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The US and its allies feigned impartiality on the conflict in Ethiopia this whole time and then someone literally just recorded a Zoom conference of western diplomatic insiders casually chatting about wanting the TPLF to topple the sitting government and leaked the video.

“Should the US and its allies intervene militarily in-”

No. The answer is no. The answer is always no. As evidenced by generations of unbroken history in the modern world. How fucking hard is that?

Issues that make sense to focus on a lot:

  • Our imminent doom via nuclear war or environmental collapse
  • Imperialism
  • Dystopian authoritarianism
  • Abuses of capitalism

Issues that don’t make sense to focus on a lot:

  • Electoral politics
  • Society getting “too woke”
  • Social media feuds

“Eww China has reeducation camps, can you believe that? Imagine, a program for systematically changing the thoughts people think to make them obedient. It’s so creepy and Orwellian. Can’t wait to find out what else CNN has to tell me about the world after this commercial break!”

As the US ramps up brinkmanship with Russia and China it has simultaneously upgraded its nuclear arsenal to make nuke blasts more destructive and thereby capable of eliminating an enemy’s underground warheads. This will make an enemy more likely to strike first to avoid being disarmed.

I keep tripping on how weird it is that the US empire is charging into new cold wars with two nuclear-armed nations simultaneously for the first time ever and hardly anyone seems to think humanity’s most imminent threat could be all those armageddon weapons we’ve been stockpiling. I mean, how stupid would we feel for missing that one?

“There’s no threat of nuclear war,” said the smart person. “I trust the US war machine which consistently makes the worst possible decisions in every instance to perfectly navigate a hair-trigger nuclear standoff on two fronts every hour of every day for the foreseeable future.”

People who think MAD will continually keep the world safe from nuclear armageddon (A) don’t understand the factors that are most likely to lead to nuclear war and (B) haven’t thought very hard about what the “M” and the “D” stand for.

The belief that Mutually Assured Destruction will protect us even amid reckless cold war escalations is insane. Only detente can provide safety, with the ultimate goal of complete disarmament.

The US is going to start a nuclear war with Russia or China and the online left will still be focused on the Leftist Heretic of the Day for several minutes after the first bombs hit.

FYI it doesn’t matter how correct you were about Russiagate being bullshit if you are now deep throating MSM China narratives with zero gag reflex.

FYI it’s not okay to be a grown adult at the end of the year 2021 and still believe Joe Biden is a good president.

Some people enjoy being whipped bare ass whilst receiving humiliating verbal insults. Some people enjoy publicly proclaiming that Democrats will surely do the right thing this time and getting their hopes up high that they will. Don’t kink shame.

The opinion that there should be literally no dissent anywhere at all about government Covid policies which affect everyone is one of the most bat shit insane beliefs you could possibly come up with.

Racism is a real problem that must be made conscious AND ALSO the issue is often manipulated to protect the status quo.

Climate change is real AND ALSO manipulative plutocrats are looking to benefit from it.

Covid is dangerous AND ALSO it’s being used to advance unjust agendas.

Because our brains are wired to reject any information which could threaten our worldview, it provides more cognitive ease to simply dismiss every part of any idea that might add layers of complexity to your position. But doing so distorts our perspective.

It’s gotten to the point where any time I see exciting new anti-imperialist voices emerge in left media I start inwardly cringing because I know there’s going to be a vicious hate campaign directed against them using leftist-sounding language and given leftist-looking legitimacy.

Highly effective anti-imperialist voices will always be attacked and undermined and leftists will always be manipulated into distrusting them. There will always be a reason found for doing this. And people fall for it every damn time.

All of humanity’s problems are ultimately due to ego. Ego is ultimately born of a desire for control. The desire for control is ultimately a maladaptive impulse which we’re all eventually going to have to relinquish in order to have a healthy world.


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40 responses to “A Sense Of Perspective, If You Please: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Eww China has reeducation camps? Imagine having a system in place where children are funneled from the age of 4-6 into small rooms for 8+ hours a day and forced into behaving a specific way, thinking a specific way, blindly obeying strangers, saluting a flag, chanting an oath to the leaders, are punished for trying to establish any independence, and are told that if they don’t acquiesce to all of that, they won’t be able to live. How terrible would THAT be?

  2. W put MAD officially to an end, and made the official US Government nuclear policy Nuclear Supremacy. I took that alone as a very bad sign, and Obama, Trump and Biden all went along with Nuclear Supremacy.and did not return to MAD.

    1. MAD has actually been superseded by various strategies for a long time. all the subs and tactical nukes among other things are various attempts to fight and win using nuclear weapons, certainly under the Reagan administration.

    2. MAD has just morphed from being nukes only to being ALL combined weapons (and new weapons of mass destruction) of mass destruction, those that can cause a cost that is far too high to risk initiating a major conflict. i.e. nukes, radio waves, electronic, psychological, chemical, biological, drone, AI.

