Just a note to my followers and patrons to say I’m sorry I haven’t put out any new articles in the last few days. We’ve been dealing with a bed bug infestation that’s been taking up a lot of my mental energy and I’m just feeling generally uninspired. If I was the sort of writer who deliberately chooses a subject to write about and puts their head down and makes it happen this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but I’ve only ever written from inspiration here so it’s all I really know.

I’ll do some inner rabbit holing, hopefully get rid of the bed bugs, and be back on track shortly. Any surefire tips on getting rid of my tiny new unwelcome housemates would be much appreciated.

Much love and appreciation to you all.


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89 responses to “Writer’s Block”

  1. Hi Caitlin, use heat above 130 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours. Works like a charm.

  2. Why not get rid of unwanted pests the same way the professionals do… see “Havana Syndrome”.

  3. Okay, I’m appalled. Johnston writes brilliant analysis and gets three comments. Bedbugs? 86 and counting.
    Please be careful what you kill, Ms. Johnstone. One of those tiny biting creatures could be Anthony DiMaggio.

  4. Bedbugs are a real pain.
    Check into hotel and hospital grade cleaning supplies, specifically bed spray.
    I am pretty sure that stuff is usually permethrin based (in the u.s.).
    You know, nuke, wash, nuke, wash…
    Might want to hit anything within jumping distance for the little buggers (carpet, headboard, even the wall and baseboards near the bed, etc…).

  5. I am sorry for your bedbugs, I ultimately got rid of them by:
    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuKHsqubCm8
    * Put under each leg of your bed a little dish filled with water and remove the bed from the wall. From then on, I could atleast sleep, and I never was bitten again.

    Good luck, Anutosh

  6. Take a look at this for inspiration. In short, a prominent US imperialist who dispenses with BS about “defending liberalism” or “promoting democracy” and openly writes about rebuilding or retaining the Empire.


    Some snippets:

    Elbridge Colby aims to resolve this ambiguity once and for all: not only should the US defend Taiwan, it must — for the crucial reason that the integrity of the American empire depends on its winning or preventing this looming conflict. As one of the writers of the Trump administration’s 2018 National Defense Strategy

    Stripping away all the accretions of “defending liberalism” or “promoting democracy” with which American politicians are accustomed to shroud their defence of empire, Colby breaks down the raw facts of power to their essentials. Asia is the most important economic sphere in the world, and thus, to maintain its global preeminence, America must maintain hegemony in Asia.

    China must be provoked into initiating any escalation of the conflict, so that it will always appear the aggressor; it must be permitted to strike as indiscriminately as possible (Colby urges the US not to provide potential civilian targets with air defences, reasoning that collateral damage will whip up the public anger against China necessary to winning a war)

  7. I am not that surprised you have writer’s block, because after a while, I think, one has essentially said what can be said about the empire. It lies about everything and is completely cynical about human rights while pretending to care. It is completely cynical about the environment while pretending to care. It is completely cynical about peace and the law while pretending to care. The Democratic establishment pretends to be allied to the left while trying to destroy the left. The empire pretends to want progress and development while using economic hit men against the developing world and creating debt traps. The empire pretends to want democracy while orchestrating fascist coups against nationalist and left wing governments, installing thugs and criminals in power. And of course there is war, over fabrications like Iraq’s WMD’s or the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    One new development is that the Russiagate hoax has been officially exposed, thanks to an FBI investigation. Will the U.S. propaganda machine be able to bury this embarrassment?

  8. I think there is something in what roundball shaman says. I look forward to reading your latest every day – but that is a huge commitment to sustain. I could live if you decided to write less often and give yourself time to breathe.

  9. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “We’ve been dealing with a bed bug infestation that’s been taking up a lot of my mental energy and I’m just feeling generally uninspired.”
    One reason for your feeling ‘uninspired’ is that your recent articles have been about weighty and threatening subjects and that heaviness is lowering your vibrational level. Writing about those kind of subjects is mentally and spiritually draining.
    One way to feel inspired again is to think about ways in which you feel blessed in your life (maybe some ways that you may have been overlooking lately). Things that you are thankful for… that make trudging through all the jungle mess of this World-gone-wrong worth it.
    Sure fire way to elevate your energy and get recharged. And to feel better.
    And as for the bed bugs… it is really more about all those Bed Bugs in positions of power infestation in this World that we really need to find ways to deal with more effectively.


