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Cuba, Space Billionaires, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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Many leftists shy away from speaking out against western imperialism because they see international dynamics as too complex, when really it’s the least complex part of the capitalist empire. The world’s largest power structure murders human beings to exert control. See? Very simple.

If you understand that police brutality is a problem or that oligarchs are robbing the working class, then the idea that they’re also holding together a globe-spanning empire using nonstop mass murder should be super easy. Only propaganda spins it as more complicated than that. Once you see how simple it is, how profoundly evil it is, and how all the other abuses of the empire depend on it, you understand that opposing the war machine of the US-centralized power alliance should be the very foremost priority of any leftist. It is the head of the beast.

US interventionism is literally always disastrous and literally never accomplishes what its proponents claim it will, yet any time there’s any strife anywhere in the world you get Americans saying “We’ve got to DO something!”

Why no. No you do not. Please, please please don’t.

The US government is waging wars around the world, circling the planet with military bases, ramping up nuclear standoffs and working to destroy any nation which disobeys it, so naturally the news media are urgently warning us about the horrible tyrannical government of Cuba.

Yes the US has been deliberately strangling Cuba with the goal of fomenting unrest. Yes it has been attempting regime change ops in Cuba up to and including invasions and hundreds of assassination attempts. No you may not blame the US for unrest in Cuba, you goddamn tankie freak.

If you try to connect unrest in Cuba with the USA’s extensive history of interventionism there, people yell at you for denying the Cuban people’s “agency”. Agency, agency, agency, agency. They’ll factor in all sorts of agency except the Central Intelligence kind.

It’s wild how the US has an intelligence agency whose actual job is causing instability and unrest in nations who disobey the its dictates, and it has a very extensive and well-documented history of doing so, but you get called a crazy idiot if you say “CIA” during periods of unrest and instability in those nations.

Only a deranged lunatic would suggest that the CIA might be doing the thing it literally always does.

I’m teaching my kids about socialism by unilaterally imposing sanctions on their food and toys and then when they complain saying “See this proves socialism doesn’t work.”

When US blockades on Cuba cause suffering, the suffering proves that socialism doesn’t work. When US-backed blockades on Yemen cause suffering, it’s an unfortunate and tragic accident of nature.

Space colonization will never happen. It’s a delusion promoted by billionaires who have a vested interest in marketing the idea that the ecologically unsustainable nature of status quo capitalism can be resolved by turning humanity into a spacefaring species. They are lying.

Capitalism has no answer for the destruction of our ecosystem. Money and profit motive have no wisdom for dealing with this predicament. That’s why capitalism stans either pretend the destruction isn’t happening or pretend the world is about to be saved by greedy tech oligarchs.

The most forceful defenders of Elon Musk are always also rabid capitalism proponents: they know that if billionaires can’t save us from the consequences of ecocidal capitalism using technological innovations, then their entire worldview is invalid. But they can’t, and it is.

Ecological collapse is coming up far faster than getting even a single living thing to Mars, but all the Mars people want to talk about is their dumb rockets. It’s like the house is on fire but your toddler wants you to stop and play Thomas the Tank Engine with him.


I write words for a living yet I cannot find any which adequately express my rage at people who think it’s fine that ecocidal capitalism is killing our home because Daddy Elon is going to fly us all to Mars.

“Hmm it seems we’re turning earth into a barren desert. The only possible solution is for us all to fly up into space to live in a barren desert.”

The solution to humanity’s problems is not to attempt the impossible task of fleeing to space, it’s to transcend our self-destructive patterning and move into a collaboration-based relationship with each other and with our ecosystem. Just like any individual who refuses to accept responsibility for their predicament, we’re collectively flailing all over the place to place the solution anywhere but on us changing. We’ll either become a conscious species or we’ll die. There are no other options on the table.

Anarchism sounds good in theory but in practice it just means regurgitating foreign policy talking points from the US State Department on the internet.

Only those who have not metamorphosed personally rule out the possibility that humanity can metamorphose collectively.


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  • People seem to forget that we are already in deep space. The Milky Way being but one of an estimated two trillion galaxies (2 with 12 zeroes). On the most viable planet with delicate ecosystems that we’ve been taking down almost since we dropped from the tree tops. And now on super steroids, accelerating exponentially since ~1970. Eight billion planet eaters, and people still think there’s hope to “save the planet”?

    I note that those two trillion galaxies have an approximate average of 200,000,000 stars each. With most suns having several planets. We were given Paradise and decided that collecting more gold bars on The Global Titanic is more important that anything else. The wealthy morons who manipulate a corrupt system could at a bare minimum end hunger, water, housing, and other basic supplies for those already here. Psychopaths, one and all.

    Two links, that are worth taking in deeply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzcOtzZRizc&t=329s Be sure to watch the full 6.5 minutes.

