Listen to a reading of this article:

The Washington Post has a new article out titled “Intelligence points to heightened risk of Russian chemical attack in Ukraine, officials say,” and I challenge you to find me any Russian state media with two opening paragraphs that are more brazenly propagandistic and bereft of journalistic ethics than these:

“The United States and its allies have intelligence that Russia may be preparing to use chemical weapons against Ukraine, U.S. and European officials said Friday, as Moscow sought to invigorate its faltering military offensive through increasingly brutal assaults across multiple Ukrainian cities.


“Security officials and diplomats said the intelligence, which they declined to detail, pointed to possible preparations by Russia for deploying chemical munitions, and warned the Kremlin may seek to carry out a ‘false-flag’ attack that attempts to pin the blame on Ukrainians, or perhaps Western governments. The officials, like others quoted in this story, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the matter.”

So Russia is preparing to stage a chemical attack, and also the Russian chemical attack might look like Ukrainians or western governments committing a chemical attack, and also the evidence for this is secret, and also the details are secret, and also the government officials advancing this claim are secret, and also Russia’s military offensive is faltering. Gotcha.

The third paragraph is even better:

“The accusations surfaced as Russia repeated claims that the United States and Ukraine were operating secret biological weapons labs in Eastern Europe — an allegation that the Biden administration dismissed as ‘total nonsense’ and ‘outright lies.’”

This paragraph is awesome in two different ways. First, it’s awesome because The Washington Post goes out of its way to inform readers that Russia’s claims have been dismissed as “total nonsense” and “outright lies” after having literally just reported completely unevidenced claims by anonymous government officials with no criticism or scrutiny of any kind. Secondly, it’s awesome because at no point during the rest of the article is any mention made of Victoria Nuland’s incendiary admission before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Ukraine has “biological research facilities” that the US is “quite concerned” might end up “falling into the hands of Russian forces”.

Over and over again throughout the article The Washington Post takes great care to inform readers that Russian claims about biological weapons are not to be trusted, with allegations from Moscow described as “unproven accusations” made with “no verifiable evidence“, “absurd and laughable“, “outrageous claims”, “utter nonsense”, “sinking to new depths” and “baseless“.

This, again, after uncritically reporting completely unsubstantiated allegations by government officials and sheltering them from any accountability by granting them the cover of anonymity. Unproven claims by the Russian government are laughable absurdities presented without evidence; unproven claims by the US government are just The News.

The Washington Post also refers to past Russian dismissals of alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria as false flags used to frame Damascus, while of course making no mention of the mountains of evidence that this has indeed occurred. It also says the UN human rights office “has received ‘credible reports’ of Russia using cluster bombs” which “could constitute war crimes”, making no mention of the USA’s abundant use and sale of these same munitions.

Democracy Dies in Darkness.

The fact that this Russian false flag narrative is being shoved forward with so much propagandistic fervor, not just by The Washington Post but also by government officials and CIA media pundits, makes it all the more concerning that we’re seeing things like YouTube banning the denial of “well-documented violent events” involving Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We could soon see a chemical weapons incident occur in Ukraine, after which Silicon Valley platforms ban all accounts who express skepticism of the official western narrative about what happened.

The US-centralized empire is censoring and propagandizing as though it is in a hot war with Russia currently. Officially the US and its allies are not at war, but the imperial narrative management machine is behaving as though we are. This makes sense because when two nuclear-armed powers are fighting for dominance and know a direct military confrontation can kill them both, other types of warfare are used instead, including propaganda campaigns and psychological warfare.

There is a widespread general understanding in the west that Russia stands everything to gain by lying about what happens on the ground in Ukraine and cannot be taken at its word about occurrences during this war. There is much less widespread understanding of the fact that both Ukraine and the United States stand everything to gain by lying about this war as well and cannot be trusted either.

The Washington Post’s own reporting says that behind the scenes western governments see Russian victory in this war as a foregone conclusion. Ukraine’s only chance at stopping Russia in the near term would be if it could persuade NATO powers to take a more direct role in combat, like setting up a no-fly zone as President Zelensky has persistently pleaded with them to do. One way to get around NATO’s rational resistance to directly attacking the military forces of a nuclear superpower would be to appeal to emotion via atrocity propaganda. By circulating a narrative that Russia has done something heinous which cries out to the heavens for vengeance, regardless of the risks entailed.

The United States would also benefit from circulating atrocity propaganda about Russia, in that it would further consolidate international support behind the agenda to economically strangle the nation to death in facilitation of the empire’s struggle for unipolar planetary hegemony. Even before the invasion the US was already pushing the narrative that Russia has a list of dissidents, journalists and “vulnerable populations such as religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ persons” who it plans on rounding up and torturing.

To be clear, it is not conjecture that the US and its proxies make use of atrocity propaganda. The infamous Nayirah testimony for example helped manufacture consent for the Gulf War when a 15 year-old girl who turned out to be a coached plant falsely told the US Congressional Human Rights Caucus that she’d witnessed Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators in Kuwait and leaving them on the floor to die.

Atrocity propaganda has been in use for as long as war and media have coexisted, and it would be incredibly naive to believe it won’t continue to be. Especially by power structures with a known history of doing so.

For this reason it is necessary to take everything claimed about what happens in Ukraine with a planet-sized grain of salt, whether it’s by Russia, Ukraine, or the US and its allies. Be very skeptical of anything you hear about chemical attacks or any other narrative that can be used to get military firepower moving in a way that it otherwise would not. All parties involved in this conflict have every reason in the world to lie about such things.


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79 responses to “The US And Ukraine Have Every Reason To Lie About The War”

  1. Take good care of yourself Caitlin. Remember, Voltaire spent 18 months in the Bastille for merely publicizing the fact that the Duke of Orléans was screwing his own daughter.

  2. Caitlin, you are the warmonger skewering Aussie beneath my wings.

    Just to process this, which has met with such indifference I’m starting to wonder if I should be concerned about it, and on the supposition it’s still up, the NYT published an article Feb. 24 with an image captioned “Russia and Belarus conducting joint military exercises on Saturday. Credit…Emile Ducke for The New York Times”, and it’s a helicopter and some tanks and houses and a church and it’s from a video game so we’re actually in some sense no shit entering The Matrix, only in a kind of ridiculous, trashy way.

