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You know you are being aggressively propagandized about Ukraine by the mass media and by Silicon Valley. You can feel it in your guts. Everyone can feel it, on some level. It feels gross.

The split on this issue is between those who trust this gut feeling and those who choose to psychologically compartmentalize away from it. Because if you don’t compartmentalize away from it, the implications of this are very frightening. It means pretty much everything you’ve been told your whole life about the government, about your nation, about the news media, and about the way the world works, has been a lie.

But that is the basic reality. If you’ve already seen this, you won’t experience cognitive dissonance when you observe it in the unprecedented imperial narrative management campaign we’re seeing with Ukraine. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll likely experience a lot of cognitive dissonance if you try to square your gut feeling that you’re being propagandized about Ukraine with your belief that your favorite politicians and news sources always tell you the objective truth. And you will compartmentalize accordingly.

That’s just how we’re wired. Our minds are wired to select for cognitive ease and forcefully reject information which challenges our present worldview. Pushing past the cognitive discomfort and facing reality is the only way to come to real understanding.

Look at this picture:

If this picture was printed out and framed, and then used as a bludgeon to bash you in the face whenever you looked at an electronic screen, it would feel how all this Ukraine war propaganda feels when you haven’t swallowed the official narrative.

People get outraged when I say we are being aggressively propagandized about Ukraine, but this fact is not seriously in dispute. The mass media have been relatively straightforward about it, though of course they fail to mention their own role in the propaganda campaign.

It seems like those who are new to the concept think that “propaganda” means making up fictional stories whole cloth, so they mistakenly assume that this is a claim that Russia never invaded and Ukrainians aren’t dying and suffering. But all it really means is that the narrative framing is manipulated. They’re not lying that there’s a war, they’re just manipulating the way people think about the war. How it’s happening, who’s to blame for it, whose agendas are served by getting it started and keeping it going, etc.

No good liar lies all the time. The best liars very seldom tell full-blown lies, always preferring to lie by omission, by distortion, by half-truth, by disproportionate focus, and by uncritically reporting other people’s lies in a way that suggests they’re true.

It’s all moving so fast now. Censorship and propaganda, the two arms of imperial narrative control, are escalating like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The doors on information control are being slammed and bolted shut all around the world as fast as the empire managers can get away with it.

And of course Australia is on the front line of this war against mental sovereignty:


And it’s because of all this intrusive perception management that we’re somehow simultaneously the closest we’ve been to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis, yet still collectively focused more on talking about sports and celebrity gossip as though everything is fine and normal.

This is something we could actually oppose, if enough of us had enough unpolluted information about what’s happening. This threat is not some inevitable force of nature that is happening to us, it’s something that is being done to us. By people. People with names and government offices.

If the nukes do start flying and we find ourselves in our final moments, will we really feel okay about having done nothing about it? About failing to mobilize in favor of de-escalation and detente? About being the first species in history to go extinct due to psychological compartmentalization and a reluctance to annoy government officials?

The only thing sadder than watching the world die would be watching it die without having done anything to try to save it.

The saying that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism is directly related to people’s inability to imagine anything other than increasingly aggressive escalations between nuclear powers in the competition-based systems we live under. People literally cannot imagine any deviation from this power struggle between nations, even if continuing along this trajectory means our complete annihilation.

And it really doesn’t need to be this way. There’s no good reason nations can’t cooperate with each other for the good of everyone without trying to dominate each other. There’s no good reason we can’t move from competition-based models of domination to collaboration-based models of human thriving.

Michael Parenti said years ago that the ultimate neocon plan (which today has become simply the mainstream orthodoxy on US foreign policy) is a confrontation with disobedient governments, the ultimate target being China, to ensure the supremacy of American global capitalism. There’s no good reason this needs to happen. There’s no good reason the defensive Russia-China tandem described years ago by Gilbert Doctorow needs to be targeted in the way it’s currently being targeted by this war that was deliberately provoked by western powers.

They are lying to you. They are lying when they say they tried to prevent this war. They are lying when they say de-escalation is impossible. They are lying when they say World War 3 is inevitable, or is upon us already. Peace and detente are very possible. All that would need to happen is the dropping away of this notion that this planet of ours needs to be dominated by a single power structure. That’s all we’d need for the threat of nuclear armageddon to go away. That’s all we’d need to ensure humanity’s progress into the future.

