Listen to a reading of this article:

“REMINDER: We are in a dire situation now. The only thing that matters is Anti-Communism. Unless these people are defeated, we’re all toast. So the Right must unite. Every branch of it. Unite and we can win. We’ll work out the differences once the communists are defeated.”

So reads a recent viral tweet by conservative radio host Jesse Kelly, who last month told Tucker Carlson’s massive audience that American soldiers should be “Type A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls.”

This bizarre 1950s-throwback anti-communist hysteria is growing more and more common on the western right, particularly in the United States with its uniquely sophisticated and aggressive propaganda engine. This despite the fact that the US and its allies are no closer to coming under communist rule than they were in the nineties after the end of the first cold war.

Even if you believe everything the TV tells you about communism and accept it as a given that efforts to eliminate class must always necessarily lead to tyranny and suffering, those of us who live within the US-centralized power alliance are so very, very, very far from living under a communist government or seeing any communist revolution that it makes more sense to spend your time worrying about being struck by lightning or being eaten by sharks than to spend it worrying about communists.

Yet the red-under-the-bed hysteria continues to swell, aided by so-called “right populist” pundits like Carlson and the sweeping propaganda campaign that’s currently greasing the wheels for the new cold war against China. US conservatives are currently flocking to the new social media site GETTR which until recently was an anti-CCP forum owned by exiled Chinese billionaire and Steve Bannon ally Guo Wengui. The site now has, in the words of radio host Garland Nixon, “More anti-china, anti communism/socialism propaganda than”

Anti-communist hysteria is also being pushed along in rightist circles by pundits spinning authoritarian Covid measures and World Economic Forum “Great Reset” agendas as evidence of a global communist takeover, despite neither of those things having anything to do with communism whatsoever; the former is a conflation of authoritarianism with communism and the latter is just capitalists doing capitalism.

A lot of the confusing of World Economic Forum agendas with communism comes from an article published on on the WEF website which received so much backlash that it was subsequently removed in which Danish politician Ida Auken imagined a future in which automation has made much work unnecessary and the ability to have items like pasta makers and crepe cookers ordered and delivered when they’re needed made keeping them in your cupboards unnecessary. Auken says she wrote the article not as a utopian ideal but “to start a discussion about some of the pros and cons of the current technological development.”

This idea was later presented in a WEF video as a forecast that in the future “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy,” which can be spun as a communist value if you pretend that renting a waffle iron from some futuristic Amazon-like drone delivery service would be anything like an abolishment of capitalism. So I constantly run into rightists telling me that WEF Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab wants to take away everyone’s private property and install a global Marxist world order, when really it was just one article written by one person and given lots of rightist spin, and all Schwab is really doing is helping to ensure the survival and expansion of capitalism and oligarchic power.

Again, fretting about communism is a nonsensical position within the western empire. If you are reading this it’s because you speak English, and if you speak English it’s likely because you live in an English-speaking nation, and if you live in an English-speaking nation there is so much violent force holding the infrastructure of capitalism in place and so much narrative management going into preventing a communist uprising that it makes more sense for you to spend your time worrying about being harmed by lions or electric eels than by communists.

But that’s not to say your concerns about communism don’t accomplish anything; they accomplish a great deal. What they accomplish is making you so hysterical about communism that you will support anything your government wants to do to stop the rise of China on the global stage. Even if it means crippling important parts of the economy. Even if it means greatly diminishing your quality of life. Even if it means impoverishing you. Even if it means sending your sons and daughters off to war over Taiwan. Even if it means risking nuclear armageddon.

The US can only maintain its planetary hegemony by aggressively subverting China and the nations who support it like Russia, and it can only do that by manufacturing consent to ensure that the public never awakens from its propaganda-induced coma and throws off the chains of oppression. They don’t pour so much energy and wealth into manufacturing consent because it is fun, they do it because they need to.

What this means is that by joining in this mounting hysteria about communism, you are directly facilitating some of the most dangerous agendas of the most powerful people on earth. You are letting the propagandists turn you into fuzzbrained human livestock marching mindlessly along to the beat of their world-threatening game of planetary domination.

Don’t march along. Open your eyes and perceive lucidly. Don’t let them play you like that.


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134 responses to “Only Fuzzbrained Human Livestock Fret About Communism”

  1. Bi-partism is a false tug-o-war.
    Communism and capitalism are not that different… Only a BIG one: the gradual differences of wealth makes class differences less visible…
    Then it makes people more prone to defend their wealth from the less rich than to target the more rich!

  2. Can we stop to insult sheep?
    Can we do as them?
    They believe in numbers power, know how to support each other, and never follow unknown individuals.

  3. John Allen aka Ol' Hippy Avatar
    John Allen aka Ol’ Hippy

    Better Dead than Red!! So it went back in the scary ’60’s when anti-communist propaganda was drilled into our smallish brains at non-stop, nauseatingly outrageous levels in all our social domains. 24/7 was yet to come. TV stations back then signed off at about 1:00 AM with the obligatory Star Spangled Banner, and St. Francis of Assisi saying a prayer, after all the commies were, heaven forbid, atheists.
    Seems Nietzsche’s eternal recurrences are springing up like daisies after a spring rain. Commies, Russians, Omicrons, we’re being attacked on all sides at once. Also the TV networks need something to fill the 24/7 formats of today’s accelerated world. It’s just getting too cruel to live any longer. So to keep from going mad I have been learning how to use Substack and, thus, assuring a way to keep letting off steam in my writings, lest my brain explode.
    So here we are early in 2022 and thus the knobs on all the amplifiers of corporate(MSM) media propaganda machines have been turned past 11. Do they go all the way to 12? I’ll get my earplugs ready. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

  4. Technocracy is Unsustainable Avatar
    Technocracy is Unsustainable

    Sad to see only ONE comment about what is truly happening – a push toward a global Technocracy.

    “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ”

    ― Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

    1. This is rich coming from a man who gave us the policy of supporting radical Islam way back when they removed the Shah and began to change the Middle East again. Yes, Virginia, could it be it’s all connected? The herd who wish to provide free stuff magnanimously would say, “oh well, this is part of the process, it’s is a good thing, this is the progress/progressives have been working to provide, by which we now engage and continue with the fourth turning.” What’s not to like?” And all to bring us all under further subjugation. Great! Now we can all suffer together. Terrific.

      1. Technocracy isn’t a universal tenet of the left… And Zbigniew was a Rockefeller scion, not a leftist by any stretch of the imagination. He was the National Security Advisor to Carter… But no real kind of leftist or socialist… Technocrat, Totalitarian, or Tyrant describes him best… NeoLiberal Corporatist also works… Any claimed concerns of his about human rights, were FEIGNED for political effect.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Brzezinski may be a stooge, but he was spot on. Predictive programming perhaps.