  3. The NDAA REAUTHORIZATION in 2012 suspended the SMITH MUNDT ACT of 1948. Propaganda is used to sell cars, razors, houses, etc , I would say propaganda came into existence with Joesph Pultizer.

    1. Edward Bernays needs the credit for being the grandfather of propaganda. Read the book “Propaganda” by Bernays, himself, with an introduction by Mark Crispin Miller. Bernays (who was Freud’s nephew) worked for the US government to convince the population to support the war effort and then went on to work for CBS, Proctor & Gamble, the American Tobacco Co. And others.

  4. The United States of Hypocrisy:
    Beginning about two weeks after the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia began in March
    1999, international-law professionals from Canada, the United Kingdom, Greece and the
    American Association of Jurists began to file complaints with the International Criminal
    Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands, charging leaders of
    NATO countries and officials of NATO itself with crimes similar to those for which the
    Tribunal had issued indictments shortly before against Serbian leaders. Amongst the
    charges filed were: “grave violations of international humanitarian law”, including
    “wilful killing, willfully causing great suffering and serious injury to body and health,
    employment of poisonous weapons and other weapons to cause unnecessary suffering,
    wanton destruction of cities, towns and villages, unlawful attacks on civilian objects,
    devastation not necessitated by military objectives, attacks on undefended buildings and
    dwellings, destruction and wilful damage done to institutions dedicated to religion,
    charity and education, the arts and sciences.”

    The Canadian suit names 68 leaders, including William Clinton, Madeleine Albright,
    William Cohen, Tony Blair, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, and NATO officials
    Javier Solana, Wesley Clark and Jamie Shea. The complaint also alleges “open violation”
    of the United Nations Charter, the NATO treaty itself, the Geneva Conventions and the
    Principles of International Law Recognized by the International Military Tribunal at

    The complaint was submitted along with a considerable amount of evidence to support
    the charges. The evidence makes the key point that it was NATO’s bombing campaign
    which had given rise to the bulk of the deaths in Yugoslavia, provoked most of the
    Serbian atrocities, created an environmental disaster and left a dangerous legacy of
    unexploded depleted uranium and cluster bombs.

  5. V=I told you all that this is about establishing the BRI for the 148 nations that have joined ( including Ukraine – pre Maidan and Poland ) – well – this virtually confirms it !

    Russia will NEVER use the Rothschilds $US or the Rothschilds EURO again !

    The writing is on the WALL !

    Russia are using the Yuan now !

    It is a great advantage when your best friend ( China ) is also your BANKER !

  6. Vlad just bringing down the WEST using their own bodyweight !

    He learnt that from JUDO !

  7. Russia will fix it – they always do !

    Remember the Ebola HOAX ?? Was going to kill us all !!

    Russia came up with a ‘ vaccine ‘ or whatever it was -( same company that developed Sputnik V ) gave it to Africa for FREE – NO more Ebola HOAX !

    Remember the ZIO/US/NATO funded – armed and sponsored ISIS ??

    Russia turned 400 THOUSAND of them into fertilizer in Syria !

    NO more ISIS !

    Where would we be without Russia ???

    Putin is an absolute LEGEND !

  8. Listened to a lecture on positive emotions (vs negative). The psychologists said in positive state our thinking broadens, we want to reach out to others, and to solve problems.
    In negative emotional states, our cognition becomes narrow, we want to avoid other people, and in emotional state like anger we want to attack others.
    So now you know why we are swamped with the MSM reports playing up our negative emotions regarding conflict in Ukraine. They want us to react in anger instead of trying to find a solution that works for everybody.

  9. Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault with reality.

  10. The lies they are telling, and now the censorship, are atrocious enough. But now Forbes (who put them up to this???) says we should text random Russians the ‘truth’ about the war:

  11. …..hey wind…..i feel like the character in that twilight zone episode, “the kanibuts”……screaming “it’s a cookbook”!…..maybe so ……for a farce of july bbq under the fallout…earplugs for now…….

  12. At the week long battle of the Kursk salient, the number of Soviet and German soldiers killed was unimaginable. The sheer scale of the deaths is easily verified – check it out.
    The number of killed in one week exceeds the total death rate of; the US, Britain, Canada, South Africa, Rhodesia, Kenya, Australia and NZ and the rest of the Commonwealth including India – and France and Poland and a host of other peripheral players – for the entirety of WW2.
    That was in one week.
    The USSR won at a huge cost. Yes, the Russians know how to do war and it’s now 2022, not 1944.
    Russia had its back to the wall, alone and virtually unsupported. So you now know, they’ve been there before.

    1. This incident in military history makes for informative study – how to preempt and defeat a pincer movement. In terms of humanity, it produced 17,000 metric tons of cadavers, mostly young, turned into the black Ukraine soil just upstream from Kharkiv along the Donets River. The area is known for its lush wheatfields; perhaps even richer with all those corpses tilled into the soil.
      Yes, smashing work by Zhukov, a cunning maneuver by Manstein. Great reading for the students of military history by the fireplace. They’ve been there before. Perhaps the Dneiper will run red for the history books.
      Is that how we wish to be remembered?

    2. Yea, any notion that they are a weak unprofessional army is wishful thinking on the wests part. They are the most highly trained army in the world. With experience of every single theatre of war.
      It’s real simple. If you go against the Russian army you lose!

