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The Washington Post has a new article out bemoaning the fact that Russian military commanders are declining calls from the Pentagon to discuss their operations in Ukraine (I dunno guys, might have something to do with the fact that the US is sharing extensive military intelligence on exactly those operations directly with the Ukrainian government). Tucked all the way down in the eighteenth paragraph of the article, we find a much more interesting revelation: that Washington’s top diplomat has made no attempt to contact his counterpart in Moscow since the war began on the 24th of February.

“Secretary of State Antony Blinken has not attempted any conversations with his counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, since the start of the conflict, according to U.S. officials,” The Washington Post reports.

So the US government is continuing its policy of refusing to attempt any high-level diplomatic resolutions to this war despite its public hand-wringing about the horrific violence that’s being inflicted upon the people of Ukraine. This revelation fits nicely with a recent report by Bloomberg’s Niall Ferguson that sources in the US and UK governments have told him the real goal of western powers in this conflict is not to negotiate peace or end the war quickly, but to prolong it in order “bleed Putin” and achieve regime change in Moscow.

Building on an earlier report from The New York Times that the Biden administration “seeks to help Ukraine lock Russia in a quagmire,” Ferguson writes that he has reached the conclusion that “the U.S. intends to keep this war going,” and says he has other sources to corroborate this:

“The only end game now,” a senior administration official was heard to say at a private event earlier this month, “is the end of Putin regime. Until then, all the time Putin stays, [Russia] will be a pariah state that will never be welcomed back into the community of nations. China has made a huge error in thinking Putin will get away with it. Seeing Russia get cut off will not look like a good vector and they’ll have to re-evaluate the Sino-Russia axis. All this is to say that democracy and the West may well look back on this as a pivotal strengthening moment.”


I gather that senior British figures are talking in similar terms. There is a belief that “the U.K.’s No. 1 option is for the conflict to be extended and thereby bleed Putin.” Again and again, I hear such language. It helps explain, among other things, the lack of any diplomatic effort by the U.S. to secure a cease-fire.  It also explains the readiness of President Joe Biden to call Putin a war criminal.

Earlier this month when The Intercept’s Ryan Grim was able to get a word in edgewise at a White House press briefing amid the throngs of mass media reporters demanding to know why Biden still hasn’t started World War 3, Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave a very revealing answer.

“So, aside from the request for weapons, President Zelensky has also requested that the US be more involved in negotiations toward a peaceful resolution to the war. What is the U.S. doing to push those negotiations forward?” asked Grim.

“Well, one of the steps we’ve taken — a significant one — is to be the largest provider of military and humanitarian and economic assistance in the world, to put them in a greater position of strength as they go into these negotiations,” Psaki answered, completely dodging the question of whether the US was actually doing anything to help negotiate peace.

As we’ve discussed previously, the US government has a well-documented history of working to draw Moscow into costly military quagmires with the goal of preoccupying its military forces and draining its coffers. Former US officials are on record publicly boasting about having done so in both Afghanistan and Syria. This is an agenda geared toward sapping the Russian government, manufacturing international consent for unprecedented acts of economic warfare designed (though perhaps ineptly) to crush the Russian economy, to foment discord and rebellion, and ultimately to effect regime change in Moscow.

The US empire doesn’t care about Ukrainian lives, and it’s insulting that its operatives continually pretend to. The empire will happily feed every man, woman and child in the entire nation into the mouth of this war if it means unseating a disobedient leader from a nuclear-armed seat of power which has become unacceptably cozy with Beijing and intolerably comfortable with intervening against US imperial agendas. And all the Ukrainian-flag-waving propagandized westerners with their #StandWithUkraine Instagram activism and blue and yellow profile pics will cheer for it every step of the way.

I hope this brutal proxy war ends and peace comes to Ukraine very quickly. But from what we’re seeing today there appears to be an immense globe-spanning power structure holding its foot against the door of the only exit from this horror.


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102 responses to “More Evidence That The US Is Trying To Prolong This War”

  1. Why would Bliken suddenly be interested in stopping the war? His refusal to acknowledge Russia’s security concerns started it.

  2. Washington has truly become cloud cuckoo land. It looks like the madmen are falling into the trap that has undone so many tyrants before them: they believe their own propaganda is true. Putin is mad, the “invasion” is failing, sanctions are working, China’s going to turn to the west, the conflict will go on endlessly, blah blah. Add to this the embarrassing spectacle of elderly Biden apparently coming apart under the strain, his word-salading at an all-time high, spouting insults and inanities like a child.

    Scott Ritter’s recent Grayzone analyses (still on Youtube for now) seem the most accurate assessments. He concludes the Russian special operation will be studied for generations for the brilliance of its planning and execution, inexorably achieving its stated goals on its timetable. The Russian army is systematically neutralizing an armed force triple its size, well trained and highly motivated to defend its homeland. And they are doing so while minimizing civilian casualties and infrastructure damage, even at the cost of greater injuries to their own men. This is something new in the annals of warfare. Scattered elements of the Ukie army and the paramilitaries can offer only token resistance, rearguard actions that harass but cannot stop the Russians. They are now largely dug in in planned fortified positions around the country’s major cities – where they can best defend against the NATO onslaught that seems to be coming. The nazi forces are fanatical true believers, taking civilians as hostages and human shields, deliberately rounding up ethnic Russians and bombing the buildings they herd them into, as in Mariupol, while Ze and Biden, fully aware of the facts, hypocritically blame these atrocities on that new Hitler Putin. The Russians are generously granting them their dream of fighting to the death, a la Berlin 1945.

    When Kiev surrenders I expect that the parting gift from an ally no less treacherous than Washington will be release of the full dossier documenting all the criminal activities in Ukraine of Biden & son and the rest of the evil crew. Regime change at home would be sweet, except for what we will then be saddled with, a woman who can barely articulate a complete sentence; and Pelosi, who seemed incoherent at a recent press conference, will move up into the spot she vacates. Is it something in the water in DC, or what?

