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Whistleblower Daniel Hale has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison after pleading guilty to leaking secret government information about America’s psychopathic civilian-slaughtering drone assassination program.

The sentence was much harsher than Hale’s defense requested but not nearly as harsh as US prosecutors pushed for, arguing that longer prison sentences are necessary for deterring whistleblowing in the US intelligence cartel.

The Dissenter’s Kevin Gosztola reports:

Despite the fact that Hale pled guilty on March 31 to one of the five Espionage Act offenses he faced, prosecutors remained spiteful and unwilling to support anything less than a “significant sentence” to “deter” government employees or contractors from “using positions in the intelligence community for self-aggrandizement.”

In other words, if you tell the public the truth about your government’s crimes, you will be made an example of so nobody else tries to do that. And then for that brave and selfless act, you’ll be smeared as doing it for “self-aggrandizement”.

The US government makes no secret of the fact that it uses draconian prison sentencing to keep people from reporting the truth about its murderous behavior. It’s the same as the way kings would torture dissidents in the town square to show everyone what happens when you speak ill of your ruler, just dressed up in 21st-century language about “national security” (a claim that is itself nonsense because as Julian Assange said, the overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect political security, not national security).

The idea is that for every whistleblower you flog in the town square with harsh prison sentences, you deter a thousand other government insiders from ever picking up the whistle themselves. They’re not punishing anyone for endangering “national security”, or even necessarily for damaging or inconveniencing them in any real way; Reality Winner’s leaks were of no particular significance, yet she got more than five years just to make an example of her.

And it works. Of course it works. If you’ve witnessed your government doing something horrific, and you’ve got kids, or if you’re in love, or if you’ve got a loved one who needs care, or if you just really don’t want to go to prison, then you’re probably going to look at these whistleblowers being robbed of years of their lives and decide you can find a way to live with the psychological discomfort of knowing what you know without saying anything.

We may be certain that this exact scenario has played out many times. Probably thousands of times.

Think about what this means for a minute. This means that what we know about malfeasance in so-called “free democracies” like the United States is necessarily just the tiniest tip of the iceberg compared to what we do not know, because for every bit of information that leaks out there are orders of magnitude more which remain secret. They remain secret because, like any gang member, government insiders know what happens to those who talk.

So people have no idea what their government is really up to, yet they’re expected to make informed decisions about who they want to vote for to run it, and about whether or not they consent to this government in the first place.

Militaries understand that you need intelligence before you can act efficaciously; you need to be able to look before you leap, to see and know what you’re dealing with so you can take action which accords with reality. Truth is hidden and obscured from us precisely for this reason: because knowledge is power, and they want all the power.

That’s what Julian Assange was going for when he founded WikiLeaks: a tool to help the people see and know what’s going on in the world so we can act in an informed way.

That’s also why he’s in prison.

The amount of power one is given should have a directly inverse relationship with the amount of secrecy they are allowed to have. Power with secrecy is illegitimate. If you’ve got power over people you don’t get to keep secrets from them. That is not a valid thing for any power structure to do.

The US government imprisons journalists and whistleblowers for telling the truth about its murderous behavior. All US government statements about authoritarianism in other nations are invalidated by its treatment of whistleblowers and journalists.

They do evil things, they make it illegal to report those evil things to the public, they sentence anyone who does to draconian prison sentences to deter all other potential whistleblowers, then when the public starts guessing what they are up to behind those veils of secrecy, they are branded “conspiracy theorists” and banned from internet platforms.

If the American people could actually see everything the world’s most powerful government is doing in their name, they would be stricken with horror and all consent for their government would collapse. The only reason the US is able to hold together a globe-spanning undeclared empire using violence and terror is because it hides so much from public vision, uses mass media propaganda to form a false perception of what’s going on, and then stigmatizes distrust and attempts to guess what it’s up to behind the thick walls of opacity it has erected to obscure their vision.

This is illegitimate. The entire US government is illegitimate, and so is every other government that’s aligned with it and engaging in similar practices like Australia and the United Kingdom. We should unlearn all the tolerance for these systems of rule which this giant global power structure has indoctrinated into our minds.


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84 responses to “For Every Whistleblower They Make An Example Of, They Prevent A Thousand More”

  1. Caitlin, I appreciate your making me aware of this guy and the leaks on the drone assassination program. One of the hardest things about being an actual liberal is that most people who haven’t read 500 pages of Chomsky or Zinn are pretty well convinced someone like Obama or Biden is a ‘liberal’ or even a ‘socialist’ and that some moderate like Bernie or AOC is a ‘cray out there wild liberal communist.’

    This is good info, and I knew when I first heard about drone assassinations that it was pretty evil. I really appreciate this whistleblower for getting it out there, and I appreciate you and your husband for passing it on. Ya’ll keep it up.


  2. Couldn’t agree more, Caitlin. You are, as always, the most reliable source I’ve found of common sense and clear thinking. I look forward to your columns every day. You are one of my heroes. Keep it up!

  3. Chad Chadburn Avatar
    Chad Chadburn

    Protectionism is a racket participated in by all governments. Especially the one pretending to be the friend of those they rule and enslave. It is important that the slaves believe they are free by choosing which evil overlord will rule them as long as the slaves have not figured out that this decision chooses the overlord but does not set them free. Thanks Caitlin.

  4. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    I try to share your wonderful insight with other like-minded people, but YouTube now censors any comment with a URL in it, so we can’t share the true news with each other on social media.

