that 59% of coronavirus transmission would come from people without symptoms, including 35% from people who were pre-symptomatic and 24% from those who never showed symptoms at all.

      March 2021:
      All of these studies agree that AIC transmit SARS-COV2 to contacts, although to a somewhat lesser extent than SIC.

      March 2021:
      Using an epidemiological model that includes testing capacity, we show that many infections are nonsymptomatic but contribute substantially to community transmission in the aggregate.

    Your ideas about vaccines find their way onto Facebook and so on in countries where the main or only jabs available are Chinese.
    People here come across these ideas about “All COVID vaccines are dangerous because blah blah blah,” and now you basically admit half of it doesn’t apply to Sinovac’s or Sinopharm’s (which constitute over 95% of doses delivered here so far).
    You’re hopefully not responsible for producing this stuff, but it’s irresponsible enough to promote it, and grossly irresponsible – at best – when you know it doesn’t apply to all COVID vaccines.

    1. The context of the McCullough discussion is clear. Your misdirection is again noted.

      1. The context is extremely clear indeed. He’s very plainly talking about all the vaccines, worldwide.
        Here are a few extracts, by ear, from the first five minutes of his video –
        This WHOLE pandemic, from the beginning, was about the vaccine
        So I think ALL ROADS lead to the vaccine
        There are already places in SOUTH-EAST ASIA and in Europe that are laying the groundwork for a compulsory vaccination
        There are stakeholders who want a needle in EVERY arm
        It’s not a safe product – NONE of them are, not just Johnson and Johnson
        There are now papers calling for a WORLDWIDE halt in the program
        The vaccines are ALL targetted to the original Wuhan spike protein
        There are warnings saying don’t vaccinate THE ENTIRE WORLD
        Americans and PEOPLE WORLDWIDE should be extraordinarily alarmed [as indeed they should, by bullshitters like you and this quack]

        1. How on earth can someone here, say, listen to that and not assume he’s talking about all vaccines, including those they’re likely to receive, namely Sinovac’s and Sinopharm’s?

  9. Facts. Swiss Billy Meier of theyfly dot com, has had over 1700 face to face chats, since 1943 with a group of human ets, here on a now completed 37,000 years mission. They have left us with 45,000 pages of data, some still not translated from German. Before you scream FRAUD, note that USAF Intel Lt. Col. W. Stevens and his team failed to debunk Meier after years of research. The investigation is here. ”YouTube. Contact: Billy Meier Documentary (1982)”. Would like some close-ups from only METERS away, instead of distant blurs? These were shot with a Ricoh camera onto Kodak film. Here’s the analysis by a Maths. Prof. of a high speed craft landing in Meier’s yard for a chat and photo shoot. This ship is on loan from these ets much higher tech friends, in the Twin Dal Universe. It gets here in a millionth of a second over a 500 light years distance, while their own craft take 7 hours. The analysis was based on reflections of trees and houses, in the 3 rows of highly polished spheres around the craft. Search. ”Analysis of The Wedding Cake UFO by Rhal Zahi’. Once you get through that data, and will ask WHY Meier? Here’s the early contact with Sfaath,. an elder in charge of their Planet, Erra, and this sector, (he being aged close to 1000, their max lifespan and dying just a few years later), giving Meier his recorded initial briefing in the early 1940s. Search..” A Billy Meier Wiki. The Future of Mankind. Sfaath explanations”.. and another rather lengthy chat, many years later, between Sfaath’s son and Meier, of our humankind’s 12 billion years history etc. . search on the site for contact251.

  10. “The US military. The single most dangerous part of the single most powerful government on earth, who the press is meant to be holding accountable with the light of truth.”

    I thought we’d all dispensed with that notion at least two decades ago. The mainstream corporate media is now just another co-opted propaganda arm of the military industrial infotainment surveillance complex. I would guess that NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, etc. all have one or more board members who also serve on the boards of Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, etc. (Maybe SAIC is private, I forget).

