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Consider the possibility that the Orwellian dystopia you fear is already here and has been in place for many years, you just haven’t noticed because you’re still allowed to watch Netflix or buy a gun or say whatever you want to say within a small impotent online echo chamber.

Consider the possibility that the powerful are already getting everything they want from you, right now, exactly as things are, and that any suspicious action you see them taking isn’t them constructing a cage for you but them tightening the bolts on a cage that was quietly built around you some time ago.

Consider the possibility that while they’ve been training you to watch out for communism and microchips and overt totalitarianism, they’ve been covertly transforming us all into mindless gears in a machine constructed to serve their interests which challenges them in no way, shape or form.

Consider the possibility that tyrants have evolved an understanding that you can exert a lot more control over a population with mass-scale psychological manipulation than you can with overt force, and that they have been developing the science of that mass-scale psychological manipulation for over a century.

Consider the possibility that we’re like a woman who always feared winding up in a physically abusive relationship like the kind depicted on television, and then wound up in a psychologically abusive relationship where her very mind is bent to the will of her abuser in every way.

Consider the possibility that just like in a psychologically abusive relationship, we’re manipulated into believing things are fine and that we give our abuser everything he wants of our own free will and that any problems that arise come from us and not our abuser, and that we are so well-trained at this that we’ve even learned to gaslight ourselves.

Consider the possibility that governments forcefully seizing control of all media and transforming them into official state propaganda outlets would actually be far less efficient at mass brainwashing than our current system in which people believe they are getting accurate information from a free and honest press.

Consider the possibility that if the powerful were able to surgically implant microchips in our brains and control everything we think and do, what they’d make us think and do would not be significantly different from what the overwhelming majority of us already think and do.

Consider the possibility that the dystopia we’ve been worried about has already been ushered in, not from any of the directions we’ve been conditioned to anticipate, but through the simple fact that the human mind is far more hackable than we’ve been conditioned to believe.

Consider the possibility that while we’ve been trained to fear communist authoritarians taking over and forcing us to obey their will, capitalist authoritarians have had us marching to the exact drumbeat they desire for generations. And we only think this is freedom because we’ve been trained to think that.

Consider the possibility that you’ve been trained to believe freedom looks like being able to buy a gun which we all know you’ll never use against the powerful, or choose from 197 kinds of potato chip at the grocery store, when really that mindless consumption is just you turning the gears of your own prison.

Consider the possibility that real freedom isn’t being able to consume whatever advertisers have convinced you to consume, it’s being able to think with a mind that has not been molded by the powerful, to educate yourself in an information ecosystem that is not locked down by those who rule over you, and to speak the truth without having your speech stifled by oppressive dominators.

Consider the possibility that the only thing keeping us from creating heaven on earth is our inability to clearly see what’s going on in our world and thus strategize a truth-based path out of this mess, and that the powerful know this, and that that’s why they work so hard to keep us from seeing clearly.

Consider the possibility that the real obstacle to terrestrial harmony is not so much opposing ideologies as the fact that all attempts to see clearly what’s really going on in our world are being actively obstructed by propaganda, by Silicon Valley manipulation, and by government secrecy.

Consider the possibility that the bastards succeed not by overtly quashing dissent but by covertly quashing all will towards dissent, and that we succeed not by trying to ward off a dystopia that’s already here but by working to awaken the giant within our brothers and sisters from its propaganda-induced coma.

Consider the possibility that real freedom means all of humanity awakening from our dehumanizing role as brainwashed gear-turners for the capitalist machine and uncorking the wild unpredictable brilliance within us that our oppressors have worked so hard to keep bottled up.

Consider the possibility that there is so much more to us than we’ve been permitted to know, and that the only thing keeping us from achieving our true potential as a species at this point in history is a propaganda-induced misunderstanding of what is freedom and what is slavery.


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81 responses to “Consider The Possibility That This Is Already The Dystopia You Fear”

  1. Hello Ms. Johnstone, Caitlin.

    I have not been here for a long time and now I read this.

    Although all your often excellent writing and great insights before, it now looks to me like you are late.

    Nevertheless, from me to you, on another edge of the matrix, a warm welcome to the real world!

    According to our common sense, we think that ideology is something blurring, confusing our straight view. Ideology should be glasses, which distort our view and the critic of ideology should be the opposite, like you take off the classes, so you can finally see the way things really are. This precisely is the ultimate illusion!
    Ideology is not simply imposed on our selfs. Ideology is our spontaneous relationship to our social world, how we perceive its meaning. We, in a way, enjoy our ideology. To step out of ideology, it hurts. It’s a painful experience. You must force yourself to do it!
    – By Slavoj Žižek in an analysis of the John Carpenter film “They Live”

    You have to put on the glasses!

    1. Zizek is pretty much in agreement with Nato planners, as his writing in the Guardian (supporters of the US/nato wars) shows.
      Trying to find shades of differences between them is a waste of time.

  2. “Consider the possibility that the Orwellian dystopia you fear is already here and has been in place for many years, you just haven’t noticed…”
    A dystopia? I am not scared!
    How to be aware of it? How then to think about the limits of a dystopia?
    Wouldn’t it be illusory to be able to define the limits of a dystopia in which we are?
    A dystopia? Of course it is!
    Up to what point?

  3. Best thing I’ve read yet by Johnstone, and I’ve done my damndest to read it all.
    Didn’t realize missing the point could be a superpower until reading through the comments, but hey.

  4. “You only know you are a prisoner when you recognise the prison”

    I had lunch with my granddaughter (22) the other day and she spent most of the time clicking and reading her smart phone. At some point she looked up and cried: ” I might have to isolate for 10 days! – I can’t afford to do that”, as she showed me the NHS app which sure enough was giving her commands.

    I tried to explain that she needed do this, it’s a computer, AI and all that. But she argued that she wouldn’t be able to do anything, like going to a disco club etc if she gave up the app. and refused to believe that she had been captured and was in a virtual prison.

    Here’s a short video from China — this is where we are going IMHO:

    You are right, Caitlin, the youth have been conditioned beyond all understanding. All I can do is keep spreading the word, try and de-programme these people and perhaps offer help.

