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They’re Normalizing Police Robots By Calling Them “Dogs”

Listen to a reading of this article:

Hawaii police are defending their use of pandemic relief funds for a robotic “police dog” made by Boston Dynamics which scans homeless people’s eyes to see if they have a fever.

“If you’re homeless and looking for temporary shelter in Hawaii’s capital, expect a visit from a robotic police dog that will scan your eye to make sure you don’t have a fever,” says a new report from Associated Press. “That’s just one of the ways public safety agencies are starting to use Spot, the best-known of a new commercial category of robots that trot around with animal-like agility.”

“Acting Lt. Joseph O’Neal of the Honolulu Police Department’s community outreach unit defended the robot’s use in a media demonstration earlier this year,” AP reports. “He said it has protected officers, shelter staff and residents by scanning body temperatures between meal times at a shelter where homeless people could quarantine and get tested for COVID-19. The robot is also used to remotely interview individuals who have tested positive.”

This has understandably elicited criticism from civil rights advocates.

“Because these people are houseless it’s considered OK to do that,” Hawaii ACLU legal director Jongwook Kim told AP. “At some point it will come out again for some different use after the pandemic is over.”

This report comes just days after we learned that police in Winnipeg have also obtained a “Spot” robot which they intend to use in hostage situations.

Winnipeg Free Press reports:

The Winnipeg Police Service is set to acquire a pricey dog-shaped robot, to be used in hostage situations, that’s already been ditched by police in New York City.


“Spot” is made by Boston Dynamics, which sells the device for US$74,500. Winnipeg police are spending $257,000 to acquire and use Spot. The 32-kilogram robot “has the ability to navigate obstacles, uneven terrain (and) situations where our traditional robot platforms can’t go into,” said Insp. Brian Miln at a news conference Wednesday.

Months earlier the New York Police Department cancelled its lease of the same type of robot they obtained last year following public outcry. More from AP:

The expensive machine arrived with little public notice or explanation, public officials said, and was deployed to already over-policed public housing. Use of the high-tech canine also clashed with Black Lives Matter calls to defund police operations and reinvest in other priorities.


The company that makes the robots, Boston Dynamics, says it’s learned from the New York fiasco and is trying to do a better job of explaining to the public — and its customers — what Spot can and cannot do. That’s become increasingly important as Boston Dynamics becomes part of South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Company, which in June closed an $880 million deal for a controlling stake in the robotics firm.

To be absolutely clear, there is not actually any legitimate reason for any normal person to refer to these machines as a “robotic dog”, or a “high-tech canine”, or by a cutesy cliché name for a pet. These are robots. Robots that are being used by police forces on civilian populations. If the robots being used had two legs, or eight, they would not be able to apply such cuddly wuddly labels, and public alarm bells would be going off a lot louder.

Which is of course the idea. As AP noted above, Boston Dynamics is acutely aware that it has a PR situation on its hands and needs to manage public perception if it wants to mainstream the use of these machines and make a lot of money. Because it’s a known fact that westerners tend to be a lot more sympathetic to dogs than even to other humans, arbitrarily branding a quadrupedal enforcement robot a “dog” helps facilitate this agenda.

On-the-ground robot policing is becoming normalized today under the justification of Covid-19 precautions in the same way police around the world have normalized the use of drones to police coronavirus restrictions, at the same time police departments are rolling out dystopian systems for predicting future criminality using computer programs and databases.

This is all happening as the French army is testing these “Spot” robots for use in combat situations, years after the Pentagon requested the development of a “Multi-Robot Pursuit System” which can “search for and detect a non-cooperative human subject” like a pack of dogs. New Scientist’s Paul Marks reported on the latter development back in 2008:

Steve Wright of Leeds Metropolitan University is an expert on police and military technologies, and last year correctly predicted this pack-hunting mode of operation would happen. “The giveaway here is the phrase ‘a non-cooperative human subject’,” he told me:


“What we have here are the beginnings of something designed to enable robots to hunt down humans like a pack of dogs. Once the software is perfected we can reasonably anticipate that they will become autonomous and become armed.


We can also expect such systems to be equipped with human detection and tracking devices including sensors which detect human breath and the radio waves associated with a human heart beat. These are technologies already developed.”

These developments always elicit nervous jokes about Terminator movies and the idea of Skynet robots going rogue and enslaving humanity, but the far more realistic and immediate concern is this technology being used on humans by other humans.

For as long as there have been governments and rulers, there has been an acute awareness in elite circles that the public vastly outnumber those who rule over them and could easily overwhelm and oust them if they ever decided to. Many tools have been implemented to address this problem, from public displays of cruelty to keep the public cowed and obedient, to the circulation of propaganda and power-serving religious doctrines, but at no time has any power structure in history ever produced a guaranteed protection against the possibility of being overthrown by their subjects who vastly outnumber them.

The powerful have also long been aware that robot and drone technologies can offer such a protection.

Once the legal and technological infrastructure for robotic security systems has been rolled out, all revolutionary theory that’s ever been written goes right out the window, because the proletariat cannot rise up and overthrow their oppressors if their oppressors control technologies which enable them to quash any revolution using a small security team of operators.

Or, better yet, fully automated technologies which can fire upon civilians without the risk of human sympathy taking the side of the people. According to a recent UN report, a Turkish-made drone may have been the first ever to attack humans with deadly force without being specifically ordered to.

Live Science reports:

At least one autonomous drone operated by artificial intelligence (AI) may have killed people for the first time last year in Libya, without any humans consulted prior to the attack, according to a U.N. report.

According to a March report from the U.N. Panel of Experts on Libya, lethal autonomous aircraft may have “hunted down and remotely engaged” soldiers and convoys fighting for Libyan general Khalifa Haftar. It’s not clear who exactly deployed these killer robots, though remnants of one such machine found in Libya came from the Kargu-2 drone, which is made by Turkish military contractor STM.

So at this point we’re essentially looking at a race to see if the oligarchic empire can manufacture the necessary environment to allow the use of robotic security forces to lock their power in place forever before the masses get fed up with the increasing inequalities and abuses of the status quo and decide to force a better system into existence.

What a time to be alive.