  5. The Scam of the Legal System

    The “legal system” is nothing other than a huge scam, fraud, artifice, which is set up solely for the impoverishment and control of its victims. And of course, it also has the intent of using any means at all at its disposal for keeping itself going on forever, and growing, at an ever increasing rate.
    But fear not, Dear Reader, as there is a most simple way out of that abyss, that labyrinth which we have been led into under the false idea that we can hire someone to help us in obtaining our justice when we are wronged. It is quite simply the serious and dedicated application of the Three Magic Questions. They are; What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYONE has the right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYONE has an obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of in the instant case? No lieyer who has ever been asked those first two questions has given a straight answer, the ONLY answer possible, which is none. For to do so would put an immediate end to the fraud which they depend upon for their daily bread!
    It is a given that no one who is dependent upon something will ever do much, if anything at all, to harm it. Hence, we see quite clearly now as to why the lieyers of the world do not like to look too closely at the origins of their “profession” and what has become of it. What had started out as a bona fide alternative to the thoroughly corrupted King’s Court, has now become that very thing which it was created in protest against; a totally corrupted system! Many may balk at what this Author says, but NONE of them can offer up even the slightest shred of anything to actually prove it wrong.
    If there was some amount of fraud that one had a right to commit or an obligation to endure, then how could it possibly be measured? Without that measuring stick or container or balance scale, how could anyone know for certain how much was not enough or how much was too much?
    What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of at any given time? Don’t we have the Right to know that? Aren’t we at a severe disadvantage if we do not? Who can say that we have no inherent right to know all of what goes on around us? Are we “persons” held as slaves to another in a democracy, or are we free men and women in a republic? Please heed these words here well, for they ARE the key to the chains around your ankles!
    If you print out the TMQs, either by hand or machine, and then post them all around your house and at work, after a short amount of time of thinking about them, they will become a part of your mind and way of thinking. Every time that you are interacting with others, you will think of it in terms of those TMQs!
    Look up the definitions of fraud and contract, and learn them as well as you know your own name. Make them such a part of your thinking that not a day goes by without contemplating them, and you will then begin to see a change in your life. In the way that others treat you, and you treat others as well. It can’t help but happen, unless you wish to keep on being cheated and cheating others too.
    The entire legal system is a den of thieves and vipers. Why should we continue to feed them anymore, when they bring us such unlimited amounts of misery? We need to use the TMQs and starve them all out of business as well as existence!! What would a so-called “judge” be able to say or do if asked those three simple questions? What could they say? What can ANYBODY say in response to them? It should be dawning upon you Dear Reader, just about now, that you are at the mercy of a corrupted system that has gone wild and is completely out of control. Who is going to rein it all back in? Can it ever be done? This Author says no, it cannot! It is like a hand or arm with gangrene in it. It cannot be saved, so it must be cut off as quickly as possible, before the body dies and there is nothing left to save.
    Make your OWN test of the TMQs as this Author has done. Ask as many lieyers as you can stomach, what the answers to those questions are. You won’t get one in a thousand to answer you honestly, for it would go straight against what they are all about! Just look up “Attorney and Client” in the Corpus Juris Secundum, Section 14 and see it for yourself!
    A thorough and careful study of any law dictionary will give you more knowledge of and insight into the criminal nature of the legal system than you could ever imagine. It is just FILLED with expose’ after expose’ of how corrupt the system is, if you are only daring enough to see it for what it is.
    Very few people will go into a fight that they completely KNOW they have no chance of winning. They would rather just let the fight come to them, and be killed, than to expend their last energy in that way. The lieyers of the world are the same way. They know that they cannot prevail against the TMQs, so they do all that they can to avoid them like the plague. To answer them correctly, is to commit suicide, both financially as well as “professionally”. Being as professional as an unwashed whore that is. What could a lieyer do for honest work then? Surely not much until retrained, as their whole career was all about lying, cheating and stealing. If anyone at all can prove this Author to be wrong to any degree, in any way, then let them do so at once! This is all born out of some facts as solid as a piece of granite stone, coupled with a bit of logic. True, some may like to ridicule these facts, thoughts and logic, but can they prove them to be wrong? Or have all of the differences between what is right and what is wrong been eliminated? If such is the case, then surely it must have been done by the lieyers themselves, for no one else would profit so handsomely from such a dastardly deed as they would. But to be fair, whores at least serve a useful, if maybe distasteful purpose in society. Lieyers on the other hand, do not. Maggots, jackals and vultures may feed off of dead bodies, but lieyers are the main cause of all those dead bodies.
    These elevated to the bench so-called “judges” (actually they’re just Executive Administrators sitting in Admiralty jurisdiction) are just more lieyers, and are far from being unbiased. Since they do not swear a proper oath of office, and also are members of the British Accredidation Registry who take bribes (cash payments in “income tax” cases and monies from civil judgments paid into their retirement funds), how can they be anything BUT biased??
    Justice must satisfy the appearance of justice. The USSC has ruled and reaffirmed so in Levine v. United States, 362 U.S. 610, 80 S. Ct 1038 (1960), citing Offutt v. United States, 348 U.S. 11,14, 75 S. Ct. 11,13 (1954). “A Judge receiving a bribe from an interested party over which he is presiding, does not give the appearance of justice”. How much plainer than that does it need to be?? For further proof of all this, just do a search for “Fraud upon the Court” or “Fraud on the Court” and see what you find. “It is axiomatic that fraud vitiates everything”. Those words are not those of this Author only, they come from many, many court cases. ANY officers committing fraud upon the court render the orders and judgments of that court void, of no legal force or effect. This is the reason why everyone needs to get the “judge” on record at the outset, BEFORE any kind of plea is entered into the record, a promise to not commit any kind of fraud to any degree in the proceedings nor to allow anyone else to commit any fraud either. What kind of “judge” would not gladly make such a promise? Would any honest judge have a valid reason for not doing so? Is there some kind of hidden premise that is being operated off of in the courtroom? As stated earlier, NO ONE who is benefiting from a fraud or scam can be counted upon to injure it. The legal system has become a plague upon the land, and like a plague, it will kill itself off after it destroys more hosts than are needed to keep itself going.
    No casino anywhere in the world forces people in off the street at gun point and makes them gamble with their life or property, so why should a court be able to do it? What is the basic premise of the courts? It’s certainly not to ensure that justice is done! The outcome of any so-called “trial” is no more guaranteed than whether black or red will come up on the spin of a wheel. In the subject of casinos, most everybody is aware to some degree that the games are all rigged up in favor of the house, but how many of us know that the courts are rigged up every bit as much, if not even WORSE?
    In the case of U.S. v. Robert C. Braun, Mr. Braun merely asked if the property he and his fellows had been protesting upon had ever been ceded to or bought by the federal government. It had not, so the silent judicial notice of federal legislation being in full force and effect there was negated. Braun, and his already convicted fellow protesters (all of whom had hired attorneys BTW) against abortion had not in fact violated the F.A.C.E. Act and were thus set free. Foley Bros. v. Filardo had been upheld, much to the chagrin of the prostituting attorney, who told the “judge” that if the legislative jurisdictional challenge from Braun was permitted to stand, “half the prison doors in America would fly open”. EXCUSE ME?!?! That filthy scum bag lieyer KNEW that fraud was being committed all along, and yet did nothing to stop it? Why wasn’t he put into jail for aiding and abetting a crime? Or is it his JOB to commit fraud upon everyone that he can get away with? It most certainly does seem so!
    So woe unto YOU, lieyers of the world! The people are beginning to wake up to your foul works and evil deeds, and soon we will be rid of you, one way or another!

    1. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      Please watch The Con documentary about the enormous crime behind the 2008 housing “bubble”:
      The courts were complicit all the way.
      These are the follow-up documentaries about the reality of the damage done: Series 1 Episodes 1-5 and Series 2 Episode 1 Series 2 Episode 3
      You will find corroboration for your remarks here: see how the “judicial system” coordinated with the banks to rob people.

    2. Chad Chadburn Avatar
      Chad Chadburn

      Very interesting and plausible argument about the behavior of courts and law(lie)yers. It is unlikely that enough people will resist their rulers to create a change. Unfortunately people are caught in so many different lies that support the state that they will eventually give in to one lie that entraps them again. So many are convinced that it is impossible to give up the protection of the state in one area because they believe it protects them in other areas where they might be dependent or weak.
      The idea that people are free because they live in America and repeat patriotic bromides that they think justifies their immoral behavior and acceptance of such by those in ‘authority’ is so ingrained that they willingly won’t see the lie.

