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Sometimes I’m not sure what presents a greater threat to humanity, nuclear war or the colossal stupidity that has made it possible.

Due to the skyrocketing risk of a world-ending confrontation between the United States and Russia, World Socialist Website is re-releasing a series of interviews it conducted in 2017 with experts on the subject of nuclear war. One of them is with a senior scientist at Physicians for Social Responsibility named Steven Starr, which WSWS has titled “Nuclear winter—the long-suppressed reality of nuclear war”.

Starr discusses the research which has shown that in addition to the unthinkable horrors of flattened cities and nuclear fallout we’ve all been told about, “a war fought with existing US and Russian nuclear arsenals is predicted to make agriculture impossible for a decade or longer, dooming most people to die from a nuclear famine.”

Starr says a false narrative has been spun that the science behind nuclear winter theory is weak, a narrative I’ve had parroted at me from time to time in my commentary on this subject. He says the science is in fact peer-reviewed and robust, and actually makes very conservative estimates of the environmental havoc that would be unleashed by black carbon soot thrown into the stratosphere by a large nuclear exchange. But this science has been actively suppressed and marginalized by a junk science smear campaign and the slashing of research funding.

“After the success of the smear campaign against nuclear winter, most people eventually accepted this narrative and funding for new research dried up,” Starr said. “This had a big impact on the public, who got the impression that the nuclear winter theory had been disproven. As a result, this issue is hardly ever talked about now in the mainstream media.”

“One of the reasons for this is that over the years, trillions of dollars have been spent on nuclear weapons,” Starr adds. “If the conclusions of the nuclear winter research—that nuclear war is suicide for all peoples and nations—had gained widespread acceptance and understanding, it is likely that the whole nuclear weapons industry would have been shut down.”

Indeed, when you’re talking about the movement of trillions of dollars (Obama committed $1 trillion to modernizing America’s nuclear arsenal for the explicit purpose of better confronting Russia), you’re talking about the kind of money that any amount of underhanded gangster tactics would be employed to secure.

But I think another major part of it is the much more basic fact that if people truly understood how dangerous nuclear war is for everyone on this planet, nobody would consent to the kinds of cold war games that the drivers of empire have been intending to play with these weapons.

If people truly understood that their life and the lives of everyone they love are being gambled like poker chips in nuclear brinkmanship maneuvers geared toward securing unipolar planetary hegemony for an undeclared empire loosely centralized around the United States, those few empire architects would soon find themselves on the losing end of a tooth-and-claw fight against the entire human species. The ability to win cold war power struggles is dependent on the mainstream public not thinking too hard about what nuclear war is and why it is being risked.

So I think we’re seeing a broad lack of awareness among the general public of just how close to the precipice we are for the same reason nuclear winter theory has been suppressed: because if everyone deeply understood how dangerous these unipolarist grand chessboard power plays are, and how they deliver no real benefit to ordinary people, they wouldn’t permit them to happen.

A responsible news media would be educating the public about things like nuclear winter, and how easy it would be for a nuclear war to be triggered by a malfunction, miscommunication, misunderstanding, or miscalculation in the chaos and confusion of soaring cold war escalations as nearly happened many times during the last cold war. A “news” media whose job is not to report the news but to manufacture consent for imperial agendas will do everything it can to prevent people from paying attention to those things.

This is why, if you really understand nuclear war and what it means and how close we are to its emergence, it feels so surreal and dissonant looking around at the things people are talking about today. How ungrounded in reality it all is, how unseriously people are taking this thing, how willing they are to consent to things like no-fly zones and other direct military action against Russia. It’s because people are prevented from seeing and understanding this reality. You can’t have the riff raff interfering in the mechanics of the imperial machine. Unipolar hegemony is too important to be left to democratic processes. Keep the local fauna confused and distracted while you roll the dice on nuclear armageddon with the hope of ruling the world.

These people are like mobsters, knowing they’ll probably die a violent death but willing to risk it all for a chance at living the high life. There’s not the slightest iota of wisdom guiding their actions. Just the primitive impulse to dominate and control. They’re living their lives and making their decisions essentially on autopilot, guided by unconscious impulses they themselves don’t understand.

In the aforementioned interview Starr also touches on the ease with which a nuclear war could be set off by a technical malfunction, and what the earliest moments of a nuclear war will likely look like:

If the US early warning systems detect a missile launch, the President can order a launch of retaliatory nuclear strike before incoming nuclear warheads take out communication systems and weapons. Of course, if this is a false warning of attack, then the “retaliatory” strike becomes a first-strike and a nuclear war has started.


Moreover, if somebody has launched a nuclear strike against the silos in which your nuclear weapons are housed in, you don’t retaliate by targeting their empty silos. You target their cities. Russia only has about 230 cities with a population greater than 100,000 and the US has 312. So it’s not that hard to wipe out a couple hundred cities in an initial salvo.

Starr also discusses the insane belief that Russia will probably back down when threatened with the possibility of nuclear war, a line of thinking that’s becoming so common today that it’s almost its own genre of natsec punditry:

The strategists often say, “Oh, well, Russia will back down.” What if they don’t? And why would they back down on their own border? Any US/NATO-Russian direct military conflict will very likely lead to a full-scale nuclear war.

In another 2017 World Socialist Website interview, this one with Los Alamos Study Group secretary and executive director Greg Mello, we get some more insight into the reality of the nuclear threat:

To a first approximation, in a nuclear war between the US and Russia, everybody in the world would die. Some people in the southern hemisphere might survive, but probably not even them.

The imagination cannot encompass nuclear war. Nuclear war means nuclear winter. It means the collapse of very fragile electronic, financial, governmental, administrative systems that keep everyone alive. We’d be lucky to reboot in the early 19th century. And if enough weapons are detonated, the collapse of the Earth’s ozone layer would mean that every form of life that has eyes could be blinded. The combined effects of a US-Russian nuclear war would mean that pretty much every terrestrial mammal, and many plants, would become extinct. There would be a dramatic biological thinning.

The gulf between these expert analyses and what people are consuming in the news could not possibly be wider. People simply don’t understand what’s being done with their lives by powerful people who care only about imperial domination, and the powerful intend to keep it that way.

It doesn’t need to be like this. There’s no reason our planet needs to be dominated by any one single power structure, especially if doing so means risking complete annihilation. We should all be pushing for de-escalation, diplomacy and detente, and for the nations and peoples of this world to begin working together for the good of everyone.