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  • If you happen to have…..lets say……an “Alexa” device like those ones provided by Amazook (or equivalent); you know, one of these “smart” devices that is made to listen, I have a suggestion. If you do, and I do, and I did this suggestion. Say to the device after using the proper “call word”……say to the device this:
    Turn yourself off.
    This is how I said it, when I said it: “Alexa…..turn yourself off”.
    That bitch just ignored me.
    Seems like that ought be a feature shouldn’t it?
    At a minimum, she could of responded, “I don’t understand”, but no, she just remained silent, no response at all. What pisses me off most is she was still turned on. Something about that bugs me. I don’t like it.
    There’s too many robots in the shed is what I think. We’d be better off with fewer of them. Collectively.

    • Here is even a better idea.
      Take the smart device.
      Take it apart carefully. Real carefully.
      Re-program it for your own desires.
      Lots of info on this for free.
      Then, you have a more useful device for your purposes.
      You paid for the damn thing didn’t ya?
      Well then, you own it. It is yours to do with as you please.
      Ain’t capital something special?
      Whatever the hell it is….
      I know things and ideas.
      That I think are better
      Than “capital ism” in the minds of others.
      Local commerce is Step #1.
      In my humble opinion.

    • So this is what I’d program my smart doggy to do. Doggy with blue eyes always watching you.
      The moment you sense movement, or the image changes, or the heat distribution suggest an anomaly, I want you to first send a message via our personal communication link, and then turn on the lights.
      After that, it just depends.
      Program your own dog if you can.
      Not everything is free.

  • drone wolves

  • Armored vehicles.

    • Armored vehicles can shoot down country bumpkins one at a time, but how many country bumpkins do you think will rise to the occasion.
      As a proud member of the country bumpkin association of country bumpkins I’d take pride in the bazooka we happened to get possession of via happenstance.
      Then I’d take aim and shoot the armored vehicle along with any fucking robot dogs residing within. They all would be dead in a moment, and after the fact, I’d come get the parts that might still be worth saving!
      Time for some CDC heads to roll – don’t ya think or are you thinking of escalating yet again?
      Consider your next move carefully, the lives of your children and mine reside on the balance and really is it so hard to just admit you were wrong?
      A message from the Country Bumpkins who are pissed off indeed.
      A message

    • Oh shit, a missile is flying.
      I hope it gets shot down for the sake of humanity.
      I think it came out of the holy land….
      but I might be crazy.
      Sometimes you smell to much Israeli shit it kind of distorts your mind, but still that Israeli shit has a certain fragrance to it don’t it. You kind of know it when you see it. Very irreverent that shit is. It shits upon places trying to help little kids.
      Does that not tell you everything you need to know or do you need some Israeli shit in your face?
      Last time that happened to me somebody ended up dead and it wasn’t me, but might not end up the same time this way, for me, but in the end, those who shit upon the children will get what they have given.
      So effing obvious, why I wonder, do I even need to type it.

  • We are the enemy says the state. The state is the enemy says the people.

    • The “state” never says: “we are the enemy”.
      But, sad to report.
      the “state” is the enemy.
      The state seems full of tyranny, and tyrannical empires fall – so says history 100% up till now.
      Do you think this time is gonna be different?
      Or are you insane?

    • Now, on the other hand, if what you meant was the state was saying to us:
      “You are the enemy”
      As if they were saying, you People out there – you are the enemy of the state.
      Well, if that is what you were saying, then yes of course, I agree with that.
      Sad state of affairs either way – don’t you think?
      Have we all gone insane?

  • I posted this elsewhere, and I want to post it here as well:
    (From Consortium News – not yet published)

    Without trial by jury, the last vestiges of liberty will be lost permanently.
    I hope the dignified Mr. Murray has an “uneventful” prison stay from the standpoint of….well, let me leave it this way – when you are in prison you want things to be uneventful. I pray for Julian Assange, but I think he must be worn down by now. Probably doesn’t have many days left to life if he remains in Belmarsh. That is just an opinion, a sad one, but a valid one nonetheless.
    What do these Scottish legal folks want to accomplish with all this travesty of justice? It makes no sense.
    It is all very sad and sadly in the worst way it must lead to suffering of innocence – seems to me as so. Seems to me we are regressing.
    It is a sad day and the only thing I want to add is I hope Mr. Murray has some folks who will be watching his prison time close to make sure that he is treated with dignity.

    • Sorry if that was off-topic. I guess it was.
      Hey – it could be though, they have some robot dogs in the prisons. Oh yeah, think about how mean the dogs could be under those circumstances.
      Hey, here to lighten the mood. A joke.
      Why did the dog lick its balls?
      Cause it could.

  • OK, as a little show across the bow on Silicon Valley, here is a quick story.
    I liked on my PC. I liked on my phone. I liked on wife’s PC when she wasn’t home. Two other likes got submitted, and I can trace them. Then I liked on my Ipad.
    Did you know, you can like this article from individual Apple-related devices and each like will post?
    I know where all 6 of the likes on this article come from and now I know a bit more about the code.
    I don’t like when anybody uninvited shows up on my driveway.
    If they are associated with the “authority”, I give them
    respect, but I still don’t like it when they show up
    on my property.
    Just like faith, everything has a limit, and that includes respect.
    So any mother-effing robot dog sets “foot” on my property, I will shoot it down in a heart-beat or trip it up and drag it in. I’ll employ EMP technology if I need to and I’ll tase that damn dog if push comes to shove. I won’t be scared and it is my property, so can you blame me if I kill the robot dog?
    This is a good article and the comments are OK as well.
    Things are fixing to get a tad excited because there
    are some out there who have forgotten
    how to give up.
    Peace is easy,

    • The penalty for shooting robot LE will quickly become greater than that of shooting human LE. Propaganda will make that OK. It’s crunch time, boys and girls.

  • I think it is time to usher some CDC folks out the door.
    After that commence a Grand Jury investigation.
    Likely, the whole agency needs to be re-defined.
    They have done a very poor job.
    I don’t appreciate my tax
    dollar being wasted!
    the are worse
    than a bitch
    consider that a poem please – one for the record
    8221 1222 fill in the dots

    • You did see the data coming out of Massachusetts that preceded the CDC mask flip flop bullshit, didn’t you?
      74% of the “new” cases had already been vaccinated.
      Their solution, the CDC bureaucrats…
      time to put back on your masks.
      Christ Almighty – none of the SOBs in DC will ever admit a mistake now with they?
      Reckon it stems from the ridiculous bounce-back given to sensitive souls from
      the 70’s.
      That must be the explanation, but regardless, every single email communication amongst the bureaucracy is available publicly, it it not. Perhaps it is time for some “Freedom of Information” submittals to be sent. Lets see what they were discussing internally, and then lets see where they made all the mistakes they made – whatever the mistakes lead.
      The most, by far, important aspect of this study is going to have to be the transparency of it all because without that many innocent lives are likely to be lost in the stench of it all.
      8221 1230 est usa

  • I don’t know why Murika can’t simply unleash robotic Keith Olbermann replicants on us uppity essentials & revolting rust-belt rednecks, using pre-installed gaming apps on $1,500 iPhone & drugged-up little yuppie brats can hunt us down from the comfort of mom’s Maybach’s back seat? Flying Rachel & Anderson drones, looking like ceramic mantids could follow or crowd-source swarms of geriatric yuppies honing in on the smell of terror, warm blood or our heartbeat?

