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UFO Report Provides No New Information But Plenty Of Fodder For Cold Warrior Policymakers

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released its hotly anticipated UFO report, which at nine pages in length with no new information is about as spectacular a letdown for UFO enthusiasts as you could possibly get. It does however contain multiple lines which will likely be useful for cold warrior policymakers going forward, just as we forecast earlier.

In summary:

  • The ODNI says there do appear to be unidentified objects in US airspace behaving in ways the government can’t yet explain.
  • No direct mention is made of the possibility that these objects could be extraterrestrial in origin.
  • Direct mention is made of the possibility that UFOs could be highly advanced Russian or Chinese technology.
  • UFOs “pose a hazard to safety of flight” and could be a national security threat.

Those last two points are the only ones which US policymakers of any significance are going to pay attention to.

“UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to U.S. national security,” the report says. “Safety concerns primarily center on aviators contending with an increasingly cluttered air domain. UAP would also represent a national security challenge if they are foreign adversary collection platforms or provide evidence a potential adversary has developed either a breakthrough or disruptive technology.”

“UAP pose a hazard to safety of flight and could pose a broader danger if some instances represent sophisticated collection against U.S. military activities by a foreign government or demonstrate a breakthrough aerospace technology by a potential adversary,” the report adds.

“Some UAP may be technologies deployed by China, Russia, another nation, or a non-governmental entity,” it also says.

While the authors of the report also say they “currently lack data to indicate any UAP are part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary,” the fact that Russia or China magically leapfrogging US technology by centuries seventy years ago has been validated as a possibility by the report is a gift to cold warriors eager to ramp up aggressions and inflame a high-budget arms race against those nations.

Among those cold warriors is Senator Marco Rubio, one of the handful of individuals behind this strange new UFO narrative’s entry into mainstream attention. Rubio released the following statement shortly before the report was published:

“For years, the men and women we trust to defend our country reported encounters with unidentified aircraft that had superior capabilities, and for years their concerns were often ignored and ridiculed. This report is an important first step in cataloging these incidents, but it is just a first step. The Defense Department and Intelligence Community have a lot of work to do before we can actually understand whether these aerial threats present a serious national security concern.”

As I’ve been saying repeatedly, the odds of this new UFO narrative entering mainstream consciousness courtesy of the Pentagon, military/intelligence operatives, and corrupt warmongering politicians at the same moment the US begins implementing a new cold war against Russia and China is far too convenient for mere coincidence to be a likely explanation. We can expect to see the hawkish agendas of warmongers like Marco Rubio further advanced by this new UFO narrative going forward.


Sorry for no audio on this one; we’re out of town today.

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Latest comments

  • I believe the ‘Space Force’ was mentioned in one of Dr Ray Griffins books dismantling the Official Conspiracy Theory on 9/11.

    He made note of the Space Force, and it’s funding requests to dominate ‘Space’ to protect its ‘Interests’.

    This is nothing but another solicitation for funds under the guise of defense.

  • So they are still torn between the ‘blame it on them aliens’ lie, and the ‘blame it on them Russians’ lie.
    Well, good for them.
    Also, unless that $#*÷bird Rubio is trying to explain why he has his hand on his sister’s ass, he is lying. And, if he is trying to explain that, he’s lying.

  • .
    One more example of how deranged the Pentagon has become and how out of control its budget already is, that it no longer trusts the usual Red Scare nonsense to gin up yet another hundred billion dollar round of spending.
    The annual U.S. war budget exceeds one trillion dollars. Russia’s? About 55 billion in U.S. dollars, or roughly 1/20th what the U.S. spends—remember, that’s every single year. But UFOs might be Russia’s, even so? Or China’s, when China spends about 1/5th what the U.S. spends on its military—again, every single year.
    Keep in mind, too, that even if it IS aliens (it isn’t), any ET wishing to destroy us could simply hang out between Mars and Jupiter, where asteroids are plentiful, put one of its interstellar engines behind a mile-wide asteroid, accelerate that asteroid to a small, useful fraction of the speed of light, then ram the Earth and send it back to the Stone Age without firing a second shot.
    There is no defense against even one hostile alien with the ability and technology to travel between stars.
    If there’s good news in that regard it’s that the inability to resist hostile aliens means there’s no need to yield to our own, Earth-born predators in the Beltway and their endless hunger and pretexts for money and power. The bad news, though, is that most of the population considers films like Independence Day to be fairly realistic. That accompanied by general scientific illiteracy bodes ill for our ability to resist the Pentagon’s latest round of predation.
    By the way, Caitlin, anyone running this website who genuinely cared what commenters had to say would have abandoned long ago its antiquated, counterproductive commenting system with its lack of spacing, of anything resembling an editing function, bizarre compressions of text as people reply to one another, etc. etc. Just saying, it’s the worst I’ve seen in at least a decade.

