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False Flags Suddenly No Longer A Crazy Conspiracy Theory

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In a drastic pivot from typical denunciations of false flag operations as conspiratorial nonsense that don’t exist outside the demented imagination of Alex Jones, the US political/media class is proclaiming with one voice that Russia is currently orchestrating just such an operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

“As part of its plans, Russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating a pretext for invasion,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Friday. “We have information that indicates Russia has already pre-positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine.”

“Without getting into too much detail, we do have information that indicates that Russia is already working actively to create a pretext for a potential invasion, for a move on Ukraine,” Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby told the press on Friday. “In fact, we have information that they’ve pre-positioned a group of operatives, to conduct what we call a false flag operation, an operation designed to look like an attack on them or their people, or Russian speaking people in Ukraine, as an excuse to go in.”

The US government has substantiated these incendiary claims with the usual amount of evidence, by which I of course mean jack dick nothingballs. The mass media have not been dissuaded from reporting on this issue by the complete absence of any evidence that this Kremlin false flag plot is in fact a real thing that actually happened, their journalistic standards completely satisfied by the fact that their government instructed them to report it. Countless articles and news segments containing the phrase “false flag” have been blaring throughout all the most influential news outlets in the western world without the slightest hint of skepticism.

This sudden embrace of the idea that governments can stage attacks on their own people to justify their own pre-existing agendas is a sharp pivot from the scoff which such a notion in mainstream liberal circles has typically received. This 2018 article from The New York Times simply dismisses the idea that the 2014 Maidan massacre was a false flag carried out by western-backed opposition fighters in Ukraine to frame the riot police of the government who was ousted in that coup, for example, despite the existence of plenty of evidence that this is indeed what happened. This BBC article dismisses without argument the idea that the alleged 2018 chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria could have been a false flag carried out by the Al Qaeda-aligned insurgents on the ground to provoke a western attack on the Syrian government, yet there are mountains of evidence that this was the case.

Articles denouncing the very idea of “false flag conspiracy theories” surface routinely in the mass media. Snopes has a whole article explaining that false flags are kooky nonsense without any mention of the fact that this is a known tactic we’ve seen intelligence operatives discussing in declassified documents, like when the CIA considered planting bombs in Miami to blame Castro. I myself was once temporarily suspended by Facebook just for posting an article about false flag operations that are publicly acknowledged to have occurred. People who dare to question the many gaping plot holes in the official 9/11 narrative have often been treated with the same disdain and revulsion as neo-Nazis and pedophilia advocates.

None of this is to say that every theory about any false flag operation is true; many are not. But the way the mass media will instantly embrace an idea to which they’ve heretofore been consistently hostile just because their government told them to to do it says so much about the state of the so-called free press today, and the fact that the rank-and-file public simply accepts this and marches along with it as though talking about false flags has always been normal says so much about the level of Orwellian doublethink that people have been trained to perform in today’s information ecosystem. The way false flag operations were widely considered conspiratorial hogwash until the instant they were reported as real by the media institutions who’ve lied to us about every war is downright creepy.

The problem with preemptive false flag accusations is of course that the side making the claim can simply launch an unprovoked attack and then say “See? They’re staging a false flag to frame our side, just like we said they would!” And then they can present their subsequent actions as defensive in nature, when in reality they were the aggressors and instigators. We are seeing nothing from the obedient western news media to suggest they’d do anything other than uncritically regurgitate such claims into the minds of their trusting audiences.

As the Beltway doctrine that US unipolar hegemony must be preserved at all cost crashes headlong into the reality of an emerging multipolar world, the US government is now more dangerous than it has ever been at any point in its history. We need the press to be holding the drivers of empire to account with the light of truth, and we need the public to be opposing and scrutinizing these reckless escalations. Instead, we are getting the exact opposite. God help us all.


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  • Once again the US war machine exposing more of their own actions and motivations by what it petulantly accuses others of doing.

  • The US government can predict coming “false flag’ operations for the same reason that arsonists have an uncanny ability to predict fires.

