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If you “vote out fascism” and then the president you voted for turns out to have the same effective policies as the previous administration, it’s time to start asking who the fascists actually are.

Hoo you’ve done it now, CIA. You are in trouble. It was all good fun when you were doing fine normal stuff like toppling governments and running torture programs and assassinating people, but collecting bulk data on Americans?? You better prepare for some accountability, mister!

And the next time you suggest the CIA might be up to something nefarious, you’ll still get called a crazy conspiracy theorist.

“Abolish the CIA” is almost too weak a position for an agency that should never have been made in the first place and should have been dismantled in the fucking nineteen sixties.

The US war machine is just a rich man’s mafia.

It’s not about Joe Rogan. It’s not about Covid misinformation. It’s not about QAnon, Russian trolls, domestic extremists or election security. It’s about ruling power structures needing to normalize and expand the regulation of online speech to protect consent for the status quo.

A liberal is someone who yells all day about far right truckers and far right Joe Rogan and then applauds when their president gives weapons to literal Nazis.

Very excited to find out whether “The US intelligence community says Putin has decided to invade Ukraine any minute now” is the kind of psyop that’s just designed to ramp up cold war hysteria or the kind of psyop that’s designed to prime us for US proxy war aggressions.

The PR black eye the US empire sustained from the Iraq invasion ensured that it will greatly preference using proxy forces over US troops wherever possible. Middle Eastern jihadists, Latin American reactionaries, and Ukrainian Nazis all make very good proxy forces for the empire.

A lot of confusion about Russia and Ukraine could be easily avoided if English language news media would end the appallingly unethical practice of printing unsubstantiated assertions by opaque intelligence agencies and presenting it as a “scoop”.

The burden of proof is always on the party making the claim. It’s so weird how everyone will apply this standard to things like internet forum arguments and high school debates but not to immensely consequential claims by the most powerful institutions on the planet who have a well-documented history of lying.

Make a claim that could result in winning a Twitter argument and you’ll immediately be asked for proof. Make a claim that could result in thousands of deaths and it will be reported as fact by The New York Times.

So to recap:

Nation stationing troops inside its own borders = hostile aggressor.

Nation circling the planet with hundreds of military bases, waging nonstop wars, working to destroy any nation which disobeys it, pushing nuclear brinkmanship = just normal democracy freedom stuff.

Those who called you crazy for warning that cold war escalations could lead to hot war will be the first to tell you when hot war approaches that it is unavoidable and must be supported.

Is there any doubt that the same propaganda machine which convinced half the US political spectrum that the highest levels of their government had been infiltrated by the Kremlin could convince the public that a proxy war started by US/NATO/Ukraine was actually started by Russia?

News media reporters and editors are just as culpable for the mass murders committed by the US military and its proxies as the troops who fire the weapons and the generals who give the orders. And military personnel who kill people in unjust wars are exactly as culpable for those crimes as any other murderer.

People who say China is as evil as the US simply haven’t learned enough or thought honestly enough about the evils of the US.

China is better than the US. That’s not because China is flawless, it’s because the US spending the 21st century slaughtering people by the millions and working to destroy any nation who disobeys it makes it quantifiably worse than literally anyone else.

China is a surveillance state. The US empire is a surveillance state that also kills millions of people in wars of aggression.

Rightists need to invent fairy tales about evil elites ushering in a Marxist dystopia because they are ideologically prohibited from considering the possibility that the evil elites are already getting their every wish fulfilled by our mundane, boring capitalist dystopia.

Dissolution of the state in today’s world just means instant absorption into the US-centralized power structure. As long as the US empire is what it is and does what it does, states are necessary and criticisms of their existence are childish nonsense based on immature analysis.

If China, North Korea, Venezuela or any other empire-targeted nation became an ideal stateless, classless, moneyless civilization it would instantaneously be absorbed by the empire. This self-evident fact invalidates all purist arguments against those governments. If your worldview does not account for the fact that there is a globe-spanning power structure working to absorb and subjugate all populations, you do not have a reality-based worldview. The empire is the very first obstacle to any leftward movement toward health in this world.