    Anyone expecting the mainstream media to hold the Pentagon and all of its tentacles to account is dreaming (and I know @caitoz doesn’t actually believe that the “fourth estate” in the West will ever return to its mandate of speaking truth to power).

  11. Great article. Thanks

  12. Seen UFOs myself, thrice. Once I identified them they became IFOs.

    The first was a red meteor. The second was an unmanned hot air balloon, a “Chinese lantern “, flying at night. The third was a brilliant dot I saw hovering silently in mid air one day. With binoculars I identified it as a kite made of some shiny material, possibly aluminium foil.

    On anything Sam (“Islamist countries that might get nukes should be nuked pre emptively”) Harris says, the opposite cab be guaranteed to be the truth.

  13. I believe everything the M$M, FIB and (cia) tell me.

  14. Bryan Hemming Avatar
    Bryan Hemming

    Russo-Sino aliens infected with coronavirus are coming to get you! And I mean you, the one hiding under your bed as if I can’t see you.

  15. Another’s witting short tribute to Caitlin Johnstone

  16. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist — epigenesist, states, in not so many words, that the mind is the most fertile ‘plant’, and it is — fully planted, before the age of seven.

    When ‘properly’ seeded — western imperial, sociocultural, education-wise, for example; ninety-five percent of it is the subliminal driving unconscious narrative.

    In other words, blind faith beliefs control human biology rather than DNA and inheritance.
    Now there’s a positively expansive idea!

    The difficulty lies in the unconsciously inculcated tabu of seeing through the looking glass and becoming more aware of one’s hidden driver; seeing truth of self, as it is.

    1. Come down off your throne and leave your body alone
      Somebody must change
      You are the reason I’ve been waiting all these years
      Somebody holds the key
      Well, I’m near the end and I just ain’t got the time
      And I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home
      I can’t find my way home
      But I can’t find my way home
      But I can’t find my way home
      But I can’t find my way home
      Still I can’t find my way home
      And I’ve done nothing wrong
      But I can’t find my way home
      Blind Faith – 1969

  17. I haven’t trust Sam Harris since his being in favor of “war on terrorism”. It seems like when it comes to Islam, suddenly he lets hatred outweighs any reason, just like a few other atheists I knew. Like Christopher Hitchins towards the end of his life was favorable of Bush’s war on terrorism. Now, he is into UFOs, too. Not too surprise he take a militaristic view on it. As far as UFOs, I take agnostic view. It is unbelievable to travel such long distances to outer edge of galaxy. Maybe, robotic vessels, if any. Besides if there are aliens aboard spaceships, I think they would take the Star Trek’s Prime Directive and not interfere with us. More like an anthropologist observing. An interesting alternative I have heard is that the spaceships coming from underground and are remnants of Atlanteans or Lemurians. That seem more feasible, though I doubt that, too.

  18. And what do you know !
    Wing Commander Biddington has progressed from his famous 1994 letter to a PHD in Philosophy at Uni of NSW
    His thesis is “Space Security In the 21st Century”
    No mention of his humble UFO debunking origins

    1. That looks fascinating; I’ll scroll through it some time. I notice there’s no mention of aliens or extra-terrestrials, but on page ii I see:
      “Space activities are the heart of Australia’s alliance with the United States and have provided Australia insights into global space activities not available to other small and middle powers,” and “Orbital space is a profoundly dual-use environment in which military and non-military payloads share orbits and technologies.”
      Thank you! It looks like a real insight into what actually is going on.

  19. @Ian Perkins this article refers to the famous 1994 letter the RAAF sent to all the UFO watcher groups saying “ stop calling us, its all bullshit ! “
    The document itself is suddenly scarce online but its quoted in numerous books

    Here is a direct reference to Wing Commander Brett Biddington’s letter

    1. Thank you, I’ll have a look. I had a bit of a look for something about it from your previous comment – good to see you’ve solved the thing with links.

