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Basically we’re looking at a race to see if the deterioration of material conditions inherent in capitalism leads to mass-scale revolution before the plutocrats have the technological and legal ability to roll out robot and drone security forces.

We’re fed non-stop messaging that we’re inadequate unless we buy certain products, that mass military slaughter is normal, that madness is sanity, and that you’re the problem if you can’t keep your head above water in a system that’s designed to drown you, and people wonder why there’s a mental health crisis.

The problem is that while not many people really benefit from the status quo, those who do are in a position of influence over everyone else. So you get a non-stop barrage of media pundits, movies and TV shows acting like everything’s fine, and this shapes our entire culture.

What we need first and foremost, more than socialism or anarchism or any other ism, is real transparency. We need people’s vision of what’s going on in the world to be unobscured by government/corporate/financial secrecy and propaganda. Once we can see, we can figure things out from there.

How can we navigate toward a healthy world when we can’t even see what’s happening? Militaries understand that you need intelligence before you can act efficaciously; you need to be able to look before you leap, to see and know what you’re dealing with so you can take action which accords with reality. Truth is hidden and obscured from us precisely for this reason: because knowledge is power, and they want all the power.

That’s what Assange was going for when he founded WikiLeaks: a tool to help the people see and know what’s going on in the world so we can act in an informed way.

That’s also why he’s in prison.

The amount of power one is given should have a directly inverse relationship with the amount of secrecy they are allowed to have. Power with secrecy is illegitimate. If you’ve got power over people you don’t get to keep secrets from them.

Whenever I say the US is the most destructive government in our world today, the only people who argue with me are those who simply haven’t thought very hard about how many people have been killed by America’s current wars and sanctions regimes.

Hi I’d like two trillion dollars over the next twenty years to build a giant brick mountain in the middle of the desert.

“What? No, piss off.”

Okay well can I have two trillion dollars over the next twenty years to murder people in Afghanistan for no legitimate reason?

“Sure, why not.”

Most of the time you hear someone crying about people being oppressed by a tyrannical authoritarian foreign government they’re really just crying because they want those people to be oppressed by the tyrannical authoritarians in the United States government.

“Capitalism is responsible for the historically unprecedented level of human thriving we have today. Also, anything you say in criticism of capitalism regarding our current system is invalid because this system isn’t real capitalism. Both of these things are true for me somehow.”

If you ever get lonely just whisper “I do not care for Elon Musk” to yourself and his fans will come crashing through your wall to defend his honor.

“I don’t like the US ruling the world with nonstop violence either, but if it wasn’t us it’d be China!”

No unipolar global hegemon ever once existed in human history until three decades ago. Stop thinking of it as some unbreakable law of nature that there must always be one.

Saying you can’t end the US empire because China will replace it is the same as saying you can’t stop raping someone because then someone else would rape them.

Westerners act like the desire to conquer a planet is some kind of inescapable inherent trait in human DNA because it’s more comfortable than considering the possibility that it’s a mind virus that is unique to our society. The idea that China wants to become the next unipolar dominator assumes (A) China has the same values and interests as western imperialists, and (B) that Beijing is looking at the US empire eating itself alive and thinking “Yeah, that looks awesome! That could be us someday!”

Many people say China openly wants to replace the US as the unipolar hegemon, but if you actually examine the sources of their claim it’s always just China saying it wants a multipolar world and western propagandists falsely spinning that as evidence that China wants to become the next unipolar dominator.

Not even Hitler wanted to take over the entire world, he just wanted to expand Germany’s borders and dominate Europe; that’s why he was fine with the prospect of a Japanese empire throughout Asia. Acting like taking over the planet is an inherent drive within us all is a total propaganda fabrication.

An adept manipulator doesn’t always need to feed you lies; they prefer to get you inventing your own lies and gaslighting yourself.

An adept empire doesn’t always need to topple governments by military force; they prefer to manipulate the nation’s people into doing it for them.

The saying “it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism” rings true not because it’s inherently hard to imagine the end of capitalism, but because vast fortunes are poured into propaganda campaigns to keep us from imagining a better world.

The lion’s share of the propaganda machine’s energy goes not into manufacturing consent for new toxic agendas but into manufacturing consent for the systems that are already in place. Into keeping everyone thinking this bat shit insane paradigm is normal and the only way things can possibly be.


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125 responses to “A Race Between Revolution And Robotics: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. The US Empire is only distinct from the China Empire in Waiting because the details have not been hashed out yet. The owners of the US system and the owners of the Chinese system are both cooperating against us and competing amongst themselves simultaneously.

    The race is to create fools enough before them not so foolish can determine outcomes. There is a significant issue in that them orchestrating the events have a unity brought into play simply by their small number. In spite of the elite infighting they manage to use that tool against us thoroughly to squelch any unified opposition. It’s called divisiveness. Quit using their language to describe your world. Quit paying homage to the language that they have made to control you. Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t be played.

  2. America’s approach to the world is rooted in its Christian origins: you “evangelize” to every corner of the earth, which amounts to forcing everyone to abandon their ways for yours, destroying any who say “thanks, but no thanks.” Because, after all, you are “saved”, and they are not! And hey, all those valuable trinkets and natural resources and slaves just hanging around, may as well put ‘em to use in the homeland, for the Lord blesses his own, says so in the US of A’s nifty homemade “Gospel of Prosperity™.
    China, on the other hand, built a great wall to keep foreigners out, and ended its overseas adventures when it was the world’s unrivaled naval power, so there is a fundamental difference in its cultural approach to people who are different. China’s leaders have also carefully observed the western imperialist powers’ project of global dominance, having once themselves been its helpless victim.
    China is constructing a global commonwealth rather than a colonial empire. The outstanding example of the wisdom of this policy is our own country. Had Britain done so here in the 1770’s, instead of heavy-handedly attempting to suppress colonial internal autonomy, she would not have lost the rich prize. Britain’s Pyrrhic victory in the Second World War finally forced her rulers to convert her imperial possessions into a collective of virtually autonomous nations rather than colonies ruthlessly exploited by London.
    American policy makers have failed to understand this key event in our own past, and are even now repeating King George’s mistake, imagining we can bully sovereign nations into obeying our commands forever. Meanwhile, China is building bridges that will assure her position as the coming, truly global nation. And Washington has never been ravaged by Chinese Marines, as Beijing was once invaded by U.S. Marines. With Russia, China has steadfastly prepared defenses to ensure she will never again be “the helpless giant” to be plundered at will.