  6. Is Someone Shopping Around For a Friendly Judge?!?!

    Yes, it’s 100% true, that LIEyers will sometimes try to “shop around” for a judge or Circuit to hear their case, because there may be a better chance that they will get one who is more inclined to “rule” in their favor as regards objections made and evidence allowed than some OTHER fake judge! Now how does that comport with the idea of a “fair” and speedy trial? Logic tells us that it does not. So, with that data known, does it make any sense to play along in the charade of the legal system/Matrix if we do not want to and do not have to?
    If we know that the fake judge may be biased against us, why would we think that we’ll get a fair trial? We are guaranteed a Right to a fair and speedy trial, but absolutely nowhere at any time are we assured that we will actually GET a fair trial! Why is that? It’s because even though it’s not spoken out loud, it is understood that it is totally impossible to make that guarantee, as ALL of the fake judges are in reality, not one iota better than thee or me! ALL of them have their own prejudices, short comings, peccadilloes and foibles just like everybody else does! They are alcoholics, spouse and child abusers, drug users, tax cheaters, etc. They’re not gods of any kind, you see? They are not of a superior intellect, or morals or anything else you may name, they are just men and women like the rest of us, so to expect even just one of them to be able to act any differently than the rest of us, is pure folly of the highest order!!
    If we are to put our life, liberty and property into the hands of men and women who are not fit to be judging even a dog show, we MUST be told what that reason is! What reason could there possibly be for us to acquiesce to what are their shenanigans at best, and outright crimes at the worst? There is NO reason whatsoever at any time to allow criminals in black robes to sit in judgment of us, even if it be that they will have their Road Pirates execute us for refusing to be made one more victim of their over inflated ego and insatiable lust for power and money!!
    Judge shopping is not something that the various Actors, Operators Agents or Officers of the legal system like to admit exists, so it’s not defined in the law dictionaries. But, it can be read about in other places in various articles on the subject. Just the idea alone that it may exist, is enough to give us an exit point from the legal system/Matrix. Again, it comes down to where is our guarantee that we will actually get a fair trial, with the unanswered question of “Has this case come before a particular judge through some kind of machination or maneuver” hanging over our head?
    And it’s not just a scurrilous LIEyer who may be guilty of this heinous crime of fraud we call judge shopping, but also in the higher echelons of the legal system/Matrix too, this was done, where a hand picked buffoon and pompous ass of a fake judge was used to help stack the deck of a sham trial with the O.J. Simpson case!! ALL of the bases were covered there to engineer the desired outcome. Use of improper venue, biased jurors, incompetent fake judge, hidden evidence, incompetent witnesses, disallowed direct testimony of a witness immediately after the crime of murder took place and the list just goes on and on!

    There, all of the top players of the legal system/Matrix were in on it and all agreed to it, for if they weren’t in total agreement, they wouldn’t have been able to pull off what could possibly be called the REAL crime of the century; the rigging up of a trial into a mockery of justice. All that it would have taken to ruin the whole charade, would be for just ONE honest man or woman in a position of power to speak up and point out that the trial was being rigged, but not one did. For if any of the thousands of LIEyers in the legal system/Matrix had dared to breathe a word of what was going on behind the scenes, they would never be allowed to win a case again! They would have been drummed out of the LIEyer’s Guild and forced to close their office and find honest work somewhere. The Operators of the legal system/Matrix are very serious about taking care to keep their criminal organization running and pulling in many billions of dollars of business each year!
    And any real “news reporter” exposing what was going on, would have been fired immediately and relegated to jobs of flipping burgers or mowing lawns for the rest of their life. So the “Fourth Estate” turned a blind eye and deaf ear to what was going on. All who were left to speak, were the ones who couldn’t be heard, because of the agreements in the media to not break away from the narrative being given to them. They saw more benefit to getting an acquittal than exposing the truth. Truth is neither sordid or ugly, but we are told it is so we won’t look for it or want any of it. It is one of the most beautiful things that we can ever behold, it lasts forever, never withering away or dying. Truth cannot be rebutted, and it stands on its own. It never needs any defense, because it cannot be attacked. All that it needs, is to not be covered up by lies.
    Any man or woman who goes out shopping around for a biased judge in order to help them win their case, is openly and notoriously admitting that they are promoting lies and deceits, and they haven’t a chance of winning in a fair contest of facts against the lies. They are saying that their case is so weak, so lame, that it cannot win without resorting to cheating!
    What sane man or woman wants to believe in a lie, when the truth is out there too? Not even one of them would do so! If they did prefer a lie over the truth, then they can be certified as being insane. Lies never get us to any place of any importance, but truth, that will easily take us there every time and on time! So why go with the lies?
    There is said by some, to be a mantra among a certain culture on Earth that goes like this; Why tell the truth, when a lie will serve almost as well? Is truth really something that is so rare, that it needs to be rationed out in meager amounts so we don’t run out of it? This author says an emphatic NO! We can never have too much truth, but just one little lie, that is far too much! We have an unlimited amount of truth, it exists all around us, we just need to look for it, and we will find that it’s right under our own nose! Only when we are blinded to it, do we not see truth. That blindness comes from many places and in many forms, but fortunately, it is not a permanent condition. We need only a real desire to see truth, for it to appear before us. Those who do not want to see truth never will. It will always remain hidden from them, no matter how hard it might bite their backside.

    1. “Something unpleasant is coming when men are anxious to tell the truth”.
      Benjamin Disraeli (The Young Duke)

  7. The Legal System is Even WORSE Than Gambling!

    To fully understand the contents and ramifications of this paper, the reader must first come to know the definitions of the words Contract and Fraud. They MUST be studied until you have them down cold. Originally, this paper was titled The Legal System Equals Gambling, but after some careful consideration, it became quite apparent that it is far, far worse than gambling. In legitimate games of chance, one usually has a pretty good idea of what the odds are there, but in a court case, absolutely nobody but the fake judge who is operating under a false oath of office, and the Prostituting Attorneys on the case, ever knows for sure what the outcome will be. The flip of a coin is obviously a 50/50 chance of winning or losing, but when a man or woman who has multiple personality and mental defects is put in as an overseer of a court case, even people who are blatantly and obviously guilty, like O.J. Simpson is, can get a free pass! That entire “trial” was really a mockery of justice from beginning to end and all points in between. Nobody was more surprised at the outcome of that sham trial than O.J. himself was! He looked at Robert Shapiro, in complete and utter disbelief that he had been acquitted! He KNEW that he was guilty as could be, and thought that everybody else in the world either knew or would find out the same thing too. It’s no wonder at all that he was so astonished at the outcome! Simpson was told by Shapiro at the beginning of the trial that he would not be convicted, but he didn’t believe it, and asked how that could possibly be, since he already knew that he was guilty! Shapiro parried the question and just said that Simpson was to simply trust him and go along with it all. Shapiro KNEW that the fix was already in, to sacrifice the lives of a man and woman on the altar of fake justice and “keeping the peace in the ‘hood”.
    According to Black’s Law Dictionary, the definition of gambling is this: Gambling. Making a bet. Such occurs when there is a chance for profit if a player is skillful and lucky. A play for value against an uncertain event in hope of gaining something of value. It involves, not only a chance, but a hope of gaining something beyond the amount played. Gambling consists of a consideration, an element of chance, and a reward. The elements of gambling are a payment of a price for a chance to win a prize.
    There you have it! Now, how do the antics in any court room not fall under that definition? Men and women pay a price to a LIEyer or Attorney and the court to help them make a gamble, a bet, one that maybe they will win, and hopefully not lose! Who knows what will happen? It is a gamble when supposedly no one knows for sure what the outcome will be! If there IS someone who already knows for sure what the outcome will be, well beforehand, like the fake judge and his/her Prostituting Attorney, for instance, then it’ not a gamble at all, but a scam that is rigged up to only LOOK like a gamble, and no luck or skill is actually involved in it. either way you look at it from, there is some kind of deception going on, which is fraud, and fraud is a crime! Fraud vitiates ALL that it comes into contact with. That is because there is no way to measure out what amount of fraud is OK to have, and how much is too much, so the bar must be set at zero.