We can simply move from endless escalation to diplomacy, from diplomacy to de-escalation, from de-escalation to detente, from detente to true peace, and from true peace to collaboration and human thriving. The only thing stopping that from happening is this insane drive to dominate.

Don’t believe the liars.


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51 responses to “They’re Enslaving Our Minds And Driving Us Toward Destruction”

  1. MSM the great Satan of our time.

  2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    This Russia vs Ukraine war is either an Orwellian controlled oppositions thing, i.e. The West Vs Eurasia or East Asia. Or, it’s the WEST, as the MSM are repeating consistently in unison, going for full one world control (NWO), either with or without Russia in partnership. The propaganda is laughable, you’d have to have a lobotomy to believe the MSM shit fest.

  3. I recently found your articles and really appreciate them so far.

    What I’m surprised by is the comparative lack of discussion of “wokeness”. In my opinion we are in the middle of essentially a psychological black swan event. If all of the western woke nonsense was merely the effect of propaganda, people would have gone this crazy decades ago cause it’s not like the US media just started propagandizing people this decade. I feel it’s as likely that they’re buying the propaganda at such an insane level and enabling the media to lie more, because they were already under the spell of a far leftist cult/new age religion to begin with. At that point its viewers no longer had any skepticism that they would have in the past for plainly manipulative media, and would actively looking for lies that support their side over truths that they disagree with, therefore influencing the media to move towards giving the viewers what they want. In addition the media journalists getting to the point of losing all ethical standards would also be a direct result of they themselves being woke believers. The world is heading towards destruction because nearly all major leaders and millions of followers are no longer thinking coherently and are under the guise of a cult ideology. As they no longer have the normal functioning brains to analyze situations like Russia Ukraine (in this case their ideology automatically jumping to a virtue signal type place) his is the type of freak event in human history that could end humanity, unfortunately.

    1. JR, how is wokeness “nonsense”? It’s a long over-due progressive response to uncounted centuries of racism, misogyny and homophobia. It may be relatively superficial compared with classical leftist radicalism (focusing on the class struggle), and cannot replace it, but it’s still a good and progressive thing. Identity politics emerges from the middle classes, so it doesn’t have the potential to transform and fundamentally change class society, but it’s certainly a step worth supporting.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      I agree that there is a very large number indoctrinated into a ‘cult’ mentality, i.e.believing the MSM narratives and the controlled opposition ‘alternative’ media narratives. But the elite don’t give a shit about left/right/centrist politics, they only care about control of the masses by whatever means is most effective. Deception is their favoured method of control.

  4. If you allow division by zero, you can “prove” “2=1”. We are allowing division by zeros — the liars in charge of the narrative… therefore “War = Peace”.

  5. Again, Caitlin, thank you so much for these newsletters. They are a small island of much-needed sanity and reason in a world gone mad with war and irrational hysteria. You’re saying everything I’m feeling and thinking, and it’s good to know there are others who can penetrate the ideological fog of the West and call out the fascists on both sides. Keep it up & Don’t lose hope!

  6. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    The Philadelphia Inquirer is a newspaper that used to frequently win Pulitzer Prizes. Today, it is more like a magazine, in that it rarely (other than the sports section) invites readership participation. It will handpick a few meaningless letters to the editor, in its print section, but permits none on its digital version.
    The articles are so slanted that I barely need to read them any longer. Unlike the majority, who only occasionally read past the headlines (assuming that the headlines tell them all they need to know), I used to read the articles, when I could post a comment or reply regarding their content. Now, there is no such opportunity, so why bother reading propaganda, the definition as presented in this article by Caity.
    Example: the main first-page headline from today’s Inquirer: Russian Losses Mount Amid Fierce Resistance.Sub headlines: “Estimate NATO says up to 15,000 of Putin’s troops killed” and “UKRAINE: Zelensky pleads for public shows of support. ‘Estimate; NATO, Zelensky pleads’ Put it all together and what does it spell when you use the brain you were given and read into what the headlines mean and the obvious conflict among them. Just so much bullshit.

    1. Harry S Nydick Avatar
      Harry S Nydick

      PS I neglected to mention, whether true or not, if you just go past the sub-headlines (as so few people do) you see the first lines of the article state, ” NATO reported on Wednesday that 7,000 to 15,000 Russian soldiers had been killed in four weeks of war in Ukraine..” Whatever happened to those other 8,000 in the headline?