    1. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  3. laurie de marco Avatar
    laurie de marco

    it is time to see the real world through the fog this planet our only home is made up of a finite soup of genetic cascade as are all living things ,so when humans manufacture offspring or dogs or cats they choose to hoard the limited planetary rna dna denying other fauna or flora a share of the planetary genetic soup hence the growing extinction of the other fauna flora and desertification of this planet literally turning this planet into a narcissistic manifestation of the human ego our home will die. as for economics what ever form be it capitalism or any other name if it is based on profit or gain by denial of other planetary fauna or flora their share of the finite genetic soap then it is a load of lies or ignorance which ever form of economic verbatim is chosen the illogical concept of it all is deferred accountability for the theft that is accruing in the name of the human species to the detriment of our home planet.also one should not ignore the human theological construct called religion whatever form or name it truly is the greatest manifestation of propaganda mind control and indoctrination every created by humans if there is one lie to rule them all then this is it the word propaganda itself was invented by a religion..hope you all open up your minds or this planet will die..

  4. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    If it’s any comfort, we will lose because we cannot make anything useful to compete against China, S.Korea, Japan, Germany, or Russia. Did you see the robot built by Toyota at the Olympics sink those two baskets with the last one at midcourt? The U.S. cannot make a robot like that. We have Defense lobbyists writing articles about the ethical considerations of using AI in the military and talking about building robots but today, they are next to our hypersonic missile inventory.

    1. We cannot make anything useful, 2. we are falling behind in our most beloved industry, the one that destroys things. How can we possibly win and not fall apart like the Soviet Union?

    In the year of Covid, we mobilized our elite govt agencies and like Pharaoh’s magicians, they got us to hate China but were unable to stop any of the plagues. China, Japan, S. Korea weathered the storm very well. Those countries can take care of themselves, our country can only destroy things.

    We will lose. It kills me that I actually find that comforting.

    1. The US does consider Japan to be more of a vassal than a real competitor though.

      Of course the Japanese see things differently, but unlike with, say, China, technology developed in Japan can in all likelihood be safely assumed to be fully available for use to american oligarchs and the american national security state.

      1. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
        Christian J. Chuba

        American Oligarchs – yes. They are traitors, they will move everything out to get those robots to disassociate from the U.S.

        national security state? not so certain about that.

        All of our vassal states are the bully’s entourage, not friends. They will stick with us for as long as we have power. The day we become 1990’s Russia they will stop returning out phone calls (even Israel :-))

        Will Japan sell us Robots? Not if our dollar is worthless (today, it can still buy lots of stuff) they will say, ‘we want gold’.

        Even if we have gold, Japan might still shun us because Chussia imposes sanctions on us. Japan will say, ‘if we sell you Robots Chussia will freeze all of our bank accounts and not let us trade with anyone else. Your $1M robot order is not worth it’

    2. There is only one way, imo, to derail this train heading to our destruction: understand and revamp the currency! I know it is a long shot but I honestly do not see any other way than a strike at the root of the corruption–The current model of banking and currency is based on the Bank of England model, founded in 1694. Benjamin Franklin stated that the main reason for the American Revolutionary War was the insistence by George III that the American colonies accept Bank of England banknotes, which were issued as promissory notes, rather than use the increasingly successful American fiat script, issued by the colonies in the CORRECT quantity and not bearing debt! We must be prepared for a new monetary system, an honest one, when our present debt-based banking cartel collapses. Kindly read and critique this proposed Constitutional Amendment. But first, a little background…

      From “The Truth in Money Book” by Theodore R. Thorsen and Richard F Warner:
      QUOTE Someone had to borrow at usury to bring that money [checkbook balances, bills and coins] into existence. The money goes out of existence as the usury and the debt principal are paid back to the bank. These amounts are huge: several billion dollars go out of existence each day. [Actually this money goes into the reserve accounts of the Federal Reserve Banks, out of the hands of the public! This book was first printed in November 1980. The amounts which are withdrawn presently are much larger.] If the money is not replaced with new loans, a shortage occurs. Soon individuals and businesses experience serious cash flow problems. These result in more and more loan applications to banks—the only place where money is being created to replenish the supply” UNQUOTE

      Here is one possible solution—-To Hell with Fractional-Reserve Debt-Based Banking Constitutional Amendment

      (1) Rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and rename existing Federal Reserve notes and check book balances, in all U.S. banking and credit-creating institutions as well as foreign holdings of dollars, on a 1-to-1 basis, as U.S. Treasury Dollars and U.S.Treasury-Denominated bank balances. All currently existing financial contracts of the Federal Reserve Banking System, including United States Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, and Inflation-Protected Securities, remain in effect.

      (2) Henceforward, ex nihilo credit creation by banking and financial institutions in the United States is prohibited. Loans are required to originate from previous savings of U.S. Treasury Dollars and U.S. Treasury-Denominated bank balances, which for each loan are held in and paid from specific sequestered loan accounts by the various financial institutions, with interest charges and term limits for each loan to be determined solely by the contracting parties. Non-cash reserves held in the regional Federal Reserve Banks in accounts of the member institutions of the Federal Reserve System no longer form the basis for credit creation and are extinguished via accounting erasure. Any further payments of principal and interest on currently-existing promissory notes owned by any bank are required to be distributed to holders of savings accounts and checking accounts in that bank in a manner to be determined by each bank, such procedures to be transparent to savings or checking account holders at that bank in terms of amount and frequency of payment. Regional Federal Reserve Banks continue to provide check-clearing operations for the member banks.

      (3) Monetary transactions of the regional Federal Reserve banks or of its member banks with international banks, including the Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund, can not include ex nihilo credit creation.

      (4) The U.S. Treasury supplies Treasury Dollars as needed to any member bank of the Federal Reserve system to satisfy demands for cash by deposit and savings account holders in excess of cash reserves held by banks at the time of enactment of this amendment.

      (5) Fund the U.S. government and its agencies and projects directly via Treasury Dollars authorized by the Congress in its yearly federal budget. The borrowing of money from the Federal Reserve system of banks or from other institutions or individuals to pay for federal government expenditures is prohibited. All outstanding Treasury Securities are henceforward redeemed on demand via payment with U.S. Treasury Dollars.

      (6) Abolish the Federal Income Tax on individuals, corporations, and business enterprises while maintaining a social security tax on individual incomes. Social security retirement revenues are strictly sequestered in Federal Government Retirement Accounts held by the U.S. Treasury and managed by the Social Security Administration. The Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is hereby rescinded and the Internal Revenue Service disbanded.

      (7) Institute a federal sales tax with a varying yearly tax rate adjusted by the U.S. Congress in session, the sole aim of such adjustments being to maintain a stable or decreasing Consumer Price Index based on data collected by the Federal Government. Any such federal sales taxes taken in by the Federal Government are extinguished from the currency supply to keep the Consumer Price Index stable or decreasing and are not utilized for further funding.