    One seriously dumb fuck who loves to talk about shit he knows nothing about:

    • Yawn.

    • Petersen is a highly articulate cliche conveyer. He stimulates people who like to think they are thinking and they adore him for the vicarious sense of intelligence he conjures and emotively relays to them. He is really hard to listen to for more than a few minutes.

  • Musk’s Mars mission is a thin fantasy. It is only possible to believe that nonsense if one starts from the absurd, necessarily unexamined, proposition that men walked on the moon fifty years ago. The purpose of the fantasy is to divert attention from the likelihood of near term human extinction due to the destruction of human habitat, and to develop technologies that might allow a few hundred to survive here on this planet.

  • As far as billionaires are concerned, Sir Richard Branson is not a bad sort. He poured water on Marc Cuban (no relationship to the victimized country) on Shark Tank.

    And … from now on, even when these demonstrations lead to nothing, sanctions will never be lifted against Cuba, Venezuela or anyone else because the evil sociopaths (aka Brian Kilmeade) will say, ‘lift sanctions now? we just had Cuba on the ropes, we can’t lift sanctions, you hate freedom!’

    We didn’t need sanctions in Poland or Romania but for some reason, we need to starve Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and Iran to death in order to free them.

  • Funny, I’ve often seen Caitlin chided for her child like optimism in here.
    Not so much with this one.

    Unfortunately she’s right.
    As accurate as ever.
    The idea that we can turn this planet from paradise to wasteland, then rocket a few billion miles away and accomplish the opposite is as absurd as anything ever.

  • ‘What kind of dream
    Amongst the stars?
    To live and love on Earth
    Or live and die on Mars?’

    – Tom Bailey

  • “Only propaganda spins it as more complicated than that.”
    —A long-time friend serves as my litmus test for how corporate media propaganda is working. I have yet to make a dent in his belief that the U.S. conducts “humanitarian wars,” or that U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria have any right at all to be there. He grudgingly admits that the U.S. commits war crimes, but to him they’re invariably not an essential part of policy but rather the work of the occasional bad apple or an unfortunate consequence of the ‘fog of war.’
    After all, every outlet he reads or watches is telling him pretty much the same thing: that Dems are flawed but they’re trying; that we’re the good guys; that maybe we’re not perfect, but the alternatives are so much worse. And if Nancy Pelosi was truly corrupt, why isn’t it front page news in the sacred NYTimes?
    —You’re wrong, however, about humanity becoming an interplanetary species. It’s a superb idea that with routine advances in technology will be eminently practical within a century. Doing so immunizes us against all manner of existential threat. It also helps us avoid myriad shortages, even if we were to suddenly become a prudent species.
    That Musk is a huckster, that we suffer billionaires, and that our political class is hopelessly corrupt doesn’t change that.

  • Very good Caitlin. Lot that needs said and repeated and blared from loudspeakers. Easy to figure which news services won’t pick this one up.

    Also, these are useful billionaires. Allowing a few to be the punching bags for the sins of every damn one of ’em is part of the game. Fool some and give the naysayers a target to vent upon. Like FOX allowing Carlson to say things just one time that nobody else is permitted to say. His credibility is established simultaneously as as he memory holes the issue.

    Too, it is so inconceivable for the hoi polloi to see beyond these minor players because even these are so vast of wealth and power that another level is simply inconceivable. There are forces that pull their strings too. The face of the Beast is not the Beast.

  • I want to learn how these US sanctions work – nuts and bolts level. I mean, the world’s trade goods don’t all pass through NYC harbour. So how do they effect and enforce these sanctions? Will come back if I find answers.

    • The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) , SWIFT and other privately owned banksters’ institutions handle almost all international trade. If you cannot get paid you cannot trade. So sanctions are not enforced by any government but by an independent group with no responsibility to anyone but themselves. Almost all the countries sanctioned have the only central banks owned by governments and the public.

      • The whole idea that certain people create money out of nothing to own the world’s resources while living lives of luxury while others have to work for a living is crazy. It is unnatural.

        War makes them rich enough to control the educational system, the health care system, Hollywood, the media and government. Crazy

        • they are pathological narcissists. They look on the 99% as a lesser species that is dangerous and must be controlled. They have no empathy so have no compunction in using armies. Their identities and residences are hidden.Their greatest nightmare is that the 99% will awaken.

          • Very insightful. I hope to read more of your posts.

    • Bruce, Say you’re a country that wants to ship and sell 500,000 syringes to Iran. The U.S. lets you know that, if you do, it will crush your economy—your current trading partners will shun you, Saudi Arabia will no longer sell you oil, that IMF loan you needed will evaporate… Meanwhile, if you don’t trade with Iran, the U.S. will help you find other buyers for those syringes.
      There are a thousand variations, but that’s essentially how it works.