  3. Okay ~ back to clear up a HUGE misunderstanding ~ something wrong with this website, & it isn’t Caitlin’s fault, it is something the WordPress website or platform is doing >>> arbitrarily REDACTING precisely the SAME two sentences from a quoted tweet that I have REPEATEDLY tried to share here in its entirety, and THIS PLATFORM WOULD NOT LET me. <<>>>>>>> *IMPLYING* THAT *YOU* WILL *AUTHORIZE* THE *USE* OF THE *SAME* KIND OF C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L W-E-A-P-O-N-S ON *HELPLESS* R-U-S-S-I-A-N CITIZENS? IF *SO*, THEN *YOU* ARE A W-A-R C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L *TOO*<<<<<<<<< *I* DEMAND A *DEESCALATION*.”

    So you see, the part that this website did NOT want to allow me to SAY here was when I CALLED Biden out on HIS being a W-A-R *C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L* if he was implying the authorization of the USE of such HORRIFIC weapons against a CIVILIAN population < W-A-R *C-R-I-M-E*, yes? YES. And THAT is what this website is apparently trying to SILENCE. And I will NOT STAND for that. I WILL have MY say. BELIEVE that.

    1. Ohhhhh, you SEE??? There you go… Now it IS glitching & deleted the beginning of the text quote, WHAT the ACTUAL FUCK????? Cait, PLEASE find out what is WRONG with this website. Not only are they censoring me, but this is numerous times now that it has made parts of sentences simply disappear. I got my point thru this time though, at least the part that was redacted before actually went THRU this time > ONLY because I S-P-E-L-L-E-D it out like I did, trust me. But the first half of the tweet is now missing in the above comment (good thing I got that part through in previous comments, yeesh!). There is SOMETHING *WRONG* with this website, and it NEEDS to be FIXED. I won’t comment here anymore if THIS keeps up much longer, this is bullshit.

  4. China will never need to pay Russia for protection of transporting energy in the same way that NATO pays .$8 trillion since 1976 protecting the oil flow from the Persian Gulf.
    (PDF Document)

    Fossil fuel subsidies are a staggering $5 tn per year
    A new study finds 6.5% of global GDP goes to subsidizing dirty fossil fuels
    By John Abraham
    August 07, 2017

  5. Are you looking at the situation of common people in the USA? How is it that the beasts who rule us can totally impoverish the common person so as to have a war budget which is the sole economy of our dictatorship? So powerless is the common person that absolute nazis are the only voices heard? A nazi is a racist supremacist that uses capitalism and genocide to rule. The suit and tie class are vicious nazis. Over 100000 deaths from opioid overdoses in our deeply depressed dictatorship. I have begun rereading Orwell”s 1984. You should too

    1. Good to see, some folks have finally seen the light. Regards Orwell’s writings, read them a long time ago.

  6. Caitlin, I used to marvel at Glenn Greenwald’s comment section back at Salon. I learned something new everytime. Your articles should be read by everyone. Your comment section by nobody. It seems dominated by lunatics, conspiracy cretins pushing their blogs and a-holes. It’s a shame because your work deserves much better.

    1. James, ref your comment, “It seems dominated by lunatics, conspiracy cretins pushing their blogs and a-holes” sadly it appears you are another one of those folks, who believes you are qualified to make statements about other folk’s thoughts. Unfortunately for you, that’s a DICTATORIAL attitude far too common today, and has brought the World to where it is today. You IGNORE the FACT, that ALLEGEDLY, under a DEMOCRACY, everyone is entitled to their views, so far, despite the concentrated efforts being made by the NWO crowd and folks like yourself, those RIGHTS are being slowly whittled away bit by bit. I fought in a war ALLEGEDLY to keep our freedom, thus I’m good with you voicing YOUR beliefs, but you have no business calling names or denigrating anyone who does not share your views. As I’ve said, there’s a name for such behaviour.

  7. Thank you Cait as always.
    Sometimes you come across song lyrics that are peculiarly appropriate for the times and the venue. I recommend these, Rotersand’s Speak to Me:

  8. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Actually, the ultimate aim of the imperialists isn’t regime change in Russia. Their ultimate goal is to balkanise Russia into 4 or 5 separate, pliable ‘failed-state’ entities to allow untrammelled extraction of the Eurasian continent’s fabulous raw material riches. Ditto for the Chinese deformed workers state with its labour force.
    This is the essence of the Wolfowitz doctrine, and the ‘best’ exponent of US imperialist adventures has always been the capitalist Democrats, that woke, ‘progressive’ party of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    1. As usual, great comment, Stephen.
      BTW, have you seen the movies “Don’t Look Up” or, even better, “Melancholia”? I think that humanity’s very own, very big, very suicidal impact is becoming more and more visible, don’t you?

  9. There is nothing to see here – it is just Putin clearing the BELT road !

  10. Ukraines AF and Navy don’t exist anymore !

    You have to consider that Ukraine has been loaded up with billions and billions ( who knoows how many ) of the best weaponry the ZIO/US/MIC has !

    They have been building an enormous arsenal since Nuland and the Neo – Cons overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014 !

    NONE of these missiles left the FVCKING ground !

    Sure they used a couple of old soviet missiles in an obvious FF but ALL that sophisticated weapony was useless !

    Russia can go anywhere in the world now and tell the ZIO/US/NATO to GTFO or we will CARRY you out !

    Russia can do that bloodlessly !

    It is OVER for the ZIO/US/NATO and there is NOTHING they can do !

    The Emperor has NO clothes !

    1. Jack, I concur with your post that Ukraine has been loaded up with massive weaponry, to assist them in their hast to meet their maker, on behalf of the U.S. of A. But I differ in the thought that it’s the BEST the U.S.A/ has to offer. I believe much of it is old junk that’s been collecting spider webs in storage, and the Yanks are only too pleased to clear out their storage sheds/bunkers to make room for all the newer update products now coming off the production lines. You only need to check out the share holders on Wall street, where they are over the moon at the rising shares in the MIC industries. We’ve also seen the “excellent Patriot anti missile system” being pedalled to all and sundry, despite the FACT it’s useless. Ask the Saudis, so it’s best to flog off this useless stuff while they still can. I recall the event when the Russians flew over the U.S. war ship and shut it down dead. Thus proving beyond a shadow of doubt, their ships/systems were useless. This resulted in their Air craft carriers being put into dry dock to allegedly make them impervious to such weapons. Unfortunately, not one carrier has yet been completed, thus every one of them is also vulnerable. Watched a Fox News release today, wherein that imbecile in the W.H. tells us Putin must go, (as if he has the power to tell the Russians who can and can’t run their Government, maybe he will DESIGNATE another imposter, like they did in Venezuela ?) and that this ‘engagement’ is going to be a ‘long term’ thing. Thus verifying what everyone has been saying from the start, this war was PLANNED and intended to weaken Russia just as they did with Afghanistan. Problem with that, is the Russians learnt a lesson from that event, and surely have taken that into consideration this time around.