      (8) Clause 1, Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution is amended to read as follows: The Congress shall have Power to collect customs duties on imports and exports, uniformly applied throughout the United States.

      (9) Clause 2, Article 1, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution is rescinded.

      (10) The adoption of this amendment does not prohibit the use by the citizens of the United States of any alternative currencies they should choose to use in their private or commercial transactions, provided both parties to the transaction agree to the medium of exchange.

      1. Your Paragraph two assumes the contracting of loans with interest to be repaid. After your proposed monetary system is in place, from where will the money originate in order to pay interest?

        To be clear about this question, here is an example of the workings that have me baffled:
        It appears that your proposal would establish a finite money supply.

        Borrower contracts for a term loan for $10M U.S. Treasury and agrees to repay the principle amount plus 50% interest at the end of 10 years. When ten years are up, the borrower repays the lender $15M U.S. Treasury. Money supply is stable by constitutional amendment, but borrower has to have saved up $5M U.S. Treasury from somewhere. How did that extra $5M U.S. Treasury become available in the economy?

        The interest payment must come from an expansion of the money supply. Otherwise, it seems to me, the monetary system must eat itself until it fails.

  5. “……………..vast fortunes are poured into propaganda campaigns to keep us from imagining a better world.
    The lion’s share of the propaganda machine’s energy goes not into manufacturing consent for new toxic agendas but into manufacturing consent for the systems that are already in place. Into keeping everyone thinking this bat shit insane paradigm is normal and the only way things can possibly be.”

    The above is exactly correct. Bravo, Caitlin and Tim! As I have many times expected in the past, after reading virtually the same thing in many of your articles, I am hoping and praying that your next article will describe the day to day details of a “way of life” that is better than the one we are living now. Michel and I are both keeping our rosaries on hand (and I’m an atheist).

  6. Why bother with robots when the sheeple can be programmed, bought or made scared shitless

    1. Oooo… I know, I KNOW! Because shiny robots are lots easier to sell, more dependable, smell nicer, and easier to clean up after, when they explode? I’ve seen the meat robots: we should be re-called! They COULD hire half the working class to kill the uppity “essential” half. But meat robots are already meta-programmed to buy Bushmasters & .223 jhp, at outrageous prices over at Wally world?

  7. The transparency will arrive precisely when the story falls apart. Only then you will see it. Until then, have a laugh checking out all the craziness. I mean we had Trump as president! And he may have been a better alternative to senile Joe and his hilarious propaganda spinners. The end is near for this era, it’s inevitable, we are churning out afflicted children. Cognitive abilities are eroding…they failed.

  8. the messenger-RNA “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna send messengers into the cells of human recipients, telling the cells to make spike protein and release it, which the cells do. They become spike protein making and exuding factories. They are supposed to do this for a week or two, so the immune system can notice the spike protein and make antibodies against it.
    The problem with mRNA messages is that they are so evanescent. mRNA does not last a week or two. It lasts for something measured in minutes.
    How to make this work? Modify the mRNA to last LONGER.
    Fine, got that. How do we dial “Longer” to 7-14 days?
    No way to know. Go with what you’ve got!
    But it looks like this stuff might never turn off! (SSSHHHH!!!!)
    “Robert Malone has said you need to measure duration, distribution, and amount for the spike protein. FDA never did this; one of our researchers did. They found spike protein is still circulating 5 months from vaccination in 100% of patients tested (6 people; random pick).”

    1. These vaccines were designed to first thin the herd over a period of years. Compromised immune systems will be unable to combat disease, viruses and bacterial infections. Deaths will be varied and spread over time to allow the governments and media to ignore it. Then a more lethal virus will be released when the projected number of vaccinations have been reached. It will be the spanish flu all over again only this time not millions will die but hundreds of millions. Do not get vaccinated at all cost.

    2. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
      Christian J. Chuba

      One instance of an mRNA strand can only exist in one cell for its lifespan which can never exceed the lifespan of that cell. But even if what you said was true, so what, the growth is not exponential. They put in 10,000 copies of the mRNA strand (or whatever the number really is) and those cells produce spike protein and your body’s immune system responds to it. The problem with a live virus is that it hijacks the cell to keep making copies of itself which then go out to other cells and do the same thing.

      So this is the difference – mRNA attaches to N cells to make (N * lifespan) spike protein => dead end.
      live virus attaches to N cells to (N * lifespan) more virus = > that many more cells, rinse repeat.

    3. There is evil afoot, no doubt. The further problem is that beyond the evil intended, there is the unintended evil that will also happen.

  9. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “We’re fed non-stop messaging that we’re inadequate unless we buy certain products, that mass military slaughter is normal, that madness is sanity, and that you’re the problem if you can’t keep your head above water in a system that’s designed to drown you, and people wonder why there’s a mental health crisis.”
    When in truth… ‘We ARE inadequate WHEN we buy certain products, when we believe that mass military slaughter is normal, that madness is sanity, and that you’re the problem if you can’t keep your head above water in a system that’s designed to drown you. There IS a pandemic today. It is a Worldwide pandemic of BEING INADEQUATE, just not the nonsensical ways They are peddling.
    “The amount of power one is given should have a directly inverse relationship with the amount of secrecy they are allowed to have.”
    The amount of power one is given should have an inverse relationship to how DELUSIONAL, abusive, predatory, and generally insane They are.

    1. The problem with your final sentence is it all comes down to definition of the terms you use and who gets to define “delusional”, “abusive”, “predatory, and the like.
      I think real power is independent of all them terms, but it ain’t up to me to define them cause I didn’t say that.
      The logic you propose is dependent on others sharing your views on the definition and therein lies the flaw of your logic.
      Cause no harm if you can, and if you can’t try not to be delusional, abusive or predatory….nor, insane. Still, it is subjective – is it not?
      This is what I told Putin while we were in the ring – just before I gave him a quick jab. After that it was his ass that was on the ground.
      Then the fight got serious and I’ll never tell who won! It was fair and that is all there is to be said about it.
      Just like the Judo masters from Japan today, brother and sister, who kept the gold at home. Good for them. They were incredible and they deserve praise for their courage.
      The lady from France who got her ass pinned has nothing to be ashamed of….it was a fair fight and she got pinned for 20 seconds. What you gonna do when a Ninja takes you down in a heartbeat?
      Nothing wrong with the Silver metal. When it comes to gold and silver, I prefer Silver cause sometimes second best is better.
      Shaman – here let me give you something.

