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Julian Assange suffered a mini-stroke in October during the hearing for the US appeal of a UK court’s ruling on his extradition case.

“The WikiLeaks publisher, 50, who is being held on remand in the maximum-security jail while fighting extradition to America, was left with a drooping right eyelid, memory problems and signs of neurological damage,” The Daily Mail reports. “He believes the mini-stroke was triggered by the stress of the ongoing US court action against him, and an overall decline in his health as he faces his third Christmas behind bars.”

“Assange was examined by a doctor, who found a delayed pupil response when a light was shone into one eye – a sign of potential nerve damage,” the article reads.

“Julian is struggling and I fear this mini-stroke could be the precursor to a more major attack. It compounds our fears about his ability to survive the longer this long legal battle goes on,” Assange’s fiance Stella Moris told the Daily Mail.

“Assange’s stroke is no surprise,” tweeted UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer in response to the news. “As we warned after examining him, unless relieved of the constant pressure of isolation, arbitrariness and persecution, his health would enter a downward spiral endangering his life.”

Melzer examined Assange with medical experts in 2019 and published a report with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights saying that “Mr. Assange showed all symptoms typical for prolonged exposure to psychological torture, including extreme stress, chronic anxiety and intense psychological trauma.”

The following year Melzer put it even more bluntly, writing that “Julian Assange displays the typical symptoms of psychological torture. If he doesn’t receive protection soon, a rapid deterioration of his health is likely, and death could be one outcome.”

In October of this year Melzer put it blunter still, saying, “If he should die in prison he has effectively been tortured to death. That’s the reality of it. And I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been working in areas of war. I have a long history of visiting prisoners. I visited Julian Assange, and I had two specialized forensic doctors with me and a psychiatrist evaluating him for four hours, and we all independently from each other came to those conclusions. At that time his life was in danger. And sure enough, a few days after we left the prison he entered a downward spiral.”

They are killing Julian Assange. Experts agree that they are killing him. Assange’s stroke is just another item on the mountain of evidence we already had for this.

The US-centralized power alliance is murdering a journalist, as surely as the Saudi regime murdered Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The only difference is that Khashoggi was killed quickly by live dismemberment via bone saw while Assange is being killed slowly by lawfare.

The Assange extradition case is just the western version of the bone saw treatment. It’s no less barbaric, cruel, vicious and tyrannical; it’s just more media-friendly and better-suited for the Nice Guy Fascism of the western branches of the globe-spanning empire which rules our world. The US, UK and Australian governments are not hacking Assange to pieces in their coordinated campaign toward his destruction, but they may as well be.

The world recoiled in horror when it learned of Khashoggi’s grizzly end, and it won’t be long before the world begins recoiling in the same way to what has been done to Assange as well. Our society is becoming rapidly more conscious; we’re already ashamed of things we thought were fine just a few years ago. We realize now that men like Harvey Weinstein are predators and the Hollywood starlets people used to criticize for “sleeping their way to the top” were actually victims of assault. We realize now it was wrong to crack jokes about the intern Bill Clinton sexually abused. We realize that the “Leave Britney alone” kid everyone made fun of in 2007 was actually on to something. We realize now that it’s wrong to make people feel bad about their sexual orientation or sexual identity. Many movies made even ten or fifteen years ago are uncomfortable to watch now because of how unconscious they were of power dynamics we all see much more clearly now.

And, whether Assange survives this slow-motion assassination attempt or not, it won’t be long before society fully understands that their government and its allies actively conspired to murder a journalist for telling the truth.


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36 responses to “They’re Killing Him: Assange’s Stroke Reveals The Western Version Of The Saudi Bone Saw”

  1. Julian Assange will never go free.
    His torture and dehumanization are a demonstration of power, and I would argue, a deliberate, public display of power’s negligent contempt for those who would curb its abuses.
    I have thought and said for a long while that relative equality of social and economic status is a necessary predicate to personal freedom. I was wrong.
    Freedom is the prerequisite. Equality is the result.
    A free human being with an extra twenty dollars on hand will no more walk past a hungry beggar than you would sample roast baby just to try the taste. Do I have extra? Is the beggar in need? If I am in fact a human being, we will part ways equally broke. Big, fat, in your face Period, my stupid, offal-brained brothers, all.
    The whip has long been raised and swirling. It now descends.
    Until a free people establish an equitable society, all live and die imprisoned. Julian will never go free, but he lives as a free human being must.

  2. And more, they are sending a message to any other journalist who might dare to try and expose the truth: this is what can happen to you too.