    …..billions have seen the light….that shining light on the hill….that glow of the rockets red glare….launching freedom and liberty….. landing on target…..making the world safe…..more democracy,
    more liberty….the world gerrymandered into submission….the sprouts of bullshit grow not from the cracks in the pavement of the rainforests…..not from the oceans clogged with plastic……not from the bellies of kids starving……but from the minds of billions……seeing the light ….over and over…..in the glow of the screens tanning the souls of those glued to the illusion….the light at the end of the tunnelvision….where truth is revealed…..and the triumph of those revered……..as they twist the marshmallows of truth in the glow of the detonation of the world’s “greatest”…….to duck or to cover?…..
    to lock and to load?…..
    to cower and cry?……..
    …..or to be courageous and caring?…
    …..that is the question that screams from the souls that are left………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • Caitlin,

    The comments on this one are a mess.. definitely not “healthful.” As a salve, I’m writing you from near enough the opposite of the political spectrum to say I enjoy and appreciate your content/perspective and wish you a good day.

    No sane person wants war between East and West. Trouble is, the sane aren’t in power. Maybe time to change that.

  • Responsible Statecraft published an article today that basically says that US Intelligence Organizations have become bigger and more important than military. This is the reason why we only read disinformation.

    Every branch of US military now has Information Warfare Department, and also PSYOPs.
    CIA has been training Intelligence personnel in Ukraine since 2015, and they must be arranging the False Flag provocation and press releases too. I am going to guess they are pursuing several scenarios, a public one can be a distraction from the covert one.

  • It’s chemical weapons, chemical warfare that the US has set up the Ukranians to use against the Donbass. They have already poisoned the river months ago, so the municipal water cannot be used for cooking or drinking.
    Report on upcoming chemical warfare attacks from Donbass:

    • “Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman stated that the U.S. would “not allow anyone to slam closed NATO’s Open Door policy.” ”

      That’s funny… When Russia asked to join NATO – the door was shut in their faces, rather rudely… It sounds like the US WANTS a war with Russia. God help us all.

      • NATO wants war with Russia, because they want to control oil and gas fields in the Artic, majority of the resources are thought to be on Russian side.

        • It’s absolute madness. Suicide and Mass murder, on a global scale. This is Psychopathic Greed and Megalomania run amok. And yet, somehow AOCIA hasn’t ridden to our rescue…
          Aren’t we all glad, that the machine gave such an overwhelming “victory” to Joe Biden? It’s really so much better than Trump’s Psychopathy…/s/

  • something important


    Murdered for speaking out: Last words of David Goldberg’s warning of mass murder of Americans

    F@ll of C@bal

  • On 21-DEC-2021, Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu reported that 120 US private military contractors were amassing chemical weapons in east Ukrainian locations of Avdeevka and Krasny Liman, to prepare a false flag operation. While Shoigu presented no actual evidence, at least the Russians are providing particulars which lend some credibility to the claim. Given the US’ long record of false flag operations, and their addiction to projecting, it’s more difficult to discount the Russian claim than the US one.
    More broadly, back when the US engineered and unleashed the Maidan coup, and especially after the nazis incinerated 50 people in the trade union building in Odessa, many hoped Putin would move in and put a stop to it all. If he had, the current Ukraine WWIII tripwire most likely wouldn’t be upon us.
    From the front lines in the Donetsk Peoples Republic, Russell ‘Texas’ Bentley offers this rather sobering and realistic perspective: given the intransigence and mad determination of the US/EU/NATO imperialists to launch a war against Russia via Ukraine, the least worst scenario from the current predicament would be for Russia to quickly move in and occupy Ukraine all the way to Kiev — preferably immediately after next Wednesday’s deadline for a US response expires and before the US or NATO can organise militarily.
    Aside from its nazi component, most of the Ukrainian military is a conscript one and a majority of its ranks reportedly has no desire to go to war with Russia. Unfortunately, the dumb Washington psychopaths and their NATO marionettes don’t understand this and certainly won’t take any hint from the surgical precision of the Kazakhstan interdiction to stay their insane war drive. But a fait accompli of a lightning Russian occupation of Ukraine that catches them completely off guard and militarily unprepared is probably the least infeasible way of doing so.
    With some help from China, a pro-Russian regime in Ukraine could quickly revive the economy and resurrect its social services, and most importantly hunt down, prosecute and punish every last Bandera/Hitler-loving nazi and their US/UK/EU/NATO ‘instructors’ and ‘advisers’.
    Then Putin might even be able to attend an Olympic games, and for once not have yet another imperialist regime change operation or war launched on Russia’s borders whilst he’s there.