  5. Johnstone essay 20220106

    Comment to the commenters

    Left and right, communism and capitalism, liberalism and conservatism, radical progressives and spittle-flecked white supremacists: all are nonsense terms in the west today. They are spell-words used to conjure public opinion. Likewise, the ridiculous continuing focus on nation states, as if the national governments of the world were rational entities acting in their own or national interests. To the folks who wield the giant bulk of the world’s wealth and power, nations are relics of a world long gone: Useful in propaganda campaigns aimed at a risibly gullible public, otherwise a silly nuisance whose time is past.
    Let’s pick on China, what the hell.
    The CCCP leadership is an elite collection of families as nepotistic and despotic as any feudal fiefdom in 14th century Europe. They feed, clothe, and shelter their population because they are not as stupid as most elite western families are. They provide healthcare because healthy populations are cheaper to feed, clothe, and shelter, and much more profitable to exploit. They provide all the education a person can hold and promote a rigidly conformist ideal of merit because competence and predictability scale better than the incompetence and corruption we promote in the west. This is Confucianism, not Communism. Chinese culture draws on 2500 years of history as a bureaucracy-operated country: Their elites have learned it is in their interest not to be quite so awful at it as western societies are. The flags, the parades, the monuments, the tear-jerking anthems and the nationalist rhetoric are Communist-flavored for purposes of crowd control. China is as “communist” as a fish-hatchery owned by sharks.
    Western elites are jealous AF of the Chinese elites’ authoritarian writ and the Chinese population’s mostly cheerful acquiesence. Western elites loathe and fear Chinese elites beceause the Chinese are looking for a way around the egregious rents they are paying to a has-been economic model which can no longer generate a nickel’s profit on its own.
    Capitalism, as defined by the elitist academic who coined the term, means some guy with financial backing and a neat idea builds a factory and makes stuff to sell, exploiting cheap labor and investing in machinery to grow capacity. Today, the post-capitalist commercial interests of western countries buy legislation that guarantees their profits, then invest in buying more legislation.
    Forty years ago, for instance, AT&T was a long distance carrier with millions of miles of copper wire infrastructure. Today, they have no networks, advertising hype to the contrary, because your cell phone does not need a “carrier.” All calls go through the internet. It’s as if the descendants of the guy who invented the stagecoach had a law that your car must have a meter which pays them for every mile you drive. AT&T, Verizon, et al are not competing in a market, free or otherwise. They don’t compete at all. Like the healthcare prevention cartels, AT&T and its thieves guild “competitors” openly lobby governments in tandem for profit guarantees written into law.
    Sure, capitalism was a half-baked and haphazard scheme rigged in favor of existing wealth. Capitalism destroyed the commons, impoverished the commoners, and called it progress. But the west today is less capitalist than the mafia: It markets brand names using propaganda science to push debt for useless crap. Every dollar of consumer debt you carry is proof that you are their mooing milk cow.
    Spoiler Alert: Welfare giveaway clue for the intellectually gutless and lazy follows.
    All of the anti-“communist” propaganda my dear countrymen so busily swallow with their daily swill is aimed directly at one and only one institution in western society. Not universities. Not media. Not social programs. No, a better word for anticommunism is antifamily.
    You were born into a communist cell. The family is the best example of communist ideals; no violent psychopaths required. The better your family shares money and supports its members, the better your economic status. Ditto for your society, genius.
    That’s why endless billions are spent convincing you and I that any form of sharing is dictatorship. Our predators plainly wish to disconnect our family lives from our conceptions of society, and wow, are their billions well-spent. Half the commenters on this page would have to conclude that sewage treatment plants and public roads are sure signs of communist infiltration, if they followed their “logic” to its end.
    As for “liberals” espousing censorship and cheering the forcible penetration of the bodies of folks with whom they disagree: no liberal ever has or ever will do any such thing. Democracy is a liberal idea. Personal rights are a liberal idea. These are the things liberals and their institutions are supposed to defend. That trust has been betrayed and sold. What goes around comes around: Wait for it.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      100%, well stated. The only thing I can add is that the mafia is, today anyway, just another useful department of the elite. And the dept. of defense is a gold standard example of state funded ‘communism’. Debt keeps people slaving, so it’s an imperative of the elite. Family has definitely been targeted as being ‘anti-debt’, the elderly having to sell their homes to fund their aged care, keeping inheritances to a bare (to non-existent) minimum is a perfect example. Today it’s not about communism v capitalism for which facade is better for the individual/family, it’s more about which nepotistic elite is best for you? A or B?

  6. Yes, Caitlin, you are right. I wish that a headline reading “Only Fuzzbrained Human Livestock Fret About Communism” would provoke puzzlement amongst your readership. Communism should be studied briefly, seriously, and considered on its merits. It was part of a failed attempt in the 1800 to mathematise the social sciences in the manner of the physical sciences, and it took a fair dinkum run at it. (If you will forgive me for co-opting a phrase.) There are several solid reasons why Marx’s Communism failed in practice in ways that were not obvious in the original theory. But it just cannot be maneuvered into a practical means of governance.
    We have no problem with abandoning the Free-Soil party, the Grange and the anti-Mason parties when they ran out of usefulness. The textbook proof of the inutility of communism was East Germany – part of a country where Marx thought Communism would flourish, where the roots lay deep already when Nazi’ism struck, and the place among all countries which might make the best go of it.
    Capitalism, on the other hand, began and ends at the level of the souk, the exchange of products for fungible value, and anything that claims to be “capitalism” beyond that – and most especially the countries such as the USA which claim to be capitalist (You, Scotty, you too) are remote from the concepts of capitalism, which are a small set of laws of exchange.
    Bellyaching for and against communism is as stale a topic as whether the Masons are poisoning the wells. And yet, people will pony up to the bar and bellow in favor, or against, this political roadkill with the same energy that is best spent on reality. Supposedly, Hitler said that if there weren’t Jews to hate, he would have had to invent them. This whole left/right charade in the West is no different. It is fluff.

  7. A communist is a person who wants to promote the welfare of the common person. A fascist is a person who wants to maintain the control of the traditional rich by preserving hierarchy with the rich on top as dictators. Anyone who favors the advance of the enslaved commoner is a communist. Anyone who wants to keep slavery in place is a fascist. You don’t have to read Marx to be a communist. You just have to have intact empathy for endless human suffering.

    1. That’s a fairly empty bucket on both sides. “Goodies” and “baddies,” that’s it.

  8. European nobility created communism and exported it to Russia and China. It is a foreign construct to both lands and peoples.
    Socialism sounds just a little bit cutesier until you accept that the nazi party was the truncated way to say nationalist socialist party, also a creation of the European nobility.
    Another super wonderful thing that European nobility created was this super awesome thing called corporations…

    1. Exactly, and talk about planning for years in advance. Exporting these systems is essential to understand. It wasn’t like the oppressed rose and made demands; give me a break. And as you’ve said, the Nazis are socialists. So, can you have it without some force, and who wants to live under that even if you get free healthcare and a sandwich. Great, we all suffer together, we’re all poor until we reach the Hegelian ideal, and ultimate final merger realized? Maybe that is the right goal after all, and perhaps transgender affections are the beginning signs of that perfect transhuman connection, the creation of a new man. So as in the days of Noah come to mind. Nothing new under the sun.

      1. Nazis were socialists? . Hardly. Facist means complete corpoate control of government enforced by force and violence. It’s a bit of a stretch to call Germany under Hitler “socialism” In fact quite the opposite. The purpose of the Nazi party was to quell socialism. The name was nothing but PR.

  9. I think that I see a picture emerging from this thread. I’ll call it Fuzzbrains Rampant . Won’t be worth a nickel, but at least we have some true coin from Caitlin, as usual.

    1. Wow, I hope the two of us are not as alone as it feels.

    2. Better be careful. Some of us might adopt the title of “rampant fuzzbrains,” just as Trump adopted Hillary’s “deplorables.” It’s a backhanded compliment to be called things like that by people who have run out of arguments.
      I think Caitlin is sincere, in her way, or I wouldn’t bother to read her stuff. But Nietzsche said, among many other things, that “nobody lies like an angry man.” That gave me food for thought (I only just found it a few days ago), and perhaps it should make a lot of people on this site stop and think, too.

      1. LOL, I like the Magat (Make America Great Again Trump) caps Trump chumps like to wear.

  10. This is one of the best articles on Ukraine and our current situation written in a long time.

  11. Every revolution thus far, has ultimately failed to prevent the eventual formation of a new tyranny. I have a proposal for your consideration.

  12. For what it’s worth, neither China nor Russia have communist economies

  13. …..i agree with and thank carolyn zaremba for the refreshing historical outline…..let’s not forget that stalin was no marxist and lenin didn’t trust him for i would surmise at best……all of the attempts at “socialist revolution” turned out to be copy cat stalinist versions of concentrated spectacles…’s the idea that people would be inspired to rebel with the socialist principles that scares the shit out of the oligarchs in the corporate states of amerikkka…..hence the fanaticism and lunacy that is spoonfed to the amerikkkant consumers via gizmos and gadgets……..

  14. This is how SOROS took over the European Court of Human Rights !!

    You have NO rights because George is loaded with the Rothschilds FAKE money !