    And you can read my Weekly Letter here:

  5. There are many ways to be enslaved. Demanding (so-called) “evidence” of a top-down conspiracy of technocratic totalitarians is one way to be enslaved. Ignorance — the fundamental delusion from which all others spring, and essentially of two forms (1) the ignorance of karma and (2) the ignorance of ultimate truth — is another way to be enslaved.

    1. Agreed MENSCH59. It does not take walls and fences to make a GULAG, we can imprison ourselves in our own minds with false belief, false thought.
      Søren Kierkegaard, the Danish priest and philosopher put is thus,
      “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to beiieve what isn’t true. The other is to refuse to believe what is true”.
      No one but no one can give you your rights, certainly not the right of existence. We can give our rights away and another can only take our right of existence by force. It is that simple.

    2. Evidence? Its unlikely the class struggle ends with the solidarity of us proles who work and connive fitfully and randomly for our own perceived benefit. As for karma maybe there ought to be a supernatural arbiter of justice because it doesn’t happen in real life. As for Ultimate Reality the only absolute and certain truth us bacteria can take for granted is that we know s.f.a. so try humility.

  6. Great text. The mos suppressed truth in history :
    With the Third Millennium, you human beings of the Earth have stepped out of the darkness of the last two millennia into the darkness of a labyrinth of wrongdoings that is impenetrable to you, and already in the twentieth century you have created and continue to create and breed all kinds of evil that brought and continue to bring untold harm to you, nature and the planet. Your greed for profit, you human beings of Earth, is increasing more and more, and the rulers of your world are plunging your populations of all states into deeper and deeper misery, making over your head high-handed and power-imbued decisions and leaving you as a people not a power of destiny. It is all about power and money, and from now on everything will also become worse in this respect, as well as the disasters of all kinds in nature, in the climate and among you human beings, and this through the rapidly increasing and uncontrollable overpopulation. Everything is directed more and more towards hierarchy, money, income, profit and gain as well as profitability through the profit and power greedy, but this also spreads more and more in you individual human beings and in your whole peoples. As a result, you become more and more indifferent to one another, suspicious of one another, and increasingly apathetic, disinterested, sluggish, and blunt in your interpersonal relationships, destroying simple human connections and also ruining entire families. Many of you will, in such intolerable situations, let blazing rage soar up within you and, because of it, will harass others or even take bloody revenge upon them. But the trust among you human beings will also more and more dwindle away, whereby also worse and worse forms of jealousy and hatred will rise in many of you, be it as a result of a different opinion or another faith, because of money, possessions or goods, or simply because the face, the body, the clothing or the behaviour of the other person tempts to it. So more and more violence will reign among you, and this also only because some and others find it simply good and satisfying to harass, beat, spit on, kick or humiliate others, even accepting the death of the tortured. And violence, murder and wanton as well as malicious and warlike destruction will also increasingly rule among you in the future, which will also be carried out as a whole into the world space near the Earth, and this not only then especially when world bodies near the Earth are populated by human beings of the Earth.
    And when the Second Millennium comes to an end, then the human stands in the darkness of his existence, in that he wanders around in an impenetrable labyrinth out of which he can no longer find his way, because it will be deep night in his consciousness, whereby however, the threatening red glowing and the fiery traps of religions and sects lie in wait.!

    And there will be new and big empires across the big ocean, and one of these empires will send out new legions of barbaric hordes under the command of powerful rulers who are degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity to carry out wars and conquer the world in order to get hold of the countries’ mineral resources. But beyond the big ocean, the walls of cities and villages of the conquerors wanting to seize the world’s power will collapse, and the empire will then be destroyed and be only a scorched land and muddy waters. And the peoples of the earth will interbreed, which causes a lot of harm, illnesses, infirmity and hatred, terror and revenge, as well as many deaths. And when these days arrive, humankind will be approaching very difficult times and will be standing before an impenetrable labyrinth; its entrance will be shrouded in a dark gloom, as black as the darkest night, and the human being will step into this labyrinth, where the evil will glimmer with glowing red eyes of ruin and disaster. And when these days arrive may the human being be on his guard, for the disastrous ruin will bear within destruction, and innumerable deaths, a cruel rage and wrath degenerated in the worst form of inhumanity. And the days of ruin and disaster will be long, yet in the distant future of the coming time, everything will become lighter, and there will be love, peace and freedom. It shall be so, for I see and hear in heaven, and know that it will be as I have proclaimed, for I am the herald Elia, and I speak the truth.

    The human beings will let themselves be blinded by illusory images, which they awaken to become reality, so they believe to touch something that does not even exist. Thus they will walk on paths that only the eyes can see but not the mind and reason. And this path will be a dream that will become reality. Therefore, the time will come when human beings will no longer be able to distinguish between what exists and what does not. Many false labyrinths will open up to them, in which they go astray and get lost. Many god cults and groups thereunder will form, and they will lead the believers into delusion and exploit them. And those who are able to devise and awaken all these illusory images for the human beings, will deceive and cheat the fools and credulous ones, and play an evil game of deception with them. Indeed, there will be many human beings who become enslaved to the illusory images of the god cults and their hierarchy, and become dependent on them, and consequently, they will be like submissive dogs.

    1. Holy f…. . Are you amongst the 144 thousand? The simple fact is that we are just another animal seeking to survive. The sad truth is that we have come out on top so we won’t, just another law of nature.

  7. Here’s the truth about the flim-flam-demic

    Slavery is coming if we do not work together to stop it

  8. .

    “Consider the possibility that we’re like a woman who always feared winding up in a physically abusive relationship like the kind depicted on television, and then wound up in a psychologically abusive relationship where her very mind is bent to the will of her abuser in every way. ”

    —Do you ever plan to stop lying about men, Caitlin?

    The National Crime Victimization Survey and the APA attest to the fact that it’s women who instigate a significant majority of domestic violence, it’s women who most often resort to weapons, and while women die more often during DV, when serious injury is inflicted it’s women who more often inflict such injuries.