    • They work in large part by blocking the clearance of international financial settlements and by sanctioning entities, both corporations and Governments, that participate in such forbidden trade.

    • Short answer: extortion

      1. U.S. companies are completely barred from doing business w/Cuba through risk of fine or imprisonment of their owners / officers. Declaring Cuba a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ (ridiculous) gives both the Justice and Treasury Dept’s access to an entire tier of laws passed by Congress to issue fines and arrest warrants.
      thegrazone.com periodically gives good examples of this usage as does antiwar.com

      2. Foreigners / foreign companies, a) the treasury issues fines to foreign banks based for violating sanctions, claiming authority based on our right to regulate all dollar transactions (dubious but never challenged). Iran delivered $8B worth of oil to S.Korea and we told the Korean bank, ‘don’t pay Iran, and they have not done so for over a year’ (pure theft)
      b) The treasure / justice dept will also threaten to seize the assets of foreigners held in U.S. banks or financial institutions. There is a Greek oil tanker (real case), that will no longer ship Venezuelan fuel because the owner or insurance company is scared that the U.S. will freeze / take their assets without a trial.

  • Wow Caitlin. You go from the sublime to the ridiculous… This will test if you can take criticism, if you’re about free speech. …At the risk, thanks to your writing above, of seeming to endorse oligarchs, which I never do.

    I have to say that I ardently disagree with you that “Space colonization will never happen” and that “it’s a delusion.” I think you’re using sloppy thinking when you attempt to conflate the dreams and aspirations of many other than yourself to attack the fact that perhaps billionaires are using our dreams for some other nefarious ends.

    Where do you think that the Earth exists anyway? We already exist in space, we are already “space faring” as you put it, a term which you clearly intend to suggest is dirty.

    “Capitalism has no answer for the destruction of our ecosystem” you say and I do not care to argue against the fact that this may be true, but I will say that you seem to me like a glass half empty sort of woman and I’m a glass half full sort of man and that to me the cosmos is not a barren desert. To me there are planets that are oceans and planets to be colonized and terraformed into other earths and whilst we’re at it our own oceans here on earth Alpha are under-utilised IMO to that end.

    How flippantly you crush our hopes and aspirations to explore in your single minded attack on the oligarchs. It is not so black and white to any but an indoctrinated child. There are shades of grey.

    Perhaps it’s the Greek in me, the Southern European, the explorer, the seeker, but I could never be confined and I cannot ever see our planet as the prison for humanity that it’s clear you see it to be.

    …You see, it’s just as easy for me to twist your words as it was for you to rubbish my aspirations.

    You alienate many of your friends with such insular thinking as you have displayed above.

    Once upon a time, in the not too distant black and white TV past in Anglo culture, it was turtles all the way down. How can it be that such a clearly intelligent woman like you could have a turtles all the way down state of mind in 2021? How clearly you display your limitations.

    It may take me some time, but you can rest assured that just as a man like me made it inevitable that we would one day walk on the moon, we shall colonise the cosmos.

    • It does seem like a blind spot.

    • Because you really think a man walked on the moon after crossing the deadly Van Allen belt and streamed live to Earth in 1969 and then after the USG had spent all those billions of dollars of public money on the Apollo program – that even the director of Nasa said would never get anywhere – and before even exploring 99.9% of the Moon’s surface, they decided not to colonize it after all – not even for military purposes – because it was worth shit and they wanted to watch the World Series anyway?
      And now three billionaires have taken the rat race up there starting from scratch and the eternal suckers are ecstatic because Richard Branson almost got 100 kms away from Earth 52 years after Neil Armstrong allegedly took “a little step for a man but a giant step for mankind” 384,467 km away from home?
      And they’re gonna go to desertic Mars because desertic Moon ain’t good enough for them?
      Get a grip :o)

      • Because I know that China’s space program has already superseded the USA’s and they’re doing it and because home is where the heart is.

        For us Southern Europeans that was America once upon a time, at least 7313km, or a lifetime away from home.

        In the future it could be Moon Base Alpha, or Mars, or wherever and I’m sure we’ll make that blossom too.

        I have a grip. You just keep on counting those turtles, all the way down…

    • You probably need to better inform your southern European wanderlust with a crash course in thermodynamics. There is a line that separates dreams from delusion. Your imaginings emanate from the more precarious side of that line.

      • My sort have no limitations and as a tiny nation we once conquered as far as China. And you forget the benefits that our wanderlust have brought. It is not just the journey into space.

        Muammar Gaddafi was not killed for going to the moon, but he is a prime example of a man who brought his people from nowhere to virtually 100% literacy, brought water into the moon like desert and made it bloom and just as pertinently to our discourse, he paid 300 million of the 400 million dollars required to launch the Africa sat.