    • I mean yes, that could be done by an “intelligent” species, but why would they go through all the trouble of pushing rocks around in different trajectories? In fact, I question any intelligence associated with said action.
      Here is another theory of mine.
      The moment they tried to cause this sort of harm, there would be another “intelligent” in the background that would teach them a lesson about not causing harm cause that is a basic lesson of Mutual Aid.
      Meanwhile, on Planet Earth it is evident that Mother Nature is getting tired of not being properly respected and all this talking about aliens and such just delays collective response and without that, to be frank about it – we are all dead. We wouldn’t even be considered an “intelligent” species, and really neither ought the ones pushing rocks from that belt twixt Jupiter and Mars. And I know it was a metaphor (it was a good one and I appreciate it). So is my response.
      (text deleted)

  • The level of discussion here, with ridicule bordering on utter childishness, is quite discouraging but no big surprise. For the most part – though I completely agree the Pentagon is lying about what it knows and is no doubt setting up a psyop – such comments display utter disregard for the extensive *documented* history of UFOs and the national security state.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean aliens are among us, but it does raise the question, at least to minds that aren’t totally shut.

    It’s more of the SOS that debunkers and skeptics have been dishing out – in total unblinking cooperation with the NSS – for decades. It reveals a complete lack of knowledge, research or critical thinking. Ha ha ha. Aliens. Ha ha ha. UFOs. Ha ha ha. Crazy conspiracy theorists. Ha ha ha. Electrogravitics. Ha ha ha. Incursions at nuclear missile sites. Ha ha ha. Encounters with military aircraft around the world. Ha ha ha.

    Boy this is funny stuff. The Pentagon just released a nothingburger about a subject that they already clearly revealed 70 plus years ago that they knew was real, and which they considered even back then to be a serious threat.

    Read the Twining Memo from 1947. Read what Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first CIA director, told the NY Times in the early 1960s. Read diverse documents released through the Freedom of Information Act regarding Malstrom AFB, Minot AFB.

    Or read what Werner Von Braun said regarding “the last big trick,” a fake alien invasion.

    On second thought, don’t bother. Just ridicule the entire subject and act like you are truly knowledgeable.

    Those who continue the ridicule are playing the game spectacularly well, being as compliant and ‘informed’ as all those who ride down country lanes on their bicycles wearing masks. When the other shoe drops, in the form of the biggest psyop in human history, you’ll be so utterly unprepared it will no longer be funny.

    Ha ha. Hee hee. Gee aren’t we smart. I’ll bet some of these UFO kooks still believe the government is lying about 9-11. Sieg Heil ya’ll.

    • ^^^^ THIS! ^^^^

    • So what are the psychological and material ramifications if little green men are real, Mr Phillips ?
      We are not alone. All strange lights in the sky are now just the aliens.
      Other beings sensible to us inhabit worlds similar to ours
      We can potentially star trek there, take their shit and live there once we are done trashing this planet.
      We need serious military hardware worth trillions of dollars, stationed in orbit to ‘eliminate threats’ from them.
      We need a new, top down, private sector based ‘intergalactic model of governance’ as nation states are inappropriate in the context of myriad worlds.
      The private sector is of course, uniquely suited to dealing with them.
      Humans are no longer seen as some sort of high point of evolution, and so may be genetically modified or tweaked to make them better, and perhaps more like the aliens.
      We are at constant risk of alien diseases and so need regular vaccinations to protect against new diseases from offworld.
      Of course we will need some sort of genetic identifier that enables the authorities to distinguish us from the aliens.
      Everything bad that happens from now on will be the fault of rogue or hostile aliens.
      Lockdowns may be periodically required when the aliens are abroad in the night sky.

      Thats just for starters , you can see the unlimited potential flr coercion and control. Admiral Hillenkoetter was another of these far right wing fascist secret society OSS types who helped build the charming little friendship society that is the CIA. Cold war headbangers like him are not credible.
      The National Intelligence state has no credibilty and is not the burning bush or the holy grail in these matters.


      • If you read my post, you will see that I don’t trust the national security state, nor the Pentagon, and I that indeed am saying we are being deceived.

        The claim that the United States hasn’t been working on advanced technologies, but that, gosh, maybe China and Russia have leaped ahead of us by centuries, is nonsense, as I think most informed people would agree.

        But enough of the “little green men” references. This is the kind of language that has been used repeatedly to discredit the entire notion of UFOs. Address the Twining Memo, or any number of other FOIA documents that I mentioned.

        People’s lives have been destroyed with such ridicule. The NSS has infiltrated numerous UFO research groups. Google Paul Bennewitz. Sure, it may be just a way of covering up research on homemade, red white and blue secrets. I suspect so. But this doesn’t explain everything, nor all of the deception.

        Something has indeed been penetrating military air space, nuclear installations and other sites for decades. Explain that, rather than dismiss it as nothing more than a product of human imagination. That is my point.

        As far as how it will be used to deceive people and further the NSS and military agendas, I am in full agreement with what you’re saying. Didn’t I state the very same?

        The immediate leap from “There is something physically real behind some of the UFO reports” to “there are little green men amongst us” is the problem. Explain what was buzzing around the Southwestern skies in the 1940s, or over DC in 1952, or over Malstrom in 1967, without resort to “little green men” references, and perhaps we have a starting point for a real discussion.


  • “…a more down to earth report on what the American Deep State is doing in Minneapolis is on my website. The video was made today. It will make you wish a UFO would beam you up and fly you away.”

    As I’ve already stated (at least pretty much) in this thread (and probably elsewhere probably in numerous instances) I am already there, probably since I can vaguely barely remember.

  • Distracted. What fools are when seeing shiny objects passing as knowledge. They become bewitched by propaganda.

    Believing in UFOs is out of this world, a more down to earth report on what the American Deep State is doing in Minneapolis is on my website. The video was made today. It will make you wish a UFO would beam you up and fly you away.