      The first thing to not was the narrative control with regard to the number ‘stated’ by NATO. If 7,000 instead of 15,000, why not 100? Where is the proof? And why is NATO stating all of this? Mostly likely to minimize the U.S. responsibility. All of a sudden, it’s as though the U.S. has disappeared in all this and its the big and wonderful (puppet) alliance that is the spokesperson. Thus, the narrative minimizes U.S. responsibility to virtually zero.

    2. New York Times – same thing. I found that most of my comments on Ukraine were never approved, even though they did not break any rules. The comments on Ukraine articles are overwhelmingly pro war. The NYT’s never did any reporting from the Donbass, that I can recall. Any information that might contradict the narrative is memory holed.

  7. Tis thing is, while I agree with entirely with the claims made about the “propaganda blitz”, I dont agree with the conclusion and the call to de-esacalate for the sake of harmony between the NATO block and everyone else.Their wont be peace or harmony until NATO is defeated, ultimately and , hopefully, finally by its own peoples. As for Russia and China (and Iran and Venezuela, and Cuba and Nicaragua and Bolivia, etc.,) there IS no way to deescalate. Russia tried for 8 years to avoid this war even bending to most of Washingtons endless hysterical demands and ignoring the diplomatic and legal lies. China is absolutely facing the same scenario and Washington has even accelerated its attack on China since the full scale war with Russia began in. the Ukraine…If people want a world safe from nuclear holocaust then WE have to mobiliize as a political force to make it stop.

  8. Benjamin Smith Avatar
    Benjamin Smith

    This has gone too far.
    It had 20 years ago when we watched the mass murder of innocents in Iraq.
    Though now this government is arming Neo Nazi’s and children to fund a proxy war that has the potential, as Caitlin so eloquently points out to end the world!
    When is it that we decide enough is enough? When is it our country has taken enough blood and helped its US war mongering puppet masters enough that we get sick of it and rise up. Or will we just keep letting this monster of systemic corruption and mass murder we know as a government keep on killing in our name.
    When is it the world will demand sanctions on the US, the UK and Australia for the crimes committed illegally in the Australian peoples name. Or will we never do anything to change this system? Are we too weak and stupid to stand up? Is it only when the system finally is killing our kids in our street and we have no rights or freedoms left with which to fight that we realise what kind of abomination we have allowed and it is already too late!

  9. Also let us not forget about the role of schooling in the enslaving of the mind.
    In the US children are told not to talk in school, and to write their one word, that they guessed fits, inside the sentence that was already made up and printed for them on paper. Importantly, they are discouraged to speak up in the classroom where teacher is the adult authority.
    As a result, when they are grown up, most people do not form their own opinions but take it from authorities. And only the most extreme opinions get heard, from either people who failed school, or people with superior education.
    I have read that wealthy people do the complete opposite with their kids, and actually teach them how to speak for themselves and their own best interests in all situations.

  10. If you would like to see a different perspective on the conflict in Ukraine, at least from what you see on western MSM, try any of the videos by Alex Christoforou. Very informative.

    1. A better link, sorry about the previous cat outtake!!

  11. This is exactly how WW2 started. First with embargoes, sanctions and financial upheaval. The next step will be troop buildup. NATO cannot wage war on the ground so they will prepare while Ukraine fights. Right now this is a proxy war and will continue as such well into 2023. Severe shortages and scarcity take time appear and do not happen overnight. Then when all is prepared a planned event will set it all off and hot war will begin.

  12. I struggle to differentiate these days.

    Capitalism carries a risk of corruption that communism all but guarantees. Both systems are flawed as, they are in truth, merely two sides to the same “Coin Of Control” power structure exerted over this planet by those who, funnily enough, have all the coin.

    The only difference between the political left and right is the left wants to vote itself money from the public purse whereas the right is quite content to beg, grift and grind directly from the public all the podcast subscription and merch money they will ever need.

    I don’t see parties or systems, I see varying levels of pretentiousness.

    If I was King, Caitlin would be one of my many advisors, though I would make sure to have her stationed in international waters so as to be absolutely guaranteed of her analytical independence…

  13. linda from michigan Avatar
    linda from michigan

    Caitlin, Keep on bravely telling the truth. You keep us all strong!