  13. Another excellent article, giving full coverage of the escalating situation, Cait, thank you again for telling it like it is. Unfortunately, I felt compelled to comment, because I just attempted to share these points you’ve made so well with my roommate ~ who just happens to be utterly brainwashed by Western MSM, & who just shut me down & started a huge argument over NOTHING, REFUSING to allow me to finish even making the POINT, that we MUST not believe EVERYTHING that our own MSM tries to FORCE-FEED us. He has SWALLOWED EVERY BIT of it. And I’m dealing with the same INANE “feedback” that you do, as you pointed out with such beautiful sarcasm in your last “Notes From The Edge…”, he seems to think that I LOVE Putin & want to “suck Putin’s dick”, just because I don’t BUY all the BULLSHIT these MSM talking heads are trying to shove down my throat. He refused to even LISTEN when I attempted to point out the TRUTHS herein ~ especially where it concerned the biological agents being grown in Ukranian labs (hello) >> He is RABIDLY fucking BRAINWASHED. It’s too LATE to undo the brainwashing with MOST of these blithering IDIOTS. This is what I now live with every day, & I am SO SICK of it. I want off this fucking ride. ET, “beam me UP! ~ like, YESTERDAY” ~ I want OFF this fucking ride (read: HORROR show). I’m getting too old to do anything about it, & I FUCKING HATE this whole world anymore. It’s all over, and there is NOTHING left that I can possibly DO to change this, and I have HAD it, I am OVER it. I have no hope left, at all, literally, NONE. Sorry. Bye.

    1. My sentiments exactly. Not only is this the worst situation that I have found myself in for 74 years but it is escalating. Like you I want out. How can I function in a society as deranged as Australia has now become?

      1. You just hit the nail precisely upon its tender little head, and I thank you for it. Cold hard facts. Sorry to have to be the one to admit this disturbing truth, but this is a natural fact of the natural order of the natural universe. ALL “herds” need “culling” from time to time, to KEEP the species from OVER-populating, hello. I know that it BOTHERS individual humans to even THINK about such things (how terrible! how unfair! HAHA! whatever), but it just is what it is, & it’s actually BEAUTIFUL & WORKS PERFECTLY, if only we could learn a way to ACCEPT such cold hard truths. We MUST learn to control our OWN population growth & PROTECT our resources in a SUSTAINABLE fashion, or we must DIE en MASS, yes, even possibly become EXTINCT, if we cannot get our COLLECTIVE MINDS right & ACT right. It really is THAT simple. Smart move too, we are growing our own food as well, & I highly recommend EVERYONE start doing so in every tiniest way possible. There IS a better way, we just have to ABOLISH governments & go back to “the old ways”, learn from all the most ancient indigenous peoples how to LIVE RIGHTLY again. But who wants to give up their internet? HAH! As long as it exists, we are DOOMED to self-destruct, simple as that.

    2. You have our deepest sympathies – that you have to live in such close proximity to a state propaganda echo machine.
      He is already terrified, as intended, and probably feels that if he listened to you, he would be even more so.
      If he were confident in his beliefs then he would probably listen to you, thinking he could easily argue back, but he is not confident, he is confused and terrified and is hanging on desperately. He is not thinking at all, only reacting emotionally.
      And that is exactly what he is supposed to feel, so that when the unthinkable happens he won’t resist! It’s called ‘manufacturing consent’.

    3. Wind, firstly, if your roommate is so in love with the U.S. narrative regards Russia and the Ukraine, may I suggest you quietly hint to him, that if he’s serious about his beliefs, he make his way down to the nearest recruiting office and volunteer his services, thus he is putting his life where his mouth is. Secondly, here is an article that PROVES beyond question, the U.S. had biological labs in Ukraine LONG before Putin decided to cut short their war against their own people in the two oblasts.
      January 1, 2022
      Take good notice of the date this was posted. Also there are further links on this site that take you thru the whole story of how the U.S. together with the ILLEGAL Ukrainian Govt established these labs, and the documents PROVING who was in charge of work carried out there. There is also a document from the U.S. wherein they ADMIT establishing these labs allegedly studying the health of Ukrainians, but findings were to be kept SECRET . Well worth a good read, and pulls the ground pout from allegations made these days by rags like the W.P. which is nothing but a mouth piece for the C.I.A.

      1. The “bio-weapons” story is the guidestring down the rabbit hole. Why, in God’s name, would the CIA distribute weapons labs like Johnny Appleseed around to the most unstable and remote places on Earth? Follow that question. QUI BONO? To whose benefit is this ridiculous allegation? There are plenty of things to criticise about the USA. Why this box of nuts? And why does “Securocrat” continue to broadcast this untenable allegation? (hint-get your anagram solver).

    4. I had the exact same thing with a long time friend and peer of mine. It is absolutely crazy making dude. None so blind. Take comfort in the fact that your eyes are wide open and you are far from alone. Nor are you a minority as the government would have you believe. You are the majority. It may not seem that way but you are.
      You have friends.
      Be glad you won’t be dumb enough to come to Europe to be blown to bits, unlike the brainwashed masses who can’t wait to be a smear on a wall in St Petersburg.

  14. Is it a conspiracy theory to believe that the US government has been financing biological research into pathogens which cause various diseases?
    Is it a conspiracy theory that the US government has been funding hundreds of biological research facilities in dozens of countries (to include the United States itself) to this end?
    Is it a conspiracy theory that the NIH, CDC, DOD, Pentagon, and WHO, are directly responsible for financing these operations, and that they are operationally involved at each and every site engaged in this type of ‘research’?
    Is it a conspiracy theory that this is what these assholes do for a living, and that they have doing it for decades?

    1. Short answer? No.

      1. I second that. The FACT that the compromised MSM and certain Govt heads are spouting contradictory claims on this issue, proves they have been caught with their pants around their ankles and are trying to bullshit their out of an extremely embarrassing situation. Unfortunately, Nudland and the documents I have posted, prove the FACTS of the issue. Kinda ironic I think, that Nudland herself, let the cat outa the bag with her mouth running away from her brain. She does have a brain right ?? I think.

    2. UK and US Jointly Develop Biological Weapons

      Documentary evidence of Washington’s aggressive plans for developing and manufacturing biological weapons in secret US biological laboratories in Ukraine, banned by international conventions, has been uncovered during the Russian special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, and it is frankly horrifying! Although suspicions of such US activities have already been repeatedly published by many media outlets and their verification and official confirmation of such criminal anti-human plans by Washington was one of the goals of Moscow’s special operation to demilitarize Ukraine…..

  15. Meanwhile, in one of the closest, most loyal US allies,
    Saudi Arabia executes 81 inmates in a single day: State media

    1. Probably fake news – the KSA has joined the BRI – the Rothschilds – as they OWN the media – can print ANYTHING about ANYBODY !

