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We’re risking a very fast, very radioactive third world war defending the “democracy” of a regime who just banned eleven opposition parties.


Liberals explaining why it’s fine to eliminate opposition parties when they become inconvenient is just liberals telling you who they really are.

One reason you always hear about the genocidal depravity of Adolf Hitler but not King Leopold II is because Hitler did imperialism to white people. Keep that in mind as you watch the disparity between coverage of Ukraine and coverage of other recent military invasions.

This is the message desktop Twitter users are receiving at the top right of their screen as of this writing:


We talk a lot about Silicon Valley’s role in facilitating US government censorship, but we should probably talk a lot more about its role in facilitating US government propaganda as well. We have two different words for censorship and propaganda, but in reality they’re just different aspects of the same one thing: narrative control. Propaganda is the positive aspect of imperial narrative control (adding communications), censorship the negative (removing communications).

Whoever controls the world’s dominant narratives controls the world itself. Narrative management constructs like Silicon Valley, Hollywood and the oligarchic “news” media play an even greater role in upholding the US-centralized empire than the US military.

The US and all its imperial member states are strangling Russia’s economy in response to a war they provoked because Putin threatens US unipolar planetary domination and there are still right wingers whispering “I bet there’s a hidden conspiracy to create a one world government.”

Yes there’s an agenda to unite the world under a single power structure, but it’s the one leftist anti-imperialists have long warned about. And it’s not hidden at all; it’s evidenced in public information like the Wolfowitz Doctrine, and just by simple naked-eye observations of the movements of military equipment and resources.

Our world’s problems are systemic. Pretending our problems are due to specific individuals like Klaus Schwab is tempting for people who are ideologically invested in existing systems like capitalism and US supremacy, because then you just need to get rid of those few bad apples. Really though we’re looking at the way our power-serving systems inevitably allow power to consolidate and reinforce itself and gradually work toward bending all humanity to its will. This will continue happening until we change those systems, if we don’t nuke ourselves into oblivion first.

This is all being driven by one particular power structure’s self-appointed role as global ruler. The US-centralized empire’s foreign policy behavior is essentially a nonstop war on disobedience, continuously working to absorb nations into its blob and destroy those who refuse.

If you mentally mute the “why” narratives about what’s happening and just look objectively at what’s happening, what you’ll see is a single dominant power structure controlling the majority of the world’s resources, wealth and information and punishing any nations who disobey it. What this tells you is that there’s a power structure doing whatever it has to do to shore up more and more control over the world, and then we’re fed narratives about why that needed to happen (Saddam needs to go because blah blah, NATO needs to expand because blah blah, etc).

Really underneath the narrative spin it’s just a giant tyrant doing tyrannical things. Heinlein said “Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.” This applies to empires and their narrative control mechanisms just as much as to individuals.

People talk about “blaming the US for everything” like it’s some kind of outlandish and paranoid position to say that a unipolarist planetary hegemon probably plays some role in major conflicts of immense geostrategic consequence. They seriously have a hard time believing that the most powerful empire in the history of civilization could be involved in manipulating all major conflicts which directly affect its agenda of global domination.

They’re like, “Come on. The US empire can’t have a villainous role in EVERY major international conflict.” If that were true there wouldn’t be a US empire. You don’t become a unipolar planetary hegemon by being nice, you do it by forcefully tilting all global happenings toward your benefit.

You can’t take all of the control and none of the responsibility. It’s like a domineering narcissist who tyrannizes his family having a pity party when someone gets upset at him. “Oh right, it’s ALWAYS Dad’s fault. I’m ALWAYS the bad guy.” I mean, yeah, kinda. Duh.

If you’re so upset about “westsplaining” then maybe tell the western empire to stop “westspreading”.

Liberals don’t even really believe it’s legitimate to ban opposition parties during a war. That thought never once occurred to them before today. They just assume it must be the right thing to do because their holy Ukrainian sex god did it.

Liberals have spent five years defending the right of the powerful to keep secrets and tell lies. Now there’s a war and they get mad if you say the powerful are keeping secrets and telling lies. What’d you all think censorship, glorifying the CIA, persecuting Assange etc was about?

Liberals were brought up to think of themselves as skeptical, sophisticated progressives who believe in peace, democracy and the freedom of the press, and somehow they wound up arguing against all three of them without any critical thought. What an extraordinary thing to behold.

If a friend told me that they were going to keep secrets from me and sometimes lie but for my own good, they wouldn’t be my friend for long. I certainly wouldn’t absorb everything they said with nary a hint of skepticism. And yet this is the state of the western liberal today.

Being a “contrarian” in the face of bat shit insanity is a good thing, actually.


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92 responses to “Defending Ukrainian “Democracy”: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. A contrarian is defined as:

    ‘A contrarian is a person who holds a contrary position, especially a position against the majority’.

    What a lame assed insult to throw at someone, as if a majority is by its size, made up of people with more facts than the person being bismirched.

    Consensus opinions are also a problem area.

    A Consensus Medical Opinion was that laying in bed after a heart attack was the way to go. The doctor who suggested otherwise, was villified until the data proved him correct.

    A Consensus Medical Opinion was that virus’s couldnt exist in the stomach, and i watched in realtime, as the consensus opinion, which wasn’t based on any facts, was proved this wrong. The researcher gave himself a stomach ulcer in front of his students, and then cured himself with over the counter drugs, costing Pharma billions. I believe the individual concerned won a Nobel Prize.