    1. if you are playing sock puppet for the kind of idiot who thinks Johnstone must be anti-Semitic bc she criticizes Israel, you are wasting your time here.
      if you are the kind of idiot who regurgitates anti-Semitic spew bc it helps you reconcile your escheresque internal psychoses with a reality you can’t handle, please stop breathing our oxygen, thanks.

      1. To be fair – criticism of the actually horrific things that CIA-appendage George Soros does, or the many crimes of the Rothschilds, isn’t “anti-Semitism” – except as the term has been modified to make ot include such things. Soros is Jewish only by ancestry, and may actually have been a Nazi collaborator, during WWII… He certainly is Nazi-adjacent NOW, with his support to the Maidan Coup in Ukraine, which used real Banderist Nazis. The STATE OF ISRAEL still provides that regime with weapons.

        The same can be said for the Rothschilds, who are certainly Zionists, but many of whom appear to converts to various forms of Christianity and/or Occultism.

        All of us are using the Fiat Debt instruments, of our Central Banking Cartel system…and the Rothschilds are still deeply involved… The commentor may be an Anti-Jewish bigot, or may not be… But what was written there is hardly directed at Jews in general, or as a people, or the religion.

  15. Should read “They may not have much, BUT WHAT THERE IS, they share.”

    1. This comment was an errantly placed addendum to a reply comment at the very bottom of the thread, here. Any Mod or list owner who wants to delete both of these comments, should feel free to do so.

  16. …..socialism, communism, and anarchism are words used to drum up and rile the ignorant consumers to ensure that the flow of consumption continues…..china, the soviet union(soviet means “council”), and all of the other copy cats were quickly evolved into state capitalist structures that ensured the consolidation of the new crop of gangsters…..very little of what marx and engels had laid down in their writings was ever applied…..imperial abuse was the norm that led to the insanity of our times…..christianity has the biggest body count so far….1500 years of a head start on empire building confirms that….and capitalism in it’s current interpretations (amerikkka, china, russia and copy cats) are state capitalist societies…..the amerikkkants are clever enough to keep it all diffuse to confuse whereas the chinese have it all concentrated…..multiple corporations as opposed to just a very few if not one respectfully…..christianity gave birth to the development of capitalism in amerikkka….(adam smith’s mysterious “guiding hand”) through imperial conquest of the continent and hemisphere….there’s a lot of bullshit to cut through in understanding how this mental disorder( i’m no psychologist) has come to guide the “progress” of humanity….it’s not just christianity…you can look at islamic, buddhist, hindu, and other religious cultures and see the influences…but the evanjaculaters and pentacrapolists top it ……the end result is always the same….from polite cruelty (death by a 1000 cuts) to a brutal totality always administered by a few gangsters….the current state of the evolution of homo assollus…….

  17. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    I am a Marxist and a supporter of the Socialist Equality Party, the American branch of the International Committee of the Fourth International. I completely support the aboliltion of capitalism and work for socialist revolution.

    Capitalism is one of the most rapacious, inefficient, unequal, degrading, and violent systems ever devised. At the time of the French Revolution, capitalism was a step up from absolute feudalism and the rule by “divine right” of monarchies. It was not meant to be a permanent state of society but a step on the way to socialism through the Enlightenment and thus to the emancipation of mankind. Since the failure of world revolution after the Russian Revolution of 1917, capitalism has survived much longer than it had any right to do and now is a decayed, rotting, extremely dangerous and barbaric menace to the entire planet.

    All of the backward weevils to be found in the human species have dominated the earth through nationalism, racism, cupidity, and stupidity as a result of the continuing system of capitalism. Massive social inequality, ultra-nationalism, war, environmental destruction and an “ethic” (if it can be so called) of extreme individuality with the accompanying selfishness, greed and disrespect for human life.

    Capitalism has proven to be a festering sore and unless it is overthrown, the planet is doomed to destruction and death – either quickly through nuclear war or slowly through degradation of the biosphere.

    Rosa Luxemburg said it best: “Socialism or barbarism.” We’ve got barbarism. We don’t need it.

    1. What “All of the backward weevils to be found in the human species” still don’t grasp is that “the planet (may NOT be) doomed to destruction and death” in the way the human mind comprehends death.
      It is all extant forms of animal, and plant life on it, whose only home it is, which are.
      There are literally large numbers of lifeless — as we understand the meaning of life, planets floating around the cosmos.
      Whose to say what purpose they serve in the infinity of space-time?
      Mulling it over!

    2. Carolyn, you sound sincere. I don’t know how old you are, but you remind me of myself, when I was about twenty, telling someone I was a “fascist.” He was quite a bit older than me, and his comments quickly revealed to me that I didn’t really know much about what fascists actually thought. I don’t call myself anything like that any more, but other people do.
      You seem to have got the formal way that Communists have, of announcing which International they adhere to and so on, pretty much down pat. You also have Marx’s version of history pretty much down pat.
      Keep in mind that it is only his interpretation of history. I’m going to ignore any Christian versions, which seem to have a certain currency on this site. When mankind first learned to grow crops instead of just hunting and gathering, the stage was set for the development of cities, which meant a whole new system of rules had to be developed. A lot of systems of power were developed, including monarchy, and various kinds of republics. Military systems also advanced, and money was developed. I know all this only in very general terms, but as I understand it, the first man to hit on the idea of stamping precious metals into standard-sized coins was the King of Lydia, a short-lived nation which has long since been absorbed into one of the larger nearby societies. The development of coined money meant that many services and goods that formerly had to be produced in-house, by slaves, could be paid for, and produced by highly-skilled artisans. This was a great advance in human civilisation.
      I don’t know a lot about the development of the military, but I do know that the very best military in their day in the Western world were the Romans. They had some system of forming up in a disciplined way, and nobody else could fight them on good ground. They eventually controlled all the parts of the West that had any economic value, I think.
      Now you can lump all of this together, as Marx does, as the pre-capitalist time and describe it as “feudalism,” if you want to. As a matter of fact, as I understand it, feudalism as it is usually described to us was a military system developed in the West in order to fight the Mongol light horsemen of Genghis Khan. The Mongols swept across the West and left their genes everywhere, and nobody could stand against them, until the idea of a man in armour on a heavy horse was developed. Unfortunately, for a man to handle a sword in armour on a horse required lifelong training, so each knight had to be assigned peasants to feed him. This led to the manor system, which quickly led, especially in places like France, to the idea that the soldiers and their women were better than anybody else. They got all the pleasures, and the common serfs got to do all the work.
      What you call capitalism, in which people with money are important, gradually developed under the protection of feudalism, in the cities. There was a merging of the wealthier capitalists with the feudal lords. Gradually government became centralised, and the lower feudal levels lost their function and their power.
      This is of course an extremely brief summary. It leaves out the wars with the new Islamic religion, and for that matter the imposition of Christianity on the West.
      As wealth and literacy increased, not only did science advance, but bogus theories and forced imposition of faulty ideas in the name of education also spread. This is where we are now. Education is the official religion of the West, and there are various doctrines that rise and fall as part of education: people accept them because they think they are “enlightened.” Just as there are still a few people who actually believe something just because they heard it in church, there are a LOT of people who actually believe something because they heard it in school or university.
      Capitalism is not “meant to be a step on the way to socialism.” That was a bogus idea suggested by Karl Marx. I think the word is just a propagandist device developed by Karl Marx or somebody to imply that the natural relations between free, productive humans is a sort of “ideology,” like his own trumped-up set of ideas. The nature of humans means that some people will hoard and acquire capital, and others won’t. The greater freedom of action that having more money brings, gives a lot of advantages to the people who have the hoarding instinct to a greater degree.
      Of course, this keeps on getting disturbed: people die, and their money gets into the hands of heirs who do not have the hoarding instinct; and redistributivist politicians and bureaucrats take money from one set of people and give it to another, usually keeping quite a lot of it for themselves on the way through.
      Socialism has been tried and tried again, and it never works. Its failures are always attributed to “special factors” of one sort or another, and earnest young people like yourself want us to try it again, stealing the hardware (capital) from those who have some claim to it, of course.