      Rothschilds are very pissed with the BRI and the 148 nations that have joined it !

      The BRI has been supercharged by Ukraine !

      Russia can’t and will not be going back to participate in the criminal Rothschilds monetary system !

      All roads lead to the BRI !

      I read NOTHING on credible ME news sites about this – it is total fabricated BS !

    2. So what ???? How many people would the U.S. and their so called partners, have murdered on a daily basis, if we calculate all the deaths they have caused over the last 70 years ????
      Makes the Saudis a warmed up flautulent wanna be, IMHO.

  16. US-UK cannot set feet in Ukraine. All what they can do is propaganda.
    It is a strategy so old as the world. Let’s pick up a classical grudge between two neighbors.
    CJ is a very popular member of he community. CIA after so many attempts to provoke her to make mistakes decided to spread out gossips around all community. Lies, of course. CIA cannot set feet in CJ’s house to bring up any real evidence to enhance the narrative but still being able to see her whereabouts in long walks and those who cross paths with her. Observing her routine, CIA tries to bring the narrative to the CIA’s backyard where all low level tactics are more efficient under the disguise of a friendly BBQ meeting with some community members. CJ”s does not fall for that. Turns out is a battle for the castle not for the person. And she does not even have one castle unless her landlord is up to bet his house in her name. You know the drill.

    1. I don’t know how Caitlin finds the time to do everything involved with this blog. I feel the same way about the Saker (Andrei Raevsky), PCR, Joe Lauria and others. I spend most of the day and all of the night just reading, reading, reading news reports, commentary, analysis and many dozens of comments on the various forums. I may be able to write half a dozen or so commentaries of my own composed of a few paragraphs each, but man, this is all exhausting just to consume let alone generate a large corpus of high quality information.
      Most of the other journalists I mentioned have staffs with specialised tasks to perform. From what I gather, Caitlin does everything herself working out of her home. I think that’s true. The assholes in Washington can not only command a shutdown of entire internet channels (like RT and Sputnik) but I’m sure they have ways of harassing any human target they please to the point of shutting them off from the entire world. I’d be surprised if Caitlin, Saker, et al. are not under constant extreme scrutiny and interference from agents and hackers when deemed “necessary” by the Monsters That Be.
      They can shut anyone up with a few false charges by the local district attorney, county prosecutor or his counterpart in Oz. That’s how the government shut down Scott Ritter for several years: charging him with child molestation involving use of the internet. In today’s climate, just the accusation alone–without any evidence or due process, is enough to completely destroy your public image and get you universally “cancelled.”
      That’s the name of the game in today’s culture. Frankly, I don’t see any guaranteed future for anyone who does what Caitlin, Jimmy Dore or anyone the least critical of the lock-step accepted norms. After the globalists destroy the remaining sovereign countries they have in their sights, everybody and his schtick, whatever it might be, will have to be approved and licensed to go before the public in any way. Maybe it will be like the controlled internet in China… only substantially worse because this is the West with all of its efficiencies and innate rights to interfere in your life. Anyway, hats off to Caitlin for as long as she can keep this up. We will miss such services when they are totally stamped out in the beneficent West. Remember to stay flexible when the authorities ask you with whom Oceania is presently at war and plead senility if you get it wrong.

      1. True. But let’s not forget that what is at the stake it is not Ukraine at the upper end in some point but the tectonic shift of power being taken away from the US-UK empire. This is an event which will take years unfolding and make no mistake that at some point historically the US-UK will try to strike violently Russia in an attempt to remove its power to challenge them. It’s sad to see that we have the most unfit generation of politicians worldwide in power to deal with such delicate matter. Just to finish, I still surprise WordPress an American company didn’t start its own inquisition against Russia. Geotagging each one here visiting the blog.

      2. What you posted is entirely accurate and true. However, we must consider the consequences of such actions by the N.W.O. crowd. Right now Caitlin is posting the truth, and actually succeeding in getting it to places where it’s direly needed. Credit to her. The opposition can cry buckets of tears, and can even arrange for some of their own friendly sycophant slaves, to actually post contradictory posts on here challenging Caitlin’s posts. Which I believe, is already happening. But the clincher is, if Caitlin’s site is shut down, that proves beyond a shadow of doubt, the N.W.O. crowd have pissed their pants, and are terrified of the work Caitlin is doing. Basicly her shut down, would verify for us all, that she’s RIGHT ON THE MONEY, and has been proven to be a massive thorn in their sides. I know that does nothing for Caitlin’s self assurance, but it DOES prove the RIGHT of what she’s doing. If the worst happens, I would suggest arrangements be made before it does, for some of us to volunteer to fill the gap thus left. Any takers ???

  17. So do the movers and shakers in NATO believe their own propaganda. No they do not.

    The meme that the direct cause of the Ukraine invasion is driven by the singular will of President Vladimir Putin. The world has struggled to comprehend his motives.

    I suggest wondering about motives is foolish when Putin has an approval rating of 70%. A fact supplied by cheerleaders of American Empire in the link above.

    1. WOW, ” the World is struggling to comprehend his motives ” DUH ! That’s because the people of the World are basicly a bunch of IDIOTS.
      What do they want, a tattoo of Putin’s desire tattood on their arms, so they can read it every time they wanna question his motives ??? Really. How many times now, and in how many venues has he made very clear, what his motives are ? How many times has he stated, “NO ONE’S LISTENING TO ME”, how accurate were those words. If anyone says to me, they can’t comprehend his motives, I say directly to their face, “that’s because your an idiot”. Seriously. What else can the poor guy do, other than to tell us EXACTLY what his motives are, NUMEROUS TIMES, and the World REFUSES to listen, because it’s not something they WANT TO HEAR.

      1. But see Putin successfully implementing proactive US developed strategy while US lags behind: expert
        Putin’s strategy is loosely based on a plan known as the OODA loop, the expert says
        US news Now what?

  18. 90 % of readers here. I hazard to guess, read ‘may’ in ‘may be preparing’ and stop reading to stare at the word.

    ‘may be’ is typical American Propaganda. American propaganda does not lie. Truth is distorted but actual lies are rare.

