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The ‘Harm Reduction’ President Keeps Killing People: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article:

Boy this US-led world order sure is working out great. This was definitely worth killing millions of people in imperialist wars for.

The “harm reduction” president just bombed Afghanistan and Somalia and added further sanctions to Cuba.

As total mass media blackouts on important news stories become more common, the challenge increasingly is not just obtaining newsworthy information about the powerful via whistleblowing, investigative journalism etc, but also finding ways to get that information seen by people. Which is awful, but it also means people like you now play a much more important role in the media, because you don’t need to be an investigative journalist or whistleblower to find fun and creative ways to get important critical information in front of people’s eyes.

Those who can get people to actually see critical information are just as important as those who obtain that information, because since the media won’t report on it, getting it circulating online is highly important. If you can do this, you’re making a huge difference. Find ways to distribute information by packaging it in fun and interesting ways to get it to go viral online or offline; use memes, distribute flyers, give talks, anything you can think of to open people’s eyes to what’s going on, and you’ll be doing humanity a tremendous service.

All the journalists and whistleblowers do important work, but their work won’t make a damn bit of difference if nobody sees it. We can’t all do what they do, but we can all help spread awareness in our own unique and creative ways.

The most important thing is getting unauthorized information over the walls of the echo chamber of people who already know about it. We all kind of talk to ourselves in our little circles, so we want to get ideas and information out to people who don’t normally hear such things.

The cool thing about having a US president with obvious dementia symptoms is it makes it clear that the administration is running independent of his authority, which is like training wheels for the reality that all administrations are run independent of any president’s authority.

“Hmm, it turns out a presidential administration can run fine even if the president has a degenerative neurological disease. Perhaps the presidency isn’t as important as advertised. Perhaps the most powerful government in the world isn’t being run by its elected officials at all.”

If the president were in charge then the presidency which campaigned as the anti-Trump wouldn’t be continuing all of the Trump administration policies that powerful people care about. Yet it is.

If Kamala takes over for Joe, all that will change is the US will go from having a fake puppet president with dementia to having a fake puppet president who doesn’t have dementia.

“It’s not dementia, Biden has a speech impediment! A speech impediment which causes a rapidly exacerbating shift in personality and demeanor and ability to organize thoughts over a period of several years!”


While everyone’s fighting to make sure all American schools teach kids that slavery was bad and the KKK is immoral, perhaps you could get them teaching kids that murdering millions of people in other countries for power and profit is also not good.

Basically what happened was a hundred years ago some communists overthrew the Russian Empire, and then the entire worldwide capitalist class spent the next century inventing propaganda and surveillance systems and robot and drone technologies to help make sure that can never happen to them.

Me: We need to end the system which destroys our environment for profit and leads to widespread mass murder and injustice and world-threatening nuclear escalations because if we don’t everyone will die.

Army of weird idiots: You just don’t understand economics bruh

I have not one shred of respect for the position that one mustn’t criticize vaguely progressive politicians because “they’re the best we’ve got”. The fact that a few shitty imperialists are “the best you’ve got” is the problem. A system which filters out any politicians who aren’t shitty imperialists must be criticized.

“Don’t say the shitty imperialist is a shitty imperialist! They’re the least shitty imperialist we’re allowed to have!”

That’s exactly why you do need to say they’re all shitty imperialists! Only being allowed to elect shitty imperialists is a huge problem; you can’t just not talk about that.

I go on binges of focusing on China a lot because the success of the imperialist propaganda campaign against Beijing honestly freaks me the fuck out. It’s really, really creepy watching more and more people’s minds fold and transform into tools of the Pentagon in real time. It’s like watching a zombie outbreak.

A big part of the problem is that just as the insane don’t know they’re insane, the propagandized don’t know they’re propagandized. Criticize all the anti-China propaganda that’s going around and people say “Why are you defending a government that wants to take over the world and harvest my organs and give me a social credit score??”

And they think that’s normal. They have no idea their mind has been hijacked and made into a tool of cold warriors and the military-industrial complex; they think they’re defending an objective reality. This is a major challenge, because nobody’s going to remove a blindfold if they don’t believe it exists.

The last secretary of state openly admitted the US is sanctioning Iran into the Stone Age so that the people will get so miserable they rise up against their government, and yet when protests happen in Iran due to shortages caused by sanctions there are still people who buy it.

Every mistake I’ve ever made in this job was the result of listening to other people instead of trusting my gut and moving with my own intuition and inspiration. I’m too experienced at this point to ever let anyone cajole me into writing about their pet topic in their way.


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  • A read a comment on a blog yesterday that had me rolling. The guy or girl who wrote it said that Biden was not elected but was “installed” as one would install a toilet. An apt description for today’s democrat party leaders if there ever was one..

    • Sort of like the Supreme Court ‘installed” Bush?

  • Here is a most disturbing article I read today.
    It really winds one up.
    I know how to look at a face, and the facts speak for themselves.
    The fella in this article does not belong in prison.
    Have we lost ourselves?

    • If that guy is in prison for that, we all here should be named terrorists according to the US government. I would like to be called guerrilla. I’m not a real terrorist like the US-allies killing tens of thousands of innocents on Middle East, displacing millions for oil and gas for free. Israel terrorism against Arabs. Yes, I am pretty sure I am the opposite of what the US-allies government represent after 9/11 controlled demolition.

      • Hey East Wizard.
        You know what I do when I am in prison?
        I try to make friends.
        I was told once, I have a look in my eyes that gives pause, and this is a good attribute to have when one is in prison.
        Still, making friends is your best chance of success.

        • Never been in prison. Never needed anything else than food, clothes and a room to live. Yet, what you said is true.

          • When you are in prison all you can think about is when you are going to get out.
            I’m glad the fella didn’t come to try to take me out. He and I had talked. He had both anemia and lupus if you can imagine that. He was very effed up. He is the one who commented to me about how I seemed.
            If he came for me, and I sensed it, then he would probably be dead just now and I’d still be in prison.
            So, it all ended for the best.
            Here is for happy endings, but probability says that is basically 50-50. Do what you can to get the odds in your favor is my suggestion.
            Later Wizard….lets end this conversation for now. Lets talk again later.

    • OK, I’m on a limb here, but I’ll cut to the chase.
      I’ll try to keep it simple.
      There is a contingent originating out of DC, they ain’t the duly elected gubment.
      This contingent has their views on how things ought be and they are fluid.
      This contingent has been in power since 1913 or thereabouts.
      It was a coup when they did it and they did it good.
      So good for them. They reap the profits.
      Of blood and pain upon the backs
      of the peasants.
      No matter they think we are superior. How wrong they were was the lesson
      told later in the story.
      Her story and his.
      A grand story it was.
      It will be told later – after they are gone!
      Good night and sleep well you younger ones – the hopes of our labor are passed to you forever. Good night and sleep well.
      More Olympic stories are gonna happen…..

  • How beautifully UNDERSTATED!

    If any one of us, including Caitlin, were to speak “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” swearing on some bible or another, we’d be “disappeared” in the heartbeat of a hummingbird.

    Meanwhile, CJ, you do a damn good job of getting the main ideas out there. Thank you, yet again.

    • I second that!

    • oh my god, another one.

      • No harm in praising good journalism.
        One can only get this sort of thing from the ones who are rogue.
        It won’t be that way forever, but it is now.
        I’ll contribute again. I will be equivalent.
        I won’t post this time when I do it.
        It will be a silent contribution,
        but let it be known, I’m sending
        currency into this site so that it keeps on going.
        I can raise the currency up a notch if need be and I have a very good printer. I’ll print out stories and give them away for free!
        Peace is easy,

        • If I had money to spare I would. One day I will show to how I live.

  • “Basically what happened was a hundred years ago some communists overthrew the Russian Empire, and then the entire worldwide capitalist class spent the next century inventing propaganda and surveillance systems and robot and drone technologies to help make sure that can never happen to them.”

