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Hackers, Havana Syndrome, And Other Invisible Russian Aggressions That Only The CIA Can See

Listen to a reading of this article:

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is reportedly marking up its hilarious Havana Syndrome Attacks Response Act this week which calls for sanctions upon whoever the president determines is responsible for inflicting US officials with hangover-like symptoms using high tech microwave beams. The condition has not been proven to actually exist in any tangible way and has been commonly attributed to psychogenic illness, Cuban crickets, and actual hangovers.

At the same time, virulent Russiagater Julia Ioffe has published an anonymously-sourced article proclaiming that the Kremlin is responsible for this mysterious alleged ailment.

In an article for Puck News titled “Havana Syndrome: A Cold War Saga in Biden’s Washington“, Ioffe reports that anonymous sources at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center have told her that this strange affliction now has so many victims among US government employees that the facility is at capacity, and that Russia is to blame for it.

Ioffe writes:

“The intelligence community is increasingly convinced that the Russian government is behind these attacks. Russia has extensively studied and invested in the technology, and, in the spring of 2017, just as the attacks in Havana were ramping up, Putin personally pinned a medal on the breast of a young scientist for his advances in using directed energy and microwaves on signals systems and living cells. Russia certainly has the motive: Putin still thinks America is Russia’s biggest enemy and poking the country in the eye is a worthy end in and of itself. Plus, there’s that location data, placing F.S.B. officers in the same Taiwanese hotel where a senior C.I.A. official was hit.


“But there still isn’t enough evidence to make a public declaration. ‘They believe the hypothesis more but don’t have a smoking gun,’ said the person familiar with the investigation.”

To get a sense for the integrity of the sourcing in Ioffe’s report, here’s an actual paragraph from the article with emphasis added by me:

“Burns has also convened a panel of intelligence officials to try to find whoever is behind these attacks. A spokesperson for the Agency told me that the C.I.A. is ‘bringing an intensity and expertise to this issue akin to our efforts to find Bin Laden.’ She added, ‘We will keep doing everything we can to protect our officers.’ People familiar with the inquiry tell me that the political will behind this is palpable. As one source told me, ‘Whereas before you might have said that the folks working on the issue spent half their time trying to convince people that something happened, that kind of distraction has dissipated to a large degree, which is very helpful.’”

This kind of sourcing would make a UK gossip rag blush.

Here’s another delightful bit:

“I think we’re beyond the point of anyone being able to question whether it’s a real thing,” a senior administration official told me.

Ah well if an anonymous government official tells Julia Ioffe that Havana Syndrome is real then hot damn that’s good enough for me.

Apart from anonymous individuals, Ioffe also cites a “retired” CIA officer named Marc Polymeropoulos, who attests that he himself came down with a case of Havana Syndrome that was so bad it forced him to “retire”.

Ioffe writes:

“As we talked, I couldn’t square two things: Marc’s retirement and his age. He had just turned 50, and, by his own account, he had been on the up-and-up at the C.I.A. Why had he left so soon? I asked him… But Marc’s answer surprised me: Havana Syndrome. He told me, off the record, that he had been ‘hit’ while visiting Moscow and that the attack had undermined his health so badly that he physically couldn’t work anymore. A promising career in an organization he loved, and had come of age in, was over.”

Oh wow the “retired” CIA spook had to “retire” because he was afflicted with a condition which just so happens to advance CIA cold war hysteria about a CIA-targeted nation, and how he’s spending his “retirement” telling cold war propagandists about it.

Havana syndrome is a mysterious illness whose symptoms include vertigo, nausea, and billions of dollars in new cold war military spending.

It’s just so interesting how Russia keeps attacking America in unverifiable and invisible ways that only the US intelligence community can see. First it was plot hole-riddled claims that Russian hackers attacked American democracy in 2016, and now it’s invisible microwave beams from secret Kremlin ray guns. Someday soon we may turn on the news to see footage of an empty Capitol Building while a reporter solemnly tells us that it has just been stormed by GRU agents injected with invisibility serum.