  • 2 + 2 + 1000??
    It was only a week ago that the American Medical Association (AMA) declared that the category formerly known as “sex” must be removed from US birth certificates — replaced, one supposes, by a tacit “to-be-determined” status in the great Progressive rush to extract the human race from the animal kingdom. Of course, that’s only one skirmish in the great Woke Jacobin war on the moiling masses who clutter up planet Earth, cramping the style of its transhuman-seeking ubermanagers, Bill Gates, Bezos, Daszak, Zuck, Jack, Elon, Klaus & Company, et. al.
    But this was the old redoubtable, white-coated AMA, you understand, not some claque of screeching, size-16, “body-positive,” gender-cryptic freshman hopping up and down outside the Yale faculty lounge at the sherry-sipping toffs within. Amateur diagnosticians out there might recognize it as another symptom of the hebephrenic toxicosis infecting America’s elites, especially those who work in realms supposedly based on facts, figures, and the general effort to make sense of life in our mysterious universe.
    This national freak-show-of-the-mind might account for the many recent instances of science talking out of its booty-hole, led by its very personification, Dr. Anthony (“The Science”) Fauci, proud papa of SARS-CoV-2 (stage-name: Covid-19), with all its fabulous HIV and monkeypox gain-of-function bells and whistles. Dr. Fauci’s mighty, 20-year effort to bring forth this gift to mankind happens to coincide neatly with the collapse of advanced techno-industrial economies, a frightful condition that was already causing enough trouble in the world before Covid-19 marched in. Some suspect that Covid-19 is a contrived cover for all that, perhaps even an attempt to manage the journey down.
    This article can be read here:
    When Things Do Not Add Up by James Howard Kuntsler!

  • There;s a big difference between ‘being alive’ and ‘living.’ 1984 is right around the corner.

  • Ms. Johnstone:

    You recently posted a list of regrets on Twitter. Didn’t you forget one? Mistaken criticism of capitalism should probably top that list.

    I realize that you’ve been at it for a long time. But wouldn’t you rather allow your position to evolve instead of spitting anti-capitalist fire which you’ve never really supported or identified?

    What specific problems or harm is truly caused by capitalism? And please do not mistake and blame capitalism for problems created by our corrupt money system.

    Try to name one!
    The empire hates capitalism because it creates self-sufficiency and freedom. Free and independent people do not need, want or tolerate government masters. So, the empire demonizes and blames capitalism for problems they truly create. Those who don’t honestly understand capitalism fall for it and jump on the bandwagon. They [you] tweet: “There has never been a better time to crush capitalism” without realizing the deception.

    There has never been a better time to crush your misconceptions about capitalism. But it’s up to you to do it. And don’t forget about those lists.

    Here is my previous post:

    THOGEN / JULY 31, 2021
    Re: “Hacking Capitalism”

    This system is not capitalism. Our rigged money system deserves your anger instead. It is the root cause of virtually every problem you rail against on this site.

    List one problem in the world which seems unrelated and I’ll do my best to connect the dots. Please.

    THOGEN / JULY 28, 2021
    Ms. Johnstone:

    Please consider my comments regarding capitalism and sound money. I (respectfully) believe you have that puzzle piece out of place. In my opinion, that piece, the sound money part at least, is the ONLY way to end the empire and the devastation and destruction it endlessly creates.

    The Bitcoin/cryptocurrency community, although well intentioned, is moving us in the wrong direction. The central banks are using them to build the digital infrastructure and will soon issue their own digital currencies while banning all of the non-government issued options. At that point the empire will have the power to effectively silence their opposition by simply turning off their money. Caitlin Johnstone wrote what? No soup for you!

    Here is my original post, your reply and my response:

    THOGEN / JULY 27, 2021
    Quote from your story: “Capitalism is responsible for the historically unprecedented level of human thriving today. Also, anything you say to criticize our current system is invalid because this system isn’t real capitalism. Both of these things are true for me somehow.”
    Criticize our current system all you like, but don’t call it capitalism.

    There are no bailouts in capitalism. And there is no central bank manipulating interest rates either. The former US capitalist system was lost when sound (Constitutional – Article 1, Section 10) money was abandoned (after JFK’s assassination, but officially in August of 1971).

    The gold standard restrained government spending because you cannot print gold & silver out of thin air. With Constitutional restraints removed, money was printed freely to finance wars, bailouts, interest rate rigging and whatever else was needed to finance this corrupt system.

    Returning to sound money is the path to a far better world.

    You don’t get to claim the successes without also owning the failures. If you won’t call the current system capitalism then you don’t get to give capitalism any credit for the advancements of the modern world.

    THOGEN / JULY 27, 2021
    I am saying that the former US capitalist system ended when Constitutional money ended. Credit that once great system for the successes and prosperity which existed at that time.

    It is no coincidence that the 1964 minting (only weeks after JFK’s 11/22/63 death) was the last Constitutional (silver) coinage. Kennedy’s assassins substituted cheap alloys in place of expensive silver, essentially robbing citizens by issuing counterfeit and pocketing the difference.

    Google “melt value of 1964 quarter” and compare that to 1965 and later coins. Its value is about $4.50 per pre-1965 quarter today and just $0.59 for 1965 – 2014 coins. By the way, the 1964 minimum wage was $1.25 (five of those quarters) the equivalent to $22.50 per hour today.

    Dollars were also counterfeited as the Constitutionally required gold backing requirement was ignored. Read about the wonderful French leader back then, Charles de Gaulle. He famously exposed how the US cheated the world and used the proceeds to finance the Vietnam war.

    Returning to sound money would end the empire.

