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Let’s Re-Learn The Word ‘Detente’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article:

Western powers insisted that they were trying to prevent this war while doing everything possible to ensure that it happened. Now they say they are trying to end this war while doing everything possible to ensure it continues.

Normally when western powers are involved in a war they at least pretend they support the people in the enemy nation and just oppose its government. With Russia they’re just “No, fuck your music, fuck your food, fuck your books, fuck your cats, fuck everything about all of you.”

The word “detente” has been deliberately scrubbed from the western lexicon. This has created a false dichotomy where everyone thinks the only choices are either escalate until we have a nuclear war or “OMG SO JUST GIVE PUTIN WHATEVER HE WANTS AND LET HIM TAKE OVER EUROPE???”

Any time you oppose freakish world-threatening escalations that’s the response you always get: “So just give into the bully and let him have everything?? That’s appeasement!” They’re sincerely unaware that there’s a third choice between World War 3 and crowning Putin Emperor of Planet Earth.

This is by design, because detente and US unipolar hegemony are mutually exclusive. You can’t dominate the entire planet and also let Russia be its own nation; it’s either one or the other. Detente was a popular concept back when we lived in a multipolar world, during the USSR, but since it’s been dominated by one single superpower that word has been phased out of public awareness. Now that US unipolar hegemony is the normalized mainstream consensus ideal within the western empire, any talk of working toward peaceful solutions that don’t subjugate one power to the other show up before indoctrinated minds as outrageous heresy.

Putin: Don’t cross this red line or it will mean war.

Westerners: He’s probably bluffing. Cross that red line.

Putin: *starts a war*

Putin: Now don’t cross this other red line or it will mean nuclear war.

Westerners: He’s probably bluffing. Cross that red line.

I’m really not feeling great about how much of mainstream western punditry today boils down to “What’s the maximum amount we can provoke and attack Russia without starting a nuclear war? Some say the line is here, but I think it’s probably further back.”

It’s starting to feel like westerners won’t understand the seriousness of nuclear brinkmanship until there’s an actual nuclear exchange. One of those rare lessons in life that you can’t learn until it’s too late to benefit from having learned it.

It reminds me of young drivers, how they’ll get into accidents because they don’t have a good visceral understanding of the very real dangers on the road. Except instead of damaging your fender, they’ll wipe out all life on earth.

There’s such a massive, massive disconnect between the unparalleled dangers we’re toying with here and people’s attitudes about them. In the general public, and throughout the political/media class as well. It’s so easy to imagine an “Oh shit it wasn’t a game after all” future moment.

No part of the way empire managers have acted up to this point suggests they can be trusted not to set off an unthinkable chain of events from which there’s no return. They’ve been making wrong calls every step of the way. And it’s so easy to fuck this up.

“Tankie” used to mean “western Stalinist”. Now it just means “person who understands power dynamics and foreign policy”.

People say, “Ukraine has a right to choose its own alliances and join NATO if it wants.”

Sure, and NATO has a right to reject it and promise it will never make Ukraine a member. And it should have. That’s how alliances work; it necessarily goes both ways. Not everyone gets membership. It’s not a fucking library card.

Those who support a no-fly zone or any other direct attack on Russian forces are enemies of our species. They have the most dangerous worldview in existence, without exception. They are more dangerous than Nazis, and they should be reviled as such.

The fact that support for nuclear brinkmanship is mainstream doesn’t make it okay, it makes it infinitely more dangerous than if it were a fringe position. It’s not less important to condemn it because it’s mainstream, it’s more important. Much, much more important.

I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs for years about the mounting risks of nuclear war while people called me a crazy idiot the entire time. Now nuclear superpowers are on hair trigger alert while officials hurl accusations that the other side is preparing a biological weapons attack.

At least I fucking tried. With what precious little influence I have in this space, I have done my very best. Come what may.


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  • You really have tried. Amen

  • Up date on YouTubeLeft. Breaking Points was absorbed Day 1 but I thought after the initial hysteria they might fight to become unabsorbed. And it seemed they were fighting, a bit, but they informed me today that the Russians attacked Chernobyl , again, that spent fuel rods are stored in “ponds” at the site, which could be dangerous, but the Breaking Points team were oblivious to the fact that the “other large power plant,” that was also “attacked” by the Russians contains much hotter nuclear waste, most of it also stored in shallow “ponds,” and has a SHITTON more of it, or that the Russians took it Day 7, and have refuse ever since, to attack it, again.
    It does not get much dummer. Yet Chystal Ball thinks people like me are nitwits, for thinking nuclear power can be dangerous, and should there be a nuclear war, nuclear power plants as primary counter-strike targets, is I guess, nothing to worry about, as far as excitinction-level threats go.
    Saager “expects this to go into a hot and burning war for a long, long period” … “including an insurgency” … WMDs is never an excuse for an invasion, especially if they exist, the invasion has entered a “weird phase” where the Russians are not making progress, other than to continue to surround cities and shut down or limit their power, food, water, medicine, making the underground civilian populations suffer, despite the fact that they can leave the cities if they want or, or more accurately, if they are allowed to.
    There is no such thing as an opertional pause apparently, the exact thing you might expect if the Russians had just yesterday closed a pocket in the Donbass, the focus of the initial phase of this invasion, to bring up the heavy weapons, for the settling of scores with those they consider their primary enemy in Ukraine.

    “Years of long, grinding, intactible conflict,” are in store for Ukraine, according to Krysal, even though the Generous Zelensky offerred the Russians everything they are asking for now, before the invasion, which Vlad the Bad Faith Actor rejeted then rejected and will continue to, which means we are now in for “long, intractible” …pause… “grinding” … conflict.”
    Note: I must say, that two uses of the phrase containing the words “long, conflict, intractible and grinding,” makes me a might suspicious, that the material at Breaking Points is no longer being written by the co-hosts, especially because the second time Chrystal uses the phrase, she messes it up, had to think, ok, I fluffed my lines, what was the word I haven’t used? Oh yeah, grinding.
    They’re gone. I admit, I had hope. But the pressure must be enormous at this point, to spew nonsense, because nonsense is the only bullet we’ve got left in our chamer, other than to create a “hot and burning war for a long, long period.”
    Iran and Venezuela became on the same day our new allies? That’s how desperate our situation is? Too funny.

