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Britain’s High Court has granted the US government limited permission to appeal its extradition case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, meaning that the acclaimed journalist will continue to languish in prison for exposing US war crimes while the appeals process plays out.

If the western media were what it purports to be, every member of the public will be acutely aware of the fact that a journalist is being imprisoned by the most powerful government on earth for exposing inconvenient facts about its war machine. Because the western media are propaganda institutions designed to protect the powerful, this fact is far from the forefront of public attention. Most people are more aware of the smears about Assange being a Russian agent or a rapist than they are of his victimization by a tyrannical assault on world press freedoms.

There is a whole other world happening just below the surface of mainstream public attention. The membrane of celebrities and entertainment and partisan bickering overlays public perception of the world almost the entire time, only occasionally being disrupted by short-lived blasts of dissonance piercing through the fog.

You’ll be reading about what Ronnie Republican said to Debbie Democrat, and it will feel so real and normal, then all of a sudden you’re getting blasted in the face with talk of Jeffrey Epstein getting suicided in prison amid reported ties to government-run sexual blackmail operations using minors for the purpose of controlling society’s leading influencers. Then it gets quickly memory-holed, the membrane returns, and it’s back to Ronnie and Debbie once again.

But before the fog returns there’s always a short-lived moment of “What?? Huh??” as you try to re-orient yourself to reality in light of the new information you just received. What you just saw is completely irreconcilable with your current view of the world, the one you’ve been fed piece-by-piece by school and mass media and internet algorithms. The clash between your comfortable existing worldview and the new information you just received causes a kind of psychological discomfort known as cognitive dissonance, which makes it hard to hold them both at the same time.

From there, psychological compartmentalization takes over. Compartmentalizing is when we mentally separate information or experience from our existing understanding of ourselves and our world and kind of sweep it under the carpet so we don’t experience cognitive dissonance anymore. We don’t delete it; the information is still there to be accessed if we want to, but it’s placed in a separate file and treated as though it exists in a parallel alternate reality.

Compartmentalization sometimes comes into play when a wife discovers that her husband has been sexually molesting their child; she files the information away into a separate container, because the way that information would shatter her world if she held onto it is too frightening and the cognitive dissonance of holding both worlds at the same time too uncomfortable.

Compartmentalization comes in when we’re scrolling through our news feed and see something about the horrors that are being unleashed upon Yemen with the help of our government; it doesn’t square with the model of the world we’ve been trained to hold in our minds, so we dissociate it from our model.

It comes in when we remember that we were lied to about Iraq. It comes in when we think about what humankind’s way of living on this planet is doing to our ecosystem. It comes in when we think about the fact that nuclear weapons are a thing and that cold war tensions are escalating. It comes in when we are reminded that our government is participating in the torture and imprisonment of a journalist whose only crime was trying to bring the truth out from the locked files it’s been hidden away in so we can make it a part of our worldview.

The cost of coming out of compartmentalization into a worldview of integrity is cognitive dissonance and the discomfort of constructing a new conceptual framework for reality. But the reward is having a perspective that is based on truth instead of lies.

Compartmentalization is a weapon of the propagandists. It’s a glitch in our cognitive processing which means they don’t have to work as hard to keep us living in a lie-based reality tunnel; all they have to do is construct our perception of reality for us, and from there our own psychological defense systems will do the work for them.

The oligarchic empire which rules our world is not truly hidden from view; we see signs of it all the time, it’s just too uncomfortable for most of us to look at. The monster isn’t hiding under the bed, it’s staring us right in the face and we’re looking all over the room except where it’s standing because to meet its gaze would obliterate our world.

But obliterate it we must. Lie-based worldviews are what hold the empire together; the powerful spend so much energy propagandizing us because they need to in order to retain power. Without it, we could realize that they are unleashing immense evils upon our world, and that there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them.

And this is what we must do if our species is to survive into the future. We must find a way to move past the cognitive dissonance from a lie-based way of living into a truth-based way of living, and become a truth-based species with a truth-based relationship with each other and with our ecosystem. If we keep hiding from reality, we’ll compartmentalize ourselves right out of existence.


