An important and long-overdue debate has occurred between Iraq-raping arch-neocon Bill Kristol and the tireless libertarian war critic Scott Horton on the subject of US interventionism, and you should definitely drop whatever you’re doing and watch it immediately. The resolution up for debate was “A willingness to intervene, and to seek regime change, is key to an American foreign policy that benefits America,” with Kristol obviously arguing in the affirmative and Horton in the negative.

The winner of the debate will be obvious to anyone watching. Horton plowed through criticisms of the way US foreign policy is constantly “creating its own disasters it must then attempt to solve” from his encyclopedic knowledge of interventionist bloodbaths and their undeniable repercussions while Kristol appeared frequently flustered, passed on multiple rebuttals, and got called on blatantly false claims. Horton rattled off nations, dates and death tolls in rapid succession and repeatedly referenced Kristol’s own role in imperialist bloodshed, while Kristol relied almost entirely on insubstantial assertions to defend his position that “we can be at once a republic and a liberal empire” and empty dismissal of Horton’s points about the destructive nature of various US foreign interventions.

In the end a deflated-looking Kristol gave closing remarks which amounted to little more than whining that Horton’s position doesn’t assume war hawks like himself are acting “in good faith”, while Horton’s closing statement just continued his blistering assault.

By the end of it you almost feel bad for old Bill.

Stop Hes Already Dead GIFs | Tenor

The audience unsurprisingly sided overwhelmingly with Horton by a significantly greater margin at the end of the debate than the beginning. The only unanswered question when all was said and done was, how the hell did Kristol get it in his head that entering this debate was a good idea?

One can only assume hubris. Hubris arising from a life in an elitist echo chamber where his warped views are seldom challenged, and continual marination in the kind of unearned validation that only Beltway swamp monsters ever receive.

So watch and enjoy, folks. Participating in this kind of humiliating debate is not a mistake that any high-profile neocon is likely to repeat anytime soon.


This article has been updated with a new video link after the old one was taken down.

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35 responses to “Watch Scott Horton’s One-Sided Debate Beatdown Of Warmonger Bill Kristol”

  1. Surprise, as of Jan. 2, links go to “Video unavailable because account terminated.”

  2. “THIS IS WAR”…

    I’m tired of cretins that try to cover up their malicious BS.

    Imo, collectivists are cretins, homogenized zombiedronerobosheepclones. And the evidence is obvious, undeniable.

    Every military, every govt, every cult. They stagnate, they’re homogenized.

  3. “THIS IS WAR”…

    I’m tired of cretins.

  4. So enjoyed seeing Kristol’s nonsense crushed and ground fine. He is one of those murder-perv lie factories I would happily destroy my karma to throttle.
    I will take libertarians as allies in the crisis, but we have to find a way to make decent people understand that -isms serve only to limit our thinking. Humans seek balance, and shift to meet the world as they find it. Cowards and slaves seek to codify “answers” that let them stop thinking.
    There is no teaching so sacred, no understanding so true, that carving it in stone won’t make it a lie.

  5. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    The supposed “antiwar activist” Scott Horton has more in common with pro-war Bill Kristol than Horton (or Horton’s fanboys/girls here) want to admit.

    In fact, despite their fake “debate,” Horton and Kristol are two sides of the same coin.


    Horton repeats American propaganda talking points about the USA’s forever wars that he claims to oppose.

    Most notably, Horton dutifully parrots the official American propaganda/bullsh*t about 9/11, “former” CIA asset Usama Bin Laden, Al-CIAda, and the USA’s fake War on Terrorism in general.

    Horton doesn’t have the honesty or courage to address the likely probability that 9-11 was America’s very own Reichstag Fire–a false flag terror attack in which America murdered its own people in order to launch its fraudulent War on Terrorism (aka the War for American Domination of the World).

    Moreover, Horton’s supposed “antiwar” politics is motivated primarily by self-serving concerns about the cost in blood and treasure for his American Empire and its citizens–and not by opposition to the criminality of America’s wars and what they reveal about the malevolent national character of America itself or its behavior in the world.

