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Proving once again he doesn’t care who he has to step on to claw his way to rock bottom, fallen liberal media hero Keith Olbermann has called for the complete removal of left wing comedian and podcaster Jimmy Dore from all internet platforms.

“Time to ban this feral succubus Jimmy Dore from Twitter and other platforms,” Olbermann told his one million Twitter followers on Friday.

Olbermann’s wrath was incurred by a short video clip bizarrely described as “misogynistic” in which Dore portrayed out of touch liberal elitist Emma Vigeland as an out of touch liberal elitist, saying that if people like her ever tried to bring their esoteric university Marxist wankery around actual working class people they’d get punched in the face and told to go back to their cul-de-sac. It probably also didn’t help that Dore has done multiple segments on Olbermann’s slide into flag-draped gibbering lunacy following the election of Donald Trump, including his public apology to war criminals George W Bush and John McCain, his demented Russia hysteria, and his support for NSA surveillance of US media figures.

“Someone got their feels feels hurt and now they wanna censor their critics like a regular authoritarian fascist,” Dore responded to Olbermann’s post.

You can always count on the less reality-anchored pundits to say out loud what the rest are thinking in private. Support for internet censorship is now a mainstream position among the so-called “moderates” of the warmongering corporatist Democratic Party, not just for people to their right but for people to their left as well. If it were up to these freaks the entire internet would just be a bunch of Wall Street liberals agreeing with each other that Trump is bad and Jen Psaki is a strong yet sensual warrior princess.

The Emma Vigeland tweet that Dore was riffing on in the clip was more hand-wringing about a “red-brown alliance” that all grown adults should realize by now was never anything other than a narrative management campaign to keep leftists from moving too far from the establishment-authorized Overton window of acceptable opinion. For years a strain of western leftist thought has been shrieking hysterically about an impending alliance between socialists and fascists, and yet the only evidence they’ve been able to produce in all that time that this is happening are things like Glenn Greenwald going on Tucker Carlson, Dore interviewing an antiwar Boogaloo Boy one time, and me making some mistakes early on in my writing career. Only by the most determined mental gymnastics is this anywhere remotely close to the same universe as the Night of the Long Knives Strasserism fantasy that “red-brown alliance” fearmongers have been masturbating to, and it’s time for everyone to admit that they were wrong about this imaginary threat.

And while everyone was freaking out about the idea of imaginary fascism sneaking in through the back window, actual fascism strolled through the front door. More and more excuses are being invented to censor, deplatform and marginalize everyone outside the Overton window of war, oligarchy, ecocide and oppression, and more and more people within that window are becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea. Internet censorship, jailing journalists for telling the truth about the powerful, mind-warping mass propaganda campaigns and rapidly escalating authoritarianism are all becoming normalized throughout our society, and it can’t lead anywhere good.


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79 responses to “Keith Olbermann Wants Jimmy Dore Banned From All Platforms”

  1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Well, Jimmy Dore looked terrible in those platforms, so we’re better off with him not wearing them.

  2. Keith Olberman……LOL

  3. I watched that video of Nancy Pelosi on the Jimmy Dore link provided here somewhere. Once I sent Ms. Nancy a communication, but it was disregarded. That was about 14 years ago. I can’t believe that bitch is till the speaker of the house. Seems to me California might ought as well disassociate itself from the rest of the states cause you know, them Silicon Valley ones have ideas of their own.
    In my opinion, the rest of the “country”, that being the country of US of a, would be better off without California, cause that state is a liability. Same is the case of New York, Florida, and Texas. Sorry if you don’t like them apples, but I’m just telling it like it is, so deal with it.
    Still, California is the worst offender, it is as if they want to be their own country. Well, if they want that, then good for them and as a citizen of a state (NC) and a commonwealth (VA), my suggestion to Nevada would be to join up with WA, OR……you know the rest. Leave California behind to sink in their dreams. Eff them. Hollywood annoying california ones…..i lived there once, but my time was minimal. Couldn’t pu,,,,
    Forget it – you never lived it you never know, but we all got what we got and I respect that.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I live in California and have done since 1968. We would much rather live without a lot of you backward states, including your rude and ignorant rants about us. I’m curious about where you live now that you find so superior. And please learn to write properly. Thank you.