    We additionally know that a man who hits a woman who doesn’t hit back, in fact constitutes the LEAST common form of domestic violence. 25% of heterosexual couples engage in some form of DV, where 13% of such violence is reciprocal, and 71% of that portion is instigated by the woman. In the 12% of couples, overall, where only one partner is violent, in 8.4% of all couples it’s the woman exclusively who is violent, while in just 3.6% of couples it’s the man who is exclusively violent.

    We also know from every DHHS Child Maltreatment Report ever published that its mothers acting alone who are, overwhelmingly, the primary perpetrators of violence against children.

    On behalf of the remarkable majority of men who are generally non-violent, I can only encourage you to stop lying about us.

    In sum you’ve been spouting this same, propagandized drivel for years while decrying the propagandized drivel put out by the corporate state. You really should stop.

    Teaching women to fear men rather than teaching people to fear violent people is frankly repulsive and, ultimately, betrays a thoroughgoing lack of intellectual integrity.

  9. Caitlin,
    This is good stuff, but I think you go wrong at this step: “Consider the possibility that the only thing keeping us from creating heaven on earth is our inability to clearly see what’s going on in our world and thus strategize a truth-based path out of this mess, and that the powerful know this, and that that’s why they work so hard to keep us from seeing clearly.”
    I agree that we are being systematically deceived, and that it is very important that we should recognise this. However, I think we should also realise that we can only improve things, not perfect them.
    This may not seem important to an angry person, but it might save him (her) from the sort of disappointment that genuine, believing Communists suffered when Stalin took over the Soviet Union.
    As I understand it, Stalin got his support because he was not a superior intellectual type like Lenin or Trotsky, but someone who understood the problems of the village party secretary because he had been one himself.

    1. Paul, there is far more to the revolution in Russia than most, nearly all in fact, know. Wall St and others (The City) financed and manipulated the event and took 1/3 of the biggest stste held horde of gold as part of their reward. Lenin and Trotsky were put in place supported by British, American, French and others, coming AFTER the revolution had begun and a lot of money was spent to get it started and completed as planned.
      Ford, GM, GE and Standard Oil all invested in helping the new Soviet under Lenin and his so called Communists, as they did to help Hitler and the Fascists in Germany establish themselves in power.
      The school history we were fed is simply BS.

      1. Yay for Anthony C Sutton!

  10. … seems this post is quite a summery of all the posts i’ve been reading since i found caitlin johnstone…..always well presented, and very clear analysis, but i detect a consistant redundancy on the dystopian focus…..yes it is dystopia that has permeated just about everything we conceive of and act on…..spectacular illusion is hard to cut through because it is so much a part of how we relate to each other in every way….whether it is politics, religion/spirituality, philosophy, science, etc……this started with the religious kingdoms that evolved from the beginnings of the first nation/states…..there was always a justification for cruel, brutal, self serving doctrines and thus ensured that ANY threat to the powers of those in power would be crushed…..everytime those doctrines have been challenged, they have been replaced with “kinder, gentler” doctrines…..bullshit evolves…. in amerikkka , white supremacy is so ingrained in the social structure that we now have “people of color” being used in discussions about “race” relations…..i’m a “people of color”, being of european origin….humans are of one race……biologically speaking, the human race….my point is that these words reinforce white supremacy in a subtle way, and the struggle for human rights is diluted intellectually…..and so dystopia has and does exist…..and i will add the the male half of the species homo assollus has been responsible for the perpetuation of dystopia and it’s continuing results….hence einstein’s definition of insanity….and that definition will always be clear until we can clear through the bullshit we keep displaying through egotism…..there is close to 8 billion egos….of us….that number is clearly taxing the planetary structures upon which all species depend on…….i don’t have an answer or clear strategy as to what is to be done…..the redundancy of our mistakes has far outweighed the redundancy of our successes…..i think that to progress we need to understand that…………………………’s a good signpost in commenting on this post that pointed out the dystopia that is posted all over the place, so please don’t post any posters that promote dystopia that upsets my utopia lest i comment again on the dystopia posted all over the fucking place!!!!!!!!………

  11. This fragment from Edward Bernays’ almost century old (1928) book called Propaganda just about says it all…
    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

  12. Attempting to compile an Orwell-inspired “Newspeak Decoder” list of links to “Alternative Media, Independent Critical Thinkers, Investigative Journalists, & Russian Bots.” Caitlin Johnstone is already featured as “essential.” Would appreciate other suggestions. Cheers!

  13. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Great article, Caitlin! One should never forget that the massive ignorance of ill-educated people makes them especially vulnerable to nonsense propaganda. Starting in the 1970s education began to be dumbed down significantly after the ruling class realized that all of the Vietnam protesters and civil rights marchers knew too much history. The decision was made to stop teaching history, or philosophy, or critical thinking because those damned hippie commies were too difficult to fool. These days, full-grown adults who even managed to go to university are appallingly ignorant of basic historical facts that once were taught in junior high school. Of course, it was the ruling class who dictated this.

    1. Yes! Learning history is very important. One of the things I recently learned that the existence of empires is based on them controlling international trading routes. When this concept is applied, it is easier to see why the US has military bases all around the world.
      Cannot do an oil embargo on Iran if you do not control its shipping, for example.
      I think they do not teach about the US’s modern wars in schools the last 20 years. We have to learn about the modern world from investigative journalists.

  14. One way we can have some control is through what we eat and consume and, as such, have a positive effect on the reality the Psychopaths have created. If we all ate healthy foods – ie fruit and vegetables and nuts and pulses etc – and cut down on meat and fish and and dairy products as much as possible, then not only would people be healthier, but it would also have a beneficial effect on the environment.

    Anyway, if you’ve not seen it – which I expect most people who follow Caitlin have – check out the following documentary. And please share it far and wide:

    Planet of the Humans

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      What you eat is not going to even make a dent in the ruling class’s agenda. Not one whit. You need to get real and get involved in real political action against capitalism, a system that has gone from once being an improvement to becoming a death machine. The ruling class doesn’t care what you eat. All they care about is your obedience to their every command. And by the way, Michael Moore is what I consider to be a “pseudo leftist”. He is fine with capitalism.