      1. Nothing at all conclusive about UFOs there, but plenty to back up your idea there’s a lot of interest in them in Australia.
        I did notice Biddington’s 1994 comment, “The number of reports made to the RAAF in the past decade had declined significantly, which may indicate that organisations such as yours are better known and are meeting the community’s requirements.” It’s a bit of a contrast with Paul Drew of the WBAG’s “A photographer (from the group) was visited unannounced by Australian military security and questioned for putting movements onto an international web site.” Investigate UAP if you like, but expect the heavy brigade if you do?

  20. As assorted intere$ts pound out a (converging) narrative that will be of maximum utility to the Oilygawks’ Klub, I have just one interest: are we getting implicit confirmation of the existence of ZPE/ antigrav/ interdimensional technology possessed by ET and/or the warlords – and how can us (expendables, deplorables) peasants (def: anyone with assets of less than 1 B U$D) get ahold of it to nullify the energy (++), transportation (++), and “governments” cartels to bypass the dinosaur reichs and get (back) on the paths that scifi has tentatively mapped out?

    1. No, it’s the stuff of science fiction, and so we can’t get hold of it.

  21. THEY ARE the aliens.
    Alien to Love.
    Alien to Truth.
    Alien to Justice.
    Those three states are as close as our breath:

  22. I cant post links here for some reason but in 1994 (after the cold war) RAAF Intelligence announced they would no longer investigate UFO sightings as they did not consider them credible threats. Now another cold war, albeit a fake one is brewing, UFO’s are back !
    “RAAF Air Intelligence Melbourne- Unusual Aerial Sightings”

    1. Most of us, have known for all our lives, U.F.O.’s are real, especially the folks who have had first hand encounters with them, (and as a direct result of the Government and Media,) refuse to tell anyone but their closest relatives of their encounters. Historicly, these U.F.O. sightings can be traced way, way back in history, no matter what country your from, they have been sighted all over the World. Even in very backward nations like Rumania and New Guenea where whole tribes have witnessed these things. The ALLEGED authorities and the Media, together with their sycophant followers, are unable to explain them, so they ridicule the folks reporting them, and scoff at their reports, after all, they who have seen nothing, know better, right ? Now, all of a sudden, these know it all’s wish to recant on their knowledge, which they have beaten people over the heads for generations,( in effect driving further reports under ground,) when folks who have had encounters, now refuse to tell anyone of them. No apology forthcoming from the “experts”, just “oh, U.F.O.’s are real, we need to allow Congress to pass more funds in the Billions, to allow us to research, and build weapons to defend us from this dire threat”. Make no mistake folks, that’s what it’s all about. As an off side, I recall reading something years ago, where it was PREDICTED something like this would happen, it was in connection with a false God, taking the World by storm, it also mentioned the bar code every human would supplied with. Now if we consider that for just a minute, then add the FACT of the Corona virus and everyone RUSHING to be jabbed with God only knows what, then this U.F.O. stuff being resurfaced as legitimate. You really have got to wonder about connecting the dots.

      1. Robert L Phillips Avatar
        Robert L Phillips

        Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is ample evidence that humans mastered electrogravitic technologies as early as the 1960s. Bob Lazar’s stories have never changed nor ever been refuted. Maybe there are no aliens, but one still has to explain what is being seen, and documented.

        Are you familiar with the giant flying triangles that have been seen – upper Hudson Valley, Phoenix, Belgium. These were real – either they were holograms or real vehicles, but they sure as hell weren’t “flares” or ‘ultra light aircraft.” Probably of human origin, but nothing to be dismissed out of hand.

        And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as anyone who has actually researched the subject knows.

      2. Robert L Phillips Avatar
        Robert L Phillips

        Great response. I too have gotten tired of people who have evidently done zero research on the subject ridiculing those who have done the research, or being told about my personal experiences, “Oh, you just imagined all that.”

        Talk about denial. Sure, we’re being set up, and have been for a long time, but those who pretend it’s all just ‘imaginary’ are going to be in for a real rude shock, and soon.

    2. Unusual aerial sightings in Australia?
      With a wingspan greater than a 737 airliner and a $200 million price tag, the RQ-4 Global Hawk is the biggest, most expensive unmanned aerial vehicle to ever take to the skies.

