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Power is the ability to control what happens. The more control you have, the more powerful you are.

That’s why power is like crack for the ego. Egos are all about control; obtaining safety and security so as to ensure the survival and success of one particular human organism. The impulse to exert control over our surroundings is why our recently-evolved brains create egos in the first place.

The more tightly clenched the ego, the greater the desire for control. This can manifest as trying to dominate one’s family and romantic partner with greater and greater totality. It can manifest as starting a cult. It can manifest as trying to shore up massive amounts of wealth. And it can manifest as the pursuit of power.

Those who rise to positions of power tend to be those who’ve placed the pursuit of it above all else, or to have been trained since birth to prioritize power by the powerful families they’re born into. This is especially true in the giant globe-spanning power structure that is loosely centralized around the United States.

The loose alliance of plutocrats and government agency insiders who rule this giant empire pursue power above all else. For all the historically unprecedented power these imperial oligarchs have, it’s still not enough for them.

Their objective is to control everything that happens in any nation on earth; to ensure that everything that occurs on this planet serves them and their interests. That’s what absolute power would look like.

The imperial oligarchs wish to rule our world as Greek gods from Mount Olympus. If any population on earth disobeys them, they want to be able to cause sweeping famines in that nation, or rain down fire upon them from on high. They want to be able to control not just how all humans behave, but how they think as well.

And, for the most part, they absolutely can do this. The drivers of empire can inflict famines upon entire populations by imposing starvation sanctions upon them using their control over international financial systems. They can rain down fire upon any disobedient population using the most powerful military force ever assembled. They can control the way we think, act, spend, consume, and vote to ensure it serves their interests, and their control over our minds is continually advancing.

But they don’t have total control over those things everywhere on earth. To find where they lack this control, you need only ask yourself which parts of the world the imperial propaganda machine most aggressively tells you you must oppose.

China and Russia have not been absorbed into the globe-spanning empire, and because they are relatively strong compared to the weaker nations the empire likes to target, the imperialists don’t have much control over what happens there. Their control is not strong enough to starve their populations on a whim. They could not rain down fire upon those nations without risking their own lives and assets. They cannot exert control over how those populations think and behave.

For a healthy human being, this lack of control would not present as a problem. For a human being that is infected with a tightly clenched ego and an insatiable thirst for power, this lack of control is seen as a direct existential threat.

So we are bombarded with propaganda about how horrible China and Russia are, for the exact same reason adherents to religions have historically been indoctrinated with beliefs about how horrible heretics and apostates are.

These gods are jealous gods. They do not tolerate unbelievers. Lands which do not worship them are the badlands, the lands of the heathens, the lands of the condemned.

That’s all we’re looking at with the nonstop mass media shrieking about Russia and China. Not a truthful representation of reality. Not warnings about a dire threat to our lives. Just inflamed egos screaming fire and brimstone sermons at their flock about the land of infidels and idolaters.

Free people do not worship these gods. Free people do not heed their dogmas. And a truly free world will have evolved beyond any tolerance for people with the power parasite in their minds.


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36 responses to “The Drivers Of Empire Want To Rule As Greek Gods”

  1. Beautiful summary of the motivation driving the foreign policy of the Washington-centered empire.

  2. No wonder the Greek gods are so often depicted as naked or near-naked. They wield so much power nobody can tell them what to do, including how they should dress (if at all), so they have complete freedom to go around stark naked as they liked. 🙂

    It’s probably true to say that all (or nearly all) of the global elite come from either a Jewish or a Christian background. Which I think says a lot about the Abrahamic religions — the most violent, blood-soaked religions ever to exist. All of them feature a bloodthirsty, vengeful God who brooks no disobedience, a jealous father-figure who wields complete and absolute dominion over all. One reckons the cultures in which the Abrahamic faiths emerged must have been cultures in which the individual was constantly squashed down from childhood by big daddy at home; a mental scar the individual had to bear for the rest of his life, and which he then sought to come to terms with by inflicting the same upon others. Such is the sorry legacy of Abraham.

  3. It is ironc really,
    Those who presume to rule over others in our world, especially those who presume to do so by deception and the force of violence, have forgotten themselves.
    In the most fundamental way, they have lost themselves entirely.
    They have forgotten that they have no real power whatsoever, if they don’t have power over themselves,
    And, it is becoming increasingly obvious that they gave that away long, long, ago…

    1. It not quite what really happens. The winner in all wars decides the truth, god included. Christianity was a last resort to the Roman Empire to keep going on in another form of control. They lost interest in armies and wars. The wars they choose to fight are the ones based in faith. Something intangible and non existent. But they crawled all their own way to the top making pacts with kings and whoever could provide sheep enough to be served as cattle. The winner erases all what existed before. it demonizes what is not written in their fake books made by people well prepared to set the rules of all what is to come. Faith can make you believe you can go inside of a nuclear reactor using facial masks and not be contaminated. it’s power of rhetoric in ill prepared minds borns but all who will come after will be educate to believe without questioning. It is what it is.

