In response to a Twitter thread I made about the mounting evidence that the Ukraine war was deliberately provoked by the US empire to orchestrate regime change in Moscow, a former Obama administration State Department spokesperson has called on his followers to investigate my funding.

In a since-deleted Twitter post, Ian Kelly, who has held various White House positions under the Obama and Trump administrations including a year as State Department spokesperson under Hillary Clinton, posted the request “Somebody please follow her money” as a quote tweet to my aforementioned thread.


I drew attention to his post immediately, because holy shit what the actual fuck.

Kelly responded “Yep” when I asked if his unverified account actually belonged to a prominent White House diplomat.


When I asked him what precisely is wrong with him, he responded with the image of a Ukrainian flag. That response as of this writing is still up on Twitter, while his other two posts have been deleted.

Screenshot just in case:

Apparently sensing that he may have bit off more than he could chew, Kelly then blocked my account.

And yes this is indeed the Twitter account of “Ambassador Kelly”, who according to Wikipedia now teaches two courses at Northwestern University: “The Fall of the USSR and the Rise of Russia” and “Controlling the Russian Narrative, from Stalin to Putin”. His account has ten thousand followers and has existed since 2010, during which time its handle has been mentioned on the social media platform by prominent neoconservative narrative managers like Bill Kristol and Anne Applebaum as well as mainstream journalists, think tanks and other former US officials.

Here’s our boy with the lady herself:

And I guess I should state for the record that there is nothing nefarious about my funding. I am an entirely reader-supported writer and I have never (as far as I know) received any money from the Kremlin or from any other foreign government. I’m literally just an Australian woman who says her opinions and observations on the internet with the help of her American husband and the financial support of patrons who enjoy those writings. You might not agree with those opinions, but that doesn’t mean I’m being paid by Vladimir Putin to voice them.

And it’s very strange how often I have to explain this to grown adults. This shockingly high-propaganda, high-censorship new media environment we’ve been in since the start of this war is making everyone bat shit insane.

The source of my funding is linked directly at the top of my Twitter page, and at the bottom of every article I write. My Patreon account is on the most transparent settings allowed by the platform. I wrote an article last year explaining the interesting way I’ve been able to make a living doing what I do titled “My Experiments With Hacking Capitalism“, which in my humble opinion contains a lot of useful information for all content creators who oppose the oligarchic empire. I’m actually pretty cool if I do say so myself.

It’s really not sane that I should have to say any of these things, though. People shouldn’t have to defend themselves from HUAC-style witch hunts for criticizing the most dangerous impulses of the most powerful and destructive government on earth. Every single day now I’m getting dozens of people in my online notifications calling me a Kremlin operative because these maniacal accusations have been so aggressively normalized in the anti-Russia hysteria that the general public has had drummed into their consciousness since 2016.

The fact that political insiders from the most powerful empire in history are beginning to feel comfortable just publishing baseless accusations like this about random strangers on the internet says a lot about how crazy these mass-scale imperial cold war psyops are making everyone.

Oh, and about my claim that the evidence was mounting about the Ukraine invasion being used for regime change? Subsequent comments from the US president have since made that case much more compelling than it already was. Perhaps “Ambassador Kelly” would like him investigated as well.




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134 responses to “Hillary Clinton’s State Department Spokesman Just Called For Me To Be Financially Investigated”

  1. LOL, but you are still being censored big time, or you are censoring your commentors in fear of the censors, even when the comments appear as non-threatening, etcetera; so maybe this is how they win.

    1. Strichplatte Avatar

      Rainbow revolution Kelly boy bigmouth worried about a LAW SUIT. To think that many thousands of low value subhuman vermin such as this creature collect PENSIONS from the public. You should have never accepted his craven cowardly schoolboy progressive wet pants apology. He has friends in Ukraine making sure his cut of U.S. public funds are properly transfered to his bank accounts in Aruba and Tel avi. He is a criminal and he fears being exposed along with his “friends in Ukraine” for the underhanded slim ball he is. You can’t be polite to these subhumans. The stronger, honest and more direct the response the faster they melt into the sloppering dishonest backstabbing lying cowards they are. The insanity of the people who have been selected to “rule” the world or more directly those ACTORS who PLAY the PARTS assigned to them in the present theater is begining to wear on them. They know they are taking part in a criminal exercise and are culpable and quilty. Absolutely no mercy should be given to these types for even the tiniest criminal infraction, they need to be punished for all they have done.

  2. Philip Angelo Avatar
    Philip Angelo

    The Clinton’s destroyed the Democratic Party when they purposely destroyed Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and adopted the beliefs of the Reagan Revolution’s beliefs in Neoliberalism . It was a Faustian bargain to win elections by supporting Wall Street and Corporate America and having them fund their campaigns. These people are the definition of amorality and are there to promote their own power with no consideration for our population. They are Neoliberals on domestic and economic issues and Neoconservative on foreign policy issues. I consider them to be psychopaths and have done great damage to our country and the world.

  3. So I was trying to follow the money but there doesn’t really seem to be any.

  4. Well if they do follow Caitlyn’s money some of that will lead back to me, but I don’t care because luckily I’m not American. So US investigators “FUCK YOU!”

  5. You just don’t do this to Ukranian/Russian women and children and expect to get away with it !

    Putin is understandably FILTHY on the west !

    The Rothschilds finance this and have been financing atrocities like this for at least 250 years !

    They OWN $US – the EURO and the MEDIA !

  6. Caitlin,

    Are you sure you can trust PayPal and Patreon to not yield to pressure from elite gangsters?

  7. That just kind of proves what you are saying has merit. Tell the guy thanks for verifying your commentary.

  8. Just think about the situation in reverse. If Yanukovych had remained in power, raised an army and driven dissenters back to a small enclave near the border with Poland around Lviv, and then declared that the best way to keep NATO at bay would be for Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons, there is a good chance that it would be Biden who was invading now.