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79 responses to “The Huge Gap Between How Serious Nuclear War Is And How Seriously It’s Being Taken”

  1. An issue not mentioned in this essay is the tunnel vision vs. big picture issue.

    A lot of stuff makes sense when looking at it thru tunnel vision, and looks crack brained when looking at the big picture.

    A lot of people, who are thinking they can survive a nuclear war, are looking at it thru tunnel vision. Once you look the big picture, which includes the long-term effects of nuclear winter and loss of the ozone layer, then nuclear war stops looking survivable.

    Here are a couple simple issues, illustrating the gaps in thinking, which are caused by tunnel vision.

    So you are a survivalist holed up in a fallout shelter, waiting for the radiation levels to fall. How do you service a radioactive air filter, without contaminating the whole shelter?

    So society has fallen apart, and you are a survivalist holed up in a homestead somewhere. How do you defend your family from a bandit gang armed with sniper rifles, who pick off everybody going outside to raise food or trade for necessities?

    A long time ago I was a survivalist, until I started spotting issues like above. Now I’m working on stewardship of society because in the long run a healthier society is our only hope.

    The alternative press isn’t going to go anywhere without a grassroots effort to teach people solid thinking skills. If people thought more clearly, then they would see a lot of the flim-flam in mainstream media, and would see many of the holes in the narratives.

    1. I admit that I am chattering far more than I ever have been on Caitlin’s site. I am in abject terror of war.
      Several months ago, we could bicker tangentially every time Caitlin threw out a topic on media, mind control, and which enormous and inhuman entity was causing what suffering to which inhabitants of the planet. That’s before things got hot.
      Now we are in a situation where events far outrun the disclosure of reliable information. In slow times, the truth eventually floats up through the omnipresent sewage of the mind-control masters. During times when things happen, the facts are more cloudy, and more readily obscured by manipulative propaganda. Times like right now, today.
      I am terrified by Doug McGregor’s interview on another site. I was intrigued, and am now even more terrified, for he is an accomplished warfighter who seems to have forgotten what war is like.
      He offers his analysis of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine is going according to the initial starting conditions. He sketches in an illustration of limited war. He ought to know better.
      Limited warfare – gentlemen’s warfare – is for politicians and other idiots. War by linear equations is literally a fantasy game, because that is how computers simulate war games. It is fun, but it is not war.
      There is the initial planning for war; and there is war. They are two different beasties. Starting a war with a strategy, as Col. McGregor offers, and commentating on how it unfolds according to plan, is insanely perilous. The analyst merely fishes out of the fog of war and propaganda what observations fit the orderly unfolding of the plan – fixing the facts around the war, like the Bush/Blair dynamo accomplished in their Mission: Impossible.
      It may be more productive to begin a war with a ridiculous strategy, or even no strategy at all, for when the imagined scenario collapses during the prosecution of the war, the warmakers will hold their noses and abandon it.
      It is day 24 of the invasion, and the Russians have again fought in an inflexible Russian way that is habitual in their warfighting culture. If this is what they wanted, then they have gotten it. Paradoxically, gentlemen’s war, like the Western Front of WWI, produces grinding stalemates.
      When gentlemen become frustrated in warfare – (and if one feels that women are being left out, let them join – they can be as stubborn, vicious, savage and psychopathic as males) – they become impatient and flex their hypersonic missiles. Freud would perhaps make note of this.
      This is more familiar in the manner of how wars go – at best chaotic, with intermittent flurries of stochastic randomness. But wars, like wildfires, expand until they consume the available fuel unless they are put out.
      It is day 24 of Shitzkrieg. There is a familiar ordinariness to it. Doug McGregor thinks so. He should go bury his head in the sand in shame.
      This is when things tend to REALLY get out of control, and in this wildfire, the available fuel includes nuclear weapons. The war will be stopped by diplomacy and detente, or a chance spark may start a spot-fire in some unexpected place.
      The only law of war is that it is lawless in its unfolding. We’re literally throwing the puzzle pieces into the air and see where they land, and comfort ourselves with the certainty that our side knows what it is doing. If the spark hits the nuclear tinder, we will only be tortured by the existential awareness of that for a very, very short time.

  2. On the bright side, the planet has endured worse mass extinctions than the one humans will cause by nuclear war. It is hard to picture any other ending for preternaturally aggressive primates endowed (or cursed) with such a demented kind of partial self-awareness. Live and let live is just not programmed into the amoral alpha males who inevitably claw their way to the top of the power structure. And on the other side of the disaster would be a world free of evolution’s most catastrophic dead end, us. With at least another half-billion years left with the capacity to support life, when the winter passes the planet will go about its business as it always has, filling every nook and cranny with abundant, overflowing life. No one will mourn or miss the maladapted primate species that thought itself wise enough to pervert nuclear fission, the life-giving power of the sun, into the ultimate death-dealer – and all for the very, very important reason of solving petty economic rivalries and political differences.
    Meanwhile let’s work ourselves into a frothy rage against brave men fighting and dying to destroy a viciously corrupt regime supported by neo-Nazi white supremacist paramilitaries. A regime installed on their nation’s doorstep by the most murderous empire in history, an expendable pawn created with the sole intent of destabilizing their country, to break it up (the way NATO murdered Yugoslavia and Libya) so Wall Street’s capitalist parasites can help themselves to its vast storehouse of natural resources: oil, gas, gold, platinum, palladium, timber. And land, lots and lots of land…
    And let’s keep believing that this time the corporate media that have lied to us about every single thing of importance for a century, from WW1 to Russiagate, are now for the first time telling them the complete truth. And, oh but if they all just sat down and shared their feelings the Nazis and the oligarchs would see the error of their ways and repent, surely. Meanwhile let’s never forget our most dangerous enemies are our fellow citizens so brutalized by another monumentally corrupt system that Trump seems like their only hope, yes, those yucky, tacky people who get dirt on their hands while they earn their living. And never forget the man leading the effort to protect his country and smash the Nazis is actually Hitler himself, back from propagandaland hell thirsting for babies’ blood. And our best friends are slick con men working to infect us with their self-loathing, arrogantly shaming their fellow citizens for their inherently immoral skin color while they demand “privilege” for their kind alone, instead of working to smash a system that oppresses everyone and whose continued existence poses the single greatest threat to humankind’s survival. No sir, no cynical ruling class clinging to power by deploying the time honored tactic of divide-and-conquer, nope, just youthful geniuses who have discovered something no other revolutionaries have ever done, beat the enemy by doing his work for him!