      1. Unsolicited, I know, but if you’re capable, at this juncture in your life, of restructuring, and extending your neural architecture, try an hour and fifty minutes-plus of an authoritative, exceptional Americans enlightening information about Marxism:

        1. Thanks for this. I’ve only looked at a bit of it so far, but there is obviously a whole lot there that I didn’t know.

    3. Rosa Luxemburg spoke that truism in 1916. It was (semi) recently updated by Hungarian philosopher Istvan Meszaros – 2001, “It’s socialism or barbarism if we’re lucky.”


    4. On another site, I read is an article by renowned scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon

      ‘I’m a scholar of violent conflict. For more than 40 years, I’ve studied and published on the causes of war, social breakdown, revolution, ethnic violence and genocide, and for nearly two decades, I led a centre on peace and conflict studies at the University of Toronto.’

      He points to the genuine possibility of a right-wing dictatorship in the USA very shortly. He explains the issue in great detail.

      So what happens? The commentators on the site (not all but many) explode; it will be a left-wing dictatorship!! Based on what you may ask? Antifa and Democrats.

      As the man said, you can’t fix stupid

      1. What’s the difference? the two parties work hand-in-glove. The Dems need Trump. The Dems are setting us up for someone much, much worse than Trump by ignoring all their campaign promises and needs of those who voted for them based of their platform in the last election, and blaming it on Trump, Manchin, and anyone to take our minds off the billionaires, corporations, think tanks where they figure out all the ways to screw us. It’s a good cop/bad cop scenario writ large.

  18. Communism…Capitalism….Socialism…. All work well for the 0.00001% and their upper-management minions… DIVIDE and CONQUER…. Universal Basic Income/Universal Digital Currency/Universal digital Tracking = The Great Reset/Martial/Law… Words are wonderful, but THIS is beyond words anymore…. Australia is a Penal Colony and the World is close behind…. Bodies in-the-Streets… “BODIES in-the STREETS…. Otherwise………………………

  19. massive marketing push to promote “Communism is Bad”
    the core reference for communism aversion programming is the imagination
    it is not evident in reality that communism is bad
    communism is good

  20. Hi Caitlin,
    I’m on your email list and appreciate your perspective on a lot of issues.
    Your post about fretting over communism I think misses the target a little. Whilst I agree that the US obsession about the threat of communism is misplaced, I think it is likely a smoke-screen to hide the true move to global collectivism. Its my view that China has already moved away from strict communism and is now the testing ground for collectivism. Its also my view that WEF, Rockefeller, Carnegie and Gates Foundations are fully supportive of the China model and are insidiously introducing it globally by way of the so called pandemic and via all the “health/pandemic” laws that have been passed in all western countries.
    Just a thought for you.
    With kind regards and best wishes for the New Year

    1. I agree, and what most people miss, Ms. Caitlan certainly could be tried as one who misses the point as well, is that socialism, and by extension, communism, is nothing more than monopoly capitalism. So why not stand with constitutional republicanism? Otherwise, one could assume she’s nothing more than a sneaky hack for the pinko commies.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        That is absolutely not true. You obviously know nothing about socialism if you can make a statement like that.

        1. Sorry, but if you don’t understand that basically, socialism is nothing more than monopoly capitalism, you are uninformed. You are nothing but a shill for those who wish to subjugate us all. Think about it.

          1. political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

            Hopefully that will enlighten you a bit

            1. I’m already enlightened, thanks. And in case you missed an earlier post today…


              1. Libertarians never got over having to share their toys when they were toddlers

          2. What you term socialism is command capitalism as was practiced in the USSR, PRC and the DPRK. Make no mistake, it is you that is uninformed and it is you that should “think about it.”

        2. That’s how you can tell you’re arguing with a conservative. Anything can be the same as anything else.

    2. China was always, communist= collectivist =one party dictatorship = no constitution = Total Tyranny.

      1. Saying “China was always …” is a hilarious statement. When you summarize millennia in worlds less than a century or so old, you risk being giggled at.

  21. The homeless own nothing but dont look happy to me. Perhaps they have just been brainwashed and dont know when they have it good.

    1. Don’t be specious Socialism/ Communism certainly leaves room for you to own your personal belongings. They are systems of organizing the economy so that every single individual’s basic needs are provided for, and people have a say in collective decisions that affect them.

      As Brecht’s ending of The Caucasian Chalk Circle goes : “You, you who have listened to the story of the Chalk Circle, take note of what men of old concluded: That what there is shall go to those who are good for it. Children to the motherly, that they prosper, carts to good drivers, that they be driven well, the valley to the waterers, that it yield fruit.”

      1. Instead of confirming that typical ideological Commie state of NIRVANA that never materializes into reality, I will state what reality has proven for thousands of years:
        “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”
        English Historian Lord Acton.

    2. Yeah, and billionaires own vast tracks of some of the best lands in the world and can have anyone who enters arrested, and Boy do they do look happy.

  22. So much fake concern about communism, and not a word from the MSM about fascism taking hold. Multi-National corporations have taken control of all three branches of government. Now they call it public-private partnerships, but really it is fascism in its truest sense. Does Tucker ever have someone on to talk about that?

    I admit that I have more respect for Tucker Carlson than most other MSM talking heads. He had the late Professor Cohen on during the RussiaGate psyop, and Tulsi Gabbard when she was stirring up the democratic primaries. And he’s had Glenn Greenwald on numerous times. But this China, China, China scare is the same warmongering bullshit in a new wrapper.

    Until we learn to wake up and wage peace in a multi-polar world we are doomed. We’ll all die if war goes nuclear, and if China invades the USA with troops they’d never get past East L.A.
    I’m worried about my government, not theirs.

    1. You have a bit of insight. When I went to school, we were presented with the old left-right idea, with Communism at one end, Nazism at the other end, and what we had then (1970s) as being in the middle and therefore reasonable. This is an awfully old trick of argument.
      What we have now is inflation and corruption. Inflation allows the government, for a while (a very long while this time), to spend more than it takes in in taxes, and to grant favours to its support base without anyone appearing to have to pay for it.
      Not being an American, I have only heard about Tucker Carlson at second hand. I might mention that looking at China from where I sit, in Australia, the concern about it doesn’t look quite as trivial as it might to you.
      I condemn modern corruption too, but at times I am grateful for the old English-speaking conspiracy or old-boy’s-club or whatever it is, that has just found new expression in the AUKUS treaty. Also the new Quad, of the U.S.A., Japan, India, and Australia. These moves seem to suggest to me that the Chinese will not after all be able to take over this part of the world without a fight. I don’t know about the Chinese never getting past East Los Angeles if they decide to take the U.S.A. My impression was that California was already Korean (I haven’t been there to see), and Vancouver is already Chinese (I have been there to see it). Sydney and Perth in Australia (at least the central cities) are Chinese too, by the way.

      1. I wasn’t going to respond to this, nor to someone so typical in the way the left responds, abusive name-calling silly innuendos that mean nothing. But nothingness is all you’ve got, and it’s the only way to discuss anything with someone like you. You’re bereft of any ideas, and as you think you’ve got it all down, you’ve got nothing because your nihilism shines so clearly through anything you have to say that you may as well had said nothing. Because again, that’s all you’ve got. Nothing. Is that clear? Earlier is what? Oh yeah, sophistry. Then it was the pesky Koch brothers. Here’s where I would typically insert profanity, but I won’t. And as for “inflation,” try checking the dollar’s value since 1913. Then let’s talk about inflation. That was the point. o a new word for you would be “ratiocination.” Try it, try it as to take your Marxist head out of your ass.

        1. Was this really intended for me, or did you misfile it somehow? I didn’t think I sounded like a Marxist.

          1. Given the name-calling and lack of understanding of what I was saying, I assumed so because ad hominem is the technique used most of the time. It made no sense to me, and given what we’re currently experiencing politically, I assumed you are a Marxist. You know, good vs. evil: self-realization vs. son’s God, that sort of thing. I do apologize if that isn’t the case.