    3. ‘Advanced’ Cult Brainwashing is one strategy that superpowers/great powers are using to slowly infiltrate rival powers without using conventional weapons. Imagine cult converting, one by one, then, two by two and so on….particularly starting at the peripheries of the rival hierarchy. Potentially, a nation can be ‘taken’ without a shot being fired.

    4. Why not install a Corporatocracy using Contract principals as the Legal System and Corporate/Business Legal Entities for ALL government functions. Elections become a public theatre ‘Pretend Democratic’ process to keep the ‘Faithful’ believing in the system they think they have.
      The oil that makes it all possible is the monetary system and the means to control this globally – look at the BIS or Bank of International Settlements, World Bank and IMF plus the WTO and the functions conducted by the UN such as the WHO which now directs health policy and actions worldwide with multinational corporations using contracts and financial leverage to control ‘governments’ and over-ride national legal systems.

  3. All species go extinct. Why does our extinction cause such a frenzy?

    1. For me, it’s because our extinction is being accelerated by selfish idiots who only care about themselves.

    2. im sure the dinosaurs weren’t happy about it either.

  4. Instead of slandering Russians non-stop as a lot of them do, the Americans should realize that the only reason they can do that is thanks to a Russian guy called Vasily Arkhipov. Hadn’t he stopped the captain of the Russian submarine attacked by the US Navy on 27 October 1962 from retaliating with its nuclear-tipped torpedoes as standard operating procedure commanded, we’d all be dead from the escalation into MAD and most people around today wouldn’t even have been born.
    We should erect statues to Vasily Arkhipov all over the joint – he was good-looking too – and bring them fresh candles, flowers and teddy bears every day. Then again, there’s no money in it. Shucks… :o)

    1. they would rather lionize the guy that almost got us into it, JFK.

  5. Since 1945 (Operation Unthinkable) Heaven is holding back the wind of the WW3. And so it will be until the appointed time. In the Book of Daniel, we read, “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but it will not succeed. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time. And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism and believers were repressed]; and will act [it means a lot of activity in the international arena]; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their country]. At the appointed time (he) will return back [it also means the break-up of the EU and NATO. Many countries of the former Eastern block will return to a military alliance with Russia], and will enter into the south [this will be the beginning of the global nuclear war. (Revelation 6:4) The detonator will be the ethnic conflict to the south of Russia’s borders (Matthew 24:7)], but it will not be as the former [Georgia – 2008] or as the latter [Ukraine], for the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West] will come against him, and (he) will broke down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:29, 30a)

    1. Careful fitting chosen ‘facts’ to support a given ‘Narrative’. It is a natural human thing to do though fraught with error and risk in that the resulting Narrative can then shape our beliefs in what is true. Always question what we are doing especially in how we are thinking.
      Others would install their narrative and have us believe it true though we too may install a narrative we wish to be true and both may be false.
      “If you want to know who rules over you. Simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”. Voltaire.
      Include our self, our essence, as a protected entity above possible criticism – daunting thing to do, frightening to some and impossible to others.

  6. Some very good points, thank you Caitlin for helping keep us aware!

  7. “This council is even led by “a core group of world leaders” who even call themselves “Guardians” following the title used by Plato 2400 years ago.

    These guardians include the CEOs of powerful organizations as State Street, Bank of America, Johnson and Johnson, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Merck, British Petroleum, and the Rothschild banking houses. Not exactly the most morally advanced coterie of political heavy weights one could imagine, but still maybe the evil that they have been a part for decades has all been arranged for the sake of a higher good that only the elite may be permitted to know…

    Unfortunately for the Davos Guardians, the reality of the New Great Narrative is a world devoid of those very principles that humanity requires to survive and thrive within our creative, reasonable universe. Wielding the power to control a shadow land of dumbed down slaves within a cave might seem impressive for some, but when juxtaposed with the active, creative multipolar paradigm now rising to become a global force for scientific and technological progress, controlling cave dwellers becomes little more than a bleak and pitiful ambition.

    And like any parasite which can do naught but kill the very host it needs to suckle on for its very survival, those Davos guardians are likely to meet the same fate as that encountered by Edgar Poe’s impotent, nihilistic oligarch Roderick Usher as his castle crumbled into an abyss.”

  8. “Eww [Australia] has [Quarantine] camps.” “The US is going to start a nuclear war with Russia [and] China and the online left will [accuse anyone opposing as being a White Supremacist].” “[Thinking that this worldwide vaccine mandate policy is a conspiracy totally opposed to science] is one of the most bat shit insane beliefs [according to those promoting the onslaught].”