    The war machine would screech to a halt without funding. Without the ability to print money, financing wars would require taxation which people would resist. Do you think George W. Bush would have been able to sell the Iraq war if at the end of his pitch he asked each citizen to fork over $20,000 for their share of the costs?

    • OK – you have made your point. 3 times now I believe. So you either made it or you didn’t.
      OK – one more time and i agree, as if I could say this, but still, I don’t say the same shit time and time again, one more time and you truly are off topic Thogen.
      Others get it or they don’t and if they don’t then maybe instead of being insane and saying the same thing again try to change your message.
      Just a friendly suggestion from the Department of Narrative. We are part of the Ministry of Truth.

  • Ooo… I know: How about a Keith Olbermann DOG, but with AI, for some sentience, so he wouldn’t chew off his own animatronic head? Ya KNOW, while writing back and forth in 1763 about “smallpox blankets,” for our Mingo and Lenape allies; dear old Benjamin Franklin got a bit carried away about conscripting settler’s dogs to hunt Natives (since wealthy Spaniards did this quite successfully, to keep peasants from poaching THEIR varmints).




  • Here’s some nice puppies we could release in the palaces of malice:

  • Perfectly understandable and potentially useful evolution in human technology. There are lots of dangerous, dirty, or precise and complex jobs you wouldn’t want to assign even to a barking breathing hound dog. Look, Doctor Who always had his trusty mechanical companion K-9 and nobody beefed about the moral implications. If I could afford one, I’d take him on my daily walks around the neighborhood–as a conversation piece if nothing else. I’m more concerned about the unpredictable pitbulls and shit machines that the resident humans let run loose. Just his notable presence in the front yard would probably give pause to potential housebreakers. People already employ CCTV cameras on their properties. This is simply one such that can pursue an assailant if need be.

    • Seriously?
      Robots are machines. They’re not alive. They need to be programmed.
      Anything that can be programmed can be hacked. And pretty soon you might find that, instead of your dogbot defending your yard, your dogbot is defending your yard from you. Or pursuing you.

      • Gee, not alive? Who knew?

        Your glib quips can be said about ANY piece of electronic technology, especially the many devices that will be routinely controlled by AI in the very near future. Just like the potential misuse of genetic engineering must be scrupulously controlled so must all devices employing AI, such as electronic voting machines for example, and ordering shit from Amazon on the internet. You apply safeguards to prevent fraud and identity theft even now in the embryonic stage of this technology. You needn’t be a raving Luddite banning all advanced technology to guard against its misuse.
        These creations can be judiciously used in surveillance and security (and a whole host of other exploratory and investigative functions), even by YOU the private citizen, without enabling them to become rogue “robocops.”
        For starters, hard wire their chips to preclude them from ever using physical force against a human being. Design them so any attempt at hacking them will irreversibly inactivate the device. It is paramount that an AI entity never be given the prerogative to “decide” life and death for a human.
        If used as a tool to do so by humans, all moral culpability will lie with the human user. The assholes who drone innocent civilians to nail a purported “terrorist” are the ones guilty of murder, not the drones nor the creators of its technology. The drone is no more guilty than a gun used in an armed robbery. It’s an unthinking tool, a slave to the inputs from its user, even if it executes a series of so-called “autonomous” yes/no “decisions” pursuant to some preprogramed algorithm.
        Sadly, the folks who run our advanced societies find it too convenient to ever give up their use–even if they were decreed illegal. The rest of society must find the guts to prosecute these humans when THEY go rogue and lock ’em up. Bush, Obama and Trump (and on down the hierarchy) should be the ones rotting in prison, not Assange, Snowden or Manning. The technological devices used in commission of these crimes, and ALSO used to OUT the perps, in these crimes will not and should not be eliminated from our world, but they must be controlled. Perhaps society can create a reservation free of all high tech for the Luddites amongst us, just as Huxley invented as a plot device in his novel “Brave New World.” (That last bit was sarcasm, btw.)

        • I agree Realist.
          Now if there could just be a bit few more of us.
          Who are not afraid to call it out like it is.
          I agree with what you said.
          When I took my “pup” into the fire to save the little kid who was breathing in so much more CO2 in the fire, I wore a mask when I did it, but my pup didn’t need no mask. We went in there are we saved the little kid and afterward we thought amongst ourselves – may no little kid have to wear a mask again because it raises the CO2 level in your blood and HyperCapnia ain’t no joke. Too much CO2 in the blood spells trouble and it is too late to stop it now. Too late.
          Time for some heads to roll.

        • Every time we imagine some way to control dangerous technology so that it will instead perform in some pie-in-the-sky manner, it doesn’t pan out that way. Every time. Had the Luddites prevailed, what would be now?

  • Sooner or later, everyone will need portable electromagnetic pulse (EMP) devices to disable robots, electronic intruders and the like. These can be built pretty readily.
    Lots of variants of course, but this one is fairly simple:

  • I wouldn’t get too worked up about these robots. They all run on electricity, meaning battery power. Their power requirements must be enormous, thus short period of actual work abilities available. UAV’s are different, they use far less power and rely on air currents, but they are still, also only as good as their battery capacity, thus very short operational time. I’m also aware, these robots are vulnerable to TASERS or any electrical application, there’s also the fact, Police and Military have ensured defensive weapons have been designed and built, to neutralise these things via LASER or electronic spectrum flooding, thereby short circuiting the circuitry within their brains. Rest easy folks, these things are not half as dangerous as some folks are making out.

  • This one is pretty good,
    The face diaper cop with the robot dog is still totally weird.
    How big are the protests, by the way?
    Have the soldiers figured out that they are next yet?

  • This one is pretty good,
    The face diaper cop with the robot dog is still totally weird.
    How big are the Sydney protests, by the way?
    Have the soldiers figured out that they are next yet?

  • The robot dog is totally weird by the way, and so is the face diaper on the cop…
    I mean, really? Wow…

  • Or, this one,
    Like I said, maybe you could do with some cheering up, I know I could. ❤

  • Do their tails wag when they make a clean kill?
    Do they salivate over their prey?
    Look on the bright side. At least they won’t leave barkers eggs everywhere.

  • Or, maybe this one,
    Kinda just hangin’ out, thought you might enjoy…

  • So, if one shoots and thus kills the robo-dog, is that the same as killing an attacking cop or a real live dog? What are the penalties for shooting a robo-dog that attacks you? Isn’t shooting a robo-dog that attacks you the same action as if you are defending yourself from a violent attack by other humans? Do you first have to retreat three steps, and tell the robo-dog that you are armed, before you shoot at it? Do robo-dogs also hear and understand what you are saying?