  9. Be patient Caitlin, the asteroid is coming. In the meantime, keep your gut biome happy. A trillion microbes can!t be wrong. Or can they? ” The battle of the microbes”.

  10. The funding of Kelly is the bigger issue.

  11. You are in distinguished company, Caitlin. Squinty-eyed Joe, the resident granfalloon in the White House made it clear in no uncertain terms during his so-called speech (more like a trash talk rant) in Poland that he is personally at war with President Vladimir Putin and that the objective of his personal war is the removal of yet another legitimate elected head of state from office at the whim of the United States.
    It is as if the fool is deliberately trying to goad Putin and Russia into a nuclear war with this country. The maniac is clearly showing signs of total insanity which should be grounds for HIS removal from office. The words he is now using have served as the entre to numerous major conflicts in the history of this global madhouse. Only this one will really be the war to end all wars because there will be no one left to even throw stones after the smokes clears and the black snow starts falling.
    They are after your own humble self, Caitlin, because they are making this a full court press. They plan to exterminate (or as they genteely put it, “cancel”) absolutely everyone who could possibly serve as an impediment to their “full spectrum dominance.” Your part of the spectrum may be of such short wavelength as to be invisible to human eyes. But, like Xrays and gamma rays, they know you are there and that cannot stand… if they are really to take it ALL over.
    I don’t know how to stop them unless highly important and influential people put all of their clout on the line, and hope they don’t end up like the dead Kennedy’s. Lord Biden must be the one removed from office ASAP, one way or another. Tulsi Gabbard is doing what she can but does not have the massive following and history to successfully buck the governing junta yet. We need a real life Emmanuel Goldstein. Does such a person even exist in this country any longer?

    1. i think it’s ‘team-biden’ (aka ‘team-trump’ or ‘team-obama’) and ‘team-putin’. the latter team figured out a while ago that replacing the figurehead doesn’t quelch the bloodlust and hunger for dominance of the first. the entire political, military and business leaderclass and it’s pmc would have to be taken down.

      1. Fair enough. So there is absolutely no one within the establishment that can or would buck the system, as they have all been thoroughly vetted long before their initiation and any deviance from the received dogma puts anyone in peril of their life…and no one demonstrated that better than Epstein, and all he did was provide what the muckity mucks wanted and demanded.
        So, this would have to be a French Revolution type of deal, which was just fine for that pre-industrial age, but not really workable in an age when every living person is under surveillance 24/7, their entire sustenance can be effectively cut to zero, and their last stop is a tent city in some alley in LA or Philadelphia. In other words, any hope for respite is just adherence to one more Messianic cult which come and go like the seasons.
        I undoubtedly knew that and was just clutching at straws. As they say, hope is the last to die.

        1. it’s bleak, but … that might be a little too western-centric. if empire crumbles from within (if the circumstances are right, it just might happen) and can be sidetracked (i still fear someone has to go in to decommission the nuclear plants and weapons) the new eurasian coalition might have a go at caitlin’s tolerant and cooperative world model.

        2. Paul Rackemann Avatar
          Paul Rackemann

          I don’t mean to be rude, but how much do you know about the French Revolution? As I recall it from my high school history, there was real famine then. There was also terrible inflation after the revolutionaries got to playing around with paper money and economic theories.
          A lot of the politicians took bribes. The history books I read in school implied that this was what you should expect, because they were French, not good English-speaking people like us, but after reading another view (“Fiat Money Inflation in France,” by Andrew Dixon White), I realised the problem was not so much that they were French as that they were pretty much starving. They HAD to take money from somewhere, just as poor policemen in places like Argentina and Russia have to have a system of bribery to survive today.
          Another point: do people realise that the Eastern Roman Empire (based on Constantinople, now Istanbul) survived far longer than the western empire, based on Rome, simply because the Eastern emperors had the good sense to maintain a sound currency, real money consisting of gold and silver coins? The eastern empire was very bureaucratic and corrupt, I believe, but business could get done because there was real money with which to pay off the corrupt officials. In the West, there was nothing, so you had to fight them.

          1. I have no idea about the economics or the money supply of the kingdom at the time. I was simply citing the age old story that the rebellion was by the under classes against the aristocracy, culminating in regicide, rather than one faction of royals against another. If all the insider elites in America are truly on the same side rather than the illusory political factions called Dems & Reps or Libs & Cons, it will require action led by the proles to effect a revolution here. You were overthinking my proffered scenario.

            1. They are definitely on the same side and yes it will take a bottom up revolution

    2. After Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Sleepy Joe because she “knew his wife” and “he had a good heart” (which is absolutely unconscionable and a betrayal of the people who supported and sponsored her campaign and that she left midstream along with the Hawaiians that she let down by deciding not to run for office again), am I surprised that “she doesn’t have the massive following”…
      Anyway, I have to disagree when you say that “there will be no one left to even throw stones after the smoke clears and the black snow starts falling”. There will be Keith Richards! I’m not sure he’ll play Satisfaction but any old blues will do :o)

      1. Go ahead and rip on Tulsi for not adhering to your specifications for perfection (maybe she was vainly trying to retain membership and influence in the Democratic Party by endorsing Lord Biden–a miscalculation to be sure), but who else is out their even half-heartedly opposing the warmongering juggernaut that encompasses basically all of American politics today. How many independents are in the Congress, let alone any third party pols? Why do most consider it career suicide to even try that route? How do you make inroads against that if you’re going to find fault with anyone who even tries? So, if we are simply doomed, why bother saying anything and just go with the flow like all the morons surrounding you? I’d write in Caitlin’s name on my primary ballot, but she doesn’t qualify, being one of those foreign “traitors” to America.

