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60 Minutes Australia has churned out yet another fearmongering war propaganda piece on China, this one so ham-fisted in its call to beef up military spending that it goes so far as to run a brazen advertisement for an actual Australian weapons manufacturer disguised as news reporting.

This round of psychological conformity-making features Australian former major general Jim “The Butcher of Fallujah” Molan saying that in three to ten years a war will be fought against China over Taiwan and that Australians are going to have to fight in that war to prevent a future Chinese invasion of the land down under. He argues Australia will need to greatly increase its military spending in order to accomplish this, because it can’t be certain the United States will protect it from Chinese aggression.

“Australia is monstrously vulnerable at the moment; we have this naive faith that American military power is infinite, and it’s not,” says Molan, who is a contributor to government/arms industry-funded think tanks Lowy Institute and Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Decrying what he calls “panda huggers” (meaning people who aren’t China hawks), Molan claims that “the Chinese Communist Party’s aim is to be dominant in this region and perhaps dominant in the world.” Asked when war might break out, he claims “Given the power that they have in their military they could act any time from now on, and that’s what frightens me more than anything.”

“The next war is not going to be ten or twenty years away, it’s going to be in the next three to ten years,” Molan asserts. “My estimate is that in a serious fight the Australian Defense Force only has enough missiles for days. This is not going to be resolved in days. And of course we’re not big enough. We should expand the defense force significantly… We should fund defense now based on our assessment of the national security strategy which is based on the war that we want to win.”

“In short do you think Australia needs to prepare for war tomorrow?” the interviewer asks Molan.

“Absolutely,” he replies.

Molan makes the ridiculous argument that if Australia does not to commit to defending Taiwan from the mainland then it won’t be long before they can expect a Chinese invasion at home, as though there’s any line that could be drawn between the resolution to a decades-old Chinese civil war and China deciding to invade a random continent full of white foreigners thousands of miles away.

“Suppose we said okay Taiwan you’re on your own up there and the Chinese snapped it up, and the Chinese started looking around the world and they might snap up other liberal democracies like Australia,” Molan argues. “And we might then turn to America and say America well could you give us a bit of a hand here? And the Americans might say what we said to Taiwan. Where do you draw the line? This situation that is developing now is an existential threat to Australia as a liberal democracy.”

Incredibly, the 60 Minutes segment then plunges into several minutes of blatant advertising for Australian defense technology company Defendtex which manufactures weaponized drones designed to be used in clusters, saying such systems could handily be used to defeat China militarily in a cost-effective manner.

The segment also promotes bare-faced lies which have become commonplace in anti-China propaganda, repeating the false claim that Chinese fighter planes have been “breaching Taiwanese airspace” and repeating a mistranslation of comments by Xi Jinping which it used in a previous anti-China segment made to sound more aggressive than they actually were.

This segment follows a cartoonishly hysterical fear porn piece on China put out by the same program this past September which featured Australian Strategic Policy Institute ghouls insisting that Australians must be prepared to fight and die in defense of Taiwan and that a Chinese invasion of Australia is a very real threat. That 60 Minutes segment was preceded by an equally crazy one in May which branded New Zealand “New Xi-Land” for refusing to perfectly align with US dictates on one small foreign policy issue.

To be perfectly clear, there is no evidence of any kind that China will ever have any interest in an unprovoked attack on Australia, much less an invasion, and attempts to tie that imaginary nonsense threat to Beijing’s interest in an island right off its coast which calls itself the Republic of China are absurd.

As we’ve discussed previously, anyone who’d support entering into a war against China over Taiwan is a crazy idiot. In the unfortunate event that tensions between Beijing and Taipei cannot be resolved peacefully in the future there is no justification whatsoever for the US and its allies to enter into a world war between nuclear powers to determine who governs Taiwan. The cost-to-benefit ratio in a conflict which would easily kill tens of millions and could lead to the deaths of billions if it goes nuclear makes such a war very, very, very far from being worth entering into, especially since there’s no actual evidence that Beijing has any interest in attacking nations it doesn’t see as Chinese territory.