  14. You sound like you’re an American. So I am. And I’m experiencing the same kind of loneliness.Just wanted to tell you that I’m with you in spirit.

  15. How i stopped believing in the main, “objective” media: when the war started in my country i was living in the West but my family and old friends (different nationalities) were still there. The stories of what was happenng (from bbc and the rest) were very different from what i was told was happening by my family and friends. Years later when talking to a british soldier who was serving there at the time he said something like “things were bad there, different from what you hear here”. They used both omission of reporting some facts as well as inventions/pure lies, always getting info from one side only and sometimes just mentioning “it’s happening on all sides”. Since then the same or very similar seems to be happening in other wars, and most people still believe them.

  16. I think this is one of your best columns, and that is a high bar.

  17. You assume that they are actually human. Are they?

  18. It appears that global empire is on its last breath. The new bipolar world may save a lot of lives. Let’s hope that the next 50 years are better than the last…

  19. There is an excellent interview with Scott Ritter (VIPS member, former USMC Intelligence officer, former UN weapons inspector) on Regis Tremblay’s YouTube Channel. He has expert knowledge of military tactics and strategies and is quite knowledgeable about the developing conflict:

    He made several important points:

    Russia is not interested in occupying Ukraine. It only sent 200,000 troops, and that is not even enough to occupy Kiev, a city of 3 million citizens. If it was a land-grab, Russia would have needed many more troops.

    Ukrainian troops were extremely well-trained and difficult to beat back, and they outnumber Russian troops, however Russian troops are some strategies which are rapidly depleting fuel and ammunition as well as human resources available to Ukrainian troops, which have been largely broken down already.

    The fact that Russia does not seem to have enough troops is not because Russia is being beaten back, but because they did not send a full occupying force. They are doing what they already laid out publicly as their military plan:

    Demilitarize and Denazify Ukraine.

    Russia’s two separate launches of the supersonic missile “Kindzhal” (dagger) was meant to accomplish a couple things.
    1. Destroyed two training camps for foreign mercenaries
    2. Sent a message to US/EU/NATO that it can wipe out any major city within as much time as it takes to order a cappuccino if you are already at Starbuck’s and the line is very short.

    And that is just some of what he points out in his analysis. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants unbiased facts!

  20. ALL payments for Russian exports will now have to be paid in ROUBLES !

    China will soon follow suit and demand payment in YUAN !

    This will entirely collapse the western financial system !

    The Rothschilds owned $US and EURO will be finished !

    There won’t be a WAR !

    Russia eliminated 400 THOUSAND ISIS ( sponsored by the ZIO/US/NATO) in Syria and all the US and NATO could do was WATCH !

    Russia doesn’t need nuclear weapons to win – they have far more sophisticated stuff than that !

    They can completely disable anything the US and NATO has !

  21. You see – it is happening everywhere NOW !

    Jamaica has joined the BRI and are emboldened !

    The BRI is being Implemented right NOW and you would be a fool not to see it !

    This when those parasitic ROYALS William and Kate visited !

    (((THEY))) never thought that the NOW would ever catch up with THEN !

    “But Jamaica is as you would see a country that is very proud … and we’re moving on,” Jamaica’s prime minister added. “And we intend … to fulfill our true ambition of being an independent, fully developed and prosperous country.”

    The Jamaican government has also called on Britain to acknowledge its role in the enslavement of some 600,000 Africans who were inhumanely packed onto ships and transported to sugarcane and banana plantations owned by British enslavers.

  22. “Censorship and propaganda, the two arms of imperial narrative control … ”
    Exactly what they are. They are the pincers, that have raced around our unguarded flanks to link and form a pocket, the one we the public now find ourselves trapped in. And yes, the cauldron battle is already underway, the goal of which I would suggests is not to enslave our minds, but to annihilate them.
    What is left to those encircled? To break-out, or having failed that, to die with honor.
    If we are to break-out, then for me personally this space represents the best ground from which to make an attempt. We will need the help of others, of course. Men and women of honor. Here are four.

    1. Scott Ritter cites a quote from ultra nationalist, Vladimir Putin: “My job is to defend the Russian people”.
      From another’s perspective of Putin, the following by Stanley L. Cohen makes further enlightening reading:

      1. If one’s only remaining political choices today are between Putin, Zelenskyy or Biden and his cohort, I’d choose any less educated, uncivilized Homo-Sapien.