    Is there any valid law on the books in any nation on Earth, that compels us to gamble with our life, liberty or property? If there is, then why isn’t it made well known to all? Or is this just another hidden scam that the legal system needs to be kept hidden, for it to operate freely and generate profits? All court rooms in America are listed in Dun & Bradstreet, because they are businesses and are making profits.
    Since there is no Actor, Officer, Agent or Operator of the legal system/Matrix who will truthfully answer The Three Magic Questions, why does anybody have a bona fide obligation to get involved in it? The questions referred to above, are “What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has a right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has an actual obligation to be made a victim of? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of, in the instant case?” That leads us to a second level question of “Why will they not answer those questions?”. The answer is quite simple, it will expose their con games for all to see if they do so! And whereas no one can be guaranteed that they will actually get a fair and speedy trial, despite being promised that we have the Right to one, we must then ask why do we have to get involved in it, if we don’t want to? Can any casino in the whole world force people in off the streets at gun point and force them to make a gamble with their life, liberty or property? No, they cannot. So why do we tolerate these actions from the legal system, which has been at the least partially corrupted from the time of its inception? Now, it is 100% corrupted!
    So here we have now the very interesting situation of the Actors, Operators, Officers and Agents of the legal system/Matrix, who are supposed to be working to right wrongs, dispense justice and punish the law breakers to the point of where they hopefully will not commit crimes anymore, actually committing crimes against Humanity and doing it writ extra large! How crazy is that? PLENTY crazy! How do they get away with committing all of those crimes, day in and day out? It is through the populace being dumbed down in the public fool systems and being told lies and kept ignorant and unable to think logically.
    The legal system is a world wide crime syndicate, and though many men and women will clamor as loudly as they can that it is not, in a lame defense of it, not even one of them has any legitimate proof that it is not such an organization. To the contrary, there are just mountains of evidence that it IS a crime syndicate. The brick bats will come fast and furiously now from the scumbags who make apologies for the crimes and criminal nature of the legal system/Matrix for one reason or another, but they will be of no force or effect to suppress the truth.
    As Shakespeare said, “Murder will out”, meaning that crimes will ALWAYS be exposed, eventually. And when they are, someone will pay for that crime.. It is only a matter of time until the truth is told and the guilty parties are finally brought to to justice. What that justice meted out to the guilty parties will be remains to be seen, but one thing is totally certain, it will be appropriate, swift, and most likely without any mercy. There is is simply just no room in prisons for traitors or pirates, so do not expect to see any of them in there! You will be able to visit them elsewhere, but they won’t be talking back to anyone.

  8. In 1940 there was another famous whistleblower you’ve never heard of, named Tyler Kent. He was a clerk in the code room at the U.S. embassy in London, where all diplomatic dispatches from American missions across Europe to Washington were routed. When Kent began work, U.S. law and overwhelming public sentiment seemed to insure that America would avoid entanglement in the European war. But from his special vantage point in London, Kent quickly learned that President Roosevelt was doing everything in his power to subvert the law and deceive the people in order to get America into war.
    Kent decided to make copies or summaries of diplomatic dispatches documenting Roosevelt’s secret policies and somehow bring them to the attention of sympathetic congressmen and senators. The most important and incriminating of these was the top secret correspondence (and quite illegal) between Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, in which the two leaders conspired to violate the United States’ proclaimed neutrality policy. But Kent was arrested at his post in May 1940, charged with having violated the British Official Secrets Act. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, but was released and returned to the United States when the war ended. To this day the U.S. government maintains that he was a spy for Germany.

    1. Good stuff.
      maybe the wikipedia page ought be updated.
      Kind of annoys me cause I contributed to that site in the hopes it would be unbiased.
      Oh well, nefarious forces are just about everywhere, but it is way more obvious now!
      Wikipedia or not.
      Talk to you neighbor if you doubt me.

      1. See Craig Murray’s comments on Wikipedia editing. And a co-founder of WP
        Also had bad things to say about it’s current integrity recently.

          1. As far as I know, only wine and honey age well. And for wine, it’s limited to about a century. One might say that the Chinese century eggs then take over but it’s only a name. They’re aged in a few weeks. Can’t trust nobody :o)

  9. It is July 29 on Caitlin’s blog. Do you know where your children are?
    If you do, tell them this.
    Boycott the Zionist State of Isreal.
    Simple as that.

  10. And now for something completely different – or rather more of the same because we’ll still be talking about reprisals when people blow a gasket and then the whistle to finally take the actions that their consciences command.
    Prologue: we’ve been told for months that social media have a right to do whatever they please, including ban the president of the United States (the most powerful man in the world according to the pre-Trump definition) and even consider sanctions against Darth Vader because they’re private companies and nobody is above the privacy of their companies.
    Fuck freedom of speech and all of them obsolete values which only lead to hate-speech, aka speech you disagree with like saying war is a racket when all the well intentioned people know for a fact that it brings freedom and democracy everywhere on the planet to people living in tyranny like in Saudi Arabia. No! That’s a bad example! Yemen! That’s the name I had in mind!
    What’s important in the new world coming our way is to tell people the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Like in court? Exactly! That’s where our society is heading. Social media people will soon be under oath and they will tell the average assholes walking about in the streets the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. About what? About everything! And how do they know the truth about everything? Because they ask! And who do they ask? Mammon. He knows the truth about everything. It’s easy: what’s true is what makes a buck. Good thing too! Everybody’s always happy to make a buck! So everybody likes the truth.
    It’s called corporate truth! Corporate means it’s above little disagreements between individual people. It’s both overarching and underlying an economic system formerly known as highway robbery before the mafia became legit’.
    Social media employ Mammon’s vestals to reveal to them every morning the corporate truth. Which is why they have the right to do as they please. They’re incorruptible in that sense. As private companies, as long as they respect common laws (especially when loopholes in them allow tax evasion), they’re only accountable to their shareholders. It’s one of the pillars of the system. You mess with that and all hell breaks loose!
    The corporate media promptly agreed on that premise, everybody was happy and then there was this:
    Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which is sold in the food shops of the illegal-under-international-law Israeli settlements on the West Bank (aka Judea and Samaria in Hebrew), announced that it would no longer market its product in those areas after the current contract with suppliers expires at the end of 2022 on account that it’s open season on the Palestinians.
    Do they have the right to do that, being a private company?
    Errr… Wait a minute! Let’s not pass hasty judgement here! This deserves a lot of thinking and in the meanwhile, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men have retaliated just like in the old:
    Except that they declared war on Ben & Jerry’s. I know, some will think this is a Tom & Jerry cartoon but it’s not. It’s very serious. Ice cream terrorism and a shameful surrender to antisemitism, according to some Israeli officials. Starts like that and before you know it, you’ve got the Holocaust at your front door!
    Now this story, as Philip Giraldi’s article shows, has already made a stunning start, with a special mention for its use of hyperboles in keeping with Mediterranean temper, which brings Israel in direct competition with Sicily and such. The follow up promises to be even more jaw-dropping. It should bring sophistry to whole new levels and set standards in egregious bad faith – aka chutzpah – for the next two or three centuries. Especially if some oil-on-the-fire throwers decide to draw a parallel between Ben & Jerry’s and Facebook and Twitter’s freedom of trade. Fortunately double standards should ultimately prevail and provide us with the right answers :o)