  3. Watching events and propaganda play out in Ukraine makes one thing obvious. I was completely brainwashed by my school education when it came to WW2, Korea, etc. Along with a myriad of other subjects. I was not educated. I was being programmed and indoctrinated to support the status quo. Guess it worked because now I keep my head down and mind my own business as much as possible. Opting out is actually just a passive means of support.

  4. If someday your surviving children ask you, what did you do to try to prevent World War 3, what will you tell them?

    1. Well, it’s becoming harder to. make global cover ups since JFK assassination and 9/11. Eventually all this mud ball will come back to the owner saying – “Dad, we are your children”. Emperors don’t owe answers to the people but for those who put them there. The donors.
      I wish a long life for all of them watching from. afar. this shift and split of power. They were dreaming about a balkanized Russia to be divided and plundered. Now they got nothing. No denying here the powerful machinery of deception influence but eventually auto immunity will pop up.

  5. For another intelligent discussion of Russia’s military intervention in the Ukraine, a discussion largely devoid of the propaganda of either side, check out the comment sections of relevant posts in the Naked Capitalism blog. Yes, there are still some thinking people out there, unafraid to speak the truth as they see it (albeit, in most cases, anonymously)

  6. if russian intelligence is aware of the mechanism (not a rational position, but more of a trancelike mindset) that is causing this, it is time to do something about it or it will grind on to the inevitable.
    the west relies on russian humanism to destroy russia. those in charge in the west are totally convinced that russia will not start a nuclear war (be the bigger person) and so they will stick to their agenda of overthrowing the russian state, people and culture. the russian government should explain the choice to the people: be absorbed in and submit to the western blob or remain a somewhat sovereign people. if they want to hang on to their sovereignty, they need to prepare for nuclear war. mad does not work if you do not show the resolve to launch.
    if this thing drags on, the nuking of guam on may 1st should be announced.

    1. Scott Ritter addressed the problem perfectly.
      They are struggling in how to address NATO Article 4
      “The Parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened.”
      The invocation of Article V was, however, more about political theater than genuine collective defense, with NATO deploying several airborne surveillance aircraft over North America, as well as assembling a small flotilla of ships in the Mediterranean Sea.
      The real meat behind NATO’s actual use of military force in a combat environment has historically been Article IV; it was invoked to justify the dispatch of NATO troops to lead the Implementation Force (IFOR) and Stabilization Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SFOR) in the 1990’s; NATO aerial assault on Serbia and related deployment of troops into Kosovo as part of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) in 1999; the deployment of NATO troops to Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in 2001; the deployment of a training mission to Iraq in 2004 and the aerial bombardment of Libya in 2011.
      NATO has been struggling with how best to support Ukraine. Prior to the Russian invasion, NATO member states — on an individual basis — were providing military equipment and supplies to Ukraine, most notably in the form of “lethal weaponry” such as anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air missiles. While this weaponry has proven effective on the battlefield, it has not been able to stem the tide of the Russian military advance, prompting these individual NATO members to continue supplying the same lethal aid.

      Complicating the arms shipments is that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to any nation that interferes with the Russian action in Ukraine. “Now a few important, very important words for those who may be tempted to intervene in ongoing events from the outside,” Putin declared at the end of his Feb. 23 address announcing the beginning of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. He said:

      “Whoever tries to interfere with us, and even more so to create threats to our country, to our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences as you have never experienced in your history. We are ready for any development of events. All necessary decisions in this regard have been made. I hope that I will be heard.”

      Scott Ritter about Zelensky and US Congress – “Watching the US Congress debase itself by providing a platform for a man who arrests his political opponents, closes opposition media, and openly colluded with Nazis is a low point in my life. Nancy Pelosi parroting the Bandera slogan is disturbing. We are not a serious country.”

  7. I saw Zelensky addressing the American Congress. Perfectly written to struck the nerve. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Churchill and on. Those clowns were in tears listening to that tailor-made shit. They will hand over a blank paper with a printed signature to the White House to do whatever it takes to make Russia retreat from Ukraine. Europe will suffer and I don’t have pity of anyone there because things will get harder to the rest survive in scarcity. I hope they will lose everything in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel. May the truth reveal what they really are in the daily lives of everybody else.

    1. I can explain! Americans grew up listening to all that over and over again, and it now resides in their subconsciousness (where almost anything will go after enough repetitions).
      Hearing their own propaganda makes them feel safe, because it is familiar.
      To other people it sounds like escalation, to Americans it is comforting like homemade food. (then they give advise to the rest how to calm down).

      1. You pictured it better than any American. I should introduce you to the daughters of America league. A female organization created back in the day all about protecting America from commies, aliens, zombies, you know. The topic among them now is about Putin having legions of women worshipping Putin’s semen. To breed new generations of little Putin’s around. It”s not a comedy or surreal, it’s for real.

        1. Madonna. tweeted during the last. presidential campaign about she being up to offer a blowjob to Biden anywhere, anytime. I wonder how is her mood about that after a pandemic and Ukraine.

    2. I’ll take back perfectly written. Now I just realized Zelensky spoke about the importance of Biden to keep the planet alive.

  8. The Hill deserves a shoutout. A must watch I think for anyone who has an interest in what war fever looks like at a White House briefing.
    I almost feel bad for Ms. Psaki. Almost. I admire her patience as she takes the same questions about MiG 29s and a No Fly Zone over and over, but, the mad conspiracy theorist in me is not completely convinced that this is not precisely what Ms. Psaki wants.
    After all, Ms. Psaki could explain to the less-than-knowledgable journalists in attendence, that the establishment of a No Fly Zone over Ukraine has almost NOTHING to do with romantically sweeping the skies of Russian fighters, and everything to do with American and Nato warplanes, if you exclude the Kamakazis of ’45, flying the most suicidal missions in the history of military aviation. These warplanes will be required to take on layer upon layer of surface to air missile batteries, stretching from west of the Dnieper to hundreds of miles deep within Russian Federation territory, and they must destroy them all.
    After they do that, then maybe, we can sit down, turn on the telly, pour a glass of wine, and watch some of those exquisite dogfights as they unfold over the smouldering ruins of Ukraine and parts of Russia too, should there any warplanes left to provide us with this long sought entertainment.
    I mean, Ms. Psaki could explain this to the reporters in the room, what establishing a No Fly Zone would actually entail, let a little air out of the war fever bag if she really wanted to, but something tells me she really doesn’t want to.
    Methinks Ms. Psaki is at the moment playing, the role of a very manipulative kindergarten teacher.