        In one stroke he deprived the Europeans of their annual 500 millions monopoly over African’s telephony. They murdered him for that.

        And how many other satellites have given further dimension to our lives?

        And let us not forget that the same great people who invented the tea break and paid overtime and holidays for workers, The German National Socialist Worker’s Party, [you may know then as the Hollywood bogeymen The Nazis] played a large part in setting us on the road to moon base Alpha and our modern conveniences.

        Wanderlust, …how appropriate, …I approve.

  • A rich man going to space is like a pervert looking up gods skirt.

    And what does the carbon footprint look like?


    It looks like this.

    • Prove that God exists.

      • Prove that God or Goddesses do not exist.
        Time to start pissing on graves I reckon.

      • Prove that Love exists.
        Can’t see it.
        Can’t touch it.
        Can’t smell it.
        Can’t measure it.
        Therefore it doesn’t exist.
        Life, Love, God (whatever God is)
        are out of, beyond, incomprehensible, to our limited, programmed minds.

        • Ineffable is the condition you are observing. Post-enlightenment ‘Western’ humans seem to be simultaneously in denial of and at war with the truly ineffable. Instead they portray, and largely accept, venal human machination as being somehow divine and beyond the comprehension of ordinary mortals.

          Modern consciousness is almost begging for a virus to wipe out its violently precocious, inhumanly atomised perception of things. The looming ‘reset’ may well be a much greater one than its Davos proponents comprehend. Fundamentally the survival of our species relies upon its recovery of humility and its conscious connection to life systems. Where would that leave the Davos predators? Isolated in deep, dark space?

  • Talking about psyops, Dr Fauci is right: there are two Americas. However he’s wrong in saying they are the vaccinated one v. the unvaccinated one. There are actually two worlds (because this is not specifically American): those who listen to and read (and believe) Big Brother’s news media, are scared shitless about Covid, think the default position is taking the jab and don’t even tolerate the slightest doubt about what this experimental, not FDA approved (is there even a reason for that?) drug might do to them in the long run. Bad news: those people have been screwed and even the guys who screwed them now admit they’ve gone a bridge too far and created a distopian society, complete with totalitarian mind-control and fear tactics:
    And the result of that psyop of the purest water in Britain – which, when I was young, was a beacon of freedom, home to ballsy freedom fighters – is this:
    Downright freaky and unthinkable only two years ago!
    And there’s the rest of us, fortunately still a majority – albeit a short one – who don’t listen to or read Big Brother’s news media (and don’t believe them if they do), think Covid is only a strain of flu measured with blunt instruments while the regular seasonal flu, pneumonia, emphysema and other pulmonary diseases have been partly incorporated into the Covid stats as an iingredient of the fear porn and that it affects essentially very old people with a lot of notable exceptions among not only the execrated Boomers but even older farts: the Silents from the previous generation like Biden, Pelosi or Clint Eastwood (b. 1930) who managed to make a movie during the scamdemic.
    For this last group, considering what guys like Dr Michael Yeadon, Dr Robert Malone and many other luminaries on the matter have to say to Big Brother’s terror mongers and gold-diggers (aka the $cience), the default position is no jab. Personally, I haven’t spent half a century scrutinizing the labels when I buy stuff in the supermarket to make sure they don’t contain carcinogenic preservatives to inject myself with shit I don’t know anything about and I don’t even understand how there can be so many entitled virtue-signalling suckers to buy that crap given the risks: 0,03% dead in a year among the world population, half of them over 80 and over 80% of the total having comorbidities like diabetes or obesity. Icing on the cake: Big Brother doesn’t even tell you the jab will actually do anything for you or the people around you – except ding-ding in Big Pharma’s cash-register and some blood clots among younger folks. If that is not surrealism, I wonder what is and I’ve heard that Salvador Dali is rolling over in his grave :o)

  • Haiti is closer. Wassup there? Clinton assets threatened?
    “Essentially, we have a U.S. puppet asking his puppeteer to invade Haiti for the fourth time in just over a century,” Ives concluded. “But both the region and, above all, the Haitian people are sick and tired of U.S. military interventions, which are largely responsible for the nation’s current debilitated, critical state both economically and politically. Much of the most oppressed neighborhoods are now heavily armed and have already announced a revolution against the likes of Boulos, so the U.S.-led invaders of 2021 are likely to face a resistance similar to that which emerged against the U.S. Marines in 1915 and UN ‘peace-keepers’ in 2004, only more ferocious.”

    • So somewhere before it happened there was a conversation and later the President of Haiti was assassinated. His wife was spared.
      Seems like an easy crime to solve these days.
      It was better when it was harder to solve crimes, but maybe I’m old fashioned.
      Whatever, fuck them, find them, then lock them up. No matter where the chain of infamy and ignominy ends. Let’s get to the end of the chain. The evidence is easy – what comes next is not. I hope it ain’t anarchy, and that is ironic cause I’m a Kropotkin anarchist at heart. Proud to be one in a community of others.

