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As of this writing, it has been three days since the Icelandic newspaper Stundin broke the story that a key witness in the US government’s case against Julian Assange had fabricated allegations against the WikiLeaks founder. And yet, somehow, Assange is still in prison.

Weirder still, not one major western media outlet outside of Iceland has reported on this massive and entirely legitimate news story. A search brings up coverage by Icelandic media, by Russian media, and by smaller western outlets like Democracy Now, World Socialist Website, Consortium News, Zero Hedge and some others, but as of this writing this story has been completely ignored by all major outlets who are ostensibly responsible for informing the public in the western world.

It’s not that those outlets have been ignoring Assange altogether these last few days either. Reuters recently published an interview with Assange’s fiance Stella Moris. Evening Standard has a recent article out on Assange’s plans to marry Moris in Belmarsh, as does Deutsche Welle. It’s just this one story in particular that they’ve been blacking out completely.

And it’s not that the mainstream press are unaware of this story. Mainstream western reporters spend a lot of time on Twitter, and Assange’s name was trending in the United States after the Stundin story broke. Tweets about the article by high-profile accounts like WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden have many thousands of shares each. They’ve all seen the article. They all know it’s newsworthy. They’re just choosing not to report on it.

It reminds me of the blanket media blackout that occurred while the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was hemorrhaging leaks revealing a US government-tied coverup in the alleged chlorine gas incident in Douma, Syria. Immensely newsworthy stories were breaking every few days on a major international scandal, yet not a peep was made about it by the mainstream press.

We got some insight into what happens in mainstream newsrooms during such bizarre circumstances when journalist Tareq Haddad leaked the emails from his editors at Newsweek refusing him permission to write about the unfolding OPCW scandal. Haddad’s pitch was rejected by editor Dimi Reider on the basis that other bigger outlets hadn’t written about it.

“Leak has been out since weekend,” Reider wrote. “It’s certainly no scoop. Yet despite the days that passed, not a single respected media outlet – many of whom boast far greater regional expertise, resources on the ground and in newsroom than Newsweek does – have taken the leak remotely seriously. Which already yesterday made my wonder how we could or why we should.”

Reider was supported by Newsweek‘s digital director Laura Davis, who told Haddad his pitch was being rejected because “the leak found zero to no traction among publications which are highly resourced and experienced on Syria.”

And that’s just pretty darn convenient for the powerful, is it not? Assuming other mainstream news outlets feel the same, this means they’re all generally following the lead of just a handful of top-tier publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. If just those few outlets decide to ignore a major news story that’s inconvenient for the powerful (either by persuasion, infiltration or by their own initiative), then no one else will either. As far as the media-consuming public is concerned, it’s like the major news story never happened at all.

And that’s really, really creepy.

Western mass media outlets are propaganda. They are owned and controlled by wealthy people in coordination with the secretive government agencies tasked with preserving the world order upon which the media-owning plutocrats have built their kingdoms, and their purpose is to manipulate the way the mainstream public thinks, acts and votes into alignment with the agendas of the ruling class.

You see this propaganda in the way things are reported, but you also see it in the way things are not reported. Entire news stories can be completely redacted from mainstream attention if they are sufficiently inconvenient for the mechanisms of empire, or only allowed in via platforms like Tucker Carlson Tonight and thereby tainted and spun as ridiculous right-wing conspiracy theories.

If newsworthiness and significance were what governed mainstream news media reporting, instead of the agendas of profit and power, we’d constantly be hearing about the people dying in Yemen and the brutal income inequality in the United States. And the fact that the most powerful government in the world is persecuting a journalist for telling the truth would be at the forefront of everyone’s awareness, instead of the mountain of smears they have heaped upon Julian Assange.

I sometimes get people telling me that some news stories are meant to “distract” us from other, bigger news stories, like this is something the imperial narrative managers do especially on some occasions but not all the time. In reality, distraction is never not happening, because every single day the plutocratic media pull people’s attention away from the pressing issues of the moment like ecocide, poverty, oppression and mass military slaughter to get them talking about Cardi B’s baby bump and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest doofy publicity stunt.