  9. Of course, it’s a very complex subject but the interesting question is why does death by nukes specifically bring about such fear in some people? Because people die every day and have been doing so since there were people. But not only people. Everything dies. Even God, whom we thought immortal, is dead according to Nietzsche. This remains of course controversial but there can be no doubt that most gods are dead: Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Odin, Quetzalcoatl… And lesser ones whom we never even knew were alive…
    A human being dies of starvation every three seconds. Since you started reading this last sentence, one human being has died of starvation, which is a horrible way to die because it takes days, often after years of malnutrition.
    People take planes without a second thought. What are your chances of dying in a plane crash compared to a nuclear holocaust? A hell of a lot! About 300 planes crash each year even if overall fatalities are low. The lockdowns have reduced them to 176 in 2021 but that’s still 176 times zero – which is admittedly difficult to calculate. And planes are the safest way to travel! People die every day in car and other forms of land transport crashes! There’s of course the solution to stay at home and have everything delivered. Alas! Most deaths are domestic… Electrocution with a hair dryer, fall in the shower…
    The fact is that we live with the possible prospect of death every second. As Don Juan puts it in Carlos Castaneda’s novel, death stalks us on our left-hand side.
    We could of course stay in bed all day but people have been known to get killed by a plane falling on their house. How many? More than in a nuclear holocaust.
    And then this attitude also changes with age. In the 1990s, at the height of the anti-smoking craze, a lot of creativity was invested into scaring people out of smoking and someone imagined to put a skull and bones to that effect on fag packs. After testing it on young people, they dropped the idea because their samples went for the packs with the skull and bones like crazy.
    Young folks are not afraid of death for one simple reason: for them, death only happens to others. In past centuries, a lot of them fought duels, often for trivialities, knowing that one of the two might die – which is your typical nuclear brinkmanship equivalent. Did that stop them? No. Why? Because of course it was the other guy who would die. And even if they both died, who cared to live in a world where someone had called them names? Pride is the mother of all sins.
    And old folks know they’ve got it coming anyways…
    People are rather reckless about death. They live near volcanoes, in hurricane or flood-prone areas, do bungee jumping or walk across the Grand Canyon on a string… It’s the only way to live really…

  10. DEMOCRACY/SHAMOCRACY. What ‘democracy?’ Divide and Conquer. They basically just doo-doo what they like. And the sheep pay for it/get fleeced, but it’s beginning to look like Bar-B-Que time.

    1. Wake up sheeple! “They” are out get you!!

      Seriously. Can we get beyond this adolescent stuff that’s flooding the internet.

      Democracy isn’t perfect; neither is it a sham. Karl Popper expressed it best in in his scholarly take-down of Plato’s authoritarian tendencies. Open Society.

  11. I don’t see many people in favor of “direct military action against Russia” – unless I go looking for them. They seem a small minority in the West.

    But the longer the conflict goes on, the more that’s likely to change. So you’re absolutely right to remind of the seriousness of nuclear war.

    Currently the only person who can de-escalate in military terms is Putin. He is the aggressor here. I think we can agree on that without reducing it to “Putin is Hitler”, right?

    1. No we most certainly cannot agree on that. Western powers and Ukraine can do many things to move toward de-escalation, including simply meeting Moscow’s relatively minor demands for DPR and LPR independence, Crimea’s membership in the Russian Federation, and constitutional amendment not to join NATO or EU. Western powers played an immense role in starting this and it’s willful ignorance to pretend they can’t help end it.

      1. Sure. But Putin is the only one who can de-escalate *militarily* – since he’s the only one engaged in military action, currently (with the exception of Ukrainians resisting, of course). That’s what makes him the aggressor, here and now.

        Totally unrelated, I recall war criminal Tony Blair saying the person in the best position to stop the US/UK bombing of Iraq was Saddam Hussein. It was upto Saddam to cooperate and not rattle his saber! Of course, of course!

        1. So I try to rob you and you hit me. I guess you are the agressor by your definition. After all I didnt actually do anything to make you hit me. Right.

          1. Remarkable to see people here struggling with the notion of Putin as the aggressor – to the point of outright denial.

            1. Should the wife in an abusive marriage, who finally snaps and lashes out after years of threats and intimidation from her husband, be considered the aggressor? The horror here is that innocent people are caught in the middle of melee.

        2. i) Washington pulls Zelensky’s strings, they could tell him to stand down as all the deaths he is causing are futile.
          ii) Washington could shut off the endless conduit of weapons and ammo to Ukraine.
          iii) Washington could cool it on the mountain of lies and propaganda they are dispensing and foster an atmosphere of peace rather than ultraviolence.
          iv) Kiev could formally “sue for peace” as the expression goes, ceasing hostilities and calling for a brokered peace conference. Consider the model of how North Vietnam did this versus the United States. It was a long process but Nixon finally removed all the American troops well before the fall of Saigon. Clearly Putin already wants to withdraw and NOT occupy any of Ukraine. However, Washington seems to have Zelensky on a short lease because they want the conflict to continue, not Putin.
          v) Zelensky could offer to honestly implement Minsk2, though that ship may have sailed.
          The main problem I see is that Ukraine is basically gangster land which refuses to act civilised or honor its word. Any negotiations or compromises it agrees to turn out to be bald faced lies. The Russians characterise it like they do the USA–basically incapable of making any trustworthy deals. Both have totally self-centered child-like minds who think they can con their way through life. They both need to grow up and get some morals or have them instilled the hard way.

        3. US/NATO flooding Ukraine with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missals for months and enabling attacks against the eastern regions for years is escalation. If the US/NATO we’re to stop doing these things (which they never should have done in the first place) it would be de-escalation.

      2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Thank you.

      3. At least stop shooting and go to the table with those ideas open to negotiation. It’s better for everyone than shooting.

      4. Harry S Nydick Avatar
        Harry S Nydick

        Exactly, Caity. But the U.S. and NATO have no desire to end it. In reality,m they started it becasue crippling Russia’s economy weakens it alliance with China – false hope, but the only hope thought to accomplish that. It’s the same reason why Biden keeps sending support in the form of military equipment, plains and more. Increasing the Ukrainian resistance translates to keeping the war going.