  • Western mass media reports on this false flag op have been verified by acknowledged experts in the field, from the us military and CIA. Comforting.

  • Itchy trigger fingers and profit chasing makes for bloody battlefields, devastation, broken bodies, tortured lives and dead children.
    ‘Civilisation’? That’s a long way off.

    • I look forward to an update two or three years hence.

    • You guys also said masks were going to kill us.

      • Proof please.
        The CO2 has obviously messed with your brain John.
        Foggy in there.

        • CO2 from the masks didn’t do me any harm, and neither did the vaccines. The way you guys talk I should be dead right now. Be like Assange. Get vaccinated.

          • It’s hard to ignore your cognitive difficulties, but it seems that you’re prepared to do so.

            Are encouraging others to have strokes (one of the many, well-known possible adverse events from the mRNA Gene Therapy injections), like Assange did? Are you wishing people harm, or self-harm? It sure sounds like it.

            • On the contrary, I am encouraging them to question what their authority figures tell them, and stick with the truth without being afraid of the consequences. It’s called courage, something you can’t possibly understand. That’s why both Assange and myself are vaccinated- we both care about doing the right things for humanity and have learned the hard way not to trust self-deluded blowhards.

              • Not deluded…not blowhard… Not an accessory to crimes against humanity, either.

                Assange can be forgiven for his ignorance and poor chiices.. He’s only allowed access to information filtered by her Her Majesty’s Government – and they’re clearly partners in this PSYOP and BioWarfare program. He can’t get access to safer, more effective early treatment and prophylactic options… Nor can he build his Vitamin D3 levels by going outside, or reducing his risk by controlling his exposures.

                But YOU, have chosen this nrver ending cycle of Negative Effectiveness and immunity addiction, and all cause mortality… And I say THANK YOU, because the world needs less malignant narcissists, and willing henchmen for Crimes Against Humanity.

                Gullible people going the way of the Dodo won’t he an awful thing, either – but that’s not enough reason forme to join Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab in their Genocidal and Eugenics based designs for Technocratic Totalitarianism and a dystopian future.



  • Translation: the US is planning a false flag event, but we are preemptively blaming Russia so the gullible idiots that inhabit the US and elsewhere will fall for OUR lies first and won’t believe the truths coming from everyone who will recognize the signature of our false flags the minute it is unleashed. Once the missiles start flying, the gullible flag-waving mouth breathers in both major worthless parties will rally around Mr. Potatohead and support whatever insane war we have just instigated….just like the last dozen or more (including WW1 and WW2).

    • Right on!

  • “The problem with preemptive false flag accusations is of course that the side making the claim can simply launch an unprovoked attack and then say ‘See? They’re staging a false flag to frame our side, just like we said they would!’ And then they can present their subsequent actions as defensive in nature, when in reality they were the aggressors and instigators. ”

    Israel has had this down to a science since 1948.