  • It’s the same stupid foreign policy the USA has had against Cuba for some odd 60 years.

    Sanction sanction sanction! The Cuban people will raise up and overthrow their communist overlords.” If we just sanction enough.

    Crazy sanctions imposed just so light-brained politicians like Mark Arubio can keep a cushy Senatorial seat.

    I have been to Cuba and I want the world to know – if the USA ever invaded they would LOSE!!

    The latest news is, the US is in secret talks with the Venezuelans for OIL because of the idiot sanctions against Russia.

    It’s so true stupid is as stupid does.

    • Washington DC (Dumb Cunts) at work …

  • Update (see my post below): I ended up getting sidetracked, and then came back to this page to relate what sidetracked me, and was then sidetracked again by the comment (and the article linked to) Timothy posted about duckduckgo (which I use). The first thing that came to mind when I read Timothy’s post was will duckduckgo be down-ranking articles such as the MSNBC article I linked to earlier, which was actually the top article in the results when I did my search – ie will they now be down=ranking the truth?!
    Anyway, that then reminded me of a piece on the Stop The War Coalition’s website that I came across four or five days ago, and so I just found it again so I could post a link to it on here:
    ‘Warnings Unheeded: Many Predicted NATO Expansion Would Lead to War’
    It has long been clear that Nato expansion would lead to tragedy. We are now paying the price for the US’s arrogance
    Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine is an act of aggression that will make already worrisome tensions between Nato and Moscow even more dangerous. The west’s new cold war with Russia has turned hot. Vladimir Putin bears primary responsibility for this latest development, but Nato’s arrogant, tone‐​deaf policy toward Russia over the past quarter‐​century deserves a large share as well. Analysts committed to a US foreign policy of realism and restraint have warned for more than a quarter‐​century that continuing to expand the most powerful military alliance in history toward another major power would not end well. The war in Ukraine provides definitive confirmation that it did not.
    I would suggest that the PRIME responsibility lies with Biden et al and NATO, precisely because THEY could have prevented it, but chose not to, and for the obvious reason…… Estimated value of Russia’s natural resources: $75 trillion!

    • This is just not correct, You need to see those two documentaries by Oliver Stone from 2016 and 2019. I can’t even add a link to amazon.com that doesn’t get stripped.
      Cailtin has nailed the situation in Ukraine in this article, I wish I could provide you with the proof, but I can’t get by the censors.

      • “How are we supposed to get valid information?” – we get very very little, ultimately we have to rely on critical thought, pattern recognition, suspicious coincidences and thinking outside the overton window. The whole net is trolled by NWO government shills.

    • War was coming to Russia no matter what they did.

    • Russia’s military action was an act in defense of the Donbas Russians who were the object of relentless lethal aggression by the Ukrainians for over 8 years. The Ukrainians were armed and urged to attack by the United States, which was therefore also an aggressor. The Ukrainians were never defenders in that they had seized control of the country in an illegal coup. So, even the legitimate sovereignty of the country was being defended by the Donbas Russians, not the outlaw Ukrainians.

      • And the coupe in 2014 was orchestrated by the U.S.. Hunter Biden is on the Board of Directors of Ukraine’s largest energy company.

    • I tried every strategy I could think of to bypass the filter in place on this website and it seems to handle misspellings, words with the * character inserted in between each letter, etc.
      I can’t even include the name of the director or it gets scrubbed.

    • Success!!! Sort of. Now you can look for these on rumble

    • Oh yes I remember these groups now from the 9/11 attacks on blogs that questioned the Bush administration narrative.

  • This just in:
    DuckDuckGo ends neutrality, will down-rank sites “associated with Russian disinformation”
    This is insane. How are these people being pressured like this. Now we need an alternative to DuckDuckGo. How are we supposed to get valid information?
    I will continue to forward links to sites that present well researched information.

    • I just learned that Caitlin’s website is also censoring “misinformation” on Russia/Ukraine. Sad.
      I can’t even give the titles of Oliver Stones two documentaries where he interviews Putin at length in order that we can hear Putin’s side of the story without my comment being removed instantly. These two documentaries are from 2015 and 2018 and they present evidence that it was the United States that was responsible for all the atrocities that took place in Ukraine, not Russia. These two documentaries would allow you to see that everything that Caitlin said in this post are true and goes into the details of everything that transpired between the United States and Ukraine that led to the death of 14,000 people, of Russian heritage, in the Donbass area of Ukraine.
      This is indeed scary, millions of people can die at the hands of the United States and no one will ever know.

      • I very much doubt it Timothy.

      • Doubt what? I tried to post two videos several times using different methods, providing a link and then providing the titles. Both times my comments were scrubbed. However this comment to you will get posted. Both videos were by Oliver Stone where he interviews Vladimir Putin and Viktor Medvedchuk and in the other video he interviews Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych with observations from an unusually candid Robert Parry.
        This post you will see, but if I included the titles of the documentaries, it would be scrubbed.

      • If that is so, then even this comment by yourself will eventually need to be deleted down the memory hole just like in “1984.” The monsters that be are acting so oppressive right now, I would not doubt your words.
        So, the truth now is only something in the mind of someone who can still remember it personally. It is no longer objective or verifiable. None of these words in any medium mean a damned thing unless issued or approved by AUTHORITY. Fuck, man… just like the Matrix. Everything is either approved or unapproved code.

      • So, when I receive a message like this one: “Congratulations! You have been selected to join our Board of Protectors – an exclusive and private, online community of ###### members from around the country. With all the digital threats we face everyday, it’s important to ###### that the protection we offer is the best it can be, and that’s where you can help,” it could well be part of a plan to screen the RAM in everyone’s digital devices for, not only viruses and malware, but unapproved memory code in any kind of file! Do I grok the, at least potential, threat here. Or is Uncle Sam just escalating the paranoia? It always freaks me when I construct a lengthy post and it is blocked by “moderation” instantaneously–in under a microsecond–as if my keyboard activity had been spied upon even before hitting “post” or “submit.” I’m talking not just held for moderation, but instantly disappeared. Nothing makes me feel more violated when that happens. This by supposed trustworthy alternative media.