    More recently I’ve been watching Peter Hitchens on Twitter destroy all those that come at him with the ‘Contrarian’ pejorative term. It’s a sight to behold.

    Add ‘Contrarian’ to the list of pajoritive words used against dissenters of the Official Narravitives, alongside ‘Anti-Science’ and ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ and the good old ‘Nasty-PersonX Apologists’

  2. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    Caitlin, I know this seems off-topic, but I just finished reading a book called Men Who Hate Women. Apparently there is a whole network of these men, and their beliefs overlap with those of the alt-right, racist, and white supremacist worlds.
    I have to wonder how many of the people who are advocating for a nuclear war are consciously or unconsciously aligned with these belief systems.
    I know that asking you to read another book “in your spare time” is asking a lot, but I believe it’s something that should be brought to the attention of all anti-imperialist thinkers.
    I was aware that there are misogynists, of course, but I didn’t know that they are now organized.
    These online networks are very scary to me.

  3. Dear fellow monkeys screaming in the far far away woods far away from being a threat to the nazi MSM and establishment. It was an honor to share some thoughts here. Tomorrow is the Brussels meeting and as you know this set up against Russia has been in stand by for decades. In the next week perhaps a war overall Europe and Middle East can happen. Who knows, right? Perhaps it’s just in Europe but still a big deal for many people to handle it. Don’t forget your fucking facial masks and alcohol gel to protect your valuable “isms” and useless words to address and help to educate ordinary people because they don’t give a damn about it.
    Time to go dark. Bye. With love, Sid.

  4. Dear fellow monkeys screaming in the far far away woods far away from being a threat to the nazi MSM and establishment. It was an honor to share some thoughts here. Tomorrow is the Brussels meeting and as you know this set up against Russia has been in stand by for decades. In the next week perhaps a war overall Europe and Middle East can happen. Who knows, right? Perhaps it’s just in Europe but still a big deal for many people to handle it. Don’t forget your fucking facial masks and alcohol gel to protect your valuable “isms” and useless words to address and help to educate ordinary people because they don’t give a damn about it.
    Time to go dark.

  5. The ZIO/US continue with this idiotic charade that this demented old fool has something to contribute !

    The game is up for the Rothschilds AND the Rothschilds attack dogs the US military and NATO who only exist to plunder the worlds resouces !

    Biden is glaring evidence of that !

    How quickly people forget that Russia was accused of bombing hospitals in Syria and commiting human rights atrocities !

    DITTO Syria who were also accused of chemical weapons attacks – ‘barrel ‘ bombing – killing babies – every despicable lie they could conjure up – the Rothschilds owned western media were relentless as they are now !

    In the end Russia destroyed ISIS and there was NOTHING the ZIO/US/NATO could do about it !

    America is a disgrace and the Rothschiilds created wars have brought untold misery on 100s of millions worldwide who have been killed – maimed and displaced !

    This had to END and Russia is ending it !

    The ZIO/US/NATO can do nothing now and they KNOW it !!

    Russia is far too sophisticated !

    If you think that the Taliban retook Kabul in ONE week – bloodlessly and unopposed without help from Russia and China ( who were doing drills on the Afghan border at the time ) using sophisticated electronic weaponry- well – you are living in fairyland !

    There is absolutely NOTHING the ZIO/US/NATO can do – they are not capable !

    There will be NO war – only collapse !

  6. So is erecting missile launchers aimed at Moscow and St. Petersburg near the Polish and Romanian borders. The list of such deliberately ignored provocations is longer than Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” files.
    Washington controls the thinking of its population of knee-jerk, warmongering lemmings by using the media to keep them all willfully ignorant of reality and focused like a laser beam on the deliberate false narratives constantly dispensed. Caitlin is our very own modern Cassandra reminding us of this every day in a brand new column packed with actual facts which most of the English-speaking world could read but few actually do because, you know, we are all tarnished as “fringe conspiritors” by the man.

    1. Malfunction of system. This was meant to be a reply to Pretzelattack far below, but “reCAPTCHA” messed up and the back button did not return me to point of origin, instead unwittingly depositing here, which is why you cannot fathom the discontinuity, unsure of what “so is…” relates to. I hate it when machines make me look like some disoriented version of demented Squinty-eyed Joe.

  7. Why isn’t Vlad the Former Master of Manipulation instructing his minions to post more of this stuff online?
    Dumbass! No wonder you are losing the propaganda war.

  8. Michael Hudson on the concept that when you live on a planet divided into nation-states, it might be good idea to act like one.
    Mr. Hudson has become quite the doomer in recent years, he’s come around to my way of thinking, actually. The United States and the “West” are helpless lambs in a slaughter pen with …well now it is two hungry lions, Russia and China.
    Neoliberalism is not only treason, by defintion, its demand for privatization is the very mechanism by which it turns whatever nation-state it dominates into a helpless lamb.
    China rejected this “let’s become a helpless lamb” path – sometime in, I don’t know, from the beginning (?), starting in 80s (?), doesn’t matter – and instead chose to be a sovereign nation with its own sovereign goals supported by its own sovereign currency.
    ‘Russia was forced to become a sovereign lion of a nation (over Vlad the Neoliberal’s objecions, btw) because the West said fuck you we don’t want you playing in our neoliberal games, your role is to be a rump state backwater gas station with some nukes thank you very much.
    What Mr. Hudson has come to realize, I believe, is something I’ve been trying to get across to my fellow Americans since I was a kid, the United States will NEVER accept second banana status. My belief was based on the knowledge that my country has never for one moment, through all those “skirmishes” it’s been involved in, from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq I and II, stopped in its quest for “nuclear primacy,” or the ability to eliminate from the board a nuclear peer rival with a no penalty decapitation strike.
    The US will not go down without firing off its nukes. The idea that such a thing might even be remotely possible, in any scenario you can conjure up, is laughable.