    • Will disagree with you because it is important to pay attention to the sheer scale (as well as the ugly agendas) of the club of globalist oligarchies. How, for example, after Ebola, Zika, h1n1 were ignored were our loving shepherds able to coordinate a worldwide hysteria over a ‘plague’ with a 99%+ recovery rate? What crowbar put ~all the ‘governments’ on the planet on board with a plan to pin down their peasantry (def: anyone with assets of less than 1 B U$D)?

    • “…a more down to earth report on what the American Deep State is doing in Minneapolis is on my website. The video was made today. It will make you wish a UFO would beam you up and fly you away.”

      As I’ve already stated (at least pretty much) in this thread (and probably elsewhere probably in numerous instances) I am already there, probably since I can vaguely barely remember.

      PS:In total the apparent mammals of the world are, 95 % livestock, 4 % wild, and 1% are actually shape-shifting reptiles that can only be properly seem with Nada / Roddy Piper’s glasses — or so it seems.

  • You are fat, ugly, and stupid.

    • Sounds like you’re PROJECTING – and sharing with us your “daily affirmation” from in front of a mirror.

      • Someone not paying their trolls enough … but it’s hard to get good help!

  • What I think is the whole UFO thing will remain unresolved. So I think it is a waste of time and energy and effort to discuss it. It is a waste of time. It is a diversion. To perpetuate it is to be part of it.
    So those who discuss it I think are sort of wasting our time. I don’t know about you, but I take time seriously. We all only have so much and not even the effing Calvinist know the truth of that even if they think they do. They are the biggest fools of all. Myself, I’m not wasting my time thinking about UFO’s and such and talking about it and contemplating traveling off the planet cause the reality is there are some serious things that demand serious thinking and that kind of thinking has been lacking lately. My whole effing life at least with perspective to that made up city in DC. When will there be good government I ask?
    Let me leave you with this.
    The time is upon us and Jefferson is beside himself with indignity. Still, some might think, you caused so much harm what makes you think you could have indignity? I say back to them, how about some Direct Action in your own country that can’t even see the light from the dark. You can’t even recognize who you potential friend could be and who is leading you down a dead end bully road of ignominy.
    Maybe New Zealand can recognize the difference, but I have no illusions with respect to those in power….they hold onto 20th century thinking and they think it will never end……so here, how about this – let me be the first to tell you that you best understand puppets are not desired or appreciated. If you are a puppet, then you aren’t thinking for yourself now are you?
    Time for change and the time is now. Fucking never-ending flux is coming to an end. Make a stable system if you want to pass the test of time.

    • So, Beefalo Ken tonnes of troll comments stretching down the page to infinity, seems a little OTT or is that how these things go ?

      • It’s how they go.

  • Alas… this is just how decadent our civilization has become… I read the comments of yall sinners here and am flabbergasted that none mentions the obvious – which would have been routine only a century ago: these UFOs are sent by God.
    Yessir! God! Almighty, whatever you want to call Him. Akbar if you’re that way inclined.
    When you’ve created the whole universe (including nebulas, which are pretty tricky stuff) in six days, this is child’s play.
    What do you think He’s been doing all these years? Last time we heard from Him, He was putting a mark on Cain’s forehead – so that people wouldn’t throw stones at him for whacking his brother Abel because he didn’t want to play the dummy in a bridge game – and booting him out of the crime scene. So there were three people left on Earth at that time. Cain obviously wasn’t going to throw stones at himself or at least he didn’t need a mark on his forehead to remind him not to do so. What do you think he is? Stupid? As for the other two, Adam and Eve, God only had to call them and say “Look here guys, don’t throw stones at Cain or no more apples!” and Bob’s your uncle. Didn’t have to bother with this fancy mark stuff which was taking time as the World Series were about to begin and God didn’t want to miss that, having skin in the game.
    Obviously there were other people at play here and they were ETM (extra-terrestrial motherfuckers) ready to throw stones at Cain from their UFOs (acronym for U Fuck Off) just for the fun of it cos’ these guys were regular bastards. Sociopaths. Some of them have been known to shapeshift and work in governments throughout the ages, which has always ended in conflicts. Some say even Brennan and Pompeo… But let’s not spread gossip…
    Of course Cain is a dodgy fellow, so he’s been zigzagging all over the joint at full speed all this time. He’s often been sighted in Mexico where they call him Speedy Gonzalez because he wears a yellow sombrero to protect him from the stones when he gets hit by an ETM who doesn’t give a damn about the mark God put on his forehead… This is why aviators have seen these UFOs zigzagging in the sky in the same fashion. They’re simply following Cain’s patterns to take aim.
    Why do they produce a light? Because every time they want to throw a stone at Cain, the ETM have to open the windows of their UFOs. The glass catches the sun and reflects it.
    That’s the time God chooses to place bets against Adam, Eve, the snake, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the three kings, the donkey, the ox and the Devil about which of the UFOs is gonna hit Cain if any. He shouts “Faites vos jeux, rien ne va plus!” cos’ he’s been trained in Monte-Carlo while the others play on the penny whistle and you can hear them blow if you lean your head out far enough from Desolation Row.

    • Oh crap Pascal. You got it wrong from the beginning with all this “him” talking.
      Look there is a hER and a hIM. It ain’t MIne…nor it it yours. It is a mystery spelled with a REminder of what it means to REMIT!
      Send you payment in for could cause and you will be happy you did it! Ha, ha.
      You are invited.
      Pascal – I invite you to the Table of Peace!