  • The key of course to all this is former CIA director Bill Casey saying to President Reagan in 1981: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.
    Some people think this is a conspiracy theory. Well it’s not! It’s been tracked back to Barbara Honegger, former assistant to the chief domestic policy adviser to Reagan who acknowledged witnessing and reporting it to her friend Sarah McClendon, Senior White House correspondent who made it public.
    And why would the CIA (which also initiated mind-control programs like MK-Ultra) do that? Because a majority of the American public wouldn’t approve the US’ ruthless foreign policy – loosely inspired by the Jolly Roger, emblem of international piracy also proudly displayed by Yale’s dubious Skull and Bones secret society – if they knew the truth of course!
    But as Hermann Goering infamously explained, all you have to do to get people on board with their governments’ bellicose plans is to tell them they’re threatened. Hence the false flags.
    Fact-checkers? Even Snopes suspended its co-founder David Mikkelson last summer for bullshitting. Can’t make that stuff up! And he himself acknowledged, in a bee line from the horse’s mouth, that there was “no excuse” for his “serious lapses in judgement!”
    As for Twitter, Dr Robert Malone explained to Joe Rogan that their fact-checkers on medical stuff are provided by Reuters which is joined at the hip with Pfizer by James C. Smith who’s been simultaneously involved in both at top level for six years in the past decade in a jaw-dropping conflict of interests.
    Wikipedia of course is the icing on the cake, telling you authoritatively what the truth is, with a remarkable absence of evidence, as if it was written by God Himself after he’d warmed up with the Bible – even if they have to contradict themselves like writing, among a list of alleged “Covid misinformation” by Malone, that he said “LinkedIn temporarily suspended his account over a post stating that the Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation was also a board member at Pfizer”… which is written black on white in the very… Wikipedia entry of this character…
    – with the minor caveat that Smith retired from Thomson Reuters in 2020, which would definitely win a prize in a hair-splitting contest. In other words, Wikipedia de facto acknowledges that you can get banned from Linkedin for saying stuff you’ve read in… Wikipedia. And when Malone says this, they call it “Covid misinformation”. Kafka’s rolling over in his grave…
    The attitude of the people who believe all that mainstream bullshit is explained by the Asch conformity experiments…
    … and the mass formation, aka mass psychosis theory:
    Add Goebbels’ claim that a lie repeated enough times becomes a truth and Bob’s your uncle! This is ground zero of American propaganda. From there, it’s all downhill, starting with making an exhaustive list of all your crimes and sprinkling them over the prosecution grounds of all the nations you plan to regime-change to keep the well-funded and powerful neocons happy :o)

    • Yep. It was predictable to those of us who were paying attention.

  • January 6, 2021 was a national security state false flag/ Stand down with a crowd full of
    FBI provocateurs and a Crapitalist Police staff diminished when they should have been augmented in light of Trump’s nearby crowd of angry supporters.
    Who ordered the Capitol Police not to increase their staff that day? Nancy Pelosi had
    charge of that decision yet sat on her hands.
    This whole hysterical false flag was designed to accomplish what Russiagate failed to do…
    Punish Trump for trying to stand up against the Crapitalist State’snational security goon squads.

    • I was reminded today that even the Russian bounty story was ran against Trump to damage public opinion about him. When Biden pulled out of Afghanistan, the MIC turned the press against Biden to turn public opinion against him. So now to prop up his standing in the polls, I think his admin is being forced to support a war in Ukraine against Russia. I think Biden’s admin is being squeezed by different power players into a place where he will have to do something he does not want to.

    • Bulllshit. January 6, 2021 was an attempted coup by the far right at the behest of their Fuhrer, Trump. Evidence is piling up to confirm that it was planned ahead of time, and that arms were smuggled in and the likes of Bannon and other ultra-right nutcases were in charge. All of these people should be arrested and tried for sedition.

      • Bullcrap

      • Let me start out by saying that I understand and respect where you’re coming from – and often find myself in agreement with your takes. But this is a bad one. The evidence is overwhelming, that Trump and/or his supporters were manuvered into a kind of honey pot trap, with this one – perhaps by Generals whispering in Trump’s ear – certainly by CIA and FBI Agent Provocateurs, orchestrating a PSYOP. Just watch how many times AG Garland and FBI, DOJ people being grilled by rightwing Senators like Rand Paul, have to say that they “can’t comment” or answer basic questions about what the FBI and Federal Agencies were doing that morning, and in the days leading up – to try and create the perceptions that you appear to have internalized. Did they encourage people to enter the Capital – “No Comment”. Did they commit acts of violence “No Comment”, etc… If you’re paying attention – that should tell you all that you need to know.
        As you appear to be aware – relative to Ukraine and Bolivia – when the US Empire actually wants to stage a Coup – it’s usually pretty successful. In this case they wanted a photo-op – to justify a bunch more USA PATRIOT ACT-type crackdowns on The Constitution, amd the rights of people to protest. Those will MOST CERTAINLY wind up being used against the left, as well. Don’t fall for it. Even though we may disagree with those folks and their politics – we should support their right to protest. US Elections are HIGHLY SUSPECT – and in no ways sacrosanct,or above question.
        Anyways – in case you’re interested getting an eyewitness perspective, from Left Journalists and Election Integrity activists, who were actually there, and watching what transpired… You should try the “Slow News Day” and “The Convo Couch” channels, available on Rokfin.com and ScrewUToob.