        1. And, no, I do not think that voting is an effective route to change. Not in America. But it is still an act of defiance and rejection of the establishment and insider elites.

    3. This is just what I was thinking! I thought Biden was nuts even before he was elected, but this just proves it. He is an inveterate cold warrior who is still living in the 1950s. He has always hated Russia and he always will. The 25th amendment should be used against him, but, of course, that would mean that we would mean that we would have Harris as president.

  12. wondering what role Victoria Nuland has to do with all this Ukraine

  13. wondering what role Victoria Nuland has to do with all this Ukrainian fiasco

  14. Thanks for your work, Sister Caitlin.
    You made investigating your finances easy for the empire.
    You are most considerate.
    My finances are even easier for them…

  15. Paul Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Rackemann

    A lot of people have already said it above, but congratulations, Caitlin. I’ve never contributed to your funding, because I’m too old and technologically ignorant to be able to figure out how to do it. I do contribute to other political activities, but like an old man I heard of who left one cattle station each to two of his children, and his “very best wishes” to the rest of them, I may have to go on just wishing you well.
    Our people in authority really need to be bayoneted. I don’t think there is any other way of fixing them. That is me saying that, not you (for the benefit of the censors).

    1. I’ll hold your hand old man because I too am now too old to fight.

    2. Doesn’t Caitlin have a snail-mail address?

      1. Paul Rackemann Avatar
        Paul Rackemann

        If she has, I haven’t seen it.

  16. This issue merits focused scrutiny right now. The Overton Window had drifted so far in many areas of personal privacy, perhaps none as great as in personal wealth. Individual wealth is extremely none of anyone else’s business. One of the most obvious is that knowledge about wealth is a potential means by which individuals may be manipulated. Kelly exploits that threat.

  17. Translation- shut up or we’ll send the cops. Wikipedia says lawfare is “A tactic used by repressive regimes to label and discourage civil society or individuals from claiming their legal rights”. Looks like they got that one right.

    1. And here is how we are going to defeat them in UK:

  18. Smedley Butler Avatar
    Smedley Butler

    Another reason I look forward to a multipolar world. Aren’t you in Australia? WTF does the State Dept. of the USA have to say anything about an Aussie?! Oh, that’s right! Assange is somehow guilty of crimes in a country he has never set foot in. Yes I ended that sentence with a preposition. Perhaps sick the State Dept. on me.

    Bottom line is the US Vichy congress and executive are officially Nazi collaborators. Hopefully that ends the same way for them as it did for Nazi collaborators in the 1940s…

  19. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    For the record, Caitlin, I support you and have for years and will continue to do so. Ever since the war started the Internet has been behaving oddly. In fact, even before that. Slow-loading pages that my computer’s diagnostics tell me there is no reason for. Facebook bombarding my News Feed with 30 or more posts called “Reels” (which never existed until a week ago) that prevent me from seeing posts by my actual friends. I have complained to FB, of course, but you know how that goes. I get a big fat nothing of a response. Keep writing! Keep telling the truth!

  20. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    It seems to me that ” political insiders from the most powerful empire in history” have been “comfortable just publishing baseless accusations like this about random strangers” for quite some time. Making unsubstantiated accusations and manipulating the general narrative, generally combine to create a subtle brainwashing of the vast majority that irresponsibly feels that it must believe whatever makes them part of the ‘ good guys.’

  21. Another one who doesn’t seem to realize that when he points a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at him.
    He’s gonna have to “follow the money” of quite a few people though if uttering the concept of proxy war in Ukraine is the “crime”:
    And perhaps even not only proxy for much longer:

      1. And of course, I forgot, the one and only:
        Title: Biden’s Reckless Words Underscore the Dangers of the U.S.’s Use of Ukraine As a Proxy War
        Something is happening here
        And you don’t know what is is
        Do you, Mister Kelly? :o)

      2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        I follow Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate on Greyzone and Consortium News. I also read the World Socialist Web Site every day and have done for more than 20 years.

        1. Good for you! I’m very happy to know that!

  22. Caitlin-

    Congratulations on making the big time. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”, and you seem to be transitioning to stage three. Try to get to four before the missiles fly.

    Funny how a bought and paid for MIC whore questions your funding, but after all master/servant is the only ideology they have. Besides which, how can anybody do anything without government support? Also an ad hominem attack generally establishes the other person can’t refute what you’re saying about the actual issue, which in this case is the US regime change operation against Russia, which is much more important than how you pay for your website, which I don’t expect costs a whole lot anyway.

    But c’mon Caitlin … you’re Putin’s web bitch, aren’t you? Why else would a lone individual publicly stand up to a massive globe girdling thermonuclear military industrial complex openly pursuing full spectrum dominance of the entire planet? Actually, I can see how the Ian Kellys of the world could have a hard time getting that, bless their craven little hearts.

    I think you should publicly solicit a donation from the Kremlin and then if they don’t give you any money you’re obviously not funded by them, and if they do give you money I will personally write the fuck you letter to the US and Australian governments. And the EU. cc Ian.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Hear, hear.

  23. Suggestion for the future: Instead of merely screenshots of “things that may go quickly away”….

    Make Archives. works pretty well most of the time. Just go and drop in the appropriate URL.

    You may end up with fewer claims of “A screenshot is not proof!”

    1. In the past, archive.xx sites have deployed “web bugs” teacing back to a counter-intelligence school. Also there’s no reason to expect provocative content to be there in the event information goes strategic.

      They control the network. It’s folly for us to trust it. Use real archive sites like, or torrents. We should all have our sneakernets established anyway.