      1. You clearly have no idea what ‘capitalism’ is.

      2. That would be my only beef with this Article … I don’t see much evidence of Capitalism; anywhere.

        I guess it depends on your definitions, of course.

        For me, any definition of Capitalism would include the recognition of Property; all stemming from self-ownership.

        And, in such a society, no-one would take the life of another creature, to use for his own ends. That behavior is a form of Supremacism.

        1. I don’t know Caitlin’s intentions, if she’s really putting a pin on Capitalism as an “ism” to assign the evils of the system to. I don’t think the polarizing view is as helpful as understanding that tyrants can rise in any system. If we all volunteer to participate in an actual free market and get the vampires that suck off of our energies away from the strings of power it can work. It never ends well when the balance of power in an economy is tilted too far on one side. Honestly, America was conquered in 1913 when we gave private banks power to define the value of the currency in the creation of the federal reserve. It was the initial platform for the rigging of the system that we find ourselves yoked to. What good is it that a child born into it inherits all the debt that came before? But what gives this debt it’s legitimacy if it is a fraud committed by criminals 4 generations back? Only the governmental monopoly on force. If government only works to perpetuate the fraud then it is itself illegitimate, even if we get a handful of honest people in it. But there’s what’s right and what’s right and never the two shall meet. I’m a little more bothered by the Caitlin’s Utopian spin. Utopia is best kept as a goal to never meet in the process of recognizing we can continually do better. Overall the spirit of the essay was inspiring, and so much on target in the sense that we need the freedom to pursue a path closer to truth and we need to wake up those who don’t know why it’s important. The difference between Freedom and Slavery may be just that. When you are sold on lies, you actually live in the world of the lie. You are in Plato’s cave fearing the shadows. If you can be made to live in fear, what quality can your life then have? Freedom is knowing you don’t have to fear anything and living your life that way. One of these lives has a future, the other does not.

          1. As always it is the definition of a word like Capitalism that is mostly what debate or arguements are about. All too often people decribe the pure theory of how something like Capitalsim should work and ignore the real worl examples of why it wont.
            Capitalism to me means just that Capital Accumulation OR perhaps more correctly a system that allows and favours Capital Accumulation. I will simplify.
            Turn up with a pick and shovel and claim by digging the minerals a shovelful provides OR turn up with 100,000 picks and shovels or their equivalent and claim ALL the minerals you can dig up. The former is of low impact, leaves materials for others to share and does not exhaust the resource. The second allows one or few to claim ALL and to leave none for any other throughout sall time. One depends upon the work of opne, the other is only possible due to the Capital Accumulation that makes it possible. Now tell me why one man or woman on earth can claim ALL of a resource, whether picks and shovels or what can be Claimed using them simply due to Capital Accumulation.
            Homo-Sapiens Sapiens is the ONLY mammal on earth that works for another of their species solely to provide the water, food and shelter critical to survival on earth. Now work that little fact into justifying the system that permits Capital Accumulation to distort reality in favour of a few at the cost of the many – that is the real outcome of such a social system. Just saying…just saying.

      3. Capitalism is the natural state of man. Even those sh* kicking Hippies knew exactly how much dope went in a nickel bag, what you marked it up for as a dealer in terms of what the market would bear and what you needed to survive AND maintain your inventory and avoid getting ripped off or arrested and the list is endless and its how people have always lived because its ‘economical’. You don’t need cadres and party bosses and a whole class of idealogues sucking your blood and organising ownership and benefits just as surely our corporate welfare state does the same thing printing so-called money and there you are running like hell to get it (without street cameras even) as it becomes valueless while those in the know have already leveraged themselves into real assets with your declining razbuckniks whether they are in your pocket or not. But then I am millionaire!!!! like all my friends which will get me into a working class rabbit hutch with nothing left to eat or pay for utilities but come the revolution I can probably fit in another family in the spare bedroom.

        1. slavery is the natural state of man.

      4. You OBVIOUSLY missed the point completely Carolyn! And deliberately so I suspect!

    2. You brought up an important issue.
      I recently learned from US Dept of Agriculture website that in the US 30-40 % of all food produced is wasted!
      Compare this to 30% of the world’s population on which US imposed “economic sanctions”.
      Food and how it is produced and consumed is essential.

    3. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Allan Howard – Ironically, eliminating most sugars and starches and processed foods cleared my pre-diabetes, mind and thinking. My staple foods are fatty meats (mainly beef and lamb) and green veg, and a little white potato (mainly a resistant starch which is ok in moderation). The best thing I’ve ever done. Processed foods, sugars and starches do create a ‘fuzzy mind’ and anxiety.

  15. Republicofscotland Avatar

    As the song goes, everybody knows that the good guys lost, and they lost years ago, rampant capitalism now controls the world. in most part of the world people are now far too busy trying to make a living to really care about what direction megarich capitalists are taking us in.

    Year on year our rights and union rights are eroded, right our forefathers fought and bled for, if the US wants to start a war it will, its all about the profits and the spoils, and manufacturing consent is easy for them.

    You do a good job pointing out their machinations but they’ll never be enough folk who become proactive to make a significant change, why? well the system is designed to stop it, as soon as you buy a car or a house on credit you become part of the system, and then they have you, you won’t rock the boat, well not much because you have bills to pay, and that scenario is played out all over the world.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Yep, debt slavery. Coupled with built-in rapidly obsolescent technology. It’s Worked for decades now. All most can do is be aware of the machinations, which is still better than living in delusion.