      2. I have never been to Australia. What are the gun laws there? I believe US citizens are perhaps the most heavily armed per capita in the world. We have a de-facto militia ready at hand. I live in rural Arizona, and nearly every home has a rifle, a shot gun, and a pistol at a bare minimum. Any foreign boots on the ground would have their work cut out for them.
        As for immigration, we do have our fair share, but I see no sign of a lack of patriotism. The last time I was through East L.A. it was heavily Hispanic, but that was decades ago. I’m not sure of its present ethnic makeup.
        I believe any serious effort to invade the USA would be fruitless without resorting to nuclear weapons, and that would be suicide (MAD).
        The constant fear mongering and war mongering is all about supporting the very entrenched weapons industry, and fighting to secure corporate pilfering of natural resources globally. The threat our citizenry is imaginary. I doubt China wants much more than regional stability and trade outside of the already contested areas of Tibet and Taiwan.
        BTW, there are plenty of people in Texas, and other fly-over states, that would like to secede from the madness in DC. That doesn’t mean they’d welcome a foreign army. What they would definitely welcome is the return of a federal government that represented the will of its citizens.

        1. Hello Skip, nice of you to reply.
          The gun laws in Australia are horrible. I refuse to apply for a licence, because I don’t think it makes sense to ask the most dangerous criminals for permission to protect yourself. When these laws were first threatened, some country people in my home state of Queensland said “it’ll never happen here,” but our Federal government threatened the state government with a cutoff of subsidies if the state government didn’t comply.
          In Australia, there is no State income tax as you have in America. All income tax is collected by the Commonwealth (as we call the central government), and they give some of it to the states. We also have a large consumption tax, which I think you do not have in America yet.
          I think, getting back to the gun laws, that there are still a lot of undocumented guns in the bush (outlying areas), but you have to have a gun licence to be able to buy ammunition.
          One thing I should perhaps mention is that our “states” are much larger geographically than yours. We only have six “states” and one large “territory” in an area about the same as the United States. One state, Western Australia (our state names show a certain lack of imagination), contains a third or more of the entire country, but most of it is desert. There is also a lot of desert in South Australia, the Northern Territory (the large territory I mentioned), and my home state of Queensland (named after Queen Victoria – the State of Victoria had already been named after her, and they couldn’t think what else to do).

          1. Thanks for your reply, Paul. We do have a sales tax, and it is almost 10% in Arizona. But our property taxes are low. In my local area some folks even open carry in stores, and there is no law against concealed carry. There are also a lot of hunters. We have some of the largest elk in the world.
            I believe we should both fear our own corrupt governments more than China. They are the ones most threatening to our freedom.

    2. China will never “invade” the US. If you’ve ever listened to any of Xi’s speech, that is not their goal. Their focus is on developing defensive weapons and making the most of a much smaller military budget. However if the US tries to invade China, including but not limited to Hong Kong and Taiwan, not even ELA homeboys will save you from their hypersonic missiles that will destroy US military bases world wide. Just for a little taste of what could happen, look up China ally Iran’s payback for the US drone killing of Qasem Soleimani and his Iraqi associate. A US military base in Iraq was obliterated more or less–walls are still standing but everything inside was blown to smithereens. “Miraculously” no deaths but scores of US soldiers including no doubt 19 and 20 year olds from ELA left with traumatic brain injuries from which they will never recover. So was the Trump ordered drone attack on Iran’s national hero worth it? You be the judge.

    3. John Allen aka Ol' Hippy Avatar
      John Allen aka Ol’ Hippy

      Fascism is almost as nasty of a word as communist in the US. The fascists are winning and have been for quite some time. Rarely is the word fascist used even though it’s strangling all our Rights here in the US. And, as Caitlin has pointed out, Australia doesn’t have a Bill of Rights at all. See anything on Novac Djokovic’s fight to play in the Australian Open, or the slams in social media about his anti-vaxx stance. I was banned from over 4 years on Medium writing about the fascist Big Pharma and their thorough take over of all the MSM platforms. They censor ALL material that is contra to their fascist demands

      I choose not to have my cellular mechanisms taken over by unproven mRNA *vaccines*. I’m watching what happens in the courts down under. Peace

      1. I have also declined the jabs. I take 5000iu’s of vitamin D to promote a healthy immune system, and other supplements such as zinc. I have read recently that the countries with the highest vaccination rates are seeing the largest increases in over-all mortality. Of course, none of this will be blamed on the vaccines, and it will go unreported in our MSM.

  23. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    I fret that we don’t have communism, but fret more that many think that it will be achieved when enough people think it’s a good idea.

  24. I was taken in by that ‘YOU will own nothing and be happy’ video clip, not that it stopped me thinking that people like Schwab are capitalist elitists who are never going to curtail their own lifestyle much. This is the first time I’ve read an explanation of that clip that I trust. I would add that just because a story comes from a ‘cult’ right wing or left wing propaganda outlet it does not mean that it must be incorrect.

    1. Everyone seems to fixate on the “You’ll own nothing” bit, but I was interested to see “The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower” coming from the WEF.

  25. So what is communism – communal ownership or the basis of sociability, ‘the very grounds of human sociability’? From ‘The Dawn of Everything’ by David Graeber and David Wengrow:
    Friedrich Engels used the Iroquois as a prime example of primitive communism in his The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (1884).
    Here, ‘communism’ always refers to communal ownership, particularly of productive resources. As we’ve already observed, many American societies could be considered somewhat ambiguous in this sense: women owned and worked the fields individually, even though they stored and disposed of the products collectively; men owned their own tools and weapons individually, even if they typically shared out the game and spoils.
    However, there’s another way to use the word ‘communism’: not as a property regime but in the original sense of ‘from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs’. There’s also a certain minimal, ‘baseline’ communism which applies in all societies; a feeling that if another person’s needs are great enough (say, they are drowning), and the cost of meeting them is modest enough (say, they are asking for you to throw them a rope), then of course any decent person would comply. Baseline communism of this sort could even be considered the very grounds of human sociability, since it is only one’s bitter enemies who would not be treated this way. What varies is just how far it is felt such baseline communism should properly extend.

    1. The funniest thing about communism is that 1/ nobody agrees on a definition with, for instance, Trotsky saying that communism couldn’t work unless the whole world was communist and Stalin, on the contrary, saying that all he wanted was to be left alone to implement communism in the USSR and discreetly undermining the socialist left in Western democracies to placate their governments 2/.the whole economic landscape changed in the 70s when capitalism became participative and deregulated. Workers became shareholders and the class struggle became blurred because the workers now shared interests with the owners of the means of production. How do you support a rise of the minimal wage if that’s gonna reduce the dividends of the shares you own? How would you not approve of outsourcing the means of production if that’s gonna lower the prices at Walmart? The whole society is now owned by investment-management firms BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Berkshire Hathaway and the people investing in these trillionaire executive shareholders firms are millions of middle and working class guys who are literally sawing the branch they’re sitting on, with outsourcing suppressing local jobs. But that’s contemporary reality. And that’s why the left moved in the 80s from social struggle (about money) to societal struggle (about mores), being above all pro-immigration because everybody has a right to the “pursuit of happiness”, whereas in the 60s, in France where I grew up and the communist party was very strong (with up to 25% of votes), it was against immigration because it fought for good wages for French workers and did not want the bosses to undercut that by importing cheap labor. The racist connotation (probably discreetly promoted by the ruling class – cui bono?) now attached to the anti-immigration stance was not even an option in the picture of the Marxist-Leninist class-struggle. You were a French worker (white, brown, black, male, female…) with French labor rights that the French had fought for for generations, through protests (sometimes repressed with real bullets) and strikes, or you were not, period. Different times, different realities… These communist and anti-communist rhetorics in the XXIst century are essentially obsolete, romantic and surrealistic. We need to imagine new pro-little guy/anti-oligarchs alternatives adapted to our present Western societies. The first to say “tax the rich” was not AOC last year but Warren Buffet, then nº2 on Forbes 500 richest list and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway ten years ago. Takes us a long way from the sterile comic books stances that everything right of AOC is fascism and everything left of Marco Rubio is communism.