The status quo is held in place by psychological compartmentalization. It’s held in place by propaganda and brute force, naturally, but it’s also equally propped up by the basic human tendency to avoid sincerely engaging with information that threatens to destroy our worldview.


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73 responses to “The US War Machine Is Just A Rich Man’s Mafia: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

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  2. The US war machine is just a rich man’s mafia !!!!!

    A complete truth in just one sentence Caitlin !!!! Excellent wisdom !!!

  3. Why is the conversation always about the veneer of the narrative and not the true substructure that solicits the world.Is the real exposure of the mindset of megalomania and human narcissism coupled with mass enslavement of the collective cognitive collage of humanity by their handlers to be avoided is this because when we bullseye reality we would cease to exist in the conversational realm thereby ending the linguistic journey and silence becomes the collective driver and the subconsciousness exposes our fears of responsibility for the destruction of this planet our home by the will full choices we as a species make by prioritizing our physical reality over all flora and fauna on this finite planet even to the point of complete destruction of this most sacred planet our home should our ego decide to push that button when will the real conversation start or do we push the cart till the mushroom clouds appear on the horizon.

    1. Meditate
      Existential nausea ain’t pretty. You get it all up?

  4. “It’s about ruling power structures needing to normalize and expand the regulation of online speech to protect consent for the status quo.”

    Otherwise known as American Propaganda. Truth rearranged and massaged to keep those who have get more.

    Authored by the state department. Enforced by an alphabet soup of three letter agencies. Some agencies are abbreviated with 4 letters

  5. “The burden of proof is always on the party making the claim. It’s so weird how everyone will apply this standard to things like internet forum arguments and high school debates but not to immensely consequential claims by the most powerful institutions on the planet who have a well-documented history of lying.”

    It’s because people are conditioned to view their national security state like they view their parents.

  6. “It’s not about Joe Rogan. It’s not about Covid misinformation. It’s not about QAnon, Russian trolls, domestic extremists or election security. It’s about ruling power structures needing to normalize and expand the regulation of online speech to protect consent for the status quo”.
    For those who despair of the capacity of the masses to eventually have enough and send the bastards packing as is happening now on both sides of the pond, here’s an interesting history lesson:

    1. “After smallpox was eliminated from the world, routine vaccination against smallpox among the general public was stopped because it was no longer needed.”

      1. More to the point: “Eventually one of the largest protests of the century broke out in 1885, vaccine mandates were scrapped in one area in favor of alternative management of smallpox, and this is what actually ended smallpox (…) In short, what worked was a mass protest + implementing new health measures that were opposed by the medical community. When these measures worked, most people believed it was the vaccine that finally saved everyone”. The link also highlights that the vaccination campaigns were a total disaster and killed a lot of people.

        1. It didn’t kill as many as the covid virus though.

          1. How do YOU know how many people the Covid virus killed when nobody else does? There’s an ongoing reassessment in various countries of who died “of” Covid and who died “with” Covid and was written off as a “Covid death” like these guys who shot themselves or were run over by a bus after testing positive. The US has already said that 94% of the Covid deaths it announced had comorbidities. Italy said 97%. The UK last week 88% (which is probably still underevaluated cuz nuffin’ explains the difference). This doesn’t mean these guys didn’t die of Covid. It just tells us there’s a wild proportion (like over 90%) of the official 5.7 million that we can’t be sure about because Big Pharma, in cahoots with governments and media, put up this system of not differentiating the “of” and the “with” – which in and of itself immediately tells you it’s a scam. If that doesn’t shatter your certitudes, you’re either a Big Pharma troll or a fool. And if it does, you’d better look at VAERS to see how many the Covid “vaccines” have killed and disabled and balance it with the reassessed Covid casualties, especially among children and young people. Only then might the people who are now taking to the streets think you’re perhaps not just an obey-junkie on the wrong side of history after all. I don’t guarantee it though :o)

            1. 5.83 million dead worldwide. That comes from Venezuela, a country that has has zero interest in helping pfizer take over the world and turn us into magnets.