  • I’ve assumed from the first governmental mention of UFOs being ‘real,’ that the government had some ulterior motive for breaking with its past position that all sightings are innocuous and explainable. I assumed that china and/or Russia were the eventual targets of conversation.
    That explains why, after a cursory investigation into early assertions, I’ve completely ignored anything available via print, broadcast or digital mainstream media. I can smell and reject lies, even in my sleep.
    PS, government. There are still a great many innocent Yemeni women and children that you haven’t starved to death yet. I guess you’re not trying hard enough.

    • Wouldn’t it be a sweet gesture if this proxy war in Yemen ended on a dime. Old Ike would appreciate that.
      It can happen if it can be imagined and I imagine it. I imagine it NOW.
      Harry dicks from NY sometimes are annoying, but mostly they just smell a bit, and otherwise they make for good conversation. Oh, how I miss New York.

    • I don’t have to say this, it ought be evident, but I will.
      Harry NyDick – you big dick you. You are invited to the Table of Peace.
      Bring a bit of NY with you when you journey down this way!

  • Hey; follow the money, always good advice. Que Bono, who benefits? Sometimes that’s hard to know but I believe Caitlin is spot on here. Nullius in Verba, don’t take anyone’s word for it. Billions believe that there’s an invisible man in the sky pulling all the strings…if you can believe that, alien’s is easy to believe and just as improbable bordering on impossible to the rational mind.

  • The US need a Galactic cold war for the MIC.

    • Hey – that was a good poem.
      Now to me Space Station #9 is Pluto and if there is an opportunity to go there, to the actual PLANET Pluto then hell yes I’m signing up for the long journey.
      I mean think about it. Could there be anywhere farther away that we could actually settle then Pluto? I just like the whole story aspect of it. Now, I’ll go check out Pluto’s trajectory and figure out at what time it makes the most sense for this journey.
      For the time being, I’ll just do it in my imagination. Ain’t imagination wonderful? Best to imagine things together is what I think……but maybe I’m wrong.
      Pluto – here we come!

      • When you go to sit down, your stomach goes upward. You want at least gravity equivalent to Mars so you can take normal showers and use normal flush toilets, yada, yada, yada. Maybe there is a planet in the Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud with close to Earth gravity, or a even space station. I wouldn’t mind a one-way ticket off this hellhole of a gravity well.

        • OK fine. If we can do that and then get back I’m up for it.
          I think there are ways to “overcome” gravity if you like the audacity of that sentiment. I think whatever I like to imagine and so I like your imagination about getting to a place in the Belt and/or the Cloud, and so I will commit to going there with you!
          Ha, ha.
          Just commit back to me before we sign the dotted line! Ha, ha.

        • As for taking shits my intestines are totally screwed up so it makes no difference to me.
          That informs my sentIMent.
          REally – lets start dreaming together shall we.
          I’d just assume dream with the younger generations in general cause the older ones seem sometimes to be fixed in their views and sometimes they are so dismal it makes one wondER.
          Lets do it.
          Not kidding around.
          I Mean it.

    • Hey – let me clarify.
      It IS a good poem.
      FreeFall – I’ll look around your place. What is there to lose?

    • March 21, 2017
      a tid bit from freefall…..
      posted without permission, but a link was provided and it is but a tidbit.
      Here it is in quotes i hope….
      I don’t think I’m being overdramatic when I say that it is our imagination that has revealed to us a spark of divinity. For in the imagination lies the keys to the way out.
      The Buffalo roamed the Plains and they plan on being back there again….in fact, it is a collective plan, and those are the ones with the best chance of success. Don’t you think?

      • Ken,
        Have you ever wondered what kind of world we would live in if we had “Home on the Range” as our National Anthem instead of the broken-record tune off the “Death-cult” album? But the competitive edge of the sporting events that follow the song would take a hit.

        • Freefall, I can honestly say I’ve never wondered that, and I doubt I ever will.
          As for the upcoming sporting events, call me a crazy Greek loving Olympic fool, but I am seriously looking forward to it. That is one of the only reasons I still have a TV – I enjoy sporting events.
          Hey – I read your site – now go read mine.

          • I’ll look at it.

            • That is all anybody can ask for.
              Consider this an invitation to the Table of Peace.
              I got big plans. I hope you do as well.
              I’ll be in touch land Peace to you and your family from me an my family.

        • Moreover, I’ll continue to read at your site if what you say resonates with me. I’d hope you would treat me likewise.
          I think the name freefall implies you got too high and now gravity is asserting its will, but maybe I’m reading too much into a name or even an image.
          My image is more clearly shown on my site that can easily be linked to…..with the click of a mouse.
          Mystery is everywhere and imagination is mysterious for sure, but the beauty is we think it is what separates us. Maybe it does and maybe not, but it is a nice thing to think and when we think together our ideas have a better chance to prevail.
          Anyhow, FreeFall, I’ll get back to you. I only have so many invites, but I’m pretty sure there is a place at the Table for you. Can’t have attitude towards me on that statement can you? If so, let me know.

          • Much of what you write is over my head and irrelevant to me. I mean no disrespect, but I seek the universal energy harnessed by Tesla and is the source of our own heartbeat.