    1. I support boycotting the Zionist state of Israel.
      BDS is the acronym I reckon.
      Some things are obvious and some ain’t, but this one is obvious.
      The Zionist state of Israel is evil.
      Lets call a spade what it is. Lets bring the clubs of justice upon their heads. Let their hearts know in the end. Let the diamonds be shared.
      poem of the day
      22821 1848 est u…..s……of……a

      1. “Evil”
        Definition 1.a, 2.b, 2.c, and 3.a. (Exclude the others….)
        It ain’t the entirety of evil, but what could be, and the specific definitions referenced are accurate when it comes to characterizing the Zionist state of Israel.
        If you got another view, prove me wrong please, but most of us sense this I believe and better times are on the way.
        I support a complete boycott of the State of Isreal.
        Let them get what they been giving to others.
        To their own neighbors if you can imagine that.
        What a shame it all is – so much ignominy, but there
        is more of that just around the corner.
        Boycott Israel into submission for the sake of the children.
        Let them get recompense for what they been giving.
        Fair is fair.

  11. It’s really too bad we can’t do what the English juries did. Appalled that the government used the harshed penalities for minor crimes, including death. The juries began to find the accused Not Guilty regardless of the evidence forcing the government to rewrite the laws more lenient to get convictions.

    I myself have sworn if called to jury duty again. If it is a drug crime, I will find – NOT GUILTY – regardless of the evidence. I rather risk the disruption and see justice done rather than accept (in my view) numerous stupid laws that are so damned unfair to so many, and this would also include whistleblowers.

  12. The next whistleblower is already out there and might not even know it. We all have the capacity to do the right thing, at least when we get angry enough.

    1. John Knox – for once I agree with you.
      Did you listen to the music of Ana V. Too beautiful to describe with words.
      ~~~~~~~let me tell you, the whistleblowers grow in numbers day after day – did you not attend the last convention of us whistleblowers – oh, you must of missed out. Well, guess what we are all whistling in the wind and the times are fixing to change.
      For the better is my bet.
      Throw your chips down and put forth your bet as to how the future will go!
      All bets accepted.
      Don’t get mad when the chips fall how they will.
      How they must fall.
      Place your bets one and all.

  13. For the sake of whistle blowers throughout the lands, regardless as to what they think in their imagination, let me proffer up some wonderful music that no only these days we all get to share so easily.
    Peace is easy and here is the link:
    Ana Vidovic’ I think is her name. Typed as best I can. I whistle blower I am.

  14. Apparently, It is OK to criticize as long as you don’t offer any proof taken from government sources.

    1. I think in the Supreme Court decision regarding the recently passed Senator from Alaska – back in the 70’s, Gravel was his name was it not……… : , oh…and while I’m talking, let me send a congratulations to the female Olympic swimmer from Alaska who trained mostly in 25m pools – she won the gold ——- , that it was determined that a member of congress was within the Constitutional privilege if per their own inclination elected to share some information from the duly elected halls and with the “People” out in the “grass”.
      So seems to me it is time for some ignominy to see the light of day for eff sake.
      We know!

  15. OK, just to be a bit mean cause I can be and I will be and I plan on being mean.
    A “like” from Microsoft apparently is considered independent of a “like” from Apple.
    There was one like there it was mine, it was from Microsoft, and tried to like again but no go.
    But then I got on an Apple device and for the eff of it, I tried to like, and lo and behold the likes were 2.
    What do you think of that or is it the rambling of a fool?

    1. I think it matters that we collectively figure out together what the eff has been going on and then, let the chips fall where they will….where they must some think. I doubt it is random, but it is a step closer to truth and that is how you know what narrative is worth listening to. Old narratives die so quick. They are just paper – easily burned.
      I think the only alien these days is in our imagination, but that don’t mean this alien or that might turn into something real. Imagination is how time moves forward, or does time move with or without us?
      It makes no difference. So, ain’t it obvious. Isn’t it an easy choice?
      Cause no harm for Christ’s sake – how hard is that?
      Best to balance a bit of garden or other outside activity with your typing and thinking and what-not for the sake of appreciating the simplicity and the beauty of causing no harm down to the lowest level.
      Still scale matters. We can agree on that can’t we?

  16. I’m seriously pissed just now. So seriously pissed. I could eat a cow.
    Guess what – I can “like” this article from one place and another…..I can like it twice or maybe even more times than that.
    Regardless, a previous poster suggested we “use” the “like” click as a way to decide what articles resonate the most and I think this was a good idea. I’ve been “liking” my ass off lately, but seems many don’t understand this concept. What are you – a bunch of old farts?
    So, besides my time stamp idea I’ve been suggesting for some time, this is my second favorite proposal and it is one of nothing but encouragement to “like” the articles that resonate with you. If the tool and the numbers are fair, then this will indicate what articles merit further study.
    That is my proposal.
    Take it or leave it as a representative of the Zionist contingency currently occupying Israel would say.

  17. I just want to put out a statement of appreciation for some of the various legal citations provided by posters here at the site of the Rogue Journalist. Thank you posters and thank-you forum hosters.
    On my own website, I put forth this crazy idea:
    “I am a world champion whistler in my imagination and nobody can prove me wrong!”
    You know what is crazy – when I said it I was whistling.
    Sucks these days to be a whistler.
    72821 1354 est u . s. o . f . a

  18. ‘ And then for that brave and selfless act, you’ll be smeared as doing it for “self-aggrandizement”. ‘

    But half the population is dim enough to buy the “self-aggrandizement” lie. Dim and tuned to be willing slaves of empire, the idea of doing something from conscience for many is a trip to a foreign land.

    The truth is there is no justification for this. The 1917 espionage act is used to hide war crimes. Espionage against WHOM? The American people is whom. By telling them the truth.

    I hope outrage rages. Saying it could have been 11 years instead of 45 months is a trick to hide that there in fact was no ‘espionage’. The 1917 law is being used for censorship. And to send a warning about consequences for revealing war crimes may come at you in the way they executed Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart.

    It does not get more complicated than that.

    Free Julian, free Daniel !

    1. Free Julian before he is dead.
      Free Daniel before he passes.
      Free that first fellow sent to
      jail for the supposed inssur-
      rection. Free him how bout.
      The more in jail, when their
      ain’t been no justice the
      more indignance grows
      exponentially it will be
      So get ready!

  19. Enough is enough!
    China demands respect!!
    This fine article can be read here:
    Requiem for an Empire: A Prequel by Pepe Escobar!

    1. Moscow is the largest city entirely in Europe.

      1. Are you sure about that Ian?
        What do you mean.
        Moscow – the top city? The largest.
        What is the criteria of this statement?

    2. Don’t we all?
      You don’t always get what you want.
      Demand away, but I read something today regarding “states” and their freedom with respect to joining a “confederacy”. Interesting reading I think it was – combine it with the 14th Amendment, and now we are talking serious business!
      Myself – I ain’t no state. I’m a living breathing sweating smoking effing homo sapein…..ha, ha.
      Seems to me a coup occurred and the Constitution, the US one, has been offended. Seems to me a response is demanded – for the sake of the Constitution please.
      The Buffalo know this and that, but any day you learn something is a good day for that alone!
      Peace is easy,

  20. “Previous occupation?”
    “Drone operator.”
    “Why were you laid off?”
    “Those fucking machines took my job!”
    (Security arrives)
    “Not you again!”