      1. I liked your observation on how since the ’70s the workers have grown to own the means of production. Well sort of. Nevertheless, it has worked out that way beyond what was before that time. So that part of the equation is working. I’m not sure for what, but wealth has grown and has been distributed through stock ownership.

        Does that mean we have no Oligarchs? I think we have more now than ever before. Yet they claim they’re good and woke with good intentions. To me, they’re total fascists, similar to being Nazis, suggesting that maybe the Nazis didn’t really lose as we learned in school, or Hollywood, but like the neo Marxists of today, simply an arm of the dialectic in action.

        I think Gramsci was right, and from his argument with Lenin, the destruction of the church is what should scare us all. Their recent acquiesces to the state is one example that should ring the alarm bells because without the church we’re screwed.

  26. Being poorly educated – by our “Free Market”, for profit, class inequality magnifying society…most of the ruminant-chewing, NeoFuedal livestock, found living and breeding upon the Trillionaire and Billionaires’ and monarchist royalty’s “desmegne landes” (pardon any misspelling, my middle English dictionary isn’t handy) commonly confuse the words “Totalitarianism”, and “Authoritarianism” – with the word “Communism”. Which proves the wisdom in that suggestion from a 1970’s Trilateral Commission report (“The Crisis of Democracy”) – that college tuitions should be raised to a level which makes them less affordable to the troublesome rabble.

  27. Hello again Caitlin, nice to see you’re still firing on all cylinders.
    I wondered where that line about owning nothing and liking it had really come from. Thanks for filling me in on it.
    I am pretty sure Communism is just the very dull-witted Christian moral code, excised from the Christian magic stories, and taken seriously. More sophisticated Christians soft-pedal their moral code and go on a lot about the magic stories, because they know very well from bitter experience that if they make a serious effort to put the moral code into effect, it leads to horrors, just as it did in the Soviet empire.
    I am not nearly as much worried about Communism nowadays as I was in year 1975, because the fall of the Soviet Union and the adoption of a severely modified form of Communism in China have pretty much discredited it in the eyes of people who can learn by history. Ludwig von Mises had shown long before that, that it couldn’t possibly work, but I had never heard of Ludwig von Mises in 1975. Instead, I was taught loads of guff about that great fraud, J. M. Keynes. If you or anyone else doesn’t know, it is economics that I am talking about here.
    However, Chinese imperialism is still alive and well, and although the Americans do not seem to be in any great danger of adopting full-on Communism (I agree with you there), they do seem to be very much at risk of going deeper than ever into good old-fashioned corruption and government interference in the economy, which could easily get to be just as bad. Inflation can lead to famine, just as Communism can. And you may not know it, but inflation is already terrible in Zimbabwe and Venezuela, and is threatening to become terrible in Turkey. It isn’t dead. The difference between an inflationary collapse and a Communist takeover is the difference between simple stupidity and stupidity with a misguided plan. From the point of view of the victims, they both hurt real bad.
    I don’t think you need to worry about the “right” uniting against Communism. Most people on the right would want to put me in jail along with you (Caitlin). What the people in authority seem to be trying to unite us against at the moment is Chinese imperialism, which has racial characteristics. It’s never a good idea to be the pure race that tries to bring the whole world under its dominion. All the inferior races team up to do you over.

  28. I don’t know where this communist threat is coming from. There has never been a communist state, nor ever will be. China is not communist. It sees itself as on the road to communism but it will never get there. It is however more socialist than most. For example, vital utilities are not in private hands and run for private profit as in, for example, the U.K. The medical system, I can testify from personal experience, is an example to many countries especially the USA. And the response to Covid stands apart from the rest of the world as a testimony to the fact that China puts the health and welfare of its citizens first. But what do I know, I only live here.

    1. It’s interesting that you SAY – that China puts the health and welfare of their citizens first…
      There IS some evidence for this. Instead of mass murdering those infected, by the US designed-, and deliberately released-, BioWeaponized virus – China has lowered their Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) quite admirably by using the HydroxyChloroquine precursor – Chloroquine – for safe and effective early treatment of the infected… That’s the kind of thing, which the US and British and Austr-alien Governments have all but outlawed.
      But they also took some rather drastic Totalitarian efforts in the initial response to the Wuhan release, of a sort which have proven essentially useless in the West, and needlessly punitive and harmful, to the population – particularly when compared to less restrictive examples, like Sweden and Belarus.
      So I’m curious, since we appear to have someone in China to interview, here – could you let us all know what the current policies are, there?
      It doesn’t APPEAR to be the DELIBERATE IATROGENOCIDE being practiced in the West upon the infected, and upon the most vulnerable populations.
      Here Safe and Effective Early Treatment options are DELIBERATELY and FRAUDULENTLY suppressed by our “Health” bureaucracies, working in league with our Corporatist Pfharma and Health industries, and our largely corrupted and co-opted academic, medical and scientific communities. They’re working here on the WEF/Gates plan, to wipe out our own populations, and global populations, using the unsafe, ineffective, untested and highly dangerous mRNA Gene Therapy Jabs, and enslave those that survive in the Totalitarian Technocratic-Panopticon dystopia, of the Agenda ID2020 “Vaccine Passports”, etc..
      They also have deliberately killed people with IATROGENOCIDAL efforts, like inclusion of the highly toxic REMDESIVIR in our mandated “treatment” protocols, along with the medically contra-indicated reliance upon intubation and ventilators, in combination with general anesthesia. Nor have I heard of the Chinese packing their nursing homes with sick and infectious Covid patients – unnecessarily putting vulnerable populations at additional risk – the way that Cuomo and Gavin Newscum, did here, for instance.
      THESE kinds of efforts were done in combination with the refusal to allow access to any of the safe and effective early treatment protocols (Zelenko, I-MATH+, I-MASK, etc.), which results in the development of masses of patients in critical condition, with full-blown SARS.
      I’m curious how that’s all playing-out over in China. It seems like they already HAVE a social credit score, and a Technocratic Totalitarian Panopticon, there… Has it gotten worse, in light of Covid? Are the Chinese Jabs killing and injuring people at unacceptable rates, as ours are doing here? Are they being forced upon the population there, as mass, involuntary Human Medical Experimentation – as they are in ‘the West’?
      I recently heard of a 3 year old Argentinian girl, who was murdered in December, by a forced/coerced Jab, using the Sinopharm product, which gave her a heart attack. Are there any reports of such tragedies in China?
      The US and UK Jabs appear to be causing an elevated rate of miscarriages, and higher rates of Iatrogenic infertility. Are the Chinese seeing any of that, from theirs? I’m just curious. Any information or light that you could shed, would be helpful.

      1. First I must say that I think you are wrong about the Wuhan event, it was that response that paved the way for the zero Covid policy and just 2 deaths subsequent to May 2020. Since that time all infections have been imported, most picked up at port of entry but there have been occasional lapses and the worst to date is being cleaned up very effectively now in Xi’an in the north.
        Secondly, from what I read from virologists I do not believe the US import origin version, and also because I think if there were any such evidence the Chinese government would have seized on it.
        After Wuhan there had been about 80,000 cases and now about 100,000. That points to a death rate of 0.01% which suggests that either the statistics are way off, or that effective treatment is being administered. A report in the SCMP in August 2020 stated that chloroquine was on an updated list of treatments. I don’t have any contact within hospitals to get any more information.
        Vaccination does not appear to be compulsory but people here deeply fear the virus, I have not been aware of anyone not wanting to be vaccinated, their children also: but without the green code on your phone giving your test and vaccination status you cannot use public transport or enter many buildings such as shopping malls. I am not aware of severe reactions to the Chinese vaccines, I certainly had no ill effects, a friend claimed short lived headaches. I think you have to trade off those 2 deaths against a potential for many millions in a population as large as China’s from Covid, against a possible but unknown number of deaths from the vaccine.