      1. @Robyn: “But Putin is the only one who can de-escalate *militarily* – since he’s the only one engaged in military action, currently (with the exception of Ukrainians resisting, of course)”.
        Of course! And before they resisted, they were (and still are) the aggressors who’ve shelled civilians in the Donbass for eight years (and still do) because the guy these Donbass folks had contributed to democratically elect (Yanukovych) was ousted by a neo-nazi coup funded by the US and they didn’t accept the new regime which started killing and imprisoning the opposition and killing, torturing and raping the Donbass folks, essentially because the neo-nazis said, like Hitler, that as Slavs, they were subhuman and had to be enslaved. Putin is helping them to put an end to that oppression. By surrendering, these neo-nazi battalions would de-escalate militarily and everybody would be happy – especially the civilians that they’ve taken hostage, use as human shields and shoot if they try to flee. How about that, brother?

  12. Here’s a new piece by Scott Ritter, one of the few voices of sanity (like Caitlin’s) which can still be heard:–the-Article-by-Scott-Ritter-Article-5_NATO_NATO-Combat-Caveats_Nato-Expansion-220315-26.html#startcomments

    1. Eleanor Forman Avatar
      Eleanor Forman

      That link does not work. This was published in the same venue by the same author on the same day—–the-Article-by-Scott-Ritter-Article-5_NATO_NATO-Combat-Caveats_Nato-Expansion-220315-26.html

  13. ANTHONY Hernandez Avatar
    ANTHONY Hernandez

    Russia is a declining desperate civilization. If pushed into a corner, they will destroy the world. No one can survive a nuclear war. No one can escape. At the very least the world will turn into one giant Chernobyl.
    I have always held a theory that almost all civilizations throughout the galaxies, eventually commit suicide after they discover the atom.
    I began studying nuclear war survival during the Cuban missile crisis at the age of 11. It is not possible for the human race to survive.

    1. …to survive nuclear combat, that is.
      The realpolitik civilization, Soviet-style thinking is what’s on the chopping block. WWII poisoned the minds of many civilizations. The US has become possessed by the Trumpskiite mind of domination, dictatorship and empire. The war against this enemy cannot be won with bullets. Even nuclear war cannot eradicate it.
      The Shitzkrieg against Ukraine is failing. Even if Russia pulls off a modern destruction of New Carthage it cannot win. The old ideas are dying.
      Peace, hope, dignity and individual freedoms are enough to get us there. Berliners said “Why this wall?” and took it down. No guns, no nukes; just guts. The Wall in your head is closer than it appears.
      On Mauertag (wall day) individuals expressed the supreme arrogance of saying “I am a human being and entitled to my birthrights.” And the wall fell.
      A new future is possible. “Grandma, what was a NATO? Why did people used to have wars?”
      That, or extinction, will come. Some century. Why not get it over with, and embrace humanity now?

    2. Have a perspective written by the actual CIA director back in 2008 and rewrite your perspective.

      1. What’s the message in the link? I read it.

        1. Probably it is about something like this – “This coupon redeemable for precisely one fuck given”.

          1. Or this:
            “(U) During his annual review of Russia’s foreign policy
            January 22-23 (ref B), Foreign Minister Lavrov stressed that
            Russia had to view continued eastward expansion of NATO,
            particularly to Ukraine and Georgia, as a potential military
            threat. While Russia might believe statements from the West
            that NATO was not directed against Russia, when one looked at
            recent military activities in NATO countries (establishment
            of U.S. forward operating locations, etc. they had to be
            evaluated not by stated intentions but by potential. Lavrov
            stressed that maintaining Russia’s “sphere of influence” in
            the neighborhood was anachronistic, and acknowledged that the
            U.S. and Europe had “legitimate interests” in the region.
            But, he argued, while countries were free to make their own
            decisions about their security and which political-military
            structures to join, they needed to keep in mind the impact on
            their neighbors.”
            You can always make your point and buttress it with quotes. Russia brought out this point, and it’s a point well taken, a nice jumping off point for negotiations to END THE WAR TODAY RIGHT NOW.

    3. Is Russia a desperate declining civilization? That sounds like propaganda.

    4. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      The United States is a dying empire which can hardly any longer be described as civilized, at least in its government. You are quite right that nobody survives a nuclear war, as confirmed by the scientists interviewed by the WSWS. But you are ignoring the fact that the U.S. economy is on the brink of collapse and is supported by fictitious capital (printed money with nothing solid to back it up). The Covid pandemic is still raging and the U.S. government is doing nothing further to even try to eradicate it so it needs an outside enemy to distract the populace from the shambles of the last two years. Climate change is being ignored, resulting in now annual devastating fires and floods and the government does nothing. Congress has cut Covid benefits and just voted another gigantic tranche of money to war. Russia may be in trouble, but the U.S. is the instigator of violence and provocation.

    5. So who caused the war. The guy who pushed them into a corner or the guy who takes the first shot.

  14. The nihilists have now almost achieved their goal to be in position ‘A’. My guess is that they principally reside somewhere in the West. We’ve come to the point that it doesn’t matter who kicks off this suicidal mission since no-one’s going to be bothered who started it. All will be too busy dying including the ‘all or nothing’ merchants. All this has been made possible by unfettered [financial] capitalism. Any chance we have of emerging intact from the genuine madness of the forces that are currently controlling us will come by shifting the paradigm from competition to co-operation. A swift perusal of the values of co-operation can be found here if anyone is bothered to look. Co-ops can be started anywhere and what they do is to co-operate with other co-ops when appropriate. Co-ops should be inclusive & open to all. A co-op that is exclusive is akin to fascism where, as an example, only very rich & sadistic white skinned blue eyed blonds may belong.
    Co-operation gives far better lasting results than competition. It can also repair international relationships…

  15. I can state categorically that ‘we’, all of us, will not ‘have’ a nuclear war. Without a shadow of a doubt… it is not on the cards. It is quite possible that the people – the trigger people – are much more sensible than the knee-jerk people.
    If I’m wrong… sue me.
    Think about it. The people in charge are very, very rich. US oligarchs can bury Russian oligarchs any time they want. Russian oligarchs are small change compared to their US counterparts.
    Nuclear war is the end of that particular game. Why lose your yachts and jets and properties for no good reason?
    Status quo ante IS the game! Keep up the weapons sales. Lots of small profitable wars are the way to go and are good for the economy – and it keeps a lot of troubled youth off the streets and safe in the arms of the military.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      You have a touching confidence that the ultra-rich will be rational and sensible. I have no such confidence.