  3. It has never been the intention of the US to bring Assange to trial, as that would only bring to public attention his heroic contributions to the preservation of the First Amendment’s most basic guarantees of freedom of speech and the press, and the US government’s tireless efforts to abolish those freedoms worldwide.

  4. Saw World War Z for the first time released in 2013. What a high dollar production of propaganda. The message was clear. An apocolypse is coming and the UN, WHO and vaccines can save us.

  5. You should all love the comments on Assange’s predicament by several noteworthy people in this segment of the Jimmy Dore Show, especially the stuff by Jimmy, Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky and the head man in Azerbaijan (dictator I guess Americans would call him). The “dictator” really dressed down a Western “journalist” for the hypocrisy of the Western media in exquisite English. The establishment Dems who posture as “liberals” and constitutionalists (who all want Assange’s head) are really exposed for being the authoritarian pukes that they truly are.

    1. That’s the wrong URL (about Scrooge, but not what I intended). The correct URL SHOULD BE:

  6. Does anyone even know that the stroke was not caused by something administered to him without his knowledge? I wouldn’t put anything past the Americans – they use every dirty trick in the book, and worse.

  7. We the Opressed continue to suffer when good people like Caitlin J. speaks 90% of the truth.

    God Bless.

  8. They came for Assange. Many tried to stop them but failed when Amerika chose tactics of hard core fascism. Somewhere Hitler is smiling.
    Washington must be feeling quite cocky about its “victory” now as this following story makes clear:
    In summary, the article covers a now wider attempt by Amerika-the-Free-and-Brave to censor, ban, suppress, sanction, expurgate and otherwise simply shut up anyone in the world who has anything negative to say about the exceptional country by destroying them financially. The title of the article says everything: “US threatening 6-figure fines for contributing to ‘banned’ sites, journalist tells RT.”
    I think all here can appreciate the gravity of this situation. Can you believe that? Washington will summarily fine you hundreds of thousands of dollars (as if they have the right!) if you publish something they don’t like in a Russian, Chinese, Iranian blog–or the wrong American one, for that matter. Forget about publishing book length criticisms of Amerikan style fascism anywhere in the foreign press. The whole world is the CIA’s oyster. The SOB’s think they can sanction your actions and seize your assets if you do… or try.
    If the bastards move fast enough on implementing their new policy they can possibly deprive Assange’s two kids of any inheritance he might leave them.
    Don’tcha just love how Amerika so assiduously guards the rights and freedoms of the entire planet? Has any society throughout history ever been so thoroughly arrogant? Next we will all need licenses to inhale or exhale.

  9. As if the suffering of Julian and his family isn’t enough, we have to put up with the rancid gutlessness of our pathetic, pandering, politicians.
    All this in the land of a ‘fair go’
    Ambition IS the most insidious and cancerous addiction of all.

  10. So when do we start lobbying for the creation of a Nobel Prize of Hypocrisy to reward Antony Blinken for tweeting on December 8, 2021: “Worldwide, more than 350 journalists are currently imprisoned for their work – including American journalist Austin Tice, who is detained in Syria. We must be relentless in shining a spotlight on attacks on journalists, demand accountability, & work to return the unjustly detained”? Then again “American journalist Austin Tice” is a Marine Corps Reserves Captain who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before leaving active duty and later going to Syria as a freelancer to report on the civil war there. So we’re talking about real objective journalism here which could never be misconstrued as spying whereas Julian Assange exposed the war crimes some US troops perpetrated in Iraq and Afghanistan and is therefore not a journalist but a spy, as a US kangaroo court – special courtesy to an Australian national – will promptly determine before burying him alive like the Abbé Faria in the Count of Monte Cristo. Incidentally, Blinken should get his prize with a special mention because nobody actually knows if Austin Tice is detained. Nobody’s heard of him since 2012 and it’s no secret that a lot of ammo has been flying around that area during that decade. The US government accuses the Syrian government of detaining him – standard operating procedure – which the latter denies. And it’s hard to understand why if it does. It’s actually hard to understand for what purpose anybody would feed a non-combatant foreign prisoner for almost ten years without trying to get some benefit out of his capture. And I would bet a reasonable amount of money that Blinken is more or less aware of that.

  11. I see the Nobel Peace prize committee has awarded it’s fake prize to another shill, who whined piteously over the treatment of journalists in Russia, but as far as I can see uttered not one freaking word about Julian Assange.