  4. George Tirebiter Avatar
    George Tirebiter

    Jimmy exposes some interesting things, but at the same time ignored the screaming elephant in the living room, by taking the Moderna shots (2 of them). He claims he was just following his doctor’s instruction, because of a health condition he has. He clearly hasn’t investigated the vaccine at all, or he wouldn’t have gone near it. And trusting his doctor about this, is another clear sign of willful ignorance about the American Murder Association. Come on Jimmy, wake the hell up…’re starting to look like controlled opposition.

      1. Peggy J Goodson Avatar
        Peggy J Goodson

        Its a pity that his education in human experimentation and junk science will be in hindsight.

        1. What u mean bout that peggy?
          Was that a threat?
          Please clarify.
          The Ministry of no Ministry request a response

    1. no it was “FASCISM” try to get it right.

    2. He doesn’t agree with you about the vaccines. Would you like to join Olberman in calling for his cancellation?

  5. Communism will come to America wrapped in an American Flag! That was stated decades ago, now look at this Communist wrapped in the American War flag. It’s all they want is endless wars for our children!

  6. Now I have to go look up Jimmy Dore – and see if he has a URL and/or a newsletter. My inbox tends to be cluttered, but …
    On the other hand, it’s good to see one of the “his masters’ voice” gophers doing a meltdown in real-time. It seems the US Oilygawky is getting desperate – and as Reiner Fuellmich has observed – desperate people make mistakes; and large enough mistakes are educational – even when cognitive dissonance is present.

    1. Jimmy Door is mostly a YouTube channel. He points out lots of BS hypocrisy in the left and supports lots of BS progressive agendas. He is funny.

  7. Meanwhile, back in the old ranch, Craig Murray is going to jail for being a pain in the ass of the establishment, a charge that should be added to the constitutions of all Western countries now that it’s spreading like wild fire (under bogus excuses which give biased judges a bad name): Manning, Assange, Hale, Murray plus all the ones we don’t know about because their careers have been brought to a halt by a heart attack like Udo Ulfkotte who died of a final stroke (after a series) in 2017 a few days before the translation in English of his book in German Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought journalists) detailing how the CIA and German Intelligence bribe journalists to write pro-Nato propaganda, was due to be published and promoted.
    Out of sheer coincidence, the translation was then withdrawn. I tried to buy it on Amazon at the time and was told that it would be unavailable sine die.
    And always the same tricks! Wikipedia: “Der Spiegel noted that ‘Ulfkotte’s book was published by Kopp, a melting pot for conspiracy theorists’. Kopp publishes works by ufologists, and by authors who claim the Americans destroyed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center themselves in 2001. Ulfkotte’s book was on the bestseller lists [in German] for months. “Bought Journalists” is the bible of all those who have renounced their faith in the German media”.
    It’s interesting how, when that kind of book comes out, serious newspapers like Der Spiegel don’t take on the accusations against them but instead resort to the old character assassination techniques which, according to a recent survey, only fool any more two guys living on a remote island of the archipelago of Papua New Guinea, totalizing between them 227 years and who have evaded the literacy campaign of the 1910s because they were fishing with their parents on another island.
    Same thing with Craig Murray – as we remain on the fish theme since his trouble arose from defending former Scottish First minister Salmond against the present one, Sturgeon.
    Now suppose you’re a young philosophy student in Oxbridge, you’re asked to write a paper about double standards and you don’t mind having a bit of fun – this last element is essential. Try to ask the British journalists who’ve been obstinately looking the other way during Craig Murray’s bogus trial, condemnation, denial of appeal and imprisonment what they think of the journalists who looked the other way when the nazis rounded up Jews in Germany. Satisfaction guaranteed! :o)

    1. Saw Craig’s commentary on this. Between Assange and Murray, the famed Brrritish justice system is taking a beating. I take it the Brit establishment desperately (that word occurring more often in Empyre-related topics) needed him clobbered – but now I think (((they))) have drawn too much attention to events – and this will come back to bite them.