      • Yes I am starting to see that myself. It is very disconcerting, not sure what the remedy is. I think we need millions of RSS connected websites.

    • I suspect you are a HASBARA shill – you are totally over represented on this site !

  • I just did a search re >ukraine invasion could easily have been prevented<, and more than a few results came up with such a headline. What I DIDN'T expect was to find any MSM outlets posting articles in that vein. But I was wrong! Here's the headline and subheadline of an MSNBC piece posted on March 4th, and a couple of clips from it:
    Russia's Ukraine invasion may have been preventable
    The U.S. refused to reconsider Ukraine's NATO status as Putin threatened war. Experts say that was a huge mistake.
    Many of these analysts argue that the U.S. erred in its efforts to prevent the breakout of war by refusing to offer to retract support for Ukraine to one day join NATO or substantially reconsider its terms of entry. And they argue that Russia’s willingness to go to war over Ukraine’s NATO status, which it perceived as an existential national security threat and listed as a fundamental part of its rationale for the invasion, was so clear for so long that dropping support for its eventual entry could have averted the invasion.
    The U.S. must do everything it can do to end this war — which is already brutalizing Ukraine, rattling the global economy, and could quite easily spiral into a nuclear-armed confrontation between the U.S. and Russia, if things get out of hand — as swiftly as possible, including negotiating on Ukraine's NATO status and possible neutrality with an open mind. And over the longer term, Americans must realize that in an increasingly multipolar world, reckoning with the limits of their power is critical for achieving a more peaceful and just world.
    The above article is followed by another directly underneath it headlined 'Expanding NATO was always hugely controversial'
    I haven't read the other articles yet, but it's difficult to imagine what they could be about if they're not akin to the MSNBC article(s) given the headlines, although it is difficult to imagine that the Daily Express has published the truth! Will update as soon as may be.

  • Back in the early 70’s when I was finishing my Ph.D. in biochemistry I got to know some students in Stephen F. Cohen’s old department of Russian studies. They lived totally immersed in the language and culture in the “Russian House” and spent their summers in Russia soaking up the vibes to get as accurate a feel for the people as possible. Most wanted to work for the US State Department at embassies or consulates. This was still the height of the Cold War, mind you, though scholars like Professor Cohen and journalists like Hedrick Smith were spending lengthy sojourns in the Soviet Union and writing books about the reality rather than the American propaganda. One could (as did I) subscribe to Soviet Life magazine merely to satiate one’s curiosity about the place and not get taken in for questioning by Big Brother. It only stood to reason that, in many ways, Russians must be a lot like Americans and there could be no innate obstacle to communicating and co-existing with them. Moreover, I was told by those academics living up close and personal with them that this was truly the case long before Gorbachev and paristroika ever became a thing. What was told to me was that the Cold War was almost entirely an American creation. Word was that the Russians considered their alliance with the US during WWII to be the high point of their history. This according to the many learned professors in Russian Studies who were themselves largely, if not mostly, Soviet expats. According to them, the Soviets earnestly wanted to continue a close friendly relationship with America but were deliberately stiff armed by the Yanks who preferred a sharply confrontational one. Frankly, looking back after an entire lifetime, I think the US elites have used and betrayed every other society with whom they have ever interacted, this includes the Brits, Ozzies, Canadians and anyone else with whom we allegedly had some sort of “special relationship.” We essentially fleeced the Brits of their empire after bankrupting them with our various loans to them during WWII. That was not done out of altruism. Everyone was always a potential mark for the American money lenders. Much more could be said about all that but I am no historian and… that is all for now.

    • I had a physics professor in the 1990’s that came from the Soviet Union. He taught at Moscow University in I guess, the sixties. He told me that he and a friend of his were having a talk on the street outside the university and he mentioned that he thought the Kremlin was acting very stupidly. Suddenly a KGB officer who had overheard their conversation approached my professor and arrested him. He was taken to a gulag in Siberia where he stayed for 6 years, after which he got out of the Soviet Union and came to America to work for IBM developing a new technology storing information magnetically on spinning disks. He told me back then, “you know in America you have a democracy, and that is a good thing, but you also have corporations. When the corporations becomes bigger that the government you will lose your democracy and will then live in the same situation as I lived in the Soviet Union.” I never acted on this information, but I just tucked it away and never forgot it.

    • All very true. Putin even once asked Clinton if Russia could join NATO. He offered his friendship to Bush after 9/11. Basically all is speeches from his first years in office showed how much Putin hoped for peace and friendship between Russia and the West. A fluent speaker of German, he felt particularly close to that country and from what I read recently, if true, according to Macron he feels especially betrayed by Germany now.

  • People should watch “Ukraine on Fire” produced by Oliver Stone in 2016 and removed yesterday from YouTube in order to not spread “misinformation against America, NATO, EU, UK. It’s free to watch on Rumble and Odysee. Spread the word. We never know what might happen, right.

    • It’s not what I would call a “balanced” view of the Ukraine situation.

      As far as I can recall, it talked a lot about how some Ukrainians sided with the Germans in WWII and fought against brave, patriotic Russians who were defending the Motherland – but made no mention at all of the many millions of Ukrainians who died in the great famine of 1932-33 that was caused solely by the Stalinist administration of the USSR.

      The interviewees were also, shall we say, rather one-sided. Russian President Vladimir Putin, pro-Russian, ex-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych (who fled Ukraine and was set up in a large dacha outside Moscow by the Putin administration), and ex-Ukrainian Internal Affairs Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko, who was in charge of the Ukrainian police service and who signed an order allowing police to use live ammunition to fire on the Maidan protestors in Kyiv in February 2014, and who fled to Russia at the same time as Yanukovych.

