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Sunday Funny Pages: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Hey kids! Got some fun and relatable comic strips for you to share on social media:


Garfield knows what’s up:

Marmaduke dropping truth bombs, as usual:


This is pretty insightful. Whoever does the Dilbert comic should consider getting into political commentary:

I’d honestly never noticed Family Circus has such biting social commentary:


Man I forgot how high-brow this comic was:

Listen to a reading of this article:

BREAKING: Sources report violent right-wing extremists have seized the US Capitol, established a globe-spanning empire, and murdered millions of people.

Think tank name translation guide:

Foreign = War
Policy = Crimes
Democracy = Neoliberalism
Strategic = Murderous
International/Global = Imperialist
Relations = Domination
American = Oligarchic
Research = Indoctrination
Institution/Institute/Council/Center/Foundation/House = Propaganda Firm



Me, an idiot: It’s disturbing how government-tied Silicon Valley oligarchs exert so much control over people’s access to free speech.

You, a genius: It’s not a free speech issue because you can still take your opinions down to Ye Olde Printing Presse and distribute them manually on horseback.

We haven’t talked enough about how the US military not only lied for twenty years about their stated goals in Afghanistan nearly being accomplished, but it turns out they were also lying about doing anything during that time that could possibly have led to their stated goals being accomplished.

Seeing the “Afghan government” just melting under the Taliban after the US pretended to spend twenty years building it up is like paying someone billions of dollars to build a palace and then after twenty years checking it out and realizing the whole thing is a stage play set made of cardboard.

A military which can afford to spend trillions on a twenty-year war which accomplished literally nothing besides making horrible people wealthy is a military that needs its budget slashed to ribbons.

When your elected officials never ask “How do we solve this problem?” but rather “How do we solve this problem without upsetting rich people or warmongers?”, most of the problems will necessarily remain unsolved. This is of course entirely by design, because the circumstances which created the problems were set up by and for the rich people and warmongers.

Anyone who accuses you of working for a foreign government when you criticize US imperialism is accidentally admitting that they cannot imagine any possible scenario under which someone might criticize the worst impulses of the most powerful people on earth without being paid to. They’re giving you a very embarrassing insight into the way they think and live. They’re telling you that they are unprincipled hacks who never question authority and only speak from within the framework of blind sycophantic loyalty.

It was a major propaganda victory for imperial narrative managers to convince people that being skeptical of any claim about a foreign government made by the US — no matter how flimsy the evidence — is the same as Holocaust denial.

The poor have all the responsibility and none of the wealth or power, and for the rich it’s the exact opposite: all of the power and wealth but none of the responsibility. Nobody ever tells them “See all that plastic in the ocean? That’s your fault. Fix it.” They burn the world for fun and profit and face no consequences. They’re a bunch of spoiled little boys with flamethrowers.

If it had just been “Let’s end racism” instead of “Let’s end racism by supporting horrible corporate warmongers” there’d be a lot less racism today.

Any time I talk about racial justice I get people calling it “identity politics” when it’s really not; becoming conscious of racial injustices in our society isn’t about promoting any political party or politician, it’s about becoming conscious. But people assume that because it’s been so exploited for so long.

If people weren’t so acutely aware of the disgusting ways in which race and racism have been leveraged to promote the political agendas of absolutely horrible people and parties, that aversion to seeing this stuff would not be there. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize phoniness, opportunism and cynicism when you see it; most people can smell it a mile away. This causes a rejection of the examination of the problem of racism which would not be there otherwise.

The fact that racism has been exploited in a way that prevents it from being healed is itself a metastasis of that same racism.

Stomp out the authentic revolutionary impulse and you’re left with inauthentic revolutionary impulse. You don’t kill people’s impulse to rise up and push for change, you just get them doing it in weird, ridiculous, ineffective ways. Hence the pseudo left and “populist” right.

Most of the bizarre things about western politics in general and US politics in particular ultimately boil down to this. “Okay we need to overthrow the elites and change things… let’s elect that rich casino guy for president.” All the IDpol and shitlib stuff, same thing.

If the door to real leftward movement hadn’t been bolted shut, you wouldn’t see one side trying to change things by freaking out about immigrants and trans people and the other side trying to change things by punching them in black bloc without either threatening real power. What you’d see is change.