There’s so much propaganda going toward generating China hysteria in westerners generally and Australians in particular, and it’s been depressingly successful toward that end. Watching these mass-scale psyops take control of people’s minds one after another has been like watching a zombie outbreak in real time; people’s critical thinking faculties just fall out their ears and then all of a sudden they’re all about cranking up military spending and sending other people’s kids off to die defending US interests in some island.

Please don’t become a zombie. Keep your brain. Stay conscious.


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56 responses to “Australian War Propaganda Keeps Getting Crazier”

  1. Here is and idea for you Auzzies. Declare yourself neutral. In a war between China and the US, Australia only offers a geographical advantage to the US. Alignment with the US puts a target on your back. Alignment with China does the same. So declare yourself neutral and gain the economic advantages of not spending vast sums on defense, instead build your infrastructure, and maximize the benefits of your natural resources and neutral trade status with both countries. An all out war with China is not likely to happen anyway, it will be a proxy war, most likely designed to be long and drawn out to maximize war profiteering. Place yourself above the fray.

    1. Another idea – put it about nationally that Molan and the rest of the warmongers are really China assets – they work for China by promoting war plans to bankrupt Australia to weaken it.

  2. GPPP = Global Fascism Avatar
    GPPP = Global Fascism

    C’mon, China. Take your neoliberalism vaccine. All the other nations got and are doing – well, that doesn’t matter. The point is to unite for the greater good and all.

    Number one rule of neoliberalism is you open up your country to Western financial parasites or face the wrath.

    This was done by an Aussie doctor, very well I might add:

    The COVID-19 Fraud & War On Humanity (Part 1)

  3. Back in the 60’s there was a very old photograph in one of my college textbooks–either sociology or anthropology–depicting the last three surviving native Tazmanians, before that people went extinct in the clash of cultures between them and the Europeans who colonised their land. Present day Australians have about as much of a chance going mano a mano against the mainland Chinese as those Tazmanians had going against the Ozzies’ great great grandparents. Even the mighty United Fools of America would do no better than a draw against the 1.5 billion Chinese with nuclear weapons and carrier-killing hypersonic missiles. More likely America would suffer a sudden precipitous population drop leaving a plethora of fixer-upper properties on the market. Best you excitable fellas stay home, put a few “shrimp” on those barbies and pop open mass quantities of those 25-oz Foster’s your country is so famous for. Leave the suicidal hubris to the Yanks. We’ve perfected the process.

  4. Caitlin,
    “In the unfortunate event that tensions between Beijing and Taipei cannot be resolved peacefully in the future there is no justification whatsoever for the US and its allies to enter into a world war between nuclear powers to determine who governs Taiwan”
    I made this same error for years. I live between Taiwan and India, both countries which claim Chinese aggression, so I did not see it.
    If WWIII happens involving the US-aligned interests, they may say “it’s about Taiwan.” Or the semiconductors or etc. But it isn’t. That is a distraction for the people who cannot be fooled that the US would go to war over genocide of Uighers.
    There is Zero possibility of war over Taiwan. Plenty of possibility of war and telling people it’s about Taiwan.
    In realty It will be due to a misstep somewhere in the typical dance of appearing to tie ones own hands while calling bluffs of the other party. Someone will have sent a message indicating their incapability of backing down, while insulating themselves through a series of messengers. Meanwhile someone else will have done the same thing and it will be too late as “credibility” has to be
    Maintained. Something will get leaked that the public shouldn’t know, maybe through a well-meaning liberal such as Assange, and the game of chicken will escalate.
    Or some variation of the above. In a resource competitive situation, this is how nations and businesses have played their dice games with the lives of little people for as long as anyone knows.
    And Millions will die.
    And stories about “why” will get told. But it will really be for territory and money and resources in the ground and control of hearts and minds and destinies and narratives and peoples whole imagination of what is possible and who they are.
    Jonathan Pratt