      It would have been nice if Stone had also interviewed some other people, such as Ukrainians who could have talked about Russian repression of Ukraine during the USSR period, or Ukrainians who weren’t happy with Yanukovych’s massive corruption and embezzlement of state resources, or Ukrainians who felt nervous about Russia and who thus felt more comfortable looking to Europe.

      • Well, there are books in libraries. A solid personal research will never be replaced by movies, documentaries, podcasts, articles and comments in blogs.

  • “At least I fucking tried. With what precious little influence I have in this space, I have done my very best. Come what may.”
    Caitlin and Tim, I’ll be forever grateful to both of you that you have done what you have done. Bravo!


    • Grateful for all eternity, Caitlin. See you on the other side (if I make to where you’re headed).

  • Sometimes you have to look back a few months to see what kickstarted a war.

    One thing I know from watching Oliver Stone’s interviews is that Putin reads western media like TIME magazine….


  • How many times do I have to say it – there won’t be a WAR because NATO are simply not capable and neither are the ZIO/US !

    If you go to the Iraqi news agency – well – Iraq has joined the BRI and is making massive progress – WITHOUT the ZIO/US !

    Russia and China protect Iraq – China is building 1000 new schools there !


    This is happening almost daily in Iraq !


    The blowing up of US convoys !

    Does the ZIO/US/NATO respond ???

    NO – because they CAN’T !

    ZIO/US/NATO are just all piss and wind now !

    There is NOTHING they can do to stop Russia and the BRI !

    Russia protects Iraq with electronic weaponry !

    Russia used the same SH!T in Afghanistan and the Taliban retook Kabul in ONE week after 20 years of occupation – bloodlessly and unopposed !

    Do you really think Putin would have attempted this if he thought they could respond ???

    Of course NOT !

  • Amen, Amen

  • Just came across the following article – or whatever it’s supposed to be – in the Telegraph from yesterday. Here’s the headline and sub-headline and a few clips from it:

    The 10 things the West should do right now that would end Putin’s barbaric war

    Our future is at stake and the fate of all those in the world who believe in democracy

    The destiny of the world is playing out in Kyiv.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky, with his spirit of resistance, his heroism and his uncompromising fidelity to democratic values, has the admiration of all.

    These hardened military brigades, these teachers, restauranteurs, labourers, dancers, these women and men from all walks of life, rising up, also defend our liberty.

    They fight for an open and free world.

    And so it went on, and not one mention of course about Russia’s security concerns, and how Biden et al rejected them. But then it was THEM – ie Biden and Co and those that went before them – that created the situation in the first place and, as such, forced Putin to take the action he has! And deliberately so of course!

    And needless to say, the four signatories DON’T elaborate as to just how exactly ‘our future is at stake and the fate of all those in the world who believe in democracy’ etc, etc. It’s hard to believe that the four of them really believe such nonsense, unless of course they’ve been brain-washed into believing it by the MSM. Perhaps they should read Friendly Fascism by Bertram Gross! Are they even remotely aware of what the PTB have done to the left in the UK (and elsewhere) during the past six years or so, and are STILL in the process of doing. AND free speech!

    What a joke!!


    NB I wonder if any of them have ever spoken out publicly about what’s happening in Yemen, or the invasion of Iraq and the million or so people that were killed as a consequence of the big Nazi-type falsehoods concocted and disseminated (courtesy of the MSM!) by Blair and Bush and Co!

    • According to Iraqi figures 2.5 million died !

  • This morning I took a step towards DETENTE by disabling notifications for the News App on my smartphone. Yesterday they upset the whole world by reporting a staged blowing up of empty hospital in Ukraine as Russian Airforce bombing, which never took place.
    I do not wish Wall Street Journal to lie to me first thing in the morning before I see anything else on my phone.

    • Yes I thought this could be staged. My wife and I saw the newscast last night and the western media went beserko about the horrid bombing of a working hospital. My wife was visibly upset at the prospect of this event. I expressed doubt but she became angry with me at even doubting the truthfulness of this newscast. We hold polarized views of this invasion and I understand how the western propaganda gets through to the captive citizens of US and EU.

    • Mariupol is one of the last UkroNazi strongholds. Think Berlin 1945, as the militias, no longer obedient to Kiev, take down as many civilians with them as they can, and Ze and Biden spin the carnage as Russia’s doing. The fanatic character of their racist, nationalist movement has been well documented over the past eight years; today Ukraine is the center of Europe’s white supremacy movement. Moscow is hunting to bring to trial numerous Azov leaders suspected of carrying out numerous atrocities in Crimea and Donbas since 2014.
      The bad guys are winning the information war in a way that has never been seen before. Trump and COVID were great preparation. The unprecedented stream of anti-Russian falsehoods is more directed to Ukrainians I think than to Americans, to keep them fighting a contest they can’t win. Ukie has no functioning military. Its command structure and infrastructure were annihilated in the first few days. The Ukie army is 75% combat ineffective. Remnant army units are just fighting uncoordinated local rearguard actions until the gas and ammo run out. That cannot change the outcome, just make more people dead. Russians are doing everything to minimize casualties, because this is not Iraq, not a holy crusade to level cities and exterminate infidels: these are their cousins and brothers with whom they have lived in peace in the past and will again when the US-installed cancer is cut out.
      I would guess Biden must be frightened of the revelations that will come after Kiev surrenders. He and his son were apparently quite busy. Explicit documentation of their rackets could be the parting gift of an ally no less treacherous than the First crime Family itself.
      Incidentally, WV Senator Manchin, the saboteur of Biden’s alleged BBB deal, is one of several American politicians named in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s expose ( https://newsinteractive.post-gazette.com/dirty-dollars-2/ ) of activities benefitting the Ukie oligarch Kolomoinsky, in his money laundering schemes in the American Midwest. This is same corrupt billionaire who bankrolled Zelensky’s 2019 presidential candidacy. Ze won big on the platform of making peace with Russia and the independent republics, but he’s refused to implement the plans agreed to in the Minsk accords of 2014 and 2015. In fact he massed almost half the Ukie army to invade Donbas, to implement Azov’s Final Solution instead, of the kind we are seeing in Mariupol today, and will continue to see until the militias have been eradicated.