      2. Roger Hoffmann Avatar
        Roger Hoffmann

        In re. “Scott Ritter cites a quote from ultra nationalist, Vladimir Putin: ‘My job is to defend the Russian people’.”, – I’m not sure Putin is an ultra-nationalist. Certainly not in the sense that it is more broadly applied today. For instance, the neo-Nazi factions in Ukraine are considered ultranationalist not only because of radical loyalty to the nation (std. definition) but also because they pursue ethnic purity in its pursuit.

        The latter has not been evidenced by Putin. On the other hand, I do think he’s fiercely ready to defend Russia. Given that Russia is surrounded by states which, through their US ‘daddy’ are openly hostile and closing in, that trait is understandable.

        Still, I doubt he is any more nationalistic than most state leaders today- though for many it is ultra-imperialism that they defend even more than their states.

        1. Too true!
          I have no quibble with you over the standard definitions of words and the possible semantic machinations of language.
          However, I’d like to be apprised of the significance of ethnic purity and what it actually means today, in this more scientifically enlightened age of reasoning.
          Ha! Ha!

          1. I only wrote that as the term “ultra-nationalist” in some places seems to imply a bent towards ethnic cleansing such has been evidenced in Ukraine; and thought it important to make clear the distinction. While I disdain nationalism generally, I can understand the tendency, especially among Russia’s leaders towards it. It’s completely understandable given the loss of an est. 27M souls in the last invasion from the West (Hitler’s); and given the continual anti-Russian messaging (and action) in the West since after that war.

  23. When Putin and The Boys talk about placing the Nuclear Forces on alert ….. Biden and The Boys claimed that Putin was threatening to use nuclear weapons.

    When Biden and The Boys explain that there is a nuclear umbrella over NATO member countries, why is that not seen as a threat?

  24. Even if you do not believe these official liars, they are still driving us towards destruction.
    This is because the elites have always done precisely that to keep and advance their privilege: enslave, drive and sacrifice the masses of people.
    It makes no sense to us, but it’s their primary game.
    If you act against that, they will punish you in a way that will make others scared to disobey their rule (a ruse called democracy).

  25. ‘making up fictional stories whole cloth’

    The best propaganda uses truth and twists it into the needed shape.

    ‘watching it die without having done anything to try to save it.’

    Sad, but what do you expect when watchers stop anything people try.

    I fear all we can do is enjoy the ride.

  26. “Ukraine has traditionally been called Europe’s bread basket and alongside Russia, both nations are major global suppliers of staple grains. Therefore, the war has all the makings of a black swan for commodities and inflation.
    With an economy teetering on the brink of collapse due to a global supply crunch, I believe the resulting economic tremors will trigger wartime emergencies across the world and the public will be told to brace themselves for rationing.”
    “Therefore, the future of international relations and the social, economic and political transformation which the world is presently undergoing in light of the pandemic and Russia-Ukraine conflict will not be decided through multilateralism and elected representatives of sovereign states.
    Rather, it will be decided through a network of multi-stakeholder partnerships which are motivated by the politics of expediency and not accountable to any electorate or beholden to any state and for whom concepts like sovereignty and international law are meaningless.”
    The Great Reset Phase 2: War –

    1. Looked over the link. CJ writes that propaganda is not all false, but the framing of info. Winteroak has a lot of true info, bad rich people want to continue to be that, sure, that’s true. Work will be automated, very true. Look for the kookery. Transhumanism, etc. Claims without citation. I know right wing people who read similar stuff about liberals causing Covid with 5G. Not helpful.

    2. Yes but what about Neurolink. When Elon Musk was asked at a demonstration of Neurolink it the system could read thoughts, his response was that the future is going to be really weird.

    3. But even if transhumanism doesn’t come to pass, digital IDs/Currency will give the oligarchy enormous control over the worlds population such that there will be no deviation from or criticism of official policy whether that policy is working or not; i.e. no better ideas will ever be able to be considered.
      I think this is what the article is trying to drive home.

    4. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      It’s all engineered by the NWO, i.e. European origins Ruling Elite, i.e. the ‘western controlled’ multinational corporations. All the same animal. Striving for a ‘one world government’/ ‘one world empire’.