    If I say ‘I may be a lizard’ I lie because it is not possible for a person to be a lizard. If i say I have a hat on my head I could be lying or not. Without being able to see me you can’t tell. I could present a picture and you would believe me.

    But pictures can be faked.

    Saying ‘there is evidence’ is the most chickenshit statement there is in American Propaganda. It gets around the issue of faked evidence by being nebulous long enough for 9 in 10 people to drink the social Kool-Aid of acceptance and be blissfully deceived.

    And a sugar free appeal to authority is the flavor of the month.

    Who, what, where, when, why, and how. 5W1H detects deceptive propaganda. Deceptive propaganda is always incomplete information. 5W1H will detect it.

    I keep six honest serving-men

    (They taught me all I knew);

    Their names are What and Why and When

    And How and Where and Who.

    1. Keith, back in the dark ages, (not so dark compared to today) when I still had to work for a living, I used to prepare documents for Court Cases. I’d ask a retired person who used to do this before I stepped up to the plate, for guidance on what I had written. Very early on, he pulled me up for including the word “MAY” in the documents. He used to say to me, ” listen up Eddy, firstly MAY is a woman’s name and has no relevance being in the document, including it is just impotent padding, proving your struggling for words to put your case across. Also when you use that word, it must accompany factual information, keep in mind the word it’self, does not verify anything at all. So avoid using it in any legal documents at all”. Words I have never forgotten, he’s now been passed on for over 24 years. Oh, may I mention he was a MASON and a Rhodes scholar as well, turns out during his life he committed a major back flip, and turned against everything they had tried to brainwash him with.

  19. A serious question: is there a chemical agent that could put a city to sleep for say, 8 to 12 hours? Allow an attacking force to enter a previously dangerous urban environment, without having to engage in the thing all military commanders fear most, streetfighting, and simply round up the weapons, surround the sleeping warriors who were wielding them, and then inform them when they awoke they are now prisoners?
    CIvilians and other non-combatants left untouched, to rise from their slumbers to resume a normal and peaceful life?
    I’m having a hard time wrapping the old noodle around this New Narrative. The Russians haven’t used artillery yet, and they are already being depicted in the West as the most depraved invading horde since Genghis Khan, why would they bother with chemical warfare, which is not only illegal it is extemely tricky to use, and just go with with the old standby; flatten everything with artillery, stroll in unopposed, a technique that is perfectly legal and much safer for the combat units involved.
    As Ret. Gen. David Patraeus informs Anderson Cooper of CNN here, at roughly the 8 minute mark
    the Russians have been performing poorly for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the main one, the Russians are clearly not very good at combined armed arms warfare, which requires an attacking force to use their artillery to lead the way.
    Which begs the question, where is the artillery of the Russian Army, the thing they are most famous for? I have yet to see a single piece in action, and none of it is has appeared in any of the videos that have been released of Russian mobile forces moving along highways all over this battlezone theses past two weeks, until this video,* although I do believe I saw plenty of it mixed within The Stalled/Rolling Sleeping Column to the west of Kyiv that was growing larger by the day before it disappeared.
    A very interesting interview, to say the least. A former four star American General, is discussing with a very enthusiastic Anderson, how best to use Molotov Cocktails to stop tanks!
    *In other video of this same event, longer and uncut, we learn the reason the column is bunched up is because it is retreating under heavy artillerly fire, and a traffic jam ensues, and column is hit again, from behind, just as compresses. It sorts itself out by going forward, and splitting off into the fields.
    There are moments early the vid where we have a much better look at the make-up of the column as it retreats, and to my untrained eye their seemed to be plenty of motorized artillery pieces. Why they are not engaging is a mystery as deep to me as it is to General Petraeus.
    The other crazy part about this interview, the Russians may have lost a field grade officer in this engagemnt, and according to Petraeus, if this turns out to be true, it would be an “extraordinary blow” to the Russians, but as anyone who has studied the Battle of Gettysburg knows, the Confederate Army saw 26 of its field grade officers killed or wounded in a single charge.
    At the moment, I am geting lost in this ever evolving narrative, I must say, but perhaps that is the point of it?

    1. i think you might have fallen for it (the spin). the russians discover american sponsored biolabs in ukraine with documents in which a central governmental agency gives the order to destroy the dangerous pathogens lest the russians might discover what the us has been doing there, and there you are musing on russian chemical attacks.
      the thing with the artillery is the american way. this is a special military operation, not an all-out invasion. the russians have gone in ‘soft’ in order to reduce civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure. the russians know the americans are sitting save behind their screens watching drone and satelite footage, ready to take notes. they’re not going to display any of their new wartoys or -techniques, imo.

      1. I’m inclind to agree with your post, BUT seriously I too have reservations for the Russian tanks trundling along a highway in single file. In my mind, doing that is BEGGING to be taken out. Why these tanks are not spread out and moving thru fields taking out the opposition is beyond me. Some crazy planning there I’d say. If Hitler’s tank Corps had behaved in this manner, they would not have gotten anywhere near Russia

        1. As I alluded to in my comment, the Russian column came under heavy artillery fire from Ukraine batteries (located in the suburbs of Kyiv it would seem).
          A better idea of the spacing of the column while in retreat, and before it jams up on itself, in a less edited version than the one provided by CCN.
          A classic kill box, and why the Russians are not laying down anti-battery fire is the great mystery of this war so far.
          For some people. Like Petraeus, for instance. For me, it is not. The Russians are clearly attempting something unheard of in modern operational warfare, they are going to tip toe their way to victory, or die trying.

          And many are going to die. A column with better “spacing” here. The failure in this instance I believe, for the Russian column, is their drones failed to detect what was ahead of them.
          Drones and GPS on a modern battlefield do make thinks more complicated than last time we saw mobile warfare in the central Europe.

    2. I, too, think you’ve fallen for the spin – about the Russian army not doing well. Their strategy has confused a lot of people, particular the Western military that appears to expect a ‘shock and awe’ attack, where massive firepower is used to destroy everything in the advancing army’s path.
      The Russians don’t want to destroy Ukraine, they want it intact.