We are being lied to. Constantly, and in more ways than we realize. By omission, by distortion, by half-truths and by outright deception. Our minds are being actively messed with by powerful people with limitless resources to ensure their continued domination of the planet at any cost. Our very perception of reality is being assaulted on myriad fronts. Until humanity finds a way to wake itself up from its propaganda-induced coma, the abuses of the powerful will continue.


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58 responses to “The Weird, Creepy Media Blackout On Recent Assange Revelations”

  1. At least, I meant.
    I say this in reply to a previous comment regarding paid shills, sorry I should’ve posted it as a reply to that comment, but couldn’t find an edit function once I had posted here.

    As for Mr. Assange even blind Freddy could see what’s going on.
    Lies by omission though is a very worrying trend. As the article hints at one would assume that a good journalist would love to be involved in getting the scoop on some groundbreaking new info on a story that’s ran for roughly a decade and breaking said report through a mainstream outlet. But…
    I was about to add a joke along the lines of like we’re living in an some kind of weird alternate reality, but that’s exactly what it is.
    Those, whomever they are, who make the narrative, TPTB, control it with lies by omission as one of many tools in their propaganda kit.
    They know that roughly less than 10% of the General Populace actually follow a story, know how to interpret bias, double check a few sources, peruse MSM alternatives such as this, etc. So as such they have created an alternate reality for just about everyone else.
    Ironically they also know that less than 10% of the General Population actually bother to attempt to nominate a a full flow of preferences against the duopoly without stuffing it up, instead of simply ticking 1 above the line in a senate ballot so they know they’re safe.
    Understand that we’re not their target audience in either event.

  2. I least every one of them behind a keyboard is one less behind a rifle sniping children for fun.

  3. This sums it all up …. Final scene of the movie “Three Days of the Condor”

    “But how do you know they’ll print it?”

    Go to about Minute 4 of this five-minute clip.

  4. I’m a freelance journalist that knows this firsthand.

    Last June, I wrote a COVID story presenting compelling evidence that this virus was spreading widely in America … not beginning some time in February 2020, but in November 2019. My article had about 10 “newsworthy” elements.

    I thought for sure it would be my first big national blockbuster story. Well, I thought wrong. No news organization would publish it (at least one anybody had heard to).

    Finally, one site did. I’ll add no news organization “picked up” this story once it was belatedly published.

    Caitlin’s point about journalists slaving over “major stories” that no one will publish certainly resonates with this freelance journalist who only writes about stories that challenge conventional wisdom.

    A few excerpts:

    “Does a simple “search for the truth” even matter anymore? For some journalists and for some employees at government agencies, I’m sure it still does. However, the numbers in this group seem to be diminishing by the week.

    “With my article on the McCain’s, I thought I was simply doing a story on one couple who had a disease earlier than this disease was said to have existed. As it turned out, my efforts to get this story published were more illuminating and ended up frightening me more than COVID-19.”

    “When a genuine search for the truth is increasingly viewed as taboo or off-limits, the prognosis for a nation we all want to see survive and prosper is probably bleak.”

  5. Left-wing media reports on the stories that support their narratives, left-wing AGs prosecute only those that disagree with the lefts narratives, left-wing judges make rulings that never seem to hurt the left, and the American left supports all of it, since they are too stupid to realize that when those in power are finished with then, they will be next on the cancel list

    Will one non-corrupt AG please have the guts to Free Julian Assange?

    1. You appear to be confusing the Center-Right to Right Democratic Party – with the actual left – who have no power.

      And longtime CIA Operator, and Trump DOJ head William Barr turned the persecution of Assange ‘up to 11’.

      1. Michael Gentile Avatar
        Michael Gentile

        You’re both confusing the Party. Neither Republican or Democrat has referred to Assange as anything but a criminal regardless of the truth. You’re both blinded by you Left-Right paradigm. Turn to your left and when you reach 180 degrees you discover that Right is now Left. The Right and the Left belong to same vulture who is picking over the carrion of your dead Republic. There is only:

        One Party. Two Mouths. One Agenda.

        1. This kind of false equivalency, deliberate obfuscation, muddying if the waters, and inability to see nuance ,- doesn’t negate MY POINT… Which is that the Democrats aren’t the left. And no… Politics isn’t a circle. The Democrats and Republicans arr collaborative partners in a staged exhibition and spectacle – a bit like WWE ‘Kayfabe’. When you go to the actual left – you are that much farther away from the far-right, and right to center-right.