  16. Hi Caitlin
    Totally in agreement.
    No doubt you’ve seen Threads, a move made for UK TV in 1984?
    If only we could put it in front of the people you’ve described in your article…
    Keep up the good fight!!! It’s much appreciated.

  17. ” Living their lives and making their decisions essentially on autopilot, guided by unconscious impulses they themselves don’t understand.”

    Yeah, that’s being human.

    Now, why are we worrying about being nuked when people are dying in Ukraine. Why is it we are not worrying about Ukranians? A flash in the sky could make you into a permanent shadow on the pavement. It might happen, but it is not happening yet. And a nuclear winter won’t happen if millions start agitating loudly for peace.

    Supply no weapons to Ukraine. Implement peace starting now. Then we only have to worry about the Arctic melting.

    Concern about being glassed seems selfish. People are being blown up right now. Let us concern ourselves with them.

    1. And where was that “concern” when the folks in Dinbass and Lugansk were actually being blown away ? Why has it taken so long to find that concern. I note too, none of that concern covers these Oblasts, that sort of behaviour is what ensure the nuclear option.

    2. What a totally asinine ‘argument’ Keith! Are we incapable of being concerned about numerous things simultaneously!

  18. CJ, don’t get feathers ruffled- you are getting to them. You have real reach & power & that is what they fear. Yo, check it: i’ve seen baby boomer, classic cold war liberals forwarding your articles & one even bought one of your books. See? The more effective, the more resistence. i betcha some of these trolls on here are paid. This is because you are getting under their skin, so don’t let their shrill hysterics unnerve you. It’s a looong way to the top if you wanna (be a real threat). Prophetic archetype- if you really get up there it’s MLK, “the Mahatma” Mohandas Ghandi, Malik Al Shabbaz, etc. or nail you up like these robot zombie stormtroopers tried to do to their own lord who they say is Christ back in the day. Same shyt b/c they got no game b/c they lame mayne. Don’t let ’em stress you out with their fakery. You are stressing them obviously.

  19. The scientists have got it right, but we can’t get the politicians to put our safety ahead of their own selfishness.

    1. Scientists were politicized years ago. They are one of many reliable institutions corrupted. Medicine is another one.

      1. Greg Mello is obviously trying to trick us into thinking nukes could hurt us, when all the smart people know they only tickle.

  20. And the confounding thing is, we had all of these nuclear arms treaties in place at the time that Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to end the cold war. They had been painstakingly crafted over two or three decades by a succession of American presidents, starting with Nixon, and their Soviet counterparts, starting with Brezhnev. They weren’t enough but they were immeasurably better than the total lack of restraints we have now since Shrub Junior began the process of dismantling them and his successors followed suit, making sure to roll the Russians in every way conceivable, basically spitting on all detente and nuclear arms control.
    If we could extract any edge whatsoever we just had to do it because we were swashbuckling Yankee cowboys. Moreover, Europe sat around with its thumb up its own ass while this all transpired. It’s not as if the Euro-chumps are not affected. It puts them in as bad a shape as the Russians with missile flight times of mere minutes between the launchers in Russia and the target cities in Europe.
    Just what is the mad logic they use to decide that we will gladly serve as counterstrike targets to placate America’s first strike contingency demands. Just why is Duda so enthusiastic about Warsaw or Gdansk going up in flames minutes after the American missiles are launched from Poland against Moscow and St. Petersburg. I know his people irrationally hate all Russians … but at the price of their own survival? He reminds me of the head Thermian in Galaxy Quest who will do anything to please Tim Allen’s Captain Kirk persona. What kind of virus causes such thinking and why am I among the few who seem to be resistant to it? Is it like toxoplasmosis which people catch from their cats and causes deranged thinking in the victims?

    1. When I visited Guadeloupe, in the French Antilles, some forty years ago (I don’t know if it’s still the same now), our (female) guide told us they had three kinds of bananas in the market there. Small ones they called “Rhabillez-vous jeune homme” (Put your clothes back on young man), bigger ones they called “Aïe aïe Maman” (Aye aye Mummy) and very large ones that they used for cooking and called “Tant pis si j’en crève” (Too bad if I die) I thought this might answer your question :o)

  21. A nice shout out to our host from Russell Brand.
    Mr. Brand, should you see this, I would like to make this clear, as for those that once constituted what I considered YouTubeLeft, most of it all gone now, of the ones I fully expected to remain unabsorbed once the insanity began, you were on that very short list, despite the fact that you have rejected the left right paradigm for what you believe to be very good fucking reasons.
    Still, you remain on my list, because I can’t let go of the old Overton window, even though it lies in ruins, due to intellectual weakenesses. I must have a left, or I have nothing at all.
    One of the reason I’ve decide to add Dr. John Campbell to my list. I don’t know what his politics are, and I don’t care. He’s YouTubeLeft as far as I’m concerned.

  22. Does anyone know what would happen if say, 200 nuclear power plants, their cores; and we’ll go with a conservative, 80 thousand tons of spent, but still very hot nuclear fuel; gets vaporized in an instant and rises with the mushroom clouds into the ozone layer?
    Would the oh-so-delicate and wafer thin ozone layer survive the massive interaction with the various radionuclides?
    If it doesn’t, is it true the atmosphere of this planet would then burn off rather quickly?
    Can life survive on planet Earth once its atmosphere has been stripped away?
    Tartigrades, the toughest little son-of-bitch lifeforms of them all, could they eek it out?
    But let’s say for shits and giggles that our nuclear war planners, the ones that have been at this for more than 70 years, supercomputers aiding them almost every step along the way, are complete and utter morons. They have foolishly forgotten the first concept of a nuclear counter-strike, force multiplication, and they plan to hammer densely populated urban centers – 60’s style – for no good reason other than they enjoy wasting their ammunition.
    Apparently, according these – very nostalgic for me at least – peer reviewed studies, this type of stupidity wouldn’t change the overall equation all that much, because the resulting nuclear winter will cause the same interaction of radionuclides with our ozone. The human presence, if their is any after a 10 year long nuclear winter, will be helpless to prevent cores from melting down, massive releases from occuring at humonguous open air nuclear waste facilities like um, Hanford to pick just one, let alone hose down the spent fuel pool fires that will be raging all over this planet.
    Do we need to get into hundreds of airburst EMPs, the icing on the cake? The ones that will knock out all power, but will also detonate just below the ozone layer? What would those puppies add, to the extinction equation?