  10. Daniel Hale Receives 45-Month Sentence For Releasing Drone Documents

    1. This is a shame upon the powers out of DC. They will now reap the reward of this over the top ignominy.
      A response is on its way is my sense of things.
      What do you think.
      OK, Ian how about a bet twixt you and I – which one of us is gonna last longer?
      I’m betting on myself, but I’m hoping I don’t find out one way or the other.
      Ha, ha.

    2. Just like Julian Assange, if Daniel Hale dies in prison there will be consequences.
      Just like the fake insurrection terrorist, who got 8 months (not a long sentence for terrorism over the years…in fact, most time them terrorist just get hung on a string and the timing of it depends upon the urgency), if that fella who had no previous record and who committed no offense other than walking in, dies in prison, then there will be consequences.
      So figure this out, if they keep putting more and more into prison then eventually the consequences will rise to such and extant it will be as if a tsunami of justified retribution washed upon the shores and washed the old institutions away for the benefit of the Constitution.
      After that, lets have some Article V action. OK?
      Every country must have an Article V or equivalent, so lets have it world-wide.
      Direct Action gets results.
      Peace is easy,

      1. John McAfee died in prison and there are no consequences. Once the handcuffs are put on there is nothing anyone can do against the monsters.

    3. He should be rewarded as a hero not a traitor. Shame.

      1. That is why the volcano of ignominy is growing so much it must be soon to blow!
        How stupid do they think us peasants are?
        Some of us are FED up with it all and we will take matters into our own hands. Indignation is like momentum when the mass builds up and when that happens their ain’t no stopping it!
        You ain’t no wizard, I think you are a trickster. You ain’t no mentalist, you change your images. Still, I like you and I look forward to future discourse. Why not? Why not talk across the table?
        OK, drinks on the house!

        1. I think I might just create a permanent gravatar to interact here. Wrong typing my email can change my image and I get confused between one moment and another; let’s say, somehow, I have to keep my tab checked while working to not get busted (laughing).
          About Daniel Hale, that’s a friendly reminder shared by the whole worldwide media establishment of how our overlords value us and our acts toward the truth concerned about the well being of our fellow human citizens.
          Botton up, then! Cheers.

          1. OK. That is a good idea.
            Stick with one email address and then your moniker or your gravatar as you call it will stay the same. Do this for awhile and then maybe I will trust you a bit more, but you can’t blame me for being a bit dubious when your image seems to change on the fly. As for the Shaman up there perhaps he (or she) would like to define delusional. I’d like the see the meaning of that term.
            Lots of bullshit going on these days and one is advised to be careful, but you can’t survive without the help of you neighbors and it is so much easier to get to know them up close and personnel versus some internet contact.
            Here is a delusion for your to consider…..
            1 took down 2, but two responded and then one was split in half and the two of them laughed their asses off..together..until another one came along and told them to shut the hell up. Then they were quiet but in their hearts they knew!
            OK fine.

            1. You don’t have to trust me. We will never to get know each other enough to have it in some level. Friendly debates is enough with all colors and tempers.
              About delusions. Eventually all this debate here will not add value to CJ articles. Maybe for new readers we are hindering her work. With or w/o comments available, it still a nice place to come and open room for new possibilities..
              See ya.

  11. Hey – did you all see the brother and sister “Abe” team from Japan today in the Olympics?
    Oh my God – they were amazing!
    Serious – both fights seemed fair to me and brother and sister won the GOLD!
    Now that is a good Olympic story!
    Capitalism schmizm bizzum button buzz them bull s h i TTTTTTT!

    1. In fact, I think I have a crush on the “sister” if I’m allowed to say that. It is a far-distant one so basically it is harmless.
      When on the mat, in sitting positions, she rapidly pulled the one she was sitting with back and pinned her to the ground. That was that. After 20 seconds she was declared the winner!
      She was like a “Ninja” out there how swift she moved when least expected…..

    2. The brother was more like…..what is that term. Hold on a moment.
      He was intense prior to the start of the fight – I’m sure his competitor was as well.
      When he had prevailed at the end, showing aggression to the very last second, his competitor (from Georgia I think) laid his head on his shoulder (the samurai’s shoulder) and they both understood together. It was a beautiful moment and I am very proud of both of these competitors.
      This is why I enjoy the Olympics.

  12. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Only one future for mankind: to lower your pants to receive vaccine after vaccine… until Jesus return… which return is very near:

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Don’t be ridiculous. Your rosary is just a necklace.

      1. HIs belief is strong in the same we have our strong ideas. There is nothing to do about that. Each one of us come from different backgrounds, culture, etc. If he can spread Caitlin words, good. If not, just ignore him and effing J.

      2. But by keeping it on hand, it protects the bum when dropping one’s pants for a shot in the arm.

      3. And Socialism is just a dream, or a collection of recurring neutrons.

      4. And your disrespect a noose.

  13. Write ON! Indeed, society suffers a mind virus, a self-devouring psycho-spiritual disease called Wetiko. This disease is contracted from capitalism, the private control of money (capital) for personal gain. Capitalism is usury, a parasite on free-enterprise. We have allowed money to become a source of revenue to private issuers which has created a secret and illicit arm of the government, a rival power strong enough ultimately to overthrow all other forms of government. We oppose this and advocate for the fundamental principles to which every monetary system must ultimately conform if it is to perform its proper role as the distributive mechanism of society.

  14. They knew this back in the 1960’s. Here’s Richie Havens singing “License to Kill”

  15. Democracy and freedom must be spread, so “vast fortunes are poured into propaganda campaigns.” The people cannot be trusted to think or act freely, so “vast fortunes are poured into propaganda campaigns.” God and Jesus Christ do not work through hoaxes and lies, and the lowly masses are starting to figure this out – so “vast fortunes are poured into propaganda campaigns.”

    1. This is a message to each and every one and please share it:
      Corona is not the problem the problem is worse.
      Do not ever get tested nor get injected.
      Stand your ground and help each other.
      The right to resist is a natural human right use it.
      The magnetic effect that some show is the result of self assembling nanoparticles that use magnetism to self assemble. This is done by polarizing certain areas positive / negative.
      The more assemble in a chain the greater the electric current flow and the stronger the magnetic field. This is why the magnetic field grows stronger in time.
      This is all part of a diabolical plan involving: Neural Lace, Neuralink, Starlink, SpaceX, Boston Dynamics and Freescale Semiconductor
      Neural Lace:
      The nanoparticles forming a web around your brain so that it can pick up brainwaves and also send wave information to the brain it works both ways.
      It uses similar technology like an EEG (Electroencephalography) and the PSI helmets of the Aum Shinrikyo sect.