      “[The Global Hawks] usually approached and departed at night, although there were a few exceptions – and then they were photographed by the group,” WBAG [West Beach Aviation group] spokesman Paul Daw said.

      “But there were sensitivities. A photographer (from the group) was visited unannounced by Australian military security and questioned for putting movements onto an international web site.”

  23. So to sum up, there is a wild west scramble going on above your heads that most folks have not been consulted about, mostly know nothing about, and for seventy years have been fed a litany of false narratives, conflicting truths and outright lies to maintain this status quo. Basically, as Caitlin repeatedly points out, a bunch of Faustian sociopathic children who think they can escape this mortal coil and become like Gods, while trashing the only home they’ll ever know, and their own body, effectively.

  24. This is falling on fertile ground in Skippy Oz Land. We’ve always been a UFO mecca. Since the Maralinga days and the Woomera rocket range tney have built on the Indigenous myth of the Min-Min lights. Its been going into overdrive recently as the space industry based in South Australia ramps up.
    So there will be plenty of people wno swallow it here. The ground has been well and truly tilled.

    What is interesting is watching Northrop Grumman hoover up small Australian space start ups like ‘Gilmour Space Technologies’ once they have got all their homegrown regulatory approvals. Check out the Australian space agency website “space connect online”.

    Northrop Grumman is of course a key contractor in supporting NASA Artemis missions. The recent Artemis accords also seem central to all these shennanigans, rejected by the non aligned nations such as russia and china, widely seen as an attempt by western powers to extend their full spectrum hegemony to space. DARPA of course is another key player in all this, and it plans to build infrastructure on the moon, and nuclear propulsion systems for armed AI satellites.

    These projects have deep fascist roots stretching back to the post ww2 Nazis , Dr Joseph Farrell explains how space may have been ‘financialised’ through the nazi Permindex Corp. And for some sanity and perspective, apart from Caitlins Voice
    Jasun Horsley devotes a whole chapter to this in his parapolitically excellent book ‘Prisoner of Infinity’US Academic Dianne Pasulka has also weighed in with her book ‘American Cosmic’ but as Horsley points out , she has made some rather glaring omissions regarding Tom De Longe and co, (perhaps to avoid unwanted attention)

    Also check out Chris Knowles excellent ‘Secret Sun’ blog for how this works psychologically, and Canadian philosopher Matthew Ehret substack

    Here are some more interesting resources in Australia around this.
    You could try googling the 2015 doco ‘Australien Skies’
    Then there is Kelly Cahills 1996 book ‘Encounter’.
    Rolf de Heer even made a 1995 film called ‘Epsilon’ in which the kindly alien offered to clean up Earth’s air pollution (was it Klaus Schwab?) .

    1. During the mid 50’s after migrating to this country and working for the Commonwealth Government to repay the costs incurred, our family was set down in the middle of the Nullabor Plain for Dad to work on the Commonwealth Railways maintaining the communication lines adjacent to the railway line. To do so, it was required to travel long distances by powered cart on the railway and overnighting in small huts adjacent to the line. In the evenings, we’d sit by the fire and watch the sun go down, with not another human being for hundreds of miles around. The silence was awesome. On more than one occasion, we were able to see the aforementioned Ming Ming balls of light. Rest assured my friend, they are REAL.

  25. @Zephir and @Dollyboy
    Why Now ?

    1- Because the space arms race is accelerating to never seen before levels- ie you will be seeing a lot of lights in the sky that no one can/wants to explain.

    2- Better for the public to think of little green ET’s rather than nuclear fusion and AI powered armed drones buzzing through your neighbourhood.

    3- Complete failure of existing secular society guiding myths requires a surrogate, ie something new for you to believe in while you get pillaged by Globocap.