    So the question remains, does the ozone layer suvive “the Exchange,” and if it doesn’t, will this mean bye bye tardigrades, the last refuge of all those thousand upon thousands of Life Will Find a Way! scoundrels I’ve encountered on the internet these past 20 years?
    Life will find a way? How can anyone presume to know this?
    Note: Thanks Ms. Johnstone, this post brought back some fond memories. Long before the Era of the Forced (?) Running of the Lemmings, there was a time you could talk about this stuff. Like when five or six of us might sneek out for a smoke during the 7th grade. “We don’t have much time, what do wanna talk about?” “I don’t know, how ’bout the Exchange.” “Ok, I’ll be first strike, you guys are the counter-strike.”

    1. You would not have to worry too much about the ozone layer disappearing to allow short-wavelength hard uv radiation from the Sun to literally cook (actually cause third degree burns) all exposed plant and animal life on the surface and cause cancer in any survivors from all the DNA breakage they would incur because all the intensely radioactive Plutonium, Strontium and Cesium released from the spent fuel would kill everything from radiation poisoning any way. Plutonium is the most toxic substance known to science. The amount released from the bombs alone would kill directly as a physiological poison, aside from its radiological effects. All gamma and neutron radiation released from the sundry radionuclides already mentioned would fragment your DNA and kill you quickly from radiation sickness. Any alpha or beta emitters would need to be ingested and incorporated into your own DNA to more slowly kill you. Finally, keep in mind that all of the dust thrown into the upper atmosphere would BLOCK sunlight causing so-called nuclear winter and actually mitigating any effects of enhanced hard uv irradiation.
      In short, no worries about the ozone layer, mate. One of those other effects will take you out much quicker. The atmosphere would not be stripped away, nor would the oxygen disappear right away, though it might slowly dissipate as it is quickly consumed in many spontaneous redox reactions, and with no plants to regenerate it.
      The EMPs will ensure that no human will ever live to see another electrical power grid ever constructed again. It takes years to construct the essential huge transformers with their massive iron cores, and that is with using modern industrial technology run on electrical power–try doing it using medieval technology! Supposedly, less than half a dozen companies around the world actually manufacture these things now with a wait time of years for their completion. Replacing the grid of the USA alone would take a generation or longer assuming the assistance of surviving countries. Intelligent people ask why we do not harden our grids against EMPs, whether from nuclear blasts or mass coronal ejections from the Sun, rather than building and refurbishing more nuclear warheads.
      Somebody smart supposedly once said, man is not a rational animal, rather he is a rationalizing animal.

      1. Thanks for the answers. Perhaps the best I’ve had in 30 years of asking. And searching. My first disappointment during my earliest forays into the online experience, the realization that if search engines don’t like what you were up to, they will actively start working against you.
        Yeah, the EMP thing is a joke. I’ve seen, I don’t know, twenty studies over years (?) about the solo EMP attack. How bad would it be for the US, if a dedicated nuke of modest throw weight detonated 60 miles above say, St. Louis?
        Well, pretty bad it turns out. Up to 90% of Americans would die within a year, I think was the conlusion of a Congressional study done about 10 years ago?
        Whatever. Now how about 50. Or 100. Just for some of that ole time Overkill, which is still very much the point of the Exchange. Beau of the 5th column told his YouTube followers a few days ago, that once you come out the basement after the attack, well, two out of three cars should be working, because even if EMPs are employed, studies have shown that vehicles are fairly resistant to their effects.
        So good news Americans. You will be able drive after the Armageddon, and as long as you can find the keys, choice of ride will be yours.

        1. Any modern car that utilises computer chips will be permanently fried. New chips off the shelf would be fried. Electronics can be hardened against EMP by shielding them within a so-called Faraday cage, but once fried they are dead unless you replace all the electronics. Very old cars with simple electrical systems are most resistant to EMP damage and most easily repaired… if you’ve got the parts.

  23. What we have today justifies why I never procreated. I have lived a full, happy life and am ready for a most interesting death via nuclear winter. I do feel sorry for the young but they should blame their parents for having created the situation as well as their unhinged existence. Bring on an interesting end so that the surviving cockroaches can evolve and another intelligent species can end up where we now are several million years down the track.

  24. Love what you are saying Caitlin. I have been trading stocks for twenty years. If you look at a chart that goes orbital you know it will come back, that is just the way it is. I look at us Humans who are essentially the same as those roaming the planet thousands of years ago. Our technology has gone orbital (quantum computers). something has to give. Either we evolve or our technology comes down, which I would not take as a good thing.

    Please read these and tell me what you think.

  25. The only way to win thermal nuclear war is not to play.

    Apparently Biden is working on a nuclear exchange program with Putin.

    We have fools you think we can can win with a first strike on Russia.

    Russia has 6,400 nukes. The stupidity of the war monger’s.

  26. tom schelling [a phd economist by education] had a job with ‘rand’ the usaf’s think tank. he got in to “game theory” that lead to many of the ‘mutual assured destruction’ (mad) policies and the huge expense keeping them up and ready to blow up the world.

    i am no expert but what i heard ‘around the water cooler’: ‘no ‘game’, with players who would do the decisions in real war, that started with tactical nukes stayed tactical’.

    reading between the propaganda lines, and hearing all the blather about no fly zone and civilian casualties w/o any pix of successful nazi/azov bge operations… i doubt that russia will need to ‘break the line’ with tactical nukes.

    that leaves it to biden or johnson to start out toward the end of the world…..

    that the neocon fanatics are in the discussion is worrisome.

    1. I computed firing data for tactical nukes in the early 70’s.

      If you go that far the side that’s losing will go all the the way to ICBMS.

      If you cross the line they will go all the way for the “win”.