  24. Ian Kelly expected that CJ’s allegiance would be to the USA because she is Australian.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  25. Let’s step back and look at this blog post of March 27 by Caitlin Johnstone, ponder it as an example of the very concern that draws my interest – what Ms. Johnstone calls the narrative matrix, or the flood of stuff – that represents the old categories of fact, news, opinion and discourse, but now are fused into a colourful jet of stuff inflicted upon the individual, with the assertion that “it’s all good,” and homogenizing each element into indecipherability. More deeply, the trouble with understanding “new media” lumped into “the internet,” reaches to the question – how sturdy is our private means of determining what is true and false, and who profits from the capacity to suborn our own decisions in such determinations, turning us into a mindless herd?
    As Ms. Johnstone put it, “Humans are storytelling animals; most of our interest and attention goes toward mental stories, narratives, about what’s going on with us, with our surroundings, and with our world. So if you can control what stories the humans are telling each other about what’s going on, you control the humans.” The loudest “teller” becomes the owner.
    The seminal ideas of the newer television media as a thing began to group together sixty years ago, with persons such as Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman, my heroes who postulated the concept of Media Ecology.

    Media ecology looks into the matter of how media of communication affect human perception, understanding, feeling, and value; and how our interaction with media facilitates or impedes our chances of survival.
    The word ecology implies the study of environments: their structure, content, and impact on people.
    An environment is, after all, a complex message (information) system which imposes on human beings certain ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It structures what we can see and say and, therefore, do. It assigns roles to us and insists on our playing them. It specifies what we are permitted to do and what we are not.
    Sometimes, as in the case of a courtroom, or classroom, or business office, the specifications are explicit and formal. In the case of media environments (e.g., books, radio, film, television, etc.), the specifications are more often implicit and informal, half concealed by our assumption that what we are dealing with is not an environment but merely a machine.
    Media ecology tries to make these specifications explicit. It tries to find out what roles media force us to play, how media structure what we are seeing, why media make us feel and act as we do.

    Neil Postman (also Wikipedia
    I see Ms. Johnstone’s search for these matters in her postmodern perception that it is the narrative itself, not any set of incontrovertible facts, that drive today’s awareness. I suggest that it would be very enjoyable and productive to rummage through McLuhan, Postman, and Lewis Lapham, not because they are smarter, or I am old and nostalgic; but rather since their work was conducted in a state of assumed intellectual paradise Before The Internet.

    Ms. Johnstone’s columns carry a few readers’ references to these greybeards of old. I think she and her readers could find the answers to many riddles from the work of the pre-Internetians, their concerns and their predictions.
    As I might describe this predicament of March 27 to a pre-Internetian tele-cave-person, several of Orwell’s predictions have come into being. The Universal Newspaper, of which Twitter is an example, replaces graffiti with a semblance of open communication. All persons are equal in writing for the Universal Newspaper, but some are more equal than others, depending on their implicit rank, standing and power. More importantly, The Universal Newspaper allows the de-publication of any statement, or the limitation of the readership, by the author. Graffiti, which was once difficult to expunge, now can be stripped away to silence, and the author can deny ever having written such a thing.

    Mr. Kelly is said by Ms. Johnstone to have written a thing, but Mr. Kelly denies it, insisting that Ms. Johnstone has invented such a thing from whole cloth. The focus shifts from what Mr. Kelly wrote, to “Did he write it?” and “Who are Mr. Kelly and Ms. Johnstone?” and “If their accounts differ, how can I use the presumed identity of each to determine who is telling the truth?” This most latest spurt from the narrative fountain covers over and embalms the previous discussion, which was – what, now? I forget. The harder the jet of narrative spurts, the more evanescent the “was” is, swept away by the new “now.”

    This essay allows for examination of the fundamental riddles which Ms. Johnstone appears interested in – how does this crushing deluge of media, the tidal wave of “nowness” render each reader into animate flotsam in the tsunami, whirling about in the wreckage? I’d like to hear people’s opinions of this column as an example of the problem in microcosm.

    1. I would like to know how this scribble of graffiti came to Ms. Johnstone’s attention, and the size of the initial audience.

  26. This is hilarious, since it’s obvious where the money comes from – the gullible subscriber hordes!

    I’m more interested in knowing what substances Biden is taking. Think about it – he went from being dementia-riddled to remotely instigating Russia’s invasion. And we thought Putin was the strongman!

    Unless of course Biden is just a puppet?

    Someone please tell me what to think. Ideally a blogger who uses populist anti-liberal whataboutist, conspiratorial framing. That’s what I’m here for, that’s what I pay good money for.

    1. You don’t have to pay for anything. All this good stuff is free – think Open Source. Here is a place where sober truth reigns:

  27. If you have gotten those scum suckers of Hillary upset, then you must be doing something right. Keep up the good work.

  28. Keep up the good work, Caitlin !

  29. They’re coming after people–at least you are in good company with Julian Assange and Craig Murray, (and so many others).

  30. done of them remember 1987 when us and ussr had in-theater nucelar delivery systems primed to make germany a glass plain…

    tired of the neoliberal think tankocracy!

  31. Just to let you know, l appreciate every word you write.

  32. You are one of the few shining lights of unbiased clarity and objective analysis in modern-day journalism. THANK YOU for having both the guts and the integrity to share inconvenient & unpopular truths with us all.

  33. If the president of a nuclear power tries to incite the population of another nuclear power to overthrow their elected head of state, can this be regarded as an existential threat to this state. The Russian people should ask the government to put the nukes on high alert again. An insurgency in Russia should trigger nuclear strikes on the US.

    1. I doubt that anyone in Russia will see any need for a particular reaction.

      They know very well that there’ll be much sooner insurgencies in the US (hapless and chaotic as they’d be) than in Russia.

      1. nonetheless, more and more russians will be connecting the dots, imo, and understand that the west in it’s insidious ways is in fact threatening the russian state, it’s people and it’s culture.