    1. What I envision is Nato aka US forces building up for invasion on Russian borders. Russia using battlefield low yield nukes to neutralize them. What comes after that I am not sure. The US would realize in that monent that US soil was in harms way.

  9. Trust no one. Anything media puts out is a distorted truth. Save trust for people you know well who have not burned you. The idea that media, which is created by people you do not know can be trusted is ludicrous.

    I invite other people to describe situations where they have been eyewitness to an event that made ‘news’ on some kind of mass media platform. I have been in this kind of Twilight Zone myself at times.

    The first thing you say is ‘It Didn’t Happen That Way’. You can’t believe how much the report is distorted. It is not what you saw.

    Later you realize truth was not the point. Media is a business.

    Only a few encounter the hidden layer of control. Puppet masters who make Media offers they can’t refuse. Not that media wants to.

    1. I love that you pointed all of this out! THANK you for that. It cannot be said enough. NO media outlet can be trusted, just as you say, every BIT of it is distorted. And I have been called a “nutjob” & “crazy” for saying these very things myself, by people who implicitly TRUST anything CNN or Fox or whatever their favorite mainstream news network is spoon-feeds them. I’m so relieved to see that there are actually SOME people out there who actually understand this on a gut-deep & visceral level. Again, THANK you for point those things out. It REALLY needs to be said as often as possible.

  10. 10 Gallon Hat Heroes and War Crimes:

    Compare Russian bombing of Mariupol, Ukraine and the NATO bombing the 300 thousand population in Fallujah Iraq in April 2004.
    White Phosphorous, Daisy Cutters, Depleted Uranium, Thermobaric bombs, Clusterbombs, Napalm…

    …. the main hospital was seized by US forces and access denied to the wounded. The population was subjected to daily aerial bombardments. The use of cluster bombs in urban areas. Doctors reported seeing patients whose skin was melted from exposure to phosphorous bombs. Water and electricity were cut off and people quickly ran out of food as they were trapped in their homes by sniper fire. Families trying to flee the devastated city were executed, including a family of five, shot down trying to cross the river to safety; their murder was witnessed by an AP photographer.

    The Red Cross and Red Crescent were prevented from entering the besieged city. Preliminary estimates are as high as 6,000 Iraqis killed, a third of the city destroyed, and over 200,000 civilians living as refugees.

    The International Committee for the Red Cross reported on December 23 that three of the city’s water purification plants had been destroyed and the fourth badly damaged.

    Aid organizations have repeatedly been denied access to the city, hospitals, and refugee populations in the surrounding areas.

    “On one of my trips to drop off a detainee at the jail, the Senior Interrogator told us not to bring them in any more. ‘Just shoot them’ he said, I was stunned, I couldn’t believe he actually said it. He was not joking around, he was giving us a directive. A few days later a group of Humvees from another unit passed by one of our machine gun positions, and they had the bodies of two dead Iraqi’s strapped to their hoods like a couple of deer. One of the bodies had exposed brain matter that had begun to cook onto the hood of the vehicle, it was a gruesome, medieval display.”
    –Jim Talib HM3 (FMF/PJ), 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, November 29, 2004–

    1. I’ll add that Nis hospital and the civilian neighborhood where it was located were demolished by NATO cluster bombs in 1999. No consequences.

      1. Sort of like Custers Last Stand immortalized as he fought the Indian horde while not mentioning entire Indian villages wiped out by US Calvary time and time again.

  11. For many people, politics are best left to politicians because they’ve got neither the time nor the taste to get to know enough historical background to be able to make arguable assessments. So they loosely stand for “goodguyism”. Whoever SAYS that what they do is in the interest of the most vulnerable gets their vote and then whatever these guys DO must be in the interest of the most vulnerable (including Wall Street bankers who have to be regularly bailed out) because, as Tulsi Gabbard explained for endorsing Biden, they’ve got a good heart.
    The Democrats, who were initially slave-holding white supremacists, deserve a Nobel Prize in public relations for having become in less than a century the poster children of everything that’s good and honorable. Thanks to the 24/7 pounding of Hollywood and other media, they have been for decades the undisputable “good guys” (TM). And so everything they do is good. If they bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki like Truman, it is to spare the lives of millions of Americans. If they escalate the Vietnam war like Johnson, it’s because the bloodthirsty murderers of the Vietnamese Communist Party were swimming in shoals across the ocean with knives between their teeth to go and slit Americans’ throats while they slept. If, like Clinton in 1990, they side with the Croats whose fascist and ultranationalist Ustaches had allied with Hitler and Mussolini during WWII, murdered 500,000 Serbs then and were expelling 200,000 more with the break-up of Yugoslavia, it’s because the Serbs were the bad guys, which was later confirmed by the fact that the US bombed Belgrade civilians – the very civilians who demonstrated against Serbian president Milosevic. And later the same team turned Kosovo into a KLA run supermarket (under CIA license) for heroin from Afghanistan, weapons from the MIC, sex and organ-trafficking because it’s the economy stupid! European gangsters and terrorists need those goods to enforce freedom and democracy!
    Proof that the Dems are bulletproof “good guys” (TM)? Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize even before he outbombed Bush and extended the US war zone by two countries! Can’t make that stuff up!
    And now Brandon’s Democrats support neo-nazi backed Zelensky because he’s heroically fighting Putin who’s a notorious anti-Semite, Holocaust denier, misogynist and anti-LGBT white supremacist who even had the gall to spare Edward Snowden the fate of Julian Assange and to develop his own Covid vaccine instead of buying the American ones.
    The bastard makes his own weapons too! A guy who controlled Trump’s every moves (including the sanctions on Russia) for years, hacked everything hackable in the US, overturned the 2020 election in favor of Biden because the “two idiots” in charge of that meddling fucked up and their tank ran out of gas… Sorry, that’s another story… Anyway, everything the Democrats do is good, period! And people who don’t vote for a party that allows its members to get away with murder are out of their minds and should be exterminated as mentally deficient, just like Adolf said.

