Multimedia piece I made for Assange’s 50th birthday, inspired by a report that he’s been keeping his spirits up by feeding a pair of mallards nesting by his Belmarsh window:




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28 responses to “The Wizard (For Julian)”

  1. WOW! So moving; brought tears. Sharing with others now…

  2. Love you so much Caitlin. Nothing in the world is more important than exposing the delusions powering the global Empire. Although it’s important to take care of ourselves so we can keep fighting. You have taught us so much. Please keep strong.

  3. Mike Wenninger Avatar
    Mike Wenninger

    This is outstanding. The prosecution of Assange is extremely evil and your creation explains why it is. Bravo!


    Dr Malone (mRNA inventor) speaks……


  5. Wonderful, beautiful, Caitlin. If only Julian could be able to see your tribute.

  6. Beautiful Caitlin.
    Michael Leunig would concur I’m sure.

  7. Ms. Johnstone…This is the most exquisitely moving, profoundly compelling yet universally accessible multi-media piece I have ever seen — and I am a former editor-in-chief of the old “Art Direction” magazine, the commercial art equivalent of “Art News” or “Art Forum.” Moreover it is so moving it brought tears to my eyes — something no such work has ever done. Mr. Assange is uniquely fortunate to have you amongst his supporters, as your work seems to be be the most complete and therefore effective portrayal of his circumstances I’ve yet seen. Thank you!

  8. Love this Caitlin. Beautiful.

    Can you believe that when I tried to share this on Facebook as I share so many of your brilliantly written pieces it was blocked with an instant message from Facebook saying that it cannot be shared as it has been reported as abusive. Abusive?

    1. I don’t know if Caitlin can believe that but I can.
      The good news it is the machinations these days continue down a path of desperation and fear. Makes the job easy to recognize them for what they are. It is ironic is it not?
      Thank-you author, scribe, painter for this beautiful artistry that touches many senses.
      Release the man for eff sake all you effing ghouls.

  9. Beautiful, Caitlin. The world needs more wizards like Julian Assange, and fewer of the people that flaunt their assholery by keeping Assange imprisoned. The US Empire has much to atone for; releasing Assange would be a good start.

  10. Caitlin, I believe you are a world leader and my vote is with you. Of course you will be surrounded with the rest of the wise counsel. Peace on Earth !!!

  11. Happy – I hope – Birthday Julian Assange!!! I owe my life to you.

  12. Rather ironic that Assange shares his birthday with Franz Kafka, author of The Trial…

  13. Julian Assange is living proof that the west is a giant fraud.

  14. Very nice…. hope Julian gets to see it soon. And celebrates his next birthday a free man.

    Reminded me of a song from a beautiful album by Ana Christiensen:

    1. And – on a lighter note – this:

  15. Journalist Bjartmar Alexandersson explains the outright lies of America’s major witness against Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.

  16. Steve Rauworth Avatar
    Steve Rauworth

    So beautiful.

  17. Wow, that is very good.

    But the wizard can’t do it alone. The wizard fights back tears of loneliness and despair. He shines his light and the key is thrown away, but still it shines. Each new generation brings it back smitten by the shine.

  18. Beautiful – there are no ends to your talents Caitlin but yes, free the wizard indeed!

  19. Beautiful, Caitlin. Thank you.

  20. Dear Caitlin,
    Julian Assange as The Wizard in what amounts to (I’m afraid) a revelry of self-indulgence?! PLEASE!
    Would much rather see you use your time/energy to reach more people with some grassroots lobbying of your corrupt, impotent government to stand up to the U.S. “Democracy” Machine–no doubt inspired by Orwell’s Ministry of Love–and for one of its own citizens, for chrissake, and INSIST on both this man’s freedom and compensation for the barbarism he has been forced to endure.
    Horror/thriller author S.A. Hogan

    1. Do your books consist entirely of grassroots lobbying to stand up to the US machine?

    2. “Would much rather see you use your time/energy to reach more people with some grassroots lobbying…”
      And WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE to talk to her like that, asshole?
      Her father?
      Will you swanky cancel culture freaks stop at anything?
      Got any sense of shame on top of it for taking advantage of her blog to advertise your own fucking business while insulting her?
      I mean for Chrissakes! I’ve seen a lotta jerks in my life but you’re a synthesis!
      Bravo Caitlin! What a beautiful and noble idea to celebrate Julian Assange’s 50th birthday!
      Thanks for all you do.
      Incidentally the atmosphere of your piece reminds me somehow of this old song by Ginger Baker and Cream.

  21. Wonderful video in a combined expression. In further honor of Julian, let us also remember Aaron Swartz (as totally related): “As we think about what happened to Aaron, we need to recognize that it was not just prosecutorial overreach that killed him. That’s too easy, because that implies it’s one bad apple. We know that’s not true. What killed him was corruption. Corruption isn’t just people profiting from betraying the public interest. It’s also people being punished for upholding the public interest.”

  22. Auwal Mohammed Nyako Avatar
    Auwal Mohammed Nyako

    Wow…… Great Caitlin… Fantastic as always…….

  23. Break free. Chis Hedges has a recent – rather long – piece on ‘American Sadism’ that ends
    “Rebellion must be embraced, finally, not only for what it will achieve, but for what it will allow us to become. In that becoming we find hope.”

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