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48 responses to “The Empire Depends On Psychological Compartmentalization”

  1. We are born into a predicament. One gets the impression everything is pre-set, an educative thought system that is on its way to explaining the cosmos. On this basis the way ahead is paved for each newborn by its genitors. The child born free of the will of others gets broken in like a colt.

    Seems it’s always the same recurring predicament: The consolidation of power of the past and the consequences for following generations. The powers/land-owners of yesterday and the laws they wrote with their privilege. Privilege means beyond law. Me and mine. A concept of ‘ownership’: of trees. dogs, etc.
    Seems a constant regurgitation of mean practice.
    Nevertheless each blank slate/ generation gets formatted and stays the course: Land ownership, leasing, trespassing, mining ‘rights’, etc. Loans, interest, investment. No one is querying. It is as it is.
    State. Religion. Prison. Law and Order. No one cam overthrow the dismal culture they are themselves trapped in.

    Parents having to imprison 5 year-olds in their ‘homes’ (to protect them from their natural healthy inclinations) is an example of how the wheel turns. Warp speed i believe is the neology.
    Concern for their health?
    While risking that their reproductive rights will be removed at the drop of a hat?

    ‘Civilized society’ is crime-based and run by syndicates of like-minded individighouls. As with espionage agencies, the co-operators cover for each other because it’s in their mutual interest to do so.
    Seems there’s a mental block accepting this. Probably because we take part in crime and enjoy the profits, petrol, etc.
    Won’t look because of the need to claim innocence.
    Truth is no one here created the earth or any of the matter on it. Therefore, there should not be the buying and selling and the endless claims of ‘ownership’ and ‘authority’ over mass.

    We are created from earth’s life and activity. If any entity can claim ownership of the human race and the work/energy allotted to each individual, then surely we are owned exclusively by the earth that feeds and waters us.
    Psyche/logical wrong done to living creatures is surely a wrong done to that which created each to function autonomously.

    The headcount that is capitalism is kept in motion by subservience. It is a bonded slave-holding, a highly successful mind trade that has had a run of centuries.
    The command sphere of those with a predatory consciousness, the personal Impero. The naked emperor stuck in an infantile power poop phantasy.
    We should never have ended up writing dictates for each other as we have.

    By trying to over-control, we have brought about tragedy and filled human minds with cunning and harm with the weakened masses hiding behind powerful alpha males.
    Billions cowering to the dictates of a handful of bullish profiteers.

    The ‘right’ to inject is the consolidation of this fear-based relationship.
    What we are doing in insisting on over-ruling the choice of each individual to decide what enters its body, is a closing of our eyes collectively to the outlandish claim being staked for total ownership of a biological commodity – mankind.
    As usual the discourse will centre on profit.
    Yer something deadly simply slipped through in the panic (pandemic).
    Will anyone even notice?

    Little piggies are very foolish to open doors to the wolf.
    Mass production of biological human products and exclusive patents to come.
    Designed to suit privileged persons.
    Of course we can see where the centralisation of power is leading.

    Removal of the earth-created rightness of bringing life into the world in one’s own image.
    If that isn’t a downgrade from kinship ti the Creator, what is?

    1. Pretty good summation. Kudos, sir and/or ma’am. Probably the Pareto Principle will decide what comes next. The question is which 20% will prevail. The odds on any one outcome are 5:1. Both the middle 20%s are most likely the most irrelevant though they deign themselves the most important. The 20% of the most powerful and their allies have an undeserved confidence that has opened Pandora’s Box. The number of people who speak as you has increased by much this last year. In a world of nothing but delusions there are none but more and less harmful delusions. Any less harmful delusion could be a stepping stone to a universal relative sanity. Perfection and expectations of perfection are in the realm of the machine cranked out by them trained by the machine to emulate the machine. Rough imperfect humanity is our true nature and its adherents demonized to make resistance to the unnatural appear the natural. Compassion is our best characteristic in being human to each other. It begins with those close and afterward, when available, extends beyond the local group. The globalist conjecture would have you deny your own kin. There is no greater sin.