    Here are 2 fundamental issues that Scott Horton–like most pro-American “peace activists”–won’t support:
    1. America paying massive war reparations to the dozens of nations that the USA has attacked in the past and present.
    2. War crimes prosecution of American regime leaders, not only the White House but also Congress, the American military, Intelligence Agencies, Think-Tanks, and the US Media.

    At base, Horton–just like Kristol–believes in the delusional lie that America is a “moral force for good” in the world or that America is founded upon principles of “Freedom and Democracy.” LOL.

    Only a brainwashed America-pimping retard would believe this nonsense, as you have to completely deny the evidence that the United States of America is actually an oligarchical world empire that wages serial wars of aggression around the planet–slaughtering millions of people as a result of USA’s “wars of choice.”

    Here’s the difference between Scott Horton and Bill Kristol:

    Kristol is an open propagandist for Imperialist America–with a “Neoconservative” mask.

    Horton is a disguised propagandist for Imperialist America–with a “Libertarian” mask.

    In a fake democracy like America, there is always fake (antiwar) political dissent like Scott Horton and fake debates like this one between him and Kristol.

    A pox on both of them.

    This war on terrorism is bogus


    1. YOu’re a moron.

    2. I haven’t watched the video yet, but I too find a lot of US ‘peace activists’ assume the US is basically a force for good in the world that occasionally makes mistakes, and they often bleat on and on about the number of US soldiers killed, ignoring, or at best trivialising, the far larger numbers of non-USAmericans killed. During the wars on Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, there were protest songs from the Empire mourning the 60,000 lives (lives, not US lives, according to the lyrics) lost in Vietnam – as if the three million or more non-US lives taken simply counted for nothing, not even a mention.

      1. i joined a grass roots peace movement group some years ago, quickly discovered we were recruited to be foot soldiers for the career “peace activists,” found myself challenging the leadership and asking “do you ever reflect on what you’ve been doing wrong since there’s more war and less peace after your lifetime of devotion to peace? why do you keep doing the same thing when obviously it hasn’t worked at all?” no wonder grass roots come to the meetings never to come back again. one thing is for sure: most people do NOT want war no matter what. the rest is obvious.

  6. Did Bill Kristol actually imply, in his opening remarks, that Poland and Hungary are backsliding? Backsliding toward what? Are they now authoritarian regimes…because they won’t sign on to all the Western and U.S. nonsense about who they are supposed to hate and what kind of policies they can implement, and what kind of civilization they want?

    With that one comment, without Scott Horton even getting to his opening statement, Bill Kristol lost all credibility. He is an over-educated, neocon nut-job.

  7. Wow! So glad I came back to watch the video. Bill Kristol, looking over-fed from his prosperous decades of LazyBoy chickenhawking for Zion, phoned in his performance with a tired rehash of soundly-disproven neocon platitudes. Horton obliterated him with gusto. Bill’s smug arrogance was still present, but his usually scornful sneer looked more like a pained grimace. I confess it was quite gratifying to imagine the agonizing irritable bowel syndrome he must have been suffering for that hour and a half. I am perplexed, however, that I never once experienced even a fleeting moment of empathy for him.

    The end vote was encouraging: 85 percent against US interventionism vs 9 in favor. I told a friend recently that the US defeat and panicked withdrawal from Afghanistan would finally prove to be a tipping point in the collapse of the AngloZionist empire. So be it.

  8. Murdering people in their own land and their own homes so that you can steal all of their shit is evil and wrong.
    Even if you have a ‘ note from your mommy’ saying that it’s ok.

  9. I love your work, Caitlin. The video clips of Horton vs Kristol are identified as “private, not available”.

  10. It appears Horton was debating while Kristol was masturbating.
    Over his bank statement and his CV no doubt.

  11. Literally just click the links, folks. They work. The old vid was taken down but the new one’s fine.

  12. Facebook blocked all entry points to this with the claim, “This video is private”.

    1. Hillel Weintraub Avatar
      Hillel Weintraub

      anyone know how we can see it?