    Not quite right. Your ‘worldwide capitalist class’ organized the ‘communist overthrow.’ Research the link between the Schiffs, the ship that went from Manhattan to Halifax to London to Germany to Sweden to Moscow, collecting funds on every step of the journey during a time of war during which ostensibly London and Berlin were in mortal combat. Find out what the first thing they did after their regime change agenda was achieved. And who benefited. (Hint: it involves gold reserves.)

    Concepts like ‘America’ and “China’ are barely meaningful any more. The current asymmetric war currently being waged is not between America and China, rather it’s between some sort of globally coordinated power network against sovereign nation states.

    The ‘America’ you keep criticizing has very little to do with her people, indeed that ‘America’ is part of the same international bankster-or-whatever power network that is bringing western civilization into death throes status.

    Ultimately, what matters is the lives of real people, most of whom want the same thing: stable societies with plenty of opportunities for people to choose their path in life and prosper in so doing under a sane and just governance ensuring all play by rules which benefit all and with the ability to occasionally step in to mitigate large natural or other disasters but otherwise leaves them alone. All peoples want this. And yet few really get it. And that’s not because ‘America’ is evil, for America is as much captured as most other countries nowadays in this regard.

    How was the entire pandemic phenomenon used to fatally wound western socio-political order? Is it your thesis that this is all done by Wicked ‘America’ which rules the world in a corrupt, venal and heartless fashion?

    I think this is old thinking, frankly, though you do write in a refreshingly original and insightful fashion.

    • Can’t argue with that.
      Welcome BARONASH.
      Can I get you a drink?

    • You gotta choose what front to fight on this scenario. If you have balls to write a solid narrative to contribute on this historic shift of power behind the pandemic, go for it. If not,, play in safe zones. Not all of us is made to endure high pressure. No shame nor blame to be taken. Each one of us contribute the best way we can. I think the worst place to take the lead is Australia. In your shoes I would do the same. Been there and done that.

      • I don’t think really there are gonna be “fronts” in the conventional sense of that term. That term presupposes that there are boundaries around a discrete area. If the boundaries have been contaminated then there really is no “front”.
        So then it is a matter of being able to think 3-dimensionally and be aware of happenstance on the borders. When happenstance happens, it typically is not a coincidence these days – in the old days it used to be, but them days are long gone.
        That is a big part of the problem. The are agencies and entities and individuals pushing out fear if you get to the heart of it. Any why do they do this, one might ponder – I ponder this daily. I don’t know the answer yet, but even with all the uncertainty, I know the path forward to take in my own mind and I share that freely.
        I think a big part of success for the concept of collaboration is to first realize there are not any “fronts” to create nor any hard surfaces to be made in order to choose what path to take. I think it will either resonate or it won’t. If it don’t something better is bound to come along.

        • Hey, happenstance was a nice word to be used. I loved that.You are right.
          Most of time I try to be plain and simple using “front”. My simple personal 3D opinion behind all of this: People don’t trust anymore the governments. They are done doing that. In our inner world we all know in some level the truth about historical events like JFK, 9/11, 2008 financial meltdown and on. Let’s just for now agree or disagree in one plain word – distrust.

          • Oh hell yeah I agree.
            Distrust is rampant.
            It ain’t happenstance
            that this is so.
            So only question left, is what the eff are “we” going to do about it.
            That is not an easy question and won’t be answered with discourse.
            You know as well as I do.
            Actions speak louder than words.
            Now, I’m going out to live free and I’m gonna fly in my mind – first in freedom.
            Still, I want that penny of not for the price desired.
            our discussion ain’t happenstance now is it?

            • I’ll answer.
              No. It is not happenstance. Still, I ain’t no Calvinist, and yes, so many paradoxical combinations of this and that, but at heart, there is a living breathing homo sapien on the other end of this or that and so…….
              It wasn’t happenstance. Simple as Red Oak. Simple as Baton Rouge. Simple so simple to simple to type.

    • We need a deeper dive to expose the truth… “the Schiffs” collected funds from people of their own persuasion. From the diaspora, from the sayanim. The goal was, and still is, the subversion and destruction of all competing nations and societies.

      They have always used communism as a tool for this purpose, and America is succumbing to their concerted attacks as we watch.

      • OK, if that is how this shit is gonna be, I want somebody to expound upon this from the original post in quotes:
        the ship that went from Manhattan to Halifax to London to Germany to Sweden to Moscow, collecting funds on every step of the journey during a time of war

  • Seems a quiet day, so here is a thought.
    When traveling abroad and taking up residence, the visitor has to spend a lot of money to stay there.
    After 20 years, seems it would be obvious.
    Money not well spent.
    Problem is, a precedent has been set…..now
    everybody and their brother is gonna want
    a chunk of the change for their “services”
    whose got all the money to hand out?
    Could be this speaks to the root cause trouble of far away trade and dealings.
    Why not just hang out in the neighborhood.
    Remember, your neighbors,
    they ain’t terrorist
    they live close
    by…most of the time
    you all have similar objectives.
    There was no “insurrection” on Jan 6.
    Real objectives based on real face to face interaction.
    Bogs the mind all the currency wasted.
    What a waste it all has been.
    The wind is picking up.
    The bell just rang.
    Get ready for
    72521 1357 est u . s

  • Interesting talk (warning) by an Austrian “survivor.” The second link substantiates her claim that the German army was welcome and why Austrians overwhelmingly approved the plebiscite.

    • This bit of “herstory,” these echoes from the past, resonate with relevance in today’s world.
      Austrians of 1938, politically repressed and economically at a breaking point, were desperate for positive change.
      A lesson from her presentation involves “not paying attention” (in this case to Hitler’s self-professed designs), leading to her expression that “we trusted” [the German state to be proper administrators of government].
      Of course that “trust” led to censorship, internal “passports,” a ubiquitous police state (Gestapo in plain clothes—surveillance), and eventually distrust and division among the people due to (often coerced) “informants.” Divide and rule.
      Well today we certainly have a government of surveillance and censorship. I would also strongly suggest that publicly professed “designs” of the “influential” are worth paying attention to (with pushback).
      We have an Administration that is quite obviously looking to divide Americans against one another, asking citizens to “inform” against others, and in another vein, differentiating between “vaxxed” & “unvaxxed”—using coercive social controls with masking and punishment/reward (making a mockery of medical ethics and civil rights).
      What they have done to our elderly and what they are doing to our children is beyond reproach.
      Take heed. The dogs are barking.

    • Americans are desperate for positive change and are wanting to go back to “normal.” Looking for promises in all the wrong places.

  • Joe Biden = faulty hood ornament!
    This fine article can be read here:
    Polls Show ‘No Confidence’, ‘Stolen Elections’: Provocations in Post-Republic America

  • I’ve been having great trouble today accessing this site. Is it specific to Caitlin, or is it something more widespread? Anyone know?

  • I’ve been having great trouble today accessing this site. Is it specific to Caitlin’s blog, or is it something more widespread? Anyone know?

    • Sorry for the repeat post: I keep getting various ‘Error – Try Again’ messages from this site, but not from any others, Australian or elsewhere.

      • Maybe she needs to upgrade her WordPress plan. Someone can make a donation to upgrade to a business plan or even an e-commerce. Donations can be made directly through the website and she can even draw some pics to sell, T-shirts, etc. Every witch has a shopping store.


  • How do you catch wild pigs ?

    ‘You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground.
    The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn.
    When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence.
    They get used to that and start to eat again.

    You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat; you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.
    Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught.

    Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

    • Very useful. In the barab-world you have a weather calendar and an trempire-ballies drummbrombring -calendar. Every day you hear a Ford-16 dropping something you make a note including hour, lapse of time between waves of you know what I mean. It’s the only way to move on with your life in bar zones. Clearly Caitlin’s blog is being monitored. 10 times trying to post the same thing. I wonder if we will have to draw something or find out another way to express the same comment without not being allowed to do that.