      Neural Link picks up the Frequencies from Neural Lace and amplifies them.
      It also translates them into useful data.
      It also acts like a sender to program the brain.
      And it connects the brain to the Starlink 5G network so you can be remotely controlled.
      Starlink are over 40.000 satellites beaming down 5G.
      This technology is identical to an active denial system used for crowd control.
      The only difference is energy input and output.
      If the energy input is great enough it can even be deadly.
      And since this are directional antennas meaning you can direct the output of many into one spot it really is not far away from Nikola Tesla’s death ray it may even be much worse.
      The Covid 1.5m “safety” distance is needed for identification by the system to personally identify you.
      Starlink is the backbone of the coming AI war because of the amount of data bandwidth needed.
      It must never be allowed to be completed.
      Delivery system for Starlink.
      Also they may build a “city in the sky” just like “Elysium” planning their own escape from the planet they plan to destroy.
      Boston Dynamics
      A DARPA subsidiary sold to Elon Musk who owns all the above and builds autonomous robots.
      One is called “Atlas” and it may remind you of some movie, I assure you it ain’t.
      Freescale Semiconductor
      Freescale Semiconductor builds chips for AI warfare.
      On flight MH-370 there were over 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor on board.
      Four of them had their name on a patent for a new chip to revolutionize AI warfare.
      With their death the sole holder of this patent became Jacob Rothschild.
      Warren Buffet Richard Branson Klaus Schwab Bill Gates George Soros Elon Musk Rockefeller Rothschild Kissinger these are behind it they prepare the AI war that soon will come if you do not stand up and be counted.
      This ain’t a game.
      The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
      Educate yourself and share this information.
      Starlink must never be allowed to be completed.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        You are ranting absolute nonsense. Everything you say here is insane delusion.

      2. Starlink above, Magment below? Could they be linked?
        ‘Indiana’s Department of Transport (INDOT) has announced that it’s testing a new type of cement with embedded magnetized particles.’
        ‘Magment said its product delivers “record-breaking wireless transmission efficiency [at] up to 95 percent,” adding that it can be built at “standard road-building installation costs” and that it’s “robust and vandalism-proof.” The company also notes that slabs with the embedded ferrite particles could be built locally.’

        1. I got magnetized by a vaccine and now I’m a superhero.

          1. Did the first jab leave you monopolar?

            1. Like electricity, I keep moving towards the positive.

      3. Not really a comment. I’m evidently “behind the times,” as I hadn’t previously heard of Starlink. Just putting out a bit of what I found:
        “So, if Musk is constructing the world’s largest global neural network, and he has the interconnection capability coupled with the onboard intelligence capability, then he is just missing the instrumentation capability. But, maybe we, the Starlink users, will give him a vast assortment of technologies to ‘instrument’. We could feed our data freely into his array and then Musk could derive new data outputs from our inputs.
        So, is Elon Musk about to build the world’s largest scale Internet of Things (IoT) network? A smaller scale compute power onboard the spacecraft could easily accommodate the traffic flows of IoT. The laser links would make it a mesh network too. So, maybe the neural network could be a ‘mini me’ variant compared to a true AI neural network design? The Baby Yoda version like in the Mandalorian. lol…
        … Now, let me throw a proverbial bucket of ice water on all those extremest conspiracy theorist who will inevitably and immediately start screaming. “Skynet Lives”. First of all, Elon Musk is no Terminator. Second of all, it is conjecture on my part that Starlink has the edge networking compute power onboard their spacecraft. Yes, it is a safe prediction, but not a certainty by any means. Third, there is nothing to indicate in the SpaceX story any parallels to Skynet. And fourth, if SpaceX is to be believed, they are just building a global internet connection from satellites. No big deal, that is enough for them. But, is it ever enough for Elon Musk?…
        So how else can these Starlink spacecraft be utilized once fully operational? Can we stitch together a fabric in space that weaves in many new and creatively innovative applications? More time and daydreaming is necessary to understand how these tens of thousands of satellites can coalesce to form something far grander in scope and scale than just fat internet pipes from space.
        But, one point is true, we can bolt-on a great many technological components to Starlink to transform it from a basic internet transportation network into something far more powerful and life changing (and ‘NO’, to those wannabe supervillains who are about to ask yet again – it is not Skynet, not yet anyways).”
        Threatening space safety & the environment?

        1. I’m not sure we can bolt much onto Starlink that can’t be bolted on to fiber optic internet, speeds and latencies being similar. Musk sometimes touts it as bringing high speed internet to remote rural Africa:
          ‘“NGOs, which until now have used VSAT links (classic satellite connections) a lot, could also implement Elon Musk’s service in remote areas without 4G, 5G or fibre,” says a senior pan-African operator executive.’

          But the article continues:
          ‘However, the service seems to be out of economic reach for most Africans: a subscriber has to pay an initial $499 (about €420) to get the equipment (a satellite dish, a tripod, a power cable and a router) and then $99 every month as connection fees.’
          All in all, it looks like it’ll do little more than hasten global internet coverage, while annoying various astronomers as your Scientific American article says.
          ‘Musk, who earned his first millions by creating and reselling the online payment service Paypal, shared other commercial leads. “Starlink can be a profitable solution for telecom operators backhaul networks (intermediate networks that allow a satellite radio signal to be routed to a relay antenna),” he said.’

      4. Starlink is “our” system. There are Chinese and Russian systems of similar size and intent. Each runs 20-30K satellites that are well on their way to being placed. Few more years. That’s what the 5G is for. That what the energy crisis is, the surveillance state gobbles energy.

        The race is real. You will be a techno slave or you will exist differently than you do now. Stasis is not an option.

        1. “…the surveillance state gobbles energy.”

          Indeed, and the only escape from it will be the depletion of the necessary energy supplies. This rapidly evolving horror will not change due to any objective or rational argument and it is unlikely to yield to any possible organisation of force. Survival, the extent and quality physically possible, will accrue to those who can persist on the smallest energy budgets. Effectively a complete inversion of the current status quo.

  16. Excellent as usual.
    AND something you do not get praised for enough —
    your writing is always so clean. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, spot on.

    I know that insisting on this is nerdy at best, and for some a sign of early onset authoritarianism, but sloppy unproofed writing is hard to read and
    just plain less effective.
    For example, Counterpunch. Love those folks,
    but they need to take a lesson from you on sweating the details.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Counterpunch is the organ of the bourgeois pseudo-left. Most of their articles are decades behind the times regarding capitalism. They are still reformists and still support the Democratic Party, the original party of the southern slaveocracy and the current warmaking party in office. Only once in a very great while do I find an article there that I can support.

      1. Yes, it’s a mixed venue. Everything from liberal to slightly left to pseudo left to … well, the good stuff, whichever way you label it. Worth sorting through, though. Despite the bad editing!