  13. Medulla oblongata- Kristol uses his reptile brain to decide what he wants then uses his higher skills to tell us it’s the only smart thing to do. Sometimes he bumps into reality.

  14. Still can’t get the video.

  15. Isn’t it ironic that libertarian orthodoxy calls for more individual responsibility for average people and decry “collectivist” government action that might help them, but put their trust in collective action by corporations, which are created by government actions to limit the individual responsibility of the corporate ownership and management class?

    I am glad that these libertarians take some time out to ridicule their right wing friends on the matter of blowing things up and killing people to maintain an empire.

  16. Left unchecked, anything can become something no one wants. This is part of the correction that has to be made, and Krystal going heads-up with ScottHorton is what wayward Republicans avoided when they co-opted the TeaParty and were drawn further into what the TheState can become.

  17. Kristol is a warmonger with wormanger.

  18. The Youtube video link tells us that the video is private and has been removed. So, I’m looking around for other copies that may still be available. It seems pretty clear to me that Kristol was an embarrassment to the regime, so they will do what they can to destroy the evidence. Typical communist tactic.

    I did find, however, this video analysis of the event, and you may find it a reasonable summary of the Horton vs Kristol debate:

    And there are more of the Scott Horton videos found here:

    1. Yeah it got set to private. Updated with new links.

      1. Thank you. I’m watching it now.

    2. Spare us the right-wing glibertarian nonsense: “typical communist tactic”. That’s mindless and intentional name-calling that is 180 degrees off kilter and serves only to distract attention from the fact that Youtube, like Kristol, is fully invested in predatory Capitalism. Just as are most Libertarians, who are far-right propertarians. Scott Horton is the rare exception to the rule

      1. Beauty comment.

      2. That’s right. “Libertarians” are basically Republicans in drag.

      3. Build Back Botter Avatar
        Build Back Botter

        “In a libertarian society, there is no commons or public space. There are property lines, not borders. When it comes to real property and physical movement across such real property, there are owners, guests, licensees, business invitees, and trespassers — not legal and illegal immigrants.”
        ~ Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute

        So, end nation-states, borders, Constitutions, environmental protections, citizenship itself. They want a world of Owners and Others…. who will own nothing.

        And the way they get us to that point is by making us use central banks’ own CBDCs (central bank digital currency) that is PROGRAMMABLE, meaning they would control what you can and mostly, cannot buy.

        US Congress Taking Revolutionary Steps Towards A Central Bank Digital Currency

        The future of money is here; will the Federal Reserve Board be authorized to use distributed ledger technology for the creation, distribution and “recordation” of all the transactions of a Digital Dollar?

  19. Plugged in the buds and popped the corn only to find “Video Unavailable”, apparently censored by YouTube, which is a resounding endorsement of its content. It’s past time to de-platform and move to Rumble or Bitchute. Please repost.

    1. Yeah it got set to private. Updated with new links.

  20. The video has been taken down or marked as private for me as of 9:30 am EST

    1. Yeah it got set to private. Updated with a new link.

  21. Lorraine S Jarvi Avatar
    Lorraine S Jarvi

    I love to see neocons getting smacked down as much as anyone, but there’s a bigger picture here and that is that the people who’ve won the REAL debate – the one between the globalist Deep State and the nationalist Deep State – want to see nationalist policies get a black eye in the public image. They have to destroy flag-waving nationalism in order to launch an internationally-based corpocracy that will ‘save the world’ from the whatever cardboard villains they wish to prop up before the public eye. You want to know why Kristol did this? Because he was told to! One wonders what words in the statement that ‘public figures are actors on a stage’ people do not yet understand. They keep falling back into a fantasy world in which public figures are actually authors of public policy. Kristol’s ass was handed to Horton, and Horton is as much a dupe in this as Kristol. THE PEOPLE ON THE STAGE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE MAKING THE DECISIONS! Try to keep hold of that idea, and you’ll understand more of what’s going on.

  22. Thank you for supporting Horton, who has consistently made the case for peace and opposed the military industrial complex for years. is the best place to find more of his work.

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