        PS It’s nice to comment on a site where you are clearly not banned for deviating however politely from the official line. I am off all UK newspapers and yesterday I was banned by The Saker for saying that it simply cannt be true that Chia has 96% home ownership, and that the Covid death rate of China v the USA is 0.1% not 0.6% (Worldometers)

  29. I am much more worried about complete societal collapse than one particular system of government over another. Sort of like the Roman Empire shattering and ushering in the Dark Ages. The US and EU will definitely break up.

    1. Whilst the nattering will go on, about whether we are drowning in fresh water or salt.

  30. Why Do So Many Still Follow the Narrative?

  31. Communism is just an excuse by the ZIO/US to GENOCIDE entire populations !

    China is actually Communist/Capitalist now – a land with amazing opportunity and an equitable – inclusive health system !

    The future order of things will Yellow – Black – White !

  32. Both capitalism and communism have been abject failures because they are top down, hierarchical and exploitative.
    Wars, poverty, inequality, famine and environmental destruction are left in their wake.
    Rules without Rulers (Anarchy) is the only way forward, but it’s too late for that now.
    Our grandchildren will pay dearly.

    1. Anarchism, not anarchy.

      1. Point taken Walt.

  33. Here’s the most important question of all. Just exactly WHAT should people do after they’re all woke up? Should they pick up a gun? Should they guillotine some VIPs? Should they march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else? (“or else” just exactly WHAT?!)
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

  34. I don’t know about any of my fellow left-leaning people, but as far as I can see, there’s zero chance of much of any socialism or communism from any name anyone has heard of in US politics. You’ve got moderate-o-crat Bernside, but he’s going nowhere slowly. You’ve got AOC having a cool-kids versus dumb-guy-whose-dad-takes-him-hunting public exchange (guess who lands the zingers!).

    The Black leadership even got the South Carolina Blacks to vote for Joe with his Rabbit Eyes and Dementia and history of basically being a Republican and you know, backing all the laws that put the blacks in prison. With a Lock ’em up VP.

    I really don’t think Communism is a worry now. Dissent remains safely co-opted into what might as well be called the Republicrats on one side and the Republicrats on the other.

  35. The first cold War didn’t end in the nineties; it ended in the sixties.

    Ronald Reagan, who was in his second childhood and wanted to bring back his glory days (as a second-rate actor), revived the cold war in the eighties.

    You’re too young to remember all this.

  36. With everything we once held dear having already been overthrown and replaced by the Chinese model of top-down authoritarian conformity to an Orwellian dictatorship of unaccountable control freaks in a 24/7 surveillance state, Australia has already fallen to the foreign threat of Communist takover.

    1. WAIT… The Workers OWN the means of production, in Australia now…and have a society devoid of NeoFeudalist Billionaire and Trillionaire influence?
      If NOT – what you have is Totalitarianism or Corporatist Inverted Totalitarian Authoritarianism… But clearly – nothing like Communism… Best to look up the meanings of words, before you use them improperly, as inapt descriptors.

  37. The WEF video has everything to do with rent-seeking capitalism. If you buy a waffle maker you lay out $20–$50 and you can make as many waffles as you want whenever you want. However the WEF and the rentier capitalists would much rather you pay rent to them every time you feel like having a waffle. As Michael Hudson has frequently pointed out, the entire modern economy is based on rent extraction by the 1% from the rest of us.

  38. I’m pretty sure owning nothing is a big communist thing. It’s not about China taking over. It’s about the biggest powers completely dominating the world. I don’t live in an english speaking nation, but I am concerned and that’s why I left the US. This is not china or Russia or the USA. These are all superficial constructs. The real takeover is happening and it’s obvious to many, many people of all political affiliations. We should all unite against the few psychopaths that threaten the entire world’s freedoms. And we should take back the sovereignty that we’ve already lost. Unite youguys

    1. You can own nothing under a Corporatist Capitalist system, just as easily… In fact, the ever greater concentrations of wealth under LATE Capitalism, ensure that broads swaths of propertyless people will be created, and then likely killed or incarcerated, in some fashion.

  39. It’s both sad and scary how much these people especially anyone I know that watches Fox News have absolutely no understanding about political forms of organization yet feel comfortable being adamant about how bad socialism and communism are. The Fox News people I know used to definitively believe Obama was socialist.

    1. No. He was bought and paid for before being sworn in. Just like the rest.

      1. Most likely with a gun pointed at his head.

  40. Yup, Caitlin… you sound like you’ve been co-opted. You haven’t done anything but avoid facing this monster and now, aiding and abetting this soul killing mechanism of hate and division that is taking over the world. Its VERY much HERE in the US…in Vermont. The evidence is everywhere…but of course, you haven’t done your deep research and at least taken in the research of others who’ve been there before us in pointing out communism in our midst, and ruining our society, so it sounds like you haven’t, and it also sounds like you work for them.
    I suggest you spend a few hundred hours doing a deep dive, and suggest starting with the Epoch Times.
    Don’t be a useful idiot.

    1. You are a complete fucking idiot.

    2. The Epoch Times is a propaganda rag run by far right cult members. You’re just proving my point here. Wipe the shit off your brain and change your media consumption habits.

      1. It is not Communism we need to be aware of and fight, it is Technocracy. Technocracy is not Communism, it is worse. Patrick Wood is one who has researched it for many years. Look him up and learn about it please. Yes, the link is from Epoch times but he has done many interviews elsewhere and written books about it.

        1. Technocracy is Unsustainable Avatar
          Technocracy is Unsustainable

          There IS a brain in this thread! Thank you!

    3. Epoch Times – LOOOOL !

      1. My thought too when I saw the link.

  41. I used to enjoy your writing but now I used it to see what’s the latest spin from the insane “progressive” spin doctors. You are so out of touch it’s not even funny. Oh yea “muh right wing news”. It’s all right wing propaganda! Yes, that’s the only evidence that communism is bad. It’s from the “muh right wing news”. Never mind the millions of people from places like: Cambodia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, East Germany and any one of the dozens of former communist countries. Nope, never mind them because they did not do communism the right way! It’s those nasty white supreme pizzas spreading disinformation in their vast “right wing” news empires.

    Communism is the most toxic and deadly ideology ever invented. It has killed over 200 million last century. It will go on to kill even more this century. All communism does is deliver the wealth of nations into the hands of a tiny few. And it’s the same few every time.

    1. What if I pointed to the poor capitalist countries and said that’s the only way capitalism is. Propagandized understanding of communism conflates authoritarianism with communism. They also conflate communism with poverty and poor economic situations without realizing that there are perfectly many examples of ultra poor capitalist societies. The same way that there is a variety of implementations of capitalism like Scandinavian levels of capitalism vs Eastern European or African implementations, there are a multitude of different implementations of communism and socialism possible. Compare our current US capitalism vs the 70s, we now have far more poor, far less middle class, and a level of ultra rich never before seen. There are different implementations of capitalism even within our own history. If you have a knowledgeable and unbiased view of political science and forms of government you don’t point at examples of failures and say that’s the only way it is.

      1. The problem with this is simple. You have clear examples of successful Nationalist nations. It was not “capitalism” that built them.It was Nationalism. Most European nations became wealthy and prosperous when they were Nationalistic. Name one successful communist nation. No, China does not count because it changed and moved towards Nationalism. That explains their recent prosperity.

        1. “Nationalist nations”?? What the hell is that? Like a feminine female, or a canine dog? If wealth and prosperity flow from nationalism, then the richest countries should be the most nationalist, , i.e. Nazi (which is short for nationalist in German). The most Nazi country in the world at present is the Ukraine, and they have the lowest per-capita income in Europe, so there goes your theory Einstein lol..

          1. You have no concept of Nationalism. The word “Nazi” is a derogatory term created after WWII. The Germans never used this. They were called National Socialists (NSDAP). One of the most Nationalist countries now is China and they have far more wealth than your nation. Others include: Japan, Thailand, israel and many more.