  • A house is on fire. Someone wants to throw gasoline on the fire and you try to stop them. They say, “until you have a better idea, peacenik, butt out.”

    Doing nothing at all is a better idea than throwing gasoline on the fire.

  • Can’t we just get Musk. Bezos and Branson to go into space together and never return?

  • Thanks for this post which call out the human space travel to Mars lunacy.

    • DATE: 71221 1450 est per earth time
      FROM: Planet Mars expedition
      TO: whom it concerns.
      yo, we been sending this same message for awhile now. Is anybody listening?
      We are dying. Food almost gone, veggies not grown, pigs long ago consumed.
      We are not eating ourselves yet, but we may have to start eating the recent dead if no help is forthcoming.
      The battery is near dead, or the inverter, or some other component. The electrical engineer died yesterday, and these books are complicated.
      Let it be known, we may have no further messages to sent, but we have committed to not eating ourselves before death.
      You said you would help, but we know we are alone.
      Over and out – Mars mission 001.

      A poem.

  • What’s ironic, is that “emergency authorization” allowed big pharma to bypass animal testing allowing Homo sapiens to be the
    human Guinea Pigs.

  • Will Biden let himself be shamed into taking “some kind of visible action” against Russia; something much stronger than just another “verbal warning”? What could possibly go wrong?
    This fine article can be read here:
    A Cyber-Culprit Other Than Russia? By Ray McGovern

  • Worthy and humorous response. As an additional side note, I read in National Geographic that the San Diego Zoo had vaccinated its great apes even before the jab was available to many people. Makes sense. A silver back is more valuable than a human. One chimpanzee balked. She ran up a tree with her baby and refused to come down. As chance would have it she had been trained in sign language. Her trainer tried to sign her down. She replied: “Are you crazy? When human trials haven’t been done?”

    • So now that the human trials are done and the Vaccine is proven incredibly safe effective. Will she l accept it, unlike some of her dufus human first cousins?

      • Here is what Pfizer said:
        “The first primary end point was the efficacy of BNT162b2 against confirmed Covid-19 with onset at least 7 days after the second dose in participants who had been without serologic or virologic evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection up to 7 days after the second dose; the second primary end point was efficacy in participants with and participants without evidence of prior infection. Confirmed Covid-19 was defined according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criteria as the presence of at least one of the following symptoms: fever, new or increased cough, new or increased shortness of breath, chills, new or increased muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, diarrhea, or vomiting, combined with a respiratory specimen obtained during the symptomatic period or within 4 days before or after it that was positive for SARS-CoV-2 by nucleic acid amplification–based testing, either at the central laboratory or at a local testing facility (using a protocol-defined acceptable test).”
        Note that the “first primary endpoint” makes no mention of stopping people from getting Covid or going to the hospital with Covid or getting very sick with Covid or transmitting or infecting other people with Covid. It just discusses cough, fever, etc. which can be caused by hundreds of different things.
        What they did:
        They took 36,523 people and divided them into two groups. 18,198 got the injection and 18,325 didn’t.
        Then they looked at how many people had an increased cough or muscle pain or sore throat or diarrhea or some other generic symptom that can be caused by almost anything.
        Next, they used PCR tests to see how many of them supposedly had Covid. They found that 8 of them got the Experimental Injection and 162 did not. Based on these results they called their injection 95% effective.
        Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Fernando P. Polack, et al., N Engl J Med 2020; 383:2603-2615
        The Clinical Trial does discuss severe Covid. Here’s what it says:
        “Major secondary end points included the efficacy of BNT162b2 against severe Covid-19. Severe Covid-19 is defined by the FDA as confirmed Covid-19 with one of the following additional features: clinical signs at rest that are indicative of severe systemic illness; respiratory failure; evidence of shock; significant acute renal, hepatic, or neurologic dysfunction; admission to an intensive care unit; or death. Details are provided in the protocol. An explanation of the various denominator values for use in assessing the results of the trial is provided in Table S1 in the Supplementary Appendix.”
        Interestingly, when the report discusses the injection and the placebo it states:
        “No deaths were considered by the investigators to be related to the vaccine or placebo. No Covid-19–associated deaths were observed.”
        So how can they say the vaccine will stop you from dying from Covid if “No Covid-19–associated deaths were observed” in either the placebo or injection groups?
        But, putting that aside, what about the other severe side-effects? Here’s what appears in the Supplementary Appendix:
        So according to Pfizer’s data, out of 21,669 people who got the experimental injection 2 people had severe Covid and out of 21,686 people who got the placebo, 18 had severe Covid.
        Sound impressive. Let’s put that into simple statistics:
        The percentage of people who got the placebo and did not get severe Covid was 99.916997%
        The percentage of people who got the experimental injection and did not get severe Covid was 99.99077%
        Do these results prove that the injection is effective against stopping severe Covid symptoms? Is this statistically valid?
        Moderna Vaccine did not prove true clinical efficacy
        According to the FDA, they don’t know if the Moderna injection will protect people for more than 2 months.
        “[I]t is not possible to assess sustained efficacy over a period longer than 2 months.”
        The primary efficacy endpoints were similar to Pfizer such as things like sore throat or headache.
        For the primary efficacy endpoint, the case definition for a confirmed COVID-19 case was defined as:
        At least TWO of the following systemic symptoms: Fever (≥38ºC), chills, myalgia, headache, sore throat, new olfactory and taste disorder(s), or
        At least ONE of the following respiratory signs/ symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, OR clinical or radiographical evidence of pneumonia; and
        NP swab, nasal swab, or saliva sample (or respiratory sample, if hospitalized) positive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR.
        If you already tested positive for Covid, they don’t know if the Moderna shot will provide any benefit because they didn’t test for this.
        “Thus, the study was not designed to assess the benefit in individuals with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection.”
        They don’t know if the Moderna injection will stop people from dying from Covid.
        “A larger number of individuals at high risk of COVID-19 and higher attack rates would be needed to confirm efficacy of the vaccine against mortality.”
        They only have limited data to see whether the Moderna injection stops the virus from being transmitted from person to person.
        “Data are limited to assess the effect of the vaccine against transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from individuals who are infected despite vaccination.”
        There is no data to determine if the injection is safe for a large percentage of the population.
        “There are currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine in subpopulations such as children less than 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating individuals, and immunocompromised individuals.”
        They don’t know if getting the injection will make getting the disease even worse.
        “However, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown…”
        Source for all the above statements:
        Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting December 17, 2020 FDA Briefing Document Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
        Gotta love those “trials.” PCR tests indeed.
        With all the “breakthrough” cases & deaths (even with lower-cycled “tests” for the “vaccinated”), along with “vaccine” injuries & deaths, and the fact that the damn spike protein doesn’t stay in your shoulder but gets into your blood…you still have the gall to type “incredibly safe effective.”