    4-Potentially offers a scapegoat to direct public angst towards in the event of spiralling and converging capitalist crises. “Its not us its the little Green People, actually, itbwas them who bought the Virus, thats why your in lockdown, blame them”

    That should get you started

    1. Considering how easy it has been to get the human population to accept the story of the Covid emergency and all line up like sheep to get their jab, the Globalists must be rolling on the floor to witness the success of their plans to change human DNA, and at the same time, reduce the useless eaters on the planet. Now is the time to prepare those sheeple for the second coming, and what better way than to prime them all up with this U.F.O. turn a round ?? Keep in mind, this alleged vaccination does not prevent anyone one from contracting the virus, nor does it prevent such infected folks from passing on the infection once they become infected. So the bottom line is, What does this vaccination contain, if it does not PROTECT you from the virus ? Does it change your DNA to be succeptable to manipulation for nefarous purposes by the Global elite under their New Global leader who will arrive via a U.F.O. ??? Do your research, there is ample documentation readily available that hypothesis such events.

      1. The evidence is that COVID vaccines significantly reduce both infection rates and transmission. There’s no evidence any of the vaccines change our DNA, though a few do contain DNA coding for the coronavirus spike protein. Of course, there are plenty of documents available suggesting otherwise, just as there were many claiming as fact these vaccines contained nanobots – funny how we stopped hearing about that when it became possible to snaffle a few vials and look for them.

        1. Evidently people are testing positive post-injection. Evidently, there have been (as of May 22) at least 12,184 deaths and 1,196,190 injuries due to the injections (over 600,000 of injuries deemed serious). And evidently, the injections are now said to require yearly boosters. Boosting profits to be sure.
          But you think the “price” is “worth it”?

          1. Yes, some people test positive after being vaccinated, and some fare worse than that. The vaccines reduce infection rates; they don’t prevent all infections, and don’t claim to.
            But where on earth did you get that figure of 12,184 deaths due to the injections, or the half million serious injuries? That sounds either completely made up, or a deliberate misinterpretation of something or other.


          This isn’t for you Ian. It’s for people who aren’t disingenuous.

          1. Dr. Peter McCullough is highly disingenuous. “The vaccines are all targetted to the original Wuhan spike protein” –
            The two main Chinese vaccines contain whole inactivated virus, targetting much more than just the spike protein.
            And he quotes figures of deaths following vaccinations, which in no way means they are necessarily due to the vaccinations. Millions and millions of people in the USA and Europe have been vaccinated, and in many cases, the elderly were prioritised; it would be remarkable indeed if some had not died after being vaccinated, as he well knows.

          2. Oh for fucks sake. The Chinese vaccinations aren’t at issue here. You’re so full of shit and misdirection, it’s pathetic.

            1. What a pig ignorant and thoroughly racist response. It shows what a nasty piece of shit you are underneath your shallow pretence of caring about children. Millions of people have received the Chinese vaccines, which are not only a counter-example to McCullough’s disingenuous claims, they’re very much an issue for much of the world. If you think the world beyond the empire isn’t an issue, why don’t you fuck off. I fail to understand why you bother reading an internationalist like Caitlin if that’s your attitude – but perhaps you don’t, and only visit in order to post your incoherent anti-vax disinformation.

              1. McCullough says “The vaccines (PLURAL) are all (ALL) targetted to the original Wuhan spike protein.”
                So how the fuck do you get from that to “The Chinese vaccinations aren’t at issue here”?

          1. Yes, I agree with a lot of that. There has indeed been a long-running and concerted campaign – a conspiracy if you like – to dismiss the possibility this virus escaped from a laboratory.

        1. That first article, Nicole Délepine’s Studies Around The World Confirm Children Do Not Infect Others, states “Coronavirus is of no risk to children”, ” All reported studies [3], all national and international surveys confirm that Covid-19 is rare and almost always benign in children,” and “Children do not transmit the virus.”
          Yet the very reference given, Peter Brodin’s Why is COVID-19 so mild in children? from 24 March 2020, states that in South Korea, “6.3% of all cases that tested positive for COVID-19 were children under 19 years of age” and “We still need to take measures to prevent them becoming infected if we are to mitigate the pandemic. Children can probably transmit viruses, and they have been found to harbour large amounts of virus, even without showing symptoms.”
          I don’t think much of a reference that doesn’t say what the writer claims it says.
          In addition, many studies indicate that children may play a significant role in transmission, and can become ill, sometimes severely so, and maybe even more so with some of the new variants.
          Altogether highly unconvincing; the work of a writer pushing a preconceived agenda.