  8. Today Mr. Donald Jeffries put a smile on my face!
    But I did foresee the tyranny to come. You can not allow official misconduct to go unpunished for that long, without enabling the authoritarian mindset we must contend with now.
    Laws mean nothing if they do not apply equally to all. Obviously, they do not apply equally here. Rules and standards of conduct also have to be the same across the board. They certainly are not in this country. Double standards and inconsistencies are everywhere.
    Present-day United States of America is the most corrupt nation in the history of the world. They can pound their chests about how we are the “best,” and chant “USA! USA!” as loud as they want, but that does not change reality.
    Some of us saw this coming, and told you so repeatedly.
    You did not listen.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Humbly Suggesting “I Told You So” by Donald Jeffries!

    1. Fine piece indeed. And about “I told you so’s”, what about Dylan’s Desolation Row in… 1965?
      “Round midnight, all the agents
      And the superhuman crew
      Come out and round up everyone
      Who knows more than they do.
      Then they take them to the factory
      Where the heart-attack machine
      Is strapped across their shoulders
      And then the kerosene
      Is brought down from the castle
      By insurance men who go
      Check to see that nobody’s escaping from
      Desolation Row”.
      Written ten years before the Church Commission found out that the CIA did have a heart-attack machine:
      Desolation Row is on the same record as Like a Rolling Stone about which Dylan commented 40 years later: “It’s like a ghost is writing a song like that … You don’t know what it means except the ghost picked me to write the song.” (Wikipedia)
      Makes you wonder :o)

      1. Don’t worry, once the covid vaccine turns you into a magnet the heart attack machine won’t be able to get you.

  9. Add Olbermann to the long list of Democrats who went stark raving mad after Trump got elected.

    1. TDS is a helluva disorder.

  10. Jimmy Dore; he has the temerity to hoist the heroes of woke on their own petards. Thas not Al owed. Just because they’re flawed and have feet of Clay, yer not allowed to point it out, especially now in the right in your face, JD Way! Alexander Solzhenitsyn, when credited with being a hero; spoke the truth. I’m not a hero, the heroes are all Dead or still imprisoned; I did what was necessary to survive. Note how most of the truth teller’s are in jail today while the criminals they exposed and their evil deeds are living fat. Murderers of millions living fat and their toadies and courtiers too. Snowden by accident managed to get exiled in Russia; Assange is in prison having his mind and body destroyed while the purveyors of lies and ommissions make millions and are star’s cranking up the lumpenproletariat for fun and profits while the distraction industries keep us occupied with their bread and circuses.

  11. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    BTW, Jimmy Dore’s listeners have been predicting that Jimmy will be shut down for at least six months. He says what everyone on the bottom wants to hear and everyone who supports the top doesn’t want to hear.

    1. He’s on Rokfin anyway. Ain’t gonna shut him down there… There’s a limit to extravagance.

  12. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    The first clause of the first sentence had me laughing out loud: “[Keith Olberman] clawing his way to rock bottom.”

    And none of the people who support the establishment narrative ever admit that they’re wrong. They’re not going to do it now.
    (I hesitate to use the word “narcissist,” a term that’s being thrown around far too easily these days, but smug self-satisfaction can be used.)

  13. Keith Olberdork is useful only as a marker for the insanity of Leftistland and their fascist neighbors that think they sputter intelligent thoughts about anything they prattle about. Olberdork is the stupidest person in any room he’s in. Except when Joe Bite-me manages to stumble into that room, too.

    As for Jen Piss-sack-i: The less said about that font of wisdom, the better.

  14. I’m trying to switch to direct email for most of my news, as much as possible. Why I susbscribe to caitlin’s email list and come here directly. I think this is best, where the site is controlled and owned by her. Taibbi and Greenwald go through substack, which maybe is okay, but not as good. Trying to not have ‘the algorithm’ determine what I see.

    1. Two versions of a story WaPo buried, until we’d saturated various lefty blogs; Bezos’ PropR’Not & Google are CONSTANTLY trying to silence. Just yapping to a pal from CommonDreams who’d said FAR more of the truth-speakers were kicked off the comments, for daring to post well known TRUTH and daring to link to fact-checked stories on astute, pertinent and ACCURATE journalistic URLs.

  15. Jimmy Dore a succubus? Surely not. Jimmy is male, so incubus would be more fitting

    1. Thomas Prentuce Avatar
      Thomas Prentuce

      More correct you mean?