    1. Typo: Clinton and Croatia 93-95

  12. Pretkel Christine Avatar
    Pretkel Christine

    Adding up the dead. And what has Biden said about Yemen?

    1. He thought they said Amen.

  13. biden-puppeteers are demanding the ukrainian nazis stage a chemical attack. they were not pleased with the maternity and theatre, they want real piles of corpses. the nazis complied when he asked for the invasion of donbas. nazis needn’t worry about bad press or war-crimes accusations. these things are totally under master’s control. ukrainian civilians must take matters in their own hands and stop the nazis or the nazis will sacrifice them to their master as requested.

  14. Look to this precious Canada’s thing now:
    Vaccinated people more likely to support harsh anti-Russia measures – poll
    A survey conducted in Canada suggests the unvaxxed have much more diverse opinions on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    1. there is indeed a world-wide attempt to associate people with divergent views on this conflict with people or groups that already have been labelled ‘enemies’ and/or ‘crazies’.

      1. True. I’ll be so pissed off if all conspiracy theories were indeed conspiracy facts. I was expelled from a super market for not wearing a facial mask.

    2. Covid Vaccine lowers IQ even further.

      1. CDC quietly admits COVID-19 vaccines cause heart attacks and strokes; Big Pharma media tries to pin blame on anything else

        They will need to make a big war to be bigger than the covid scam in the hopes people will forget about it. I like thin that – Good relationship is good. Forgiveness is nice but I’ll never forget covid scam.

  15. The overly cautious (aka scaredy cat) Sun Tzu on overreach: “One may know how to conquer without being able to do it.”
    Fuck that. We know how to do it, in fact we’re so confident in our abilities, we are going to start a two front war! Let’s gooooooooo!
    The second front has been opened, war with China has begun.
    Note: How did little Greece get $350 billion in debt? Will nation-states never learn? When the global financial engineers show up at your door, do not invite them in.
    I swear, my last words are not going be something random or prosaic like “Rosbud,” I going out leaving my fellow species members some sound technical advice, “sovereign bankingggg…..”

    1. It just occurred to me. Maybe what this is all going to come down to; the civilians side of the Beltway Complex equation is going to give the Generals The Final Option, “We’ve given you $35 trillion since the end of World War II, and the reason we did, is because you’ve been telling us all along, that when the time comes, you can win the Big One. Well, the time has come.Either get it done, or we will throw in the towel for the both of us.”

      1. Which leads to a thought that didn’t just occur to me, in fact it’s been on my mind since General Burt Lancaster tried replace President Frederic March when I was still adjusting the rabbit ears on my television set, the unmentionable, US military coup d e’tat.*
        The main obstacles, I believe, there are simply too many generals, roughly 900, and full colonels, 11,000 plus, to coordinate such a thing effectively, and a retirement pipeline a leads to easy riches in the private sector.
        Why mess up a good thing?
        Still, we seem to be fast approaching a moment when questions of honour, as it applies to action, are going to become extremely complex in at least one of our Beltway power centers.
        *Prevented, of course, by the dashing exploits of Col. Kirk Douglas.

  16. If you’re getting a bit concerned about Putin threatening your investment portfolio or your job at your state’s war corporations, when you walk into the voting booth this November, just vote for another R or D, makes no difference which, and you’ll get More Of The Same until the 2024 election, when you can do the same. Just keep in mind that by so doing you’re also voting for nuclear WWIII.

    1. Yes, if only we had someone like Putin to vote for. He’d be the peace candidate. Boy, the troll farms seem busy at the moment. On both “sides”.

      1. I agree with everything you’ve said. Thanks.

        1. I’ve seen dissent in troll farms. It’s a beautiful thing – braver & more significant than dissent in the West (which is cheap & commonplace, and why Russell Brand has 11 million followers).

          1. Again, I agree with everything you’ve said. Thanks.

  17. Western media’s faux outrage: “Russia bombs shopping mall in Kiev!!!!!”

    The Intel reality:

  18. The claim about the US “provoking” this full-scale war is largely, but not entirely, bullshit – certainly the US’s non-military actions were one factor among many in the lead-up to war. Ukraine, getting pounded in a one-sided war with a military superpower, is definitely not a model of open democracy.