    And, if you can legally kill a robo-dog, can you also shoot and kill a police car that is racing toward you? How much can we human targets of government tyranny do to protect ourselves from violence and potentially harmful attacks by government?

    And, why don’t cops operate under the oath of ‘first do no harm?’ Just curious…

  • So I was walking my small mixed terrier the other day. One of those robot dogs come up and a voice said “This is the police. We notice your face is flush. Have you been vaccinated.” Before I could reply my dog started barking. The robot thing tasered my dog. The shock killed him. I think it was just too much, he was eight years old. I got pissed and started kicking the robot. Then it tasered me. I was informed that I was under arrest and told to not move or I would be tasered again. Needless to say I laid still. So a night in jail and a $500 dollar fine later they released me. They dropped all charges on assault of a police officer if I would get vaccinated. I am home now and am starting to feel congested and sick. (A story from the near future)

  • This very on target article ” made my day “, today!
    Bush is a mass murderer. He should be sharing a bunk bed with Ratko Mladic at The Hague, not giving interviews on Afghanistan in Maine.
    First, he told his German guests that the Afghan withdrawal was a mistake.
    Given his atrocious geopolitical record, Bush should be banned from ever uttering, under any circumstances and in any context, the word: “mistake”.
    Still, to define how Bush and equally culpable company went about methodically defacing Iraq and Afghanistan as “mistakes” would, itself, be a mistake.
    The injuries and atrocities Iraqis and Afghans have endured in the long, bitter aftermath of Bush’s decision to invade cannot be diminished or dismissed simply as errors.
    They were and remain the inhumane corollaries of the sinister, calculated choices made by an inept president who was convinced that it was his and America’s destiny to “liberate” two distant lands for the same evangelical reasons.
    Second, remarkably, Bush took implicit credit – amid all the death and destruction the American-led invasion has visited on Afghans – for brutally refashioning Afghan society as a recuperative antidote to the Taliban’s brutality.
    “It’s unbelievable how that society changed from the brutality of the Taliban,” Bush said.
    No, what is unbelievable, is Bush’s lunatic idea that the US military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan had any redeeming or salutary impact on the fates of both nations.
    Finally, and so cynically, Bush attempted to rewrite his incriminating history by implying that he unleashed American forces and drones on Afghanistan not to rout the Taliban or punish it for harbouring al-Qaeda, but to emancipate women and girls.
    “All of a sudden – sadly – I’m afraid Afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm,” Bush said from the comfort of his picture-postcard oasis.
    This very excellent article can be read here:
    George W. Bush Should Shut Up and Go Away By Andrew Mitrovica!

  • Technology can be good, if good people use it. If the lady who filmed George Floyd’s murder had been shy about using it we might never have known the truth. Same with vaccines and pasteurization- the city streets would be full of sick and crippled children without them.

    • If good folks had just been good so many times ago good to the bone….but good folks are hard to find cause FEAR is a force to be reckoned with.
      Only thing knocks FEAR back is….
      o v
      So shove that love up your fearful self if you are fearful. But John Knox, if you have no fear, then let me try to give you some wisdom. John Knox – you don’t know I think but maybe, just maybe, you might.
      Who knows what happens in the night John Knox. Most fearful ones are killed.
      Sad but true.

    • Can’t believe you’re for real… Of course there’s nothing wrong with technology per se! But you’ve been telling us for weeks that everybody should take the Covid vax and now that “city streets would be full of sick and crippled children” without vaccines.
      Well certainly not without the Covid vaccine.
      First, we’re talking here about a disease that 99,96% of people have survived without a vaccine and to which children have been less exposed than to lightning.
      A total of 335 children under 17 (this includes rather big children indeed :o) have died of Covid in the US:
      I don’t know how you’re gonna fill city streets with that!
      Get a grip!

      • Pascal, only for you, I’ll tell you with all honesty, I’ll keep it succint.
        Last week saw a Van Gogh exhibition with my kin.
        We went to a restaurant afterwards.
        All had been vaccinated cept yours truly of course.
        My brother in law got sick.
        I think I got the covid as well.
        My tongue had some pains on it near the back.
        Still, seemed to me it was
        nothing but a common
        Makes one ponder what all the fear is about.

        • Now, getting out of the succinct part of it, let me tell you about the Van Gogh exhibition. The colors and images and artwork and all the other sensory aspects of it were wonderful, so from my perspective, I’m glad I caught the effing Covid, or so it seems, cause I’ve been wanting to catch this cold for awhile.
          I think we caught it in the restaurant. I think I caught it personally when that one fella got close to my face – I didn’t appreciate how it smelled, but I appreciate that he gave me the covid. I’ve been wanting to catch this new common cold for a long time and yesterday I puked and so must be I got it now being my brother in law who went to the same restaurant, ain’t none of us wearing a mask, caught it.
          No matter, at the end of the day it won’t no big deal. Just a one-day cold for me.
          So there – consider that Nancy Pelosi.

      • That’s the same backwards, cherry-picked logic that I get from the Russiagaters. You’re every bit as crazy as they are.

        • Are you talking to yourself
          You might as well be.
          John Knox, from a statistical probability of the best minds in the whole effing world you are wrong.
          So what the fuck is your problem.
          Can’t you admit when yo make a mistake?
          I admit I made a mistake when I said to you
          “hand in there”
          That was a mistake because John Knox, the consensus is in I think….
          you are a dimwit through and through.
          The best dimwit of all.
          Shut the fuck up
          will you?

    • The reason I said that John Knox, cause you must know I can connect with you in a way, I said it cause you talked about “good”….who knows what “good” is John Knox. Good seems subjective to me as does evil, but sometimes things are obvious.
      So seems to me John Knox you spend a lot of effort fighting about something that really is not obvious and so that is why you are suspect. Can you understand that?
      Myself, I care about my family and I’m very dubious of most things I read today, but not so much here at the site of the Rogue Journalist and that is why this place saves me so much time. Cause if you wanted to get to the bottom of anything these days in an honest way and you didn’t know shit from shat, then it’d be right difficult to get to it now wouldn’t it?
      That is why I sent in 250 bucks today in support of the Rogue Journalist. She is my favorite Caitlin in all of Australia just now.
      Eat that up John Knox you dimwit who would of benefited of a brother who bonked you on the head every now and then. Consider this a bonk you thick skulled goof-ball. Creepers.