    • Fuck Trump.

  • When even a soupcon is just too much > jack dick nothingballs.

  • The Russians don’t do false-flag attacks historically. The US got into the Spanish-American War that way, etc.

    This would seem to presage a real American attack of some sort, to be spun as a Russian-false-flag attack.

    What could go wrong?

  • It wouldn’t surprise if a false flag operation is in fact being prepared, but by the US and its Ukrainian allies. The intent to goad the Russians into a reaction that can then be used to justify the imposition of Nuland’s “sanctions from Hell”. If that should fail, then the Ukrainians will have the pleasure of killing their rebellious countrymen and blaming the deed on the hated Russians. A win-win for them.

    • Not even that – not Ukrainian allies. But by the people Nuland helped bring to power in Ukraine, and is now trying to protect with her “sanctions”.
      The Ukrainian people will suffer and be sacrificed in the conflict that US is trying to stir up, and nobody can predict how it will unfold.
      It is really bizarre how the US government and press fill the news with questions of “what Russia wants in Ukraine”, or “What will Putin do”.
      Instead of saying “This is what White House wants in Ukraine”, or this is what US interests are in Ukraine. And they cannot even agree on what they will do themselves, because they do not decide. They will wait for the MIC and the Big Oil to decide for them – I guess.
      By the look of Jen Psaki it does not seem like she enjoys reading out her press releases. They get put in a situation where they have no choice but to make dumb announcements that they do.

      • I saw a caricature of Jen Psaki with a Pinocchio nose the other day and I must say she looked more real than the original :o)

      • If Psaki was truly distressed with the lies she tells, she could resign.

    • Correct. The U.S. is always the aggressor in these cases. The U.S. government thinks it owns the world, which is why it hates Russia and China, because they are very large nuclear-armed countries who refuse to be absorbed. Not that they don’t have their own serious problems. However, they are much too busy trying to keep equilibrium inside their own countries to have the time to waste trying to invade Ukraine or Taiwan.

  • Great work Caitlin. You have somehow managed to channel a good portion of the thoughts I had, upon seeing the “Russian False Flag” headlines.
    If we had any real journalist in the OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD White House Press Corps – you’d think that one of them would have asked a question about whether “False Flag” theories weren’t just “crazy conspiracy theories” – or is there an exception when they come from the White House and CIA and the Pentagon. The follow-up would be “when was the last ‘False Flag attack’, that the US Government is willing to acknowledge”? It would be nice to see Jen Psaki asking to circle-back to that…

  • Maybe we need a PCR (Political Correctness Response) test to detect exposure to false flags. But hey, why bother? It’s a pandemic, right?

  • The press release/ public relations by the U.S. that Russia is constructing the basis for a near-future false flag event…is itself a false flag event. The U.S. is currently staging a false flag event in the form of its public relations claim for the express purpose to justify aggression against Russia.

    • Hear, hear.

  • Always like your rage against the Machine…. Alex Jones has been in the “middle-of-it” for a long time.. His “style” of investigative journalism/entertainment, while not for everyone, has been very informative through the years.. Describing his “imagination” as demented, suggests he’s different and less informative than you are… That would be similar to the way the very “Machine”, you rage against, tries to censor free speech.. Careful with your words, you’ll sound just as petty as Globo-corp….

      • Back when he used the name Bill Hicks (allegedly), he did better work.
        I can understand why he’s an easy target, and your critiques of him are very similar to my own for the last 20+ years… But it should be noted that amongst all of bullshit and PSYOPs, are often found useful kernels of truth, if you can filter it all properly.