    1. Nice Poem
      u kind a get lost in it…..
      Nice poem.

  21. Ms. Johnstone:

    Please consider my comments regarding capitalism and sound money. I (respectfully) believe you have that puzzle piece out of place. In my opinion, that piece, the sound money part at least, is the ONLY way to end the empire and the devastation and destruction it endlessly creates.

    The Bitcoin/cryptocurrency community, although well intentioned, is moving us in the wrong direction. The central banks are using them to build the digital infrastructure and will soon issue their own digital currencies while banning all of the non-government issued options. At that point the empire will have the power to effectively silence their opposition by simply turning off their money. Caitlin Johnstone wrote what? No soup for you!

    Here is my original post, your reply and my response:

    THOGEN / JULY 27, 2021
    “Capitalism is responsible for the historically unprecedented level of human thriving today. Also, anything you say to criticize our current system is invalid because this system isn’t real capitalism. Both of these things are true for me somehow.”

    Criticize our current system all you like, but don’t call it capitalism.

    There are no bailouts in capitalism. And there is no central bank manipulating interest rates in capitalism. The former US capitalist system was lost when sound (Constitutional – Article 1, Section 10) money was abandoned (after JFK’s assassination, but officially in August of 1971).

    The gold standard restrained government spending because you cannot print gold & silver out of thin air. With Constitutional restraints removed, money was printed freely to finance wars, bailouts, interest rate rigging and whatever else was needed to finance this corrupt system.

    Returning to sound money is the path to a far better world.

    You don’t get to claim the successes without also owning the failures. If you won’t call the current system capitalism then you don’t get to give capitalism any credit for the advancements of the modern world.

    THOGEN / JULY 27, 2021
    I am saying that the former US capitalist system ended when Constitutional money ended. Credit that once great system for the successes and prosperity which existed at that time.

    It is no coincidence that the 1964 minting (only weeks after JFK’s 11/22/63 death) was the last Constitutional (silver) coinage. Kennedy’s assassins substituted cheap alloys in place of (expensive) silver, essentially robbing citizens by issuing counterfeit and pocketing the difference.

    Google “melt value of 1964 quarter” and compare that to 1965 and later coins. It’s value is about $4.50 per pre-1965 quarter today and just $0.59 for 1965 – 2014 coins. By the way, the 1964 minimum wage was $1.25 (five of those quarters) the equivalent to $22.50 per hour today.

    Dollars were also counterfeited as the Constitutionally required gold backing requirement was ignored. Read about the wonderful French leader back then, Charles de Gaulle. He famously exposed how the US cheated the world and used the proceeds to finance the Vietnam war.

    Returning to sound money would end the empire.

    The war machine would screech to a halt without funding. Without the ability to print money, financing wars would require taxation which people would resist. Do you think George W. Bush would have been able to sell the Iraq war if at the end he asked each citizen to fork over $20,000 for their share of the costs?

    1. Among the many benefits of money backed by gold and silver were the slave trade, global imperialism, and two World Wars.

      1. Surely you jest? WW1 & WW2 needed funny money to fuel them! Real money does not prevent wars but it makes them much more expensive.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Exactly what does your comment have to do with the content of this article? You are off topic.

      1. Don’t feed the trolls. Somewhere in the world it is after midnight so the consequences could be dire.

      2. I thought long and hard about this comment. I wanted to respond but I didn’t.
        This is what I think –
        it is easy to accuse “off-topic”, but it is more important to listen to Ms. Carolyn.
        So, I didn’t respond. But now that you have K-Dog, I decided to take the liberty. I don’t think Thogen is a “troll”. I listen to all good ideas and I appreciate a good debate. A fair one is what matters most.
        A fair debate has merit
        my ancestors whispered this in my ear

    3. Bravo Thogen. Bitcoin was created as a peer-to-peer method of transaction. Now it has become an insane investment with NOTHING of value inside. The only thing keeping it up and running is GREED.

      In Canada, the coins until the 1970s were silver, and the currency bills stated clearly along the bottom.

      “Will pay to the bearer on demand the value in silver.”

      They were, in reality, bearer bonds.
      ‘Cash’ was originally coins – hence the term “Cold Hard Cash.”

      1. Many early Chinese coins were made of iron, tin, lead and so on – they were inherently almost worthless. Their value came from the threat of death for counterfeiters. Is there a significant difference from modern fiat currencies?

        1. Yes. One you could hold in your hand and melt down.
          The fiat one was only good for a bit of heat when you needed to burn the paper – and not much heat is provides.
          I doubt your statement regarding the worthlessness of old coins. You would be surprised what can be done with a bit of iron. Treat it right and it won’t even rust.
          Paper money is based on faith and let me tell you I sense the faith is diminishing – do you not sense this?
          Seriously Ian – that is a serious question.

        2. I got me a big ass jar of coins I’ve been saving for over 30 years I think now. That damn jar is heavy.
          If anybody lays their hands on it I will kill you in a heartbeat. I hope that metaphorical message is clear.
          It was a serious question Ian because let me tell you faith is whimsical. Metal ain’t.
          Sleep tight tonight – I hope I will as well and see you tomorrow at the forum for debate.
          Fiat currency stems from the 1913 coup, and per my reading of the 14th Amendment, the citizen have no obligations in respect to debts incurred.
          It is just a bunch of effing paper anyhow.
          A fresh start is called for, and I think we should remember the old definition of a dollar. I’ll rescind my desire to have river rocks be the basis of currency, but still, that would be better than fiat faith which can disappear in a flash. In the trash is where the fiat idea belongs.
          Happy Dreams.

  22. In this age and stage of Orwellian siege/onslaught, what can be accomplished with one word? He put his life and freedom on the line, for all of us, for what was right, for truth, for what had to be done. No. Listen and read closely. That has now been overwritten. It was all for “self-aggrandizement.”
    Further, remember Aaron Schwartz – as his story wholly relates: “Basically, this whole system is wide open to abuse, and it’s clear from Ortiz’s actions that she, too, was abusing the system in this manner: pushing for super high possible jail time as a huge and scary weapon to try to pressure Swartz into accepting a lower rate — but also making him a convicted felon.”

  23. And that’s why the terrorists, Russia, China, Iran, etc. etc. hate the USA, because they hate our freedoms!
    Oh . . . wait . . .

  24. Cornelius Pipe Avatar
    Cornelius Pipe

    Reality Winner was more of a useful idiot/patsy than a whistleblower. She was encouraged to ‘leak’ information that was of benefit to our lords and masters i.e. more shoring up of the ridiculous Russiagate bollox. She’d have got 30 years if the information had damaged the state in any way.

    1. This kind of thought is what every whistleblower have to deal before sacrificing everything:

      “My conscience, once held at bay, came roaring back to life. At first, I tried to ignore it. Wishing instead that someone, better placed than I, should come along to take this cup from me. But this, too, was folly,” Hale stated. “Left to decide whether to act, I only could do that which I ought to do before God and my own conscience. The answer came to me, that to stop the cycle of violence, I ought to sacrifice my own life and not that of another person.”
      “What I’m really here for is for having stolen something that was never mine to take: precious human life.”