  7. There is another problem that when people inhale fine particles they go thru our lungs and eventually into the brains, causing brain inflammation and death (shortened lifespan). It has been researched and reported about with respect to air pollution.

    1. This was a reply to the post about artificial cloud cover created to reflect the sun rays to cool off the planet.

  8. Caitlin, like many others, believes in “the basic human tendency to avoid sincerely engaging with information that threatens to destroy our worldview.” Surely we all suffer from some degree of confirmation-bias. We expose ourselves to what we already agree with and avoid oppositional stuff…or engage with it only to deconstruct it. But I’m wondering whether the word “worldview” is appropriate any longer in our postmodern or post-postmodern context. How many people do you know who actually have what one might call an even semi-articulable worldview? We’ve become largely creatures of emotional conflict, opposing teams of reactive approval or disapproval, hostile armies of virtue-signalers, haven’t we? As important as they may be, as necessary as I think they are in our quest to become fully human, worldviews seem sooooo 19th Century.

  9. Republicofscotland Avatar

    “A lot of confusion about Russia and Ukraine could be easily avoided if English language news media would end the appallingly unethical practice of printing unsubstantiated assertions by opaque intelligence agencies and presenting it as a “scoop”.”

    The English government and its lickspittle press giving a minute by minute account on when Russia will invade Ukraine, meanwhile the opposition party leader of Labour the millionaire knight of the realm Sir Keir Starmer denounces the Stop the War Coalition as the enemies of Nato.

    The hysteria and madness emanating from the English parliament and its compliant media is frightening, as they descend into a feeding frenzy on when Russia will invade Ukraine, even though there’s not one shred of evidence to show that Russia will invade.“>“>

    1. I was under impression that the UK has better news, but then I read one page, and it only had a few bullet points and no story to even connect them.

      1. Republicofscotland Avatar

        I should’ve added.

        Meanwhile, the withdrawal of EU, UK and US representatives from the OSCE special monitoring mission in Ukraine under the pretext of insecurity would mean that a large-scale provocation by Ukraine and its Western handlers is coming.

      1. Republicofscotland Avatar

        A bit of food for thought, as Russian forces have amassed inside their own border, as the Western lickspittle media never tires of telling us, what they don’t tell us is that Ukrainian forces which have been armed to the teeth by Whitehall, are nowhere near the Russian forces but have instead amassed on the demarcation zone facing Donbas.

        British and US special forces are known to be in that area, and could easily cause a kick-off of hostilities, from past form around the globe we know this is a possibility.

        1. Yes: I just learned over a Skype conversation, bcs you will not hear this in the US, that Ukraine amassed 100,000 troops next to the rebels lines, and people have been dying in irregular shelling. I have seen a post that the shelling has increased a lot the last few days.
          Shame on all sides willing to send their young people to die for the bankers in the City of London
          We will not have to wait a long time till the fascism will show its real face to the whole world.

          1. Republicofscotland Avatar

            The OSCE is a bad as the OPCW (Douma).

            “The OSCE’s Silence About Terrorist Attacks Against Kazakhstani Media Speaks Volumes”


  10. I do agree about USAmericans being comfortable with their government’s foreign policy, even cheering it on in whatever the current war is against, but getting irate when their precious data is collected.

    1. Unfortunately – you are an intellectual NOBODY !!
      Have you sought professional help ???

      1. Behave yourself. You may disagree, but SVAY has a point.

      2. I guess you must also think Caitlin ‘an intellectual NOBODY’ in need of ‘professional help’.
        From the article above, “Hoo you’ve done it now, CIA. You are in trouble. It was all good fun when you were doing fine normal stuff like toppling governments and running torture programs and assassinating people, but collecting bulk data on Americans?? You better prepare for some accountability, mister!”

        1. I rest my case !

    2. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Americans get completely disoriented when the internet gets cut off. I kinda like it.