  6. Phlogiston Warrior Avatar
    Phlogiston Warrior

    Circling the drain = Blah blah blah, LEFT! Blah blah blah RIGHT! Rinse and repeat.

  7. Edward Snowden said: “This is the end of the case against Julian Assange.”
    Jeffrey Epstein had been incarcerated prior to going to trial, and suddenly, he commits suicide in his isolation cell?
    John McAfee was about to be extradited from a Spanish prison to face trial in the US and whoops, he too is then found dead in his cell, just like Epstein
    Common denominator?
    They all four have the goods on the powers who decide what the law is,
    None of them is to be permitted their day in an open court in front of their peers.
    The risks to the narrative have to be protected, at any cost, against individual human life!
    Another fine example of the long arm of the Empires humanitarian law.

  8. “Hey boss, there’s a breakthrough story on Assange coming out of Iceland”
    “Did you say Assange”
    “SHUT THE FUCK UP and get me another coffee”
    “Yes boss”

  9. The ZIO/US has created and funded EVERY terrorist group that has ever existed !

  10. US msm blackout: covid research and development funding provided by the US government and their ‘Chinese partners’ in Wuhan.

    US msm blackout: 2020 election fraud (by which I mean the entire election, in and of itself, was a fraud).

    US msm blackout: The entire Syrian war was orchestrated and bankrolled by the US government under El Presidente ‘Brown Sugar’, and #Creepy Uncle Joe was essentially point man as VP (along with hrc at the head of the state department).

    US msm blackout: The maidan coup in Ukraine was orchestrated and bankrolled by the US government under El Presidente ‘Brown Sugar’, and #Creepy Uncle Joe was essentially point man as VP (along with hrc at the head of the state department).

    US msm blackout: The only reason either of those crimes were commited was to hijack two of Russia’s most strategically important naval bases (what would the US have done if Russia tried to hijack Pearl Harbor, for instance?), the rest of it was just extra stuff they were juicing.

    US msm blackout: While watching US msm newscasts one might notice a ‘medical expert’ harping about ‘influenza season’ and the need to get your flu shot, immediately after which the station cuts to an astra zeneca commercial, like every time, for the last fifteen damned years in a damned row.

    US msm blackout: In other countries they have actual elections with actual ballot boxes full of ballots which are actually counted by actual people that you have actually met,
    In the US, not so much…

    1. I detect a FoxNews slant to your list of complaints.
      This statement is not an endorsements of the Democratic party USA.

    2. US Media Blackout: Epstein (and now Maxwell) are being prosecuted for running an international sex-trafficking (and blackmail operation). The “blackout” part is that none of the VIP repeat customers are being investigated. The charges involve only these two people “trafficking” young girls to … themselves. The blackout part also ensures no one investigates the investigators. Needless to say, the real story isn’t being investigated or prosecuted.

  11. I remember it as if it was yesterday: I was flabbergasted when it was announced, at the start of the Iraq war in March 2003, that reporters and photographers would be traveling as “embedded journalists”. These guys (who later turned out to be no less than 775) had signed a contract with the US military promising not to report information that could compromise unit positions and future missions or reveal stuff they might find out while doing the job they were paid for.
    When you sign a contract with the military, you become de facto, stricto sensu, a military contractor and you do exactly as you’re told. And what you’re told basically, in this case, is to put your name at the bottom of Pentagon press releases.
    I bet you can be easily convinced too, by the military PR, that you’re doing the right thing because the best that can happen to mankind is that your country wins that war against a dictator who’s been gassing his own people and is planning the extinction of all life all the way up to the Great Bear thanks to the weapons of mass destruction he’s hiding under his pillow.
    How do you expect these guys to regard a Julian Assange (or Chelsea Manning for that matter) whose mere existence reflects the uncompromising image of their gross betrayal of public trust and the ethics of their profession? They want him buried alive and will do all they can to ensure he stays that way.
    Judging by the ones you see on TV, it’s pretty clear they have no souls anyway and all they’re concerned about is their position in the rat race. Which is understandable in a way, if you want to be broad-minded. Aren’t we all acting, after all, as survival instinct contractors? The problem however is that even if you win the rat race, you’re still a rat…

  12. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    I don’t think Matt Kennard should have called them the “free” press.