    Here’s what Noam Chomsky said about Russia’s actions recently:

    “[T]he Russian invasion of Ukraine is a major war crime, ranking alongside the U.S. invasion of Iraq […] It always makes sense to seek explanations, but there is no justification, no extenuation.”

    1. Be it an individual or a nation, fighting for your life is not the same as murder. Turning the other cheek for 8 years and 14,000 deaths in the Donbass did not work.

      1. Plus it’s not at all a “full-scale war”and Chomsky can take his false equivalent “ranking” and shove it. Call off the dogs, allow Ukrainian neutrality, and let’s live in a world that includes Russian society. Russians are really good with arts and science and a lot of other human stuff.

        1. Noam seems to have developed a case of Bernie Sandersitis.
          Cave to the mob when they’ve got you surrounded.

          1. Or, you know, perhaps Noam has a point that’s worth considering, instead of reflexively dismissing it because you don’t agree with it, and assuming that someone’s “got to him”.

            After all, you’d condemn others for reflexively dismissing your point of view, wouldn’t you?

            1. why is his point worth considering?

    2. i think the claim that the us provoked this special military operation is entirely correct.

      1. Not to mention obvious. So obvious and so provocative that I wish I could think of another word to render a stronger meaning.

        1. Blatant. I’m astounded that anyone who paid the tiniest bit of attention to Ukrainian events in 2014 and since could miss the US role as instigator of the current mess.

    3. NATO arming Ukraine (at the direction of the US) is a military action. so is provoking a coup.

  19. Blessthebeasts Avatar

    The fact that this gnome, Zelensky, is now the darling of the western media says it all.

    1. Not so long ago al-Qaeda were noble freedom fighters in Syria. Now they’re joined by delightful neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

      1. Can’t stop progress!

  20. Some people worthy of my attention for risking their public reputation in order to avoid the WWIII:

    1) Writer and activist Yves Engler interrupted a speech by Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly, accusing the authorities in Ottawa of escalating the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and increasing the risk of it turning into a global confrontation.

    2) Alex Stein has gone viral for his political comedy stunts in front of US council representatives.

    Meanwhile, it seems Joe Biden after many countries gave consent to support the US proxy war in Ukraine is accepting the elites long time idea to bring up to the public knowledge the New World Order leaded by the US empire.

    John Bolton a cracked mind but loved by the military industrial complex is openly advocating the New World Order agenda.

    The Pentagon is playing according to the wishes of those who have the power. Bluff or for real?

    US Navy Deploys Carrier Strike Group in Med to Implement Ukraine No-Fly Zone If Biden Gives Order.

    1. Sputnik would probably object to anyone calling Ukraine a no-Nazi zone, so why does it play along with the idea that there were no-fly zones over Iraq, Bosnia, and Libya, when it explicitly acknowledges Western aircraft were not only flying there, but also bombing?
      Those reading this are unlikely to be fooled by the term no-fly zone, but it is deliberately designed to obfuscate reality. Many less familiar with NATO newspeak or recent history may take it at face value, imagining it means what it says, no aircraft in Ukrainian skies, when it really means the exact opposite: Russia and the West battling it out in Ukrainian airspace, with every chance of rapid escalation into a possibly nuclear third world war.

      1. True. Unfortunately the majority does not think using knowledge, reasoning about the consequences. In “normal” reality most of us here would be the same long time well-known weirdos with no influence even to decide who will make the breakfast. We should not dismiss the possibility that in fact we are not much more than doing “typing-therapy”. Eventually someone among the living will notice it and use it to make something useful like telling jokes as an act of rebellion. Who knows, right.

        1. Using the term no-fly zone isn’t typing therapy, it’s Empire propaganda. We can at least say so-called no-fly zone, or better still, point out that it means the exact opposite of what any reasonable person would expect.

          1. I understand your points. But if it is not true “typing-therapy” under certain light, can we go outside to speak out loud all these viewpoints for 5 minutes before the S.W.A.T. shows up to flush out any narrative not “legally” accepted? I can’t do that because I’m surrounded. Life is short but I’m not with plans to die tomorrow.

            1. Sputnik can say so-called no-fly zone, or put the term in quotes.

        2. Maybe AI will get the gist.

          1. Well, the queen is already in Scotland with no scheduled time to go back to London. I wonder if the heirs are not hidden already as well. Fuckery is afoot.

      2. I see that Sputnik itself agrees that many, in the US at least, don’t know what no-fly zone means in practice, which leaves me even more baffled as to why they use it without so much as inverted commas. Regarding a recent YouGov poll:
        “Without the definition, 40% of respondents stated that they would support a US-enforced no-fly zone, while only 25% opposed it. Some 35% responded that they were unsure.
        With the definition included, only 23% of respondents said they would support a no-fly zone. Some 43% percent opposed it, with 34% still unsure.”
        Exactly what I’d guessed was happening. People who pay little attention to current affairs, getting their news chiefly from headlines, assume no-fly zone means what it says, and like the idea. When they find out the reality behind the euphemism, many change their minds.
        The term no-fly zone is pure propaganda, and pretty successful propaganda at that – some 20% of US adults apparently fall for it. We don’t mindlessly repeat the Empire’s bullshit about promoting peace, freedom and democracy; why mindlessly repeat this blatant and dangerous crap about no-fly zones, when they’re anything but?