  16. Mr. Roberts calls us United States taxpayers “dumbshits”; Mr. Roberts is much too kind! I abhor violence; but our government should be tried, convicted, and given the death penalty for the scams that they continually run on us!
    The Peoples Republic of China has a stockpile of warheads numbering 350. The United States has a stockpile of some 5,550 warheads, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
    The United States has a nuclear offensive power 15 times greater than China. So even if China is planning to double its arsenal of nuclear weapons, according to the Pentagon, that increase is still a fraction of the United States of American destructive capability.
    It turned out that the “missile gap” was non-existent. But the fear-mongering it engendered, in turn, created public acceptance of massive military expenditure by Washington,D.C. that has become structural and chronic to this day.
    The warped allocation of financial resources is a parasitical drain on United States of American society. Any rational, democratic mind would abhor the grotesque priorities.
    China today is providing the equivalent scaremongering of the Soviet “missile gap” in order to sustain the United States of Americas militarist-dependent capitalist economy.
    This excellent article can be read here:
    United States Fears of China Nuclear Expansion..Deja Vu of Soviet Missile Gap Hype by Finian Cunningham!

  17. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Jimmy Dore went on my shit list when he attacked Jerry White of the Socialist Equality Party, a party that I have supported for more than 20 years. I no longer pay any attention to him. As for Olbermann, fuggeddaboudit.

    1. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      If you don’t like what any commentator says, the mature thing to do is to have a dialogue with them. (Jonathan Pie in England has many, many videos about this. You should watch a few.)
      What you have done, instead, is to practice the currently-popular cancel culture and just blank out anything you don’t want to hear.
      Go back on The Jimmy Dore Show and defend Jerry White. Tell JD why you think he’s wrong. He’ll listen.
      Get your courage on.

  18. “And while everyone was freaking out about the idea of imaginary fascism sneaking in through the back window, actual fascism strolled through the front door.”
    Ain’t that the truth!
    Poor little Keith…how insecure he must feel…cuddle up on the floor with your blanky baby boy

    1. My very thought!
      It’s an established fact that people with enormous egos tend to represent themselves as something bigger than themselves: their neighborhood, their town, their state, their country, their religion (with their god following them on Twitter at all times), their political party, their sports teams… Of course an enormous ego is only the measure of an enormous insecurity. Nobody in his right mind needs that kinda shit.
      This American insecure narcissism is rather well illustrated these days in the Olympics actually. I’ve never been interested in that particular garden variety of rat race but I read in RT that American athletes missing gold medals have a tendency to be poor losers and accuse the winners of cheating. Like Lance Armstrong?
      No, that’s a bad example. Lansky Armstrongsky is the name I was looking for.
      If we want to be totally honest though, we must admit they’ve got a point. How can a country with a $740 billion “defense” budget be unable to secure a contract by which all American athletes would get all gold medals everywhere in all sports for ever without even competing?
      There’s some kind of scandal here and this Russian meddling in Olympic competitions is downright unbearable!

      1. There’ll be a price to pay!

          1. Bonus: the best video on the matter.
            See if we can bait our Big Pharma trolls here. They’re always good fun… :o)

            1. This big pharma meddling in Olympic competitions is downright unbearable!

  19. Thomas Prentice Avatar
    Thomas Prentice

    Olbermann was a great sportscaster and then was far more trustworthy than any other news program talking head when he hosted “Countdown” on msDNC and then on Al Gore’s network.

    A man with an intergalactic ego, Olbermann’s descent into madness appears to have been triggered at the time of or by his explosive rupture with CorpoGore and departure from GoreTV.

    He then became Trump’s alter ego albeit neoliberal neocon Clintonian alter ego par excellence, spewing spittle and frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog.

    Such a change from purveyor of actual news to projectile vomit streaming can only be explained by such a massive mental rupture with reality and breakdown that it boggles human consciousness itself.

    Or perhaps it is far more simple: he sold out to his close friends the Clintons –who he did rip apart once on Countdown while also disclosing his friendship with and thanking them for solace and support during a previous rupture with Fox.

    Did he then become the Id of the Clintonian resistanceTM and spew out sputtering venom and vitriol which neither Bill nor Hillary could think but not say?

    After all Bill and Hillary were on the outs with the Bush clan … until they weren’t.

    And on the ins with Trump until they weren’t.

    And Olbermann was a journalist … until he wasn’t.