      • I’ve had great trouble today accessing this site. Is it specific to Caitlin, or is it something more widespread? Anyone know?

        • Nginx Error 503 is commonly found in blogs not properly set up which is not the case of this one. Unless she is having in the order of millions of viewers in the last 12 hours. Then it’s a bandwidth problem related to her WordPress plan. But make no mistake, such acid saliva like Alien on Riddley Scott movies undermining the walls of a worldwide corrupt establishment will never pass unnoticed. I have no doubt this blog is on the black list to be shut down when the NSA/CIA fill up that final report recommending such measure to be followed by WordPress.

          • I’d simply assumed that some Israeli bot installed backdoor root-kits into our “devices,” to lead III%, cranked-up OathKeeper cops & Boogaloo Boi agents provacateurs into our places of business, loved-ones homes, houses of worship/ lap-dance bars; silently replacing EVERYBODY with inbred, drunked-up MAGA Nazi churls, stealthily replacing us with inflatable garishily colored party dolls… ALL to stop rust belt cities from electing real Democrats like Nina, Rashida or Ilhan & dumping us into catfood abattoirs, in Walmarts basement?




          • Might that error not occur when somebody is updating their site and it is offline for that reason?
            I got the error message as well, I’ve gotten the same message in the past. It didn’t last, but it can be cause for concern.
            Is there some entity with regulatory authority over all internet communications? Let me query that.
            Maybe Ian when you wake up tomorrow you will feel different than you did today. Sometimes a little rest is all it takes to hold onto steadfastness. What is the rush anyhow?
            By the way, myself and a few others here have suggested on numerous occasions that it might be advisable to make copies of the article and comments. Here is my preferred way to do this:
            1. Hit the Ctrl key and the P key at the same time.
            2. Select “pdf” file printing options.
            3. Save the file name per your own system.
            Now you have a hard copy on either your hard drive or the memory device that acts essentially the same. The point is, it is on physical equipment close by to you and there is no way anybody can take that away easily and if they try the run the risk of getting caught!
            I advise physical hard copies of certain matters of greatest importance. I don’t want to waste ink, but it is still cheap just now if you have the proper printer.
            Imagine the old days when the only way to get the “real” news was via print. We might get to sense a bit of that coming up and as an old buddy of mine, his name was Ben, used to say – it is fun to run a printing press! I think I met him in Philly!

            • There’s no rush, I just wondered if Caitlin’s site’s being hacked, DDOSed or whatever.

  • Re: China. Caitlin, did it ever occur to you that an experienced and effective imperialist war machine might use objective truths to their advantage?

    You have looked into truth enough I think you will understand this: All the best lies are at least partially true. The way to really fuck someone over is to mix lies in with actual truth. Mostly in life, your enemy is not outright falsehoods, but rather half-truths.

    People see PRC China as a horrible and oppressive imperialist power because it is. Some of us live in parts of Asia or India where today this is as salient or more salient than some of the US atrocities. Of course all this does *NOT* mean US intervention through war is the right answer. That’s the same US that has wreaked havoc almost every country in the area within the past generation. Almost no educated person is stupid about this, and plenty of common people know it. This does not reduce the imperialism, aggression, and oppressive nature of the PRC one iota, however. Both happen to be major threats to human life, freedom, the environment, etc. One is bigger, and the other is working hard to catch up (which is most likely why the bigger one is beating the war drums, is it not?).

    Or maybe individually people can keep the nuance of something like this straight but not as a society? It is possibly the case. From a systems perspective, a good strategy is to find the primary constraint and break that, then go to the next one, so what you are doing may be well-reasoned or useful. You must do your best, but always keep in mind when you are also doing useful deception and nudging. Granted, it might be the right thing to do in a situation, and most truly good people do it when it is necessary. Ramana Marharishi or Zen Master Hakuin even do it. Devis do it in the Gitas. You are in fine company, just stay clear about your intents and choices. This is a warrior’s path, not an easy one at all.

  • “Why are you defending a government that wants to take over the world and harvest my organs and give me a social credit score??”

    This is in defense of a government that wants to take over the world and harvest my organs and give me a social credit score.

    The more people are managed as cattle, the more they do oblige to be so. It is an ancient compact. Sheep know that as an individual that they may be sacrificed in exchange for the protection of the safety of the herd. What selfsame thoughts do not find speech when the livestock is people? Pigs react vociferously to the slaughter of just one of their own. Modern humans lag them in that extent.

  • Re: China. Caitlin, did it ever occur to you that an experienced and effective imperialist war machine might use objective truths to their advantage?

    You have looked into truth enough I think you will understand this: All the best lies are at least partially true. The way to really fuck someone over is to mix lies in with actual truth. Mostly in life, your enemy is not outright falsehoods, but rather half-truths.

    People see PRC China as a horrible and oppressive imperialist power because it is. Some of us live in parts of Asia or India where today this is as salient or more salient than some of the US atrocities. Of course all this does *NOT* mean US intervention through war is the right answer. That’s the same US that has wreaked havoc almost every country in the area within the past generation. Almost no educated person is stupid about this, and plenty of common people know it. This does not reduce the imperialism, aggression, and oppressive nature of the PRC one iota, however. Both happen to be major threats to human life, freedom, the environment, etc. One is bigger, and the other is working hard to catch up (which is most likely why the bigger one is beating the war drums, is it not?).

    Or maybe individually people can keep the nuance of something like this straight but not as a society? It is possibly the case. From a systems perspective, a good strategy is to find the primary constraint and break that, then go to the next one, so what you are doing may be well-reasoned or useful. You must do your best, but always keep in mind when you are also doing useful deception and nudging. Granted, it might be the right thing to do in a situation, and most truly good people do it when it is necessary. Ramana Marharishi or Zen Master Hakuin even do it. Devis do it in the Gitas. You are in fine company, just stay clear about your intents and choices.

    • https://michaelthau.substack.com/p/when-are-we-going-to-start-questioning?showWelcome=true

      This long piece reveals mucho BS about the whole pandemic caper, placing much of the blame on China as being the chief protagonist waging asymmetric war against the West. However, I think China is part of a well-organized global network of regime-changers who are well embedded throughout most nation states today, so the conflict axis is not so much China vs US as it is Nation States versus New World Order.
      It doesn’t help that the Nation States have been poorly run since forever but especially the last century and are now about to be toppled mainly due to traitors from within. Because, as bad as they are in many ways, they still do provide high standards of living and great opportunity to pursue whatever path one chooses. These are no small accomplishments and should be better appreciated by all those currently hell-bent on tearing them down, led on in part by cheerleaders like Caitlin here who insists that all the evils of the world come from the American Deep State which presumably operates on its own in adversarial relations with most other world powers. Once that nasty Amerika is removed, all will be well.

      Maybe. But also maybe we are about to lose the nation state system and bedrock Common Law because we have all been hoodwinked and are looking in the wrong place for the source of all ills and solutions and by the time we wake up it will be too late.

  • we need to solve our probs together. nature offers the model: the family.
    from each to each…you know ther est.
    we paid for R&D and the vaccines by doses, and gave the corpo pigs the patent…now they won’t move it to the Equatorial Zone of the planet, because they’ll make more money evolving alongside the future variants. thus we shall be under the same ol’ regimen as the now antique flu vaccines were . continual profits for our investment going away from us. and more poor dying.
    we should nationalize these firms and start vaxxing the so-called 3rd world.
    meanwhile keep on rollin’ Cait!

  • Just another smiling assassin who does what he’s told.
    They breed like rabid carnivorous rabbits in the middle and ruling classes.
    Dementia, psychosis, perversions and ruthless ambition.
    All come from interbreeding and/or mindfucking.