  11. The American empire with Britain as Airstrip One. George Orwell called it Oceana in his novel 1984.

    Yes the military industrial wants to profit by making Eurasia suffer

    I wrote about this today. I have video.

    The title of my article is ‘Team Z’.

  12. This one trick pony show is not even funny due to the lack of charisma of the guys involved: Biden, Harris, Blinken, Psaki… Who wants to waste time listening to these sad clowns? And this has been played so many times before it carries an unbearable air of déjà vu… In October 1956, Hungary revolted against the Russians after years of propaganda by Radio Free Europe that the bald eagle was watching over them and finally encouraging the rebels to fight, suggesting that Western support was imminent. Well it was not. Eisenhower got very angry, sacked the honchos there, restructured the service “while maintaining journalists’ autonomy” (according to the official account) and the West sent blankets to Budapest instead as it was getting cold. People were collecting for Hungary everywhere as they are now collecting for Ukraine in every shop and of course who knows where that money goes?
    The Hungarians should have known better really because the previous July, Egyptian president Nasser had nationalized the Suez Canal in retaliation for the UK and US withdrawing their support to the construction of the Aswan Dam in retaliation for Nasser playing footsie under the table with Russian president Khrushchev. The French (who’d built the canal) and the Brits, who had by then about equal shareholding organized an invasion of the Sinai by the Israelis, so that they would have a pretext to intervene there to restore peace while the real aim was to regain the canal and bring down the Nasser government. Eisenhower would have none of that with a possible escalation to a nuclear war with Russia and explained to these guys in no uncertain terms that this joke was off the table.
    Then there was the Prague Spring in 1968. It began on 5 January, when reformist Alexander Dubcek was elected First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and lasted until 21 August when the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact members invaded the country to suppress the reforms. Nato’s reaction can be best summed up by an article in the New York Times citing reports of “650,000 men equipped with the most modern and sophisticated weapons in the Soviet military catalogue”. There too, Radio Free Europe had provided the Czechs with supportive propaganda for years.
    And of course there’s the question that’s never asked in polite society: why did Eisenhower tell his troops to stop their advance and let the Russians take Berlin in 1945 and keep control of the whole of Central Europe under communist puppet regimes while at that time, the US had the atom bomb, an Allied army that had only lost one million men and could draw reinforcements not only from the US but also from the British and French empires while the USSR had lost ten million soldiers and was exhausted? As Rumsfeld famously put it in 2003, there are things we know, things we don’t know, things we know we don’t know and things we don’t know we don’t know :o)

  13. Hmm. Yet the support for Putin in the West amongst the people just grows and grows.
    We know what a cesspool of corruption Ukraine was/is, we know what the Ukrainian army has been doing to the eastern states that refused to accept the results of the Maidan overthrow of the elected President. We know what the US politicians have been up to in Ukraine. The entire toilet of Ukraine needs a giant flush, and the Russians are about to do it. Power to Putin.

    1. The more the sanctions hit people in the West, the more they will open their eyes and ask the difficult questions.
      There are already millions who sub-consciously know that their governments are not the good democracies and defenders of freedom they claim to be, and that they do many despicable things to advance the ends of a few – at the cost of displacing, killing and hurting millions of people around the world.
      How long before they push back and rise up against their Western oppressors?

      1. Off topic I know, but there has been a development in Australia, that on the surface, sounds as if the Government has all of a sudden, fallen in love with the Australian people, especially with the ones intending to become pregnant. I dunno how many folks on here are aware of how long the Government has been trying to obtain DNA from people, but numerous attempts have been made over the years, and in each case, the attempt was rebuffed. Well people, here it comes again.. and it’s all to ensure you don’t have any offspring with faulty DNA. Isn’t that considerate of them ? Meanwhile they develop the long sought after DNA data bank on all Australians, thus ensuring no Insurance company on the planet, will ever offer you Insurance if you have a DNA issue. Consider too, that will flow thru your off spring as well. But hey, Your Government really Loves you. L.O.L. I didn’t hear anything as to what they intend to do, if it’s discovered your DNA does have a glitch within it. Gas chambers anyone ?

    2. I say Ukraine isn’t a toilet and neither is Russia. We should be saner than the haters, or at least more generous.

      1. Like I said earlier to another poster on here, I respect your democratic right, to have your views, that does not mean, it’s correct. One thing is for sure, Ukraine is not, and has never been a Utopia.

    3. Ukraine welcomed the United States Dept of Defense with 11 biological labs. Plus Invited their buddys to join them being private biological labs , fully stocked and staffed all imported. Did the Ukrainianns expect to be included in the super secret research? no doubt they expected to be welcomed into NATO , Look at all they had done , housing 15 dangerous, deadly ,threats. The bottom line was shocking …… No one was allowed in these facilities except the Dept of Defense gang. No Ukrainians allowed , The Ukrainians caught sickness, many died, the Ukraine soldiers , and orphans were not spared , and some in Moscow as well. Putin has a lot of patience, The media has posted fake photos, bombing orphanages , pure hype, how can anyone remotely believe Ukraine is so pitiful they begg the citizens to fill bottles with gas and a fuze and throw them at the big bad Russians, oh and those orphanages were no longer housing orphans , Ukraine had converted them into military bases.Poor pitiful Ukraine. OK what has Ukraine been doing with the $$$ all these years? And for Joe Biden to deny the labs , these labs were no secret, no big deal as no one had cause to look, documents signed , Until Putin realized the situation. USA Dept of Defense has bio hazard labs scattered worldwide, Covid 19 “escaped “from the same type of facility , they think??? And everyone around these things catching diseases matching contents of a lab in their neighborhood. Perhaps if the us dept of defense would man up and remove their facilities, including the private ones as well, and apologize this would be over . Would you want a nest of those things in your backyard, installed by the one who has accused you of anything and everything for decades, Putin has a lot of patience , I dont believe anything Ukraine has to say. Its a poorly written script .look farther back, when Ukraine became their own country, they invited the usa over to dismantle so many missle sites, +bomb/ missle production factories + tanks, launch pads, the entire map is black with them, check the history of that deal. The secrets and contents handed over . The answers are always in the history. Take a look.