    Hi Caitlin,

    I thought that I had bedbugs years ago, because I felt bites, but never saw a bedbug, and treatments for them (insecticides on floors, baseboards etc.) did not help. After two years, the problem turned out to be rodent mites, an invisible insect-like beast with a large bite. My many treatments (permethrin lice shampoo on skin before showers, ivermectin ingested <9mg, etc) had been only marginally effective.

    The solution for mites was to get rid of mice, squirrels, and chipmunks getting into the attic etc. Traps helped but the only solution that worked was lots of exposed poison, which I refresh every three months or so. I use the Dcon refills with their refillable bait station (the station protects cats but the rodents can't get in either): one must remove the plastic from the bait blocks and place several across a hallway or transit area shown by rodent droppings. I also place large rat traps between the bait blocks at 6-12" spacing, with peanut butter on the trap pedal. This method requires that there be no cats or dogs in the baited area.

    After an infestation, you must boil sheets, blankets, and infected clothing, hang to drip-dry, and launder or dry. Floors and mattresses must be sprayed with insecticide solution (also probably bad for pets) using a garden sprayer rather than aerosol. All upholstery must be covered with plastic sheeting taped closed, and wiped down with insecticide after an infestation. That is why I replace the bait every three months, to avoid the lengthy dreary labor.

    If you have pets and the problem persist, you may have to give them away to solve the problem. They will be carrying mites themselves. Do not give Ivermectin to shepherding dogs (causes brain damage).

    If your problem is bedbugs (you will see them) use on-line advice rather than these measures.
    They are usually picked up in clothing and luggage at hotels.

  11. Hi Caitlin,
    why not use Dan Andrews as your muse and lend your formidable influence to the local protest agains tyranny?
    We can safely angst again American Hedgemony and aggression from a distance but when the chickens come home to roost as they are in Victoria (but in reality it is the test case for the whole country) focussing primarily on the US has been feeling more and more to me to be out of step with my local reality.
    All of that remains important and true, however what is inspiring to me is how locals have begun to gather in increasing numbers to protest and I’m so impressed how peaceful and classy these protests are.
    Will the people be effective?
    Only if more and more of us hold the line of basic human rights.

    1. And another question I would appreciate discussion about: what is this paradox of the seemingly complete absence of the left in the protest against mandates. I’ve been watching in amazement over the months how leftists (loosley categorised in the larger spectrum including liberals) are blindly supporting the vaccination agenda and in so doing fully supporting BIg Pharma.
      But wait a minute I thought one of the basic principles of socialist leftism is anti capitalist, pro individual and collective human rights? What a paradox that our friends on the traditional right are the ones protesting against Big Business control of government.
      I feel concerned that if left leaning citizens do not join with our brothers and sisters in protesting and demanding freedom, regardless of vaccine status, there will not be a full representation of the people. The left has long been “woke” now it is time to wake up. As it currently stands due to our consumer driven confusion of what being socialist means, the western left is becoming more and more visibly aligned with fascism. Personally I feel this is a rare opportunity for unity amongst the people. Getting down to basic human rights regardless of polarised ideology. But in order for this to happen everyone needs to be in the room or on the streets as the case may be.

  12. Really good product for bedbug eradication: Cimexa. It’s a very fine powder and it really works (even better than diatomaceous earth imho).
    (I have no financial interest in this product. Just sharing my experience with you.)
    Easy to find online in the US but not sure if it is available where you are.
    After doing all the cleaning and so forth, you apply it as a deterrent in the cracks of furniture, where the wall meets the floor, etc. I took some old carpet and made 5-inch squares, put one under each bedpost, and put a bunch of Cimexa in the carpet square (where it won’t blow away like if you put it on a hard floor). They cannot crawl through it to get on the bed–it dehydrates them.
    Thank you for your inspired writings, I always learn from them and they are fortifying.