This situation of course suits those in power just fine. They’re happy to have the right advancing their interests and the left shrieking impotently at anything that moves for all eternity. That’s why they spent generations deliberately turning that into the existing reality.


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  • Anyone who claims that a critic of the imperialist war machine is paid for by a foreign entity is also exposing their belief in the power of money.

    It’s like saying that protesters are being paid by George Soros: they themselves would never go out and protest about their principles; they would have to be paid. That’s because they don’t have any principles beyond profits.

  • When I was a lad, I was given Quality training. My boss held up a banana and asked, ‘What’s that?’ ‘A banana,’ said I. ‘How do you know?’ he asked. ‘Well, it’s yellow and kinda bent and…’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘where’s the piece of paper which says it’s a banana?’ From this I learnt that Quality is the opposite of quality.

    Now I realise it’s bigger than this: we’ve created a priesthood with the power of trans-substantiation. For if the piece of paper says the banana is an apple, then the banana is in fact an apple.

  • Are there any absolutes in this world when even the definition of words changes over time. Man hates absolutes. Absolutes confine man. Instead man lives by societal and situational standards. It is when you are living during these shifts of standards that things get difficult. Today if I disagee with you, then I must hate you. If I disagree with your ideas of culture and tradition, then I am a racist. If I think that another path is better then I am a radical and danger to society. It all comes back to man hates absolutes.

  • Meanwhile, China (no, it ain’t paradise) continues to lift millions from poverty and build the greatest social infrastructure on the planet.

    • The standard of living in China is equivalent to Slovakia’s. It’s never enough, is it? Providing that many people with more than they need by supplying those who already had more than they need has contributed greatly to the poisoning of our collective air, water and fisheries. The social infrastructure is techno slavery in its relative infancy, soon coming to you.


  • testing

  • Fabulous and perfect creative impulse. Every damn morning I awaken with those same damn speech bubbles, wishing it were more than enough, which it is, in fact, to send Julian home to his astonishingly wonderful partner and his little boys and the not-so-patient-millions who know he only did “the right thing” by us! “Yo, Merrick, Joe, we see you. And we know! ” Get thee behind us, satanic forces.

  • Freaking out about trans-identified people? Do you have no sympathy with poor women who are locked up in prison and now have to share cells with men who have committed sexual crimes? Unbelievable.