  11. Last Super Bowl coming up later today. Enjoy it like there will be no tomorrow. You know, the Russian invasion and all that.
    Enjoy your last hot meals, central heating (or AC), electrical lighting and mass media until the power grid goes down forever. Within weeks most of the people you know, probably including yourself, will be dead from starvation, dehydration or untreated disease.
    With no juice and no functional semiconductor chips, this war will not be televised, so you’ll have to use your imagination about the outcome. I’m guessing that more of the Russian primitives will survive long term than our Western snowflakes.
    Can you imagine all the kvetching amongst the “woke” about who has privilege and who needs checking as the grim reaper gathers his harvest? Should be the biggest Fustercluck since Nagasaki. Thanks, Obama! You really knew how to make a bad situation inexorably worse and how to institutionalise chaos and misery. You earned all them mansions, now go die in one, you cur!
    Before you laddies and lassies take the big dirt nap, be sure to thank Loco Joe for saving you from “Marxism” or whatever Russia is supposedly guilty of today. On the bright side, overpopulation shouldn’t be anyone’s concern for a very long time. Still a bit worried about rise of the Morelocks, though they should not be my problem.
    If reincarnation is real, we’d better hope it is not always restricted to planet Earth, cuz that would be of little help. Maybe centuries of Karma to rectify. One of my faculty colleagues who was born an Indian Brahman was told by his mum that he could come back as some insect or vermin if he misbehaved. If true, I’m sure it happens a lot.
    You know, I’ve never lived (or died) through a mass extinction before. You’d think the Dems would post some advice on social media. You know, do’s, don’ts, best cities, worst cities, and Lord Biden’s poll numbers, etc.

    1. A plague of locusts then?

    2. I hear you, been thinking along the same lines for some time. But it’s Morlocks (no ‘e’), if you’re channeling “The Time Machine.”

      1. You got it!
        I know, it didn’t look right to me with that “e”. But I figured, hey, they must be the descendants of Anglo-Saxons. /sarc./

  12. CERN is a weather modifier disguised as a ‘particle’ collider !
    It is based on Nikola Tesla’s discoveries !
    If carbon emissions were the problem – well – the planet would be actually COOLING !

    All the true EVIL in the world is generated from the FAKE ‘neutral’ – Rothschilds controlled state of Switzerland – home of the BIS and CERN !

    A giant statue of Shiva (Hindu God of destruction ) stands at the entrance of CERN !
    It is so ‘In your FACE ‘ !!

    1. Nikolai Rothschild and Shiva Tesla are the same person!
      The planet is actually cooling!
      Switzerland is in your face, just above your eyebrows!

      1. Tell that to – ‘The village of Lytton – in the interior of southern British Columbia sizzled under a new all-time high temperature for Canada on Sunday, reaching 46.1 degrees Celsius, or just under 115 degrees Fahrenheit.’

    2. HA HAHA. the world’s true evil is Switzerland?! Well, that lets the USA empirical power off the hook. HA HA HA

      1. OOPs was supposed to be – Imperial not empirical

      2. The Rothschilds ‘created’ Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid state if ISRAEL control the the ZIO/US and Switzerland is the playground of the Rothschilds – who have financed EVERY war for at least the last 200 years !

  13. They are getting very specific now. YOU are a terrorist if…
    Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland

    “The primary terrorism-related threat to the United States continues to stem from lone offenders or small cells of individuals who are motivated by a range of foreign and/or domestic grievances often cultivated through the consumption of certain online content.”

    [example of wrongthink coming]
    “Key factors contributing to the current heightened threat environment include:
    ” The proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions:
    For example, there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19. Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021.”

    1. That reminded me imbecile terrorist threat color code system under W. that was announced to us daily. Hope this does not sound like a grievance. I am completely happy that the color code warning system faded.
      Also I wonder if our government is simply wanting to discuss facts in the matter.

      1. HMMM, terrorist threat code today is kind of magenta with azure specks. 🙂

    2. So anyone who doesn’t agree with the Dems’ woke groupthink is a terrorist … keeping it simple stupid. What a sad way to end, with a whimper.

  14. The west is imploding. Hope it doesnt take the rest of the world with it.

  15. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    Why is Ukraine referred to as Nazi?