  12. ….the united dictates that i grew up in was always the same …..human rights struggles were reduced to tv show presentations, crudley injected with pseudo gee whiz commentary that ensured the bullshit would stick and so the cages got a little bigger and the chains a little longer….bellbottoms, afro’s, incense, corporate arena rock, pet rocks…..should i go on?……..GEORGE FLOYD came and went….JULIAN ASSANGE will go too……into the vortex of the consumptive memory hole…..tee shirts, banners, buttons, and, GAG…..podcasts that beat the shit out of it all…..and yet….stay tuned…..5G anyone?…….

  13. On editor and publisher Julian Assange…
    How do we call a person who has always risked his life to help others? What is the proper English word?
    “If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.”
    — Julian Assange, speech in Trafalgar Square, October 8, 2011

    1. Julian Assange peace speech video:
      Glory Jones: “I’m not crying I’m tearbending”

    2. In English – Martyr or Whistle blower

  14. “Without a Free Press, there can be No Democracy”
    Thomas Jefferson

  15. Deborah Armstrong Avatar
    Deborah Armstrong

    The leaked conversations in Ray McGovern’s article yesterday confirm that the US wants to torture Assange by denying his freedom for at least 25 years, and by seizing all assets owned by him, his family and anyone who works for WikiLeaks.

    I doubt his case will ever go to trial in the US, but if it does, rest assured it will be another kangaroo court just like it was in the UK.

  16. This is NOT the United states that I grew up in. Instead, Tolkien fans will see, clearly, that it is an updated version of Mordor.

    1. Ditto, Harry. The U.S. of my childhood, youth, and young adulthood was a quite different country–far from perfect but viable for average working people like the family I was born into. There were still politicians and journalists who, while propagandized (as all of us were), were not mere lackeys of the rich and powerful. When I tell young people, for instance, that the most popular news reporter of this era, Walter Cronkite, came out against the Vietnam War (at least America’s ability to win it) on national TV, they have trouble believing it. When my generation is gone, who will remember “the way we were,” and the idealism of the young at that time that things could get so much better?

  17. Yes, “prolonged exposure to psychological torture, including extreme stress, chronic anxiety and intense psychological trauma” is now covered as an “enhanced” technique. Yes, it is like “effectively [being] tortured to death,” but still covered. Yes, the enhancements are “a slow form of killing” targets. Yes, an “alliance is [now] murdering” people, publicly – yet, “murder” has been redefined. Will you “[be] killed slowly by lawfare”? Are you afraid of a “bone saw,” both modern and literal? If so, “Keep your mouth shut and your head down – for there are no ends of this earth in which we cannot reach, and then dismember you.”

    1. I read 1984 in 1961, just at the time I was entering puberty. Sixty years of experience has clearly shown me that (a) the dark future that Orwell showed in 1984 now seems a quaint caricature of the present, not unlike Oliver Twist; (b) the sex instinct will never be eradicated; and (c) the orgasm, rather than being abolished, will be (and has already been) appropriated as the most effective marketing tool for the surrender of all other survival instincts.

      1. they are not done yet

  18. Jail…
    “It is life without the singing of a bird, without the felt presence of fresh air. In short, it is life without the beauties of life; it is bare existence — cold, cruel, and degenerating.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  19. Your last paragraph is both optimistic and inspirational. I think however a more likely scenario is Julian gets extradited and dies while incarcerated in some shit hole prison in the US. Meanwhile, Hillary and Donald both announce their candidacy in an, Ali / Joe Frazier like rematch. Kim Kardashian shows us her bare bottom, again. Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl, again. And the music industry rolls out a pop singer, think Taylor Swift, a Rap star, think Kanye West and a country star, think anyone and they play a star studded concert to honor our fallen heroes in whatever country we are currently trying to subdue, again.
    Unfortunately, Julian will be forgotten. I hope I’m proven wrong but I’ve seen this play many times.

  20. After WW2 the Germans were and are subjected to ritual humiliation, much of it unfair.
    Even now there are trials of suspected war criminals.
    Their history as taught to children, is still dictated by the victors.
    Endless books and movies, exposing their atrocities.

    How will we fare when our atrocities are fully exposed?
    When our crimes against humanity are revealed in our own records.
    When every destroyed small country comes for their pound of flesh.
    Every wedding party bombed, every child slaughtered.
    Endless war crimes tribunals, played out on the world stage.
    Telling us, this is who we were, this is what was done in our name.
    The reparations will impoverish us for generations.
    Our grandchildren will curse our existence.