    1. That’s very well said. And though in a better world we might actually approve of a re-unification, in this one it will mean disaster for millions of Taiwanese who don’t wish to be imprisoned, re-educated and exploited by the Han who aren’t much liked on the mainland or anywhere else. I asked a friend who has spent years paying off her home by teaching English over there about the inscrutable oriental myth when in fact they are a very mercurial people and you always know how they feel.
      “They aren’t hiding anything. The truth is that they just don’t give a shit.”
      You only have to look at the places they live, empathy, civic pride etc. generally stops at the door. We exported thousands of pure bred dairy heifers over to help start their industry which pretty much failed. Sorry but pecuniary interest is the least important part of livestock management.

  5. Caitoz always comes up with topics that are impossible to ignore. The five eyes countries are cranking up this fight with China and Russia at the same time. The Europeans seem less interested in going along with this.

    I doubt if the east and south Asian countries are going to go along with it at all. But it will be an interesting mental exercise, thought experiment, to consider how all this would play out.

    The Eurasian powers would beat the shit out of the Atlanticists. The USA and its Atlanticist allies could impose a distant blockade on China and shut down its maritime trade. That would be hugely damaging to the world economy and especially to the USA itself. It would totally destroy the Australian Economy. It would have somewhat less effect on the European and Canadian economies.

    I think the consequences of the war would lead to the rapid collapse of the regimes in these countries. Nuclear panic, followed by economic collapse, followed by collapse of political control. The question will be, will there be political forces on the ground in these countries able to get their shit together and take control when the regimes of these countries become unable to rule?

    No surprise about the initial effectiveness of the Atlanticist’s war propaganda. As one of the Nazis propagandists, Fanny Reifenstuhl, said; “Propaganda always works if it allowed.” It’s the same way as with the ‘herd immunity’ approach to anticovid measures; if they cannot be silenced they will get their way.

    The only way to head off the war is a massive reaction in these countries against the war propaganda. The aim must be to silence it, remove the militarist agents from office and jail them, and prevent intelligence services from operating on the public again.

    This is going to be almost impossible to do before serious conflict and disruption develops. People are still hung up on the idea they are living in an actual democracy and that ‘reason’ will prevail. When a critical mass of the population gets that idea out of their heads and realizes the consequences of the war mongering, things will become possible.

    I still do not think the Anglo-Atlanticist powers are really that stupid. I think they will back away from it when it gets to the crunch.

    I am also puzzled as to why China needs to ‘invade’ Taiwan. They could cut off its Maritime trade at any time and bring the Taiwan economy to a halt. There is nothing the USA and friends could do about it.

    To conclude, I think it would be very hard for the Atlanticist powers to actually get a war going. I think their attempts would fall flat and lead to panic at home. Nobody is going to invite an attack from China or Russia knowing the Atlantics will not be able to protect them.

    China is near. The USA is far. Remember, oh Australians.

  6. Panda huggers unite!

  7. This all so insane, I just have nothing to say. You can’t use rational thinking with people who are completely irrational (unreasonable).
    What is happening in the world? Is it something in the drinking water? I’m simply aghast.

  8. Yeah? C’mon then China… give it a go. All we have to do is withdraw into Mother Australia and wait for the wet season. As for roads. Five road trains will block anything the Chinese put up. Try contesting right-of-way with a road train on those single lane ‘main’ roads in the top end. It will go badly.
    We don’t need subs. All we have to do is pretend that we have. Send out false signals directing non-existent subs and watch the PLA Navy go berserk trying to locate them. Stealth indeed! Dunno what to do with the F-35’s though. Maybe GIVE them to the PLA Air Force?

  9. so many years later, and still the islands of Quemoy and Matsu are topical as the US tries to control events in southeast asia. and nowdays the US isn’t the only nuclear power.