        • Vaccine ineffectiveness results in the need for booster shots. As always, free advertising from the MSM. Ching! Ching!

  • Without a “renewing of the mind from within,” it doesn’t much matter what control system we live under. They are all historical failures that lead to tyranny. For those who wish to live without rulers, we must first face the shadow in ourselves.

  • The pandemic appears to have driven Cubans to the streets–notice how COVID is a very useful “control mechanism” for powerful governments in the West and East. COVID triggered lockdowns, disrupted the supply chain, and transferred additional trillions to the most wealthy. It gave Empires in the East and West an opportunity to flex their muscles enforcing irrational edicts, via “bio-fear.”

    COVID compliance was mostly achieved through a propaganda campaign usually reserved for gaining acceptance for preemptive invasions or,
    for the removal of the odious orangeman. In the case of COVID it killed two birds with one stone, well not quite.

    Bioterror was achieved by deploying a virus which doesn’t kill 99.9% of those who contract it, but activates more fear than the climate crisis ever could. In fact, that’s the reason why bio-terror will indefinitely remain in the backpocket of the security state periodically surfacing to suppress outraged populations while causing mayhem, chaos, and social unrest in others.

    That being said, unending wars compounded by multinational industrial toxic wastes are the culprits responsible for planetary devastation.

    As a side note– NYC’s initiation into “rank choice voting” proved dubious primarily due to systemic political corruption, however, I suggest rank choice voting as a way to decide which greedy psychopathic billionaires are given a “one-way ticket” to outer-space.

    • Worthy and humorous response. As an additional side note, I read in National Geographic that the San Diego Zoo had vaccinated its great apes even before the jab was available to many people. Makes sense. A silver back is more valuable than a human. One chimpanzee balked. She ran up a tree with her baby and refused to come down. As chance would have it she had been trained in sign language. Her trainer tried to sign her down. She replied: “Are you crazy? When human trials haven’t been done?”

      • I’m waiting for it to appear as a national plebiscite in the 2022 elections.

    • It was always about getting us to take the vaccine. Delta (force) virus will turn the resisters into scapegoats. Bookend bioweapons brought to us by global government collusion with countries currently responsible for killing their own.

      The organ grinder (Trump/Biden) and their monkey (Fauci) have done a masterful job of keeping us confused while killing as many as possible with their duplicity, setting us up for much worse due to their controlled demolition of the economy.