    He became far, far more deranged than Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Steve Doocy…and as unhinged as Steve Brannon and Breitbart.

    Maybe Olbermann was unhinged all the time — oppositional defiant disorder ? — and was never a journalist — he only played one on TV.


    1. Thomas Prentice Avatar
      Thomas Prentice

      I should have include Alex Jones in that litany.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Yeah, I used to watch Countdown and it was pretty good during the Bush years. But never forget that Rachel Madcow got her start subbing for Olbermann when he took time off. Now she is the media darling of the rabid warmongers, who only gets followers from the identity politics crowd because she is a gay woman. Nobody told her that that’s not enough to get you even a cup of coffee.

      1. Thomas Prentuce Avatar
        Thomas Prentuce

        Agreed. They both became Left John Birchers.

  20. Olbermann should be worried about the “Food Riot Alliance” and how much security he can acquire using hyperinflated currency.

  21. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Caitlin, good article. Spot on.

  22. However hated. However mocked. However (mostly) full of shit: When they banned Alex Jones “From All Platforms” and virtually everyone cheered, it was as good as set on/in stone that they would continue to escalate their tactics – not only against the Right (Trump), but against anyone with an outsider/independent voice (The Corbett Report/any “Conspiracy Theories”). By the time propaganda artist Jen Psaki started “promoting” (threatening) the “[Banishment] From All Platforms” techniques/goals as a new standard, it was as good as written on/in a new stone: “You know that old Espionage Act? We can update interpretations of it to basically ensnare anyone from any alternating persuasion, any slight slant, any activist voice, and any opposing view.” Remember, as it started: There was a New Pearl Harbor, and you were warned: “You are either with us or against us.” And, never forget another warning (Orwell) – if you dare: “In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words [or Medium] in which to express it.”

    1. Yes, some one people like Jones and others should never ever be banned. That is unacceptable!

      I have always felt it is important to know what the stupids are saying, believe in and what possible action they may be considering to counter it. You can’t do that if they have been banned.

  23. John A. Joslin Avatar
    John A. Joslin

    ‘Cul-de-sac’ is a great phrase chosen by J. Dore to describe the self-isolating habitat of some of the blue-checkocracy . A comfy, gated , dead end bunker … well stocked w/ organic snacks & plenty of canned thinking. DIY grant -writing preppers flashing diplomas & pitching in to pay for security guards.
    -JJ ( electrical worker in Detroit, USA )

    1. Thomas Prentuce Avatar
      Thomas Prentuce


    2. Hahaha! I have precisely the same view of the dead end bunker, and I run a very small electrical service company here in Cincinnati. Problem is, I live in Northside, with a grant writing wife. Raised poor redneck with a college degree, stuck in a world of canned thinking. Head down, mouth shut is my way. Usually.

  24. It’s been over half a century since I was a 25 year old shit-kicker. It’s nice to be an even bigger shit-kicker today.
    I haven’t generally watched Jimmy Dore. I’ve nothing against him, but I’ve found others with the same messages whose style is more to my liking. However, If Keith Olbermann is lining up against Dore, then I guess I’ll have to start watching Jimmy on a regular basis.

    I’ve been saying for at least two decades that we are in the midst of a slow slide toward totalitarianism and that the oligarchs regularly foment the fighting among factions as a distraction (like that of a magician, so that we don’t actually see what they are doing unless we know where and how to look). Certainly, all of the items in Caity’s final paragraph prove that the slide has increased in intensity and that – to some extent – we have already arrived.
    And, to make matters worse, this is not only a U.,S. phenomena. It is global, contributed to, in great part, by U.S. imperialism, but not restricted to U.S. actions. It seems that we have a new, differently defined, and more aggressive group of international Illuminati, psychopaths all who don’t care about the future of the planet or its people because the realize that they won’t actually be part of it. So their position is one giant ‘Fuck You’ to everyone.

    1. I think the present motivation for elite panic and attempts to extend fascistic control over everyone else is that they actually feel power slipping from the grasp.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        And you are quite correct. They live in terror of the working class rising up and sharpening the guillotine.