  10. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    All we have to do is realize that everything the United States accuses China and Russia of doing are actually things that the United States is doing. Everything. The only aggressor nation is the United States. The provocateur is the United States. Aways has been, at least since World War One. The propaganda machine in the U.S. is so powerful that the majority of people who get their information solely from mainstream media believe everything they are told to believe. We must wean people off of MSM and get them to look at reporting that tells the truth. We must never stop doing this. Thank you, Caitlin, for being one of the truth tellers.

    1. Not World War One, World War Two. Otherwise, everything you say is true.

    2. Like this for instance?
      Since you talk about science down below, have you ever read that the very inventor of the PCR tests, Kary Mullis, said they were not a diagnosis tool, that the flu season has typically started in October and that what is being sold as new Covid cases are seasonal flu (which has magically disappeared from the statistics), that this is good for selling boosters and that your friends in Big Pharma have been shameless liars for as far as one can remember?. Pfizer was even fined $2,3 billion for it in 2009.
      And what about this?
      And all you can think about is insulting the people who point it out. You’re such a joke! Except of course that your cantankerous tone is not funny.

  11. Clarity Translation: “So hey, just to inform you, we are going to have a war with China – which will most assuredly escalate into a world war, with nuclear weapon blasts taking place all over the planet.” And further, “Hey, again, we can also assure you that we will make this happen.” Reverse Translation: “The [U.S. power structure’s] aim is to be dominant in this region and [to continue being] dominant in the world.” “Given the power that [we] have in [our coordinated] military [we] could act any time from now on, and that’s [how we are trying to frighten them] more than anything.” In short, “Not even a thousand nuclear clouds will stop us.” Ask yourselves, “Are you with us, or against us?”

  12. It is crazy and thank you Caitlin Johnstone for saying so, so many times!

    I think if looked at closely and honestly, the only reason that anyone could really believe that China would invade Australia is racism. I believe it is racist thoughts about Chinese people that makes us vulnerable to believing such murderous propaganda.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      The old “yellow peril” paranoia.

  13. Exactly. I remember discussing this with my father in 1965 (I was 19). He was very unhappy with my opposition to the war in Vietnam, and said that “If we don’t stop the Chinese in Vietnam, we’re going to have to stop them in Darwin”. Plus ca change, eh? (in Australia, anyway).

  14. The real problem is not that the media allow people who obviously belong to loony bins to talk in the mic after taking off their straitjackets because their main sponsors call for it but it is that the average asshole believes their nonsense. Seeing how people peddle that kind of preposterous bullshit in comment sections all over the joint (and they can’t all be Five Eyes e-spooks) out of the same sheer paranoia that drives this general’s babble is downright creepy.
    Anyway, he should go and meet with the Pope who’s on the Great Reset bandwagon with Prince Charles, Karl Schwab, Bill Gates and the crème de la crème of Wall Street and peddles the notion, between two jabs, that their world-saving revolution will stop the arms race dead in its track and allow people to live in peace ever after.
    These nutters should definitely get their acts together if they want to retain any semblance of credibility :o)

  15. Australia is a “liberal democracy”? LOL You’re being ruled and destroyed by vaccinazis.

    1. As an oldie I couldn’t wait to get a double vax. but of course I had to. Perhaps there was a 1 in 20 thousand chance it might have killed me, but my cousin of the same age who had both AND got sick says the disease almost killed her and still she can’t think straight or work much. I would have taken the odds just to avoid a week in bed.
      The story about you antivaxxers I love best occurred in an Ontario Christian community. They were God’s chosen and were free to put their faith in Him and refused to get vaccinated against polio. For their foolish pride He struck them all down, about a quarter died and the rest were stricken for life with crooked legs and such. Did you know about a third of Europe perished to Bubonic plague? Just as well, we would be looking back by now on economic and climate collapse. I had that shot once and was unwell for a day, they only had nosegays, faith, bird masks and miasma avoidance and would have killed for my shot. Maybe you’ll give covid to your mum and have something to think about for the rest of your life, nothing else seems to work.