      Documents Hale revealed showed “more than 40 percent” of the people in the U.S. government’s database of terrorism suspects have “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” The “watchlisting guidance” document he shared helped Muslim Americans clear their names and force the government to remove them from the No Fly List.
      Additionally, he exposed how the U.S. president authorized targeted assassinations, calling attention to the “system for creating baseball cards and targeting packages” that is, according to Hale, based on “intelligence intercepts and a multi-layered system of fallible human interpretation.”
      The U.S. military designated all people killed as “enemies killed in action” or EKIA, regardless off whether those killed were all targets.
      “Unless evidence posthumously emerged to prove the males killed were not terrorists or ‘unlawful enemy combatants,’ EKIA remained their designation,” Hale shared. “[That process] is insane. But we’ve made ourselves comfortable with that. The intelligence community, JSOC, the CIA, and everybody that helps support and prop up these programs, they’re comfortable with that idea.”

      I don’t pity people like you Mr. Cornelius Pipe. I have despise. By your own thoughts and actions, you will see in your lifetime all your loved ones die one by one; you will be unable to help any of them just for you to have a taste of hopelessness slowing killing you from inside out.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        I fail to understand your comment in response to Cornelius.

        1. If you fail to understand I’m afraid I’m definitely in the wrong place interacting with the wrong people.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I tend to agree with this take on Reality Winner. She actually reinforced the lies of the government regarding Russiagate. I think that her case was a fraud. It was an attempt to “prove” to the left that the capitalist system was “fair” in incarcerating one of its own. Don’t fall for it. Wheels within wheels. I’m currently reading Daniel Ellsberg’s book about the Pentagon Papers. It’s an education.

      1. Definitely the wrong people.

  25. That’s the idea!
    Let’s face it, the USA is well on its way to becoming a full-blown totalitarian state modeled by the ruling Plutocracy and its Kleptocratic minions in government after their favorite state: Communist China.

    It will boast a thoroughly-cowed politically-emasculated labor force living in slums. But this being Amerika, there will be differences, none for the better, when it comes to access to healthcare, good education, etc.

    And it makes complete sense that this should come to pass under the supposedly “liberal” Democrats, who regard any form of adversarial free expression, a foundational American freedom, with abhorrence.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      What do you mean, “on it’s way”? It’s been there for quite some time.

  26. It’s not just trying to blow a whistle on tag-team kleptocrats our friends, loved ones & coworkers LOTE’d in? We’re reluctant to even mention scary & stupifying malfeasance we encounter at work, or on the street, that could cost us LOTS more than our jobs. Media’s controlled by the smug perpetrators, blog-aggregators were cleared of nascent TRUTH by David Brock, Mark Penn, Rick Berman (using Hillary to install Trump?) Then Bezos’ PropR’Not, Atlantic Council, Canary Mission, CAP… People simply WANT their little shot of comforting echo-chamber dopamine; we can’t HANDLE the truth!

  27. As someone who works in a state criminal justice system, I have seen that it is true that individual desires for justice in many judges and prosecutors are put aside, disfavored, discouraged. The culprits are the egos of such judges and prosecutors, and pressure from supervisors and peers, who in turn are pressured by the narratives of the mainstream media, which often equate the greatest harshness and high conviction rates with competence and also periodically claim there is a new crime wave. Many less decent people in these positions need mental health treatment and should not have been given any power in the first place.

    Federal prosecutors are a related but also different kettle of fish: brainwashed by the establishment narrative, or mentally ill, or cowardly, or only interested in ego comfort, so a number of them have bad reputations. Many of them end up as federal judges. They must look for the most malevolent prosecutors to go after whistleblowers They have more than the ordinary contempt for people – reading in the nastiest of motives for good people such as whistleblowers in order to get to their ego triumphs. That such people have so much power is outrageous, disgusting, criminal, uncivilized, brutish, cruel, … One has to marvel at the courage of the Assanges and Snowdens of the world and hope that they get justice “in a near time.”

  28. Where does America scrape up the vile prosecutors who never seem to have the least concern for matters of right and wrong or justice under fair and ethical laws, rather than merely carrying out the will and protecting the interests of the tiny dictatorial ruling cadre of plutocrats fawned upon religiously by anonymous Deep State functionaries? Indeed, how and why does it propagate a seeming unlimited number of such amoral and soulless minions of wealth and power, but never justice, fairness or the least bit of humanity? Why does life itself count for so little to these creatures–I hesitate to mischaracterise them as human–that are willing to commit so much evil in the service of their masters? These unholy beings make clear their values and choices: slaughtering unwitting innocents from unpiloted stealth aircraft is just fine, quite consistent with “American” standards, but exposing these malefactions is unpatriotic, unacceptable, illegal and subject to horrendous penalties under the decree of our indispensable government and in the name of our exceptional people. What total rot!

  29. This is why I haven’t watched the Drainstream news for thirty years.
    Those pretty Pams and those serious Steves make me puke.
    They are the scum on top of the sewer.

  30. Ecuador has revoked the citizenship of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

    1. A $winish gesture of obeissance to the Empyre. It makes me think of a Tuareg aphorism: Kiss the hand you cannot sever.
      I think all of South America does not have long to wait for the U$D to crash – at which point the Usual Suspects will not have the (real) money for the planeloads of Benjamins, scotch, and cocaine for their political puppets and the pol/mil enforcers who keep them in place.

  31. Oh, dear. Caitlin and company, there is a reason why I wrote this fictional story found at

    Now was perhaps a good time to drop it, because there is some focus on the travails of various whistleblowers right now. I did it as an allegory because that is usually a lot easier for people to understand. However, I still have to actually get it read by people. So go read it, folks.

    My basic point about whistleblowing and investigative journalism in relation to power, is that it should not be done. It is useless. We have seen for over a decade efforts to expose the crimes of the American state, to absolutely no effect.

    The people who keep doing it seem to have the idea that exposing it will make people aware of it, and that will stop it. We have a decade at least of experience that the public is generally aware of it, this does not deter it in the slightest, and those who expose it are retaliated against.

    Information about the activities of the empire need to be brought out, but this “journalism” and “whistleblower” idea have to end. It only gets people in trouble and makes efforts to bring an end to the empire even harder. It will be brought down by a revolutionary organization with an intelligence arm.

    Information gained must be brought out in such a way that those providing it are kept safe. This is achieved by keeping them invisible to the security apparatus, or by getting them out of its reach. It is not done by encouraging people to become martyrs.

    There are not many people with the form of mental problem that makes them want to be martyrs. If you want people working to expose and destroy the secret state, you keep them as safe as possible. You don’t blow them, identify them, and expose them to retaliation.

    The public generally know what is going on and do not support it. They cannot do anything about it. There is no frame within which their opposition can be exercised. If you lack the organizational capacity to provide that frame, and to lead the overthrow of the pathocratic state, then get out of the way.

    Do not induce people to get themselves into trouble in futility. Organize outside of its reach and its sight to destroy and remove it. tr

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I find your comment repugnant. Exposing the crimes of government, and in particular, capitalism, is something that should happen every single day. What you are doing is encouraging people to just be quiet and obey. The Socialist Equality Party provides the “frame” you are talking about. It is the only revolutionary socialist party in the world and it provides the organizational capacity you declare is lacking. Your perspective is warped. “Just shake your head and move on, you poor helpless bastards, and don’t lift a finger to dissent or protest.” That is what you are advocating and it makes me sick.