    • But technology can be used to lie and deceive. You seemed to miss the fact that the police body camera footage was deliberately withheld by Keith Ellison in order to foment racial division, the vast destruction of people’s livelihoods, and murderous riots. You missed the part where George Floyd was screaming for his mother, saying that he couldn’t breathe, and that he was dying…when he was in the back of the police car, well before anyone had his knee on the back of his neck (which was a fully permitted neck restraint at the time, and is not likely to cause suffocation).

      I’m not able to view it now because it requires a log-in (funny, they don’t require that for the part that was shown on the news 24/7, isn’t it?), but believe the relevant part starts at around 6 minutes in, as they try to get him into the car.


      You have to search for the truth, and you have to know when you are being misled. What is shown to you on TV, and the narratives that they try to construct around what you’re shown, are all too often blatant lies to advance someone’ else’s agenda. Always demand to see ALL of the evidence before making judgments.

      If people do not know how to use technology wisely, it can easily be the most dangerous threat to humanity.

  • However we must admit that wars have become more and more palatable with time and robots will make them take a giant step in that direction.
    Think of the ancient wars of the Greeks, the Romans and even the Medievals. Soldiers would fight with swords, spears and other sharp contraptions (knives, arrows, crossbow quarrels, spikes, bayonets…) which punch holes in folks.
    Those have not been conceived for that and it’s a not so well-known physical law (or at least not immediately accessible to the critical mind for reasons linked to propriety and good manners) but an irrefutable one that when you punch a hole into someone, you inevitably get shit spurting out of it and even all over you if you’re not careful – which is probably why the Greeks and even the Celts sometimes fought naked. Saved them the cost of after battle dry-cleaning. People don’t smell of shit in everyday life only because there’s no holes in them but they’re full of it – even the president of the United States -, we must never forget that!
    So the battlefield, initially graced with the heady scent of blooming flowers in the magical light of rosy-fingered Dawn, promptly started reeking of shit at full blast. When the soldiers had been drilling into one another for several hours, the stench – especially on a hot and sunny day – also put on whiffs of sweat, piss, puke and decaying corpses and later in history, gunpowder, which added a modern fragrance to the mess. Details here for curious people with strong stomachs.
    More and more, with the generalization of guns, soldiers punched less holes in their contemporaries at close range as they increasinly shot at “targets”. When there were lots of WWII survivors, you would often hear them (public figures especially) on TV say that they’d never killed anybody. They shot at “targets” hundreds of meters away and couldn’t even see their faces, let alone know if they had wives and/or children. A question that military training doesn’t really focus on anyway.
    Then we had planes and good looking soldiers (with fashionable aviator sunglasses, white scarves and G1 fur lined flight jackets) sprinkled with colognes could kill even more people (Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki…) without being bothered by the smell at all – or even the view for that matter given that the bombed area had become one giant plume of smoke. This was definitely a civilizational progress.
    Most people think drones are a new civilizational progress but they are not really because you do get a red blob on your screen after your drone has hit a target and his eighty closest bystanders, also known as collateral damage, thousands of miles away. However, you can always turn off the screen to finish your drink and pistachios and at least, you don’t get any smell at all. Besides those guys are unpeople (unmen, unwomen, unchildren, unbabies, undogs, uncats, ungoats, uncattle, undonkeys…) Even before being snuffed out, they didn’t exist, except as targets on a screen like you’ve got in amusement parks. And everyone knows those are virtual! Nobody sends them presents for Xmas or postcards from their vacation shitholes!
    Yet back there, you’ve inevitably got unfamilies crying for their loved unones and it feels kinda sloppy from the impartial point of view of someone who hates everybody equally.
    Now with robots, of course, there will be a transitional period (which is actually now) when people will get killed by bots (increasingly operated by independent AI which will eventually look down upon them, without distinction of race or gender, as “all the same fucking unbots anyway”) and then, after they’ve killed the last humans, the bots will start waging wars on one another. And there won’t be any smell there at all – unless they decide to spray lavander or patchouli to give the whole shebang a “deliciously kitsch and decadent” touch.
    In any case, it will be a better world for rabbits, hares, foxes, squirrels and all those furry darlings (rats, skunks, grizzlies…) that are now so overlooked on the battlefields and whose lives are made miserable by our overblown and frivolous egos. Because they’ve got a sense of smell too! What do you think?
    So for the sake of the generations of our animal friends to come – considering that man is on his way to extinction lemmings-style whatever you do anyway – welcome to environment friendly bots! Gotta look on the bright side of life :o)

    • Now I have a Lynyrd Skynyrd tune playing in my head. Laugh or cry; that’s all we get.

    • What did you say you had to admit Pascal? What was that?
      That video is stupid and not really helpful if you want my
      humble opinion.
      Don’t be a smart ass like Ian.
      So many young folk thing
      they know it all and
      most of the time
      they do.
      But not all the time.
      Roll the die.
      Place your bet.
      OK – Pascal, I recommend you take the equation off to the left, but that is just me. The one to the right is open as well. Tell me which one you want quickly please. If you don’t know, then I randomly choose one for you.
      Can you accept that? I sure as hell know that I can?
      I don’t play with chance.
      I respect it.
      I don’t adore it, but I don’t play with it unless we are just playing around, in which case, lets do some of that, me an you – play around a bit – in the land of numbers, shapes, and acceptance, and letters to a friend.
      Ha, ha.

    • That smell…something too few people think about. That was a very good post, Pascal.

    • Pascal – I didn’t care for the video, but the link above it is some serious reading.
      I sat on a bench in my front yard, it was about 15 minutes ago, and I spoke out loud the first few passages of that for the “benefit of my neighbors”. I didn’t yell it – it was a talking voice I used.
      I can imagine the smell, but I never want to experience it if it can be avoided. Hard to tell these days being their already is a foul odor in the air…….I smelt some smelly accusations coming out around the Persian area….just this morning. Smelled like preparations for death to me driven primarily by those who choose to leave their fecal matter behind and all over in a place to help the children heal.
      Eff sake – things are fixing to get over the top crazy!
      Hold onto your hats and keep your wits bout ya.
      Peace is easy,

      • Here, let me post the concluding statement from the aforementioned link in Pascal’s message above – from reddit I reckon. With no further ado….