  2. Thanks to you, Caity, and many other members of the alt. media, I feel certain that many (but not enough) people feel as I do, that there is no longer a need to compartmentalize. At this juncture of my life and experience, I assume that everything coming from the government is a lie, unless proven true beyond a shadow of a doubt. Furthermore, anything coming from media, that even reflects positively on what government says, is also held as untruthful. Unless proven to my satisfaction, that media source is branded and held in the same state of disbelief as is the government. The same applies to both influential and popular people.
    I still retain a smidgen of hope for better things to come. After all, if we cannot do that, what sense would there be in a positive contribution to others or to the future. I haven’t the time, here, to go into it in depth, but it does seem to me that we must find a way to take power back from the psychopaths at the top and to trash our ancient, obsolete and corrupted systems – political, social and financial – and replace them with one radically new system that both combines the three into one new system and that, first and foremost, sees to the needs of the people.
    The alternative is to continue our slow slide toward totalitarianism.

  3. I agree with Caitlin about “compartmentalization”. We all do this. Without it bias would not exist — not what I call “convenience store liberals” — meaning “liberals” who want pre-packaged ideas. A “compartment”? Or? A package? In any case, WE are the problem.,

  4. It is part of our lower animal instinct to recoil from trauma, to get away from it. Our social conditioning, provided to us by those who have traumatized us since they put our tiny little footprints on a piece of paper, is designed to keep our consciousness at the ‘recoil’ stage and not let it go into the ‘do something about it’ stage.
    It’s absolutely not right, but they have been doing this for thousands of years, and they catch nearly everyone at birth to start this process, and then they trick everyone into paying for being put in a hole in the ground when it’s done.
    We can change it, but we have to learn to not look away.

  5. Fliegerverbindungsoffizieren Avatar

    Fly Me To The Moon – Nazi Joseph Goebbels 18 Principles of Propaganda ///////


  6. There’s money to be made.
    There’s mountains to climb.
    There’s sights to be seen.
    There’s stories to be told.
    There’s sex to be had.
    There’s booze, drugs and food to be consumed.
    Who has time to listen, understand and FEEL the Truth?
    Almost nobody.

  7. Begs the question though doesn’t it? If it’s something in our genes or hardwired into our brains, how are we to overcome it? For tens of thousands of years things just hummed along for humans with little change and our brains were quite suited to doing what they were doing. Then agriculture began and things started to change for us and how we relate to the world and each other. Then along came fossil fuels. The energy released by these new resources changed things radically. Our brains are still the old hunter/gather model with a few upgrades. I don’t think we have had time to sufficiently evolve into this new paradigm.

    1. Dollyboy, Now we have our second dice throw on the future. My first conjecture with you regarding Israel is going in my favor, but I’m sure you don’t want to reconsider
      But on this one regarding your lack of hope, I think you don’t understand evolution nor Mutual Aid. With that said, let me say I respect you, and I know I could be incorrect.
      I have faith in the human spirit whatever it may be.

  8. James Fortner Avatar
    James Fortner

    Thank you Caity for keeping my eyes open.

  9. Cognitive dissonance and compartmentalization are the default condition for getting through life; it’s psychologically impossible not to use them and remain sane. Of course, you can do too much of a good thing. And, of course the ruling classes use them for their nefarious end’s. Being, mostly sociopaths themselves, they don’t need CD & C because they lack empathy and depend on “what’s in it for me” and what would get it. Situational ethics works well for them. Any rational person knows that most of what Caitlin post’s is in fact true but how many do any more than what I’m doing here, keyboard Warrioring because we know what would happen to us should we choose physical actions to bring down the systems that have been in place since the dawn of agriculture.

    1. Um, Kropotkin had some ideas on this. I ascribe to most of them.
      I could quit my typing in a heartbeat, but if you told me I couldn’t work in the garden, then you would have a fight on your hands, and I would not fight to lose. I’d fight to win.
      Fuck it Bob – boB – fuck it.
      Better times on the way.

    2. The time may be close at hand. There are them that say it has passed and them that pursue it into the future. Right now, what are you ready for? Do you have a line in the sand?

  10. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Mankind basically hates sudden change and has trouble adapting to new ideas. However we can adapt when an idea is introduced slowly. Take homosexuality which was illegal in 1960 to gay marriages in 2020. If you had made the change in 1960, chaos would erupt. Thus anyone with a 50 or 100 year plan is near impossible to stop. That is why China is destined to meet their goals.