        1. Maybe they think it refers to house flies. Nothing else makes any sense.

          1. Sputnik thinks no-fly refers to house flies? More like Sputnik isn’t thinking about what it’s writing.

  21. I don’t know why he is still arguing about Crimea – Russsia has built a 19 kilometre bridge to Crimea and the people are extremely happy !

    Crimea IS Russia !

    It was Russia who defended it from Napoleon in 1853 and THAT is why it is STILL Crimea !

    Of course Turkey got Napoleon involved !

    17 times Turkey has attacked Russia and 17 times they have FAILED !

    Zelensky has no hope !

    The Rothschilds financed Napoleon – just like they are financing Zelensky !

    1. Please show your work that ‘the Rothschilds’ are funding Zelensky, otherwise you sound like a nutter.

  22. Boycott the ‘social media’ channels! Every time you use them, you legitimise them!

    1. Thats like saying dont use drugs. You are just keeping drug dealers in operation. People are heavily addicted to social media. It has reached a point that people think there is something wrong with you if you dont use it. I saw the evil early on and have never partaken.

      1. Ha-HAH! Seriously? That’s just funny, bro, how do you figure THIS banter & back & forth online is ANY different than the SAME kind of banter & back & forth going on at FB, Twitter, or anywhere else? Hahaha! That’s freakin’ hilarious, bro ~ & no offense, I get what you mean, & I’m commenting here too, but at least I know it’s no different here than there, & I think that it is very narrow-sighted on your part, & frankly naive, to think that the “high-minded” talk here is really any different just because it *appears* on the *surface* to be somewhat more reasonable & “intellectual”. Sorry, but that just really makes me laugh, lol! Smh. But at least this platform is more civil, I will say that. Namaste. =)

  23. The Telegraph has this revealing piece:
    Inside the secret government unit returning fire on Vladimir Putin’s ‘weaponised lies’
    or, minus paywall,
    The cell was set up at the behest of Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, in the weeks prior to the invasion in late February, and operates between the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence. Its 35 full-time staff are drawn from departments including the Foreign Office, Ministry of Defence, Home Office, Cabinet Office and Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.
    Members of the unit are also working to expose Putin’s attempts to pre-emptively accuse Ukraine and the West of engaging in activities in which the Kremlin is already involved. Internally this work is known as “pre-bunking”. An example of this was another intervention by Mr Johnson, to warn that Putin may be preparing to deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine, after Moscow claimed it had uncovered a “Ukrainian biological weapons lab”. The US dismissed the claim as “absurd propaganda”.
    The information cell is coordinating with embassies abroad to translate and disseminate its “pre-bunking” content around the world, in a bid to overturn the idiom coined by Jonathan Swift that “falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it”. Officials are now beginning to distribute content in Mandarin, amid questions over China’s potential support of the war.

    1. Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland also came up with a good one the other day in her Congress hearing, to the effect that Putin always accuses others of what he is going to do. I’m starting a subscription to buy her a mirror :o)

  24. A counter-narrative brought to you by the lads from The Duran: The destruction of Armies rather than the capture of cities:
    Two things I would point out, one, the Russian invasion did not have numerical superiorty on the ground going in. On paper it was outnumbered 3 to1, in reality probably closer to 2 to 1. However, as you are well aware, the bulk of the best of the Russian stuff is taking a nap up north to the West of Kyiv, so to this untrained eye, it appears to me, the Russian Federation reached all of its key objectives in the early stages while being outnumbered by some figure unheard of by any attacking force in the history of warfare.
    Spiderwebbed the motherfucker by mobile battalions, helicopter gunships flying non-stop suicide missions just above, to let “the thread weaving conscrips” know the weren’t some king of sacrifical lambs, esprit de corps was established in this manner, and now 4 weeks in Azov in Mariupol has a few city blocks to call its own, and the other 2 (?) southeastern cauldrons are established, and waitin’ their turn.
    Very impressive whatever the numbers, I think we can all agree, and it really all came down to, and here’s those three words that are driving Beltway Complex insane, having a “no-fly zone” that you can call your own.
    Two, Joe “the patsy” Biden taking the fall for this disaster is brilliant, but in my opinion, it won’t be allowed to happen, as there is no workaround to the Harris catch. By definition, a puppet has to have something going for it. A puppet doesn’t have to be smart, or likable, or good or bad, but it must have that “something” that keeps the audience engaged. Zelenski, for example, clearly has many of the qualities necessary to be a good one, that’s why he was chosen, but Kamala Harris at the end of the puppet strings would be I believe an unbearable experience for the audience, and even more importantly, for the puppet masters themselves.
    Unless the double impeachment idea is possible. Simultaneous impeachments!
    This is all just getting to bizarre for me, it really is.

    1. My dad was in Vietnam. Half the base perimeter were guarded by ROK South Korean troops. The VC never attacked them. They were afraid of them. So it is with Ukraine and the Russians. They hate them but are scared of them. I believe the videos of entire battalions fleeing leaving their equipment behind. The only ones really fighting are the neo nazi divisions.