        So to sum it all up, the Civil War battlefield would absolutely reek. In a way that few people reading this can probably even fathom as it is far from whatever we experience in our day-to-day life. I certainly can’t, however much the words might impact. The stench of death and destruction was an overpowering one, remarked on by soldiers and civilians alike, a unique mix of sweat, blood, piss, shit, vomit, bile, rotting corpses, gunpowder, and more besides, all laying over the landscape, permeating into the very fiber of the observers and stubbornly clinging on for weeks and months afterwards.

        • And now we have the velvet genocide. No offensive sensations. Clean virtual killing. No more real than the thousand fake deaths witnessed by an average five year old exposed to normal television.

          • I don’t know NN, noname.
            I still smell it.
            Makes me puke, but already done that, so now it just makes me mad, and that means it is time for things to change – for me!
            I love your X’d out eyes, your scream catches my attention, your arms and the associated big hands with 3 fingers each cry out for liberty – that’s the way I want to imagine it.
            Your ears remind me of a sweet bunny rabbit I met once……..she was sweet in all the best ways.
            Stop screaming NN, and maybe you can enjoy the sunset sometime in September. Myself, I’m ready for the reactive month of August to be over, but Mother Nature has other ideas.
            Peace and thanks – I think of you as a friend,

  • This is how I would get them to come in the gate assuming I knew they were coming, and the likelihood of that is probably cause I have systems in place – I hope you do as well. OK, so they showed up on my property – they had a demand of me. They said I’d been out of line.
    I’d mostly stay behind the gate for the whole conversation, and in fact, I’d make a point of this metaphorically, but then if push came to shove, and they were on my property, being that the gate is already in a ways on my property cause my property includes the driveway which precedes the gate.
    I’d say. Puppy dogs, get the eff of my property. Now if they didn’t listen or refused my suggestion, then I’d open the gate with a pre-planned plan to rapidly put them out of commission the moment they stepped past the second boundary. After, I tased their effing silicon asses, them effing dogs might as well be dead, but were they ever alive in the first place? Regardless, I own the dogs now. They are mine.

    • metaphorically of course
      Still, it still gets to my bone, thinking how they left their fecal matter behind as if that was sending a message. A message of what I ponder. Must of been a message of hate I reckon.
      And that is why the reckoning is upon us.

  • Welcome to the “New Utopia”! Only the very richest of Billionaires can ever afford to reside here! Our walls, our skies, everywhere surrounding us – our ” machines ” instantly kill any intruders or trespassers. You will love it here!

  • I got an even better idea now.
    Here is what I would do if just one or two of them AI dogs came my way.
    I’d talk sweet, I’d not threaten them in any way.
    I’d go out of my gate to do this, but then I would slowly walk back.
    If they followed me into my gate, then them dogs would be mine. I would own them.
    The I would “re-program” them, and they would be some fine dogs to add to the
    They would be good protectors.
    How about that story?

    • These creatures are another version of those devices made to monitor prisoners. There is a grand control center meddling the comms: dog – homeless or anyone else – satellite – police – CDC. How do I know this? I was an employee cleaning the garbage in one of these places. With a worldwide network database of health-passport ID. more components will be added to the scenario as for example credit cards companies – insurance companies – banks – Army – NSA – CIA. It’s a long shot but they are trying by all means to achieve that promised new world tailor-made for boring people.

      • It’s not a long shot. That’s precisely what they want to do to us. They want to monitor literally everything we think, say, or do. Notice how the “narrative makers” have been legitimizing censorship, compelled & controlled speech, and 24/7 surveillance.


        All part of the Great Reset (Agenda 21, SDG2030, “Green New Deal,” New World Order, etc.). Technology these days is all about data collection, surveillance, and control. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the world’s population think that surveillance technology (called “smart” technology by the plebs) think it was created for the benefit of people. You know, telling your surveillance device to turn off the lights or lock the door keeps one from having to move or engage with the real world. It’s all sold as a “convenience,” but whose convenience is it really?

        • People can say whatever they want about Tucker Carlson but he is absolutely right about the White House. “They are reluctant to give up the power they have amassed over the last 18 months, so they’ll do anything to keep it”

          • Agreed. I’m from the left, but have been watching Tucker for some time now. He’s the only one on TV who is talking about the issues that really matter.

            • I’m from the left but now everything seems to be very suspicious in a global scale. I’m moving toward myself and the well being regular people independent from political viewpoints which is exactly the White House is doing right now. Political interests over human health. It’s inappropriate and unacceptable. I’ll hold back my political ground till all this madness come to an end. I’m afraid it will never pass. So I am free to choose whatever is the best for children in the future. Our generation is already wasted.

            • Tucker is controlled opposition. He says something one time and the masses seethe, then he moves on to another issue and all is forgotten. He provides an outlet for emotions that need expressed then channels the subject matter into the void.

  • “In the bathroom mirror, Bella sees many trackers in her face. She lifts a knife, but notices a tracker in her jugular vein. Bella speaks into her walkie-talkie, unsure if she can be heard, saying goodbye to her loved ones. As she puts the knife to her throat, the camera pans out over the landscape, showing dogs approaching and investigating. In the warehouse, the box’s contents—dozens of teddy bears—have spilled onto the floor.”


    • OK – this means the thought in this article has already been thunk a long time ago….it takes a year or two to make a high quality movie.
      Now, the thought is presenting itself as a possible reality. I have but one simple question.
      Is this what we want?

    • I don’t want it. I want some pushback on silicon. I want the element of the month of July in the year 2021 on my Element Calendar just off to my left about a yard away, to get some pushback cause I think all this electronic bullshit whose operating systems change way to often has gone over the top.
      I think they are full of ignominy.
      Lets boycott the element Si.

      • come on….are none of you all paying any attention?
        There is no way we could boycott silicon (Si). It is in so many things including sand.
        But we could boycott “Silicon Valley” or at least boycott the concept of that place. Why not is what this peasant thinks. I wonder what my peasant brothers and sisters would think about this idea. Maybe we can talk about it soon.
        Something has to change and best way to kill one of them stupid robot dogs is with a taser I’m guessing. Then – all the parts belong to you, and let me say, them parts have value – more so individually than in some easily compromised dog robot gift from Silicon Valley….too funny and ain’t even funny. Pathetically funny.
        Fear is a bitch.