        My take on him has always been that he’s been known to hire decent researchers, who often do good, easily confirmed work. Sadly, when AJ then “take(s) it to 11” – it often serves to discredit, what might have been a good story. And, of course his rightwing and pro-Zionist politics are just awful.
        Allow me to recommend a producer and host that he has worked with over the years, who also has his own channel at Rokfin, ScrewUToob, Odysee, etc.. Jason Bermas is much more balanced, level-headed, and concerned with accurate reportage. https://rokfin.com/JasonBermas
        His politics are certainly to the right of yours or mine…but he seems honest and well intended.

  • Russia has been supportive of the breakaway provinces in Eastern Ukraine since Kiev changed leadership via coup in 2014. I think what is now being called a false flag operation by US and NATO is designed to give the impression that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine and that it is expected to “stir the pot” so to speak. The hope and expectation is that these declarations will cause Russia to make a move and/or give an excuse for the US and NATO to rush to the aid of Kiev.

    • Go back in history a century or so, and you might BEGIN to understand. If the word HOLODOMOR means nothing to you, forget about it.

      • Karen cannot be responsible for Holodomor via your comment. But US government and military are supportive of mass starvation (and active bombing) in Yemen for over 5 years now, via military support (training, refueling etc) and sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.
        Besides if you go back in history to that same Holodomor, you may find out that Stalin was from Georgia and was not Russian. And he Stalin also killed many Russians, so IMO responsibility for Holodomor is with Stalin personally (sick) rather than the state of Russia.
        History tends to glorify people who committed mass murders, such as Alexander the Great. So many more of psychopaths want to become famous that same way.

        • Wow, Inna, wudda word salad, like Sean O’Reilly on Fox Open Mic Nite. You write so American! And Australia is just false-flag Yank, I reckon. Unca Joe just carried on more of the same that Lenin baked into the economic cake with dekulakization. We can argue, but Karen’s not responsible for the genocide. The point is that the people of Ukraine still have a chip on their shoulders about being final-solutioned and such. Having the attention span of a mayfly, Americans don’t see why other countries can’t get over stuff. Like Iran-the Shah and SAVAK, Mossadegh – that was so LAST CENTURY. The HOLODOMOR still exists in Ukraine’s memory. Resentment is exploited by the uncaring. That’s at the heart of “false-flag” ops. And that’s the point I raised.

          • I thought this whole thread was about not writing American, like White House press releases.

          • HOLODOMOR is only a fascination for NAZIS – whether in Ukraine or elsewhere. It’s a Ukrainian take, on a famine that killed people throughout the USSR, and which could reasonably be attributed, at least in part, to Western Powers, and the pressure that they were trying to exert upon the entire Soviet Union , at the time. https://archive.org/details/HIST3750GreatConspiracyAgainstRussia
            It converts a tragedy for all of the USSR, into a convenient nationalist myth of persecution, for the Banderovite Nazis, and for Anti-Communists the world over – more proof of the evils of people trying to work together, against the aggression of the Empire.

            If you’re looking for a less biased take upon that, Michael Parenti has offered a more objective and honest narrative.

            • All your main points check out to be true from what older people from Ukraine and Russia told me, and from my own “taste” of US sanctions.

              • Inna, the biggest problem in international intrigue is the justification of your team. When it comes to “their team,” yeah, they’re all rogues and blackguards. But Stalin was bad. Read Claude Pepper’s intro to Sayers and Kahn’s book, and tell me that would still be allowed in today’s narrative.

                • I cannot comment anymore LOL my IP address is being jammed and I have to reset my modem every few minutes or lose Internet how is that for US?

            • ‘taint what I believe, dearies. It’s what the homies in the stix believe and how to exploit them. Like when the freedom-lovin’ Iranian kids rise up again to overturn them mean ol’ tollahs ad want their Shah back in the Black’n’Blue Revolution. Yah. Resentment is exploited by the uncaring for cynical ends.