      1. ” I believe the videos of entire battalions fleeing leaving their equipment behind.”
        Indeed. RT had a reporter embedded with a Russian element moving north from Crimea, and in his last video he was roaming around an abandoned Ukraine Army encampment, brigade strength it looked like (4,000 men roughly). One of those run for your lives evacuations. Everything but small arms left behind on a minute’s notice.
        It was within a day or two that RT was banned. I just checked a link I left of the report elsewhere, but it is gone. Of course.
        I remember watching Vietnam on TV when I was a kid. There was more footage on a half hour nightly newscast than there has been of this entire war.
        More than 50 years later, it is a stunning thing for me to have to contemplate. I was allowed to know more about Vienam when I was 8 than American adults of all ages are allowed to now.
        This explains perhaps, much of their incessant, infantile behavior, and why I feel justified in using the word kindergarten to decribe it.

  25. The best thing coming out of Australia is Catlin Johnstone’s words. Cheers.

  26. zbigniew dzwonkowski Avatar
    zbigniew dzwonkowski

    Hi Caitlin , let us begin the vote of conscience with question : Is the Independence of USA, Timor, Bangladesh , Southern Sudan and more , Illegal according to the standards applied in the Ukraine now ? Is this a proof of the western accumulated hypocrisy which never wins at the End ? ….

  27. If readers elsewhere are still having trouble accessing Consortium News, here are three recent articles.
    PATRICK LAWRENCE: Imperial Infantilism
    ‘Diplomacy is an essential skill in the century swiftly taking shape around us, but we find that hurling playground insults at the leader of another nation has become normal in post-9/11 Washington.’

    The Brutal War on Yemen
    ‘Baher Kamal reports on U.N. agencies’ warnings of the catastrophic consequences of the Saudi Arabia/UAE coalition’s war on Yemen, which is being fueled by U.S. and European arms deals.’

    A Period of Great Tectonic Shifts
    ‘Vijay Prashad presents six theses about the establishment of the U.S.-shaped world order in 1990 and its current fragility in the face of growing Russian and Chinese power.’

  28. THIS… just PRICELESS…

    “Liberals were brought up to think of themselves as skeptical, sophisticated progressives who believe in peace, democracy and the freedom of the press, and somehow they wound up arguing against all three of them without any critical thought. What an extraordinary thing to behold.”

    1. Liberals think if they go along with the dominant narrative, they’ll share in the Empire’s wealth. When the dominant narrative does a U-turn, so do they.

      1. Indeed, well said ~ & shows what they know, doesn’t it? For my own part, I have chosen to take NO side at all > I *stand* *apart* from ALL of the madness on ALL sides. We have access to fresh water & are growing our own food & stocking up on seed, we have a plan if everything goes south, beyond that, I just kick back & watch the madness & just shake my head at all the rabid inanity, waiting for it all to finally self-destruct & simply be OVER.

  29. Just want to say congratulations on having Russel Brand feature your writing. Hope so many more people will now get to enjoy your thought provoking and absolutely wonderful material.

    1. I wish he had the guts to commit his beliefs to his speech like Caitlin does to her writing. His qualifications drive me nuts!

    2. Brand is a corporatocracy puppet. Beware. BE AWARE. Sucking kool aid candy is beneath even children. No one with a platform such as his is trustworthy.

      1. if he is a puppet, why link to Caitlin Johnstone?

    3. I have ten times the audience that Hollywood Brand does, and he supports the great reset. I have been adding Caitlin to my emails constantly, thus widening the audience by many millions. I don’t think his audience has the necessary brains or awareness to comprehend Caitlin’s most simple concepts.

      By the way, Caitlin, you do expose Romerica’s vast power and responsibility, but do not ever expose the people behind the throne, those that control the US.

      A hint is to follow the money

      1. Thank you for this explanation. Russia apparently just learned how its central bank is not its own, and has been selling assets to the highest bidder, holding reserves abroad, and now they are stolen.

      2. Total nutter. The linked website is just silly.

      3. The Rothschilds own or control the illegally created central banks of Cambodia, China and Cuba? (I didn’t look past C.)
        Were they also responsible for tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden and the extinction of terrestrial dinosaurs?

  30. “Is it Ukraine Crisis or the crisis of the New World Order? The New World Order of Bush Sr., intended to prevent foreign invasions of countries – such as Saddam Hussein’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait to Iraq – has paradoxically led to even more unjust wars and invasions, and millions of unarmed civilian deaths. The so-called New World Order appears to be a safe haven for invaders, destructors of civilizations, human rights, and dignity, but only if the invading nations are from the West, and the victims are from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.”

    “Since the end of World War II, the US and its allies have been directly responsible for 81 percent of all unjust wars, illegal occupations of countries, civilian deaths, violations of human rights, destruction of entire nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and many more. So, the most embarrassing question for the US and its allies is this: Do they have any moral ground to condemn Russia for its latest aggression in Ukraine?”

    Written by
    Dr Hashmi is a retired Professor of History and Security Studies at the APCSS in USA. He is an author, columnist, and commentator on international affairs. His major publications include Pakistan as a Peasant Utopia (Westview and Routledge), Women and Islam in Bangladesh (Palgrave Macmillan), Global Jihad and America (SAGE), and Fifty Years of Bangladesh, 1971-2021 (Palgrave Macmillan).

    Full article at

    1. “The New World Order of Bush Sr., intended to prevent foreign invasions of countries…”
      His NWO was bullshit of course. He as much as invited his old ally against Iran to do whatever he wanted when he told him the US doesn’t interfere in intra-Arab conflicts and invading Panama and funding Contras in Nicaragua showed there was nothing new in his phony NWO. The only things that change are the marketing strategies.