            What the earth will give freely, the greedy will poison and plunder for profit. Best to let some sleeping dogs (underground) lie. There are better ways to live. Instead, they weaponize this technology with such programs as DARPA and HAARP. They turn what we once believed to be “Acts of God” into orchestrated natural disasters.
            Such is the power of what they they have stolen and suppressed.

            • Ah, freefall, this makes me so sad. You sound like the elders.
              Oh well, there will be another.
              Best to you and consider the invite rescinded.
              Sorry, but that is how it goes sometimes.

              • Incidentally,
                I know more about the #3 than Tesla…at least in my imagination and you yourself spoke fo divinity therin, so do you deny your own mind?

              • Never really was an invit was there?
                Freefall, you are on your own.

            • Freefall – sorry I had to rescind the offer. I reckon I made it, but then it was rescinded afterwards. That is the prerogative of the one making invitations even if they are just imaginary. No harm in it really.
              Make you own Table of Peace in your imagination if you can and then make it a table that can be shared. Maybe it will resonate and maybe it won’t. OK?
              Take it easy.

  • Ridiculous. The Pentagon knew more about this subject 70 years ago (see the Twining Memo) than they reveal hear. This report is a joke.

  • Ah yes. Back to an easy topic. UFO’s!
    Elsewhere some bits and bytes are biding their time biting this and sucking that – fairies flying around in the brain.
    Meanwhile, ships are floating and lovers are dreaming.
    Elsewise, folks across the planet are touching closely as I type this and ain’t that wonderful?
    Later, I plan on doing likewise.
    There was a comment on the previous article that I super appreciated. Let me find the author: David B G. Really beautiful sentiment and thanks to the author of the short story for getting a good conversation going. even if feathers were ruffled as they ought have been in my opinion.
    Into the Unprecedented indeed is what I think.

  • The Enlightenment was called the Age of Reason by some and the Age of Insanity by other historians. I posit that we are in a similar time today and should thus expect the unexpected. Government committees on space aliens is one such symptom. In an insane society, the sane person appears insane.

  • “No direct mention is made of the possibility that these objects could be extraterrestrial in origin.” [Why? Because that angle is planned for a future PR/Psy-Op campaign]. “Direct mention is made of the possibility that UFOs could be highly advanced Russian or Chinese technology.” [Why? Because, at this point, they can basically say anything, no matter how obvious, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how insulting, no matter how revolting – and it will be Sold across all mediums]. “UFOs ‘pose a hazard to safety of flight’ and could be a national security threat.” [Why? Because they succeeded with Iraq and WMD. And now, everything can be covered as a “security threat”]. Regarding the Russia and China aspect, a First Grade teacher presented this to the class. One responded: “But, that doesn’t make sense. Those things are not from here.” The teacher replied: “And that, my son, is the level of the world we live in.”) https://seaclearly.com/2021/06/04/ufos-and-world-stages-a-christian-perspective

  • The ODNI says there do appear to be unidentified objects in US airspace behaving in ways the government can’t yet explain.
    Would this be the same government that can’t even balance its checkbook?

    No direct mention is made of the possibility that these objects could be extraterrestrial in origin.
    Of course not. Such would drop government down several rungs on the ladder of relevance.

    Direct mention is made of the possibility that UFOs could be highly advanced Russian or Chinese technology.
    Never mind that if this is true, there is no point is spending any more money on “defense”, since it would be totally helpless in the face of this tech.

    UFOs “pose a hazard to safety of flight” and could be a national security threat.
    Is there such a thing as something that doesn’t pose a national security threat, justifying ever more spending on defending against such threat? I suspect the color of our underwear falls somewhere in there.

  • I’d say it is much more likely that the skies are filled with UFO’s of non-human origin than that Russia or China have discovered and exploited the entirely new laws of physics, probably centuries or millennia advanced over what is in the textbooks, that would be necessary to explain the behavior demonstrated by some of these aerial phenomena. Ask the scientists and the engineers as to what is really possible, NOT the politicians, the military or the MIC war profiteers!! Ask the taxpayers! Even the subset of inebriated and unemployed grade school dropouts will make more sense than those last three groups.

    • So UFO’s are real, Realist ?
      Are they little grey people that have built sophisticated Tin Cans in order to fly around Earth late at night scaring the BeeJeezus out of the locals ?
      Or are you more of the Carl Jung “psychic -projections -of -a-fragmented psyche” bent.
      This latter I could not rule out on the scale of collective psychosis, but its a long shot.

      • So you think Russia or China discovered and exploited entirely new laws of physics way back in the 1950s?

        • SS General Hans Kammler and his team were working on this technology during WW2. See the references I recommend below.

          • If they’ve cracked zero point energy and invented anti-gravity drives, why would they still be relying on olde worlde nuclear weapons and jet-powered hypersonic missiles for their defence?

            • See my remarks June 26th below – major exploitation and control cartels would instantly evaporate.

          • Hang on Hans Kammler was a man not an Alien wasn’t he ?
            Or are you sayimg the Nazis were aliens ??

            • The Nazis emerged from the Thule Society – and the Vrill before that… They were both big believers in a whole alien cosmology.

              While there is lots of evidence to support the idea that Nazis were working on these kinds of crafts – and “Foo Fighters” seen over Germany by US and allied pilots…there us no evidence that the Nazis were aliens, themselves.