    • It is the same for you and me. Given the same position and authority we would fail as well. Success is the definition of having utterly failed. We just aren’t that big. Elevating you or me to a “greater” position will only serve to make us insane too. There are no saviors. We can better exist on the micro scale where at least it’s all more manageable. Perfect systems are a myth of the Machine in an abstruse promulgation of impossible possibility.

  • An open minded person can be reasoned with and have their views altered or radically changed. A close minded person has a set viewpoint and will not change. Now ask yourself if your viewpoint of the world can be changed by discourse. If so, think of the last time that happened. Now ask yourself if it was logic or a continual barrage of propaganda that shifted your viewpoint. Perhaps it was an overwhelming opinion by friends and neighbors. I believe that people are close minded and the open minded person is a gem among coal. We are so sure we see clearly while being blind. It is so refreshing to find someone with the courage and conviction to simply say, I do not know.

    • I’m pretty sure – even in the midst of the most radicals – everyone has those butterflies eating them from inside out about “certainties”. Certainty is an easy coin to hold in your hand. But toss this coin inside of that deep dark well; see by yourself how many have the courage to go get it.
      “I do not know” is the lapse of time separating you from the edge of both possibilities. Self-preservation. It’s in everyone’s nature. To have care and responsibilities toward others.
      No one can give to you a proper answer about that.
      But if you have that call inside of you to figure out it by yourself, do it. No blame nor shame, no matter the outcome. Either you will survive or you will die looking for what’s the meaning of all of this.
      What all of this will make of me or about you on this scenario? I do not know. It’s all inside of each one of us.

    • Only an open minded person is willing to admit when they are wrong. This is why we are surrounded by psychopathic leaders. Like a demonic savior, they come to take our guilt away as they have none themselves. It is why the close minded are drawn to them.

      • Um – look in the mirror when you say this and then if you are resolute, then say it again, but really what you are saying here, just above is meaningless. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying your objective perspective is pointless in this situation.
        Who is open-minded and who isn’t? Answer that first and then, try to say who is wrong and who isn’t.
        Guilt is something we all deal with personally and to try to talk to others about guild is pointless nowadays because justice has been turned upside down.
        To judge somebody as close minded it to become like the one your judging.
        Consider that Freefall before you fall to far…..or tell me what I got wrong and keep me from going down.
        I just hesitate to judge anything these days – so much uncertainty it is hard to tell fact from fiction, but at the end of the day, you will wake up the next one or you won’t. Simple as that.

  • You ever feel like everything is being expropriated from you?
    You ever feel like a complete fool?
    You ever feel like you have no friends?
    Do you ever feel alone?
    Well, join the club.
    But, you aren’t alone.
    None of us are.
    Justified Retribution is overdue.
    The bill has come due.
    Time to pay up.
    Time for recompense.
    So, there was a story told here awhile back about a young girl who was face-to-face with the painting of a master. Her attitude was telling to me, but I think she both had a lesson to teach and one to learn.
    Don’t we all.
    Better times on the way. You can count on it.

  • I tried to get my soft-hearted liberal friend who voted for Biden out of an excess of TDS, to learn about the things that she didn’t know are going on, and I discovered that she can connect the dots very well as long as they are inside her comfort zone. But, she has built a solid brick wall around her comfort zone, and she can’t follow the dots through or under or over it. She went into a frenzy of cognitive dissonance at what I said, and responded with a cascade of MSM talking points.

    • Well, at least you tried.
      Let her stew on it for awhile, and then maybe out dissonance will come an ability to jump just a bit higher or go down a little lower if need be.
      You must be a good friend.

    • Soft hearted liberals just made out like bandits, feeding essentials to a virus that’s caused in more deaths of poor, mostly “essential” workers (the new Black?) flipping victims’ homes, indemnifying chronically ill survivors into virtual share-croppers, indemnifying murderers*, as our Creative Class™ & yuppie boomers’ disruptive gig economy portfolios jumped 70-80% as we died.

      *but, he BEAT the “socialist, killing 15K, just in rest homes (indemnifying them all, with poison pills in NY’s budget; which ALEC cut&pasted into PA, CA & MI budgets, verbatim. Now, Democrats will let him off, free. And if we disapprove, we’re RooskiBot BernieBros terrorists, FOR Trump?


      • Soft hearted liberals fold easily.
        They are so easy to bluff.
        Why would anyone who
        wanted to improve
        their game play
        Soft hearted liberals.
        They are so naive.
        They are so simple in their ways.
        Why are there so many
        soft hearted liberals.
        It pains me to say
        some of my best friends
        life-long ones
        are soft hearted liberals
        Oh gracious me,
        what is one to do……
        I think some tough times
        might toughen up some
        Soft-hearted liberals
        and maybe it will turn out
        they are tougher
        that we thought??????
        Maybe, maybe not.
        A song I send out there to all my soft-hearted liberal friends…
        Remember this –
        Love wins in the end.

  • Excellent column, Caitlin. I do my best to inform people about the true state of the world every single day, including posting your writing and also The Grayzone and the World Socialist Web Site. Spreading awareness is important in a world that is being overwhelmed by loud commercials, celebrity worship instead of real news, banal and mindless programming, conspiracy theories, religious obscurantism and a host of other mind-destroying and cacophonous neuron destroyers. It is a Sisyphean task, but worth the effort. Otherwise, this planet is going down.

    • I like teleSUR. No celebrity gossip or conspiracy theories.

      • Hey can I get me some teleSUR with my Roko smart TV?
        Do you know John Knox?
        I live in the US of A if that matters. Should it?
        I don’t see why it should, but it might.
        I like Al Jazeera as well as a source of other views. I’ve got about 4 main places I go for the news, and 10 or 20 other placed I check out to sense the propaganda narrative. It is fluid.
        It is funny how over the top the propaganda has become. Funny and sad at the same time.

        • Roku? In the USA? Probably not. Their English language webpage usually works pretty well though.

  • In the image, why does one of Biden’s eyes (his right one) have eyelids closer together than the other?
    Makes him seem shifty to me.
    Is that a symptom of something?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    Plus, I don’t trust his smile – it seems crooked to me – and his hair is over groomed.
    Oh well, welcome to the “best” the democratic party of buffoons has to offer up – votes not necessary. We know what you want and we know what we need and we will keep telling you, so shut the fuck up.

    • oh, that last sentence ought to have been in quotes – it wasn’t me saying that, it is what the democratic party says to its adherent.
      The party of empty dreams and broken promises and over the top ignominy fixing to blow.