  9. Every day I wake up in a racist, corporate capitalist, white supremacist, militarized police state that is the most hated, evil and destructive country on the planet. This is America.

    1. What you describe is the American government, owned by the elite, not the average American citizen. Sadly, however, the latter can often be propagandized into ignoring, condoning, or supporting the evil actions of the former. What chance to we have of reaching that average American citizen if we conflate him or her with that elite, evil government?

      1. Thing is, Catastrophe Capitalism’s the original self-licking ice cream cone? We’ve no say, because we’ve NO say! These yuppies’ sneering churl’s white-flight suburbanite Arents called us anti-progress: anti-nuke, anti-capitalist anti-‘Murikan Luddite race-traitors who offered nothing but criticism, dissent but no solutions of our own (since, our agenda has just been stomped down for the fifth decade, or since 1944 if you have ANY knowledge of Dixiecrat history). Internet, genetic engineering, AGW remediation, sustainable, smart, efficient, regenerative, organic… were FUBAR by our SMUG petit bourgeois contemporaries, who co-opted, copied or legally STOLE everything we’d held dear. That we’d fought to investigate outside parasitic financialization.

    2. The word racist is overused today. Promoting those in power at the expense of others is less about racism and more of a power tactic. On a baser level all people feel more comfortable with people like themselves whether it is ethnicity or even socio economic class. That is not racism in my opinion. Hoewever it easily morphs into racism with a nudge from those in power. All countries are also corporate capitalists at least those greedy enough to be influenced. Power and greed go hand in hand. As far as white supremist, well that is just another MSM tactic you have bought into. As I said racism and such terms are merely verbal cues for those in power. All countries are also militarized police states. Think otherwise, step out of line and see what happens. As far as evil and destructive, that too goes with power. Rome was evil to Greece, the Franks and others. Napoleon was evil to the British. Power and evil go hand in hand.

      1. Wow, finally there’s a racist who doesn’t believe that racism is real. I was beginning to worry that it was never going to happen.

    3. Yes & No Alan. Governed by those employed by a Corporation that is not the US of A or call it America, even though you may have participated in the theatre of elections is repeated across the vast majority of supposed nations now. Look into the BIS, Bank of International Settlements, another piece in the control mechanisms that dictates what the national corporate executives pretending to be elected government can or must do. It is similar to the City of London Corporation which is NOT part of the UK, just as District of Columbia is NOT part of the union, Vatican City is NOT Italy, the BIS is NOT Switzerland.
      Control financial transactions, control central banks then corporatise all governments and government a legal systems, job done. Now pump the people as slaves within this system to feed the money flow that is the blood that powers it all. Am I there yet?

  10. I trust others to give me perspective. The new Omnicron variant requires.
    1. More booster shots
    2. Daily Merck covid pills
    3. More lockdowns and social distancing
    4. Vaccine mandates.
    Thank you big pharma, MSM and big government for keeping us safe.
    Your fan and supporter
    John and Nancy Q. Citizen.

    1. Testimony by Brianne Dressen who volunteered for a trial, was injured, removed from the trial, and had to refinance her home to pay for healthcare expenses

      1. The flag with the blue stripe says it all.

    2. it’s purely a coincidence that “omicron” is an anagram of “moronic”

  11. Can an empire exist without slave?

    Biological and other weapons, not nuclear, are the better choice to destroy the disobedient ones.

    Can anyone share the video link where Edward Snowden said the following?

    “Former US intelligence official Edward Snowden has previously said in a video message that the US has long been poisoning citizens of opposing countries with biological weapons. In particular, he pointed out that more than 80% of products, goods, fertilizers, and medicines imported from the US to Russia, for example, pose a danger to the population. According to Snowden, all products that come from the US contain a time bomb – a special kind of parasite: “There has long been large-scale research in America into the devastating effects of parasites on the human body. Subjects are infected with specially bred forms of helminths. Detecting their presence in the body is almost impossible. This is the most dangerous biomaterial, the primary purpose of which is literally to devour and destroy people from the inside!” These are special micro-species.”

    Thank you

  12. QUOTE: ***Issues that make sense to focus on a lot:

    Our imminent doom via nuclear war or environmental collapse.***

    Don’t forget resource depletion. We’re all seriously running out of things like fossil fuels, which hundreds of millions of us depend upon today for our very survival.

    QUOTE: ***All of humanity’s problems are ultimately due to ego. Ego is ultimately born of a desire for control. The desire for control is ultimately a maladaptive impulse which we’re all eventually going to have to relinquish in order to have a healthy world.***

    I’d say that this desire for control is in turn born of a deep-seated delusion regarding the nature of reality. That’s what all Buddhists would say, too. It is possible to be freed of this delusion, but it takes effort. And sadly the wrong narratives and the wrong type of education can greatly reinforce this delusion.