      1. Um..a pro-life war? Novel.

      2. You don’t get that by lining up your tanks in single file on a highway, like sitting ducks. For crying out loud, even infantry walking along a road, when come under fire, get off the road and bush bash around the ambush site. There’s no reason these tanks cant do the same thing. O.K. some houses and infrastructure might get destroyed, but at least the tank is still operative and the occupants still alive.

    3. It’s disorganized at a strategic level, top-down. They were very lucky strung out like that.

    4. The Shitzkrieg! It’s disorganized at a strategic level, top-down. They were very lucky strung out like that.

    5. “…why would they bother with chemical warfare … just go with with the old standby; flatten everything with artillery, stroll in unopposed, a technique that is perfectly legal [?] and much safer for the combat units involved”?

      Putin and Xi (RF/CCP) together have sincerely resolved to birth a new multi-polar, win-win world order. One cannot birth such a revolutionary paradigm shift applying the criminally-insane terror tactics of the reigning AngloZionist hegemon — coups, assassinations, shock and awe fire-bombing, false-flag provocations, “sweep it all up” predator drone bombings of weddings and funerals, and all-pervasive deceit. One does not continue to repeat the indiscriminate slaughter and lies of the Outlaw Empire and expert different results. Putin has often explained how violent revolutions often eat their own, replacing one form of tyranny with another, and I believe Putin and Xi understand the spiritual dimension of this struggle:
      “… not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
      You cannot vanquish evil by mirroring its own insanity. This is precisely why Russia, at greater risk to herself, is not doing what the “Empire of Lies” (Putin) expect them to do, massive destruction, chaos and quagmire, the US’ failed ‘strategery’. This is now driving the west into its desperate frenzy.

  20. …..amerikkkants love porn……war porn, atrocity porn, celebrity porn, food porn, spooky porn, and anything else that occupies the attention span just long enough to not face and understand anything that even remotely affects the reality of our predicament as our species homo assollus presses on with it’s recipe for extinction…..amerikkkants are complainers, whiners, and when they vote in their selections it’s by brands not “principles, ethics, or morals”….. through the exceptionalism in education, indoctrination,(disneyfication), the imperial designs (mcdonaldization) on the world are easier to pursue…..that basis of propaganda ensures war all the time….bullshit all the time…..

  21. russian ‘lies’ are nowhere near the level of what’s happening in the west, imo.

  22. George Galloway is a former British Member of Parliament. IMO, he is one of the greatest orators and truth-tellers of today. Therefore, I highly recommend that you watch a few minutes of his oration during last Wednesday’s EXTRA edition of “Mother Of All Talk Shows”, a show that Galloway has hosted for several years. His critically important opening statement begins at 8 minutes plus a few seconds into the video. His equally-important interview of Scott Ritter — former soldier and IAEA weapons inspector in Iraq — begins at almost exactly 37 minutes into the video. I hope you watch that interview, too.

  23. Absolutely fantastically well-written article, Caitlin and Tim!! I hope that you do not suffer any Australian slings and arrows (boomerangs?) as a result, because something’s telling me that micro-brain Scotty is not a fan or yours.
    While I’m typing, do you think that “The American People” are going to vote for More Of The Same when they enter the voting booths in November (if the world survives until November), or will they by now be “woke” enough to vote for something completely different –World Peace, for example?

    1. How often do American people need to be told, “YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT, CHANGES NOTHING”. Read article the other day, author claiming folks who have been infected with Covid are suffering BRAIN SHRINKAGE, seriously. Kinda explains what we’re seeing on the MSM sites, where folks simply cannot comprehend the realities and prefer to believe the false narratives.

  24. In this deeply incisive observation made by Canadian Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, John McMurtry, in his book The Cancer Stage of Capitalism, publ. 1999 (with prescience a whole generation, and more, ahead of time), wherein he states “‘the global market’ is a ‘living system’… It is an interrelated whole, producing and reproducing itself daily, and is subject to crises, adjustments, growth or disease as all living systems are.”

    This being so. Then, it too, in its present form, must eventually die, as do all ‘living systems’. The more pressing question in front of one singular living systems own eyes, and so obvious, is the question just ahead for humanity: Will it go more peaceably, or in violent defiance of the will of the vast majority, taking all living systems down with it, in one massive cataclysmic extinction.

    All who tragically, and unnecessarily die in wars, coerced in one way or the other to serve the narrow interests of the power hierarchy, are the innocents who are forced to pay for the greed of this tiny minority of inhumanity.

    The rapidly metastasizing global disease of WAR, whose cause, by now is obvious to those more conscious living systems. Humanity, apparently, is NOT the most evolved of all the living species. This category of species irrationally being termed ‘civilization’ is NOT in the forefront of evolution; not on this planet.

    To be or not to be, that is STILL the question!

    1. Wholly agree. And that said, my final take on the matter is… “NOT to be”… I don’t see humanity changing their ways. They are TOO stubborn & too STUPID as a species. Too selfish/self-absorbed. What little empathy we once began to acquire has apparently been eradicated by MSM & “social networks” that CLAIM to “connect” us, all the while actually driving the wedges ever deeper, with the specific goal of DISCONNECTING us from each other. If we don’t put a stop to this, “Skynet” & the “Terminators” will take over once & for all, & then we really WILL all be trapped in “The Matrix”. We’re already most of the way there, & no one seems to realize this. THIS disturbs me FAR more deeply than anything else, that NO one can see what I see happening, & I cannot seem to get ANYONE to listen to MY take on this. I SEE it. It’s TERRIFYING. And humans just keep GOBBLING UP this POISONED FRUIT like CANDY. I’ve determined there is no hope left, unless humanity itself becomes EXTINCT & allows OTHER things a chance to rise to the top & (hopefully) do better than WE did. I’m OVER it. I’m fully prepared for our extinction, I’d sacrifice every last ONE of us (myself included) just to SAVE this PRECIOUS, RARE, & BEAUTIFUL biosphere we call Earth, & every other living thing on it. We are PUTRID. We don’t DESERVE this Garden of Eden. We never did.