    2. Thomas Prentuce Avatar
      Thomas Prentuce

      Indeed. The slide has increased in intensity

  25. Stephanie L. Webb Avatar
    Stephanie L. Webb

    Rich celebrities are so desperate to believe that we all want to be them. We stopped watching/listening to them years ago. We’re doing our own writing because they make everything pro-establishment. We’re self publishing because we don’t really want to wait on or listen to constant rejection. We’re using our voices to talk to each other, and nobody’s talking to them. The party’s moving on, whether they’re there or not.

    1. BUT, that presupposes, we’ll have any access to post, cite astute, true or pertinent links on OUR internet, social networks or whistleblow to an audience, not in denial as to our brainwashing from birth? COVID, BLM, firestorms, smug tag-team kleptocracy, millions about to be evicted & fed into COVID 3.0 home, equity, labor extraction their revolution WAS livestreamed… pay-for-view!

      Bellingcat/ Atlantic Council/ CAP funding (yet to be pulled or disappeared from Wikipedia

      The Ukrainian oligarch run Burisma Holdings donated $100,000 per year for three years to the Atlantic Council starting in 2016.[13] The full list of financial sponsors includes many military, financial, and corporate concerns…

  26. Linda Allewalt Avatar
    Linda Allewalt

    Hi Caitlin- I followed your link to Olbermann’s tweet and noticed this tweet right under it from President Biden…”The vaccine was developed and authorized under a Republican Administration and it’s being distributed and administered under a Democratic one.
    The vaccines are safe, they are highly effective, and there’s nothing political about them.”

    Oh YEAH?? What about Kamala saying she wouldn’t trust a vaccine that was developed under Trump’s lead… or all the crap the Democrats claimed about the Operation Warp Speed being poorly run, etc.?

    Another day, another steaming pile of hypocrisy from the Democrats.

    1. 4.23 million dead worldwide from covid, and it’s getting worse because of the variants; which wouldn’t be around if we were all smart enough to listen to real doctors instead of right wing pundits. Believe me, if vaccines were bad for you the US gov’t would be flying them into Venezuela and giving them away with ice cream cones instead of keeping them away from those people.

        “Vaccination alone won’t stop the rise of variants and in fact could push the evolution of strains that evade their protection, researchers warned.
        They said people need to wear masks and take other preventative steps until almost everyone is vaccinated.”
        I don’t know if you comprehend basic logic, but….