  4. …….china and russia are doing the same things , it’s their methods of control that are different due to their cultural, regional and political needs in expanding their empires…..uigors and tibetans, crimeans and chechans respectively…..hence the propaganda about threats and the need to “contain”…….we are witnessing the rearrangement of the last great competition of empires… they fake communists, gangster kleptocrats, or evangackulating plutocrats….follow the charred remains, environmental destruction, money, and there lies the origin….the subject of your article….very clear hear…be well, be kind…..

    1. China and Russia have been doing the same things mostly only since the early to mid 20th century. Before then China for the most part just wanted to be left alone, and had left others alone since the 10th century. During the Ming Dynasty China did occupy Vietnam for a very short while, and that’s about it. (The conquests engaged in by China during the Yuan and Qing Dynasties do not count, because during these two Dynasties China was ruled by power-hungry *foreign* aggressors.)

  5. Don’t we assume by now that like the employees of drug cartels, if you one day just shot all the oligarchs, a new set would rise to fill their positions?
    The issue is mired in misaligned systemic constraints and incentives as much as anything. Especially if you removed a set from any one country or bloc, there is a strong chance a new set of oligarchs would be waiting in the wings. (There’s always a Zuck or a Musk to replace a Clinton, a Bush, or a Kissinger. I’m sure India, Russia, China, England, and everywhere else all have their versions of this)
    The hard work involves eliminating the constraints of self, yes. The hard external work involves reimagining functional systems and building sets of steps to literally remove hydra-like systems and make new ones, with new leadership, incentives, and constraints. Those systems themselves will likely need to be built to dissolve and be built anew from time to time.

  6. I expect to get shouted down but here goes…

    I think one of the strongest arguments for the Jesus story is just how much he and everything he stands for are hated two thousand years later.

    1. It’s not your fault. You don’t doubt the validity of your environment. You are perfectly adapted. Outside of the box where you are all living is not that better. You should still on your path. There are those who live and those who feed off that living. The latter are cowards. The cowards are those who are taking advantage of you without you even realizing the rules written on the book don’t apply for those who wrote the same book where all are chained.

      1. Thanks for the link!

  7. “China and Russia have not been absorbed into the globe-spanning empire…”


    I think these nation state divisions are a tad out-dated at this point, also part of globalist propaganda. And related to the delusion most nation state citizens share in that they still live in constitution-respecting representative republics or democracies….

  8. Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up — pick up a gun; guillotine some VIPs; march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else?
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every past election, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

    1. Well, this is what I was saying elsewhere on this thread: There are systemic constraints and incentives so deeply driving all this that if you *did* just guillotine all of them in a Jacquerie, a whole new set would be waiting in the wings.
      Corporate Culture = Normal Human Fallibility + Fucked up incentives + Organizational Overhead + Threat of Starvation
      Government = Normal Human Fallibility + Fucked up incentives + Organizational Overhead + Guns and WMDs
      What do you expect from either one? Also, of those things, which can you change? Normal Human Fallibility can be changed by reducing egoic traps, as CJ is regularly pointing out. Everyone should take Aya and Meditate. This is correct. I don’t think you can remove organizational overhead, and it’s hard to remove all weapons of war by Magic.
      But you *can* work to change the systemic incentives and constraints involved.

  9. Wow, Caitlin, your timing is uncanny. From the fevered dreams of a megalomaniac, Mark Zuckerberg just announced the rebranding of Facebook as “Metaverse”. Like a tentacled monster in a sci-fi dystopia, FaceBorg is desperately metastasizing to assimilate not only planet Earth and the known universe, but all alternate universes as well. Resistance is vital.

  10. “China and Russia have not [yet] been absorbed [and refuse to back down]” – so, WWIII is on the table, and they will be pushed to the very brink. Who will blink?
    “Free people do not worship these gods”; with modern wisdom, they only worship the one God. “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      All religion is primitive superstition. End of.

      1. ‘End of’
        The pronouncement of a pragmatic socialist.
        Tell me then please Carolyn why, or how, Love exists.
        It serves no useful purpose in evolutionary theory, yet it is the most powerful energy in the Universe.
        BTW I am an agnostic.
        I don’t presume to understand the unknowable.