        1. And especially its selling its oil in roubles. Dropping the petrodollar is what sent Saddam and Gaddafi to kingdom come.

    2. Look carefully at this statement, first as a media event, then as content. Martin offers a semi-anonymous scribble on a sponsored wall, referencing a broadcast statement attributed to a person. If that statement is interpreted in a particular way by a second person, then the population of Earth should be destroyed, at his discretion.

  34. Putin might be ousted but Russia will NEVER be ousted.

    1. Nah, Putin won’t be ousted either.

      1. Putin is the sane one. If he is ousted the hardliners take over and ash the North American continent with their nuclear-tipped hypersonic missiles cuz they know they owe us big time. Stephen F. Cohen used to explain the balance of power within the Russian political system. Putin is NOT a dictator and his support is not from fake polls. No one would listen to Professor Cohen even though he was “da man!” when Reagan and Gorbachev ended the Cold War. Power-hungry Americans must always over reach and even eat their own to constantly acquire more, more, more, now, now, now!

  35. Oh dear, what a photogenocidal picture of him with the other war criminal he posted to his account. Are those alcohol or cocaine eyes?

  36. Outrageous. Scary.

    In solidarity.

  37. This is pretty cool !

    Putin doing an amazing job in Ukraine !

    Daily life now in Kharkiv is not exactly what the MSM wouuld want you to believe !

    2 minute video !–18JGVuBJf5C/index.html

    1. The place looks somewhat like a typical Midwestern city in the US, except that it is LESS run down and dilapidated than Southside Chicago or Detroit with their blocks and blocks of collapsed or crumbling buildings.
      The American MSM would be sure to thank Zelensky rather than Putin for the fact that most services are still up and running rather than looking like Falujah, Racca, Mossal or most any other city struck by American military actions.


    Meditations on the theme of Killery Clinton, one of the world’s most accomplished female warcriminals, and psychopathic serial killers…

    Good on ya’ Caitlin… You’re doing something right – you’re making all of the right enemies.

  39. Cold war psyops come in all shapes and sizes. Caitlin, concern for your finances is Ad hominem.

    Ad hominem – a rhetorical strategy where the speaker attacks the character, motive, or some other attribute of the person making an argument rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

    What funding? I write my shit for free and spend a couple hundred a year to host my website. I am sure your expenses are reasonable and you do not have to sell blood plasma to stay online. Yet.

    Wizards of Oz. In general Americans don’t know how much ‘management’ of independent voices goes on. Every now and then a glimpse behind the curtain shows leavers are pulled making dissent only a whisper.

    1. Ad Hominem Tu Quoque’…to be exact…

      They really hate it, when you pierce veil of their lies…

  40. According to the FDA it is not a conflict of interest to take money from big pharma nor is lobby money corruption so why would Russian money matter? I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning…

  41. “Prior to his ambassadorship, Kelly held a variety of high-level roles at the U.S. State Department, including serving as the department spokesman under Secretary Hillary Clinton.”
    So, directly funded by the Empire.
    “After joining the Foreign Service, he served in a variety of positions, including the Director of the Information Center in Belgrade, Yugoslavia from 1990 to 1992, and Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer in Leningrad and Moscow, U.S.S.R. from 1987 to 1990. In these capacities, Kelly was involved in setting up embassies across the former Soviet Republics, a task that took him to all 15 newly independent states. He has studied Italian, Serbo-Croatian and Turkish at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center of the State Department.

    In 1994, Kelly was appointed Director of Democratic Initiatives to the Newly Independent States (NIS) at the State Department where he coordinated the activities of nearly a dozen federal agencies involved in democracy building in the former Soviet Union, and oversaw an annual budget of around $80 million.”
    Which sounds like his job was the dismemberment and neoliberal plunder of the old Soviet Union.
    “He later served as Press Attaché at the American Embassy in Ankara (1997-2000), Press Attaché at Embassy Rome (2000-2004), and Public Affairs Advisor at the U.S. Mission to NATO (2004-2007).

    In August 2007, Kelly was appointed Director of the Office of Russian Affairs in Washington D.C., where he was responsible for managing the development and implementation of U.S. policy towards Russia.”
    So he was directly paid by the Empire “for managing the development and implementation of U.S. policy towards Russia.” Obviously nothing he says now could in any way be seen as Empire propaganda, nor could any of his views have been at all shaped by a lifetime of payments from the Empire.

  42. Hey, be an investigative journalist and tell us about this chum bucket. He’s an ambassador of “OSCE, is concerned with early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict rehabilitation.” For about seven years. They’re signatories to the Minsk Agreement that brought peace to Donbas and eastern Ukraine, which is why he won the Nobel Peace Prize, um, no…so why is HE investigating YOUR finances? Tell us more!

    1. I always suspected that assholes like Kelly were cold fish with no sense of humour outside watching real-time streaming of people dying but I cannot describe the satisfaction of finding out that I was right. My Grandfather who fought in the trenches of WW1 had a phrase for the Ian Kellys of the world “not worth a cunt full of cold water “ and I note with pleasure that he was right. Someone needs to seriously follow this prick’s money

  43. There is not one single person in my life I can talk to about Ukraine without hearing Putin-is-the-devil rants and being called a Putin apologist for suggesting that the U.S. is complicit. If it weren’t for independent thinkers like Caitlin Johnstone, Jimmy Dore, Aaron Mate, Blumenthal, Greenwald, Parenti, and handful of others to turn to, I would go insane living in this crazy environment.