  • “When your elected officials never ask “How do we solve this problem?” but rather “How do we solve this problem without upsetting rich people or warmongers?”, most of the problems will necessarily remain unsolved”.
    Truer words have never been spoken. It’s especially striking in medicine. Unless you are a physical wreck (which is usually brought about by medical drugs – the ancient Greeks used the same word “pharmakon” for medical drug and poison), curing yourself of the little ailments we all experience throughout life with simple aliments, as Hippocrates, who lived to be 85 in the Vth century BCE prescribed, is a walk in the park. Contrary to what we’re propagandized to think by Big Pharma, people all through history, have lived very old without ever seeing doctors. Women were the family healers and would keep everybody in good shape with herbs, poultices and diets. The average life expectancy was low but only because a very high infant mortality due to poor hygienic conditions (water, air…) tipped the scales.
    Those who survived infancy lived to a good old age if they didn’t have accidents or die in wars and if they ate reasonably. What’s eating reasonably? Knowing what’s good for you and being able to eliminate what’s bad. For instance, drinking wine gives you headaches? How can you stop having those headaches? By stopping drinking wine. Couldn’t get more simple than that!
    Modern medicine, created at the turn of the XXth century by J.D. Rockefeller, doesn’t work that way though. The problem, for a modern doctor (even though he’s generally not even aware of it thanks to Big Pharma brainwashing) is: how can I use people’s little miseries to make money for myself and the labs? In other words, how can I turn a patient into a client? In that framework, “how do I rid this guy from the headaches he gets from drinking wine?” becomes: “what drug will rid this guy of the headaches he gets from drinking wine while allowing him to go on drinking wine?”
    And of course that drug will damage an organ for which he’ll need another drug and people thus slowly poison themselves while keeping Big Pharma’s cash register on a Jerry Lee Lewis boogie tempo.
    Fortunately Mammon always uses the same standard operating procedures, so it’s pretty easy to spot where he’s trying to make a buck. When there’s no apparent logic behind something, it means Mammon is trying to make a buck there.
    This 2014 article by Jonathan Turley about the military-industrial complex in a war economy…
    … is interesting for several reasons. One of them is that it illustrates Mammon’s SOP in that domain. The problem is not “how do we get to the peaceful world” American presidents have been publicly pining for while shedding crocodile tears on the global mess for as long as I can remember. It is “how can we get to a peaceful world while making money for the military-industrial complex that finances politicians, creates millions of jobs, is an integral part of the GDP and yields an outstanding 12% annual growth for investors in a tanking economy?
    Answer: by bombing the hell out of every poor country we can think of. Generally the propaganda sells the noble idea of helping a faction of these guys get rid of another hostile one but the reality is more simple. It consists in spending as many missiles at $100K apiece and bombs up to one million each as possible. When you drop 100 of those bombs, which is all in a day’s work for a B-52, you pocket $100 million of US taxpayers’ money and can buy presents for your kids for Christmas. As simple as that. Now the US is leaving Afghanistan but they have plans to carry on bombing it from Qatar. Why? To help the Afghan people? The Afghan women? Freedom and democracy?
    It’s simple free-trade rules. If they sold dental care, they’d probably have a department sweets and candies to boost the market.
    The US and the Taliban have one thing in common: they’re not afraid of death. The Taliban are not afraid of their own death (hence their strength) and the US are not afraid of bringing death to the Taliban if they can make a buck out ot it.
    We also learn from that article that the “domestic terrorist” bullshit has been in the pipes for nearly ten years, creating thousands of jobs. The problem of Homeland Security is that they don’t have enough “domestic terrorists”, so they have to fabricate them to justify budget increases (which is the natural trend of budgets). They’ve extended the concept of domestic terrorism to credit card fraud and other petty crimes and the way things are going, we should soon see some false flags in the news to convince us of the emergency. The MK-Ultra department is probably actively looking right now for the new Timothy McVeigh…

  • The US just happens to be at the pinnacle of the evils all governments aspire to. I think it was Einstein who said something to the effect that “a system that created a problem cannot be used to solve it”. You can’t expect a system, as in government, to facilitate anything other than what it was designed to facilitate, ever more power to the Sociopaths In Charge, and their sycophantic minions, and those even more psychotic that have discovered how to use it without openly being a part of it.

  • My local newspaper built a new place on the hill mostly selling cut-and-paste lies, seven days a week. Now they’ve cut it down to 4-day deliveries per week. Lies sell better when it’s someone elsewhere suffering their consequences.

  • Wake up: At this stage of inclusiveness, equity, and equality, “a bunch of spoiled [women] with flamethrowers” is no different than “a bunch of spoiled [men] with flamethrowers.”
    The Far Side: First block/scene: The US flag, waving, with these words superimposed: “In God, we trust.” Second block/scene: The Australian flag, waving, with these words superimposed: “The Assange prosecution relied heavily on false testimony from a diagnosed sociopath [who was willing to ‘false flag’ any flag].” https://seaclearly.com/2018/10/27/keepers-of-the-light

  • I’ll believe in the rule of law when I see the video of Moses bringing the stone tablets carved by god down the mountain. Until then I will consider the concept of the rule of law by unelected unaccountable court’s acting on behalf of the ruling classes to be exactly the above. How many frauds am I required to believe; Let me me count the number, starting with the invisible man in the sky and money; Oh wait, I don’t have enough battery left and I’m rolling around on the floor laughing….

  • Today, I enjoyed my tea reading Ms Johnstones great article as well as reading this article from the SCF! Hopefully the human world will wake up before it destroys everything!
    The world is changing and the Donald Trump move in 2018 to remove the United States from the Iran deal merely enhanced and emboldened a new world in the East which is amalgamating as a direct result of Americans delusional views about where it thinks it is in the world.
    With Iran selling so-called “illegal” oil already to China (and probably to India at the end of the year), the secondary sanctions which Donald Trump imposed will no longer be worth the paper they are written on.
    This fine article can be read here:
    China Mega Investment Deal With Iran Blows the United States Out of the Picture by Martin Jay!