  14. Nydick, Harry S Avatar
    Nydick, Harry S

    It’s a well- written column. The singular problem is that of finding ways to share it with others, since many traditional ways are now blocked and/or censored. For example, I need to maintain my Facebook account, in order to keep contact with friends and family all over the globe. I post all sorts of revelations – from Caity, Lee Camp and others – however, they never seem to hit my news feed. So, the only way that Friends see them is if they make a point to specifically go to my timeline. I know that this is intentional, because I do get notified when people see my participation on others’ posts, but only when they are not in opposition to the U.S. controlled narrative.
    In other words, instead of shutting many people down, they just let them marinate, unseen, to stew in their own juices. To combat this, I have lately taken to going to select people and pasting the post to their timeline. It’s just very time consuming, so interferes greatly – and that, clearly, is the goal of government and media – to keep us so busy that we can’t really put enough daggers into their lies, in a way that others may see.

    1. Why do you need a Facebook account for that? I have friends and family all over the globe as well. I keep in touch with them by email and phone. And if I want to share an article, as I often do, I simply email or text them the link.

      1. Good on you Lisa, agree totally with your post. Beats me why anyone would maintain a Facebook persona, thus giving away their information for others to capitalise on it by selling that info to others. D.U.H. If he’s so keen to keep contact maybe he should develop a Blog ?

  15. The US is still “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I can not be Silent.” MLK
    The Geneva Conventions are clear on these matters: “Civilians shall not be the object of attack.” The charge to military forces in the U.N. Security Council resolution was to expel the Iraqi forces that had invaded Kuwait. To do that, we dropped 88,000 tons of bombs over Iraq, one of the most concentrated attacks on an entire society in modern warfare. Those bombs killed civilians–both directly and over time through the destruction of the country’s power grid, food, water treatment and sewage systems. Some of that bombing of civilians was targeted, some indiscriminate; both are war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.
    Recall the “Highway of Death,” the deadly stretch of road in Kuwait that was littered with burned-out vehicles and charred bodies. U.S. military forces, in violation of international law, fired on retreating and largely defenseless Iraqi soldiers just before the cease-fire. U.S. pilots described it in news accounts as a “turkey shoot” and “like shooting fish in a barrel.” The carnage was not only unnecessary but grotesque.
    Remember the brutality of U.S. weapons. We used napalm to incinerate entrenched Iraqi soldiers. We dropped fuel-air explosives, ghastly weapons often called “near-nukes” because of their destructive capacity through fire, asphyxiation and concussion. We dropped cluster bombs that use razor-sharp fragments to shred people. To penetrate tanks, we used depleted-uranium shells, the long-term health effects of which are unknown. Widely accepted notions of proportionality and protection of civilians go out the window with such weapons.

    Though the shooting war stopped, the most onerous economic embargo ever imposed on a nation continued. Supposedly designed to rein in the regime of Saddam Hussein, the harsh economic sanctions have only killed innocents–as many as 1 million in the past decade, according to U.N. studies.
    In short: It is misleading to call the Gulf War a war; it was a massacre. In the words of British journalist Geoff Simons, who has studied the war in detail, it was a massive slaughter of a largely helpless enemy, with much of the killing occurring after the time when constructive diplomacy would have brought an end to the conflict and a secure “liberation of Kuwait.”
    Now we’re liberating Ukraine. And Biden could end the war with one phone call.

    1. The long-term health effects of depleted uranium haven’t been studied in detail (or the studies haven’t been made public), but they’re hardly unknown.
      “DU is appreciably less radioactive – usually around 40 per cent less – than unprocessed uranium. The activity is mainly in the form of alpha particles, which do not penetrate the skin. This means radiation hazards from uranium only arise from breathing in dust, eating or drinking contaminated food or water, or from shrapnel entering the body.”
      “Chemical Toxicity
      Exposure to uranium can result in both chemical and radiological toxicity. The main chemical effect associated with exposure to uranium and its compounds is kidney toxicity. This toxicity can be caused by breathing air containing uranium dusts or by eating substances containing uranium, which then enters the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the uranium compounds are filtered by the kidneys, where they can cause damage to the kidney cells. Very high uranium intakes (ranging from about 50 to 150 mg depending on the individual) can cause acute kidney failure and death. At lower intake levels (around 25 to 40 mg), damage can be detected by the presence of protein and dead cells in the urine, but there are no other symptoms. Also, at lower intake levels, the kidney repairs itself over a period of several weeks after the uranium exposure has stopped.

      Radiological Toxicity
      Several possible health effects are associated with human exposure to radiation from uranium. Because all uranium isotopes mainly emit alpha particles that have little penetrating ability, the main radiation hazard from uranium occurs when uranium compounds are ingested or inhaled. However, workers in the vicinity of large quantities of uranium in storage or in a processing facility also are exposed to low levels of external radiation from uranium decay products. At the exposure levels typically associated with the handling and processing of uranium, the primary radiation health effect of concern is an increased probability of the exposed individual developing cancer during their lifetime. Cancer cases induced by radiation are generally indistinguishable from other “naturally occurring” cancers and occur years after the exposure takes place. The probability of developing a radiation-induced cancer increases with increasing uranium intakes.”
      In other words, chemically the same as any form of uranium, and radiologically only 40% less damaging than unprocessed uranium.

    2. Absoluetly spot on. Where was the concern then, for what was being done to the Iraqi people’s who were INNOCENT of any crime ?
      Why has not even ONE WAR CRIMINAL been held to account for this ILLEGAL CRIMINAL SLAUGHTER ???? These are the very same people today, who planned/financed and are supplying the Ukrainians to do their dirty work for them against Russia. Which would have been done, whether the Russians made the first move or not. It was still intended, and would have been carried out regardless.
      Where is the U.N. where are the Nuremburg principles everyone is always rattling on about ? How about the World Court, where are they ? Isn’t rather odd, that unless your skin colour is not not white, you’ll find yourself in their docks, but whites are excused in slaughtering people all over the planet ?????