          1. Current vaccines appear to be much less effective and more toxic than proclaimed by the laboratories’ victory announcements and unable to prevent transmission. Olivier Veran the French minister of Health recognized this in a recent brief to the French Supreme Court, the Council of State: “Vaccinated people can however remain carriers of the virus and thus contribute to the spread of the epidemic”. Moreover, according to the members of the scientific committee, including Dr. Delfraissy, vaccines give rise to variants against which they are ineffective.”
            I think the author’s concerns regarding the injections are well-founded.
            If expressing those concerns is a “preconceived agenda”, so be it.
            The gist of the article is a call for early treatment protocols along with an admonition against the rush to inject children.

    2. One definitely, two probably. I think your 3 and 4 are a long shot but meh why not? Until the mothership lands on my house I ain’t buying shit. Saying UFOs are real is akin to saying there are somethings we just don’t know about – yeah and so? Of course it’s not the ACTUAL only the perceived that they’re selling. Everyone wants transcendence. The alien myth is just another shot at that but it sure would make a nice cover for increased drone and satellite activity. I think you’re onto something there Ozark.

  26. Why now ?
    Blue Beam
    Serge Monast

  27. I’m curious as to the why. I was convinced from the get go that this sudden interest in UFOs was a psyop but why? Why now? What’s the intention? Or is it simply just for the sake of more noise?

  28. The U.S. now has a military branch called the Space Force. Could this UFO hype be a way to drum up public enthusiasm for putting weapons in space? It’s as good an explanation as any other that I’ve heard.

    1. That’s a possibility but it doesn’t seem likely. I think to justify space weapons they would need to go beyond telling us they exist and show us they are a threat. Maybe that’s phase two of this elaborate dance of marionettes?

      1. Of course they’re a threat. Didn’t you see “Aliens?”

      2. J. Poxiesack will tell you everyone knows if the USA doesn’t control it, it’s a threat.

  29. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    UFOs will soon never be seen or reported by anyone ever again.
    UFOs have been visiting the Earth for many thousands of years in the hopes of finding some signs of intelligent human life.
    Sadly, they never found any and so The Aliens are now moving on and out to much Greener Pastures. And it won’t take them that long to find it elsewhere.

  30. Caitlin, of course you are a spreading a conspiracy theory! The conspiracy that we are and have always been lied to need to stop. Trust and believe and all will be well.

  31. Re your last paragraph: it’s the trouble with the internet. Before the internet, you got a kind of vague notion that you were surrounded by idiots but people, in no rush to confirm, rarely opened their mouths beyond work requirements and comments in newspapers were written by their journalists to make readers believe that some guys actually bothered to pen an answer to their thoughts, write the paper’s address on an envelope, invest in a postage stamp and go out to post the item into the nearest mailbox three miles from home (a hundred in places like Yukon or the vicinity of the Ténéré Tree). So you didn’t really know what people thought beyond a small circle of friends who came and eventually went as their growing intimacy made them reveal to you one day that they’d talked to little green pods from Alpha Centauri in their backyard, at which point you prudently picked up your gear and slipped out the back door, telling them there was no point in calling you for the next couple of years since you were leaving on an expedition to the Arctic to try and locate giant ice-ants coming from space on moonless nights sighted there by an Innuit research team, no matter how long it took. Now they’re all over the joint, swaggering through the comment sections, telling you THE $CIENCE and insulting everybody who doesn’t share their poorly researched convictions – because most merely repeat the herd propaganda they’re bombarded with all day -, laying bare the vertiginous intellectual vacuum they live in. As Einstein famously observed: “I tend to think only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity but I’m not entirely sure about the universe.” And then one wonders why suicide rates are on the rise everywhere :o)