  16. Either Americans have become more authoritarian, even downright fascistic, or the string pullers at the top have become more skilled at snow-jobbing the people into really believing that “ignorance is strength, war is peace and freedom is slavery” over the course of my lifetime (75 yrs).
    I say this because wars of American aggression are more common, prolonged and violently intense than in decades past yet the public protests them less than ever. Did Americans become more jaded and tolerant of mass murder of innocent strangers on their behalf, or have they become more fearful of their own government and the consequences of civic dissent?
    Americans have also become more accepting of virtually no return of their tax revenues in the form of public services, health care, education or infrastructure while they clearly see the treasury being bled dry to pay for ever more weapons and wars. The exception is minority set-asides and draconian public orders to putatively rein in the covid pandemic, which unfortunately seems not to be working whatsoever and which also rankles the small informed demographic.
    The fallouts of all this is public dissension, most dangerously along racial lines, which has separated everyone into two slowly smoldering camps that mutually hate one another. Nobody likes the tension but also no one feels they can let their guard down to forgive and forget their grievances against the other side. Neither political party attempts the slightest degree of public cooperation with the other, yet they remain conspirators together behind the scenes to keep unrest aflame and all the national policies people hate alive and kicking long after any rational leadership would have ditched all the wars, human neglect, and imperious abuse. The public knows it is being led down the garden path by the despots in charge and does nothing. The despots know their games are totally transparent and don’t care, either because of public apathy, fear or a newfound sense of authoritarianism and militarism.
    Talk of rebellion is simply vacuous as very few are willing to actually die, lose home and family or miss watching their favorite sporting contests or television programs to take up arms against the entrenched military juggernaut paid for with the tax money that should have gone to help fulfilling their hopes and dreams rather than the economic projections of the investing class or the vainglorious aspiration of the governing tools. In short, folks are trapped as slaves to their low-paying onerous jobs yet unwilling to risk what littler they do have to go into open rebellion against the system.
    It’s still a plutocrat’s world in the USA. The Chinese and Russian models probably have little relevance to the fate of this country, but how things play out in Europe should be watched and heeded. So far the trends are for the worse in the EU where most countries have caught the American diseased state of capitalism and the natives are restless (though not yet rebellious).

  17. Excellent! Well stated. 99% agree, except for abuser bonding being solely a male perpetrated thing. Gaslighting and psychological abuser bonding can be perpetrated by either sex (and non-binary for that matter). Sociopaths are sociopaths regardless of sex. But again, an excellent article even if it is to an echo chamber.

    1. Shapiro, the woman who established the first women’s refuges in the UK, then established special ones for women suffering an abusive relationship said something quite significant. Men are being abused by women though the common male response is to hide it and refuse to expose it to anyone. So we do not know how prevalent it is.
      The comments above are spot on, abuse is abuse, and it requires a perpetrator and a victim which is not age of gender specific either way.

    2. Peter – Absolutely. Everyone that lives in the real world long enough has surely at some point met both sociopath males and females. High security prisons exist for both sexes for good reason. People that don’t have a normal range of empathy are not solely male. You don’t need to be large and muscular to commit psychological violence, you can be any size, any gender, any race and practically any age. Also, men are not taken seriously by the law when they make statements about psychological abuse from females. Authorities somehow believe that men are impervious to psychological abuse from females. The classic is parental alienation (which can be perpetrated by either sex), where the kids in a divorce case are coerced and bribed to break their normal relationship with the targeted parent. The kids are effectively used to perpetrate the psychological abuse by totally rejecting shared care with the targeted parent.

  18. Yes yes yes This Is Already The Dystopia which was feared and now is.

    Homeland Security owns your smart phone and you pay for the privilege of being owned.

    Interesting you should mention Netflix because that is how I was first harassed by operational security. It was when things were just getting started. When operational security was essential because the system was not yet seamless. My crime. Thou shall not blog about troll farms. I do blog. Did it today:

    I was watching “Trudell (2005 Documentary) and damn the video kept jumping back to the part where John Trudell’s family gets burned alive. When I tried to fast forward to where I was operational security fought me for the remote. This totally freaked me out.

    Netflix runs on AWS servers which have homeland security software in every virtual server don’t you know.

  19. Hundreds of TV channels, smart (?) phones, ear to ear social media, monopolised news outlets, 197 varieties of supermarket junk food, dumbed down music, pulp fiction novels, jingoistic movies, fast fat foods, dead end assembly line jobs and a plague of gullibility and fear.
    Yep, we’re living in dystopia.
    Come back Mother Earth, your children are lost.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I got rid of my television ten years ago. A television is like having your own personal brain washing machine right in your own home. Of course, there’s lots of crap and propaganda on the Internet, too, but one can seek out truthful reporting and ignore the rest. The Internet can still be used to united workers, spread accurate information instead of corporate capitalist bullshit, and organize, at least until the censorship gets worse. Facebook alone is a monster of censorship of even stupid stuff, so anxious are they to appear as though they are eliminating right-wing nutjobs, when in reality they are coming after the left and the working class. Make use of the tools while you still can.

  20. Here’s the most important question of all. Just exactly WHAT should people do after they’re all woke up? Should they pick up a gun? Should they guillotine some VIPs? Should they march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else? (“or else” just exactly WHAT?!)
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Jimmy Dore is no longer a reliable reporter. He has allowed ultra right-fascists on his show and shown favor to them over socialists. I crossed him off long ago.

      1. Goodness, we couldn’t have him talking to just anyone, could we? Probably why so many right-thinking liberals want to de-platform Jimmy and Joe Rogan.

    2. Love Jimmy Dore, not sure how old this one is, but by now we all have to recognize that a new political party is just a new crayon coloring within the same lines – it won’t change the picture. NOW HEAR THIS: THE TITANIC IS
      SINKING! So excuse yourself from the ballroom, pack a quick bag of essentials, and start looking for a lifeboat, a raft, anything that might give you a chance to stay afloat and survive. Or just close your eyes and keep dancing to the pretty music.

  21. I have long believed that we live every bit the fascism of 1930s Europe, only an insidious modern evolution of it. It seems free on the outside and the violence is kept offshore. It’s crafted to make people believe they’re operating within their own choices and they’re not subjected to violence and visible authoritarian manners. I can never get people to take me seriously because people believe they’re totally free and well to do. They don’t realize that that freedom is just like an overton window. We’re free as long as our choices are in line with what the oligarchs want. The people that don’t want their life to be serving banks, mega corporations, landlords, corporate auto, fossil fuel companies, insurance companies and corporate food and medicine industries find out how unfree they really are. More importantly for the illusion they’re able to compartmentalize the offshore violence, war, murder, and slavery that the people in other countries endure to supply the “free” lifestyle they believe they live.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      “We’re free as long as our choices are in line with what the oligarchs want. ” Yep!