    1. West Ukraine supported the Germans in WW2, and in fact many were guards in prison camps and were known to be the most brutal and cruel.
      They were led by a guy called Bandera and are often referred to as Banderites.
      Nothing much has changed in that region since.

      1. Gee, I said the same thing in response to that question last night. Included the genocide carried out in entire cities, e.g., Lwow, renamed Lviv by the killers. It mysteriously disappeared in the interim. Either “hackers” or dare I say it?

        1. What’s going on here? Now that I bring it up, it magically reappears? Someone is clearly hacking this site.

          1. WTH, Now it’s gone again! Crazy daze on yer blog, Caitlin. Somebody’s jacking with us.

      1. “The US government has a well-documented history of backing extremist groups as part of a panoply of foreign policy misadventures, which inevitably end up blowing up in the American public’s face.”
        Exactly the comment I was going to make.

      2. last paragraph

        “It’s no small irony that the US president, elected in large part to halt the perceived march of fascism at home, is continuing long-standing US support for literal Nazis in what might well be the nexus of international fascism. And if these Ukrainian Nazis really are among the insurgents being trained by the CIA, it will be no small tragedy if they one day take the same career trajectory as Osama bin Laden.”

        Same story different actors.

  16. Wow!! Certainly, one of your better essays.

  17. “The US war machine is just a rich man’s mafia.”

    Which large country in 2022 mobilizes its military forces in a way that is beneficial to the common people as opposed to the ends of whichever rich and powerful are running that nation?

    What about in 1922 or 1655?

    This is a truism about every country ever.

    1. Actually, it is not true about every country.
      Since the US made a pact with the Saudis to trade oil in dollars only, US government can print more and more dollars as the world uses more oil. When US sends more of its military flying or sailing in circles, they also use fossil fuels, while being able to control the trading of oil, such as enforcing their unilateral embargo on Iran’s oil.
      Besides, the USD is also used to settle most other commodities trades.
      The more dollars are needed for trading, the more the US can simply print, and not to have to produce anything inside the country for international trade.
      So, the US military takes over new countries and turns them into new markets, first for US weapons, then for anything else.
      The whole point is to control all trade in the world, and to keep expanding the military colonization of the world. This is killing our planet.
      And, to prove my point, the US is the only country in the world that denies that climate change is caused by the burning of the fossil fuels. Because reducing the fossil fuel use and trading volume means fewer US dollars are needed.

      1. Brother Jonathan Avatar
        Brother Jonathan

        I do not believe the burning of fossil fuels is causing climate change. It is just another lie by the elite. “Fossil Fuel” itself is a lie. Oil is Abiotic.
        The airplanes are making clouds. You can see it by looking up and watching. Statists seed clouds to make it rain and they have had that technology for many decades. What they don’t tell us is their cloud de-seeding program to dry land out that they want dry.
Man made global warming/climate change is evil at work.

        1. I have been seeing these clouds the whole summer, it was weird: no rain, just the clouds or tracks. I read that it was to block the sun and cool off the earth.

          1. Brother Jonathan Avatar
            Brother Jonathan

            It’s real. It’s evil. I have been watching them for years. They are spraying reflective particles in the skies to keep the sun rays from reaching the Earth. People are deprived of Vitamin D and the plants are denied the sunshine they need.

        2. Of course oil is abiotic. How could it possibly come from vegetation that died millions of years ago when Mr God didn’t make the world until six thousand years ago?

          1. I fully agree that oil, the sort that gives us petrol and so on, is not abiotic. (My previous comment about our 6000-year-old Earth was 100% /s in case anyone didn’t twig.)
            But I don’t see why the US would be any less interested in it if it was abiotic. So far as I can see, the US (like many countries, but few have the same clout) does its best to grab whatever resources it wants, regardless of whether they’re biotic or not. It wants beef and bananas, cobalt and copper, and fights economically and militarily to keep them coming.