            • The Nazis were homo sapiens best I can tell.
              Fuck them. Try to go into Russia and unless you have “winter protection wear” you will be dead. Funny thing is, even if you have that protection most likely the indigenous citizens will break your neck if you are invading their homeland.
              My grandma, a Volga German and her family hauled ass out of there in 1899 if the story is true. I always thought she was trying to escape the fight between the “Reds” and the “Whites” but I guess it was less dramatic than that. Still, I’m almost positive a kind Russian Gentleman helped my Granma when she was just a baby get out of a delicate situation.
              You can imagine that can’t you? If so, it was the 20th century and eff me so much needless bloodshed for so many who were innocent.
              How about we imagine something better? That ain’t a trick question.

      • Your personal absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence. When you confront them only feet away (not some dot in the sky) in the presence of other witnesses who all agree upon what they saw you will KNOW they are real.
        You will know they are intelligent “beings” or “entities,” maybe biological but perhaps robotic, transmitted holograms, or transdimensional signals of unknown composition, but definitely not humans or the work of human beings.
        Whether from the Earth or elsewhere one cannot say without their conveying such information which was not provided to me. Unlike you I am not constrained in my thinking by lifelong conditioning by the government and mass media to assume that “UFO’s” or “ET’s” are an impossibility and only the product of an observer’s delusions.
        I am more the strictly empirical university science professor type who goes by hard evidence. When it comes to trusting some sort of “authority” or my own “lying eyes,” I’m going with what I’ve observed with my own senses. Truthful reports of observations made with our senses are the foundation of the scientific method. The fancy gizmos we may use to observe or record only amplify our senses, extend our range into the spectra we may study and facilitate the sharing of information.
        Many people over a long historical period and a wide geographic range claim to have seen such “phenomena.” To my knowledge, no one has ever reported the existence of a human technology that can cause what you consider to be mass delusions, i.e., the projection of actual mass apparitions in the sky, not movies, TV shows or social media prestidigitation. That’s as unlikely as a revolutionary “new physics” being discovered but suppressed for the better part of a century or beyond. More likely, considering the aforementioned factors of extensive generations and geography, and the application of Ocham’s Razor, the observations are real and not “mere” mass delusions.

  • Report of a UAP/UFO over Tehran, when the Iranians attempted aggression, against it, it crashed and caused a nuclear explosion killing millions. Lesson from this don’t mess with UAP Objects.

    A dictator’s plane crashed into UAP-Object, no report of survivors.

    Congress to approve new defense budget “ISISAP” to combat against UAPs.

  • Another possible reason for getting the public attuned to UFO’s could be the advent of ‘loitering munitions’ that can stay aloft for long periods and have reconaissance applications. Some of these may incorporate stealth technologies and can operate at hypersonic speeds, so we may well start seeing strange things in the sky in the context of a new Cold War that may have no obvious “explanation” . I wonder if they have set up hotlines yet for reporting this stuff. The sore beset public may be the last line of defence here.

    “A “multi-role” weapon design that can accept “modular payloads” also means that these loitering munitions could take on non-kinetic strike missions, such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and electronic warfare. Depending on how the Pentagon, and now the Army, envisions employing the Vintage Racer system, it might be possible to deploy them in networked autonomous swarms, where different configured variants take on various roles. Sensor carrying versions could spot targets for ones with kinetic payloads or direct those with electronic warfare jammers to scramble enemy air defenses. “


  • Nine pages?! A laughable insult.
    Everyone (incl. our enemas du jour) knows better.
    But let me re-iterate a theme/scenario I have been through here before: If the apparent technologies of zero point energy and anti-gravity (which seem paired/related for reasons I do not fully understand) exist, the real fear is that the peasantry (anyone with assets of less than 1 B U$D) might get hold of this knowledge – which would within about 24 hours – evaporate the energy, transportation, and “governments” cartels as we have (unfortunately) known them.
    If you have no foothold in the area, try Nick Cook’s The Hunt for Zero Point and Igor Witkowski’s book about the Wunderwaffen.

  • Birds?
    Scientists say more than FOUR BILLION birds have ‘disappeared’ from European and North American skies over the past fifty years.
    Maybe they’re regrouping and fighting back.

    • I guess birds fall into the report’s ‘airborne clutter’ category.

  • OF COURSE – it couldn’t be anything like THIS: https://www.military.com/video/aircraft/military-aircraft/tr-3b-aurora-anti-gravity-spacecrafts/2860314511001

    Keep the Pentagon’s Gravy Train coming… Defending ourselves – from our own secret Technology. And don’t forget the possibility that Russia or China ALSO took this technology from the Nazis…

    • And how would Flanker41 know it ‘creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship’, whatever that is? Q clearance?

      • Check with the Manufacturer – Lockheed.

        Just because you fail to understand something – doesn’t mean that ot isn’t ‘a thing’.

        • I take it you checked with Lockheed, who were happy to confirm that “It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship.”
          Q clearance?

          • The POINT is not that the US Military or their highly classified contractors ACKNOWLEDGE their Black Budget projects – but that there is adequate talk of them elsewhere, that confirm their existence – if you know where to look. Of course, minds are like parachutes – they only work when open.

            What is your understanding of the propulsion systems on the TR3-B AURORA system…? If you know enough to shit on things – then I suppose it’s YOU with the Q Clearance, and the access to Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence information.

            • Talk=confirmation?