      1. Are you a Big Pharma shill or are you really unaware that the vaccinated can just as well pass on the disease since the pseudo-vaccine doesn’t stop transmission according to Bill Gates himself?
        In which latter case, you should perhaps consider spending less time writing and more time reading :o)

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          Are you a science denier or just an immature idiot?

          1. You’d better stick to what you’re good at: repeating endlessly that you read the World Socialist Web Site every day, calling for a socialist revolution and praying to Marx and angels. You don’t sound like you have the brain to discuss science.

      2. The vaccine does not prevent Covid, or being a transmitter of Covid. It simply reduces symptoms of Covid, if you catch it. I have seen no claims that it does anything to prevent or reduce forever Covid.

        Asking questions and wanting accurate information does not make one anti-anything.

        There are legitimate practical reasons to get the vaccine. And also legitimate, practical reasons to NOT get the vaccine. We should respect other people enough to let them make their own decision about the vaccine.

      3. Wow! Got out of the wrong side of bed? A thoroughly funny bit of nonsense – get your tongue out of your cheek.

      4. GEORGE SMILEY: There is a world of difference between the polio vaccine and the one for Covid. It’s not a valid analogy.

        1. Exactly! The polio vaccine was NOT an experimental mRNA gene therapy that doesn’t give you immunity to the disease. The polio and other vaccines give you immunity, generally for life. The Covid jab does NOT, period. And there’s even a name for the vaccinated who get Covid: “breakthrough cases”. Couldn’t get clearer than that!

          1. Replying to all my fan club. I am a physics grad, qualified science teacher, environmental activist, self-taught engineer and gambler which is to say I always study the odds above hope or belief. The polio vaccine had a much more checkered career than you imagine, like the Cutter incident where hundreds were sickened and 10 died due to the licensee failing to properly inactivate the live virus with formaldehyde. Later the strange mystery of the Salk people’s massive obsession with AIDS has been solved. It turned out that a whole generation of school kids including me who got that purple sweet oral vaccine were inadvertently exposed to a similar simian retrovirus nobody knew about at the time but it had been in the monkey kidneys it was grown in. It didn’t bother us a bit, maybe just not yet but if there had been a million hysterics with internet access I am sure there would have been a lot more of us still doddering along in our wheelchairs.
            And I am also aware that I can pass Covid on if I get it just that it will be mild and I will be very unlikely to die or experience post-covid difficulties and I promise to always wear a mask in the street and avoid meeting places where someone might pass it to me or vice versa. You weigh the risks and make your informed choice. I like 1:20000 better than 1:100

      5. The thing I love best about Covidianity and its cultists is that they always respond to factual assertions with anecdotes and personal attacks instead of factual counter-assertions.
        Sagan said that statements not subject to disproof are worthless for distinguishing reality from fantasy.
        I remember when the whole internet lit up with the rumor that the new coronavirus was layin’ ’em dead in the streets in Wuhan, complete with fake pictures of Chinese in hazmat suits standing over a supine actor on a sidewalk. I remember folks crying because Covid was going to kill every pet in America.
        A factual assertion sounds like this– “Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, not one healthy child under 12 has died of Covid-19 in the US.”
        See, that is substantive, and declares a certain thing to be true. It would be simple to go look up the medical evidence on the CDC site and disprove it. If it were false, that is.
        Running directly away from rational discussion while bleating over your shoulder some rumor not subject to verification (“Whole families are dying!) is cult behavior from the textbook. Pointing this out is, of course, the Mark Of The Devil, and next comes the personal assault, followed by a review of the speaker’s heroic personal history in outline, followed by trotting out the nasty labels meaning No Need to Think About This!
        If your loved one exhibits these symptoms, an intervention may be in order. Just don’t expect their heads to look or smell all that great once they are plucked out.

    2. I noticed that discrepancy too. “Australia…a liberal democracy”?

  16. Relax, Australia. The world’s oil-based economy is in it’s twilight days, and the seas are too wide for a global empire to exist without oil. For better or worse, Australia is going to have to get by without help from China.