  • “Basically what happened was a hundred years ago some communists overthrew the Russian Empire, and then the entire worldwide capitalist class spent the next century inventing propaganda and surveillance systems and robot and drone technologies to help make sure that can never happen to them.”
    This could be true. However I’m kinda troubled by a couple of details.
    1/ There’s very good reasons to believe that the bolshevik revolution was financed by New York and London bankers:
    Excerpt: “The top Communist leaders have never been as hostile to their counterparts in the West, as the rhetoric suggests. They are quite friendly to the world’s leading financiers and have worked closely with them, when it suits their purposes. Those hidden liaisons have continued to this day and occasionally pop to the surface, when we discover a David Rockefeller holding confidential meetings with a Mikhail Gorbachev in the absence of government sponsorship or diplomatic purpose.”
    This is supported by most respected historians. Now an important question is never asked: the tsar was one of the richest persons in the world. Whatever happened to his treasure after New York and London bankers, backed by two of the most powerful world powers, financed his ousting?
    2/ The 1919 Versailles treaty attendance was essentially composed of American bankers who imposed impossible conditions on Germany. Yet American banks like Prescott Bush’s Brown Brothers and even German Warburg financed Hitler’s rearmament in the 30’s, which had been strengst verboten by the very treaty they had concocted. And then the US military-industrial complex – while FDR was unsuccessfully doing his best to lift his country out of the post 1929 krash depression with the New Deal – provided Britain AND the USSR with weapons. Stalin’s victory was largely financed by Wall Street loans. Let’s never forget that Soviet socialism (aka alleged “communism”) has never been anything else than state capitalism with a nomenklatura and plebs. I wouldn’t bet my life that this is not exactly what the capitalist class (aka WEF) have in mind for the old West right now…
    3/ In 1945, Eisenhower could have gone all the way to Berlin instead of stopping 100 kms west of it. The US had the atomic bomb and was in a position to dictate to the USSR which had lost 27 million men and women (15% of their population) while the Five Eyes (US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) had lost a mere 1.8% in all. Why did they instead leave the Eastern part of Europe under the Soviet boot while their official reason for intervening was to liberate Europe from the nazi boot which, between you and I and the lamppost, was not all that different – given that nobody knew about the Holocaust at the time?
    Could it be that a/ man’s emotional balance depending on an equilibrium between love and hate, it was handy to channel the West’s love flow toward the “American Dream” (and manufactured goods thanks to the Marshall Plan) while channeling an equal hate flow toward the USSR and everybody was happy b/ there was more money to be made for the banks backing the US MIC out of a Cold War arms race financed by rich American taxpayers than out of the occupation of a poor socialist country?
    4/ Fast forward: when the USSR collapsed and the US installed Yeltsin, it was child’s play for the American financiers, with the help of the Russian ones, to loot the country until Putin put an end to that.
    On a side note, this was bad enough but he did the exact same thing in Syria while the US and UK arms were flowing a treat to Isis and other “moderate” headchoppers in exchange for Syria’s smuggled oil. That’s when they started treating Putin like the new tsar and asking for his head on a pike. The Brits are particularly enraged about that for a reason that is not quite clear. Give us the old communists back fur Chrissakes! :o)

    • Unbelievable. What a perversion of history.

      • Trolls, shills and paid operatives often try to choke you with confusing, and often inaccurate, historical minutia and details to create a pretense they have some vast subject knowledge.
        In reality, they are just trying to gain a sense of legitimacy/trust for their garbage propaganda.

        • I disagree.
          Use your mind and decide for yourself.

        • Cause if what you say is valid, then how will any new ideas ever emerge?
          That is a serious question and I expect an serious answer if one is forthcoming.
          Serious business it the theme.

        • Shocker –
          You have put out a few adjectives to describe my disposition and I will be back here to share my opinion on this very topic if you refuse to respond to my question.
          That is fair and you have mischaracterized me, but it was not slander. It was accurate in your picture of things, but do you have the only picture that matters?
          That is another serious question. Answer that one if you can, but I won’t hold you to it in my imagination, but I might send a shock your way at some point in the future cause we all need to learn together.
          OK – there is another chair here at the table and I invite you. I understand regardless no matter what happens in this conversation, but I don’t like being pigeon-holed or caged in – who amongst us does?
          Shock that.

      • Actually, it is documented history available for anyone to read and learn for themselves at their leisure.

        • Leisure.
          Ain’t it a nice thing.
          Per Kropotkin’s sentiment in that bread book we all would have several hours of leisure each and every day to steady or minds and keep temperate in thought.
          Ah, if that is how it happened, but it did not now did it.
          Maybe it ain’t too late.
          What you think John?

          • Here is the book.
            If you are in dire straights and need a copy get a hold of me I have several. They were just 5 bucks a piece and I’m happy to share.
            So, I don’t necessarily agree with all the ideas in Kropotkin’s bread book, but I agree with most of them.
            Serious reckoning.

            • Wikipedia, really? Buy real books man.

              • It was a link.
                I have hard copies.
                Want one?
                I’ll trade for that penny link of yours. Very nice.

    • Interesting.
      Here, to lighten the mood is a joke.
      Me and Putin were in the ring.
      It was a contest between a determined man versus another.
      I struck first, but Putin responded with preciseness. Ah, a real competitor it occurred to me.
      Before I had practically thunk that thought my ass was on the ground. That ole Putin bastard sure is quick.
      He let me step up and then the fight was on.
      It was a good one. One for the history books.
      It was fair and none, neither the contestants, nor the audience, felt deceived.
      The battle was one and both contestants looked at each other
      with respect.
      Now – here is the math question?
      Who has the highest probability of being the winner in this skirmish?
      Why Putin of course cause he already knocked my ass to the ground and that scores points!
      Still, the story will never tell who actually one because it is imaginary.
      Make up your own ending if you care.
      Peace is easy,

      • That’s what I call a perfect circle (laughing a lot).
        Peace is hard. Even after dying someone has to pay some fee to clean up your grave. I’m going to be cremated and my ashes will be sprawled overall clitoris and vaginas worldwide.

    • Dude, I did study the official narrative my whole life. My mother was an history teacher. I had access to the best. I know almost all unofficial versions and conspiracy theories of these particular events you are talking about. You did mix what really happened with a pinch of whatever reason you had in mind to pull out from your hat that final paragraph.

  • Why do underground miners continue, day after day after day, to risk their lives going deep underground and mining whatever? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs. They will hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil when it comes to mining and miners’ daily lives.
    Why do mercenaries risk their lives, day after day after day, killing and killing and killing whomever their bosses order? Money. That’s how they make a living. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs. They will hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil when it comes to killing whom they are told and mercenaries’ daily lives. They just aren’t interested in anything that would interrupt their devotion to their jobs.
    Why do people employed in the cigarette industry, from tobacco farmers to factory workers to retail stores, continue to “market” a cancer-causing substance that will kill literally millions of people all over the world, year after year after year? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs. They will hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil about how they make their money and the cigarette industry that employs them.
    Why do people employed in the military-security-congressional-industrial complex, from TSA/FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA/JSOC/USMC/USN/BIW/HS/NSC etc. ad infinitum continue to do, day after day after day, what they do? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs. They will hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil about how they make their money in the war/security/regime-change industry that employs them. They don’t give a shit if they cause WW3. They are willing to risk absolutely everything — their lives, their children’s lives and the lives of literally everyone else on earth in order to keep their fucking jobs.
    Why do people employed in the whaling industry continue to risk their lives at sea, day after day after day, killing mammals that live in the oceans of the world? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do absolutely anything to keep their jobs. They’ll keep killing whales until whales are extinct.
    Why do people employed in the fossil fuel industry continue to explore for fossil fuel on land and at sea, day after day after day when they know in their heart of hearts that what they are doing is poisoning their Mother Earth’s biosphere to the point where Mother Earth will no longer support human life? Money. That’s how they “make a living”. They’ll do and risk absolutely anything to keep their jobs.
    What specific behavior does “doing absolutely anything to keep their jobs” consist of? For example, what are all of these people going to do if they feel that their livelihoods are being threatened (they’re going to become “unemployed”) by candidates for political offices who have control over foreign (war) policy, energy policy, fishing policy, tobacco/asbestos/GM food/GHG policies? Specifically, which candidates for political office are they going to vote for?
    THIS is EXACTLY why “things” are they way they are in the world today. WE are the problem, not THEM. WE have to figure out a better “system” (way of life), not THEM.
    So instead of pointing fingers, let us, each and every one of us, start figuring out the specific details of that better way of life. On a day to day basis, just exactly WHAT does that better world “look like”? How does it “operate”? If humanity is going to survive, imagining and giving birth to this at-first-only-imagined better world is exactly what WE, not THEM, not SOMEONE ELSE, and definitely not the Elite, are going to have to do.
    If I were you, I’d first try to “come up with a system” in which each and every person in the ways of life I’ve described above is satisfied that they’ll be able to “make a living” should that new system come into being. In other words, they’ll vote for it. That’s your challenge. Humanity’s survival depends upon your ability to imagine that world.
    What will the “foundation stone” of YOUR imagined “system” be? Will it be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Or will it be “greed is good” — the foundation stone of the present arrangement? If it’s the latter, there is no need to imagine anything new or tell anybody anything. Just do nothing, watch your home’s and portfolio’s “value” get miraculously pumped up by the Fed, and wait for the bombs to drop.
    (Btw, just exactly WHAT do you think people are going to DO after you wake them up / educate them — a. move into a monastery; b. join a commune; c. never eat another hamburger or suck liquid through a plastic straw; d. take up arms; e. march arm in arm down Penn. Avenue demanding that the Rs and Ds that they’ve just voted into office for the nth time behave better than they have every other time they’ve voted them into office (what does “better” mean?); f. all of the above? WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO? What do you WANT them do DO …………. or don’t you have any idea? Do not tell me that you have no idea.)