    1. Maybe, maybe not, but yes indeed. I love where I’m from.
      Australia has no kahunas and forgot what else ……
      Clearance Clearwater in my ears. On a bayou
      U sons a bitches one and all
      Don’t constrain language
      Stop now.
      Still, we sense quantum, so it must be.
      Wonder what will happen next.
      ` oh my
      Just happened again.
      And again yet.
      Serious business on the way.
      Barter for it if u can.
      ~‘‘tis all a poem ‘‘tis it not?

  11. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    If we keep hiding from reality, we’ll compartmentalize ourselves right out of existence.”
    Compartmentalism is another form of a… box. And people today seem to LOVE to live inside boxes. Lots of boxes everywhere. They don’t want anyone to stray outside of Their Box. Those who do venture outside and don’t conform to the ‘consensus’ lines are looked at with high suspicion and run the risk of losing friends and careers if not more.
    Keeping things in boxes. Lots of separate boxes. Today people relish being in separate boxes. They celebrate their separateness. They celebrate the color and texture of Their Box. Separate politics. Separate races. Separate generations. Separate ‘truths’. Separate ‘realities’. Separate… everything.
    When you get right down to it, all boxes are mental. And when all people are taught is to erect boxes walls between themselves, that’ all you’re going to get is more boxes and walls.
    People feel ‘safe’ inside their box. That’s why cats love to fit inside boxes. They feel protected in there. When people do this, they don’t really understand what they are doing to themselves. They just think it’s where they belong. Outside the box is so ‘scary’. Find a box for me, please! Be separate… think separate… and stay in your box!
    As the 1962 song goes…
    “Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same…
    And the people in the houses
    All went to the university,
    Where they were put in boxes
    And they came out all the same…
    And they all look just the same.
    And they all have pretty children
    And the children go to school,
    And then to the university,
    Where they are put in boxes
    And they come out all the same.
    And the boys go into business
    And marry and raise a family
    And they all look just the same.”
    – Malvina Reynolds

    1. Sounds like the poem of an elitist.
      Looking down on the little houses.
      Prove me wrong please
      Seems offensive to me.
      If your name is “oz” watch out for now and evermore.
      Some offensives have never-ending consequences.
      Just like imagining somebody else
      Suffering through a

      1. Sounds like a barking threat sans teeth buffalo. More like a whimper from one who ceases to retreat

        Careful . . .

    2. Who made the boxes? Same who made outside the box? Reality is that you are the universe looking out at the universe and acting within the universe that you are. Believing otherwise is endless positions interacting with other endless positions.

  12. Actually my compartmentalization is exactly reversed. I tend to put away into a dark recess whatever I hear, see, or read that is likely truthful from the Sociopaths In Charge and its minions. The devil is a liar. Don’t believe anything he says. You’ll come out on the long end.
    People prefer to believe that which is comfortable to believe regardless of the truth. If truth becomes what one finds comfortable, the tables turn.

    1. I disagree JWK
      When there is refusal to learn and grow together, that is when the tables turn.
      All gubmennt sucks

  13. Tried to speak my mind just now but it was blocked.
    Guess I’ll go hang out with Lynn and that hateful lovable Khatika entity.
    See you all later – pirates knew better.

  14. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    Is it psychological compartmentalization or is it dissociative identity disorder? The latter is characterized by the presence of “two or more” distinct personalities, previously known as multiple personality disorder. The trauma of living in a sadistic apathetic culture can be enough to traumatize even the most mentally robust. Dissociative identity disorder is a coping mechanism triggered to deal with past horrific memories. So in effect, we’re dealing with a severely mentally disturbed society whose population has been victimized by a psychotic security state.

    Another dysfunctional form of behavior worth noting is “exhibitionism.” State-controlled social media platforms train the populace, especially young people to be exhibitionists. These unwitting subjects display their entire life for all the world to see. The “open book” is literally an “open library” where hundreds of millions of volumes are continually on display.