  11. No offense meant to Bible freaks who think you should obey the word of God – which is basically what they tell you to do since God speaks to them personal – but you’ve got to laugh at reading the Bible. Moses gets the Hebrews out of Egypt where they were allegedly slaves, which admittedly ain’t good. Then he meets God on Mount Sinai and comes back down with ten commandments that God Himself wrote on two tablets. In the meanwhile the Hebrews have asked Moses’ bro, Aaron, to make them an idol to pray to because they think they’re up Shit Creek without a paddle (which they objectively are, in the middle of the desert without Google Maps) and even the most obstinate atheist becomes superstitious when all else fails. Moses gets unhinged at the sight of the idol and has 3,000 of these guys bumped off by the believers in his own narrative – evidenced by the two tablets in God’s own handwriting, aka The $cience – for not believing what Fauci tells them. I’m not sure I’ve got all the details right but that’s the general idea :o)

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      All religion is nonsense.

  12. It’s called the ‘Messiah Complex’
    Common among dictators, kings, queens, religious leaders, high ranking military CEOs and of course, politicians.
    These people suffer from hyper hubris and an almost complete lack of empathy.
    They are also ultra control freaks.
    They have crawled out of the woodwork since the ‘pandemic’ began.
    They are in their element.

  13. After Skool videos has a new post on exactly this topic. Check it out:

    MASS PSYCHOSIS: How an Entire Population Can Become MENTALLY ILL

    1. Reaper of Souls Avatar
      Reaper of Souls

      In normal conditions, any small town in America has a hidden dark truth within and beneath the houses. You can feel it. Now living under Joe Biden’s lockdown policies and vaccine mandates, the fear to loose freedom gathers; something spreads from home to home. Eventually, the real cure can be more dangerous than COVID. When there is no other place to run and you are on the corner surrounded, there’s only one thing remaining to do.

  14. With the lights going out all over Eastern Europe, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Venezuela. Haiti, West Papua, Chechnya, Brazil, Sinjiang, Central America, North Central and South Africa etc. ad infinitum perhaps it is instructive to ask yourself just where would you rather be. Excepting maybe Florida and Texas.

  15. You made the important connection between Theological doctrines and Ego based necessity for total control by the Oligarchy. Both emanate from intense insecurity, causes of which are often traced to families and early childhood experiences as you pointed out. Insecurity and unhealthy Ego based need to control external factors for false sense of security, including of resources and living beings go together.
    Healthy Ego (Ego: Subject wrongly identified with objects such as body and mind is an Universal mistake of every living being endowed with body and mind) neither wants to control nor be controlled. Freedom from this wrong notion of the self (Ego) by understanding that the Truth of the Subject or the Self is the Limitless Consciousness, Fullness and Happiness, which is the Essence of every living being not only on the earth but anywhere in the Universe is the answer and this answer is purely cognitive in the form of right understanding. This is the ultimate freedom. This yearning for freedom by the few and helping others to understand the Truth of oneself makes all the difference in the world.

  16. Noone is looking at China or Russia to save you. That problem does not exist.

    The bloody problem is that US and little england are insisting on saving us(*), saving us from ourselves.

    (*) us from the evil parts of the world, according to them.

  17. Noone I know is looking at China or Rusia to save you. Them saving you problem does not exist. The bloody problem is that US and little england are insisting on saving us (those in the evil countries, according to them), on saving us from ourselves.

  18. Lofthouse of Fleetwood Avatar
    Lofthouse of Fleetwood

    I think to the badlands and heathens you can add the people who wish to retain some autonomy over what they inject into their bodies Caitlin

  19. Archangel Gabriel Avatar
    Archangel Gabriel

    True. They have signs to recognize the beast, the demon, the evil who will destroy their world. Nostradamus is the public relations for random advices and consulting. But just if you worship Jesus Christ and follow the Bible and the rules written by the Vatican in the Renaissance. It’s not a coincidence the first book published after the dark ages was the Bible. Others cheap versions of this Christian Olympus made of 12 apostles – it’s not by purpose because there are open room for 12 gods Olympian gods in the ether. Thus spoke God to America – “We cannot allow any disturbance or opposition to America. Because God’s country is America. Fuck with anyone If you find any other god around. Neutralize it. And If you can touch it, it can be killed. Blessed bullets available at the near exit.