  16. Said I wasn’t coming back here, due to fact I was just C-E-N-S-O-R-E-D by this website, but I LIED sorry, BUT… I realized that THAT would be ALLOWING this platform to SILENCE me too, just like others are doing all over the web. And I decided that I am having NONE of that. SO > I came back here again, just to tell everybody here, just watch how you say what you say & use abbreviations & S-P-E-L-L things out like T-H-I-S to get past the B-O-T-S. F’ing stupidity, but there it is, just some tips for how to keep the conversation going & get P-A-S-T all of the C-E-N-S-O-R B-O-T-S/C-E-N-S-O-R-S-H-I-P. < This is how it's done. You're welcome. =)

    1. I really don’t think Cailtin is censoring you. Nobody else here has complained of this, only you. Must be a technical glitch.

      1. Okay, please go back and re-read my comment. I never said that Cait was the responsible party, did I? Nooo… I SAID that I was being CENSORED “BY *THIS* *WEBSITE*” (or it’s the WordPress software, something to that effect), but I WAS censored > the EXACT SAME two sentences were removed from the text BOTH times I tried to send. ONLY when I got wise & used abbreviations & S-P-E-L-L-E-D out the words I knew were “sensitive”, the words that were TRIGGERING this auto-redaction of those sentence, was I then able to get the comment to go through, WITH THE FULL content of what I actually SAID to Joe Biden ON Twitter (& TWITTER did not even bother to censor or flag that particular tweet, so WHY should THIS platform do it? THAT’s what mystifies me).

    2. Is it Caitlin’s site, , that’s censoring you, or some secondary site like Twitter, which wouldn’t surprise me at all?

      1. Yes, it is THIS site. I don’t think it is Caitlin doing it, I think it is the software or the platform she uses to CREATE her articles online. I don’t know why, but it’s happening. But I found a way around THAT too, so it’s all good, they will NOT censor me, watch. =)

        1. I think you need to take a deep breathe, calm down a bit, and consider the following. Ever since the Russia/Ukrainian event, I have found every time I go on line, I get window from a security group redirecting my connection. I am in Australia, and believe everything I say/do/post whatever, is being filtered by this group. I’m not surprised that anything not in accordance with this group’s interests, would be censored. I don’t believe for a second, it’s Caitlin’s site that’s doing this. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

          1. Look ~ no offense here, I PROMISE ~ & thank you for that information, even if that information sounds very dubious to me (I suppose it is *possible*, but not very likely, especially when precisely the same lines were taken out over & over again, but whatever) ~ but anyways, here’s the thing, see… & again, NO offense intended, but I am starting to feel mildly offended by this one little thing here, see? >>> It’s getting REALLY OLD being completely misunderstood by a lot of overly TOUCHY people, who are TOO quick to make snap judgements & unwarranted ASSUMPTIONS, just because I choose to use capitals for EMPHASIS instead of asterisks, because it saves me time/uses LESS characters. For ME, this is not “yelling”, & I don’t rightly CARE what others think about that, THEY need to get a grip & “CALM DOWN” about it, yeah? HAHA! So… >>> Don’t tell me to “calm down” when I AM calm, or I will SHOW you what NOT being calm is for me, okay? Don’t make assumptions about me that you have no business making, you really don’t know me like that, and you haven’t seen me worked up, honey, trust me ~ I was worked up when I went off on Pres. Joe Biden on Twitter for that PUTRID escalation of his yesterday > (“respond in KIND”). And THIS?… This is me in a FINE mood, and I will NOT stop using CAPITALS just because SOME people are WAYYYYYY too TOUCHY, you FEEL me? Maybe they need to CALM DOWN & get a GRIP, huh? LOL! HAHAHA! CALM DOWN, Eddy, and YOU have a LOVELY evening now, ya’ hear. Ta-ta! =)

  17. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    Grim: “What are you doing about peaceful negotiations?”

    Psaki: “We’re sending weapons.”

    Lord, let me out of this madhouse.

    1. How succinct & perfectly you illustrate the point. That says it all right there.

    2. There’s going to be a rush for the exit I think.

    3. Haha! That about sums it up perfectly. Smh.

  18. MOSCOW, March 25. /TASS/. The Russia military operation in Ukraine is unfolding according to the plan, all main goals of the first stage of the operation are in general complete, Russian Defense Ministry said during a briefing Friday.

    According to the Ministry, Ukrainian Armed Forces sustained serious losses: Ukrainian aviation and air defense is almost completely destroyed, while the Ukrainian Navy no longer exists; Ukraine forces have almost no organized reserves. Meanwhile, most of the Donbass territory has been liberated.

    I TOLD you there is NOTHING the ZIO/US/NATO can do – after their humiliation in Syria where Russia wiped out 400 thousand of their paid ISIS terrorists !

    US hedgemony is finished !

    1. What is concerning is that Russian news reported that most regular military of Ukraine was destroyed or disbanded, what is now left is untrained civilians mobilized by Zelensky.
      Concern for unnecessary loss of civilian lives by prolonging the war as the Empire desires.

    2. The truth is somewhere between what Russia claims and what Ukraine claims. Here in the US, what Russia claims is propaganda, what Ukraine claims is God’s truth.

      1. Yes. We shouldn’t take Russian state claims as definite fact any more than what Ukraine/NATO/the US says.

        1. I’d believe the Russians any day before I’d listen to a word of Western BS. “Weapons of mass destruction” mean anything to you?
          “Libyan soldiers being issued viagra to rape captured women” tickle a memory?
          I could go on …

  19. Oh, WOW… That is the SECOND time that the exact same part of the text I sent was arbitrarily REMOVED when I sent it through. I won’t be back here again, THIS platform is CENSORING us too, man, *FUCK* *THAT*. You need to DO something about THIS, Cait, I won’t STAND for that bullshit. SEE’ya.

    1. I am not sure that its CJ censoring.
      But pretty much anybody who can.
      Some of my comments disappear, then reappear.
      Sometimes they can be seen on pc, but not on smartphone.
      They have some key words that trigger the algo to hide your comment.
      There maybe also people or trolls out there reporting your comment as offensive.
      Its ridiculous that dangerous speech such as asking Biden to start WW3 is not getting censored on even mainstream platforms.
      But asking people to stop and think will make your comment disappear.