    LifeLog a DARPA research project is a precursor to Facebook. It was intended to gather as much info as possible on every member of society. Facebook, is still controlled by the intelligence agencies and they’re happily achieving their initial goal. Other sites such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.. are covertly under the umbrella of the CIA, FBI, and NSA and these sites help to learn more about the population so that deep learning AI surveillance capabilities are enhanced.

    In actuality, the society is made in the image of a creator who’s “not’ ephemeral or spiritual in nature, but merely the “earthly psychopathic security state” noted by Hannah Arendt as being “the banality of evil” thriving by nurturing a population of dissociative personality disorder exhibitionists.

    1. Insanity is as insanity does. They are ALL crazy. Dispensations for benevolence do NOT apply.

  15. Compartmentalization is real. A person is better off learning how they compartmentalize so they can observe how their world makes them react. It is a paradox, but to be free you have to be aware of your limits. Compartmentalization helps people survive but side effects are horrible. The most extreme compartmentalization happens to young children when they are abused. Multiple personalities, a jukebox of identities can result.

    Most of us don’t go that far. We only assume separate personalities under an identity with a single name. Personalities selected by the whims of fate and circumstance.

    Ignorance results. There is no self direction. We are not so smart but we are smarter knowing this. Knowing ourselves.

    1. Ah K-Dog if you don’t know yourself what do you know?
      A fair debate question for another time maybe in the future.
      When the timing is better. Just now, so much is so precarious.
      Just now some decisions are being made and there will consequences.
      Get ready for serious business and thanks for all you do.

  16. One could make a case that mass-shootings are part of experimentations on psychological compartmentalization carried out by the US deep state (in whatever agency description) the way the CIA experimented on LSD in the 60’s by dropping the stuff into unsuspecting youths’ glasses in night-clubs.
    Otherwise we have to find a good reason why the US has the quasi-monopole of mass-shootings…
    1/ The US has the highest number of guns per capita. True but guns have never killed anybody unless someone pulls the trigger. Switzerland has about half as many and you never hear of a single mass-shooting in Switzerland.
    2/ The US is on top of the list for the use of antidepressants which are known to have morbid and violent side effects. True but Iceland comes second and you never hear of a single mass-shooting in Iceland.
    Mass-shooting is as American as apple pie in spite of apples growing everywhere. Why?
    Cathy O’Brien explains how, in the framework of the MK Ultra program, she was forced into acts too horrible to live with that she would memory-hole into sealed off compartments of her brain that would later be tapped into with triggering passwords by her CIA tormenters to turn her into a sex slave.
    Of course Cathy O’Brien is a conspiracy theorist according to Wikipedia and if you don’t believe Wikipedia (which happens to be monitored by the CIA among a long list of other die-hard truthers :o), it’s well known that you’ll burn in hell for eternity – which is a bit long towards the end according to Franz Kafka.
    However, having read that or listened to her videos on YouTube, you might find this minor news item interesting that happened five years ago in Kalamazoo, Michigan:
    This Uber driver, Jason Dalton, said he heard a “devil figure” through an Uber app ordering him to murder people but the weirdest part is in another article where a passenger, Matt Mellen, describes how Dalton was acting perfectly normal until he got a phone call that trigerred him into going completely berserk:
    In a nutshell (coz it’s a rather long piece), “he and Dalton even chatted a little to begin with. Small talk. Nothing unusual. After they’d driven a short while, Dalton received a phone call. He was using Bluetooth, so Mellen could hear the call, though he wasn’t really paying attention and wasn’t even quite sure if the voice he heard was male or female, adult or child. Anyway, they didn’t talk for long. That was when the universe abruptly shifted.
    ‘He hung up’ said Mellen, ‘and he floored it. He hammered the gas pedal. He just started driving crazy.’ Whatever the real trigger, Dalton’s behavior became unhinged. He sped into an oncoming-traffic lane, blew through a stop sign, and violently sideswiped a Ford Taurus. But, as he did so, he reacted as though nothing had happened”.
    Doesn’t it kinda cast some light on the US mass-shootings?
    What? No, of course the US deep state would never carry out experimentations killing random US citizens! How could I forget that… Only abroad are 90% of the drone victims innocent bystanders but we all know these guys are “unpeople”, which makes all the difference.
    Then again experimentations of that nature would go a long way into explaining how hundreds of millions of suckers have been led to believe that a disease that killed 0,03% of the world population in a year forced mankind to jab everyone in the galaxy all the way up to Uranus with experimental shit nobody wants to be held accountable for (neither labs nor governments), which is the only reason why it’s not mandatory.
    Spoiler alert: beware, this is a conspiracy theory :o)