  13. Oh, not the dreaded writers’ block? Relax, eat a few prunes, it will pass. Sculptors’ block can be much worse. It can really get you stumped

  14. Take care of yourself, Caitlin. Peace

  15. Hi Caitlin. Love your work, thanks.
    I’ve had bedbugs in Tasmania. Horrible little tough guys. Best thing i know is diatomaceous earth. Used for lice in poultry; does for human headlice beautifully. Beats the shit out of the corporate products. Vets, rural supplies. Dust the mattress lightly. Once a week. Sheets etc. go in a large rubbish bag with some dust every couple of days, shaken up, left a few hours. Wash normally. In a month you should be home free. Did i say i love your work? hugs

  16. Thanks for letting us know, Caity.
    I was starting to worry about you, knowing how prolific you are!

  17. Coreen R Montagna Avatar
    Coreen R Montagna

    Best of luck with your bed bug issue. Dealt with that once over a decade ago, and the psychological trauma of it still hits me at times. No joke.

  18. Please take care of yourself first, and write when you feel like it. You owe us nothing. I am just so grateful for your wisdom and commitment to a world that works for everyone.

  19. Sending love to you.

  20. Along with the other helpful suggestions offered by your readers, I would add that the trick is to keep the bedbugs from feeding on you and other family members. So isolate all beds (move them away from walls) and rub Vaseline on all bed legs to prevent the little buggers from crawling up to get at you and your loved ones. Before I retired from law practice, I brought suit (still pending) against the administrators of a large federal housing project who ignored a major bedbug infestation for an entire year before starting any (haphazard) treatment. The tenants’ horror stories, having to sleep in nearby ravines, having their babies bitten, etc., are a book in themselves which, alas, I’ve become too old and feeble to write.

  21. Nuke it from space man, its the only way to be sure!

  22. You have received a lot of suggestion to use Diatomaceous earth. I have no idea if that works or not but was told that something similar was a sure kill.

    mix some medium sized grains of sand with 100 proof alcohol and put it a shallow dish where they can get to it. The idea is they will drink the alcohol, get drunk and stone each other to death.

    In case that does not work make sure you retain some of the alcohol for self medication purposes.

    Good luck and this battle will inspire you I’m sure.

  23. Hope you are inspired soon. You are one of the most informative journalists out there, and I love your spirit and writing style. You are sorely missed when not contributing to the narrative, and I just hope you get back into the swing of things, bringing your fists pounding on that keyboard very soon. I have had bedbugs also, and have had everything in the house sprayed- it is a pain in the ass. Write on, comarade.

  24. Tomo Stojanovic Avatar
    Tomo Stojanovic

    When I studied to be a paramedic in Canadistan they taught us that bed bugs can’t survive temperatures above I think 50 C or something like that. So if you close all your doors and windows and increase the temperature that high and keep it that way for a few hours you should be able to kill them
    There are many ways to get rid of them just like with other parasites (banksters etc)

    here they say its 49 C

  25. Bedbugs suuuuuuuuck! It’s like having VD of the house. We used bug sniffing dogs to locate nests, extreme cleaning and high quality steamer to deal with it. Godspeed sister. It was traumatic and I don’t rattle easily.

  26. Caitlin, don’t worry about it and get well soon. The work you turn out is wonderful, amazing and relevant. There is no shortage of shitty things happening in the world and you’ll be there to write about it and I’ll be here to read what you wrote about. Your voice is really important. Thank you for what you do!

  27. Caitlin, iron out the bugs, that is the old way of doing it. It is where the expression came from.
    Place and old damp cloth over the mattress and leave the very hot iron until the cloth is very slightly scorched.
    I spent 30 years in rural Africa, that is how it is done there.

  28. Think you may need to get a new mattress as they are a bugger to get rid of,good luck trying and maybe someone else wil be mor helpful.I would lke to donate but do not do paypal can only donate through a bank.Regards lila.

  29. Put your mattresses / quilts / blankets / pillows / bedding under sunshine from morning till dusk if there is bright sun in your area. After this, just dust away all these items. I hope one day’s sun will be sufficient.

    Best of luck

  30. It makes you even more sympathetic than ever before.

  31. Respecting life is one thing but the difficult bit is to love bedbugs… …and mosquitoes, Plasmodium, Guinea worms, tsetse flies, banksters, paedophiles, plus all the rest of the deleterious inhabitants of this universe as experienced from our ordinary point of view. It’s also been expressed elsewhere as “Love your enemy”. It’s a hard one but I continue trying. When one gets down to it however, I regard the principle of self-defence as sacrosanct and woe betide my assailant. Best of luck Caitlin.

    1. Those little bugs are generally spread by people who aren’t aware that they are doing it. Best thing is to avoid contact by staying home if you can, and listening to trained professionals if you can’t.