    Many Germans persecuted during and before the war, could say.
    I resisted, I spoke out, I stood with the oppressed, I knew it was wrong.
    Be that person.
    Be a Caitlin Johnstone.
    Have no reason to hang your head in shame.
    When the madness is over.

  21. The thing is, the torture of Assange in INTENTIONALLY in full view. This is not about revenge, or punishment for crimes Assange never committed. This is the head on a pike on the castle walls–the warning to others that revealing the crimes of the empire will get you not just killed, but slowly tortured to death. Possibly Khashoggi’s murder was also intentionally revealed, because the Saudi’s knew they’d pay no real price for it and the gruesomeness made up for the speed of the execution in frightening off whistleblowers. Makes me wonder if the empire has even worse secrets it’s afraid someone might reveal in time for the populace to rise up. Thing is, they own all the major media, but they don’t own most of the journalists. Yes, they have means of controlling them–but in an extreme circumstance where a number of them discover something really horrific, like a plan to deal with the ecological crises by killing off a few billion people, or implementing some means of mind control–or actual success in immortality treatments–perhaps requiring the blood or organs or embryos of thousands of ordinary people

    1. That’s my take too. Assange is infinitely more valuable as a terrifying warning to other whistleblowers, hence the extremely long sanctuary, custody and ‘trial/s’ predicament. He may even be a controlled op? Limited hangout? Who really knows? I mean, has he revealed anything that wasn’t already known, or, widely assumed in the ‘truth’ community? I’d genuinely like to know that, and yes, I could be wrong about him being just a controlled opposition mega media show.

  22. It is clear we are now living the future we were warned about, it is real-time now. This obvious torture of Assange is beyond barbaric, this is dystopian. It is allowed by the land of the free and will continue until
    the responsible( and this goes right to the top) is placed in a similar position. Do to them what is now being done to Assange. it is past time for an eye for an eye. Our current president could end this, but by not doing so he exposes his true alliance, to those that would imprison us all, for nothing more than profit and their power. I have seen the enemy and it is us. If we do nothing it will only get worse, much worse. Accept no compromise, FREE ASSANGE, or face the same tyranny. PARDON ASSANGE NOW, OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. We are all in danger for just speaking the truth.

  23. I tried to comment yesterday but the site blocked it as often happens. Today your site put me on to all sorts of other posts for about 15 minutes til I could fight my way to this one.
    Julian is a HERO. His work has been HEROIC in the circumstances in which we live.
    Julian is being MARTYRED, I don’t even think PUBLICALLY CRUCIFIED is too strong for our blindness, apathy, and refusal to get our hands dirty. It is clear we can get nowhere by obeying the rules of the latest IMPERIAL INCARNATION. They just move the goalposts and change the rules on whim. He needs to be physically busted out, or he dies at their hands one way or another. Do we have the guts for this part of the process?

  24. The measures against Assange are obviously punitive. They can’t even let him talk with his lawyer in court but put him in a plastic box. And what does Melzer’s assessment of torture say about the situation of other prisoners at Belmarsh?

  25. The slow assassination of Assange is much worse than the murder of Khashoggi because it isn’t just the act of one deranged dictator but an act by our system with the blessing of his fellow “journalists” and an ignorant populace. Khashoggi’s death sent a message that the Saudi king was crazy but that the US needed his friendship too much to care. Assange’s murder is showing us that there is no place on Earth that anyone can hide from the US derangement and that its will never be held to account. Might has never been more important than right as it is right now.

  26. One of the darkest hours in modern history. The actual slow murder of a journalist in full view whilst the people ignore it. And they ignore it because that’s what MSM have designed to happen, having lapped up the outputs of Wikileaks in the past. I despair for justice and humanity.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Not everyone ignores it. Millions all over the world have been fighting and protesting and demonstrating against the persecution and torture of Julian Assange for YEARS. Specialists like Nils Melzer and journalists like John Pilger and Chris Hedges, Craig Murray, and Joe Luria have been covering this case for a long time. It is just the inert bourgeoisie, the well-off, the comfortable, who are doing nothing to rock the boat here. Heaven forbid that they should risk their comfort to defend human rights or prevent an admirable truth teller from being murdered. The workers, on the other hand, are supporting Julian Assange because the workers KNOW what it’s like to be at the mercy of the state.

      1. Totally agree, there are many carrying the torch for Julian, you’ve missed a few from here in UK. My comment was about MSM, the propaganda machine.

      2. Do you remember when populaces rose up all over the world, and people marched and demonstrated to say, ‘Don’t invade Iraq’? It was massive. And not one Government took the slightest notice.

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