    • Come on, Gandalf can smoke his tobacco in peace and everybody loves him. I’m not Gandalf but leave my tobacco in peace. Let me choose my way to go, if you don’t mind, thank you. I already don’t drink alcohol, no drugs, no sex, no social life. Geez.

    • Don’t dance around the obvious. Socialist revolution is the only answer to the barbarism of capitalism and its bastard, imperialism.

      • I’m not questioning the socialist revolution just my cigarettes. If I cannot smoke in peace I think I will abandon this group. Gimme a break! (laughs)

    • Maybe they like it down there in the dust.
      Maybe it is a peaceful getaway time to smash some rocks.
      That is a possibility is it not?
      My Granddaddy was a Superintendent at a mine or two in Mejico after graduating from the Colorado School of Mines. His poppa had Poncho Villa come to the family candy store in Arizona I think in around 1914…….Uh…..Patten showed up there later with his fancy guns and he made a display to be remembered. I’m happy Patten wasn’t there when Poncho Villa showed up at my Great Grand Daddy’s shop. He, my great granddaddy had been injured in a railroad accident before opening the shop and maybe when Poncho Villa showed up, Poncho Villa thought to himself – my great granddaddy ain’t a bad fellow. Who the hell knows for sure, but story be told Poncho Villa and my Great Grand Daddy met up, and then later my GrandPa, a fine man, with a serious pot belly, went on to be the Superintendent at a few mines in Mejico.
      Ain’t the story of herstory and history wonderful? I think it is. I think we are so connected with each other it almost makes us crazy. Weird – ain’t it?
      I think Peace is Easy and that is what I want and so I’m going for it.

  • Kamala Harris cannot legally assume responsibility as POTUS – while she may be an American citizen, she is not a natural born citizen. Neither of Harris’ parents were US citizens when she was born.

    • “In addition to historical and textual analysis, numerous holdings and references in federal (and state) cases for more than a century have clearly indicated that those born in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction (i.e., not born to foreign diplomats or occupying military forces), even to alien parents, are citizens “at birth” or “by birth,” and are “natural born,” as opposed to “naturalized,” U.S. citizens. There is no provision in the Constitution and no controlling American case law to support a contention that the citizenship of one’s parents governs the eligibility of a native born U.S. citizen to be President.”
      Qualifications for President and the “Natural Born” Citizenship Eligibility Requirement, Congressional research Service, 2011

    • Wrong.

      She was born in Oakland, CA in 1954

      She is a Natural-born-citizen


      • 1964! Don’t blame this HATEFUL creature on us boomers! Try to IMAGINE, what our Tag-team Kleptocracy will install, when we could’ve had an actual Galbraith DEMOCRAT, representative! Oh well… LOTE and the choice is THEIRS?


      • Correct. It doesn’t matter where her parents were born. My grandparents were born in Poland, but my father was born here, which made him automatically an American.

    • The presidential birth requirements in the U.S. Constitution require anyone elected to serve as U.S. president or vice president to be a “natural born citizen.” What that means is only those people who are U.S. citizens at birth and did not have to go through the naturalization process are eligible to serve in the highest office in the land

      Kamala Devi Harris, October 20, 1964, Oakland, California, U.S.

      Do not think this means support for Harris – it is simply the facts.

    • What her parents were has no bearing on her citizenship whatsoever. If you are born here, you are automatically a citizen. Your comment borders of xenophobia and/or racism. That aside, Kamala Harris is a right-wing, law-and-order VP, just like she was a law-and-order DA in San Francisco and a law-and-order State Attorney General in California. I live in San Francisco, by the way and am well aware of her record. But your comment is just silly.

      • Yeah if you take it back to its logical extreme, not a one of us in a natural born citizen per the logic from the original poster.
        I agree Carolyn.
        I can trace my history way back, but it don’t make me feel any better than my neighbor. I just want the fucking shit to change for the better.
        Steven Hopkins, I believe that is how it is spelled, went to both Jamestown, via Bermuda cause my a Mother Nature diversion, as well as that place in Massachusetts. They needed somebody who knew what the fuck it took to survive on the open oceans. Plymouth I think that place was called.
        The real action, the real beginning of this nation occurred in Jamestown, not Plymouth, and let me tell you when push came to shove, religion was the last thing on the minds of those just trying to get to a better place and survive.

        • Oh just to close the loop on this. I’m a direct descendant of Steven Hopkins as well as at least 4 others from the Mayflower, so my roots run deep.
          My daughters might even have more direct descendant connection to the Mayflower. That don’t make me or them better, but it does mean the connection runs deep and I feel the spirits of my ancestors in my blood, and my blood is close to boiling.
          Time for reckoning.
          It is upon us.
          Best to all,

      • Sorry for all the typos, but if we were literally sitting here and talking with each other you would have a better sense of what I was trying to communicate.
        As it is, I’ve already invited you Ms. Carolyn, and I hope you are following up on the strike in Dublin Virginia. Seems to me things didn’t go as they should have with that labor effort. Time to turn the tables is what I think.
        Best to you,

  • “The last secretary of state openly admitted the US is sanctioning Iran into the Stone Age so that the people will get so miserable they rise up against their [Islamist] government.”
    Now, Jen Psaki: “Communism is a failed ideology.” “That’s the reason Cuba is in such turmoil. Yes, we have been strangling and starving them since the 60s. But, adding further sanctions during this naturally occurring crisis will only prove how much better our system is.” (She then struggled to keep from breaking out in a laugh on the world stage.)

  • It’s ALMOST like there’s a Worldwide Movement, scheduling demonstrations for today – that the Corporatist State Media is completely ignoring…

    It’s almost like a number of Leaders around the World, who’ve rejected the Bill Hates, WEF/WHO, Big Pharma Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy Regime have recently died, or been murdered… Like in Haiti.

    It’s almost like the Plutocrats and Oligarchs from Davos have an agenda, to massively reduce global population…and have been quietly funding Eugenics… and have been planning to switch to a robotic labor force, for some time…Odd, isn’t that…? I check the headlines, and I don’t see anything about it… Maybe I imagined all of that.

    • The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is a prime example of ‘Corporatist State Media’, and it’s been reporting on Australian demonstrations today –
      “Demonstrations have taken place in Australian cities against tight restrictions imposed to tackle a rise in Covid cases.

      Thousands gathered in Sydney, with smaller protests held in Melbourne and Brisbane.”
      And Moise’s government in Haiti initially rejected Astra-Zeneca jabs out of safety concerns, but “asked for any other drugmaker’s vaccine.” In May (when Moise was still around) it changed its mind: “About 130,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were supposed to arrive in Haiti in mid-June [still Moise], but the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has admitted they are delayed indefinitely.”

      • Update: the BBC Corporatist State Media is mentioning demonstrations against vax passes etc across France on its World Service radio.

        • There have been demonstrations in Greece and France, all week. Ruptly – was the only source doing them justice. TeleSur covered the Greek protests, briefly and second to last, and didn’t even mention France.

          At some point, even the Beeb has to make reference to things this big. But don’t expect the coverage to be favorable, or in depth, or anything. Compare to how they cover the Syrian ‘opposition’.

      • And the folks in Africa?