      1. I don’t know how much Pharma is paying you, but you’re a terrible shill.

        1. If you ever run into this Pharma lady, please tell her I haven’t been paid yet!

  32. Is it possible the wonderful bug-like avatars assigned to each of your commenters jumped out of your computer and infested your home? That wouldn’t be nice!

  33. I had a nightmarish experience with bedbugs in a Teheran hostel 45 years ago. I feel for what you are going through.

    BTW, what’s up with the reCAPTCHA? Sometimes, it forces me to go through 6 rounds of selections. I think you’re having fun torturing us!


  34. Be careful the diatomaceous earth doesn’t have asbestos…….

  35. Hi Caitlin

    Here (*) you can find soms tips to get rid of the bugs naturally .

    Good luck with operation bugs and your time out: which more than often stimulates creative minds as yours.


  36. Bed bugs are worse than an infestation of dragons.

  37. You have my sympathy, been there. Use diluted bleach on all hard surfaces, floor, walls, ceilings, bed frames,. Scour any of the white-speck eggs away. (It is why old furniture was always stained in dark colours.) Wash the bedlinen, any textile mats, etc @ at least 40, ideally 60 C. Put duvets and pillows through a tumble-dryer. Seal the mattress in plastic or discard, only replace when you’re sure the little buggers have been chased away. Dump any divans, if bugged, there is no remedy. In the meantime sleep in sleeping bags on camping mattresses, washing the bags and bleaching the mattresses often.

    1. Best yet . I think I would clean and wash as much as possible with hot water and then put those pyrethrum smoke bombs around, close all the vents and evacuate your house, moving to some hotel for a night or two where they will welcome you with open arms when you explain your troubles. Also you might get one of those cheap little steamers home renovators use which will not burn your place down like a propane torch when you run it over mattress seams, skirting boards etc., not hot enough to remove the paint just to scald them to death. Diatomaceous earth is no use against sucking insects unless you can get it into your bloodstream.
      A really interesting feature of bedbugs is that the male can penetrate the female anywhere on her body which they do and so the female at any rate gets a taste of what a bedbug infestation is like which reduces the bad karma of the gentler sex somewhat.
      It might be possible to put a flea collar on your dog and bring him or her systemically poisoned against biting insects to sleep in the room. A dog will be pleasantly surprised to be invited in, perhaps even into your bed for a change. They are traditionally welcome on very cold nights and now another possibility. Not called man’s best friend for nothing. Maybe yours won’t be for long. Hope that has been of some help.

  38. Clearly, I think these are CIA bugs. Use this as inspiration. What is the relationship between bed bugs and the CIA? How is it that the US creates infestations of the mind?

  39. Try simply vacuuming the beds frequently – it may is the easiest, cleanest, and possibly the most efficient way to get rid of them.

    1. I meant “it may be” (not “is”). Sorry.

  40. Catlin I see you as somewhat of a one sided friend as I have read your articles consistently for a couple of years. Thanks for speaking what so many of us are thinking.
    I took part in a major Freedom of Choice rally yesterday where many thousands of my fellow Australians also marched. Looking along Border street in Tweed Heads was amazing. It was literally filled with people for over a KM. I have seen huge marches before and there must have been at least 20 thousand people from every walk of life. The few MSM however that did any stories on it covered the story as if there were only a few hundred. Though nearly every person I talked to in the crowd thought that would be the case.
    This willing deception is getting so damn obvious. Its so important that people like yourself with a platform keep denouncing this blatant attempt to distort reality and pointing out the facts.
    Keep up the wonderful work and I hope the writers block leaves you sooner rather than later. We need your ilk more than ever.

  41. yes. Bed birds.

  42. This is supposed to work on bed bugs. I think you set up a perimeter and when they cross it, they cease to be. I thought I had them once, used a lot of this, and it was pretty messy, but I’m not sure if I even had them in the first place! Bed Bug Paranoia I guess.


  43. Itching, bleeding ankles suck. Much love to you and Tim.

  44. HA, the imagery is priceless! Fighting an invisible enemy…
    I am encouraged however, that you are self-directing as importances change. Making yourself pRiMaRy is an absolute must. Periods of compression are when some of my greatest internal work takes place.

    1. As a very wise friend told me recently, I am clearing away debris for the next big push.

  45. “MITE FEAR” aerosol spray from Thailand. Probably kills Covid-19 also..