  32. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Douglas Rackemann

    Thanks for this, Caitlin. I appreciate it when someone tells me something I didn’t know, or suggests a thought I hadn’t thought of myself. I am not as up-to-date with this stuff as you are. Having seen the Viet Nam War and several other wars and political concoctions like the “war on drugs” and the “war on poverty,” I was already aware that the media are just the propaganda arm of the government.
    I think this was actually formalised to some degree in Australia under the Whitlam Government, when a number of media “networks” were established to share out the available market and work together to deceive the public. And then of course we have the official education network, which includes all the “independent” schools, because they all accept government money and government inspection.
    I have very devout friends who actually took their children out of the Catholic school in the city where they live, and put them in the State school, because from their point of view the State school was less foul than the Catholic one. It’s all just one big operation. But I suppose I’m wandering off topic.

  33. I find it a little amusing that people who can believe in Russiagate can also believe in UFOs. It doesn’t require any proof, just a lot of scary talk from serious sounding people. What’s next, witch trials in Salem?

    1. “What’s next, witch trials in Salem?”

      Been there, done that. There will be a next big thing upon which to blame our troubles/with which to scare the masses.

      1. How right you are.

  34. Your are right Caitlin, this is an obvious dog and pony show.
    The question is what is the objective.
    1. The military has run out of global targets and now has to prepare the public for the war against the aliens in order to continue to justify it’s insane budget.
    2. This is to distract the public from the reality of global climate change that will cause massive agricultural failure withing the next couple of decades.
    3. This is to distract people from noticing that the public infrastructure of the United States is crumbling and that the people need those hundreds of billions being spent by the military to rebuild it’s infrastructure.
    4. This is the beginning of AI Neural Networks production of alternative realities for the human population that project a reality in the minds of the public that is so indistinguishable from what is real that the public can no longer discern fact from fiction.
    5. This is to distract people from the bio-weapons labs created pandemic/botched vaccination program that has earned big Pharma 100’s of billions and perhaps left the people of the world with long term neurological, organ and reproductive damage.

    1. 6. I will add that China is rapidly passing the U.S. technologically, and perhaps this is a ploy to get the people of the U.S. people to cough up billions more for high-tech military equipment to maintain parity with China. Of course the better solution would to begin re-building U.S. infrastructure so that the United States could remain competitive with China, but that is not how the military thinks; they are of a short term blow em out of the water mindset.

  35. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Caitlin, you are absolutely right on with this article. One thing the whole UFO hysteria reminds me of is the fact that during the Red Scare of the 1950s, most science fiction films about alien invasions were not-so-subtle allusions to the Soviet Union. Americans were supposed to “get it” that the space aliens represented “Godless Communism” in one form or another. This was transparently true of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, but it was evident in films like “The Blob” (which scared the shit out of me at age 11 or so). It wasn’t until the film “They Live” that a filmmaker made it clear that it was capitalism that was the enemy.

    1. “They Live” is a great movie!

  36. Finally, another perspective from those who have no reason for lying and can answer the age old question that has eluded us for years: Is the earth really flat?

    1. Indeed, the earth is flat. All the hills and valleys you imagine you see and experience are in fact the result of aliens exploiting the quantum sensory energy of our consciousness to power their hyperspacecraft.

  37. I have long believed there were things flying around that we have no explanation for, and even less idea their purposes. I’ve in fact become rather apathetic about it, since there is obviously nothing we could do about it. Whatever they are, and/or whomever controls them, they are so far ahead of us as computers vs clay tablets, if not more. If they are Russian, and/or Chinese, the US hegemon is over. Finally. But I seriously doubt they are. It is curious how they are going to play this into the paradigm of the oligarchy. If its Russia/China, how does the US Military Industrial Complex explain how they got so far ahead of the US while the US was spending twice as much as Russia and China combined? If not, what insane solution to the problem of encountering a species that is at least a thousand years ahead? Should be interesting.