      • Thanks.

      • This was Russia’s war to lose, and they are putting in a masterpiece of how to lose a war. If Ukraine has essentially no military what has kept Russia to achieving control of 10% of Ukraine? Western Ukraine has higher steppe with transverse N-S rivers forming natural defenses. Kharkiv is artillery range from Russia; it has not fallen.
        Russia imitates Imperial Rome’s ineptitude in the Teutoberg Wald, where the local savages outmaneuvered and crushed three legions. I’ve got no dog in this fight. Incompetently executed wars lead to hamburger mills. Russia seems far less likely to achieve any strategic victory. Stop this war, it sucks.

        • Apparently it is easier to start a war than to stop it.
          If anybody has an idea how to stop it, please share now.

        • Russia is trying to minimize civilian casualties. the US doesn’t. how successful has the US been in the many wars it has engaged in since world war 2?

          • Inna: I truly believe that an armistice can be established if the question can be answered – can the Ukraine be independent of the large blocs?
            PretzelAttack: All pretzel, no attack, whataboutery. You minimize civilian casualties by a)don’t start the war in the first place, b)limit your objectives (Donbas and Ljuhana?), c) try defined strikes against targeted objectives, rather than the encircle-and-squeeze technique on a country. Russia’s strategy is awful. It doesn’t matter whether the US warfighting is this or that. One theater operation, today, now. Imperial Rome won most battles, lost a few horror-shows. THIS operation FAILS, no matter what colour the uniforms are, who the baddies are.

  • “At least I fucking tried. With what precious little influence I have in this space, I have done my very best.’

    And you will continue to do your very best. You have no choice. Unlike so many of the rest of us, the honor is in your DNA.

    I saw my neighbor’s cat this morning, the one I was going to sanction, the next time we crossed paths. I was roughly 150 yards out into a walk, and I saw him fast cat walking across the street to my starboard. I was impressed, the extension of his personal No Fly Zone is apparently much larger than I thought. We met, and he flopped and rolled as he always does. I didn’t sanction him. I instead gave him a belly rub or two and a couple of tail pulls, while saying to him, “Brave … braaave gatto, yeeaah, you were out marking, weren’t you … weren’t you? I know you were my brave gato, I know you were.” And he snap rolled and rose and we parted, quite amicably I think.

  • Biden has been a part of the unfolding disaster in Ukraine since at least 2013 along with Victoria Nuland, Hilary Clinton and George Soros with Donald Trump continue the tradition during his presidency.

    See: https://rumble.com/vwlzg0-ukraine-on-fire-oliver-stone-2016.html and https://rumble.com/vwy6pm-revealing-ukraine.html

    Also see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT_W0Cs-wjs

    Now as far as Putin is concerned, I have concerns because Klaus Schwab identified Putin as one of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) young leaders, along with Marcel Macron and Justin Trudeau.That makes me wonder if Putin may not also be controlled by these global economic forces.

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p1_8-jLQkI

    In the United States The People’s Convoy is taking place. The people of the United States are under attack as well, so I think we need to look at this as not the U.S. empire but as a global empire that is being raised up around us in the interest of bringing into being The Fourth Industrial Revolution where we all “own nothing and will be happy.” We need to examine why world leaders suddenly all parrot the talking points initiated by the WEF is this just coincidence, or is it part of a plan.

    See: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/convoy-update and https://www.facebook.com/allen.kelly.376/videos/1018106965779472/

    Yes, the situation in Ukraine is extremely dangerous and in this instance Putin is not the bad guy, but rather someone that has been backed into a corner such that any decision he makes will be considered by the West as an act of aggression, when in fact, it was the West that was clearly the aggressor here during the last two decades.

    Joe Biden is playing a very dangerous game, maybe he doesn’t care for his own life and is willing to sacrifice the lives of all of humanity in the same way he is willing to sacrifice what is left of his own. I just cannot view such thinking as rational. The American people should be clamoring for the removal of Joe Biden from office to prevent the unthinkable with Russia over Ukraine and to prevent the rollout of the Great Reset in the United States through the vaccine mandates, lest the United States become completely controlled by the Global Public Private Partnership and the WEF, which would then be free to sweep across the globe enslaving every man woman and child on the planet through digital ids, digital currency and injectable mRNA technology; this is just as scary as a nuclear holocaust.

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdJThXi06VQ and https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2021/03/hacking-the-software-of-life-via-covid-jab/

    • I know kooky conspiracy people, so I know your post doesn’t have to be psy-op to infiltrate Caitlin’s comment section to make her appear loony, but it sure could be. Pointless to refute the mixed bag of themes making up your grand conspiracy. I hope readers aren’t sucked in by your authoritative tone.

      • I always suspect comments that are longer than the actual articles and have far too many links to loon websites.

        • It is a distraction used by HASBARA shills !

    • “…digital ids, digital currency and injectable mRNA technology; this is just as scary as a nuclear holocaust.”
      You may, or may not, have had a good point or two, but I’m not going to look for them.

    • Whatever. I provided the information so that you could gain some additional understanding of the situation in addition to Caitlin’s excellent post. I am aware of confirmation bias and understand that is operates at the physical neurological level so I understand that new information can be received with hostility, so I don'[t take offense.
      Do you support the World Economic Forum? The Great Reset? The Fourth Industrial Revolution? The Hacking of the Human Genome? Transhumanism.
      If you took the time to watch the videos I provided on Ukraine, you would see that they completely support Caitlin’s position of the Ukraine situation.
      The fact that Klaus Schawb proudly named Putin as one of the world leaders that took part in the WEF Young Leaders Program, alerted me to approach the situation with some caution before tossing all other major concerns in the world out and just focusing on just Ukraine, which I understand is insane, especially at this juncture in world affairs. The U.S. government should be working with Russia rather than attempting regime change there.
      The fact the the Ukraine situation erupted just as the People’s Convoy was arriving in Washington D.C. to demand the end of Mandates and the end of the Emergencies Powers Act that Biden is using to bypass Congress on military engagements, in countries like Ukraine, seemed suspicious to me as well.
      So spin what I said in any way you want, as I said I was just providing addition information.