      1. The actual miracle is that this site hasn’t been shut down yet! Some angel with anti-AI flak must be watching over Caitlin :o)

      2. Oh no, sorry, big misunderstanding, I was saying the platform censored me, & that Cait needs to get up in THEIR FACES about it, I know I sure as hell would. But anyway, I FOUND a way A-R-O-U-N-D THAT B-U-L-L-$-H-I-T right there (& abbrevs. < work well too). I will NOT be silenced. Don't let them silence you either. Now you know some tricks to get around that BS. You're welcome. =)

        1. If you mean Twitter or some similar platform is censoring you, that’s hardly surprising. Caitlin regularly denounces their censorship, but beyond that, does she have any more power than us to stop it?

          1. Again, there seems to be a bit of a little misunderstanding here:

            1.) Twitter did NOT censor the tweet, NOR did it flag or warn me, NOR did they remove it. It’s still THERE on Twitter, & Twitter didn’t say a damned thing to me about it, I even have a few likes on that tweet today. So no, this has happened on NO other platform but THIS one.

            2.) If Caitlin uses WordPress & brings in money for them, I simply figure that SHE probably has a whole heck of a lot more influence with them than I do.

            And here’s the rub. I’m simply blown away that SHE can say whatever she wants, but I’m not allowed (only here so far) to call Joe Biden OUT on what he just said?

            The part that was deleted, BOTH times I tried to send it through, made it abundantly clear to me what was happening. It’s not a glitch. If it was random, sure, I’d think so, but it was NOT at random. It was the EXACT SAME two sentences that were arbitrarily redacted from the text BOTH the first two times I tried to send it through, & it didn’t GO through until I got sneaky & used abbrevs. & S-P-E-L-L-E-D it out < like so.

            My comment was censored to REDACT THIS ONE part, where I SAID to Biden: "Are you IMPLYING that YOU will AUTHORIZE the USE of such chem-ical wea-pons on HELPLESS Russ-ian CIVILIANS? If SO, that makes YOU a W-A-R C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L TOO." <<< ONLY these two lines were redacted, and it was EXACTLY those two lines BOTH times. If that doesn't make it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that this WAS censorship, I don't know what does. And WHY? When Caitlin can say whatever she WANTS. NOPE. THAT is why I say SHE needs to get in their faces, they won't listen to ME bitch about it, but they just MIGHT listen to HER (since she makes them money by giving them exposure & drawing in more hits).

  20. Ohhhh, THIS platform SUCKS ASS, this website just DELETED certain remarks of mine, Cait, just took them out of the text, randomly, WTF???? NOT cool. THIS is what I said to Joe (& the middle part got cut OUT of the text when I sent it through, you need to SAY something to the website about this, that’s BULLSHIT, ey?):

    My *FULL* TWEET to Joe Biden:
    “WTF do you MEAN when you say, “We will respond in KIND”? *I* DEMAND A *DEESCALATION*.”

    1. Your comment below, presumably posted before this one, contains the very text you say was deleted: “WTF do you MEAN when you say, “We will respond in KIND”? *I* DEMAND A *DEESCALATION*.”

      1. YES, it IS censoring me. BOTH times that I tried to send FULL text of the tweet (in quotes), this WordPress platform censored/redacted PRECISELY the SAME exact two sentences from the text; BOTH of the first two times I tried to send. Once I got WISE to that fact, I used abbrevs. and started S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G out the words I knew were being censored, & only THEN was I able to get the comment to go through in FULL as I TYPED it. THAT made it abundantly plain to me that my comment here WAS censored, & THAT is not on Twitter, or on Cait, or anyone else but THIS WordPress platform. And I, for one, will not tolerate it. Period. End of story. I WILL NOT *BE* CENSORED. But I’m smart too, & I know how to GET MY way, & I WILL have MY say, & so… I came back to share all that too, & now I’ve also shown you ALL how to get AROUND that putrid BS as well, so… again… You’re welcome! =D

  21. I’ll assume everyone has heard Joe Biden’s most recent blow-hard THREAT? > When asked if America will respond if Putin decides to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, WHAT did this PUTRID WAR-MONGERING IMBECILE say? HE choose to DELIBERATELY FUCKING *ESCALATE* by saying some PUTRID fucking SHIT like *THIS* >>>>> “We will RESPOND in KIND.” <<<< I KNEW he was DOTTY & going *senile* (who couldn’t SEE that?), & I KNEW that he was a stinking WAR-monger > Always has been, always will be. So, *I* HAD *NO* candidate to vote for in the election. I AM *NOT* represented by ANY politician in this STINKING country & I NEVER have been, so *I* *STAND* *APART* ~ & I *WILLFULLY* AND KNOWINGLY *DEFY* EVERY *BIT* of the wrong my government does here, I am putting that out there, LOUD and PROUD, and just LET them come & drag me away & question me, I’ll be up in all of THEIR FACES too, JUST like I just got in Uncle JOE’s face on Twitter, I don’t give a DAMN, man, I’ll tell ’em ALL off.

    Boy, you wanna talk about enraged? Man, I’m so hot about this right now, I am about to BLOW MY *TOP* over *THIS* one. In fact, I am SO consummately ENRAGED by this, that I actually just logged onto Twitter for NO other reason than to GET ALL *UP* in Joe Biden’s FACE about it & then LEAVE… Wanna read what I tweeted at that putrid idiotic son-of-a-BITCH?… Here you go…..
    THIS is what I SAID:
    >>> “@ Joe Biden – WTF do you MEAN when you say, “We will respond in KIND”? *I* DEMAND A *DEESCALATION*.” << I’ll tell them ALL to their putrid, stinking FACES just how DEAD freaking WRONG they are, JUST like I did Uncle Joe. They’ll have to KILL ME to shut MY mouth. Bastards.

    NO FEAR. DEFY what you KNOW to be WRONG, no matter WHAT the consequences. DO it, because it is the RIGHT thing to DO. Period. End of story. May we all come out of the other side of this ALIVE & WISER for it. Namaste.

    1. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      I told people before the 2020 election to (*stop voting*), that the voting system (*has been taken over*) by the hegemony and that voting is now (*futile*). To keep participating in a system (*that cheats you out of your choice*) makes you their (*cuck*).

      Everyone thought I was nuts.

      Maybe this comment (*will make it through the censorship*).

      1. RIGHT??? >>> THIS very platform that Cait uses to create these articles just CENSORED the comment you’re responding to, & the one after it, when I tried to share the full text again. It’s everywhere now, yes, even here.