      Cognitive dissonance is one of the main tools of control. People tell themselves comforting lies to avoid the uncomfortable truths. No regular person wants to believe that they are deliberately obstructed in how high they are allowed to climb the social ladder. The elite want the top status to maintain their power and control monopoly for themselves. I guess it has always been that way in every culture.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        It wasn’t that way after the Russian Revolution, at least until the death of Lenin. Stalin destroyed everything the Revolution stood for. It is up to us to refuse to allow the “elites” to lord it over us. That is what revolutions are for. But if everyone has been dumbed down into helplessness, the planet really is doomed.

        1. If you watch and read the billionaires media, MSM then you will likely conclude we are all doomed. Look elsewhere and you might find inspiration and a LOT of people who see opportunity to turn the evil bastards out of authority and develop a healthy positive life.

          1. Yes! Good people of this planet deserve our attention more than all the doom and gloom propagated by MSM. Our brains have a negative bias, MSM is exploiting this by supplying reasons to be angry and scared.

  22. “but by covertly quashing all will towards dissent” Not always covertly, there’s plenty of highly visible censorship going on.
    But yes, it is the ‘will’ to do anything about it, even for those that see what’s happening. We are willed into apathy mainly, believing that each of us is powerless to make a difference. Distract ourselves with Netflix and consumerism, and the illusion of choice and the will to push back rapidly disappears.
    They have tested the prison chains with the pandemic, and if anything used it to strengthen them. Our prisons are now bigger and stronger, and ready for the next test which will probably be further economic and social problems stemming from climate change and intrinsic economic collapse.

  23. What’s particularly frightening is the worldwide sync as the guy in the video below points out and also the obscene incitation to lynch the disobedient half by elected leaders carrying the same script coming from the same increasingly rich billionaires financing them. Now that’s real porn!

    1. N.B. the word “pornography” comes from Greek “porneia” meaning prostitution.

    2. Sheila Chambers Avatar
      Sheila Chambers

      COVID has KILLED millions of people & disabled millions more, to be responsible by getting “stabbed” with a vacceen that has been PROVEN to be safe & mostly effective is what responsible people do, it is also irresponsible to tell people that the vacceen is “experamental” to discourage the vulnerable from getting vaccinated is leading to more deaths & more disability.
      I am sick & tired of reading or seeing non medical persons LIE about this pandemic & the vaccines that prevent more deaths & disabilities!
      That’s why I see so dam many unmasked, unvaccinated people when I must go out to shop for food. I have to keep dodging the irresponsible maskless science deniers in perhaps a futile effort to avoid this disease.
      I’ve known for many years that our corporate media has been LYING TO US, it continues to LIE TO US about COVID, OUR ILLEGAL, IMMORAL WARS, ABOUT THE “GREAT, BOOMING’ ECONOMY that has left hundreds of thousand of us HOMELESS & JOBLESS & their # are GROWING!
      What our RULERS & our corrupt media continues to IGNORE is just how OVERPOPULATED we are! THAT is why rents/housing keeps getting more expensive, that’s why food & fuel keeps going UP, that’s also why poverty is growing, it doesn’t help that the RICH are stealing the wealth created by the working class & the government is stealing our wealth as well as our bodies to fund & fight their illegal but very PROFITABLE WARS.
      I have not “voted” for a repug or a demacrap for many years now, I will continue to “throw away my vote” on other parties, I cannot & WILL NOT “VOTE” FOR LYING, OLIGARCH WARMONGERS!
      I hope no one here is still waiting for the dems to provide a single payer, health plan for all cuz that will NEVER HAPPEN AS LONG AS OLIGARCHS RUN THIS GOVERNMENT.
      At least Biden said up front, any medicare for all bill that lands on my desk will BE VETOED!
      We are headed for collapse, not just an economic collapse, a population collapse that will bring WARS, STARVATION & PANDEMIC DISEASES on a scale never seen before.

      Party on pee-ons, we have NO future!

      1. Sheila. May I humbly suggest you check a few fscts. Saying something is safe is not proving or having proof of safety. Saying it is effective is not proving or having proof og efficacy – it has been repeated many times the Covid shots will NOt prevent infection or transmission.
        Provisonally Approved means just that, still in trials so experimental until the trial is finsihed, data collated, analysed, published with conclusions and recommendations. Earliest this is possible is end 2022 most likely 2023.
        There is No evidence the world is overpopulated though population is not distributed according to the capacity of the environment to support it.

        1. Sheila, You might like to see if you can explain how with rapidly increasing numbers of people getting Covid shots the low level of cases started rising and then went WAY up AFTER most had got there shots as shown on this graph. OH it the new Om icron variant – well you might like to check that too – in South Africa where it was supposed to come from – low hospitalisation rates, shorter in hospital stays and virtually NO deaths FROM Omicron.
          Important point that Deaths are reported as WITH Covid rather than FROM – go check the US-CDC and you could find that 94% of Covid desths were WITH Covid not FROM and only 6% reported no other co-morbidity. We must hunt for the truth and accept it even when it disagrees with our ‘desired’ facts.

        2. I have been checking the FACTS for decades,I have at least some idea of what I am talking about & have the EVIDENCE to back this up.

          I suspect anti science people like some here cannot accept any evidence that goes against their unsubstantiated BELIEFS, but I’ll try anyhow –

          “COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
          COVID-19 vaccination helps protect adults and children ages 5 years and older from getting sick or severely ill with COVID-19 and helps protect those around them.
          Some people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will still get sick and have a vaccine breakthrough infection because no vaccine is 100% effective.”

          If we had waited until 2022 or 2023 to get final approval of the COVID vaccine, MILLIONS MORE OF US WOULD BE DEAD!
          The ONLY thing that is 100% is DEATH!

          I guess you have never read the “limits to growth” or “overshoot”, those two books explain what overpopulation is & that we are very OVERPOPULATED & have been for decades.