      • Thank you, Timothy

      • @Timothy – You said, “Do you support the World Economic Forum? The Great Reset? The Fourth Industrial Revolution? The Hacking of the Human Genome? Transhumanism.”

        I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when I discuss current affairs or politics with people, when I politely disagree with a point they make, they immediately assume – and even accuse me – of liking, or agreeing with, the “other side”.

        Just because you do not agree with a conspiracy theory, or just because you query the logical leaps that a person is making, or just because you request further evidence, does *not* mean that you agree with late stage Capitalism etc etc etc. It is *entirely* possible to disagree with one point of view, while also disagreeing with the opposite point of view.

        Please, let’s try not to view everything in Manichean good/evil, black/white dynamics. There are many shades of grey, many positions that people can take.

        In the current situation, for example, it is entirely possible to think that Russia was wrong to invade the Ukraine, but to *also* think that the US is hypocritical and has done similar things in Iraq and other countries and that the US should be held accountable for that, too. As the old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right and just because the US is opposed to Russia doesn’t mean that Russia is going the right thing.

    • Personally I think the WEF are the recruiters, and the drill sargeants, for a larger organization, the Bilderberg’s, but for all I know the Bilderberg’s might be mid-level management. But man what a who’s who of wickedness.


      What’s ironic about this “news” blackout, it’s lifted the viel on everthing. There are no top secret organizations anymore, they’ve all boldly stepped out in the open. The Western neo-liberal elite, or whatever you want to call them, are making it clear, they will stop at nothing to crush any nation-state that bucks the system, no matter how big it is, or messy it gets.

      What I do know about Vladimir Putin, he was a capitalist and a free market man until the Sanctions of ’14, and since then he’s been all about Russia. Russia first, Russia last, Russia must be self-sufficient, Russia must able to withstand whatever is coming its way, and when it comes, it must rise above whatever it is, as an intact nation.

      I started commenting on line in 2008, and one my first thoughts I put out there to a world wide audience, is this: “China is a nation-state functioning as a nation-state, on a planet where all the other nation-states have handed over there soveignty to private interests. By definition, that makes China a lion amongst lambs.

      I believe I’ve written that sentence well over a thousand times since. No wonder I liked Michael Hudson, and all the MMT people* first time I read them. As for Michael, and do correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Michael Hudson arguably the most sought after mind in the world at the moment?

      Russia found out in 2014 that it’s central bank was committing treason, so they gave it an option, either work for us, or be erased from the annuls, and the Russian central bank decided, the first option was the better one.

      *How do you build 40,000 kilometers of high speed rail in 15 years, pour half the worlds concrete and bend half the worlds steel every year, while simultaneously birthing and nuturing to adulthood 3 mammoth state run oil companies, all willing to toss aside profit margins should it be deemed a survival necessity by Comand and Control in Beijing, without practicing MMT (with some Chinese characteristics, of course)?

      You don’t.

      America is isn’t committing suicide, it volunteered a long time ago, to be tortured to death by banks and corporations.

    • Remember also, that the Maidan massacre was blamed on Putin and that was the reason for the 2014 sanctions by Obama. The Maidan massacre was actually organized by the United States through the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and carried out by Neo-Nazis. The result was Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia and a U.S. proxy was installed in his place. We know that Victoria Nuland was in Ukraine at the time and Joe Biden had just given a speech letting the Ukrainians know that the United States would be there to boost their economy, which of course never happened, except for the transfer of arms to Ukraine so that alt-right militias could bomb the Donbass area which resulted in the death of 14,000 people of Russian heritage in Donetsk and Luhansk.
      I feel so sorry for the people of Ukraine, they are being played in the most egregious manner and their lives have been turned into horror stories, not because of Russia, but because of U.S. policy.
      Oh yes some good news, the leaders of The People’s Convoy currently occupying the U.S. capital have vowed to be there until the Emergence Powers Act is rescinded and the Mandates ended. See: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/convoy-update
      Too bad the Democrats can’t come out and meet these people. the point here is that there are some people in the United States that are taking this administration to task and they are not backing down. At least Ted Cruise has the courage to meet these people without the protection of the secret service.

    • My apology, the People’s Convoy is more about the COVID-19 mandates. I think, however, that it still speaks to the bigger issue of abuse of power which the Emergency Declarations represent, which have been in place since September 11, 2001. It is these Emergency Powers that gives the President of the United States the authority to invade any country of his choosing without the need to first get a vote of approval from the Congress. If these Emergency Declarations would be rescinded, it would greatly slow the process of the United States’ ability to go to war in any country at the whim of the President. That may very well allow enough time for Detente to go forward, averting horrific consequences. Also, Ted Cruise doesn’t speak for The People’s Convoy,” he is just one Senator that elected to meet with the leaders of “The People’s Convoy.” The People’s Convoy is non-partisan and represents all the people of the United States, not any political party, ethnic group or sexual orientation.

    • Schwab is a Rothschild and ‘associating’ Putin with the the WEF young leaders is complete BS !

      This is an age old Ashkenazi ploy – by ‘association ‘ !
      Don’t fall for this complete SHIT !

      Putin has booted the Rothschilds and China will do the same !

      The BRI will be Rothschilds FREE !

    • Thanks. Listening to Putin for two hours speak in an impromptu way, I didn’t get the impression that he was interested in anything other than the welfare of both the Ukrainian and Russian people. So I will research further to verify what you said about the claim that Putin was a member of the WEF Young Leaders as being complete B.S..

    • Timothy Michel – It looks like you may be over the target and triggered a few that I thought may have been stooges here, lol. Let’s face it, they’re all over the internet, busy discrediting any info they believe could be damaging. It’s always revealing when raw nerves are hit.