    Write about what OCCULTED MEANING there might be regarding the BUG infestation. Where, what.. how do they behave? What do they consume. Is there a psychic corollary to operation of HOW The Law of Thought is playing out in natural surroundings; and notice how it /they are ROBBING your divinity of your NATURAL MULTI LEVEL ABILITY TO THINK. ‘What’ kind of intruding “elemental stuff” have they injected into the recesses of your mind in order to perpetrate the inability you’re experiencing.

    1. Whoa Despina! They are simply another species trying to thrive in our environment. It is not very complicated.

  47. It’s cool! We have a chance to catch up on your stuff that we missed. It is a brilliant idea to have Tim reading your essays for the podcast. His presentation rocks, according to 3 people who have volunteered this info to me recently, and that’s my impression as well. I’m an old man with a BA and MA in English, so I’ve definitely done a plenty of reading in my life, and I know that you are among the very top writers in the world today. Also, you are super quotable. It’s amazing how many killer lines you write that end up in my lifelong quote collection.

  48. I understand your need to take some time away. I appreciate all you’ve written so far, and hope that you’ll be writing again when you are able and willing. I have often worried about you burning yourself out. We’ll be happy to read your writings when and if you’re ready.

  49. Carcinogenic petrochemicals are quite effective on bedbugs, and everything else alive.

  50. Totally understandable.

    I commit to do 1000 words a week myself https://chasingthesquirrel.com/. Like your writing, it is a different kind of writing than the writing of this simple comment.

    This week I wrote about the Deere & Co. Strike.

    We write enough so we have no trouble actually writing. The skill is there. Finding the inspiration to serve an audience with something that will grab their attention and move progressive awareness forward. That is hard.

  51. You deserve a break anytime you want or need it for whatever reason, girl!

    Be well and prosper!

  52. Caitlin, bed bugs are introduced in the seams of clothing and luggage usually picked from infected source whilst visiting or travelling. Overnight accommodation is usually a source. They lay eggs in your clothing ect a nd you bring them home and the warm temp allows them to hatch and infest your home. All your bedding needs to be washed in HOT water allowed to dry in the sun. Mattress a lso needs exposure to lots of full sunshine. These days you can buy smoke bombs placed SAFELY in rooms and activated killing all mature bugs in the rooms and leave residue to kill large when eggs hatch. In another life I used to be pest exterminator so its not as if I haven’t got experience dealing with these critters. Hope you get on top of them soon.

  53. Caitlin, bed bugs or not, I think you are admirable for having the strength to battle day after day against the monster known as U.S. Empire. Having gained, mostly by geographical accident, the status of the most powerful nation the world had ever known, the U.S. has chosen to abuse its power for the enrichment of the 1% rather than to benefit the people. To accomplish this evil mission, it has slaughter millions of innocent people, wrecked the environment and caused more pain and suffering than the world has ever known. I think you can be forgiven for needing to take a break from the depressing and exhausting task of informing the people about these terrible developments, which continue unabated. For example, the U.S. just delivered, predictably, a word salad rather than any substance at COP26. What a surprise! As Greta Thunberg said, more “…blah. blah, blah”. Take a break. Get well. Best regards.

  54. have you tried diatomaceous earth?

  55. No need to apologize — thanks for letting us know.

    You’re awesome!

    Good luck with the debugging. Sleep tight.

  56. Every chance you get with humidity 40-45% or better well below (ie in winter below freezing temps) air all bedding. Mites die and do not breed in low humidity. Bedding should be aired after use so avoid the temptation to immediately make the bed up locking in all the moisture – keeps the critters out.
    In desperation get a good ozone generator, point it up (ozone is heavier than air) and close the room with ALL biological life you want ot live, including yourself OUT of it. Do this with the matteess and pilow fully uncovered.
    Air the room fully before using nit again and minimize your time in the room before this to only shutting off the Ozone machine. Should destroy the bugs without chemicals.

  57. maybe some food-grade diatomaceous earth?

  58. William T Conklin Avatar
    William T Conklin

    Well, Bed Bugs are a big problem. Get inspired to do some research and write some articles about the World’s Bed Bug problem which is worse than Sars-Cov 2

  59. Sending you some energy right now. Keep up the good work.

  60. Bed Bugs–surely one of the worse scourges to affect us humans. In the past I have suggested an enzyme based products that gets sprayed in every crevice and joint of the bed and the room. I am sure you have removed all linens and washed in hot water. The bed frame must be treated meticulously.