    1. Well said. We now live in a new McCarthy ‘red scare’ era: everybody I know has gone down the emotional dualistic ‘rabbit hole’ about Ukraine thanks to the hysterical mainstream media blitzkreig against everything Russia. People have gone mad: they can’t think rationally about the war; they only can see it emotionally in dualistic terms: ‘we are good and Putin is evil’; ‘America stands for freedom and Russia is a dictatorship’; ‘America is democracy, and Russia autocracy’. You literally can not express any opinion except “Russia is evil, Putin is Hitler and both must be destroyed by NATO.” If you don’t publicly state this–you are immediately branded a Russian sympathizer or agent, and are guilty of treason. Even the act of not wanting to talk about the war makes you suspect: “why don’t want to talk about the war? It’s because you support Russia, isn’t it!” To say anything like the U.S. had played a role in provoking this conflict is to immediately be branded a Russian sympathizer, and you will be cancelled/fired/and deeply hated and unfriended. Have you noticed? There is now a Russian supporter/sympathizer McCarthy witchhunt going on: it’s now open season on anti-war activists, intellectuals and others who are not rabidly foaming at the mouth for WWIII and nuclear exchange. I think this is all being deliberately planned to get rid of us. Very dangerous times.

      1. there are some people I come in contact with that I am afraid to actually voice an opinion on the war to, because I know there is a possibility they would beat the hell out of me. i don’t think they would kill me, but it seems to be getting there as things get more extreme.

      2. Problem is, a nuclear war gets rid of all of us. Doesn’t seem like the neocons have thought this through.

    2. you are so right, it’s everywhere. it’s the worst information sinkhole I’ve ever seen, nothing but lies and distortions 24/7. it seems like they are trying to prepare us for a limited nuclear war (like that can be controlled once it starts).

    3. I feel very much the same. It is making me sick.

  44. There is not one person in my life I can talk to about Ukraine without hearing Putin-is-the-devil rants and being called a Putin apologist for suggesting that the U.S. is complicit. If it weren’t for independent thinkers like Caitlin Johnstone, Jimmy Dore, Aaron Mate, Blumenthal, Greenwald, Parenti, and handful of others to turn to, I would go insane living in this crazy environment.

  45. Clearly you hit a nerve!

  46. Caitlin — keep up the good work — you always hit the nail right squarely on the head — especially with that last article of yours in which you explained totally accurately how the U.S. provoked Russia into invading Ukraine in order to then bleed Russia dry, and thus weaken Russia in preparation for attempted regime change in Russia, and not only in regard to one individual (Putin), but regard to the Russian Federation itself which, like China and other countries too, refuses to bow down to America’s imperial demands

  47. william wesley Avatar
    william wesley

    I wish someone would investigate the Clintons funding, “nothing to see here, move along”…..

  48. Hey, Ian – I’ve been one of Caitlin’s little $10/mo contributors for several years now. Does that make me a Russian? If so, how entirely cool.

    May Caitlin speak truth longer, much longer, than you can lie.

  49. You’re obviously more important in the USA than Scotty from Marketing! Well done!

    ..and in the way the real world works, his Twitter exchange will advertise your common sense to hid 10,000 followers and he will lose some to be your gain. You only have to show people the other side of the story, the one they never knew existed.

    There’d be a streak from the sky onto your house if he was serious, but all those have been sent to Ukraine!

  50. Be careful Caitlin !

    Of course Orwell said ” In times of universal deceit – tellling the truth becomes a revolutionary act ”

    We are definitely in a time of western universal deceit !

  51. Great job, Caitlin! Sorry this happened to you but I hope Russell Brand picks up your article and airs it. This guys cowardly attack deserves the exposure.

  52. Rebecca Rungsang Avatar
    Rebecca Rungsang

    Typical tactic of the guilty– point the finger at others for doing what you are doing yourself. American politicians have legalized political bribery and corruption and have blatantly wallowed in it so long that they can’t imagine (or accept) that others are genuinely concerned and willing to speak truth to power for FREE instead of being distracted by bread and circuses. Americans are WORLD CLASS HYPOCRITES preaching the evils of bribery and corruption to the rest of the world and trying to punish others what they so blatantly participate in themselves.

    I may not agree with all your opinions, Caitlin, but I subscribe to get an HONEST, alternate opinion of global politics, just as I subscribe to the columns of Thom Hartmann, Robert Reich, Heather Cox, and Jim Wright (Stonekettle Station). Anyone who is completely dependent on the MSM to keep informed sadly is only exposed to what the powers-that-be want them to hear.

  53. Joe Biden: “Our allies are the biggest problem.”
    Too funny. I wonder how long it’s going to take European nations to figure out they were the targets of the sanctions?
    Then again, I have to ask, would it matter, because the bigger question is, do any of them still exist in any meaningful way? There is a meme developing out there, among the unabsorbed global intelligentsia, that the nations of Europe are committing suicide. I would argue they are not, they do not have enough agency to make such decisions.
    They are being murdered, and there is nothing they can do about it.
    We know that neo-liberalism is, by defintion, treason, so clealy if you are a leader of a nation that has figured this out, and wishes to pursue other options, attempts at regime change are in your immediate future.
    For reasons mysterious, Vlad the Wannabe Neo-liberal had a change of heart. His unpardonable crime, is he made a decision somewhere along the line, to reject the treasonous neo-liberal path, and devote whatever remained of his life, to work only in the best interests of Russia and her people.
    And that’s what so troubling about being an American. We were once proud sheep that have been reduced to lemminghood, and worse, we are lemmings that will be madly waving the stars and stripes as we plunge to our doom, all at the behest of our true enemies.
    Note: As long as the lights stay on, either here or in my own noodle, I will follow this blog, the main reason being, it do find it pretty cool indeed.

    1. It should be pointed out that the idea of suicidal and/or too dumb to live lemmings is a myth, propagated by arch propagandist Walt Disney, who paid a bunch of locals to catch lemmings and then throw them off a cliff for his “documentary”.

      1. old Walt was an FBI snitch, too.