I’m old enough to remember when the US war machine needed actual, physical events to justify the advancements of its military agendas, like planes crashing into buildings. Nowadays those agendas are justified by invisible, unverifiable allegations for which the evidence is always classified.

Believing that Kremlin operatives are attacking the brains of US government employees with ray guns which cause mild hangover-like symptoms is no less crazy and baseless than the claims by internet crackpots that the Covid vaccine contains 5G mind control nanobots. Literally the only difference is that one has been endorsed by the mainstream US political/media class while the other has not.

When a poor person says spies are attacking their brain with microwave beams it’s called paranoid schizophrenia. When a US government operative says it, it’s called Havana Syndrome.


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  • When you’re ready to educate yourself about these real technologies, instead of alluding that the property of invisibility is akin to believing in delusions (how does your microwave oven work? how does your smartphone work? how does your AM/FM radio work?):

  • Which is worst, the “old switshwerooney, or the “old switcheroo”?

    Remember Gov. George Romney’s Statement: “I was Brainwashed.”


  • “[Biden] still thinks [Russia] is [America’s] biggest enemy,” on stage.
    But, of course, Biden knows it’s all staged, off stage.
    Aaron Maté: I’ll never forget Maddow did a segment where she’s talking about some alleged Russian trolls interfering on Bernie Sanders’ fan club page, and she called it international warfare against our country, and so on. And I’ll never forget Rob Reiner, who helped set up this neocon Hollywood group called the Committee to Investigate Russia

  • Sounds like there is a new name for the chronic illness(s) I’ve had for decades. Havana Syndrome is a much cooler name than Yuppie Flu or Chronic Fatigue or Long Covid. It also produces the world’s cheapest hangover. Even if I don’t drink any alcohol, I often wake up feeling hung over.

    I still like my name for the condition best, Heller’s Syndrome. Because it puts you into a world of Catch-22.

    • Sorry to hear your suffering continues Hens Teeth, I had wondered if it subsided any once our heat here subsided somewhat.

      Knowing that these weapons have existed for quite a while now, there’s a possible angle I haven’t seen written yet – That the “company” is sacrificing a handful of their own to further the new cold war agenda.

      • Thank you.
        And yes, it is very likely that a few of their own are being sacrificed to further the agenda.

        Every one of those fools thinks that they are special, and exempt from the consequences they cause. Until they aren’t.

  • [window opens]
    The evil V. V. Rasputin lurks in his den, pulling at his luxurious beard and rubbing his hands in glee. “Heh-heh-heh! Just as I planned!”
    [window closes]

  • Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up — pick up a gun; guillotine some VIPs; march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else?
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

    • I have voted exclusively for the Socialist Equality Party for more than 20 years.

  • And why would Putin “still think America is Russia’s biggest enemy” when Hillary once called him the new Hitler, the deep state’s paper of record accused him without a shred of evidence of killing Boris Nemtsov while his body wasn’t yet cold and of election meddling to manipulate alleged Manchurian candidate Donald J. who couldn’t slap enough sanctions on him to dispel the doubts – which was probably the idea in the first place – and his bots have been the prime suspects for years whenever the coffee machine is out of order? If thinking the US might not be his best friend is not acute paranoia, I wonder what is! Meanwhile, another “Havana syndrome” went kind of unnoticed. Prologue: 1/ we know the average age of death from (or with – that point has never been quite clear) Covid is 82 year old, 2/ we know there are very few cases in Africa most likely because the average life expectancy is… 20 year old. Question: how would you rate a coincidence that had three middle-aged Covid-skeptical African leaders (the presidents of Tanzania, 61, Burundi, 56 and the prime minister of Swaziland, also 56) die of Covid or a heart attack (the cases are not clear) within a few months and their successors immediately bought (unnecessary) Covid vaccines – as also happened in Haiti after Jovenel Moïse’s assassination by a Colombian (!) squad? Of course thinking this (and a cover up) might have anything to do with it would be acute paranoia.
    Why would it be acute paranoia ? Because Reuters fact-checkers tell us there is “no evidence” these African presidents “were assassinated”. Just like if you used this untraceable CIA gun? Now if that’s not a snide remark… Anyway, isn’t it funny these Reuters sleuths are nowhere to be found whenever “paranoid” Vlad is accused of anything? :o)