      • Santa Barbara Coroner concluded anti-vaxxer Brandy Vaughan died of natural causes. The autopsy revealed a blood clot, but I don’t believe for a minute it occurred “naturally.” Brandy posted on Facebook that her house was broken into and she was threatened and believed she was going to be murdered. Vaughn, previously worked for Pfizer. She was appalled the drug Vioxx she peddled killed millions. Brandy, had a following of more than 50,000. It should be noted, injections exist which trigger strokes. In fact, the COVID vaccines have caused numerous strokes. The point is, Vaughn would have vigorously spoken out against the experimental gene therapy COVID vaccines. She was a threat which needed to be dealt with. We’re are dealing with murderous gangsters who wouldn’t blink an eye as they slit your throat or caused a stroke………

        • The smoke outside from being surrounded by forest fires where I live is already like living in hell.

          What kind of world do we live in where the people that are supposed to protect us are the ones killing us?

          • Genocide is now termed sustainably.

          • The ghouls destroy the planet then blame the “powerless” for its unsustainability, thus inducing planned crises resulting in millions of deaths.
            This has been going on for decades.

  • Caitlin i love your work, but actual anarchists stand against the US state department.
    It’s CIAnarchists that do the regirgitation.

  • The Fed is the “Head of the Beast”… Federal Reserve Act of 1913… WWI 1914…. and endless wars ever since because “War Is A Racket”

    • “The Fed is the ‘Head of the Beast'” and is the evil spawn of The Bank of England. If civilization is rebuilt, there must be no private banking. Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria et al are sanctioned not by US military but by SWIFT, The Bank of International Settlements, and other privately owned banking institutions that control the flow of money world wide. They are independent of government but governments are not independent of them. The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI and others are the mercenaries of Wall Street.
      Those five mentioned are the only remaining countries with publicly owned central banks. China also has a government controlled central bank but sanctions do not work well there. China and Russia are creating alternatives to BIS. Scary for Wall Street hence the escalation of anti-China rhetoric. The last to leave that exclusive club were Libya, Iraq, Aghanistan and Ukraine.
      Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt” is a fascinating read that details much of the history that has been assiduously kept from us. Her baby the Public Banking Institute has seeded many public banking movements around the US

  • I concur with this entire article.

    I will only add that what the rich actually have planned is likely to go wait out all of the chaos and suffering and plan to come back later while claiming ownership of most of the world’s resources… their end game is always ‘masters of the universe’. They are completely delusional after all.

    • It is strange that the most rich are looking to Mars as a solution.
      I wonder what they know that we the people do not.

      Perhaps they are just made delusional by their extreme wealth and power.

      • Mars has two moons called Phobos and Deimos, respectively Fear and Terror. Deimocracy there means ruling by terror. Just like home :o)

  • If you are an obscure individual, and speak out, even within quotes such as “see how simple it is, how profoundly evil it is,” will you be targeted as a “domestic terrorist?” If you are a writer for an obscure publication, and speak out, even within quotes such as “see how simple it is, how profoundly evil it is,” will you be targeted as a “domestic terrorist?” If you are an obscure talk show (podcast) host, and speak out, even within quotes such as “see how simple it is, how profoundly evil it is,” will you be targeted as a “domestic terrorist?” Yes, plans were made many years ahead – to shut everything and everyone (opposing) down. Just an example (and there are multitudes) of what can be accomplished with a single (imposed) question: “Are you a domestic terrorist?” https://seaclearly.com/2019/04/24/trilogies-down-in-the-floods

  • Branson, Bezos and Musk are literally taking the rat race to whole new levels!

    • Yes. And leaving a sinking ship.

  • All of it soundly informative but this bit: “Anarchism sounds good in theory but in practice it just means regurgitating foreign policy talking points from the US State Department on the internet.”

    WTF is this supposed to mean? That you do not understand the construct of anarchism? Sorry to sound harsh, but really? Do you want to help take yet another vital word-meaning away from us?

    • I think Caitlin is saying that we live in a criminally anarchic world, one where powerful gangsters hold sway, and the law is wielded as a cudgel against the commoners. So the people at the top try to make us believe we live in a world of justice, but in reality they just do whatever increases their power and wealth…including industrial-scale mass murder.

      But I’m open to the possibility that this is not at all what she was trying to say.

      • If so it completely and egregiously misunderstands the meaning of the term ‘anarchic’. If we are seeking to move from a deeply hierarchical system it is not helpful to desecrate the meaning of the term that succinctly represents the fundamental opposite to that dysfunctional status quo.

        • Don’t be silly. Caitlin is doing nothing of the kind. “Desecrating the meaning of the term”? Can you possibly be serious?

    • TPTB are the anarchists. Rules don’t apply to them.

      • You are misusing the term anarchist. If you destroy the descriptor of the fundamental alternative to the dysfunction we now suffer, you destroy access to that alternative. Without words to describe a state of being, the concept is not communicable and thereby not collectively realisable. To that end the destruction of the term ‘anarchist’ is an imperial endeavour. It is tragic to witness anti-imperialists succumb to that construction.