  54. Sounds like the empire is getting pretty desperate. Caitlin’s response, “I’m actually pretty cool if I do say so myself” is just perfect. Caitlin your voice is needed these days more than ever. Keep it up!

  55. You have caught the attention of John Hobbs.

  56. Thank you Caitlin!

    While this is very disturbing behavior by Ian Kelly, and the use of media to weaponize threatening behavior from the empire, especially in the last few years, what is remarkable is how scared neoliberal westerners really are with competition.

    For eons, they have been talking free markets, competition, private property, democratic freedom and intellectual copyright etc… as if it was regurg from dying corpse of Milton Freidman. However, in a few years time we see the markets are fixed, unipolar competition is really monopoly politics, private property can be seized at any time (see Afghan resources, Russia assets, Syrian/Libyan/Iraqi gold) and the silencing of voices in this country is the opposite of free. And we are supporting Nazi battalions, glorifying and minimizing their influence. The US is a hollowed out shell of its former self. Wall Street, intelligence, and military leaders all know this — that we are at an inflection point or interregnum where the old world is dying and the new one is about to be born.

    So, this is scary for Western elites — they have devise systems so that they retain power (finance – digital dollars and cryptocurrencies), they have to demonize all of the old boogie men of the past to justify war budgets and weapons sales, and they cannot allow the propagandized American public to know how bad they fucking them and future generations over with climate change, de-dollarization, and bringing the world to the brink of WWIII.

    They are wealthy, scared and not very bright. To quote Dean Wormer from Animal House, that not a great way to go through life.

    Keep the faith, Caitlin. The real issue is how are we as westerners or western-aligned backgrounds going to repair the relations that the US/UK/NATO have fucked up for decades? Blowback will be brutal, but we have to start just like you did with your writing business — one client or person at a time.


    1. Hi John, I’d love to know your personal opinion on the crypto. Coming from a working class background, I see rich kids clamoring their way into it and tend to be repelled by the creepy desperation and opportunism. Sometimes I wonder what I’m missing due to my own bias and impulse to cringe whenever I get near it .

      1. Hi Maeve,

        My personal opinion on Crypto involves the idea that like the internet, crypto/bitcoin/digital currencies are a construction of intelligence agencies, US hegemonic projects to maintain the current class-world order.

        Imagine having the world’s reserve currency? Then imagine using it to create income, wealth, inequality and asset bubbles that transfer wealth upwards? Then take a look at how we use debt to lock in a rigid class order —-> Lastly, consider how we use sugar, sports, nicotine, pharma, stocks and pornography to create addicts, which focuses the public’s energy on spending, consuming and the debt cycle?

        In this context, Maeve, one can easily see the strategy of cryptocurrency at this moment in time. The US cannot sustain the current world order and is accelerating the ruination of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency in some desperate neoliberal ‘opus Strangelove’ by de-dollarizing Russia (sanctions), which means US dominance is dependent upon shifting from the dollar (one massively utilized store of value across the world) to a new branded one “the digital dollar” or new cryptocurrencies as way to wipe the slate clean on its debts, create a new system of users/used winners and losers not to better anyone’s lives but for wealthy investors to keep their place in the failing hierarchy imo.

        And with all new technologies, there is a built in back door by creators to game the system to their advantage. We see this surveillance of the public, military weaponry, sports betting, policing and pre-crime, and how the media functions shutting down twitter, youtube or outright blocking certain content that is contrary to the official story.

        So, I see crypto as a finance intelligence operation constructed by US/Western financial engineers to account for the music about to stop – fewer numbers of chairs in the game of global finance. Would be happy to hear what others here think.

        1. If we look at the US Federal Debt to GDP Ratio over time we see why crypto is so important

          1960: Debt to GDP Ratio = 53%
          1980: Debt to GDP Ratio = 35% * Neoliberal policies
          2000: Debt to GDP Ratio = 58%
          2020: Debt to GDP Ratio = 125%

          Student debt
          Corporate bailouts
          CEO siphoning (stock buybacks + exec comp plans)
          Inflation hunting (1980 to 2016) now at 7%
          Zombie inflated Federal Reserve Policies
          Zero Interest Rate Policies (Geithner)
          Military Budget Spending (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen)

        2. I tend to agree with you John. There is no clear evidence that Bitcoin was a SES operation, or even NSA – it is intriguing anyway. Here’s what Investopedia says:

          “To date, it is unclear if the name refers to a single person or a group of people. What is known is that Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper in 2008 that jump-started the development of cryptocurrency.

          The paper, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, described the use of a peer-to-peer network as a solution to the problem of double-spending.1 The problem—that a digital currency or token could be duplicated in multiple transactions—is not found in physical currencies since a physical bill or coin can, by its nature, only exist in one place at a single time. Since a digital currency does not exist in physical space, using it in a transaction does not necessarily remove it from someone’s possession.”

          And this site says similar:

          Satoshi in English means ‘Clear Thinking’ or ‘quick witted’ basically someone who is ‘wise’ and Nakamoto means ‘one who lives in the middle’ like someone from a ‘central origin’

          Cheers Austrian Peter

        3. Thanks so much for your thoughts. That pretty much validates my intuition and adds more for me to chew on. Cheers!

  57. Ian is a great name that was unfortunately wasted on Hillary Clinton’s mouthpiece Ian Kelly.
    Essentially this man would do anything for money and thinks CJ is guilty of the same.
    Whoever dared to follow Hillary’s money trail would run into lots of corpses, and maybe even turn into one eventually.