    The enzyme based product that I get is called Safe Solutions and is special ordered. Not being in the US you might look to see what similar product is available to you. The one I use has enzymes, peppermint, a bit of detergent and a 4th natural ingredient which I forget. So it is not toxic to use and peppermint is real peppermint so it smells great and is quite medicinal.

    Good luck

  61. Bedbug riddance advice – persistence in cleaning, especially bed linens in high heat. Wrap matress and pillows in bedbug sealing plastic protectors.

    Be well.

  62. Diatomaceous earth is a soft powder, get organic.
    works for all insects. It gets in their intestines and skin and kills them.
    I use for fleas and garden insects.

    1. Deborah Armstrong Avatar
      Deborah Armstrong

      Yes, we used it for fleas one summer and it worked well! Takes time but definitely works!

  63. I’d take bedbugs over capitalists any day!

    1. Ain’t fair to subsistence parasites. But, yeah I’d rather read Ms Caitlin’s travails with soulless, dead-eyed, blood sucking Kleptocrats; since bed bugs aren’t actually poisonous or lethal and try to hide, instead of buying all media to brag all about their crimes & we’re not allowed to freeze them!

  64. Deborah Armstrong Avatar
    Deborah Armstrong

    OMG, bedbugs are so hard to get rid of! I don’t blame you at all for not writing! Any idea where they came from? Hope you can notify whoever owns the place they came from! Take as much time as you need and deal with the bedbugs first! Your writing will be there when you get back! Love you, Caity!

  65. We used diatomaceous (sp?) earth in all the cracks and places where they might enter (probably our neighbor’s apartment) and I think leaving the lights on all night and keeping it cool No sprays or poisons. I sleep on a pad on the floor to keep my back from aching and I remember sprinkling a bit of the diatom powder around me when I went to bed. It took awhile but they have not come back and it’s been over 2 years. The neighbors seem to have fewer visitors so that helps.

  66. Caitlin
    Get strong source of heat, like several electric or propane heaters and bring the temp up in the room to around 140 farenhiet ,hotter than you can stand, for 3 or 4 hours, then you can air it out, do a good flogging vacuum cleanup. It’ll kill em. Think die capitalist pig.

  67. I will be waiting for you next article with bated breath

  68. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS & RESTLESS DAYS. I feel sympathy regarding the bedbug infestation.

    A steamer or a spray bottle with water and hair dryer will help. The other suggestions are excellent too.

    Dealing with bedbugs is like fighting the Invisible Man.

  69. Not a problem, Caitlin… just don’t post any pictures or we’ll all be scratching.

  70. I’m sorry about the bugs. I have had them twice. After having pest control spray and washing then bagging the clean laundry, I sprinkled food grade diatomaceous earth around the edges of the room. It will cut them if they are still hiding out and crawl through it.

    You’re the best. Thank you for your work.

    1. Yes food grade diatomaceous earth should work.

      Wishing you the best.

  71. Considering the copious amount you typically produce – as well as your uninvited guests – you deserve a break. I’m such a fan, I’d be satisfied with even a weekly report from this wicked world.

    1. Hear, hear, Caitlin does the job of 100 – no, far more than 100 – other journalists and every break is deserved! It’s great to see her wisdom on RT every now and again, and I hope there are many other outlets that take advantage of her generosity and activism.

  72. Leigh Stone-Herbert Avatar
    Leigh Stone-Herbert

    Bedbugs cannot tolerate Ti Tree Oil even in significant dilution.
    Take the mattresses and pillows outside and spray them with a simple household hand spray, generously but not obsessively, in full Sun with a mild solution of TTO and let the oil, heat and UV do their thing for a few hours. Then vacuum.
    The lingering aroma can be challenging for a few days, but that’s got to be better than the bugs!
    Works on leeches and ticks too. (On the body, not the mattress!)

  73. I’m sure the metaphorical possibilities of bedbugs and politics have already occurred to you.

  74. Keep the truth coming

    1. Wow, so pleased to see all the love and support expressed for you here Caitlin.

      I’ve only been following you for a few weeks but I really appreciate the clarity forcefulness of what you write.

      You need a rest, and these people will all still be here when you bounce back.

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