      • https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Ivermectin_for_Prevention_and_Treatment_of.98040.pdf
        “Given the evidence of efficacy, safety, low cost, and current death rates, ivermectin is likely to have an impact on health and economic outcomes of the pan- demic across many countries. Ivermectin is not a new and experimental drug with an unknown safety profile. It is a WHO “Essential Medicine” already used in sev- eral different indications, in colossal cumulative vol- umes. Corticosteroids have become an accepted standard of care in COVID-19, based on a single RCT of dexamethasone.1 If a single RCT is sufficient for the adoption of dexamethasone, then a fortiori the evidence of 2 dozen RCTs supports the adoption of ivermectin.
        Ivermectin is likely to be an equitable, acceptable, and feasible global intervention against COVID-19. Health professionals should strongly consider its use, in both treatment and prophylaxis.”
        “Ivermectin is already in use around the world and can reach the poorest people long before other expensive COVID treatments will ever get to them. Ivermectin has an ever-increasing evidence base that shows that it works –even the prestigious Institute Pasteur in France has confirmed that the evidence is sound.”
        “As a result of persistent self-denial over conventional medicine’s inherent failures, the dominant medical paradigm that now governs the nation’s health has succeeded in barricading itself behind a monolithic propaganda machine and a compliant media with the ability to marginalize criticism and to hermetically seal itself from being called to legal account.
        Even worse, it has usurped the sovereignty we have over our bodies and transferred this power to a technocracy that deeply believes it is upholding the integrity of science. However it is a science solely molded in the image of medical bureaucrats and their powerful allies who have been christened as experts.
        And all of these past medical failures, the estimated 90 percent of junk pharmaceutical clinical trials published in junk medical journals, institutionalized hubris, and the drug makers’ capture of our health agencies is being openly staged in the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global theater.”

    • A good read here:


      No doubt we are living the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus. Corporate, media and political elites are in a state of advanced decadence and are trying to bring the entire world into this state of decadence.

      The end of the world is near… there is no other explanation about what we are seeing now.

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

      • Oh, please. What rubbish. Your religious obscurantism is a part of what got us in trouble in the first place.

  • One of the more alarming developments IMO is the way certain formerly reliable indie sites are going underwater. Look, for example, at Paul Craig Roberts. Okay, he worked with Reagan, but on economics he was generally sound and knowledgeable (big fan of Michael Hudson, in case there’s anybody out there who isn’t) and on the repression and disenfranchisement of American nonwhites. On Trump he was judicious, as were most of us who hoped that he would generally challenge the US machine (as opposed to those who approved of him merely because he wasn’t Hillary Fucking Murderer Clinton). But now he’s gone flat-out Trumper, antivax, poor white discriminated-against males, if not outright racist. So sad. Same with OffGuardian, used to be a breath of fresh air after the real Graun started reporting those waves of invisible Russian tanks invading poor plucky Ukraine; now it’s flat-out antivax nd not worth visiting. Same with Global Research. For inforation and informed view I recommend Moon of Alabama, Strategic Culture, The Saker, South Front, Wall Street on Parade, Gray Zone, Consortium News, World Socialist Web Site, and of course Craig Murray–the latter has been nearly put out of business by the Scottish (and British) Government and is facing a jail term. This is probably the most sinister development of all.
    Unz is sometimes good and sometimes make my teeth hurt.
    If there are other great sites out there I’d be happy to hear about them. Happy reading y’all!

    • https://youtu.be/1l-izhpZhkc

      Look at all of these Fascists – Marching against Human Medical Experimentation. What’s wrong them… Don’t they all know that Megalomaniacal Plutocrats, and the Pharmaceutical and Media Industries that they own – are always to be blindly trusted to provide accurate and complete information on everything? Buncha racists!


    • I recommend the same sites. The attack on Craig Murray is, I believe, because of his staunch support of Julian Assange, and his defense of Alex Salmond. Also a result of his attacks on the likes of Nicola Sturgeon and her crew of MeToo opportunists. The Guardian threw Julian Assange under the bus and still employs Luke Harding, the scumbag who was shredded by Aaron Mate a few years ago.

      • I’d add Information Clearing House to that list. It often has articles from those sites and writers, as well as from Caitlin. It also has a roundup of news from around the world. Unfortunately it comes out rather erratically, only two or three times a week – Tom Feeley, who runs it, is getting on a bit.

        • Agree, but as you say Tom is ailing and there isn’t much turnover on the site any more. Remember Washington’s Blog? Excellent site, the Deep State destroyed it with repeated DDOS attacks.

      • Yes, that’s how I read it too. Sturgeon & co make Macbeth look like an amateur.

  • I am wondering what’s going to happen, as uppity “essentials” & death o’ disparity deplorables realize sneering, maskless yuppies are just as likely to infect vulnerable workers, as mouthbreathing morons; in bars, clubs, gyms and preaching at the choir… schools & stores…
    The bogus “it’s too late” Alabama Doctor, like the “but, I thought it was a hoax!” South Dakota nurse LIES remind us, CNN, WaPo & MSNBC are simply cut&pasting blatant falsehoods, so denial ridden yuppie boomers & Creative Class™ churls, can blithely monitize feeding us to a virus (that’s now killed more than the US Cival War) to flip homes of the victims, indenturing chronically ill survivors & if you report the truth, you’re cancelled!


    “So we now have a suggestion and strong evidence that the vaccinated population may be spreading much more virus than the unvaccinated. I would say that is a critical public health issue and must be further researched immediately”




  • The Empire and it’s vassal state’s are stopping Syria from rebuilding through sanctions and the US ongoing occupation with Turkey, some Kurds and of course, various jihadists. This is a special cruelty, no different form seige warfare except they are also robbing food and oil… what gives them the right… might and amoral personality. Libya, still a failed state after 10 year’s with various warlords in charge. USA, USA. Oh wait, the vassal state’s helped. Don’t forget Iraq, still a mess and they’ll be screwing Afghanistan after they leave. USA USA.

  • Yes, but now Blue Maga comes in Rainbow! And brown and poor people love being killed or otherwise harmed by rainbow stuff, just not GOP-colored stuff.

  • – Biden is clearly not himself anymore. HIs best years behind. Not much what he can do than what we could see on that video. It’s not a secret. Since the Ronald Reagan experiment any idiot can become US president.
    – The US administrative machine can absorb high levels of incompetence and keep going on.
    – There is a strong American culture since the elementary school. Putin is evil. Communists are bad. Ask it for any children and they will say “yes, at the school we say that”.
    – Just cursing adults on USA about shitty imperialists does not sound a solid idea; but in other countries, sure. – Discussing about communism on Times Square how China’s experiment implementing elements of the capitalism to succeed can be good is something New Yorkers will not do. NYPD will never allow it.
    – Anyways, fuck all imperialists.

    • Let’s chitchat a bit. Considering all consequences of a protest against imperialism maybe there is a prize to be collected. There is always a police truck where all intel and coordinated operations are conducted. On this truck there is a satellite dish. When the police is coming to storm everyone using batons and rubber bullets, one team – among others distracting with their butts and faces the police force -this group would focus on the solo purpose to grab that satellite dish as a trophy. After all, something has to come out of it to be uploaded overall social media. I think people in England in those march for freedom have more guts to do that and succeed than any other country worldwide.

      Satellite dish – https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e6/81/e2/e681e2c5d1a78064833ee5b8129d3fa0–police-vehicles-emergency-vehicles.jpg

    • @ east wizard
      1) Biden never had any best years, he’s always been a political scumbag. Now he’s a brain-dead political scumbag.
      2) The Empire of Stupid is, erm, stupid.
      3) It’s called propaganda.
      4) Don’t blame the NYPD, they’re just the Empire’s domestic enforcement wing.
      5) Right on!

      • 1) Yes, I mean “best years” as in “health condition” not anything else.
        2) I must respectfully disagree with you about the empire being stupid. No one get to that position of doing whatever they want and deceiving billions of people being simply stupid.
        Right on, of course!