    1. The Bible was the first book published when Gutenberg invented the printing press, because the archbishops forbade anyone to have a copy of the Bible and severely punished anyone caught with a Bible. Since the printing press allowed Gutenberg to print hundreds of copies of the Bible in a short amount of time, they no longer had to be transcribed by hand, he was able to end the practice of the archbishops having complete control over the interpretation of the Bible, and this ended the greatest censorship of 1500’s Europe.
      But more than this, the Christian Religion was created to keep the people of the Roman Empire marching in lockstep. Christianity emerged under the Flavian Dynasty at which time Flavius Vespasian and his son Flavius Vespasianus Titus, were in the process of demolishing Galilee and Judea. They wanted to convert the Jews into good Romans so they created a hybrid religion that borrowed elements from both the Jewish and Roman religions, i.e. the names from the old testament and the father son and holy ghost from the Roman religion, Zeus, god the father, and Hercules the son who took human form so he could fight for souls of men on Earth. Also Vespasian was deified by the Roman Senate making him a god and Titus his son, the son of god. Titus fought for this after his father died so that he could be viewed by the Roman people and all the people of the Roman Empire as the indisputable son of god.
      So the Christian religion was created by Rome, ever wonder how it was that Saint Peter could have his church in Rome when he was defying Rome at every step? The only way he could have his church in Rome is if Caesar sanctioned it. In “The Histories” written by Flavius Josephus bar Matthias, talks of a Simon Giora, not Simon Bar-Jona as described in the Bible, who was nicknamed Peter, from the Greek petra, meaning rock, by the Romans, when they found him with rock cutters trying to dig under the wall sounding Jerusalem that the Romans built to keep the Jews penned in, as having created the first Christian church in Rome. In that history, Peter after he was captured by the Roman army, was told by the Roman general Titus that he would create a church for Rome and would then be martyred. After Peter was martyred, the scepter of the church was passed to Flavius Clemens, Clements I, and thereafter Flavius Constantius (Constantine), in 350 C.E., made Christianity the official religion of Rome. Now that Christianity was the official religion of Rome, all people in the Roman empire were converted to Christianity at the point of a sword. Gutenberg and the Gutenberg Bible, ended 1,150 years of oppression under the Christian Church headquartered in Rome.
      So your saying, “blessed bullets available at the [rear] exit” is only following in a long tradition of the Roman Empire. Good going, the oligarchs must love you.

  20. “China and Russia have not been absorbed into the globe-spanning empire”
    That is not true. Xi Jinping is as absorbed with power as any of the other oligarchs on this planet.
    Don’t look to China or Russia to save us. We are the only ones that can save us. We have to believe in ourselves as the agent that builds a better world..

    1. Some of you guys in this comment section have a real perception problem. Caitlin Johnstone never said that Xi Jinping was not absorbed with power (didn’t even mention the guy) or that we should look for China or Russia to save us. She said “China and Russia have not been absorbed into the globe-spanning power” as you yourself quote. Globe-spanning means like when you have 1,000 military bases around the world. The power that operates these bases (plus various banking systems but let’s stick to the military aspect for now which is what makes the rest possible) can legitimately be called a globe-spanning power since it spans the globe. See? It is called the United States of America (plus vassals to share costs in wartime, buy American weapons and stuff in peacetime and get threatened with sanctions if they object to getting screwed beyond reason). Now China and Russia have not been absorbed in this globe-spanning power. In other words, they’re not under American command as Nato members and/or the American boot as vassal states. This is a fact. And confusing Xi Jinping’s personal ambitions – China hasn’t attacked anybody for centuries and is unlikely to start now unprovoked – and the US’ in your face determination to bully the rest of the world as a warmongering plutocracy impervious to the rule of international law to the point of threatening the judges of the International Court of Justice like your regular mafia boss is a grossly inaccurate representation of what has been written.

      1. Thank you, Pascal, for the clarity of common sense, often the easiest antidote to propaganda.

      2. We can’t assume anything about China. You are assuming that their attention to developing next generation armaments is only for defensive purposes.
        All I am saying is that we need to be wary of all potentiates while we are dealing with the western corporate oligarchy.
        I won’t call that oligarchy American because it operates globally, as in global corporations and financial institutions some of which are based in the United States, and includes many members from outside of the United States, perhaps a Euro/Americana/Middle East oligarchy; yes United States, Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, Germany, France, England, etc. The United States is being cannibalized to create this new global empire. I am sure that there are negotiations going on to fold China and Russia into this global oligarchy as well. Not sure how that will play out because I am not privy to that kind of inside information. So I won’t speculate on what Putin and Xi JinPing have indicated privately.
        I do know that we need to start building social structures that work harmoniously with the natural biological structures of this planet, or the only thing that will be certain is that we will witness the 6th major extinction since life first emerged on this planet.

    2. You missed the point entirely. A gangster wants to rule all he can see, and that includes all the smaller gangsters. Caitlin is not saying that the governments targeted by the Washington-centered empire are THEMSELVES blameless. But their refusal to submit is a threat because the rest of the world, and many people who ARE blameless, will see that it is now possible to stand up to the Empire and survive. The Empire cannot tolerate anyone learning that disobedience is even possible.

      Lets put this another way. It is not always someone with a white hat who puts down the very worst enemy of all mankind. It was Stalin’s USSR that did the heavy-lifting that destroyed Hitler.

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