  31. Your contrarian journalism is greatly needed and appreciated Caitlin

  32. Carolina Cositore-Sitrin Avatar
    Carolina Cositore-Sitrin

    Just to share what some of my Cuban friends are sharing with me because of my posts
    “be careful please, protect yourself.”

    1. We all need to hope only our accounts disappear. But being told we’re free to speak since birth is a hard habit to break. The only way to protect ourselves is to shut up. There is no place to hide.


    I will put a -space- after the “dot” on the Saker blog link, so it will post. You can copy, paste and remove it.

    Tom Luongo analyzes the substance of the national players in Russia and the US, vs the media portrayals which shape public perceptions of the conflict, and public emotions. While Russia fights an unusually lopsided “police action” to de-nazify Ukraine, destroy it’s NATO-harmonious military structure,impose neutrality and a political restart, and assure the safety of ethnic Russians, western propaganda only misinforms and shows pictures of Ukrainian children murdered by Ukrainian Azov Battalion and similar groups, and shows Vladimir Putin scowling, as the perpetrator.

    Russia trolled the west in early February about the predicted “invasion of Ukraine”, asking what day it would begin, and pointing out that they had nowhere near enough forces near the border to invade. Indeed, they did not have, not by any traditional military calculation. The NATO-trained Ukrainian army and reservists number about 600,000. An invading force should be 3 X that, so 1,800,00. Russia had about 200,000 military personnel on Ukraine’s border, enough to repel and counter-attack, but not to invade. The US/NATO were aware of this, and would naturally have expected a much smaller Russian action to defend Donbass civilians, as artillery attacks upon them were ramped up to 1200 shells per day in mid February.

    Russian forces did something original in warfare. They “invaded” with 1/3 of the defending force, and are making it work. They held their best units and modern equipment in reserve, against a counter-attack by the main enemy, NATO. They are not destroying cities and knocking out food supplies and utilities, because the people of Ukraine are not to be subjugated, just as the Russians have been saying. They are exhausting the Ukrainian military forces and, indeed, concentrating upon ridding the Donbass of the right-wing Ukrainian nationalist forces, by first making them run out of fuel, artillery and sleep.

    Putin’s interviews with Oliver Stone in 2016 are referenced, and compared to Lindsey Graham’s calls to somehow assassinatePutin to fix this problem. Stone asked Putin about the multiple assassination attampts, which had already been made upon his life. Putin resolutely replied with a Russian folk saying that, “he who is destined to hang, does not drown”. Putin long ago invested his earthly life in the cause of Russian Nationalism. He made self deprecating humor with this saying, while making clear that he saw his fated-destiny as the deciding factor in what his life span might be.

    Western politicians, who have no skin-in-the game, are experiencing surprise and frustration at being caught unprepared for a real war with Russia. The Russian leader has lost the propaganda war in the west, but the Russian nation is galvanized, with Russian skin in the game. The rest of the world is watching the western empire, again paralyzed by a much smaller, yet more determined opponent.

    Propaganda lies are very unlikely to galvanize western populations to the point where they are prepared to fight a land war in their home-towns. Somehow 1/3 of Americans do answer a poll that they support risking nuclear war to thwart Russian aggression. Is this the victory of concept over substance?

    The Vineyard of the Saker blog looks at the Psy-Ops, which the west is winning at-home, but has lost in Russia, as fifth-columninsts and sixth-columnists duck and cover (he defines these terms well, which I needed).

    ​ ​The first week of the war went extremely well from a purely military point of view, but from a socio-political point of view, I know that a lot of Russian vacillated and really freaked out.
    ​ ​But then, the western PSYOPs made a huge mistake: they gave free reign to truly rabid and racist russophobia while, at the same time, openly proclaiming the Nazi regime in Kiev as “heroic” defenders of the West. It is one thing to hear that your dictator Putin and his Mordor will be sanctioned to smithereens and quite another to feel the overt, direct and targeted hatred against you and your people, that is something you perceive less with your mind and more, I would say, with you “skin” or “guts”. Once it became obvious that the West’s hate for Russia is absolute and total and that the “best” Russians can hope from our “western friends” is to be treated like Native Americans or the Boers by the Anglos, which is not different at all from how the Nazis treated Russians, most Russian figured out what this was really all about since Day 1 and even much before (I would argue since about 1000 years).
    ​ ​That was pretty much all it took to “switch over” the mode of many Russians from “of my God, what will happen next?” to “we shall never surrender” or, on the words of Molotov, “Ours is a righteous cause. The enemy shall be defeated. Victory will be ours” (June 22, 1941).

    https://thesaker. is/the-many-great-coming-outs-triggered-by-the-war-in-the-ukraine/

    6 Years Of Being Manipulated By Manufactured Waves Of Outrage With No End In Sight

    ​ ​For the past six years, the American people have been emotionally manipulated by what I call “manufactured waves of outrage”. Once the corporate media identifies a trigger, it will obsessively focus on it for weeks or months on end, and the narrative that develops will be echoed and magnified by millions upon millions of social media denizens. Before too long, much of the population is whipped up into an irrational emotional frenzy, and that frenzy is used to move certain agendas forward.

    1. The Russians have been reduced to growing potatoes. We have won.
      Or have we?
      What fascinates me most about this conflict, I have not been able to detect a single call for wholesale slaughter coming from the other side. Where as on my side, if you are not a staunch advocate of wholesale slaughter, you are unAmerican.

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