    They have their price. And they have been bought and paid for.

  13. RVK Newscast #113: Siggi The Hacker, Wikileaks And The Lost American [June 28, 2021]

    An Icelandic news source from The Reykjavik Grapevine noticed a lot more than the absence of mention of Julian Assange in the news and talked about it. Okay, Valur Grettisson’s way of broadcasting the news is unusual (and Polly, the director of morale is usually with this news team), but listen to what he has to say.

  14. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “We are being lied to. Constantly, and in more ways than we realize. By omission, by distortion, by half-truths and by outright deception. Our minds are being actively messed with…”
    One does not lie or deceive or mess with people who are considered to have value. In short, the majority of the World’s people are considered to be valueless. Valueless ‘things’ are not worthy of respect, appreciation, and being told the ‘truth’ about anything. Instead, people are viewed as ‘things’ to be used and abused for the benefit and amusement of the Few who turn all the knobs and dials that control all levers of power on the Planet including mass media outlets.
    We will not stop being lied to until we are first considered to have value by The Liars. And, we will never be considered to have value by The Liars.

  15. Censorship you say!?!?

    “I’m absolutely shocked to hear – that there’s gambling going-on at Rick’s Place”

    “Here’s your winnings, Inspector.”

    1. A safe, effective, and relatively inexpensive treatment protocol. Can’t have that.

  16. Sherman Owens Avatar
    Sherman Owens

    It is refreshing to know that someone is doing the research, and publicizing the truth about how the world really works!

  17. “We are being lied to. By omission, by distortion, by half-truths and by outright deception.”
    What Is Left To Be Trusted? What we read? What we hear? What we see? When we can only trust that which is without question, know then what is true – and what is to be believed. When there is nothing left but undoubted answers, all that will remain is what was written to follow.

  18. “And his brain has been mismanaged with great skill”
    “License to Kill”

  19. … Assange Revelations

    “And yet, somehow, Assange is still in prison”

    This is the one ‘sentence’ that our mass delusion does not permit us to comprehend!

    Edward Snowden: “This is the end of the case against Julian Assange.”
    How much more factual a comment can be made about lived experience?

    And then there is irrational, supremacist conjecture, like the following: “And again, why would the Rothschilds want to exterminate more than half of all Israelis?”

  20. Newton E. Finn Avatar
    Newton E. Finn

    I ran my own little experiment when I saw that mainstream media was ignoring the blockbuster Assange story that Caitlin, bless her, brought to my attention. So on HuffPost, I made a comment to the lead article that segued into the admitted lies by a key witness against Assange, expressing the hope that HuffPost would check out the story and run with it if it proved true. So what happened to my comment? At first, I thought it had been erased as soon as I posted it, but I took the time to search through the voluminous comments on the lead story, and sure enough–there, at the very end, at the bottom of the multi-page heap of commentary (most made made hours earlier), was my little comment, immediately and effectively buried.

    1. Sir Newton – wonderful to see you here.
      I was planning on keeping my mouth shut – I know how….really….I think I can.
      Anyhow – your post is much appreciated.
      Best to you Sir.

      – ps I reading a good book just now. Tuck Everlasting. I haven’t finished yet, so please nobody spoil it……..