  27. Years ago I heard a talk by Carl Sagan when he and his colleagues were warning about nuclear winter. He made a remark, almost an aside, that there would be no coming back for modern civilization after nuclear war, even if the nuclear winter theories were proven wrong. The concentrations of natural resources that existed when modern society developed have all been used up and dissipated. The huge deposits of iron, copper, and silver are all gone, as are the forests, and the rich soils. Fortunately we were able to build energy intensive technology to continue getting our resources from poor grade ores, inferior grade wood, and agriculture with massive chemical add-ons. Nuclear war, with or without winter, would destroy so much infrastructure that we could never fully recreate it to today’s levels.

    1. Yes, I’m afraid the “science” of it dictates essentially a Mad Max world. Some well barricaded oligarchs and government technocrats ensconced in well-provisioned bunkers may enjoy some of the amenities lost to most for a few additional years or even decades if they remain undiscovered, but there will be no rising of human kind from the ashes to anything near what we have now.
      Actually, Max’s world had not yet hit rock bottom, as some fuel and functional machines were still posited. Regular folks are not likely to share in such luxuries. Rather than marauding freaks and hippies, I would imagine marauding military units. Meh, even they won’t last long to the freezing cold, darkness, intense radiation and radioactive particles. After some period of stumbling around, determined in length by their available resources, most survivors will probably collapse of hunger, thirst, frost bite. radiation sickness or the toxic effects of Plutonium, whereupon they will drift off to sleep, never to wake up, and Shakespeare’s “last syllable of recorded time” will have been recorded with all fools lighted to their predicted destinies.

  28. I’ve been throughout all Cold War era reading and listening the same thing over and over again. Back in the day I used to shit my pants. Today I don’t give a damn considering how US-UK-EU-Zionists inverted and betrayed long decades of diplomatic effort to stop, to prevent a nuclear war. When I look at Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Trudeau, Macron, Morrison, Scholz I just see a bunch of corrupt gamblers playing with fire in the hopes their pride and position of power will prevail in the outcome in Ukraine. They don’t give a damn not just about Ukraine, they don’t give a damn to anyone else. Perhaps it’s all been planned, perhaps not. I’m not losing a night thinking about all this shit. Fuck them, Fuck me, Fuck you.

    1. I too got so tired of hearing Western propaganda, that I wished for the nuclear end for us all already. Really do not want to live under the CIA rule : it is 24/7 mental torture.

      1. I don’t read any MSM. CNN is a offense to any level of reason and intelligence. Fox News, BBC, ABC, Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, NYTimes, Times, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, El Pais, Clarin, Al Jazeera and a lot more are all synchronized in the same shit narrative. What good can come out of this thing? Why bother? Why sabotage my mental health following the MSM thread? When this is all over I’ll do the necropsy. Considering we have not gone nuclear Armageddon, of course.
        Here is a nice thought about how the events can unfold from Washington lust of blood.

        1. Them MSM just copy-paste Reuters and AP (American Pravda) wires anyway. Just different tags for a paste coming out of the same Mammon-sponsored tube.

        2. Commercials are just as bad or worse plying us with social engineered thinking. Some are absolutely disgusting.

      2. Perhaps seek psychiatric help. Our government is awful, but it isn’t mental torture and nuclear war is not a solution for your distress.

    2. YES! Clearly they are all just a pack of gangsters trying to intimidate and beat down another society they have at a disadvantage so they can steal more power and wealth for themselves. I don’t know what the rest of their citizens and followers are seeing in them as I detect not a shred of decency or sanity. I continually ask myself, how can others not see through the lies and hypocrisy of these reprobates? How did we end up with the most depraved and treacherous of our entire species leading this mad tragedy?

      1. True. I always pay attention in small details. Sometimes you can find out big things hidden in plain sight. One recent is when I see Jean Psaki talking in press conferences. She is always mentioning repeatedly about the role of each one of them as a part of the official narrative to be written in “history books”. I guess homeschooling and oral stories will have to become a part of our daily life again; well, at least in my tribe.
        Yet, what is killing my will to keep drengr heart at bay is Lego. Zelensky lego and Molotovs, LOL. I used to love Lego. But make no mistake. A new world is being set up and Zelensky is already immortal. I wish the Russians don’t kill him. Neither the nazis advisors around him. Zelensky must live. Specially if the truth will prevail at the end. It’s a long shot but who knows, right?

  29. ‘If people understood………………’.
    That is always the problem, people don’t understand far too many things that put themselves and our planet at risk.
    They don’t understand that with advances comes responsibility – responsibility to use them appropriately, prevent them from being abused, and to protect vulnerable people from any and all negative consequences.
    And also, the vast majority of people don’t want to understand, they want to remain in ignorance – so that they can abrogate any responsibility, sleep at night, not feel obligated to act, and appease their conscience by claiming that they ‘didn’t realise’.
    This is the real problem with humanity – it wants to live well, but doesn’t want to take responsibility for the consequences of its actions. It is not ready or qualified, in the most part, for the advances it has made.
    And this is why the human race will eventually destroy itself. It’s a matter of when, not if.

    1. “They don’t understand that with advances comes responsibility”

      They just don’t understand anything! We have-

      Created a society so technically complicated that even the so-called experts can’t follow it. There are lifetimes of study needed to get ‘the big picture’.
      Democracy is a failed experiment. People vote for clowns based on no rational evidence at all. The sooner it is gone the better.
      Contraception meant the brighter women got jobs instead of babies. The Welfare State meant we paid the more stupid ones to breed, so every generation is dropping the average IQ.
      Post-WW2 Govts have taken over more and more responsibility for our lives, so we don’t have to think and make decisions, just watch any election campaign.
      As for how a nuclear war starts… well, Putin did what he said he would do, and everyone thought he was bluffing. Since then the Russian military has said “Why we would worry about a world without Russia in it” . How more obvious do they have to be?? Attack Russia and every one of those nukes will be fired.
      A nice try Caitlin, but the very people who need to read it won’t see it. They’ll still be watching some game show on TV or busy looking at their phone when the mushroom cloud appears in the window.

      1. The woke maniacs would condemn you, but I’d say you hit several nails square on the head.
        Tulsi Gabbard is another rare speaker of truth to madness. Her thanks is to be called a traitor and declared guilty of treason by all the influential people in America.

        1. I like the girl but she’s reaping what she sowed. She was maligned over and over by the Dems with Killary ultimately (and insanely) calling her a Russian asset and having her disinvited from their convention and she still endorsed Biden because “he has a good heart”. She’s asking for it and I wonder when, if ever, she’ll draw a line in the sand saying there’s a limit to extravagance.

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