            1. That was intended as a reply to JACK OLIVER’s comment starting “OIL is NOT Abiotic” below!

        3. OIL is NOT Abiotic – if it was the ZIO/US would not have been bombing the ME for 80 years to keep their economy PONZI going !
          Nor would the ZIO/US/NATO be stealing Syrian OIL and transporting it by FUCKING road tanker !

          1. … which the Russians destroy. Bravo!

          2. I accidentally replied to you above – “I fully agree that oil”!

      2. I was agreeing with you until you got to the point where you mention fossil fuels and climate change. To be honest, that is simply bad science used to push a political agenda. We really do not know how much man is contributing to climate change because the current models do not incorporate several key variables such as changes to the magnetosphere, solar forcing and galactic forcing. We do not live in a bubble, our terrestrial weather and changes are indeed affected ( read primarily controlled) by non terrestrial forcing. These factors have been dismissed by mainstream.. which should not suprise anyone. The climate is changing and the weather is going to get worse.. but not for the reasons they push. Unfortunately I have come to realize science is dead, as the same machine that has pushed the empire into imperialism has also hijacked science. Remember that knowledge is power.. science ( its mouthpieces) were just as important to control as the mainstream news and education. I want to see more questioning the narrative.. all of them. Only way to see through the lies is to remain a skeptic.. a trait that all reap scientists should embrace.

        1. Not all climate change is due to fossil fuels use, there are long term and short term components.
          Seems much of science in the US is funded by the DoD – a name we trust NOT!

          1. I do not trust anyone, especially if I do not know them. Regarding science.. what we have now is scientism. There is a peer review ideology that has become dogma. Talk about an echo chamber when those peer review groups ( journals, institutions et cetera) are funded from the same sources. This is the phenomenon that has led to a drastic reduction of citation sources over the last 50 years. There are plenty of good scientists out there.. but most are either unpublished in mainstream journals or are working in a classified sector. There should be more questions in science.. and much less “science is settled”.

        2. This is simply a right-wing excuse to keep on pouring carbon into the atmosphere.

          “Hey we aren’t sure it’s fossil fuels, so let’s be skeptical and keep doing what we are doing.”

      3. So you’re saying there are militaries that aren’t just servants of the interests of the elite within that country?
        Which ones? And how do they get their funding and operate?

        1. Yes militaries always serve some kind of warlord, king, emperor or democratically elected leader.
          I am saying that the US took it to the extreme that is going to kill all of life on earth.

  18. We have become so fucking fragile, emotionally insecure, low EQ people, huddled together muttering our poll-tested, focus-group mantras devised by some out of touch, over-paid, deeply invested, low EQ emotionally fragile bullshit artist who’s usually half a step off full-blown sock-puppet for some megalomaniac with so much money the only way to spend it is trying to control other people.

    Rules for life:

    If it’s easy, it’s useless.
    If it’s free, you’re the product.
    If it’s easy and free, it’s bullshit.
    If it’s easy, free and you know it’s bullshit, someone is using it to jeopardize your commodity if not zero it out OR weaponize you against one of the other playground dwellers.
    If you join in such an effort, the bullshit starts in your head.
    If the bullshit starts in your head and it gets easy, you’ll never be free again.

    A dead French guy said that rebellion is the only freedom in an unfree world. A living singer-songwriter wrote he would never get of this world alive. Dissent is the only path to honesty, but dishonesty has become the fastest path to success.

    1. “Life is an adventure of which we won’t come out alive” is traditional.
      Also “life is a deadly disease transmitted by birth” :o)

  19. Again a well written candid piece. From the perspective of the glass is half full.. I do believe there is a good percentage of Americans who believe in actual liberty and a Non Aggression Principle ( outside of cars carrying libertarians) , the problem is the fact they believe those two words describe our current country. This is a testament to how well the human engineers have designed this conditioning. You do not have to change a innate sense of liberty and morality in an individual, you only have to change they way they perceive that manifested externally. Redirect their core belief with semantics and sophistry where they in turn become ardent defenders of the status quo. It is quite brilliant to be honest. I hate it.. don’t get me wrong. But damn.. they are good.

  20. Scroll speed is way too fast.

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