              • You are an intentionally obtuse little troll – aren’t you…

                And your citation of “Popular Mechanics” confirms your being part of Conde Nast’s intended audience of easily propagandized dupes – and the more sophisticated Disinformation operators who also do that work, in tandem with them.

                Popular Mechanics is the same rag which did a disingenuous attack on the movement fir the truth about “9/11”, not so long ago. Of course Professor Emeritus Hulsey’s study on the controlled demolition of WTC7 – completely demolishes the improbable conspiracy theory pushed the US Gov’t, and its STATE MEDIA collaborators.

                • Popular Mechanics is owned by Hearse, I mean Hearst, of course.

                • Whoever owns Popular Mechanics, it was reporting on something Steve Trimble mentioned on Twitter –
                  “ICYMI, imagine a hypersonic projectile that dispenses (somehow) a loitering, multi-role air system over a target area. That’s what I think Vintage Racer is. And we know about it because a briefing slide describing it is visible on Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy’s Flickr page.”

  • The US warmongers must be running out of excuses to justify more aggression against the ‘baddies’, as in Russia / China / N.Korea and other countries that don’t follow US orders. It’s like the McCarthy era of ‘reds under the beds’. Next it will be real-life zombies, or perhaps goblins, yetis, ogres, bigfoots, or even republicans!

    • Don’t forget to mention “the monster under the bed”, or “the boogeyman” in the shadows. The government ‘officials’ are more paranoid than many psychotics in asylums. If they do exist and are hostile, I guarantee you we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

      • Do you want to debate that?
        I’m pretty sure I could put up an argument that would prove your premise wrong.
        Do you want to debate it?
        If so, lets go.

      • Timestamp. 62621 1:57 pm est US of a…….
        Um, if any gubment thinks they gonna stop discussion, then they are effed……

      • and then, after discussion, oft times citizen’s want to have an assembly to gather with their neighbors for some discussion.
        If you think you can stop that you got another thing coming and let me tell you it won’t be perty – it will be in your face discriminately cause us citizens, those of us in MY generation, are a hell of a lot smarter than you give us credit for and we have something to prove and we are gonna do it!
        Got a go. A call is coming in.

      • All this jazz reminds of the evil clown phenomenon a few years ago … no one has yet got to the bottom of that one either.
        If I were Them I’d pull out the clowns to distribute the Covid booster this fall. That way people will understand that the clowns are actually trying to help us evolve …

        • Too bad there isn’t a like button. Funny but sadly true.

        • Ah ha. Yeah Victor.
          Ha, ha.
          Invite to you – I hope you accept.

    • I remember the reds under the beds and so on. Today, I keep hearing about red states in the USA – meaning Republican voting states. When and why did this transition from red=commie to red=Republican occur?

  • Well, I guess it is obvious that the US taxpayer must underwrite a vast new weapons program to counter this aggression from …er…holograms or whatever.

    • Hypothetical possible future aggression. None has been observed yet!
      ‘Potential National Security Challenges
      We currently lack data to indicate any UAP are part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary. We continue to monitor for evidence of such programs given the counter intelligence challenge they would pose, particularly as some UAP have been detected near military facilities or by aircraft carrying the USG’s most advanced sensor systems.’

      • I do recall an incident years ago where an underground nuclear missile facility was “turned off” by a UFO which hovvered above the spot. Seems to me they are trying to stop us from self-destructing, which is probably why we are having so many sightings the crazier we get.
        I saw a UFO streak across the sky over the ocean many years ago, and telephoned the UFO society the next day, to be told they were all up and down our coast at the time. Nothing I know of in our current technology at the time or even today could have travelled so fast.

  • ‘Our analysis of the data supports the construct that if and when individual UAP incidents are resolved they will fall into one of five potential explanatory categories: airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, USG or U.S. industry developmental programs, foreign adversary systems, and a catchall “other” bin.’
    ‘We were able to identify one reported UAP with high confidence. In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon.’
    An LDB, to coin a bit of jargon. Will we be seeing a multi-decade multi-billion dollar War on Balloons (and airborne clutter)?

  • Office of the Director of National Intelligence? Sounds more like the Office of the Do-Nothing Idiot.

  • Makes me edgy as hell–CIA’s there saying “Look at the birdy . . . . Oh, it’s a pretty bird.”

    It gives me a lot of ideas about what comes next, and none of them involve feathers.

    • USA sanctions Russia and China for threatening democracy and the rules based international order with their nonexistent UFO’s.

    • I think if push comes to shove it is easy to shoot down a big flying piece of metal.
      Seriously. The weapons for this are easy to acquire is what I hear but it is only in my imagination I reckon.
      I ain’t no fucking vigilante, but let me tell you my indignation is fixing to push the pressure over the top and for fuck sake I don’t want that – do you. Oh well, maybe what must be must be. I know I’m not alone and sometimes when there is refusal to learn, the lesson gets so hard that it comes down to metal pushed up to the throat and often into the brain. Just telling it like it has been. Indignancy does not settle nor does it go away until there is justice.
      Justice. I want it. I want it for Julian Assange – I want him to be released to his family. If he dies in Belmarsh, mark my words, there will be hell to pay. Really – this is obvious to those of us who have studied history.

      • “I think if push comes to shove it is easy to shoot down a big flying piece of metal.”
        They reckon it’s pretty hard to shoot down these hypersonic missiles.