    1. I think you got it right Pascal. The “US” is fucked up.
      Now you got your “US” and I got my mine. Yours is fucked up and mine is as well.
      What the hell is to be done about this if you want to be somebody who loves your country?
      I’ll be effed if I know at this time and moment.
      I try to suggest solutions, but who gives a flip.
      Pointless I reckon, but maybe not, so why not keep on talking.
      This is what I would say to you Pascal at the Table of Peace in my imagination.
      Best to you,

  17. For this old man sometimes the Internet presents articles that brings tears to my eyes and an anger to my belly! The ” actual truth ” can be like a sledge hammer to the brain and bring crystal clarity to ones soul! Thank You Paul Edwards!!
    The reason a repulsive, vulgar oaf such as Donald Trump, or a corrupt, addled nonentity like Joe Biden can be elected President is that all ethical standards that might prevent it have been eroded by two hundred years of dishonesty and calculated betrayal by the privileged financial elite that owned our nation and plunged it into the dysfunction, disaster, and doom that is now inevitable.
    The American people have been victimized, violated, and ruined by psychotic criminals who deceived and enslaved them and trained them to worship their abusers, to embrace their serfdom. When, for decades, centuries, a people is subjected to endless indoctrination in cruelty and dishonesty, awakening from that propagandized state must be traumatic, if it is even possible.
    This magnificent article can be read here:
    Miserere For The Land Of The Free By Paul Edwards!

  18. I should read more than I have before I post this comment, but whatever. I’m not gonna.
    Here is an idea out of good humor. There could be some “Pirates of Ideas” who hold onto the ideals that merit what……..ahhh…..they are Pirate Ideas for goodness sake – what could they merit?
    Are the Pirate Ideas gonna get squashed again – inquiring minds want to know. I want to know – seems to me the Pirates had it correct a few centuries ago, and they have it correct presently, but that is just my sentiment. I like pirates and snakes. Try to retroactively abort my ass as much as you want, it can’t be done because – I’m in the record. I’m on it. I’m on your…..oh forget it…..maybe later…..when the witch is melting and the monkeys are screeching like tormented banchees under the spell of a witch!
    Some ideas deserve to be squashed – some other things as well….

    1. I’ve read it. My comment stands. Put it into the record please. I’ll do likewise.

  19. For those who have made the commitment to face the truth at all costs, what would have become of your mind if you were given that truth all at once?

    I think we are going to have a chance to find out by observing the willfully ignorant after asset bubble implosion and dollar hyperinflation. Understanding that what you’ve been supporting all this time is what’s coming to kill you should be a gradual unconscious unfolding before the epiphany arrives. Prepare for completely erratic behavior by these types of people.

    Even demons know the truth. It’s just too late for them.

  20. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    Possibly my former friend, who votedbluenomatterwho (Biden) is compartmentalizing when she defends her worldview. When I told her that Hillary Clinton put up Trump as a straw man candidate to run against her, believing that his boorishness would drive voters to her, my friend utterly denied it, and when I told her that WikiLeaks had exposed HRC’s emails, in which HRC said exactly that, my friend burst into a MSM-fueled rant against Julian Assange, listing every one of the smears you named.
    On the other hand, she was quite supportive of the homeless encamped in the park near her house.
    I decided that she could connect the dots well as long as they were inside her comfort zone, but she had erected a brick wall around the circumference of her comfort zone, and she couldn’t follow the dots past it.
    She became my former friend not because of her political views, but because I was being bullied by a person in power over me, and she advised me to bow down and suck it up for the benefits that the bully could provide. That is, by the way, exactly what she herself would do. She got quite insistent that I run my life her way, and told me that she wouldn’t be my friend unless I did. At that point, I said, “Bye!”