      “That makes me wonder if Putin may not also be controlled by these global economic forces.” This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this, and you may be correct. Check out ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ he has some compelling info on why he thinks Russia is already onside with the West (at least in part). And that the shared main goal is controlling China’s rapid rise. The elite are practically using Orwell’s ‘1984’ as a guide book.

  • The bottom line of it all is that the filthy capitalists are behind this latest madness. Rather than liken them to our vibrant youth (“It reminds me of young drivers, how they’ll get into accidents because they don’t have a good visceral understanding of the very real dangers on the road.”), I’d liken these low-life greedy financial capitalists to a relatively new species of very dangerous parasites. With early parasites the problem is that they generally kill the host. At the very core of the philosophy of these new beings is that they want it all and it’s not enough. These insatiables are behind all this all the way right down the rotten line to 1694 this time around. The richest of the lot or, putting it another way, the bank owners, are the ones who own the media that’s barking for unrestrained warfare in every way on every available channel. They also own politicians and fascist clubs like the WEF. The parasites who’ve grown unimaginably rich with usury want everything on this planet especially the Ukraine & the Crimea and, of course, forever more and more and more! Lives of others are of no concern to these [possibly] incurable psychopaths.
    What’s to be done? I’ve personally spent more than 4 decades warning people about the dangers of usury to little avail. I’m in good company however. Plato, Aristotle, Henry Ford, Ezra Pound, Lord Acton, Thomas Edison, Jeremy Corbyn, John Ruskin, and many others and oh, the three major monotheistic religions of the world all likewise oppose usury.
    If the world does not care to check out my counsel on this Twitter thread, https://twitter.com/DomeLord/status/1478510147957895176?s=20&t=UA9omEGEC8qCPpUiTWdogA then there are several other regular posters here who can produce answers to usury. Listen to them and act upon what they say if they clearly and totally oppose the imposition of interest upon a loan of money. You could do worse than introduce a complementary currency. https://www.complementarycurrency.org/
    That is how we can take the wind out of the sails of these warmongering parasites. Let them sit on worthless piles of litter and discs of scrap metal. Take their financial energy unto yourselves. Create & use your own sovereign interest-free money or even start a money-less society!
    What’s that you say? There’s no time? Well, if you’re giving up then they’ve certainly won if you can call it that with the usurers [rightfully] festering to a slow death in their permanent entombment in underground bunkers.
    Come on chaps! Wakey! Wakey! There’s work to be done. Lack of money is no longer an excuse for you to comfortably hide behind.

    • From a college level course on Money and Banking, I can see that Money used to be a Social Contract. By now the USD has become a Military Contract.
      We are told that Socialism is Dangerous, while we were given no choice but to embrace Endless War for our Security.
      So yep, if we are to uphold the US Dollar as the main reserve currency of the world, we all must die in the end, because the USD is guaranteed by the US nuclear superiority.

      I first learned about Usery from a course on comparative religions. Both Islam and Christianity used to Ban Usery. Sounds like something we should consider, along with Detente.

  • Just Passed It… Poof! Yes, it’s over for the empire, terminal loss of face, checkmated..


    ​Get the picture yet? It’s a new picture.; a different world order.

    ​ ​First, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declined to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Then, India followed suit – as the Modi government attempted to balance its historic ties with Moscow and its strategic partnership with Washington.
    ​ ​Now, Saudi and UAE leaders are refusing to take Biden’s calls as the US president tries to contain surging oil prices, according to the Wall Street Journal, which adds that the Persian Gulf monarchies have signaled “they won’t help ease surging oil prices unless Washington supports them in Yemen, elsewhere.”
    ​ ​”There was some expectation of a phone call, but it didn’t happen,” said one US official of a planned discussion between Biden and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. “It was part of turning on the spigot [of Saudi oil].”
    ​ ​The U.A.E.’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan also ghosted Biden in recent weeks according to Middle East and US officials
    ​ ​Yet, both Prince Mohammed and Sheikh Mohammed took phone calls from Russian President Vladimir Putin after declining to speak with Biden, according to the WSJ. They also spoke with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky.


    • Then again Brandon is the only person on Earth who thinks he’s president of the United States. And even he, I’m sure, is only half convinced. It’s either that or the exploits of Biden & Son Inc. in Ukraine go far beyond what’s been published even in the most anti-Biden outlets and the Arab secret services have the info and think it’s booby-trapped :o)

  • God Caitlin, this situation is so scary, I’m so glad you’re around

  • Caitlin,
    I heard Ted Postol of MIT recently make this important point, which reinforces one of the points you continually make: Russia doesn’t have the real time ‘global awareness’ that the US does, regarding missile launches. So they are more likely to make a hasty mistake, thinking that they are being attacked when they are not. He was on a recent Zoom with Mearsheimer.

  • The president could end the war with one phone call. Unfortunately Kennedy’s dead.
    All wars are cognitive wars. You have to modulate the brain waves to cause abnormal destructive behavior.
    If you control the input you control the output. In other words: Garbage in, garbage out.

  • Civilian casualties in Ukraine (excluding Donbass): 10,000
    — Non-Christian brown folks. WGAS.

    • Wait. Half my post vanished. Somebody’s been hacked.

      • Coding issue. I’ll correct.
        Civilian casualties in Ukraine (excluding Donbass): fewer than 1,000
        —– Christian white folks, it’s a terrible tragedy. Genocide!
        Civilian casualties in Yemen: more than 10,000
        —– Non-Christian brown folks. WGAS.

  • The link’s been posted here in prior threads, and Lee Camp’s blog interview with Scott Ritter is a MUST SEE. Easy to find; hard to watch; terrifying to contemplate. If you haven’t already done so, pull up the interview, grab a stiff drink, and get schooled on what’s really going on. Caitlin has been on the money about this Ukraine situation except for the Nazi thing, which I also didn’t grok until Ritter explained it to me.

    • I saw it the other night and could not agree more. It is a must view discussion.