  • Russians?
    Hackers ?
    That’s silly.
    Why, they’re up our clackers, right now:

  • The technology was developed and patented in the US in the 70s. V2K
    Supposedly it was used in the first gulf war to convince the iraqi army not to fight. Shielding it does require a tinfoil hat(this is where tinfoil hat comes from) , an emf shielding fabric or some faraday cage. And if it was used on targeted individuals it could easily be used to drive them or anyone thinking it was their own intrusive thoughts and associated anxiety, panic and cognitive blurring, mad. I had a similar yet opposite idea of using solfreggio tones to enhance healing on resonant frequencies. Just need to figure out that hack rf 1 unit lol.

  • Never mind, BIG Pharma will look after us:
    Now that they’ve been given the keys to the cities _ _ no, everything, they’re gonna go APESHIT.
    Would you trust them with your blood?

  • This cracks me up.

    One of the ways to silence a low level whistleblower is to direct them to information about energy weapons and irradiation by microwaves. They tried it on me (I know some details about trolls) but I could not buy the beams being directed from airplane baloney. To much of a reach. Aiming would be difficult and the beams spread. I know more than average about electronics.

    Once they have a man in the middle on your internet connection you can be directed to a few ‘counter-culture’ website where you will be educated in the dark mysteries of energy weapons.

    The end result is that you will be walking around talking about energy weapons and everyone will discount what you say. You will be considered crazy. Exactly as Homeland Security intended. Your important info discounted along with their planted nonsense. It works. No matter what you are whistle-blowing\ it is going to be hard to believe when first heard. So anything suggesting you are crazy will sink the real story.

    I noted several people walking around through the years spouting the same story that was unsuccessfully pushed on me. No doubt they once had something important to say. Before they were played.

    Operational Security, that is what it is called.

    • “…and the beams spread. I know more than average about electronics.”

      …but not quite enough. Your homework today is contained in one word: Maser.

      You’re welcome.

  • Well maybe the “Havanna Syndrome” is caused by forcing yourself to beleive, that what you are doing is right and the brain revolting against this unnatural state.
    Wishful thinking, i know…

    • The symptoms are consistent with stress (and a shortcut to a paid vacation!)

  • Pity somebody can’t move it (the cheap plastic toy ray gun!) to Washington. No, wait – it’s there already but the US government doesn’t wants to admit that it doesn’t know what’s going on, and is still very confused.

  • USA … rubbish at reality, aces at illusion.

    • It’s what happens when slaveholding rapists spin a narrative of “liberty and justice for all.”

      • Yours has to be one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. You obviously believe the 1619 Project is real history. Well, you’re wrong.

        • ‍♀️

        • I disagree with you. Other than the obvious fact that your response lacks the proper respect, civility, of and “netiquette,” befitting a forum such as this, I think Ms. Webb’s point is the most valid point, because it gets right the cruz of the matter. The injustices of stealing land from people and people from land, compound the recompences of “reap and sow,” or karma, in such ways that are unrecognizable, especially to those who perceive that they should continue to seek some extent of benefit, while turning a blind eye and deaf ear to injustices, related to the origins of wrong doings, that constantly haunt us like hungry ghost.

          Like moral of Aseop’s Fable of the mouse who was drowned, after he visited the aquatic home of the frog who befriended him: “Start wrong. End wrong.”

          P.S. Since anyone is capable of making a “dumbest comment,” Please try to exercise civility whether you agree or disagree.
          There is more than enough meanness in the world, with out you adding to it. Thanx

      • Thank you for trying to help the commenters to see the connection of the systemic continuation of bad habitual behavior that is affecting current situations and circumstances.

        Bravo to you Young Star. Shine on.

      • This response is intended for you, Ms. Webb.

        Thank you for trying to help the commenters to see the connection of the systemic continuation of bad habitual behavior that is affecting current situations and circumstances.

        Bravo to you Young Star. Shine on.

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