  17. Quote, “major general Jim “The Butcher of Fallujah” Molan saying that in three to ten years a war will be fought against China over Taiwan and that Australians are going to have to fight in that war to prevent a future Chinese invasion of the land down under.” Unquote. Really had to laugh when I read this clap trap, but hey on the serious side, thousands of Australians swallowed this line, hook, sinker in the late 60’s and 70’s, when we were told EXACTLY THE SAME THING about the Vietnamese, who were also ALLEGEDLY poised to INVADE Australia, and turn us all into Communists, thus we had to introduce Conscription and force young Australians to go to this foreign land and butcher it’s INNOCENT peoples who (A) had no idea Australia even existed, and (B) didn’t have any Navy to speak of either, so how they were expected to invade Australia was never clarified. But then NONE of this is about facts or truth, it’s all about scaring the beejeezus out of Australians to make them COMPLY with the demands of the Government and it’s MASTERS in the Whitehouse. How this guy connects a Taiwanese/Chinese issue, into an Australian invasion is beyond my capacity to work out, but then very few folks will even try to work it out, they’ll just take it on board and accept it as legit. B.T.W. today I received an email from from Tasmanian M.P. asking for my views on the Federal Govt introducing legislation to appoint a Coroner to investigate the suicides of Australian Military, serving and discharged members, instead of a proper enquiry, and here we have the above, mouthing off to sacrifice more Australians to enrichen himself from the armaments industry. INCREDIBLE !

    1. Which is probably why Georges Clémenceau said that war is too serious a matter to leave it to the military.
      Military intelligence is code for acute warmongering psychopathy :o)

    2. Exactly. I remember discussing this with my father in 1965 (I was 19). He was very unhappy with my opposition to the war in Vietnam, and said that “If we don’t stop the Chinese in Vietnam, we’re going to have to stop them in Darwin”. Plus ca change, eh? (in Australia, anyway).

      1. In the 60s in France, we had to live with the threat of the Yellow Peril, with the Chinese about to invade the West and establish a communist dictatorship until a guy called Jean Yanne made a comedy movie about it called Les Chinois à Paris to take the mickey out of this paranoia and that put an end to it. The media had to find something else to terrorize folks into buying their shit :o)

    3. Nearly 2 years to the day that 60 Minutes shows another China – Australia connection.
      They won’t just be coming from the north east.

  18. I know nothing about Australia. Is Morrison popular? If so, why? Is he a clever tyrant or a witless dipstick?

    1. Most definately the later.

    2. Morrison’s just another corporate pawn, a royalist, a Bible thumper, slippery as an eel when under pressure and a master of expedience.
      Sound familiar Tim?

  19. It is simple: (a) make the people fear of the new bogyman (China), (b) have them pay ($$$$) for new extraordinary weapons, (c) take royalty ($$$) from the manufacturers and drop it into your own pockets, (d) laugh like crazy (with or without your Chinese concubine). I just hope Xi understands the joke and disregards it.

  20. When was it not crazy Caitlin?
    Billy Hughes, Menzies, Gorton, McMahon, Fraser, Hawke, Howard (the slimiest) Abbott, Gillard, Turnbull and Morrison.
    If that’s not a list of UK and US lickspittlers and arselickers, I don’t know what is.
    As for Gough, well, they sorted him out quick smart.
    Anyway, why would the Chinese bother, they won the economic war years ago.