  • Go to 3 minute video at bottom this page. the guy shows you how to access the data from the Vaers report–he pulled data on the 19th of July–51,000 deaths.


    The article below–dated 7/22–perhaps in a reaction to the information above–cut the numbers of reported deaths by approx 50%


    I would suggest someone with the computer skill–following the procedures exactly as laid out in the 2:45 minute video above– pull a VAERS report [export] today and save as well as print–it may be very important collaborating info

    • Some readers will want to take this with a hefty dose of salt:
      “Who was behind a secret plot to pay social media stars to falsely discredit the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine?

      Trending investigates an attempt to weaponise the power of influencer marketing in the online disinformation war over the pandemic.

      In May this year a marketing agency contacted influencers in several countries with an extraordinary offer. A mystery client was offering big money if the influencers would use their YouTube and Instagram videos to spread lies about the health risks associated with the Pfizer vaccine. The anonymous sponsor wanted them to pretend they weren’t being paid so the fake message would appear genuine.

      The plan failed spectacularly when several influencers went public and blew the whistle. But who was behind it and what were their motives?”
      (20 mins)

      • A Moderna or J&J investor? Notice it’s only against one brand – not like the well marshalled opposition to the Russian, Cuban, and Chinese varieties.

        • I’ve noticed opposition to all vaccines, to all COVID vaccines, and to the RNA and DNA COVID vaccines – frequently described as ‘experimental gene therapies’ supposedly designed to kill us, sterilise us and control us.
          Where is this ‘well marshalled opposition to the Russian, Cuban, and Chinese varieties’? Not much of it here, at any rate.

            • Which bit is BS invented by the Epoch Times? Opposition to the DNA-editing death jabs? Or opposition to the main Chinese and Cuban vaccines?

          • I’m not saying that the pushback against the Vaccines of Russia, China and Cuba is occurring where you’d be likely to notice, like in the advertising and news ‘marketplace’… Why would they bother to do that – they’re not readily accessible to you, so they present no credible threat to marketshares within the Empire.
            Where the pushback is occurring us on the Diplomatic and regulatory level. The Countries that are considering getting their vaccines from outside of the Empire sources – are being strongly discouraged from doing so. And then when it comes to recognition of their effectiveness, on the regulatory level. Your coming “Agenda ID2020” vaccination passports will fail to recognize those who’ve received the Russian, Cuban, ot perhaps even Chinese formulas – as being “vaccinated”, or having any immunity at all…just as they’ll fail to do for people with natural immunity (from having had it, already – and having natural antibodies) or who’re actually BETTER protected, because they’re using Ivermectin as a prophylaxis.
            Also – the HIT on Moise was arranged a while back. The hitters were already in place by the time he changed his mind, by my accounting… But we still don’t really know what that was really about, either…
            Much more conclusive is the case from Tanzania (I think it was) where the leader was actively calling bullshit on the Gates-dominated WHO, and not interested in pushing the various Gene Therapy cocktails, or vaccines…and certainly not interested in establishing any mandatory regimes or “passports”. He then died conveniently, and his successor reverses all of his policies. And while that death was recorded as “natural causes”… Well, the CIA has had numerous methods for assassinations, that appear to be “natural” – since the 1950’s. Some of them were even publicly revealed during the Church Committee hearings in the early 1970’s…and they never stop looking for new ones.

            • So Moise was assassinated for rejecting the Astra-Zeneca shots? That rather narrows down the list of suspects. Do you think Oxford University has its own international hit squad? Were they behind the recent floods in Zhengzhou?

  • “Every mistake I’ve ever made in this job was the result of listening to other people instead of trusting my gut and moving with my own intuition and inspiration. I’m too experienced at this point to ever let anyone cajole me into writing about their pet topic in their way.”

    As a Psychologist specializing in diagnostics, I’ve learned the truth of this. That said, I want to gently suggest to you that there is no real evidence that Biden has Dementia. The diagnosis is complicated and technical, and what you see may be indicative of many things, including a speech disorder. If I won’t offer a diagnostic guess, you shouldn’t either.

    • Apparently you’ve never visited a senior care center, with patients who have been diagnosed with dementia. Many of them talk just like Biden does when trying to explain even the simplest things. It’s not just a “speech disorder,” it’s a neurological disorder tht could have arisen from a variety of causes, not least being age, even it’s an early onset case. Biden is an empty suit with a defective brain, but he’s fulling the role the DNC designed for him. Stand there and smile beatifically while mouthing platitudes and vacuous buzz words, and leave the real functions of State to the experts, who are never elected and seldom seen.

      • Should have read . . . “it’s a neurological disorder that could have arisen from a variety of causes, not least being age, even if it’s an early onset case.”

    • My Chambers Dictionary lists dementia as “a loss or severe lessening of normal mental ability and functioning, occurring especially in the elderly.”
      The CDC says “Dementia is not a specific disease but is rather a general term for the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interferes with doing everyday activities.”

    • Which is entirely beside the point. He was inept, corrupt, and immoral in his best days. Just another plug and play we pretended to elect. I can find no distinct difference between POTUS candidates since Nixon and JFK, and we all know how that turned out.

    • So now you want her to change her perspective by listening to you? You fucking shrinks are worse than useless. Instead of coming together to expose these psychopathic scum ruining our lives, you’ll observe the world’s destruction with the intent of applying your theories regarding why it occurred afterwards.

      What is the diagnosis of allowing a madman to talk us into taking an experimental vaccine?

      • I am actually more concerned about your inappropriate rage and your denial of the seriousness of Covid-19.

        • Whether the virus kills us or the vaccine, you’re in the same boat that I am, and we’re screwed. The field of psychology has been weaponized to be used for mass mind manipulation. None have been more abused by your profession than the military as getting people to kill on command is a part of it. So is selling lies.

          I still can’t figure out if your profession is about freeing the mind or manipulating it. If you’re into freedom, it is incumbent upon you to expose the manipulation.

          As far as being pissed off, even a dumb animal will fight when they know they are being led to the slaughterhouse. You’ll understand the seriousness of our predicament soon enough.

        • Some blogs are not recommended for ordinary people. The content can be very poisonous if you don’t have a sharp mind to navigate without choking in darkness as a standard ignoramus.
          Let’s drink some poison together, if you don’t mind.

          1)Nature’s democracy. The willing surrender of the highest decision-making power to every zygote who won the grand victory of fertilization.
          1.1) I would seriously consider what’s going on with nature’s democracy every time one random victorious zygote shows up around owning symptoms of a brainwashed mind. Always in denial as if the whole world could crumble anytime right in front of them after all illusions fall apart.
          2) Or it could be nothing more than just plain democracy;
          2.1) a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.But we both know it’s not true.
          3) We wake up and none of this is true.

          But look where that got you. Fumbling and choosing your own demise over and over again; and at the same time trying to convince the rest you are right while we are all in the wrong side.
          Think carefully several times before holding your flags and beliefs till the bitter end. There are many end loses to tie up. None of us owns 100% of the truth about anything; but each one of us has a small piece to contribute on this big puzzle.

          • Brainwashed zygotes? Technology does advance quickly.

            • Clearly you didn’t get it. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s not your fault.

          • Agreed.
            We each have something to contribute.
            Even the puppets, who have strings pulling on them have other strings that make good sense.
            Live Free or Die, but I’d just assume Live. If I can’t live free, then I’d just assume be the First in Flight. Even though them Ohio boys designed the plane it was launched in North Carolina, and guess what – that is an up and coming state if there ever was one.
            New Hampshire has potential as well is what the Old Man on the Mountain whispered in my ear.
            Ha, ha. It is good to laugh and it is better to love!
            The times are fixing to change and my bet is they are fixing to change for the better!
            A penny for your thoughts and send a penny my way if you care.
            Best Regards you wizard,

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