        “What is never mentioned in mainstream media in the West or almost anywhere in the world is the scientific record of the major global vaccine making pharmaceutical giants. In short, it is abysmal and alarming in the extreme. That alone should prohibit governments from pushing radical untested experimental injections on their populations without extensive long-term animal and other testing to assure their safety…
        … According to the CDC such “adverse” events, post-vaccine, include anaphylaxis, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, myocarditis, pericarditis, and death. For the week of July 16 the CDC VAERS reported an alarming 9,125 reported deaths since late December from the COVID-19 vaccinations. Never in history have such high death totals been associated with any vaccine, yet the media is deafeningly silent about this…
        Pfizer, one of the world’s largest vaccine makers by sales, was founded in 1849 in the USA. It also has one of the most criminal records of fraud, corruption, falsification and proven damage. A 2010 Canadian study noted, “Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.” That’s serious. Note that Pfizer has yet to make fully public details of its covid vaccine studies for external examination.
        …The list of Pfizer crimes has gotten longer since 2010. It is currently engaged in lawsuits related to charges its Zantac heartburn medication is contaminated with a cancer-causing substance. As well, Pfizer received the biggest drug-related fine in US history in 2009 as part of a $2.3 Billion plea deal for mis-promoting medicines Bextra and Celebrex and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors. Pfizer pleaded guilty to the felony of marketing four drugs including Bextra “with the intent to defraud or mislead.” They were forced to withdraw their arthritis painkiller Bextra in the USA and EU for causing heart attacks, strokes, and serious skin disease…
        … A New York Times report disclosed in 2010 that Pfizer “…paid about $20 million to 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals in the United States for consulting and speaking on its behalf in the last six months of 2009.” It paid another $15.3 million to 250 academic medical centers and other research groups for clinical trials. In the US legal practice it is seldom that corporate executives actually doing the criminal deeds are prosecuted. The result is that court fines can be treated as “business costs” in this cynical milieu. In eight years of repeated malfeasance through 2009, Pfizer accumulated just under $3 billion in fines and civil penalties, about a third of one year’s net revenues.
        In 2020 as its covid vaccine was in development, Pfizer paid $13,150,000 in lobbying Congress and officials in Washington among others. Also notable is the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation own shares of both Pfizer and their partner in the leading mRNA vaccine, BioNTech of Germany.
        The third covid vaccine producer today with FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is Moderna of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has yet to be sued for illegal practices unlike J&J or Pfizer. But that fact is likely only because before its EUA for its mRNA experimental vaccine, in its ten years existence since 2010 it had failed to get FDA approval to market a single medicine, despite repeated failed attempts. However Moderna has a red neon sign that reads “conflict of interest” that should give pause.
        Moderna and Fauci’s NIAID have collaborated on development of vaccines using Moderna’s mRNA platform and NIAID of Fauci on coronaviruses including MERS, since at least November, 2015. On January 13, 2020, before the first case of a supposed Wuhan, China “novel coronavirus” was even detected in the United States, Fauci’s NIAID and Moderna signed an updated cooperation agreement which described them as co-owners of a mRNA based coronavirus and that they had finalized a sequence for mRNA-1273, the vaccine now being given to millions for supposedly averting the novel coronavirus. That means that Fauci’s NIAID and perhaps Fauci personally (it’s allowed in the US) stood to reap huge financial benefits from emergency approval of the Moderna jab, yet Fauci has never admitted to the conflict publicly when he was Trump corona adviser, nor as Biden’s.
        Ten days later on January 23, 2020 Moderna announced it was granted funding by CEPI, a vaccine fund created by Bill Gates’ foundation along with Davos WEF among others, to develop an mRNA vaccine for the Wuhan virus.
        Moderna was created by a venture capitalist, Noubar Afeyan along with Harvard professor Timothy A. Springer, and others. In 2011 Afeyan recruited French businessman and former Eli Lilly executive Stephane Bancel as CEO of the new Moderna. Despite having no medical or science degree nor any experience running a drug development operation, Bancel lists himself as co-patent holder for a hundred patents of Moderna tied to the different vaccines. Beginning in 2013 the tiny Moderna was receiving grants from the Pentagon to develop its mRNA technology. As of 2020 just prior to its receiving emergency use authorization from the US Government FDA, fully 89% of Moderna revenues were from US Government grants. This is hardly an experienced company yet it holds the fate of millions in its hands. As Fauci says, “Trust the Science.”

        1. Attn John Knox
          Of all the people who’ve got nothing to say, the nicest are the ones who shut the fuck up! :o)

          1. Said the guy who just wasted his time posting a Gish gallop.

  27. Horrible humans like Kieth Olbermann are in the class of rich people that have impoverished, immiserated and killed people around the planet, in order to enrich themselves. He wraps himself in the American flag because he is ok with the evil US Empire bombing the shit out of anyone who doesn’t submit to our Global Capitalist Overlords.

    1. Yes. Many people lose sight of the fact that this is MUCH larger than a culture war of which side has better political opinions. One of these “sides” is composed of people (and their cheerleaders) who actually profit from the destruction of the planet and a great many of its inhabitants.

  28. The First Amendment right of free speech means nothing unless it protects unpopular speech, even vile speech. There are a few limits such as not encouraging an imminent riot. Few journalists, such as Caitlin Johnstone actually stand up for that principle. I wish Assange had not made that accurate statement in which he wiped the floor with mainstream journalists. To these petty conceited “journalists” his true statement was enough for them to hope he dies, or is at least be permanently silenced.

    1. Maybe, we should call it the Olbermann Window? Comcast, Atlantic Council, Bellingcat, PropR’Not, CAP, Canary Mission… whomever, tells us what we BELIEVE, what our hive-mind ALLOWS us to look at? Wearing KF-94 in our elevator 16 months ago; to protect our neighbors from our PASC symptoms. A yuppie suggested “alarmist conspiracy theory, that a pandemic busy killing 34K neighbors, played into the RooskiBot Bernie-Bro “Fake News,” that reminded her of Trump! Ever try laughing, with a 88% blood oxygen level?

  29. It’s not just about deplatforming of strong voices on the left, it is also about imprisoning any on the left that are getting traction, like Assange, Hale, and now Craig Murray.