  21. Given this reality, is it any wonder that so many decent, reasonable and sensible Americans believe that the corporate media orchestrated a fraudulent election in 2020? That corporate media has succeeded in making truth, on a macro-level, all but impossible to discern which is why leftist and rightist populist should unite in opposition to the Deep State and its tools.

  22. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Yes, it appears that the majority of people, particularly in the United States, are terrified of seeing what world they are truly living in, just like the woman whose child is being abused by her husband. Their entire world view is so out of touch with reality because of, primarily, television, with it’s constant advertising, propaganda disguised as news, insipid mindless entertainment and the general noise that never ends. Kurt Vonnegut wrote about a dystopian future where everyone was forced to wear an implant in their heads that created loud noise whenever it detected them thinking critically about what was going on around them. The noise would immediately make them forget what they were thinking about. This has now become a reality. The only reason I am halfway sane is because I got rid of my television nine years ago.

    1. Carolyn what you think about this.
      Ignominy does not come easy but like a baby it must be born.
      The babies face is one of innocence.
      Not so for the ignominy.
      Still – ain’t born easy.

    2. Never had a TV. Last movie I saw was 2007 to placate my high school kid. That idiot shit murdered history. Books are bad enough.

  23. “Compartmentalization sometimes comes into play when a [husband] discovers that [his wife] has been [unfaithful, over and over and over, for years]; [he] files the information away into a separate container, [so that her continuing actions cannot destroy whatever is left].” “[He] could [also] realize that [this was] unleashing immense evils upon [his entire] world, [and choose to move on – after removing her presence from his life].” If the latter is chose, “parallel alternate realit[ies]” can be closed down. It is the same with 99% of worldwide propagandistic media. Once it is identified and quantified, it can be set aside or shut down to such a degree that the “immense evil” is no longer able to overwhelm truths within the remaining 1%.

  24. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Because it is the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus, the problem is not just the ruling elites; most of the population is on board with the agenda, with the jailing of Mr Assange, with the need to break lives by the way of confinement, with the need to lower our pants to receive a vaccine etc…

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Did the Pope lower his pants when he got the vaccine? Was his life broken?

      1. When he got the placebo?

  25. Oligarchs rule China bought the US Election

  26. Compartmentalisation might also be referred to as ‘Betrayal Blindness’, coined by psychologist Jennifer Freyd (who also coined DARVO – Deny, attack, reverse role of victim and offender – and Institutional Betrayal). In essence it’s too painful or dangerous to see betrayal, so the brain prevents it from reaching consciousness.

    Freyd claims to have been sexually abused by her father. Her parents then coined the term ‘false memory syndrome’ and set up a foundation (False Memory Syndrome Foundation) in 1992. Freyd published ‘Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse’ in 1996.

    Good overview: madinamerica (dot)com/2021/02/false-memory-syndrome/

  27. In 1906, the New York Chamber of Commerce determined by extensive study, that if they could get control of the money supply, then they could control people’s thoughts. They assumed that control in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act which gave them control of “elastic” money. They control people’s thoughts. They are the culprits because they are the money counterfeiters. Our only hope is the End The Fed.

  28. Breaching multiple water-tight compartments with impunity again:
    (Fatal) Clot risk to 18-39s from AstraZeneca vaccine is twice as high as Covid​- death risk, Euro study finds
    ​ ​The study, published in the weekly edition of the Eurosurveillance journal, models four months of a vaccine distribution strategy in France involving Vaxzevria (commonly called AstraZeneca) from May 2021, and concludes that using the vaccine on the entire adult population there would avert 10 deaths from Covid among 18-39-year-olds, but would be associated with 21 deaths from blood clotting in the same age grouping over the same time period.

    1. John Day – you Hornigold pirate of old.
      I got into a squabble with my poker playing friends regarding vaccinations and the lack thereof. I told them bastards that I would piss outside to avoid possible human contact with an unvaccinated one.
      I told them it wold be fun, and I meant it. Seriously…
      Can I get you a drink of your choice John Day? Just say and let me know.

    2. As you have been saying, sir, Ivermectin cures. Mexico and India concur but it took them a dose of gettin’ to get there. The providers in my state are not local but self dosing with horse Ivermectin is widely touted. Seems to be a decided shortage of that in the ranch stores as of late. You can fool some of the people some of the time…..

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