  17. Build Back Botter Avatar
    Build Back Botter

    Once the bankers succeed in their attempt to globalize a digital currency, they’ve won all the marbles. Imagine your credit card not working outside a 5 mile radius of your home. That’s just one example of the control they would exert over you. KEEP CASH ALIVE.

    Fight the Banksters with Cash Friday — “Solutions Watch” with James Corbett and Catherine Austin Fitts

    1. QR Codes Are Here to Stay. So Is the Tracking They Allow.

  18. “Capitalism is responsible for the historically unprecedented level of human thriving today. Also, anything you say to criticize our current system is invalid because this system isn’t real capitalism. Both of these things are true for me somehow.”

    Criticize our current system all you like, but don’t call it capitalism.

    There are no bailouts in capitalism. And there is no central bank manipulating interest rates in capitalism. The former US capitalist system was lost when sound (Constitutional – Article 1, Section 10) money was abandoned (after JFK’s assassination, but officially in August of 1971).

    The gold standard restrained government spending because you cannot print gold & silver out of thin air. With Constitutional restraints removed, money was printed freely to finance wars, bailouts, interest rate rigging and whatever else was needed to finance this corrupt system.

    Returning to sound money is the path to a far better world.

    1. You don’t get to claim the successes without also owning the failures. If you won’t call the current system capitalism then you don’t get to give capitalism any credit for the advancements of the modern world.

      1. Words mean things. Capitalism is simply human action for the betterment of life. Yes, it has failures and successes.
        Yet, counterfeiting (cheating) is at the heart of social ills.
        They (the cheaters) tell us that fact.
        1906 study by New York Chamber of Commerce,
        “By the control of its rate of interest and of its issues of notes it would be able to exert great influence upon the money market and upon public opinion. Such power is not possessed by any institution in the United States.”

        Somebody invents a wheel. Somebody else see’s it and thinks “I can move my elderly parents around with that thing.” So they grow a garden to sell food to others to earn enough silver (or whatever) to buy the wheel from the inventor. Everybody gets what they need. That’s capitalism. It is all that is good in life. Changing the definition does not change what it truly is.

        1. Does the “inventor” of the wheel own all wheels?

        2. Or better yet, does the “inventor” get a cut on all wheels in the world?
          Who invented the wheel?
          I think there are wheels in biology well before primates entered the scene.
          So really – who invented the will. I don’t they did, and I don’t think they deserve a cut. Make your own damn wheel why don’t ya!

          1. Not many wheels in biology (other than pleomorphic microzymas).

            1. OK, I looked them sons of bitches up and the first possible article said they are in our blood.
              Could it be they are symbiotic?
              Of course it could be. If it can be imagined, it can be. If it can’t be imagined, then what the hell is it? It must be 0. Call it nothing if you want.
              However, “we” collectively can imagine “nothing”, so what does that suggest to you Ian?

              1. What Béchamp was putting forth.

            2. Here is a fucking link.
              Eventually, you gotta take a nap Ian.
              Me too pal.
              But, there is always uncertainty – no getting past that without a leap of faith!

              1. Pleomorphic theory holds that bacteria can transform into each other, or into fungi, which can even morph into molds and yeasts, but not microryza. Which I find a little odd.

                1. Any pornographic theory is bound to be a bit odd.

          2. It seems you like Perkins & Aristaeus hot coffee, isn’t? (laughing a lot)

            1. Nah, but I’d prefer if you kept a single image.
              Makes me wonder who the hell I’m typing at.

        3. Being blind to what it truly is does not change what it truly is. The problem is the abuse of monetary authority by “capitalists” for personal gain which is usury, the sin of sins. It is what Dante described as “an extraordinarily efficient form of violence by which one does the most damage with the least effort. What you describe ARISTAEUS is free-enterprise, not capitalism.

          1. Capitalism is using capital to improve life. No amount of bastardization of the word will change that fact.

            1. So it is using a tool upon itself?
              At some point “life” pushes back. All life.
              The point has arrived – it happened two days ago I think.
              Now, better times are on the way.
              Consider that.

            2. That definition is meaninglessly broad and imprecise. It is a statement of faith, not a definition.

              More accurately Capitalism is the private, rather than public, ownership of the means of production for the focal purpose of accumulating private profit. That core purpose might allude to the creation of social profit collateral to the central goal of private accumulation, but any such outcome is ancillary. It is not a part of Capitalism’s fundamental blueprint.

              This core purpose of private profit-seeking then innately motivates the further purposes of increasing individual ownership portfolios of productive capital and also increasing, in-toto, the alienation of public commons into private ownership. The latter includes such obviously public goods as water, energy, wild species stocks and even the genome itself. Both of these ultimately inevitable aims of the private profit motive are iniquitous to human equity and well-being. Your ‘definition’ of Capitalism reflects a dream state conjured to cope with the atrocities wrought by your affirmed faith. A bit like saying your favourite uncle can’t really be raping children because his costume defines him as a man of God.

            3. Life is not inherently in need of improvement. Once you miss that then every other estimation is off.

              1. This observation is profound. It should be read aloud at the commencement of all public gatherings. It is that important.

          2. Question!
            What is the definition of a dollar?

            1. A US dollar is a piece of paper – basically.
              Good faith is claimed to back the paper, but is it really?

              1. Dollar bills are paper, but the vast majority of dollars aren’t.

            2. Thank you, Ken for your answer.
              The dollar was defined in the Coinage Act of 1792, in America, as 371+4⁄16 grain (24.1 g) pure or 416 grain (27.0 g) standard silver.
              The dollar is a silver coin of specific weight and measure. The dollar is a standard like an inch or acre is a standard.

              1. Oh gret. If that is true, then I am rich!
                The silver coins I have are the best.
                Libertards from Mejico.
                For all I know my grand-daddy ran the damn mine the silver came from.
                Ever heard of that big silver mountain a bit further south?
                Sorry this effing message is so long up and down cause it ain’t right to left.
                Jeepers Creepers.

              2. I think my defintion was more accurate than yours.Yours is outdated even though it ought not be.

                1. Yes, Ken, changing the definition of words is how they control the narrative.

                  1. Hey, hey, hey…hey.
                    Don’t get patrimonial with my ass
                    If you do, I might just have to tell you who won the fight.
                    Have a little humility is my message of the day.
                    I’ll abide by that myself. I do.

                    1. OK.
                      That was a “bluff”.
                      I don’t know who “wins the fight”, but appreciate your comments Aristaeus….even if you name is hard to type.
                      Track and field will be the best story of these Olympics, but so many good stories have already happend, so I’m glad fear did not win.
                      OK – checking out!