          You also are ignorant of CARRYING CAPACITY & we are far from being “sustainable”. It was OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS that made it possible for us to become so overpopulated, we are being supported by temporary, declining resources & as OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS continues to decline, this delema of our overpopulation will become painfully obvious as billions die from disease, starvation & in WARS.

          BTW, SCIENTIST have estimated that without fossil resources, only about 500 million of us could be sustained, we are currently at 8 BILLION!
          Now if the survivors of our upcoming collapse choose to “live” like the worlds poorest, 1 billion might be sustained but who would choose to exist like that?

 › overpopulation-effects.html

          “Human overpopulation is among the most pressing environmental issues, silently aggravating the forces behind global warming, environmental pollution, habitat loss, the sixth mass extinction, intensive farming practices and the consumption of finite natural resources, such as fresh water, arable land and fossil fuels, at speeds faster than their rate of regeneration. However, ecological issues are just the beginning…”

          “growing population and consumption are the ultimate causes that make many current problems worse and build ever-larger problems for the future. A declining population would provide enormous leverage in addressing the major problems of our age – topsoil and groundwater depletion, species loss, deforestation, ocean acidification, sea level rise, and climate change. In fact, most of these problems will not be solved as long as human population remains far above a sustainable level.”

          “Renewables” are simply another way for our RULERS to PROFIT by burning even MORE OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS to produce products that #1, cannot “replace” oil & #2, will simply result in burning even more fossil fuels adding even more C02 to the atmosphere & #3, will lull the uneducated in to believing all is OK when in fact we are headed for COLLAPSE!

          Since I know there are those here who will disagree with me, then DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!
          You will find far more valid sites supporting what I have said here than non science people who will agree with you.

          1. Shiela, Sorry to say your claim to ‘own the science’ does not sit with the reality and the sog you are singing is the onw of the Eugenicists who appear to be driving the current De-population agenda you so loudly support.
            BTW I am a Scientist, well versed in the principals of research methods and statistical analyisis. If you believe what is presented on the sites you listed as evidence based upon science you are sadly mistaken.
            You make statement which any simple objective study of reality will quickly show are baseless.
            Events will bear me out and quite soon.

      2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        So, you state that the ‘oligarchy’ is in control, yet you think the global pandemic (real, fake, or a bit of both) somehow isn’t a work of the same power structure that is in control? I find this a conflict of logical progression. And, I hear this from a lot of supposedly independent ‘alternate media’ identities too….And, that’s why I totally disagree with them.

      3. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        So, we are getting spoon fed ‘facts’ from oligarchy controlled mass media and science, and then we expect to get straight facts from their controlled sources? lol. You have to take everything with a grain of salt if it doesn’t completely reflect reality. What complicates things is that illusions are a part of reality that we need to carefully confirm as illusions when not performed by magicians on stage.

  24. I knew we were all institutionalized, to some extent, when people would do me a favor and then demand I perceive the world through their eyes on every issue.

    It’s also when I realized theWest has become a culture of insecurity, with almost every action closer to a distraction from the human condition rather than an expression of it.

    And now, a joke:

    EdwardBernays dies and for his efforts he gets a ticket south. He’s greeted by “Orientation&Placement” which presents three options, each behind a different doo that’s only opens from the outside.

    Door 1) A room full of people upside down in three feet of shit. He passes on that one.
    Door 2) Naked people in a room with fire pushing down from the ceiling and broken glass on the floor. He passes again.
    Door 3) A room with a long line of fellows having “eager intentions”, staffed by an overworked woman with her hands full who’s stretched to the breaking point. Bernays chooses #3.

    Orientation&Placement says, “Hey lady, you have been replaced.”

  25. There must be glitches in this Matrix that can be noticed and pointed out.

  26. Excellent article Caitlin. You make the point that most people have no idea that we are being constantly barraged with a relentless stream of propaganda, much of which is delivered in the form of “news” reports delivered by the MSM. There is a great quote summarizing the propaganda model but I cannot recall either the exact words or the name of the speaker/writer. It said something to the effect that the propaganda model will be perfected when the people have no idea that they are being propagandized — that is the import of the statement. As you suggest, it appears that that model has indeed been perfected. Most people have no idea that the “news” is highly censored at best and is sometimes completely dishonest.

    I am constantly frustrated and disgusted with how easily the U.S. government, acting through all its media agents (“news” reports, think tanks, agency spokespersons, etc) manufactures consent for new acts of aggression, even those coming right on the heels of old acts of aggression which have been decisively found to have sold to the people with lies. Iraq is a good case in point. One would think that the people would become skeptical the next time the process starts. Now we have the propaganda machine cranked up to fight against “Russian aggression” and “Chinese aggression”. There is zero evidence supporting the charges made by the U.S. The facts clearly show that in both cases, the “tensions” with both of those Countries were created by U.S. meddling in the affairs of those Countries and U.S. aggression against those Countries, including the mess in Ukraine, a typical “Made In U.S.A” brand of aggression, commencing with the U.S. orchestration of the coup against a democratically elected government in 2014. Notwithstanding the long history of selling these acts of aggression to an ignorant and foolish people, the majority still buy the lies each and every time. Risk nuclear war over Taiwan and/or Ukraine? I have not seen polling on the issue, but I suspect that the majority of people in this Country are buying the latest set of lies lock, stock and barrel. Don’t they always? Thanks for the article. Well done.

  27. As I read your article, my mind kept going back to hippies smoking pot and getting stoned during the Vietnam war telling everyone to give peace a chance. They didnt have a care in the world with many retreating from the world onto communes. They retreated from dystopia. We each must try and do that in our own way.

    1. Some of my friends back then did it, only to find that even there a little subset of power-seeking manipulators had found places for themselves. Read “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.” You were ‘either on the bus or you’re off it’, and the Merry Pranksters chose to party on. And we said ‘Make Love not War’ without considering that if history is any indicator there would ultimately be war so our children might keep their place in the sun.
      I note that last northern autumn there was a crop failure due to drought across the N.W. Plains. Then the NW coast was cut off by unprecedented rain, floods, mudslides and infrastructure washouts. Meanwhile China with 15% of the world population has managed to corner half the world grain stores on the open market. Please explain away Malthus’ observation that carrying capacity is arithmetic but population growth exponential and any path to Utopia isn’t a pipe dream.