  • FYI: The Assange prosecution relied heavily on false testimony from a diagnosed sociopath and convicted child molester.

  • What to make of that quote on Assange showing up in all these comics when the mass media in general did not widely report about the false testimony?

  • Would you prefer some grim Sunday humor–in the near future we won’t be fretting over numerous social injustices it’ll all be solved by “science.” Big pharma will supply a “mass jab” encouraged with a free doughnut. The jab will contain dopamine-producing neurons penetrating the deep brain structure inducing a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, and motivation. It’ll be permanent so you’ll no longer need the Sackler Family………..

    “Next, the researchers inserted the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus, together with the gene encoding green fluorescent protein, and regulatory DNA sequences that cause the construct to be expressed only in specified types of neurons. They then injected the virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex, and dissected the animals’ brains to identify the cells that emitted green fluorescence. Using microelectrodes, they then showed that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activated Magneto so that the cells produce nervous impulses.
    In one final experiment, the researchers injected Magneto into the striatum of freely behaving mice, a deep brain structure containing dopamine-producing neurons that are involved in reward and motivation, and then placed the animals into an apparatus split into magnetised a non-magnetised sections. Mice expressing Magneto spent far more time in the magnetised areas than mice that did not, because activation of the protein caused the striatal neurons expressing it to release dopamine, so that the mice found being in those areas rewarding. This shows that Magneto can remotely control the firing of neurons deep within the brain, and also control complex behaviours.”

    Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and …

    • When I was a kid, they had a game with football figures that moved around on the metal board due to electrical vibration. Metal heads and 5G microwave towers could put us on their game board.

      • Interesting you mentioned 5G towers:
        “GO nanoparticles can interact with neurons in the brain, they can map the brain and transmit and receive data, and instruct and interrogate neural networks, and be actioned using specific radio-frequencies. It would be naïve to rule 5G out.”

    • Four million dead from covid worldwide and still counting- victims of this kind of madness.

      • You sound like a broken record, maybe you’ve been programmed by big pharma.

        • Biden, Putin, Merkel and the Pope all got the vaccine and encouraged everyone else to get it. Nobody forced them, they are all rich and powerful. They did it because it’s the sane adult thing to do.

          • I’m happy for them.
            I choose not to get it.
            My choice. My body.
            If I do get it – the covid – it might kill me and it might not.
            I’d just assume get it and take my chances. Come to think of it, I think I’ve already had it, and it was like a cold but it passed, but maybe not.
            By the way, anybody else see that article about the deal China and Iran just made? It was long- term thinking and that is why the narrative has already evolved as I type this. Good for China and Iran I reckon.

            • Four million dead worldwide- you never gave them a choice.

              • Twenty million people die every year from heart disease and strokes.
                The main cause?
                Animal fat in the blood.
                Only one ‘cure’
                Vested interests will not let that happen. After all, there’s a 100 billion animals queuing up to be slaughtered every year.

          • LOL, a Rogues Gallery. Those are your influencers–totally insane.

            All the more reason why no healthy person should be jabbed with toxic experimental gene therapy.

            • When Putin said “It is necessary to listen, not to people who understand little about this and spread rumors, but to specialists” he was talking about listening to real doctors instead of internet crackpots. That is far saner than magnetic mind control conspiracy theories.

          • And you know this is true, because some professional liars told you so? Or perhaps you cooked up the vaccine yourself and poked them with it? These vaccines are by far the most dangerous ever allowed to remain available.

            • They don’t have to lie, that’s the point. They have access to the best doctors and medicines. Any of them could have said no to the vaccine and gotten away with it, but they all got vaccinated anyway for the common good.

  • The war in Afghanistan almost immediately restored the global supply of heroin, and put control of that supply firmly in the hands of the CIA and elements of the US military.

    • Before leaving they must’ve firmed-up a drug deal with the Taliban.

      • Or have another source lined up we are unaware of.

        • Yep, too much cash to abandon……

  • Another one for the “Think tank name translation guide”, (was especially in use during Bush’s administration)”

    Freedom – Capitalism

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