    1. Not only Buddhists, but all deeply spiritual people, especially those who have become so through NDEs and other vivid experiences of the larger context of our lives. Caitlin is always on the lookout for effective ways to cut through “the wrong narratives and the wrong type of education,” as you put it. Are there quicker, more powerful tools for this cutting-through than NDEs and related paranormal experiences?

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      The sociopaths in power would love to hear that people should relinquish their egos and desire for control. In fact, i’d bet they’d promote something along the same lines, in various forms, subliminally and overtly. Keeps them at the top (just above?) of the pyramid.

  13. “The US and its allies feigned impartiality on the conflict in Ethiopia this whole time and then someone literally just recorded a Zoom conference of western diplomatic insiders casually chatting about wanting the TPLF to topple the sitting government and leaked the video.”
    I’ve said this before and will continue to say it. There’s one ‘ally’ of the USofA that is watching this Ethiopian situation very closely indeed. The reason for this is that there is an artefact of antiquity that rests in a church within Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia, that the unmentionable ME ally lusts over. This artefact would sit very prettily in a new temple being planned on an extremely contentious site. I’ll go so far as to say that this is the casus belli of this remotely planned civil war.
    Should a nuclear war break out for whatever reason it wouldn’t matter who or what started it. That sort of information would be of zero consequence to any survivors. It is therefore of paramount importance that we instigate a programme of disarmament NOW. I’d suggest that once Johnson is out of the way and a leader who actually loves us is installed here in the UK an agenda is set forth with total WMD disarmament in mind. I’d suggest we pick on nuclear weapons to begin with. We could make it abundantly clear that we are disarming nuclear weapons unilaterally BUT we have chemical & biological WMD in strategic places ready to unleash should any nation or swamp creature decide to attack us with nuclear WMD. This would be a direct appeal to all other groups in the word to follow suit if they are bona fide. If they do not follow suit that would be hard evidence of their hatred of humanity laid at the feet of every single person on the planet. Once all nuclear weapons are neutralised we can focus on biological or chemical WMD with the same tactics until we have rid ourselves of this extreme WMD stupidity. I personally wouldn’t stop there. I’d educate the public into the knowledge that we needn’t depend on banksters and their fraudulent usurious money system as there are far better interest-free systems to choose from. Moreover, these systems don’t end up breeding climates of suspicion, corruption, scarcity and mindless warfare as that is the business of USURY.

    1. Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.” Thomas Jefferson
      This is how those in power always think.

      1. Great quote & comment! This is why whoever is leading the outlined peace initiative needs to be strong and focused. A peaceful psychopath if you will. Since the possession of nuclear weapons would be declared a Crime against Humanity the invitation to disarm alongside the unilateral nuclear disarmament of say, the UK, force would be applied against any unresponsive rogue states perhaps in the form of biological or chemical WMD. It would be made clear that the air intakes to nuclear bunkers everywhere* would be targeted with a deadline making deliberate nuclear war truly suicidal enough for any maniac in power to both understand and make strenuous efforts to avoid. This in itself would tend to render nuclear weapons fairly useless as any sort of weapon ultimately making multilateral disarmament a strong possibility. With nuclear out of the way the next WMD (either chemical or biological) would become the next target and would be politically easier since the major existential nuclear threat would have been removed and world peace would be coming into focus and gathering positive life-affirming momentum.
        * MI6 & above would know beyond doubt where they all are.
        Ramblings of a village idiot perhaps but has anyone else out there a better idea to break out of this current madness we find ourselves in?

  14. Ego or Id? And are these things a problem? You can get lost simply defining your terms. Whichever the whole fabric of the ecosystem is controlled perfectly by self interest, maybe it’s the one thing we have a hope of understanding and have been automatically tuned for over the eons. And a subtopic it suggests: are all social animals consumed by an ever present anxiety about acting for the common good versus number one’s or are they the same thing, most especially if we suspect our compatriots of cheating?

  15. The ego (self) is not the problem Caitlin, it’s the Id.
    Ego is Self : aware, detached and pure.
    Id, on the other hand, is our personality, our mask, our accumulated ignorance and hubris.
    Ego is personality-less, pure unadulterated character.

    1. Nah, pontificating, sneering super ego is the culprit; virtue signaling by sending B-1 half way round the planet to launch cruise missiles; then spraying Médecins Sans Frontières hospitals with 70 depleted uranium slugs a second from six electric rotary cannons, then high-fiving cluster munitions or Libyan arms to Daesh or Al Saud… Ain’t nobody’s ID doing that shit?

  16. The problem with egomaniacs is they think they are rational & you are a maniac for doubting them
    Mutually Assured Destruction makes all other munitions redundant, that’s a poor business model, can you still oppress the dead?

  17. Its so simple and clear. Go just 8 minutes in and thank you Dr Zach Bush.

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