  38. When I first heard of UFOs starting to be “taken seriously” as actual ETs, I was as credulous as most others who want to believe such things are at least possible, and hopefully benign. We’re hoping such advanced intelligence could be coming here to save us from our depravities and evidential desire for self-destruction and ecocide. Maybe they could teach us something we’d all listen to and be transformed by, etc. But over the past several months I’m more a convert to Caitlin’s take on this whole madness.

    It’s most likely a CIA-Nat’l Security State psyop to generate more obscene funding for Space Force weaponry to allegedly defend us against the aliens taking us over, but actually to enable the US to militarily defeat “our adversaries”, China and Russia. It’s the only rational explanation, given the history of lying that literally defines the US military-national security state-CIA directed policy over the past 70+ years. We’re being played, and corporate media is fully on board with the massive deception. This is almost certainly a key strategy in the Full Spectrum Dominance agenda the US has been pursuing for a few decades.

  39. This whole story line is setting up a fucking real world SKYNET.

    They are lying en masse to set up a MASSIVE false flag that will usher in a surveillance totalitarianism that we will never escape from…

    The covid plandemic was the beta test, and we’ve failed that .

  40. Just the idea that intelligent life forms from other planets will arrive in some kind of “flying saucer” like some science fiction movie is absurd, it’s all just the projection of the human mind and imagination.

    1. Of course. Aliens will arrive via Amazon. Bezos will finalise the contract when he meets them next month.

  41. “Half of the UFO articles coming out of the mass media these days are basically just” revealing “a freaky Psy-Op.” “These outlets are [just] propaganda firms.” “You’d have to be absolutely out of your mind to trust anything we’re being told about any of this.” Regarding UFOs, “the US military has been acting heroically in the highest interest for the benefit of mankind” for more than 70 years. Some history: Previously leaked: Disruption: Operational Playbook: 1) Infiltration. 2) Ruse. 3) Set Piece. 4) False Flag. 5) False Rescue. 6) Disruption. 7) Sting. “It seems like a threat if there ever was one.”

  42. Dennis Okeefe Avatar
    Dennis Okeefe

    No doubt, spinners are and will be spinning this story, but more importantly, what the heck are these things? My wild guess would be some sort of dimensional or time/space anomaly. And I have no idea exactly what that would be.

  43. Richard Coleman Avatar
    Richard Coleman

    As per usual, you’re right on the $$$ about this. I’ve seen a couple of things too, but this “flap” reeks. As if the Russians, in possession of this incredibly advanced technology need to collect any intelligence on us! As if they’d be buzzing about Navy ships, other military sites and even urban areas in plain sight because they want to keep their knowledege secret! Goes for “aliens” too.

    P.S. I can’t help thinking that if it was the Russians, Putin would call Biden and say, “Look here. We have the means to neutralize your entire military right now! I’m going to give you a demonstration (vaporize a navy destroyer in the Gulf or something of the sort) and then you are going to lift the sanctions against us, Iran and Venezuela, end the embargo against Cuba, withdraw from Syria, and quit prosecuting Mr. Saab of Venezuela and Julian Assange. Within 24 hours. Or else, be prepared to lose your entire aircraft carrier fleet, one per hour. You have 24 hours to comply. Have a nice day.”

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Agree with you regarding the Russians. Would that it were true.

  44. How does the current UFO frothbubble compare to the one back in the 1950s? As I recall even doubledomes like Dr. Jung weighed in on it. There was also one in Russia, as I recall, while the Soviet Union was breaking up. It seems stylistically related to the salvationistic excitements of the Rapture and angelic visitations which cropped up among the Evangelicals several years ago. I suppose it could be a sign of something like the final crackup of the Ruling Class. It doesn’t have the cool exterior of a traditional secret police plot.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      See my comment regarding science fiction movies of the 1950s. They were all about inducing paranoia in the population regarding the Soviet Union. Now the same old script is being dusted off to use against Russia, the demonization of which never went away amongst the cold warrior crowd.

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