      1. I think the message of ‘Sacral Man’ is more akin to Che and Fidel’s than ‘don’t lift a finger to dissent or protest.’

        1. Oh, my! Two people have commented on my comment on Cait Johnstone’s whistleblower thing. What I have been really trying to do is get somebody to read my fratzing story.

          One thinks I am Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro. The other just thinks I am repugnant and advocating apathism. Neither of them have read the damned story.

          So, go read it and comment on that, not on my invitation to read it. If I get two more people to read it I can then die fulfilled.

          Alas, Cait’s comments section are full of every kind of yo yo. Someone hopes there is yet another whistleblower out there ready to do the human sacrifice thing.

          My hope is that he/she is smart enough not to send his/her juicy secrets off to some dink “journalist.” Thus he/she will not spend years in prison in futility while the person who used him/her for his/her own aggrandizement prances around, revelling in his/her big “scoop”.

          Instead, I hope he/she finds some kind of really effective organization to send it to, who will use it but find a way to keep he/she anonymous and secure.

          But if not, another Cait commentator can recommend some nice guitar music to listen to while she/he sits in prison.

          The internet. Blech!

          Get this before your eyeballs before you make any more comments on my comment on the comment on…

          1. I had read it.

            1. I liked the style, but it’s a bit long.
              I noticed a couple of typos – jump (jumped?) and priveleged.
              More to the point, a central theme seemed to be foreign intervention, which reminded me of Che in Cuba and Bolivia, though admittedly the parallel doesn’t go too far – and I’ve just checked, Fidel was born in Cuba! Still, the moral, very crudely summarised, appears to involve waiting for saviours, but armed with weapons rather than whistles. Another parallel that sprang to mind was various US attempts to impose democracy, though that isn’t quite right either.
              But you’re onto something with the Oracle and so on.

              1. I hope this response doesn’t get made as narrow as a shoelace.

                My effort to get people reading my story worked pretty good. Suddenly I got 15 views and they all stayed and read.

                I wonder why Caitoz sent me three empty messages.

                But your comment on it are interesting, Ian Perkins. Yes, maybe it could have been shortened a bit.

                But as for outside saviors, I have done some study of revolutions and there is no way the US oligarchy is going to be thrown out easily. The truth is, not much the people can do until it is ready to fall.

                Such power complexes collapse internally or from outside intervention. Internal collapses are usually very messy and devastating for the population. A change through an outside intervention usually has better outcomes for ordinary people.

                That is the grim truth regarding the “five eyes” countries.

          2. Here is a good song.
            Jeesh Tim – you seem to have a lot of expectations.
            Hey, Here is another nice guitar song:
            You like the niceness of them?
            Jeepers Creepers Tim.

          3. Here is yet another.
            The night they drove ole dixie down…..all the people were singing….nah, nah, nah, la de dah lah, nah, nah….ah, oh my goodness gracious me.
            Jeepers Creepers.
            They took the best.
            Well guess what – it is time for some recompense. Nah, nah, nah…….
            ha, ha, ha….
            I hear a bed calling out to me…..
            ha, ha

    2. Tim – I clicked on your links, they seemed the same to me.
      I ain’t gonna read them if you have an attitude about it.
      You can live with that can’t ya. Here is another nice guitar song of sorts….
      Ain’t nobody got a monopoly on music or friendship and I ain’t gonna read your crap if you just have an attitude about it. So sleep on that Tim.

  32. I think we’re expected to make misinformed decisions when it comes to voting and consent for our governments.

    1. I think our oligarchs’ MIC/spook community are now (self-)assured that their gaslighting is complete: “When everything Americans believe is false, our misinformation campaign will be complete.” ― William Casey CIA Head under Reagan. But that seems to be failing as the MSM & Co. resort to hysteria to override a ‘reactionary’ common sense that is building. As I have said before in this space – the people of the USA – and beyond – need to evaluate three questions to orient themselves to take action – so that we can envision the dismantling of the banksters’ cartel in our own lifetimes:

      1) People must understand who their real (offstage) rulers are: not the clowns in their capital cities, and who they see on TV.

      2) People must concede that these ruling monsters hate – or, at best, are indifferent to the fate of – the peasantry (those with assets of less than 1 B U$D). The Georgia Guidestones are a good reminder.

      3) People need to accept that to.survive/prosper they must resolve to personally do something in their own defense to make it so.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Of course we are. That is the plan of all autocratic and authoritarian regimes. Keep the people stupid. That is what people like Caitlin — and Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning, and Daniel Ellsberg, and Daniel Hale, and John Kiriakou and Edward Snowden — are trying to fight against every single day.

      1. While I think I know what she was getting at, Caitlin did write the exact opposite!

  33. Well done. I just worry about you mentioning Australia since they are starting the witches and wizards hunt speaking against the empire. But I trust your gut in doing that. Certainly you and Tim would have a great time driving your car like Mad Max and Furiosa overall Gibson Desert far away from Immortan Morrison and gang.

    1. I too have worried about their physical and – surely – information security. I’m quite sure the Oz spooks grind their teeth about the articles – and are prodded by the Empyre to DO something.
      So please take care, Mme. Caitlin – and carefully note things – events, people, objects – that seem/are ‘out of place’ in your daily encounters.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        We will support Caitlin if anyone tries to silence her.

  34. American Exceptionalism

    a·mer·i·can ex·​cep·​tion·​al·​ism
    /əˈmerəkən/ \ ik-ˈsep-shnə-ˌli-zəm\


    1. People that hold a core belief that is very strong. And when they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.

    2. People that believe in the myth of American Exceptionalism, and who are living in denial. So when confronted with the fact that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION is in fact an Empire, not unlike the Roman or British Empires before it, they vehemently deny the truth, and defend it anyway.

    Perhaps “American Acceptionalism” would be more apt.

    1. Have a look at J. T. Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education. People do not acquire these psychological postures by chance. And Joseph Goebbels added icing: “It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.”
      Books on the huge foundations of theUsual Suspects by Rene Wormser (Foundations: Their power and Influence) and Inderjeet Parmar (Foundations of the American Century …) get at how they loaded ($$$) the universities to advance the corporate/fascist agenda into public schooling.

  35. I just happened to stumble upon an article on “The Five Eyes” now largely taking over and shaping the BigTech surveillance apparatus.

    The article, “Biden Gives “Five Eyes” What It Always Wanted: Access To Everyone’s Social Media,” references Caitlin Johnstone herself:

    “For years, Americans have largely ignored corporate social media surveillance. But that all of that is about to change, thanks to President Biden.

    No one has taken the White House’s plan to turn Big Tech into a quasi-Five Eyes censorship program seriously despite repeated warnings from journalists and news websites.

    Journalist Caitlin Johnstone warned that the White House is pushing for Facebook and Microsoft to censor any social media stories the Feds don’t like.”

    1. I honestly think they have no chance of success to stifle new ideas and new ways of thinking.
      So I take solace in that!
      I’ve got me a sweet printer and a backup one and plenty of ink and let me tell you, the presses will be printing.
      You can’t stifle a good idea. So give up now unless you are looking for a fight to the death. Roll the die…..

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