    It is going to get worse because the rich are far too rich now, and completely out of control. I have been commenting for some time now that unless the vast majority of their ill-gotten wealth is actually confiscated, things will not get better. Until they can’t afford to buy every media outlet, and fund every think tank, and bribe every politician, they will always get their way. As I see it, our only hope is to keep the pressure on to institute an extremely aggressive wealth tax (95% of everything above $500 million). You would recover between 20 and 30 trillion dollars if you did this, and the immediate consequences would be a drastic reduction in the power of The Blob.

    1. Thomas Prentuce Avatar
      Thomas Prentuce


    2. Craig Murray broke the law. The names of all the women accusing Alex Salmond of sexual misconduct and rape were being protected by the state and judiciary. It was made clear by the court that those women’s names were not to be revealed. Craig Murray in his writings made it easy to identify some of these women. He was charged with contempt of court, and rightly so. This is not a case of “silencing a journalist” but of charging a man who knowingly broke the law in an attempt to help his friend Alex Salmond.

      1. Thomas Prentuce Avatar
        Thomas Prentuce

        You are clearly an anal retentive supercoo narc hair splitting fascist and would have been a fine judge for Hitler’s Preoples Courts.

      2. You’re lying. mainstream reporters revealed far more and were not prosecuted.

  30. KEITH Olbermann is STILL alive? Is, “Overton window” permissable speech, here? Media, by, for and exclusively ABOUT Creative Class™ or yuppie boomers, precludes seeing Catastrophe Capitalism’s rewarding Liberals acquiesce, denial and specious obliviousness, as poor “essential workers” were fed to COVID, infecting loved-ones, coworkers & commuters; victims’ homes flipped, W4 employees 1099’d into indentured gig-serfdom, while petit-bourgoise disruptive NASDAQ portfolios gained 75-80% in under 6 months (with DNC’s SuperSpreader Tuesday installing a senile zombie Dixiecrat to beat the “socialist.” Now mandating another replay, by indemnifying Cuomo’s murder of 15K care-home victims & Cuomo, Trump & de Blasio’s sacrificing 34K in NYC alone, through lies, intimidation, and private equities’ gutting & FIRE/ PhARMA feeding frenzy of our criminal medical system, while DNC slumlord superdelegates evict the chronically ill… just TRY to post breakthrough cases or Israeli study findings about workers, infected by unmasked vaccinated vectors, let alone viral loads, on PropR’Not acceptable lefty blogs?


    1. Rock on, Ariel!

  32. Remember when, before 1992, Democrats were really liberal, except for Blue Dogs of course? When that political party in the United States stood for freedom of speech and plurality of perspectives (well, after the Civil War and WW I anyway)? Now of course, willingly or not, and whether or not they are aware of it, Democrats are one of the Deep State’s two most valuable tools. They (and traditionalist Republicans) have become the American version of fascist intolerance. Who’d have thought it, except of course, serious and honest historians? Of course, serious and honest historians are as rare today as honest journalists, or honest politicians, or non-politicized federal judges. Lawyers? Well they are what they have always been, a complex mixture of the best and worst among us, in both cases emulating Cicero.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      When was that? Before or after the anticommunisst witch hunts of Joseph McCarthy? Before or after the murders of the Rosenbergs? Before or after the assassination of John Kennedy? And Martin Luther King, Jr. And Robert Kennedy. And Malcolm X. The Democrats are imperialists par excellence. They are owned by the banks, Wall Street, and the military. This has been true for a very long time.

    2. I remember James Earl Carter and he was anything but liberal. In fact he was the neoliberal’s nose under the tent.

  33. The 21st century,
    they’re lying in it
    we’re dying in it.
    Same as the 20th Century
    and the 19th century
    and _ _ _ _

    1. Robert Stevenson Avatar
      Robert Stevenson

      Jimmy Dore perved on Ana Casperion of TYT and Jessica florentino. He admitted on his show and then tried to slut shame her. Harvey Wiestein made good movies, Bill Cospby was funny, Bil Clinton was better than Bush, john Wayne Gacy was an excellent clown at kids Parties, Jeffrey Dahmer was really good at Oragamy. Jimmy Dore is gould at pointing out flaws and hypocrisy. But he is also a typical pervert who slut shames women who reject his advances. So defend that!! Look at his clip were he admitted looking up her dress and commenting on it in front of college interns in the TYT studio.

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