        • The Russians have admitted to having those kinds of technologies, not just the US. But the craft of Terrestrial craft origins known as TR3-B’s behave nothing like the generation of weapons that you and Poopular Mechanics are describing.

          Why not take a look at the ACTUAL history of this Pentagon PSYOP in the making?


          • Strike the second “craft” above.

          • I don’t notice a single equation in all that.
            I did notice “Numerous centers throughout the world conduct “gravity research”, to ‘prove’ Newton’s laws. The only parts of these old laws which have been brought into question, deal only with the first few inches of a falling body’s acceleration,” which totally ignores such things as Cassini’s orbits of Saturn, or GPS satellites which go beyond Newton’s laws and validate Einstein’s. Try doing Cassini or GPS with some half-baked Illuminati gobbledygook.

            • I don’t see any evidence that Newton’s or Einstein’s theories of gravity are wrong. Instead, an assertion that “a falling body will cease to accelerate when it reaches a velocity of about 120 m.p.h.’, which it’s proposed can be tested using a long evacuated tube and dropping a clock down it, when we’ll supposedly find the clock reaches this maximum speed. Why bother? Space missions regularly use the gravity of planets, including our own, to reach far, far greater speeds – why would this evacuated tube prove any different?
              Also interesting to see the Nazis bypassed atom bombs and invented neutron bombs (no mention of how they achieved this, or why they didn’t use them), then gave the technology to the USA in 1945, which the USA then used to develop its own neutron bombs – which (and this isn’t in the text) rely on atom bombs to work. Could it be the author has no idea what neutron bombs are or how they work – or have the Illuminati concealed the truth again?

              • There’s OTHER SOURCES which have come to the same conclusions about NAZI TECHNOLOGY – imported through Canada – by Lawrence Rockefeller (ya DICK). It should be noted, that’s ALSO who funds Dr. John Mack and “The Disclosure Project”. But leave it to you to get lost down in the weeds – and do all the hard work it takes – to deliberately avoid seeing the big picture.

                Nixon was working on plans to FAKE an Alien Invasion, back in the 1950’s – in order to allow the US to ‘take over the world’. He also helped to bring in Nazis, on Long Island. (Sorry – but to my knowledge, the sources in this aren’t digitized and on the web. John Judge – “Judge for Yourself”) Without a credible technology to fake such an invasion – I wonder… how would they have planned to carry that trick off? Notice that Reagan’s famous speech at the UN (about aliens) seemed to be pointing in that same direction.

                But I notice that you have an obtuse answer for everything and the everyone. I don’t suppose you’re ever going to see the forest, for all of the trees.

                • So you don’t know what’s wrong with Newton’s or Einstein’s ideas of gravity, and you can’t say how the Nazis bypassed atom bombs and still developed neutron bombs.
                  Your forest consists of fantasies, not trees – fairy tales with technobabble.

                  • The notion that Newton and Einstein were wrong seems absolutely central to this supposed anti-gravity you think the TR3-B uses.
                    Yet you can’t say what they got wrong, or how come Newton’s ideas enabled Cassini to get to Saturn and loop in and out of its rings with exquisite precision, or how Einstein’s mistaken theory still allows GPS to work.
                    You can’t have a forest without trees, but you can have orbits within rings..

                  • Gravity is the sticky element in the grand unified field theory. As you approach the speed of light, what happens to mass?

                    I think it’s hilarious that your script of strawman argumentd for that book (which let’s be honest – you didn’t read at all, much less that quickly) don’t disprove the thesis – they just imply that it’s incorrect, based upon your inability to account for everything within. Way to EARN those paychecks.

                    • Mass increases as you approach the speed
                      of light. What’s that got to do with it? What’s wrong with Newton or Einstein’s ideas?

                    • Neither have the entire picture of how Gravity behaves, completely…at least so far as we’re allowed know, about all of what Einstein had figured out… I notice that you COMPLETELY IGNORE Tesla – whose work was scooped up by the Government after his death.

                      If mass increases with speed – that would have some effect on gravity, wouldn’t it? And if one’s speed were around the Z axis – what then… Socrates was wise enough to say “the only thing I KNOW – is that I know nothing”… By way of contrast – you’re a big enough fool to think that you know everything – when you really know nothing. And yet you presume to be an expert, on subjects far beyond your level knowledge, and which few outside of the Pentagon can speak with any surety. And yet here you are again – with your SeaLioning and White Noize.

      • Holy shit. Anybody try to read the indented and over-typed conversation commencing with Ian (of course) below my message above dated June 26?
        Seems as if the quantum physicists are having a squabble over gravity and where it comes from and how it works.
        Come on you stupid quantum physicists – get with the game or lose!
        now, if you are in “freefall” there must be a force associated with moving your mass from one place to the next, must there not? Without force, I believe Newton conjectured ain’t nothing moving. Seems sensible to me, but remember this – Calculus is flawed at the edges because the square of an infinitesimally small value still ain’t zero, but the whole math of Calculus arises from the necessary up-front assumption that practically never comes into play unless you living in the dreamland of quantum physics.
        Bunch of foolish swirling wastefulness happening there in Switzerland. And it is based on Calculus, which I just pointed out is flawed at the edges.
        Looking forward to the Olympic and dear God please release Julian Assange from unjust detention so that he can be with his family and any man wants to be.
        12:08 pm est 62921 – sorry for any typos if there are any….I don’t know – I’m not checking this time.

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