  58. Congratulations! You have annoyed the vlasti and caught their attention. Good on ya! If it makes you feel small and scared, that’s a normal reaction of humans to bullying. Pay it no attention. Remember, the difference between you and her is that if she were able to offer genuine ideas and beliefs from the heart, rather than focus group platitudes, she would have been President, and Donald Trump would never have. I am in the American voting public and was in 2016. According to the Standard Playbook, her loss brought on the whole Ukraine debacle. She’s the one who let us down, not you. I think of you as Sinéad with more hair, and if that’s not a compliment to you, it is to me. It is precisely those whose criticisms go beyond the polite and acceptable who merit protection by governments, from governments. Read the admirable Justice William O. Douglas. What you do for Americans is more Americans than the usual basket of deplorables. I rarely agree with you, but you try and think in public. Anyone who does that deserves applause. Fair dinkum job.

  59. This is really incredibly creepy and gross. I’m so glad you were able to document all of it.

  60. You are really cool!!

  61. I don’t know Ian Kelly from Adam, but I can speculate with 100% certaintly that Mr Kelly has found no need to “hack capitalism.” I’m sure he’s more of a walk-down-the-red-carpet-straight-through-the-front-door kinda guy…

  62. Remember Hillary in the 2016 campaign, where she said, “the bottom line in nuclear weapons is, when the president gives the order, it must be carried out” [within five minutes}. Nobody else can interfere, such as a general or cabinet member. She alone can decide the fate of the world, and she looks pretty satanic.

    It sent chills down the spines of everyone that heard it and as a result we got Trump, the lesser evil.

    1. You are quite right to point this out JRG. What the people are not told is that the Globalists believe that a nuclear war is survivable especially in the southern hemisphere due to the deflection of the atmosphere, which is called the Coriolis effect. I spent time in the 1960s & 70s being involved in the Protect & Survive programme. I also visited Belarus in 1994 and was allowed in the exclusion zone for a short while.

      We learned a great deal about the effects of radiation on the human body directly from doctors and scientists using Belarus as a laboratory. What they don’t tell you is that the nuclear bombs today are known as ‘clean’ unlike the fallout from Chernobyl where the area is uninhabitable for 30,000 years due to nasty stuff like cobalt. Most of the radiation released from the failed nuclear reactor was from fission products iodine-131, cesium-134 and cesium-137.

      The MailOnline wrote about it recently and I posted their link in my article on The Burning Platform:

  63. I am infuriated that anyone would dare do what this parrot for butchers did. I am also encouraged that he presented evidence of how fearful someone like him can be. Please keep terrifying them.

  64. The object of this war is to lure Russia into another trap like they did in Afghanistan, by shelling undefended Eastern Ukraine cities with heavy artillery for eight years causing massive civilian casualties and death, while brandishing Nazi regalia and slogans.

    Ukraine is very different from Afghanistan, and we are tired of recreated HUAC tactics trying to drag us back to 1954 and the resumption of massive nuclear preemptive strikes like the former Operation Unthinkable where Churchill and Trumans gang proposed to hit Russia with 400 nukes.

  65. PS remember Orwell? “The object of power is power.” It doesn’t serve any beneficial purpose, except to those that weild it.

  66. They don’t care if it’s wrong. They know it is. They hope everyone notices it’s wrong but they get to do it anyway. That’s what power is all about. They’re just saying, literally, shut the fuck up…or else!

    Don’t waste time explaining it. We know you’re not Putin’s poodle. It’s ridiculous on its face. These are just people from places like Integrity Initiative or Atlantic Alliance who want to keep us Yanks in their little boxes. In their little world, 2+2=5 if they want it to.

    1. PS remember Orwell? “The object of power is power.” It doesn’t serve any beneficial purpose, except to those that weild it.

  67. You making enough noise to rattle them – keep it up and well done. Your compatriot Gerry Brady is on your wavelength in Brisbane and we have worked cooperatively for many years. His expertise as an ethical clinical doctor who couldn’t be bought saved our lives in January 2020 when he advised vitamins and zinc with green tea to boost our immune systems.

    His economics blog is priceless:

    I always re-post his work at:

  68. I also think these people must be afraid, afraid of being on the losing side.

    1. They have lost already and they know it. They will destroy everything they can as they fail – just like a little boy breaking his toys in a temper (I know I was one!).

      These pathetic apologists for ‘adults’ have never grown up because they have been rescued from any adverse learning events in their cosseted lives and moved into positions of power through influence. It’s is so obvious in UK – Boris et al. I will be writing a psychological profile of Boris as an example of this well-known psychological phenomenon.

      90% of the actors in the current global scenario display these traits – Putin included. Sadly there are many seriously disturbed people in power today and the rise of instant technological communication has accelerated their rise to the heights of global influence – Larry Fink at Blackrock is a classic example.

      But worry not – it is all explained in the Bible and we already know the outcome should you choose to seek it.

      1. I can’t disagree; they seem extremely desperate.

        They made incredibly stupid moves for the past 20 years and now it’s coming back to hit them in the ass.

        Sadly, they’ll take it out on us.

  69. I’ve seen at least two analysts say the same thing about it being a proxy war. But I didn’t need them or anybody to tell me this. ANYONE following events related to this knows this is indeed a proxy war. It’s proclaimed inadvertently every day by the sycophantic media. Why have US soldiers die when everyone in Ukraine can die in their place? Tons of money rolls into war machine makers’ pockets, and no US citizen is troubled by the sight if body bags coming home.

    1. You’ve nailed it, right there. No body bags! Yay! Ukrainian flags for everyone! Put them next to the tattered remains of those BLM signs and the ubiquitous ‘In this house, we BELIEVE’ Signs.

  70. first they came for Julian and no many took notice now they come for Caitlin

  71. You ARE actually very cool !

    Thanks Caitlin for always telling the Truth !

  72. It’s amazing that this chump would actually get freaked out by you.

    1. He’s a garden-variety coward, a toadie for the WEF cabal.

  73. Not surprising since most US politicans since Richard Nixon should have gone or be in prison.
    keep scribbling.

  74. You’re over the target now. Incoming fire.

    Nice work!

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