          3. I disagree with you about usury. In a free market I can borrow money from the cheapest lender. What is wrong with that?
            Counterfeiters, on the other hand, debase the money by cheating. That is at the heart of controlling the narrative.

        4. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          Capitalism is the most evil, deadly, and vicious system on earth. The time when it replaced monarchy was the only good time. Now it is a cancer on planet Earth and if we do not overthrow it, humanity is fucking doomed.

          1. I find Socialism, as defined by Karl Marx to be the greatest scourge of humanity.
            Having Plutocrats running the world, which is what Marx described, is the most evil, deadly, and vicious system ever derived.

        5. “Words mean things. Capitalism is simply human action for the betterment of life.”

          “That’s capitalism. It is all that is good in life.”

          Yes, words do mean things. That’s why you don’t get to pretend “capitalism” means “anything good that happens”. That’s not a thing.

          1. It is your blog so you can call “capitalism” anything you want. I don’t. I recently found your blog while reading “Maturity Is Discovering How Everything You Believe Is A Lie” and thought you might be interested in more truth.

            The truth is that capitalism is beneficial for life. Capitalism makes life easier and more enjoyable than living in caves.

            The real writers of the lies and false narratives put forth are the criminal class of debasers of currency as defined by our founding fathers and should be “put to death” accordingly.

            Coinage Act of 1792
            SEC. 19. And be it further enacted, That if any of the gold or silver coins which shall be struck or coined at the said Mint shall be debased or made worse as to the proportion of fine gold or fine silver therein contained, or shall be of less weight or value than the same ought to be pursuant to connivance of any of the officers or persons who shall be employed at the said Mint, for the purpose of profit or gain, officers or persons shall embezzle any of the metals which shall at any time be committed to their charge for the purpose of being coined at the said Mint, every such officer or person who shall commit any or either of the said offences, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall suffer death.”

            They have all the money so they own the military, media, education, government, and the entire narrative.

      2. I am saying that the former US capitalist system ended when Constitutional money ended. Credit that once great system for the successes and prosperity which existed at that time.

        It is no coincidence that the 1964 minting (only weeks after JFK’s 11/22/63 death) was the last Constitutional (silver) coinage. Kennedy’s assassins substituted cheap alloys in place of (expensive) silver, essentially robbing citizens by issuing counterfeit and pocketing the difference.

        Google “melt value of 1964 quarter” and compare that to 1965 and later coins. It’s value is about $4.50 per pre-1965 quarter today and just $0.59 for 1965 – 2014 coins. By the way, the 1964 minimum wage was $1.25 (five of those quarters) the equivalent to $22.50 per hour today.

        Dollars were also counterfeited as the Constitutionally required gold backing requirement was ignored. Read about the wonderful French leader back then, Charles de Gaulle. He famously exposed how the US cheated the world and used the proceeds to finance the Vietnam war.

        Returning to sound money would end the empire.

        The war machine would screech to a halt without funding. Without the ability to print money, financing wars would require taxation which people would resist. Do you think George W. Bush would have been able to sell the Iraq war if at the end he asked each citizen to fork over $20,000 for their share of the costs?

        1. Plus, I like the 1965 dimes.
          My wife, the love of my life, let me know recently it wasn’t Ike’s image on those dimes. It was Roosevelt. Still, that is another story.
          Dimes in ’65 were still silver, but after that they were less valuable. Myself, I never let go of a coin. I consider them of greater value than paper.

        2. it explains also why the US has to do whatever it takes to keep the dollar as world currency. I think it might be the silver bullet or coin – as you wish – Russia and China are using to deflect the British-French-Jewish-German-Saudis-American banks. To not take chances in the financial game it explains also why they are illegally holding positions pumping oil and gas for free in Africa and Middle East. That’s why there is a fierce fight for influence there. We will hear a lot about Africa even knowing it has been happening for a long time. South America is granted. Asia is a complicated situation for America just right now. They have but it’s not granted as they achieved fooling the whole world after 9/11. As George W. Bush mocked us saying: I’ll be long gone till some smart guy-girl figure out what we did. Today he might even be shittin his pants considering the whole turn of the tide the empire suffered by their own hands. A lot still far from the end of their lifetimes. Pandemic, Cold War back and better? distractions.

    2. From where do you conjure the notion that capitalism has any such rules or principles? It simply has an over-riding objective; to amass as much control over assets and resources as possible, and a core methodology to furnish that end; to utilise amassed control toward leveraging ever greater amounts of it.

      Your ‘rules’ emanate from propaganda narratives that serve to shroud criminality beneath confected layers of theory.

      1. What you are referring to is Socialism… not Capitalism

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          No it isn’t. Don’t parade your ignorance. It’s embarrassing.

        2. Greg is right and you missed something back in the day.

    3. Thogen – I like the logic.
      I will agree as well though about “owning failure”.
      There is going to have to be recompense don’t you think?
      Sort of a Robin Hood redistribution for the sake of the children?
      The trend is your friend I’ve heard some say, but when the bottom drops out, then they often reconsider their previous sentiment.
      sorry for the typos

    4. I consider them all failed systems devised by the enemy from the beginning. Capitalism is generally the most successful in the short term because it allows the peasants more opportunity to rob each other. But sooner or later, all are taken over by those who control the money supply.

      In a new paradigm, we must be willing to make the leap without seeing what is on the other side. And we need to help others willing to do so…

  19. This article should be a worldwide trend.

    1. Lemme fix my avatar before Ken notice it. Wrong typing. Let’s see.

      1. This was such an easy bait I chose to ignore it.
        Come on East Wizard – you must have more than e-mail address?
        So, are you all one and the same or are you all different entities?
        Do you know of yourselves as a group or are you separate?
        Really, these are the kind of questions one must ponder when somebody you are trying to communicate with on the internet has more than one image. At the end of the day, there is no coming back from the doubt that has been created, so it is no laughing matter.
        I’ll just sit back and watch and listen to decide whether any future conversation is of value.
        Still, the Old Man in the Mountain whispered this in my ear: Live Free or Die!

  20. They rather burn everything than losing richness.

    “The saying “it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism” rings true not because it’s inherently hard to imagine the end of capitalism, but because vast fortunes are poured into propaganda campaigns to keep us from imagining a better world.

    The lion’s share of the propaganda machine’s energy goes not into manufacturing consent for new toxic agendas but into manufacturing consent for the systems that are already in place. Into keeping everyone thinking this bat shit insane paradigm is normal and the only way things can possibly be.”