  21. Yup. I’m almost starting to believe that there is indeed one so-called ‘agenda’ behind all of it.

  22. Aardvark-Gnosis Avatar

    There is no franchise on propaganda… The human conditioning of years of Freudian Rockefeller educational Foundations Format for State Education of the masses… Think this way, think that way, use your delusional intelligentsia as a format to change the way we behave??? The US Constitution says we are free, but from what? The Freemasons that backed the Constitution sold us out to England in the form of monetary reparations and an agreement that has been on the books ever since… Now that same Constitutional format is the source of truistic propaganda since the beginning of that time it was ratified by the very masonic order that runs the planet… 1776 and the institution of Rabbinic Talmudic Freemasonry operated by the custodians called the Illuminati. Kennedy was right, the cultist is everywhere…. “FREE” is just an Illusionist tool to manifest a false ideal that is instilled in all our conditioned mental synapsal cortex… Just try to undo that with deprograming and see how far you get! For all the smart asses out there… Just remember who thought you that religion is not a myth…??? Yes, those that believe the myth as truth are magnetized mentally by the lack of real facts for the most part of their lives. The boogie man! The closet from which it came! The priest that controls our thoughts deep in the Propaganda conditioned state we find out minds in! Falsely chasing after the real bogie man that lives in the for front of our consciousness is deep seeded in the subconscious and we think we are mentally free!…??? The psychophysics we were born into is repetitive. Let’s just say, because when you try to get out of the box… your friends and those that have the same psychotic intelligentsia ridicule your conspiratorial intellect as to far from the “TRUTH” We are shunned with the Hello and good bye out of the box narrative… Trapped in the delusional format of imperialistic thinking, that says, life has no meaning unless you think this way or that way! Kill or be killed for your spirituality on whatever level you can imagine and create the delusional format of your conditioned state! Propaganda rules us and every bone in our bodies… An Opinion that stems from many sources of reading… be careful who and what you believe… out behavior is the heaven or hell we create here on our earthy heavenly body with mother nature as our judge! One way she kills off the delusional is to allow their so-called intelligence to format the double sword of death, yes, by the very hands that create the swords… Humans! And they want to blame a god for their delusional state of mind! There is no hereafter folks… enjoy your breathing while you can!!!!

  23. So Caitlin. If you were to file a lawsuit against the culprits as individuals what names would you put as defendanrs? And why don’t you identify them in your essay?

    1. Are individuals so important? Isn’t it a systemic thing?

    2. Blaming “the system” is how the criminal robber barons get away with their crimes against humanity. They want us to blame “the system” so they are never held accountable.
      People are afraid to name names. I suppose there’s some comfort in blaming “the system/deep state/ oligarchy. . ..” It’s safe.
      Until it’s too late.

  24. “All major outlets who are ostensibly responsible for informing the public in the western world” have been in on it since it started.
    What case can be made that a man can be incarcerated in the UK, for crimes against the US, while not being a citizen of either, and having committed none of the so called criminal acts on UK or US soil? The only conclusion one can draw is that the UK and the US in concert now have jurisdiction over every single person in the world, if they can get their hands on them. It appears their allies, in this case Sweden, are quite willing to help them get their hands on them.

  25. Oh, surprise, surprise. It’s just a part of what Chomsky called “manufacturing consent” and it’s so much more effective and so much cheaper than suppression by force. Don’t know who said it, Napoleon perhaps… one priest is better than 100 police, cheaper and more effective. How could it be any other way. Read anything by Edward Bernays, the father of modern PR/ propaganda and think about why a small group of elites can control the masses of people who support the elite against their own interests. It’s always been thus and failing a change in the human genome, always will be.

  26. I don’t really have a comment (you’ve explained it perfectly), except for this. I’ve not seen anything from the Guardian since Greg Palast left. I’ve never picked up a copy of The Wall Street Journal; nothing it could say would ever interest me. And, virtually everything in both the N.Y. Times and WaPo is self/government serving. So,even when I read part of an article posted on line, I never expect it to even resemble the truth. That’s sad. There was time when both papers where bearers of the truth, often including investigative truths never before public. Now, both have become a joke – and a bad one at that.

  27. The oligarchs have full control over the corporate news, control over the corrupt legislators with their tin cups in hand, control over the think tanks and the military through their ownership of all of the war contractors, etc. Letting the oligarchs get this rich is at the root of all major problems from endless war to climate change. Virtually every pressing problem on earth right now boils down to the obscenely rich oligarchs and their screwed up agenda. Until they are defanged through wealth taxes and taxes on capital in general, things will only get worse. So I don’t see it as weird, I see it as a totally predictable outcome from letting sociopaths amass so much capital that they can do whatever they want with our world.

    1. Corporate media already said Assange was a spy and they’d rather ignore the truth than admit that they were wrong. Same with the rest of Russiagate- it’s been declared true so they can’t backtrack. It’s a cultlike approach to journalism where you can’t contradict the boss, ever.