    1. Well, the second video gets by the censors, but it lacks English translation and subtitles.
      Back to
      You can find it on rumbledotcome from by search for the title from there.

    2. You can find it on rumbledotcom from there by searching for the title from there.

  25. It is happening quickly now and Russia can never go back or take part in the western financial system again !

    BRI has been planned for 8 years – 148 nations have joined – it is being Implemented NOW !

    There IS no going back !

  26. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    Caitlin, I have not successfully bee able to reach out to you, please allow me to do so here: I have written a book titled “The Reality Creators” published last year that tells the backstory to everything you write about. Recently, a reader on Goodreads wrote this review:

    “Chris writes in an incredibly, just incredibly intellectual style, not like anyone out there. And to make the writing beautiful too, at the same time, is really an art in itself. At over 300 pages, this is a really condensed book, which could easily have been 10x as long if it was by an average writer. Although he talks about so many parts of our history, it’s not namecalling or dates like you’re used to in schoolbooks or other authors. I like writing epics (poems) and varying and imitating styles, but I could never write like this guy – he’s one of a kind.”

    The link to the book is here, with two more agency reviews and half a dozen reader reviews:

    Would you be willing to read the book and write a review as one of your columns? I am mindful of how you have said in the past we all can and should work together to tell the stories about the world around us; I am doing my part.


  27. The empire of lies cannot exist without its lies, every day a new lie.

  28. They are lying because they still hope to make money off it.

  29. take comfort from the fact that the hysteria is in proportion to the impotence.

    The propaganda is to create a robust wall of lies around the US Empire to ensure the illusion of power isn’t tainted by reality. It won’t change cold hard reality of the changing influences in the world as they emerge.

    The propaganda will have to work continuously to maintain the illusion, but change in reality will unavoidably be felt at the more physical level of energy and food.

    1. As far as I can tell, we are already at that point, it is just that most people have not yet begun to notice it. Only the poor, & those living on the fringes, the disabled (like me) who are on assistance. When you have to rely on cheap stuff, you start to notice the changes begin at the bottom & rise up steadily from there. Over a decade ago, I began to notice a severe decrease in both quantities and the quality of our foodstuffs, namely in the cheaper generic brands of boxed & canned foods & snack foods. I began to notice unidentifiable filth mixed in with my foods, mysterious bits of who knows what in my food (the worst was mystery meat, yellowed meat, stinking meat in ALL freshly opened cans of tuna), or bits of who knows what in my potato chips or floaters in my breakfast cereal. It became constant about ten years ago, & has been going downhill ever since. It won’t be long now, before EVERYONE starts to notice it. I began to notice the shelves being stocked less & less regularly, some things disappearing altogether, with NO explanation for it, even when I complained & asked why. I’m sure glad that we are now growing our OWN food right in our yard, because what you predict here, it is ALREADY HAPPENING. And that tells me that it is ALREADY TOO LATE to stop it now. We’re all doomed. It’s all downhill from here, & only when we have reached the absolute BOTTOM, will any survivors then have any slightest HOPE of recovering/rebuilding anything with any semblance of logic, reason, or SANITY. I wish you luck, sibling. (Advice: GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!!! And find and secure a NATURAL but CLEAN WATER source that is close enough to you, if you need to go get & haul your own. Word to the wise. Hard times are COMING.)

  30. Atrocity propaganda was one of the tools used by SHAEF’s Psychological Warfare unit in WW2 in Europe. The memoir “Sykewar” (1949; reprinted MIT Press, 1977) details Eisenhower’s propaganda campaign against German soldiers and civilians. Its object was to make them question the cause for which they were fighting. No holds were barred in deceptive methods used and outright falsifications created.
    Interestingly, a single aspect of the “Black Ops” segment of the campaign is the only part of the team’s work that is still classified Top Secret – the fabrication of atrocities alleged to have been enemy government policy, particularly in the areas that had fallen under Red Army control, and hence could not be easily debunked. Stalin’s chief propagandist, the infamous Ilya Ehrenburg, eagerly cooperated with and greatly expanded the deception.
    Sykewar’s commander, Gen. Robert A. McClure, continued serving his commander in civilian life, becoming Ike’s top speechwriter after he won the US Presidency. He also continued his career as government-sponsored liar in editorship positions at both Time and Life magazines, shifting his attentions to inventive tales of Soviet atrocities for Cold War American readers.

    1. Thank you for sharing all of that information. I already recognized the propaganda for what it is, but I was unaware of any of the specific things you mentioned above, & definitely gives more perspective. I feel my own government egged all of this on as much as anyone, & I’m not afraid to say so, LET them TRY to “censor” ME & I’ll go SCREAM it from the mountaintops. Just let them TRY & shut ME up, haha! <<< THAT'S FUNNY. HAH! I'm suddenly feeling INTENSELY DEFIANT toward my own government. I have HAD it with the LIES & INSANITY. But sorry for ranting, lol! I just wanted to thank you for sharing those points. =)

  31. Caitlin concludes with a position I’ve taken up a week or so ago, that no parties to this massive crime can be trusted, but least of all the US. I’m not cheering for Russia, Ukrainian neo- (or Old School, whichever) Nazis, the US or anyone else–except the innocent people, and we have to assume there are several million at least, who are caught in the middle of this shitstorm. Anything the corporate-fascist US media says is going on there is more likely the exact opposite of the truth. The first casualty in war is the truth, and that baby was killed weeks ago.

    1. Very well & succinctly put, VF. Thanks for saying so, I could not have put all of that any better myself, & I am in full agreement with you on all points. It is a small comfort to know that at least SOME folks out there are as wise to this as I am. At least I know that I am not all alone in the world, even though I feel that way, ever more by the day. I wish you luck, VF, & infinite blessings.