        I mentioned that I went OFF on Biden on Twitter, right? Well, THIS platform CENSORED part of my comment, the part where I said I told Biden to his face that using chem weps < (hope you get my point) < to "respond in KIND" would make HIM a W-A-R C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L TOO" & I TOLD Joe to "SHUT his STINKING MOUTH" & that I DEMAND a deescalation. It let me share the first half & the last half of that part of the comment, but it cut out the MIDDLE & most IMPORTANT part of the FULL text of the Tweet that I quoted. So beware, THIS website is CENSORING us now too. Don't ever forget that PUTRID BACK-STABBING BULL$HIT. I sure as F-U-C-K WON'T.

        1. What do you mean? Your comment above refers (presumably) to Biden as “this PUTRID WAR-MONGERING IMBECILE” and “a stinking WAR-monger.” It also says, “*I* DEMAND A *DEESCALATION*.” [I don’t see “SHUT his STINKING MOUTH”, but I do see “I’ll tell them ALL to their putrid, stinking FACES …”.]
          I think (and I could be wrong) Caitlin uses WordPress to create her articles, and it doesn’t appear to be censoring your comments.

          1. Some comments disappear, then come back.
            Sometimes only not seen on a smartphone.
            So all devices and even website is suspect.
            There are forbidden words that trigger removal and maybe review.

            1. Another reason to be glad I don’t have a smartphone!

          2. I know, that’s bizarre, isn’t it? But it DID arbitrarily leave out the most IMPORTANT part of that tweet, and that was this part, where I flatly ASKED Biden “Are you IMPLYING that YOU will AUTHORIZE the USE of the same kind of chem-ical wea-pons <(have to type it wrong to make it go thru) on HELPLESS Russian CIVILIANS? If SO, then that makes YOU a W-A-R C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L TOO." <<< THOSE are the lines that were arbitrarily deleted from my comment, both times I tried to send it. Makes it obvious that it IS censorship, when it was ONLY those two lines that got REDACTED/CENSORED, BOTH times I tried to send. The third time, I was only able to get it to go thru by using "abbrevs." and by S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G it out with dashes between each letter of each WORD that I KNEW was being censored. THAT is what I’m referring to, and it is happening in more than one place, on more than one platform. But now you know a couple of ways to get around THAT putrid BS. You’re welcome. =)

      2. Oh, I forgot to mention this though: I also challenged Joe in same tweet. Asked him “Are YOU IMPLYING that YOU will AUTHORIZE the USE of such (c-h-e-m w-e-p-s) on INNOCENT R-u-s-s CIVILIANS???) <<< THEN I said "THAT makes YOU a W-A-R C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L TOO." <<< THAT is what got CENSORED from my comments here, bet the BOTS let THIS one slip through, it's like adults having to talk in code in front of the widdle kiddies so they widdle kiddies don't throw a TANTRUM. My GOD. WT-actual-*F*.

        1. It seems you must be a very young individual, as you seem to be unawares that Biden is already a WAR CRIMINAL with his involvement in the destruction of Yugolslavia.

          1. No offense here, but comment off-topic much? I’m 50 years old & well aware that Biden is a war criminal, the point was his hypocrisy, pretending America is fighting for freedom & democracy in Ukraine, while threatening to “respond in KIND” if Putin chooses to use chemical weapons against Ukraine, & my telling Biden off about THIS PARTICULAR instance of hypocrisy to his FACE on Twitter yesterday, or did you MISS all of that?…. ???… Amazing, smh. At the moment, we are not talking about his involvement in the destruction of Yugoslavia, are we?… No, we’re not… & *I* am talking about that PUTRID shit that he SAID on national TV yesterday (“respond in KIND”) for all to hear, & that it was a DELIBERATE attempt to *ESCALATE* this whole ugly situation (just like Cait said, maybe even to a nuclear war/WWIII) >>> NOT his brightest moment. I don’t see what his being a war criminal already has to do with any of this, but whatever. Have a nice day. =)

      3. I disagree. NOT voting only makes it easier for them to control the situation. Nothing is accomplished by it. Better to vote, when there is any chance that it might make some little difference somewhere–but what we DO need to give up is the illusion that this takes care of your civic duty, that voting has more than an infinitesimal chance of making any difference, that this is how we make change.

        1. L.O.L. Are you for real ???? Incredible. Talk about living in La, La, Land, your post verifies precisely what the rest of the World is beginning to understand how Americans view things, and it is NOT complimentary. Outside the U.S. the whole World KNOWS voting is pointless in the U.S. today. No one is ever allowed to get within cooee of the W.H. unless the suit the agenda of the NWO. Even Trump, was thoroughly vetted before he was given the stamp of approval. L.O.L. What does it take, for you people, to see the wood for the trees ???

    2. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, the British spook who helped ‘find’ evidence of chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian government, is getting stuck in on Ukraine:
      or, if CN is unavailable,
      He proposes NATO should send detection equipment to Ukraine: (20:19; interview with H de B-G 17-23 mins)

      1. “Send detection equipment to Ukraine” ? That’s because he KNOWS what it WILL detect, thus giving support for the claims being made. BUT, no one has said, WHO is releasing these chemicals in the first place. Ask yourself, WHO STANDS TO GAIN from such an action, there you will find the culprits.

  22. The amount of CNG refueling stations has nearly quadrupled in Russia since 2015 !

    Powering cars – buses – trucks !

    There is a simple solution for Europe’s future energy needs !!

    Russian GAS !

    Will have to be paid for in roubles though – that’s the only European ‘self inflicted’ hitch

    1. And climate change be damned?

      1. Ah, the magic word! Abracadabra too! :o)

      2. What effect are the WARS currently under way, in various parts of the planet, having on climate change ????? Funny that concerns for the climate change, are disregarded totally, to conduct these. It appears the folks supporting these wars, are not in the least concerned about their effects. Think about it, why would that be ????

    2. L.O.L. Consider the Australian Govt, a few years back, they were offering subsidies to convert petrol cars to CNG which was much cheaper and did not require processing or importing from International refineries. Then in all it’s GREED, it imposed taxes on this energy source, thus increasing the cost to be competitive with imported petrol. The conversion business died, and servos got rid of their gas supplies. Imagine where Australia would be today, if all our ICE engines were running on Australian produced Natural gas ? Goes to show where the Govt’s interests lie, certainly not with it’s people.