  28. Newsweek’s Dimi Reider says “not a single respected media outlet – many of whom boast far greater regional expertise, resources on the ground and in newsroom than Newsweek does – have taken the leak remotely seriously.”
    For many of us, World Socialist Web Site, Consortium News and Caitlin Johnstone are far more respected than The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.
    Bloomberg does have a recent article about Thordarson that manages to avoid mentioning his fabricated allegations against Julian Assange –

    1. I guess the idea of the Bloomberg piece is that anyone reading it will come away with the impression Thordarson is a ‘colourful character’, with no real bearing on the case.

    2. The article makes no mention of the revelations – because it’s almost exactly one year old, now.

      It was written as part of the CIA’s PR Puffery – supporting their campaign to torture Julian Assange to death, first in Belmarsh – and then (by their now – at least temporarily-thwarted designs) at Guantanamo, or some other US Government Hell-Hole.

      1. You’re right – it’s a year old! My mistake.

    3. BloomBERG LOL !

      Complete BS from the tribe !

  29. Much (though not all) of the Stundin story has been known for years:

    They just don’t care.. .

  30. The war games started today involving 30 NATO nations and partners !

    They will provoke Russia – the ‘Defender’ was like the scout in the army or the canary in the coalmine !

    It goes for TWO weeks !

    I think this maybe it – NOW or NEVER !

    You really shouldn’t be surprised that the Rothschilds ( who are ultimately behind it ) are trying to kill you with an mRNA deadly injection !

    At least you have a chance to go peacefully – Rothschilds enable murder and suffering of people all over the world – every – FVCKING day !

    It is even more disturbing when you have to get this speech by IRAN at the UN from the Iranian news !

    Zionists committing the most most atrocious HR violations in West Asia !

    And then you have this well oiled HASBARA machine trying to hide the TRUTH 24/7

    1. If the Rothschilds are trying to kill me with ‘an mRNA deadly injection’, how come I can’t get one, while Israel’s given more than half its population two doses of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine?

      1. If you “can’t get one” you shouldn’t have to go far to do so. I’m not going to ask where you live. Its none of my business, nor do I especially care, but here in the US we’ve got tons of vaccines going un-used because the sane remainder don’t want them.

        1. The fact the US has tons of vaccines going unused seems to contradict the idea the Rothschilds are trying to kill me with them.

          1. And again, why would the Rothschilds want to exterminate more than half of all Israelis?

            1. Who can say what the intent is of Sociopaths. They are after all insane.

              1. Jack Oliver apparently knows the intent of the Rothschilds – “to kill you with an mRNA deadly injection !”

            2. Do you really think that the Rothschild Luciferians won’t sacrifice the run-of-the-mill Jew just like they do the Gentile? Silly troll. You idiots are even bigger suckers than the goyim.

          2. logic not followed. Stupid I guess.

            1. They want to kill me with mRNA vaccines. But they’d rather throw them away than send any here. Logic not followed.

      2. It’s not JUST the Rothschilds…Bill Gates and the WEF want you either killed, or much more closely controlled and monitored… Preferably sterilized, as well. That’s why the ID2020 Agenda “Vaccine Passports” were always part of the plan.

        And assuming that the Rothschilds want what’s best for Jewish People, is an unproven assumption – and a ‘hidden belief system’ – that’s most likely FALSE.

        Zionism is a heretical Rejection of the Jewish faith, and a racist, Ultra-Nationalist ideology, which gives credence to the long held beliefs of anti-Jewish bigots. And of course that’s at least partly why the Zionist movement, from the first instances, was always a collaboration between atheistic and assimilationist Jews – and the bigots who wanted them out of Europe. And of course, many of the Zionists’ allies, to this day, want the Jews all in “Israel” – so that Jesus can cone back, and kill them all, when they reject him for a second time.

        While the Rothschilds are historically a Jewish family…in recent centuries many have allegedly converted to Christianity, and perhaps some sort of Lucifarian Occult philosophy. Certainly the Zionist Heresy which they have famously promoted, appears to have emerged from the ‘Donmeh’ Cults of Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank, going back to 1666.

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