  • The general believe is/was that the ‘west’ was taken by surprise by Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. However, Wikileaks docs, among others, reveals that the US intelligence has known for years (2008) that Russia had set red lines that shouldn’t be crossed. A deeper analysis might make us suspect that these lines were crossed intentionally expecting Russia’s current response. But this response would be the ‘elites’ pretext to deepen the great reset that began with the C-19 (house arrest, destruction of the world economy, and demonising of alternative views). All the rising cost of living, and the consequential further enpoverishment of the masses, moves closer and closer to the agenda ‘2030 you vill own nothing und you vill be happy’. Because, unless there’s a ten fold increase in people’s wages, that’s were we’re heading for
    Nonetheless, Russia was, I’m sure, aware of this ‘trap’, but had to keep it’s pledge to protect it’s citizens. Thus the current situation where ‘western’ governments are sanctioning their own citizens, while pointing their finger at Putin for the often insurmountable cost of living.

    • Be like Putin. Get vaccinated.

    • Yes, and Ukraine was run by a puppet lunatic massacring Russian speakers in the Donbas region in the east and threatening to get nuclear weapons. Not to mention the support and funding from the West after the overthrow of the government in 2014 and the refusal of the Ukraine government to implement any part of the Minsk agreements.
      Russia saw this a real and genuine threat, but the West kept pushing.

    • Michael – yep, looks likely this is merely a stage of the ‘Great Reset’. Russia ‘may’ be onside with the western elite, at least in part, playing a controlled opposition? Have you thought about all the coincidental biblical themes occurring in recent years – pestilence, floods, famine, fires, war….. The elite seem to be using the bible and Orwell’s 1984 as rough guide books.

  • I love you as a true human being. I know you have tried your best but morons who run our country like Blinken, who insist on sending jets to Ukraine are the enemies of the human race and may cause our end allowing cockroaches to inherit the earth.

  • In latest US election almost all minor parties had Peace in their platform.

    So, American people are free to start voting for opposition, quit voting for millionaires, and demand that US Congress balances the budget (because they now put us in debt to finance their wars).
    Americans also could learn like a foreign language (besides one word detente) to break free of the government propaganda. Although many in CIA speak multiple languages.
    Come to think about it, the ruling elite speaks more than one language in general, seems thats the right direction.

    • The tongue they speak best is the forked one. Peace in American English means unconditional submission to US BDSM.

  • movies I’ll remember until they come true:

    On The Beach

    Dr. Strangelove

    see ’em while ya can!

    • Seven Days in May. See it. Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Senator Jack Kennedy read the originating book and bought 99 copies as gifts to each of the other US Senators. See it. For God’s sake while you can.

      • Saw it when it came out and many times since.

      • Here in the UK, the deeply moving quasi-documentary, “The War Game”, was banned for a very long time & wasn’t even allowed to be screened on BBC TV who actually commissioned it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_Game

        The college where I was working arranged for a BFI 16mm copy to be shown over and over to schoolchildren & their teachers who were drawn in from the surrounding area. All were deeply moved. I was the projectionist.

        Here it is: https://youtu.be/wWziJ3PUE9U

  • “At least I fucking tried. With what precious little influence I have in this space, I have done my very best.”

    Yes you have, and thank you for your efforts.

    • The seeds we sow may be buried and die… then one day, in the right season, grow, and bear fruit.

  • Mc Donald’s (among other corporates) is revealing that they are part of the military industrial complex, surprise! surprise! OMG, not maccas pulling out of Russia! They’ve gone too far now! Russia is sure to fall within days! lol. Having said, weaponized food isn’t out of the question either.

  • https://www.academia.edu/38383292/The_Visual_Reconstruction_of_Shooting_at_Maidan_Protesters_and_Western_Polish_and_Russian_Journalists_during_the_Maidan_Massacre_in_Ukraine?email_work_card=view-paper
    Nobody reads history anymore , the results of social engineering of the Western culture has left the masses without any semblance of critical thought . Having said that the pull out of MacDonalds, Coke, KFC from Russia will more than likely result in a Russia with one of the healthiest people in the world. Lol

    • … with the cheapest gas. What else do you want? :o)

    • And Nestlé too. Now the Russians can’t get crappy chocolate grown by child slaves. That’ll show ’em!

    • “Nobody reads …. anymore”

      Yes, everything these days has a Youtube link to some screaming skull looking for ‘likes’ and attention.

      There’s no place for critical thought when someone is in front of you telling you what to think, I figure the decline of the West started with TV and has continued apace.

      Perhaps the web gave the barely-literate a voice and this is the result.

      Anyway, as noted above, the propaganda has now got so good that even a cold can divide families and friends permanently. Jabbed or not-jabbed… Truckers freedom or latte as usual…. Russia or Ukraine…
      Who can you agree with? Who to trust?

      Armstrong says the West will fall in the next decade, China will take over, apparently predicted in 1979. See the graph near the bottom.

      Oh as a clue, I see they have been modelling nuclear war and decided a ‘small ‘ one will only kill a billion people. (None of whom will be a billionaire/politician in a sealed bunker…) That idea will be subtly introduced as acceptable to get us used to it, and then they’ll decide they need a ‘medium’ one to get rid of the 6billion useless eaters.

    • Western strategists have devised the most painful starvation sanctions from hell devised to make Russia’s economy scream and cause its people to rise up and overthrow the tyrant Putin: no Coke, no Mickey D, KFC, and now even no Pizza Hut. Oh the pain, Will Robinson! They’ve even banned Russian cats from competitions; a good thing too, because Russian Blues are one of the world’s most beautiful and lovable felines.

      • It’s the same stupid foreign policy the USA has had against Cuba for some odd 60 years.

        Sanction sanction sanction! The Cuban people will raise up and overthrow their communist overlords.” If we just sanction enough.

        Crazy sanctions imposed just so light-brained politicians like Mark Arubio can keep a cushy Senatorial seat.

        I have been to Cuba and I want the world to know – if the USA ever invaded they would LOSE!!

        The latest news is, the US is in secret talks with the Venezuelans for OIL because of the idiot sanctions against Russia.

        It’s so true stupid is as stupid does.

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