  21. Just to start with: Australia is no “liberal democracy” any more.

  22. If only China did want to invade Australia. Then maybe they’d get a high speed rail, some decent infrastructure and agriculture. The only ‘existential threat’ that China poses to the US white supremacist imperial power and its lapdog hangers-on like Australia is that it is and will continue to overpower them economically.
    It’s a very good thing that China is arming itself properly because the Chinese revolution has been in US crosshairs since 1949 and now the crumbling empire is frantic because its military ‘might’ has been shown to be seriously wanting and it has no economic power to back up its military ambitions. The sooner China takes Taiwan the better, and the sooner it takes over Hong Kong the better.
    Nothing puts paid to all this Australian anti-China warmongering than the great parody clip from Utopia (see here in one of Daniel Dumbrill’s excellent pieces, starting at 10.23:
    Beside the mind-boggling pace of China’s modernisation, its belt-and-road initiative is one of the few exciting things happening in this dreary, oppressive world of 21st century imperial decay. Nothing could be better than seeing Central Asian, African and all the other countries involved modernise far beyond the bounds that the imperialists would ever allow. Thus it’s not only China that’s the ‘existential threat’ to the imperialists but the threat of their prey getting out from under their jackboot. Defend China from imperialist attacks and counterrevolution!

    1. There’s a reason, the U.S. set foot in Africa and established bases there. And it was not to support freedom and democracy, rest assured.

  23. China attacking Taiwan? About zero chance. It’s not their style. Plus most Taiwanese businessmen have mistresses on the mainland. They’ve attacked no one but former parts of China. The border disputes with India are just that and the skirmishes with Viet Nam involved no acquisition of territory, whoring of the women, stealing goods, laying land mines or raining Agent Orange on their women and children.

    1. Truer words have never been spoken.

  24. On China “ East Asia is our enemy, East Asia has always been our enemy”
    On Japan “East Asia is our friend, East Asia has always been our friend”
    Orwell lives on

    1. Like that Orwellian stuff. When the pigs started walking on their hind legs.
      Four legs good, two legs now better . And when the animals looked in the window the two sides had blurred and they really couldn’t tell…… US Imperialism bad, Japanese Imperialism bad; the Co-prosperity Sphere existed to ship the wealth of SE Asia back to the home islands at the point of a bayonet. At least the CPS didn’t have to endure chintzy hardware from Bunnings. But Belt and Road good, the same general crap goes everywhere without bayonets yet except for SinJiang and Tibet (always known as the ‘Western Treasure House’) and now Myanmar is a bloodbath for the same natural resources the Japanese wanted plus sandalwood, bear bile, elephant tusks, rhino horn and pangolin scales, with debt traps to grab fisheries and other resources from Pacific Island nations. And yes we in Australia are paranoid, always some traitor eager to sell the Port of Darwin to the CCP or the top half of Tasmania to a window blind billionaire. They don’t have to invade. It’s about ‘making jobs’ for dumdums and for that we sell our daughters and grandmothers to whoever darkens our door. That we can do this unimpeded is what we mean by our Liberal Democracy.
      I really loved Hong Kong . It was the most exciting secure, open and wonderful…Wasn’t there some kind of agreement about Hong Kong and why did those people spend the last thirty years desperately trying to set up elsewhere when they could have joined the CCP princelings (sons and daughters of important communists) who came to own so much thanks to loans on demand, bugger all collateral? Who Xi is now cracking down on if you call infiltrating party idealogues onto the board of Ali Baba as it plunges toward recession along with the values of ghost city real estate pissing off so many wannabe capitalists (small investors meaning everyone) which is why Xi must have a foreign triumph if he is to survive. Fill in the blank. ‘We are at war with… we have always been…’

  25. Preaching to the converted in our own little echo chamber. Just read the evidence about the 100% fabricated ‘Havana Syndrome’ inseminated into US media. We’re a canoe trying to divert an ocean liner. Sorry Caitlin, I love you, but feeling syndical tonight.

  26. Preaching to the concerted in our little echo chamber. Just reviewed the evidence about the 100% CIA fabricated ‘Havana Syndrome’ inseminated into US media. We’re a canoe trying to divert an oven liner. Sorry, I love you Caitlin, but feeling cynical tonight.

  27. Preaching to the converted in our little echo chamber. Just read the evidence about the 100% CIA fabricated ‘Havana Syndrome’ that was inseminated into the media. We’re a canoe trying to divert an oven liner. Sorry, I love you Caitlin, but feeling cynical tonight.

    1. Tad echoish (x3) there Stuart.

      1. Alcohol related:)

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