            1. Wow… That is some GRADE A, ahistorical, revisionist Nazi bullshit, right there .. Hats off to you… You should be eligible for q prize or an award named after David Irving, or Willis Carto.
              Lol. Kudos. You’ve really outdone yourself here.

            2. According to Wikipedia, the word Nazi was
              used well before WW2, though rarely
              by party members.
              “The term was in use before the rise of the party as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backward peasant, an awkward and clumsy person. It derived from Ignaz, a shortened version of Ignatius,[23][24] which was a common name in the Nazis’ home region of Bavaria. Opponents seized on this, and the long-existing Sozi, to attach a dismissive nickname to the National Socialists.[24][25]”

              The OED lists it as being used by the Times in 1930 as a caption: “Herr Hitler, the leader of the National Socialists, speaking at the last big Nazi election meeting.”

    2. You are also a total blithering fool and programmed idiot.

      1. Wow, insults from someone on the internets. They must be right. I’m the idiot. Look at their successful evidence to support their position.

      2. An apt observation, you’ve made there… You left the word “Reichwing” out, somehow, however. I’m sure that should fit-in, amongst the other apt descriptors.

    3. just one more idiot that confuses dictatorships and tyranny whit communism 80% of the land and industry in venezuela is in the hands of CAPITALITALITS that is NOT communism
      most of the poverty in former eastern bloc lands started AFTER capitalism took over see what hapend whit Russia in the 90ties unde Yelsin
      All communism does is deliver the wealth of nations into the hands of a tiny few. And it’s the same few every time.

  42. That Jesse Kelly quote, I thought it was a joke!
    On the flip side, communism bans private property.
    Private property rights and laws that go to protect it are the foundation of the Western society and economic system.
    So the danger is not that US gov becomes communist. The danger is complete collapse of the western economy.
    Obviously, declaring some ecosystem, resource, or living organisms your (or state) property (or even worse, nobody’s property like the oceans) and then destroying them as they did with whales, fish, buffalos, etc, looks destructive in a long run, so where is the end?
    Occasionally see a title line that Communism is becoming popular. That must be scary to the capitalist overlords.

  43. Despina Arzouman Avatar
    Despina Arzouman

    You’re starting to sound like you’ve been ‘bought off.’

    1. You’re starting to sound like a fuzzbrained sheep.

      1. Ad hominem attacks only serve to prove that you have no valid counter argument. Good job, you just proved their point. Let me guess, now you will start to censor. The favorite tool of tyrants and fools.

        1. One does not need a “counter-argument” for an entirely baseless accusation of being “bought off”. That which has been presented without evidence may be dismissed without evidence.

          1. See, now that’s a civil response. To be fair, your article is their evidence. It is very much like communist propaganda and we know the globalists love communism because it allows them to steal the wealth of a nation and enslave their populations.

            1. Yeah well that’s moronic bullshit.

                1. It’s moronic because you’re conflating Authoritarianism and/or Totalitarianism (whether of the Inverted variety, or not) – with “Communism” – a term, the meaning of which you’re clearly demonstrating your ignorance.
                  You merely declare, falsely, something a “communism” and proceed with an errant tautology, based upon your complete lack of understanding.And from therr you wrongly infer that she’s under the spell of this ‘witchcraft’ or “communism”, as you’ve misidentified it, without evidence. Perhaps you should see if she weighs more than a duck, as you proceed with this errant trial by ordeal.

            2. billionaires acquiring more billions/wealth is NOT communism

        2. Frankie, you are right on the money when you linked the Globalists and a system like communism that both ultimately lead to total loss of freedom and total Tyranny. Both rely on central authority run by a tiny kleptocratic elite. The USA however, is a leader of globalization, also run by a tiny ultra rich elite cabal, and shares big responsibility for the havoc we have in the world right now.
          However, when it comes to a system of government, I will go with our constitutional republic.
          “Freedom is government divided into small fragments”. Thomas Hobbes.
          In a true Republic, dictatorship ( as in China, N. Korea, even the EU=USSR) is impossible because power is diffused.

  44. Josrph Mirzoeff Avatar
    Josrph Mirzoeff

    When the President tells you he is going to send out 500 million free test kits, what is that? Do you think he is concerned about your health and well-being?

    1. The more false positives turned in, the more he can ramp up the fear index.

    2. more taxpayers money that flows to the test kit makers

      1. Exactly! Ironically, those who support socialism usually are involved in consumer goods; why? Because socialism spreads money around, at least for a while. Then the countries go bankrupt and become shit holes.

        1. It seems like ALL of your comments are based in evidence-free assertions of the Koch Brothers brand of rightwing sophistry… It’s funny, but it doesn’t look like Cuba has gone bankrupt…in spite of relentless illegal US Imperial Hybrid Warfare, aggression, blockades, unilateral sanctions, etc.. Their poverty is imposed and enforced from the outside – but what they have is pretty fairly distributed… They may not have much, but therr is, they share. The one thing you won’t find in Cuba, is a bunch of people living in tents on the margins of society, or in cars, or under bridges… And if you break your arm there, while in a visit – they don’t ask for money or your insurance card. They just fix it … Oh – THE HORRORS of socialism…

          1. Should read “They may not have much, BUT WHAT THERE IS, they share.”

          2. So we’re giving up freedom for free healthcare and soup kitchens? Then what are you doing here? Why make our lives miserable in the process, as are you forcing your ideas on “fairness” and “equity” when you could be living it? Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, even Columbia would welcome your sense of self-righteousness. As for the streets of L.A.? again, socialism, their instrument is fiat money as its handmaiden. That’s why there are tents on the sidewalks of Los Angeles. It’s called inflation and incremental unfair regulation brought about by acts of Fabian policies.

            1. It’s hard to know where to START with all of the ignorance that you’ve packed into that one little comment… But it seems like you consistently do this… Just assume that your ignorant and poorly informed takes on things, and your distorted analysis of causes and effects are accepted, as givens … And in my case, allow me to make clear, that they ARE NOT.

              I happen to live in the Greater LA area… You are correct that there are tents on the streets… But your baseless assertion about the causes for that state of affairs, is just ludicrous… I mean, it’s completely disconnected from the reality… Those folks were there going back to Cheney/W., Obama, and Trump…at times when inflation was at 0%, and even a negative number… So that’s a clear example of why nobody should take any of this manure that you’re spreading, seriously.
              The reality is that for every one of those people and family units sleeping in a tent, or in a car, or under a bridge – there’s TWO EMPTY HOUSING UNITS – often very close-by.

              It isn’t a “GIVEN” that we have to give up ANYTHING, for free healthcare, or food for the hungry. There’s no reason that the solutions to these questions would have to be based in an increasingly Totalitarian Police State – in fact, that’s already happening, without debate, under “capitalism” (or whatever this system that we have, really is) – without any of these problems being fixed.

              So instead of beginning your arguments with a whole bunch of illogical and baseless assumptions, maybe start by NOT just making such an ass of yourself, with these assumptions. We can ALWAYS afford more useless (one hopes) nuclear weapons, or another war, paid for off the books… Fixing the problems that you mentioned would be much cheaper.
              Single payer healthcare – which even a Koch Brothers-funded study, concluded would lower costs OVERALL, regardless of who pays… wouldn’t AUTOMATICALLY have to create a free system, or more bureaucracy than we have at present, with many receiving little care… It could just be the Government being mailed the bill from your Doctor, for the care that you mutually agreed upon, and that was provided…and then cutting the check… Maybe if they jus imagined that it was going for a new Air Craft Carrier, or a Next Generation fighter that nobody asked for, or needs – and that’s sure to be obsolete, before it goes into production…then the Government could just cut the check, without meddling,or asking a bunch of invasive questions.

              I don’t know where the Fabian Society comes up, in your twisted Teleology and Cosmology… But I can assure that they aren’t true leftists, nor do they have any real influence upon us. Tony Blair is a Fabian, and none of us ever cared gor him, or bought-into his confidence racket.

              1. The words “free system” above should read “less-free system” apologies for the typo.

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