  27. From yesterday:

    ‘Today I will marry the love of my life’: Julian Assange’s fiancée
    Stella Moris

    1. Thank you so much for providing a link to this article. Julian Assange deserves all our gratitude.

    2. Craig Murray will not be attending. He tweeted, ‘I have the huge honour of being invited by Julian and Stella as one of the six people allowed to attend their wonderful wedding in Belmarsh prison today. But Julian has now been told I will not be allowed in as my presence would “endanger the security of the prison”!!!’

      Nor will a photographer be allowed. Stella Moris wrote in the Guardian, ‘The prison states that our wedding picture is a security risk because it could end up in social media or the press. How absurd. What kind of security threat could a wedding picture pose?’
      or, if CN is unavailable,

      1. holy shit, a 60+ guy in ill health will “endanger the security of the prison”. what they mean is that he and any pictures would endanger the credibility of their lies about Assange.

        1. No what they mean is that they can’t prevent it but they will make it as unpleasant as possible

  28. Roger Hoffmann Avatar
    Roger Hoffmann

    As I’ve said recently some number of times to friends, the most distressing part of the current situation is the propaganda flood that has seemingly removed the last vestiges of healthy skepticism and critical thinking from the populace. The liberals- who constitute the majority of my friends, acquaintances and social circles – seem to be the worst in this regard.

    If I make a FB post with a funny video, a beautiful mountain shot or sweet animal story, or even just a snapshot of the harvested garden bounty, I’ll commonly see dozens of “likes” and appreciative comments. But for each post about the real causes of the Ukraine crisis, or of links to those well-credentialed and credible experts who discuss it, I’ll see the same couple of responses of recognition each time, but otherwise, silence.

    If I do happen to engage with anyone (outside of a very small number of informed folk on the topic, the conversation will quickly become heated and pointless.

    I’ve been watching the buildups to war for a long time. I screamed at the TV when Colin Powell began his stream of lies to help sell the Iraq invasion; I marched with perhaps some dozens in a nearby city to try to prevent it. I watched as the drumbeat for war took most of the rest of the populace in – guaranteeing at a minimum their silent assent.

    But I confess- even having seen such things before, I was caught off-guard for the totality and unanimity of the pro-war, anti-Russian messaging that began in 2014, reached what I’d possibly naively hoped would be its final hurrah in 2016 with Russiagate, and has now become an inescapable flood dominating all “news” programming and social media meme-sharing.

    I find that I can hardly imagine how I will ever be able to see my fellow citizenry in the same way. it isn’t entirely their fault, of course. They live in a cultural and political system that has been brainwashing them with American Exceptionalist mythology for so long, while at the same time keeping them, through fear of the other, loyal to their particular tribe- either blue or red; so that they perhaps long ago lost their ability to question any of it.

    It is a lonely place for many who didn’t lose that ability, I’m sure. But I’m thankful to you, Caitlyn, and a fair number of others- journalists, writers, political historians and others, who are still telling the truth in hopes of letting a bit of light enter the cracks that might just appear.

    1. Yes it is a lonely place indeed. I am fortunate to have a couple of people in my life that I can speak freely with.

    2. You sound like you’re an American. So I am. And I’m experiencing the same kind of loneliness.Just wanted to tell you that I’m with you in spirit.

  29. But for the Psychopaths our reality would be completely different, as would our history.

    They really are the complete antithesis of human beings – ie greedy power mad war-mongering hate-mongering fear-mongering duplicitous and deceitful and totally corrupt beings AND ultra sadistic!

    In a word, totally EVIL.

  30. The liars believe their lies so much that they double down on them constantly, building up layers of lies which would take most people years to unravel. When one lie is based on another, it becomes extremely difficult to determine the truth.
    This is how our life-long indoctrination works, from childhood upwards, at home, in schools, in history, in social life, at work, in the media – everything we experience externally conditions our thinking, so we build up layers and layers of understanding & belief, much of it false and based on distorted information.
    As you say, Caitlin, it doesn’t have to be like this, but for most people on the planet it is, and they don’t know it so they can’t change it.
    Nothing short of a cataclysmic global disaster will change it – perhaps that is what the Great Reset cabal want, with most of us exterminated, and the rest enslaved under their domination. Is that the future of humanity?

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