              • The CIA worked real hard to get Khomeini out of house arrest, and safely to Paris – from where, his speeches were beamed back into Iran, by the BBC Shortwave. They worked real hard to keep the left and former Mossadegh supporter types from seizing power, after the Shah fell. I doubt they’re really going to work that hard, to get rid of the boogeymen that they created, and put into power… Though I could be wrong about that.

                Anyways – read the Parenti – or catch one of his many great talks about the way that the Empire manufactures and weaponizes things like Ukrainian Nationalist resentments, and anything that could be used for the maintenance of rigid ideological, economic and class control.

                • I find the comments at his website very erudite, an a model for informed disagreement.

    • Don’t forget that it was the Obama administration who aided and abetted the revolt in Ukraine and put fascists in power. That’s what the U.S. and NATO do: regime change. When your economy is no longer manufacturing anything, but your military is bloated with tax dollars that should go to social programs for the people, the only thing you have to offer is military aggression and barbarity.

      • By doing their regime changes, what they actually do is open new markets for the weapons sales.

  • About two years ago, the CON outlets reverberated a lie from another unnamed gov official (the CIA) that Russia is paying bounties for every serviceman US lost in Afghanistan (and it was used to slam Trump apparently). Of course, without any proof it was repeated by every major “news organization”. Well, it did not turn out to be true, but of course almost nobody published a headline like that (and who will even read such thing). Instead, the news repeated the same lie – this time about Iran! I guess they really think people are not paying attention or have no memory of the past. Or maybe they are counting on a well known effect that it is only enough to repeat any statement 8 times for people to start taking it as true.

  • If Jen Psaki made a statement about “a false flag operation” then it is a verified lie, because that is her imperial job description.
    This happened with the US installed regime in Georgia, when US lost control of its puppet Georgian president (who locals now know to be half crazy), and he ordered the shelling of a city in S. Ossetia in the middle of a night. Then Russia moved and annexed S. Ossetia. The US media has always claimed that Russia attacked, and did not every say that Georgia broke ceasefire. Even after the UNESCO published a timeline of which side fired shots (by the minute) and it turned out that Georgia broke the ceasefire before Russia made its move, the US media never published that account. In the US version of the events Russia was and is an aggressor ALWAYS.
    I even saw them drag this up and discuss it in the light of their new war provocations in Ukraine.

  • I find that the US can only speak from a position of knowledge and foresight because they have launched many false flag events in the past. Most conflicts in history have been launched with a false flag event. Even political agendas have kicked off with false flags. People who have perspective know that both 9/11 and 1/6 were such events.

  • The simple solution is to urge everyone to stop watching the news, or reading the NYT. But that will never happen. Everyone I know seems addicted to watching their favorite fake news (whether Fox or MSNBC). I always tell people to try to stop watching, and even if they do try, they always cave and go right back to get their fix. As long as people watch and read the Corporate Owned News (CON), things will never change.

    • Yes, and Caitlin seems caught in this same spider’s web, constantly reacting to endlessly spun false narratives. Isn’t this just another way of becoming immobilized, letting the spider frame the game, designed, of course, to trap and eat us all? Why not play our game instead of the spider’s, focusing on visions of a better, more beautiful world and how we might get there? We should know by now that there’s no left left, no mobilizing of “The People” possible right now. The preliminary task is to envision a future that might again inspire us, bring a lot of us back together. Or so at least it seems to me.

      • “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

      • I agree but. When a lie gets repeated enough times, it becomes truth to many folks. So should not somebody stand up and say “Enough already!”
        And when people get threatened by imminent nuclear war and that threat makes them believe anything even a lie, shouldn’t EVERYBODY object “Not in my lifetime!”

    • You are right. I don’t watch the news nor I even read them.
      Since we are being subjected to the Information War, the news headlines are like guns being put to our heads: meant to terrorize us and to have us glued to the screens for the next announcement of inevitable doom.

    • I’ve been noticing and saying exactly that for about 35 years. And the disease has only got worse.

  • I think it likely a Russian false flag incident in Ukraine will be announced shortly, with no evidence whatsoever that Russia was behind it, but plenty of evidence that something did indeed happen.

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