  23. “The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment”. Taken from Nineteen Eighty-Four
    Novel by George Orwell Publication 8 June 1949 . Only thing i think The telescreen is called a smart T.V.

  24. In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, the Russian army destroyed 261 unmanned aerial vehicles, 204 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,587 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 163 multiple launch rocket systems, 636 field artillery guns and mortar, as well as 1,397 units of special military vehicles.

    1,587 tanks and NATO denies having a miilitary buildup in Ukraine – Hilarious !

    Anyway – they are ALL gone now !

      1. Russian defence ministry !

        Go to their website or go to Sputnik !

        Find it yourself – I have little patience for unproductive SHILLS !

        1. Good one Jack, share you views on this. Folks being too lazy to find info themselves.

    1. Indeed. The propaganda from Ukraine is even pointing to their own burning tanks and calling them Russian tanks that they have destroyed. It would be sad if it weren’t being directed at folk who have no knowledge and suck up the BS.
      Ukraine is toast. Prolonging the mess just means more civillians will die.
      Eastern Ukraine is fully liberated … no more cluster bombs and white phosphorous can be launched from the Ukrainian army.
      Maybe at the end of this the toilet that is Ukraine can be flushed.

  25. Hey Pentagram

    There won’t be any miscalculations because Putin told you to stay the fvck out and he means it !

    I hope you heard him the first time !

    As you saw in Syria – Russia is NOT reactive – they plan everthing in acute detail !

    The 10 week operation will be over on MAY 9th as planned !

    1. According to this piece by Joe Lauria, it’s not the Pentagon pushing for greater US/NATO involvement:
      or if CN unavailable
      “Leaked stories from the Pentagon have exposed how mainstream media reports Russia’s conduct in the Ukraine war, in a bid to counter propaganda intended to get NATO into the conflict, writes Joe Lauria. The Pentagon is engaged in a consequential battle with the U.S. State Department and the Congress to prevent a direct military confrontation with Russia, which could unleash the most unimaginable horror of war. … But pressure on the White House from some members of Congress and especially the press corps is unrelenting to recklessly bring NATO directly into the war.”
      These are the two main ‘leaked stories from the Pentagon’ Lauria means:

  26. No sh*t sherlock! That’s what the US orchestrated 2014 coup was all about, and Trump had to be eliminated in order to implement the plan.

    1. @Guillermo: Trump would have gone along with anything presented to him by the neocons – like having General Soleimani abjectly assassinated – as long as he could strut in front of the world like Howling Wolf’s little red rooster – only orange – and boast about his doings in a perfect illustration of Jean Cocteau’s aphorism, “If you fail to understand what’s going on, feign to be its divine organizer”. He’d already sold anti-tank Javelin missiles to Ukraine, which even O’Bomber had refused to do. Trump was a populists’ poster-child who got an intuitive notion of what real people – beyond his personal menagerie – wanted, got elected over the promises he made them and was then turned into a pitiful clown by the puppet masters of the very swamp he’d somehow foolhardily promised to drain. Now he’s become a stand-up comedian, which is more suited to his real talents.

      1. Trump was talked into taking out Soleimani at a NYE party by the head of the CIA, the Defence Secretary, and the Secretary of State. He realised the terrible error he had made and used every back-channel he could to try to lessen the damage and the inevitable retaliation. Whilst it was lessened, it was still devastating. The death toll from the rocket attack on the US base was way above what was published in the newspapers, I’ve seen the FOIA letter showing the casualties.
        Sadly, Trump never got the support he needed from the right people.
        Taking out General Flynn was a master stroke by the Clinton camp. He really needed that counsel.

  27. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Caitlin is correct about all of the so-called “progressives” (really bourgeois liberals) and their little blue and yellow outfits, and their little Ukrainian flags on their Facebook pages, etc., etc., ad nauseam. I will not be forgiviing anyone I know for supporting a government of fascists who continue to kill their own fellow citizens. Zelensky is a pathetic puppet, obviously threatened by the ultra-right-wing elements who have taken over the government. And the United States, instead of seeking a diplomatic solution, is pouring more oil on the fire and doing so with sickening glee. With “leadership” like this, we are all doomed.

    1. There is no diifference between the far right and the far left. They are both extremists. Neocons exist in both groups.

  28. This sounds downright terrific compared to your “Put your head between your legs & kiss your ass goodbye” pieces. The status quo never looked better or worse.

  29. Ukrainians are human shields to protect and further the policy of regime change in Russia. The US and NATO are terrorists. They don’t care about Ukrainian lives in general any more than than the Azov Battalion cares about the lives of people trying to flee the war zone.

    1. Fair comment. I think the trick to learn is when to recognise you are being used as a human shield, and the Ukrainians haven’t.

  30. We don’t want war is a simple request by all of us regardless of where we live.
    They aren’t grown ups these warmongers and are given no respect for our views.

  31. Lots of publications out there about Blinken being stuck between the personal and the political, as well as not being a stranger to the fictional:

  32. ‘ A senior administration official was heard to say, “all the time Putin stays, [Russia] will be a pariah state that will never be welcomed back into the community of nations.” ‘
    So far, neither India nor China have expelled Russia from this ‘community of nations’, and between them thay account for 35% of the world’s population. And that’s before considering much of Asia, Africa and South America not beholden to NATO and the Empire.

    1. I think it is a dangerous hubris for the US to pick one of the most populous and prosperous countries, China, as its enemy, or competitor as they call it.
      I also would think that diplomacy shuns hubris, as historically hubris led to fatal misjudgments .
      But apparently our Sec. Blinken does not think so, having been developing new methods of mass destruction with his WestExec Advisors firm, as well as investing in new weapons with Pine Island Capital Partners (a cartel of warmongers).
      What a pity and how dangerous for all of us.

      1. The US should name one of its bombs or missiles Hubris.

    2. The US has been working to make Russia a pariah state since the breakup of the Soviet Union. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – treat someone or a country like a pariah, and that’s what they become. If Putin is gone, US policy toward Russia, which is essentially to grind it down to dust, will not change.

      1. Putin threw out all the plundering oligarchs … returned the prosperity to Russia … they haven’t forgiven him, and they have pretty much taken over America. America needs to root out these traitors and cleanse their country, going back to the ethos that formed it.

  33. us/nato/nazi empire is at war with russia….. since 1993.

      1. Yes, you are on the money.

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