    1. Any fool can delude the speciously oblivious, with base falsehood; while the CHAMPION liar adheres unremittingly to incontrovertible facts

      Aethalides: herald of the Argos, son of Hermes

      1. Let’s translate Belitsari’s equation according to the real world. Let’s take a look at the two real functions; let’s say f (champion) but (champion) ≥ 0 ≤ 1 and g (fools), are continuous at a real number c excluded the champion’s domain; then Hermes and me would agree there exists some c in (a, b) excluded the champion. And?… Better call Hermes. I cannot answer that.

  21. That’s what they have been doing overall the world and why the US media and local medias worldwide are crucial to make it happen.

    “An adept empire doesn’t always need to topple governments by military force; they prefer to manipulate the nation’s people into doing it for them.”

  22. I remember being accosted by CMU’s 1st generation robots; we were basically making-out, exceedingly high in the misty park, above Porter Hall. Two years ago, I’d suddenly realized, I was surrounded by autonomous Ubers, who’d jink as I wiggled my car. Now, we’re aware everybody’s phone & ubiquitous security cameras, every few feet, here in NYC are networking & IP, DNS, facial recognition metadata available to the highest bidder? Just got phished, after making a medical appointment (VPN, had me elsewhere, but the spammer KNEW it was for PASC!) It’s that we’re in a tag-team oilgarchy and my hive-minded churl neighbors sneeringly assume, authoritarian IDF trained NYPD is looking out for their interests, to save their COVID windfall, 80% disruptive 1099 gig-serf NASDAQ bubble from us uppity “essentials!”

      1. Thank you, that’s a good one. Both Ridge and Rendell unleashed Israeli “anti-terrorist” spooks on us, as Hillary was getting $360K to rip & read old Rick Berman tropes, that anybody protesting OUR OWN GOVERNER forcing us to drink, eat and breathe radium flavored fracking brine was working as paid Russian agents… at that TD Bank speech for TransCanada (we’ve only read, in her own words, since she couldn’t be bothered to use encrypted email; so wanted to drone Assange for exposing her sneering crimes).

  23. “No unipolar global hegemon ever once existed in human history until three decades ago” and I will add – you should be shittin you pants because these guys are nuts. Genghis Khan and Qin Shi Huang will saints after you see those wings and claws open. You see, It’s a defeat to be spotted before the right time as the opposite – a victory – is what they really wanted to fool everyone else till it’s too late. For now, the empire is on the imminence to do the same as Caligula did as emperor. There are several things in motion not just one.

  24. Excuse the off topic, just passing thru.
    But was sure you would want to read this too.

    Journos *are* CIA.


    (Thomson Reuters owns the Reuters news service)

    The CIA has done way more than infiltrated the news media. Their agents are highly placed and well able to seed (hire) their agents throughout.

    Dawn Scalici
    Government Global Business Director

    Dawn Scalici joined Thomson Reuters in July 2015 to serve as the company’s first Government Global Business Director. She is charged with the responsibility of advancing Thomson Reuters’ ability to meet the disparate needs of the U.S. Government—working across the company’s major business lines and optimally leveraging its vast and unique data, products, and services. In this capacity she develops strategic relationships with government sector constituents and key decision-makers, develops campaigns to promote Thomson Reuters’ business growth, and works with the company’s senior executives to determine relevant strategic goals and plans.

    Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Ms. Scalici served 33 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In her last federal assignment, she served as the National Intelligence Manager for the Western Hemisphere within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). In this role, she was responsible for overseeing national intelligence for an area of responsibility spanning from the Arctic to the tip of South America, including the US Homeland.

    Ms. Scalici serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for International Risk Intelligence Professionals and on the Board of Advisors of the Momentum Aviation Group (MAG). She also serves on the Intelligence Committee of the Arms Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) and the Homeland Security Intelligence Council of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA).

    1. Thanks. Awesome, if not utterly frightening, reference.

  25. What happened? Suddenly everything became clear. It’s been a long time when I had this level of lucidity with myself. Thank you for sharing this pearl.

    “Capitalism is responsible for the historically unprecedented level of human thriving today. Also, anything you say to criticize our current system is invalid because this system isn’t real capitalism. Both of these things are true for me somehow.”

  26. This one is the one of the most relevant arguments written during the last 2 years about “What was that about and what should I do”. Well done. Good job.

    – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * –

    What we need first and foremost, more than socialism or anarchism or any other ism, is real transparency. We need people’s vision of what’s going on in the world to be unobscured by government/corporate/financial secrecy and propaganda. Once we can see, we can figure things out from there.

    How can we navigate toward a healthy world when we can’t even see what’s happening? Militaries understand that you need intelligence before you can act efficaciously; you need to be able to look before you leap, to see and know what you’re dealing with so you can take action which accords with reality. Truth is hidden and obscured from us precisely for this reason: because knowledge is power, and they want all the power.

    That’s what Assange was going for when he founded WikiLeaks: a tool to help the people see and know what’s going on in the world so we can act in an informed way.

    That’s also why he’s in prison.

    The amount of power one is given should have a directly inverse relationship with the amount of secrecy they are allowed to have. Power with secrecy is illegitimate. If you’ve got power over people you don’t get to keep secrets from them.

  27. “What we need first and foremost, more than socialism or anarchism or any other ism, is real transparency. We need people’s vision of what’s going on in the world to be unobscured by government/corporate/financial secrecy and propaganda. Once we can see, we can figure things out from there.”

    Caitlin, you are incredibly astute whilst being simultaneously thick as a brick. But then doesn’t that just mean you are human?

    You discount anarchism to the priority of political transparency whilst at the same time identifying that world affairs are obscured (i.e. – not sufficiently transparent) due directly to the embedded hierarchies of Govt./corporate/financial structures. Yet anarchy innately embodies the dissolution of these very hierarchies that you explicitly identify as the nub of problem!

    You think well but you need to do a bit more within your articulation of this particular equation.

    1. Destined to become a fading echo this mindset. Been there done that.

      1. You probably know what you’re alluding to. You’ve not rendered it so clear to everyone else.

        BTW, my comment was a definition of terms, not a ‘mindset’.

        1. Doesn’t seen to be a definition for me, I’m sorry. But it resembles some level of faith. Anyways, what really matters you like it.

          1. My comments simply parsed the meaning and logic of the terms Caitlin used. The only thing I added to what she wrote was the observation that ‘anarchism embodies the dissolution of hierarchy’. Tell me how that is definitively incorrect or a statement of faith.

            Are you saying then that her observations are articles of faith?

            1. Nope. It was parsed about you.

              1. Sorry but I can’t reply to that. It doesn’t make any evident sense.

            2. It’s easy, come back to the real world and it will make a perfect sense.

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