      1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        George Smiley – You know there is technology available now that precisely personality profiles people. You can now identify those willing to work as a team and those who only want control of the team, or, those that only want to be parasites of the team. Just a thought for an improved ‘HIPPY commune’ Version 3000. There are also fMRI lie detectors that are like 98% accurate, much more accurate than a forensic detective. And yes, they are being suppressed somewhat, surprise, surprise, by the lying ruling elite and lying politicians.

      2. The problem with the hippie commune ideal was that the people participating took their firmly established beliefs and habits, mental habits especially, with them.
        It was Plato who is supposed to have said, to cure the body first cure the mind. I am sure you can carry that thought further.
        Societies can only change when the thinking the people use changes.
        No tests or technology are needed, we can and all must do this as no one else can do it for us if we value that most precious of all qualities in our lives, autonomy.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      peter – I believe the technology is required. To weed out the sociopaths, they are part of natural human personality variation. They are programmed by genetics to be top of the food chain parasites.

      1. As a psychologist also trained in psychometric assessment tools i would also like to pioint out that thinking, human thought designed, built and programmed the technical gadgets we use and human thought processes are also a technology in and of themselves. A very powerful tool indeed is human thought – undervalued, under-rated and often denied even as useful.
        We do not need binary functioning electronic programmable devices to seek out sociopaths. Communities do a great job when skilled and alert with experience to do so. It is not what anyone might say, just look at what they do and why, iompossible to entirely hide and disguise and yes I am aware the worst examples are deliberately hidden for obvious reasons.
        When no one is listening who do you tell about what is happening?

    3. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      peter – Let me clarify a bit more. The combination of a forensic psychologist using fMRI ‘lie detector’ makes for an even more accurate sociopath identification tool. I should have stated that previously, just a lazy post on my behalf. As far as I’m aware forensic psychs and detectives are about 70% accurate at best. Add the computerized fMRI tool and you get near 100% accuracy. Why wouldn’t you aim for that?

      On another note – the ‘authorities’ can (and likely do) accurately personality profile everyone that uses the internet long enough. As you likely know being a psychologist, it doesn’t take all that many internet based hyperlink clicks and text posts from an individual to get an accurate picture of the individuals concealed ‘interests’.

      1. Thorsjackhammer, I get what you are saying and can accept it though with reservations. What I learnt about what I call ‘Data Freaks’ is that they over-estimate their abilities and credit the results far more than is usually acceptable. IT security nerds are a case in point – their mantra is give me the data and I will secure it. This flies in the face of the reality as a good objective look at the record will show. One of the top IT security consultants in the world, good enough to be called from Australia to the US congressional enquiry, put it simply – organisations MUST approach their IT data security with the attitude of WHEN not IF there is a breach.
        Those who would rely on computer based assessment tools are no different from those using pen and paper, the source is the same, and it is the weighting of the output that I see distortion appearing. Validation is fraught with risks of circular logic.
        No matter how compelling the results apparently achieved it can never be 100% and machines must never be used to decide a human evaluation as flawed as the latter may be. The parameters of machine logic, for that is what we are talking about here, are set by a human a simple fact we cannot avoid. Thanks for your thoughts though and I do not deny the utility of IT based tools – they do have limitations, always.

  28. consider that most people might be ok with that as long as they themselves do not have to suffer. not everybody agrees with the adage ‘none of us is free until all of us are free’.

  29. Along those lines…
    Every year there is a story presenting the powerful evidence that Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by the FBI and local police, by the best marksman in​ the Memphis police department, who spent the whole prior day practicing at the rifle range. He was finally smothered to death with a pillow in the hospital, by doctors.
    The King family is still trying to get the case reopened…

    1. Talk about a bunch of psychophants living off the memory of MLK. They have turned his name into a cottage industry. I respect MLK but have only contempt for his progeny as if MLK III, IV whatever has any words of wisdom because he carries his great great whatevers name.

    2. Dr. William Pepper: Untold Truth on Martin Luther King’s Assassination

      Who Killed Martin Luther King?

      To explore the truth I am publishing Who Killed Martin Luther King?, James Earl Ray’s side of the story. It is now published in paperback and as an ebook and available at bookstores worldwide.



    3. I would say the evidence, shooting lanes, ect. prove this theory to be very plausible. I would encourage all who can, and haven’t been, to spend a day at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis (old Lorraine Motel). Well worth the trip to those who have interest in the evidence.

  30. Caitlyn’s better all the time. ::prolonged applause::

  31. There is a debate raging about the isolation of, identification of, and even the actual existence of a SARS-Cov-2 virus or any virus at all. So what?

    There is a strong possibility that we all have the Virus existence debate arse about face – backwards in one word. It is impossible to talk objectively, non passionately about religion with a fanatic who will simply repeat ad nauseam the same mantra. So is it on this debate about the existence of things we call viruses.

    I argue we miss the point of the current crisis if we indulge in this debate. Without doubt there are monstrous lies and misinformation being used to distort people’s reality and that includes on the issue of a virus.

    The simple reality is that effective treatments that are NOT an antiviral injection of any sort are available and being successfully used to keep people out of hospitals and graves. So there is no necessity for a ‘Covid Vaccine’ of any type at all.

    Of course if someone puts up a strong enough argument that the SARS-Cov-2 virus does not exist or has not been isolated every career Virologist will be out shouting this down, backed by all the Epidemiologists, Pharmacologists et al, including the Pharma industry and government supporters.

    What does this serve in the middle of a worldwide crisis in which people are going into hospitals, graves and suffering injection effects unnecessarily?

    LETS GET REAL FOLKS – Save the Virus debate for another day – wrong issue

    1. You are right. Leave the virus debate for another day.

      Consider the possibility that they want you to debate the virus so that you do not debate that we are running out of oil and gas, and even less do anything about it.

  32. Thank you Caitlin.
    I think we can be free when we choose to not cooperate with any campaign that asks us to hate somebody else for reasons that cannot be confirmed. Free of hate, and holding space for something better.

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