  32. It’s disgusting! The US creates a false-flag scenario by planting a (so-called) conspiracy theory!

    1. RIGHT??? SPOT ON, Kevin, props. They’re doing a FALSE-flag op of their own by ACCUSING Russia of it. HAH! If they think *I* don’t see through that BS, they need to think again. Not ALL Americans are that BLINDLY manipulated, HELLO. It is disgusting. SICKENING. And I’m WISE to it. They are NOT pulling the wool over these eyes, lemme tell you. And I DARE them to try & silence ME, when I CALL them on it every CHANCE I get, hah! What a putrid JOKE. I’m so SICK of this government (Dem/Rep, no matter, all CROOKS & LIARS & WAR MONGERS, DAMN them ALL straight to HELL). I’m with you, buddy, it’s SICKENING, but good to know that SOME folks are as wise to this as I am. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  33. this will be observed by the prosecution in the un, which will be censored in the usa but most of the non colonizer world will get the truth.

    the labs were soviet bio war research centers, the soviets were good at ‘special warfare’.

    the labs needed transition, and orderly disbanding! that would have been done by 1995 had it been the plan.

    both china and russia have evidence, that survived the attempted cover up, the labs were dealing with/storing local pathogens, and also studying bats and migratory birds as delivery mechanisms.

    the image of doing who/cdc type work insists on forgetting the money is from a pentagon money laundering system called ‘threat reduction’.

    the pentagon is the last place for public health….. outside proper hygiene for troops

    1. If your going to make a claim, such as this one in your post. You NEED to provide links to the verifiable documentation that supports your claim. Otherwise your allegations are simply empty words. SO, where are your links ???????????

      1. You meant to say “You’re”, not “Your” ~ please learn proper grammar and spelling. Anyway, as to your comment, I partly agree, because no one should make claims as “facts”, without providing such proof of these claims. But I do see Paddy’s point too, & if such proof existed, our own government would NEVER allow it to be found/seen. However, there is also such a thing as “reading between the lines”, that is to say, INFERRING things from other things, with a high likelihood of being correct about those inferences. A lot of things can’t be proven, but you still KNOW they’re happening, because you can see the effects. Kind of like knowing that there is a dark object of great MASS floating somewhere out there, because we can observe it’s GRAVITATIONAL EFFECTS on other visible bodies around it. You don’t have a photo to PROVE the planet is THERE, but you can SEE it’s effects on everything around it, so you just KNOW that there IS something THERE. Kinda like that. From what I DO see, I INFER that at least SOME of what Paddy is claiming MUST be true, if not all. I don’t take it all on faith, but I will concede that he is PROBABLY dead on point. I have NO trust for my own government anymore, & especially not the approved SPIN they’ve ordered all MSM outlets to shove down our throats. I’m just not buying it, because I already KNOW how dirty they ALL are, on ALL sides (Dem/Rep, no matter, both are same, just another way to manipulate masses, another part of the game, the big LIE we all live here). So, yeah, I suspect that much of what Paddy has said above is true. I just don’t have proof of it. And if my government has THEIR own way, you can trust that we will NEVER see that proof, haha! And that’s a fact. Sorry to say so, but just the kind of uncertain world we are now living in. You can thank the internet for this, trust me.

  34. George Cornell Avatar
    George Cornell

    How long till the baby eating?

  35. It’s not just the US and Russia, Ukraine and EU…
    ALL of the owners, who prefer to remain anonymous, are worried about the vast human herd having badly overgrazed their planet, and they need to direct the herd to some cliff of mass culling, and get the herd (us, y’all) to proceed in that direction in an orderly fashion for now, preparing for a big stampede at the right moment.
    This is beyond any previous round of culling, including unplanned cullings like The Black Death, which has been technically updated to remain a viable option at special facilities in Ukraine.
    “Natural” forms of culling like plague and famine have advantages over nuclear war, but it’s all on the table during these times of unprecedented challenge.
    We all need to do our part.
    I’m growing vegetables and praying for guidance, myself.
    As the song says “Lord, You know there’s got to be a better way!”

  36. Does Atrocity propaganda include incubators with no power and dolls

    1. As a matter of fact, yes…and no.
      Atrocity propaganda is anything that the resting helpless find on the entertainment monolith which is designed to seep in through our pathetic attempts at filtering out bullshit, and influences us to affect certain memes into our thoughts.
      Atrocity propaganda is damn near everything you can read, see, skype or tweet. It is meaningless.
      We sit about waiting to be entertained in a way that supports our fragile egos.
      Entertainment machines do not give away free gifties because they love you. Starting before the mass market newspaper, and before, the goal is to stuff pages with “content.” Without “content,” you just have an advertising circular, like the fall-outs in the Sunday newspaper. It doesn’t matter what the content is, just that the publisher or broadcaster doesn’t have to spend much money on stuff that bookends the profit-producing ads.
      If it’s not capital-based publication, it’s some other assholes trying to sell you something, usually to buy swag and belong to the team. MAGA hat, anyone?
      If it entertains you, or intends to entertain you, it is atrocity propaganda.
      And people will drone on and bitch how there’s forces interfering with the delivery of their favorite atrocity propaganda, and supporting the delivery of the “other side’s” atrocity propaganda. And then people can bitch about whose entertainment is more honest than other people’s entertainment, and cry out to God why there are no “honest facts” in the entertainment news/atrocity propaganda.
      “Did you know that the Ukrainians are injecting chipmunks with mind-altering AIDS virus, so they will crawl up Russian soldiers’ pantlegs and bite them in the balls?”
      Sitting on your ass waiting for sufficient true news – that’s what they would like you to do. To marvel at the unbelievable.
      Real humans can start with first principles. Any war that kills people is bad. War, by definition kills people. Therefore, every war is bad.
      Who would a ceasefire help? Children, for instance. If you hate them for being Ukro-Nazi Rothschild Fascist spawn, well, you might just be a baddie. A ceasefire to stop killing children, making people live without food and clean water and a safe place to sleep, a ceasefire is not what baddies do.
      The Pope walked into the Russian Embassy. Sounds like a bar joke, but he wants to help achieve an armistice. Is the Pope a baddie? In this instance, no.
      The leaders of France and Germany met to figure out with V.V.Putin how to achieve a cease-fire. Are they baddies? In this instance, no.
      A stand-down of arms does not involve a complex agreement. It is an agreement to stand down right now. If the international role of Ukraine is complex, you don’t have to solve it before you sling missiles or shoot bullets at each other.
      So stop slinging missiles and shooting bullets at each other. It confuses and frightens the children.

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