        • Either that, or you misunderstand the nature of man. The Anarchists (TPTB) aren’t angels or saints and they practice anarchism in reality. They rule you.

          “Anarchism misunderstands the real nature of man. It would be practicable only in a world of angels and saints.”
          — Ludwig von Mises

          • The term ‘anarchist’ has a distinct and objective definition. ‘The nature of man’ is anything but distinct and objectively definable. It most certainly extends well beyond Herr Mises’ exceedingly narrow view of it.

            The real meaning of such a significant word as ‘anarchist’ should not be varied on account of the surmisings of a dead economist that dramatically over-reach his knowledge threshold.

        • This reminded me of what Zizek said long ago. To paraphrase, “We lack the language to articulate our unfreedom.”

          Then that reminded me of a conversation I once had with a buddy. He was telling me about how cool his new cable TV service was––this is back in the day. I gauranteed him that it was the same as all the others; then went on to explain to him the difference between choices and options. He looked at me for a second then went on to tout all the channels he was getting at whatever price point as proof of his cable service’s superiority.

          • The destruction and distortion of words and meaning is a keystone of propaganda. Without a communicable alternative the status quo is readily rendered plausible and normalised, no matter how dismal or batshit crazy it actually is.

    • she was making a joke. Of course we all know that those who regurgitate foreign policy talking points aren’t anarchists.

      • Funny how comments by four different people have indicated as many different interpretations of what was meant. I asked the author to clarify what was meant and indicated why that clarification was important. No reply. So we can either wonder or mindlessly accept its didactic ambiguity as being somehow meaningful. The latter course incurs vulnerability to the action of mind viruses.

    • it means that there are some people online who call themselves ‘anarchists’ (and often have imbibed the literature) who regurgitate foreign policy talking points from the us state department. (there’s also marxist-leninists, maoists, communists, socialists, etc … doing the same – the us state department has quite a monopoly on foreign policy talking points – it’s not because the rich are insane that they’re also stupid and haven’t learned from the previous attempts).

      • So she could have equally said ““Leftism sounds good in theory but in practice it just means regurgitating foreign policy talking points from the US State Department on the internet,” and that would be OK?

        In fact she wouldn’t say that so flatly and without due qualification because she identifies as a leftist and knows full well the distinction between real leftism and faux leftism. Indeed she writes about that distinction often.

        Yet she writes this arcane and ostensibly misleading catch-all about anarchists? The comment is probably just clumsy. It certainly provides no useful illumination within its dim periphery. Moreover it reflects a critically poor understanding of the significance of the term and its long-standing, evidently purposeful dismemberment within State agency propaganda. It is consequently reasonable to say ““Leftists making glib online put-downs upon Anarchism might sound insightful, but in practice it just means regurgitating US State propaganda on the internet.”

  • “Anarchism sounds good in theory but in practice it just means regurgitating foreign policy talking points from the US State Department on the internet.”

    I’m a little slow on the uptake with this one. What’s this referring to?

    • Ditto!

      “opposing the war machine of the US-centralized power alliance should be the very foremost priority of any leftist.” But not human beings who happen NOT to be leftist? Before we can oppose the war machine we have to convert? Gee, I wish I’d known that a few decades ago before I started opposing it. Didn’t know I was wasting my time, since I don’t consider myself either left or right, which would only be falling for yet another paradigm construct to keep said war machine in power.

      • What has ‘left’ or ‘right’ have to do with the essential meaning of ‘anarchism’?

        • Two separate responses.
          The denigration of anarchy, and the exclusivity of any not Left from opposing War Incorporated.

          • I understand your comment now and concur with your points of confusion. It is evident that Caitlin incorrectly equates ‘anarchist’ with ‘libertarian’. I may be wrong on that but its the simplest way to understand her otherwise inexplicable comment. Very clearly she recognises no ‘leftist’ function within the construct. I find that really odd, but there you go.

        • You are rapidly convincing us all of the irrationality of anarchism. You are creating a little tornado of obstructionist anarchism right here and wasting our time while you’re at it.

          • I’m simply seeking a clear and productive application of the term ‘anarchist’ rather than obtuse and incorrect use that makes its meaning and intrinsic opportunity invisible. If you feel you’re wasting your time responding to that concern then doing so was your choice not mine. Not sound ground from which to lecture me on ‘irrationality’.

      • no, you can oppose the war machine, but you don’t have to make it the very most priority.

        • In the event of our nuclear extinction, by the war machine, nothing else matters at all.

    • Anarchism is kinda like God. The varied adherents posit with pronounced differences. There is Pop Anarchism, Tattoo Anarchism, and Chaos Anarchism. A more serious consideration here:


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