  • Dogs are easy to kill. They are so trusting.
    In some places, dogs are eaten.
    Can’t blame them for that
    now can you?
    poem of the day, the the month of August commence with “reactivity” cause guess what element showed up on my annual element calendar today. It was F.
    8121 1232 est of us of a

    • Incidentally, the element for the month of July was Si.
      Seems to me some of the AI has been a bit confused about some things, and I blame Si for that. As well as a few humans.
      August is gonna be associated with a reactive element to me, the name of it is fluorine. Don’t ever let any HF drip on you – it will kill you quickly because it replaces things in your bones, and messes up the balance in your body, and then you die. That is why at the plants I worked where we handled HF routinely, we had learned how to be safe and there definitely is an antidote because accidents will happen. The main thing is everybody knows what it is going on and how to respond when an accident happens.
      Can you imagine if at the chemical plants I worked at that handled HF if the owners decided not to tell the workers of the potential harm. Pretty soon several of the workers would be dead, and then the rest of them would know. Seems like we are way beyond that moment in time.
      So, Safety of course is important. Here is my saying:
      “Safety improves when work is fulfilling”.

      • Here. From the ever friendly “CDC” paid for partly by my tax dollar contributions. It is about hydrogen fluoride (HF) and how to stay safe.
        Oh those CDC hard working bureaucrats. They really care about our welfare don’t they?
        8221 1146 est ……u…….s…………….o…f?…..a?

        • Incidentally, that was very well written. I should know, I have HF around be big time!
          I’ve smelled a few unusual odors at one plant and another. Some of those are very memorable. Probably, made a few new neuron connections when I smelled em.
          Thanks CDC for the fine article on Hydrogen Fluoride. I wonder if the rest of the agency will ever get its act together? I doubt it, but please archive the useful articles if you don’t mind before you are ushered out the door.

          • Correction:
            I’ve been around HF big time. It does NOT smell good.
            Sorry for the typo and all the other ones in all my other messages and on all my future posts.
            Typos happen.

    • By the way, I made a mistake about the Olympic event I’m exited about. I got my figures wrong. It is NOT the men’s 10 K, it is the 5 K run I’m exited about. I think the finals are Friday night, but I could be wrong about that as well. It is just I watched the US trials in Oregon on that hot July day and that race was a good one filled with attitude and the best three runner prevailed. I hope at least one or two of them makes it the Olympic finals. It is a big world out there.
      Everybody makes mistakes. Just admit it when you do it and then try not to do it again.

    • Oh…Jeepers Creepers. One last things.
      Dogs are easy to kill.
      Wolves are not.
      Said as an Alumni of the proud wolfpack from NC State! Go Pack!
      (ha, ha…..chemical engineer class of ’87….magna cum

  • “What a time to be alive” – in a Brave New World. The masses were about to speak up, again, regarding our new robotic approach. How did we shut them down? Easy: “This is a matter of “Public Safety!” The old “This is a matter of National Security!” technique was simply updated. With that ongoing/evolving success, what is to be further understood? “If you go against us/this in any fashion, be assured: “Our Minority Report[ing] databases are just waiting for your inclusion. And, once in, the “predicting future criminality” cover is set aside as your present activities are sealed as “Domestic Safety Threats.” https://seaclearly.com/2020/12/23/curtain-risin-on-a-new-age

  • Just imagine an AI, animatronic DNC candidate, or MSNBC drone. Now, imagine tens-of-thousands, ALL spewing the exact same BS agitprop, EVERYWHERE; exact same sapphire lens, dead eyed glare, assesing your evil intent, ajudicating anticipated crimes, ahead of time. Sniffing-out fear, guilt, suspicious thoughts and whole swarms of flying monkeys honing-in on IP & DNS & selfie-cam side-eye of divisive or uppity RooskiBot comments homing in on your pulse…





  • Their masters see them both as dogs. I wonder what Molotov cocktails will do for them? One dog will turn upon the other after serving their purpose. The level of betrayal coming soon will be mind boggling.

  • These “dogs” from the same company were banned from the NYPD. The experience started as a great promise but the thin line between fiction and reality soon disappeared. They will not give up till they can find someone willing to buy that shit.

  • These immediately reminded me of Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” where the “mechanical hound” is used to track down and inject (via a hypodermic needle in its snout) morphine or procaine. It is more spidery in its look, having eight legs. The hunts are televised, aka OJ.
    Bradbury’s book came out in 1953 and was an expansion, at the request of his publisher of a 1951 short story called “The Fireman.” It, in turn, was a development of an earlier story, summer of 1948, called “Pillar of Fire.”
    All of them about the burning of books.
    And the banning of works by fantasists themes in Bradbury’s “Usher II” (1950) and “The Martian Chronicles” (also 1950).
    That, in turn, brings up the banning, control, censorship in Facebook, Google, Twitter and so forth. Control. Control. Control.
    The jailing of Craig Murray, Assange, etcetera, and in the process the defining of interested citizens willing to “sallie forth” investing time and talent to report on all things in the public interest, as not a journalist unless officially approved because of being part of a mainstream media (Overton windowed) corporation.

  • “Just like a gun, or a chair, or any kind of tool; just because of the way it looks, uh, er…”

    Maskless students, 75% infection by vaccinated, DELTA viral loads, 1000X higher (as doctors threatened with pulled liscenses, for divisive “misinformation” and SuperSpreader concerts…

    PS: neither of us, nor our Dr’s family, etc EVER had any fever, during D.614g infection or PASC.

    Facial recognition works equally well on blue-eyed Haole, Polynesian and Asian unhoused (while “vaccinated” yuppies of all shades, wander about maskless, infecting us uppity “essentials?”






  • That is heavy duty and totally unacceptable. This has gone far enough. The controlling powers are now venturing into adopting 100% criminally insane mind sets. I’d even be a little hesitant with Asimov’s Three Robotic Laws at the core of robotics:
    First Law
    A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    Second Law
    A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    Third Law
    A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

    • “With Folded Hands” by Jack Williamson, the first law for robots was “to serve and obey and guard men from harm”.

      It did not work out well for the humans.

      The robots put more and more restrictions on allowable activities for humans in the name of safety. Any human who was not happy with the situation was given a lobotomy. Then they were happy.

      • We’re never content, are we? We have to make things go faster, pack more bangs in for the buck, ask more questions, send more probes into space, compose a better song, develop robots to do this that and the other, blah blah blah, ad infinitum. Are our brains really too big? Or is the Id too powerful? Or what??

      • Ha, ha, ha.
        Ah, the robots are easy to kill.

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