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The most powerful empire that has ever existed, which is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and continuously works to destroy any nation who challenges its global dominion, claims that it is in a global power struggle against “authoritarianism”.

Russia will lose the propaganda war on every front, at least in the west. It will lose every narrative dispute about alleged war crimes in the court of public opinion, whether those allegations are true or not. The US military is beatable, the US dollar is beatable, but the US propaganda machine is an unstoppable juggernaut.

Can’t believe we’ve been watching people lose their social media accounts for posting “misinformation” this whole time only for US officials to come right out and admit that they’ve been running an active disinformation campaign where they knowingly circulate lies about Russia.

A random guy says something on social media that differs from mainstream consensus? That’s misinformation; he needs to be de-platformed. The most powerful government in the world uses the most powerful media institutions in the world to circulate disinfo? That’s just fine normal stuff.

It’s actually really disturbing that US empire managers now feel comfortable just leaking the fact that they are blatantly lying to the public to win a psywar against Putin. It means they’re confident they can get the public to consciously consent to their rulers lying to them for their own good.


US officials: We are circulating disinformation in an infowar against Russia.

Me: Those US officials said they’re circulating disinformation in an infowar against Russia.

Liberals: Oh yeah right Caitlin, everything’s just a big, giant conspiracy!

Twitter consults with the US government when deciding what to censor, consults with US government-funded think tanks to determine what people see on the platform, conducts censorship in favor of US government narratives, and has the gall to label others “state-affiliated media”.

Twitter is state-affiliated media.

Don’t take life advice from unhappy people, don’t take creative advice from people who don’t create, don’t take career advice from people whose careers aren’t where you want yours to be, don’t take advice on the Ukraine war from people who supported the Iraq invasion.

People tell me, “Talk to Ukrainians!”

No matter how many Ukrainians I talk to, it will still be an objective fact that the US government and western media have a well-documented history of lying about every war, and that wanting direct hot warfare between nuclear superpowers is fucking insane.

It’s amazing how many arguments I run into that essentially boil down to “Your opinion is Russian.” It’s like the word “Russian” stopped referring to a nation and its population and now refers to some sort of metaphysical quality of one’s soul, similar to the word “Satanic”.

The other day a longtime lefty follower called me a bootlicker for saying the US military should not directly attack the Russian military in Ukraine. Opposing US military interventionism and World War 3 is bootlicking now. War propaganda is turning people’s brains into soup.


The agenda to create a one world government is not some hidden conspiracy involving secret societies and shadowy figures with Jewish surnames. The US empire is openly working to unite the planet under a single power structure which effectively functions as one government.

Washington DC is the hub of the imperial political machine, Virginia is the hub of the imperial war machine, California is the hub of the imperial propaganda machine.

In the end we’re just a confused species who entered into an awkward developmental transition phase because our brains evolved too fast.

We wound up with the ability to think abstract thoughts but without the wisdom to refrain from identifying with them. With the ability to invent nuclear weapons but without the wisdom to refrain from building them. The ability to conquer our ecosystem without the wisdom to refrain from doing so. To write vast tomes of philosophy that contain not one line telling us how to feel content in our own bodies, on our own home planet. To construct entire belief systems that are utterly useless for living in harmony with what is.

I’m sure birds and whales went through awkward evolutionary transition phases as well before they turned into the graceful flyers and swimmers they are today. Their early ancestors probably looked downright ridiculous for a while. It’s just that their transitions didn’t involve giant prefrontal cortices in their skulls that make childbirth painful and could easily give rise to the end of all life on earth.

The birth of a human baby is difficult due to the size of our enormous, rapidly evolved brains relative to the more slowly evolved pelvic bone. The birth of a sane humanity will be difficult for similar reasons.

I do believe we have the ability to make the jump from this awkward transition phase to become a truly conscious species. But it looks like if we make it, it’s going to be by the skin of our omnivore teeth.


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51 responses to “When You Lie It’s Misinformation, When They Lie It’s Cool: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Lying. All the cool kids are doing it. (On the idiot box). For money. And status. Telling the truth, or even expressing a differing opinion, even ‘mild’ from the current accepted orthodoxy, is at best, ‘ peddling misinformation’, or at worst, you are in service of ‘foreign powers’ who are trying to undermine the benign, enlightened Free-world Order. Either way it hardly matters which degree of wrong-think you are ‘guilty’ of these days, the end result is usually the same. You will probably be silenced and erased to the greatest extent possible. You know, I seem to recall someone once wrote an entire novel back when about a ‘fictional’ power block\super power, where words and concepts were often completely inverted to mean the exact opposite of their actual, given meanings. Also, in that ‘fictional’ world, the official party line often changed, or flipped, sometimes sometimes in mid-sentence and this was not considered remotely unusual, and no one dared suggest things were never any different.

  2. The world is now changed forever – Russia no longer accept the $US and China will soon follow !

    The Rothschllds are being killed off !

    As the Chinese Buddists say ‘ Attachment brings Misery ” and the western world got attached to the Rothschilds !

    Time to pay the PIPER !

  3. Not relevant to the article (apologies) but still germane.
    It appears that one of the big triggers for the US to interfere in other country’s politics – is that of publicly subsidised health.
    In some areas in Australia private health corporations hold the Medicare Rebate licence over that of hospitals in the area. I have been a victim of this. Was told I had to go to an interview with a private hospital to assess my eligibility for a rebate – as a pensioner!! Decided to instead travel well out of my area to access a public hospital offering an automatic medicare rebate. As a matter of principle.
    Anyway, I digress.
    Remember Whitlam’s Medibank? And the uproar from the health professions? Had to give up plans to include dental?
    Imran Khan, ex leader of Pakistan was planning to introduce free health for all Pakistanis. US stepped in.
    Whitlam the same.
    Have done some research and public health is a hot button for capitalism. The US sees health reform as a precursor to socialism. Health is a massive cash generator for investors. Covid has seen the greatest transfer of wealth in all of history to private vaccine makers. Think about it.

  4. Andrei Martyanov gives Jimmy Dore a shout out at the 15:00 minute mark.
    Too funny. Seriously, it’s just too fucking funny. Anybody looking for the truth ends up the same few, dwindling water holes.
    How many truth tellers with a platform do we have left in the West? Three or four dozen at most?* And what is the combined population on our side of aisle? Roughly 1 billion?
    I don’t like our odds of not being driven completely batshit insane by our non truth telling and heavily platformed – aka deep state manipulated and well remunerated – main stream media.
    Ok, so question still remains, why has our government informed us that is lying to us about everything, and will continue to lie to us until further notice? Well I think Mr. Martyanov might be on to something. The Western powers truly believe they have uncovered the secret to achieving total victory in this new and modern high tech era of warfare, and that is to simply out bullshit your opponents.
    And our batshit insane loving media agrees, and dutifully reports this an unstoppable war winning strategy.
    *At most. Sometimes I think our side is down to what could be called the Magnificent 7 – Dore, the Grayzone, Hinkle, Maupin, Berletic, Yves Smith, and our host Ms. Johnstone.

    1. Scott Creighton?

  5. You don’t even have to lie: if you tell the truth, it’s still misinformation.

    1. That’s what top-down totalitarian power is about. You have to ask every morning from a superior what the truth is for today. Can’t mine it for yourself. That would be anarchy :o)

  6. John Sunderland has it correct SMITH MUNDT 2.0. What else or for that matter what at all did Snowden have as a value proposition for refuge? East Ghouta-Boston Marathon Bombing-Nemtsov-NSA Blimp(we have lost our minds)-Patriots DEFLATEGATE? Read THE MILITARY SITUATION IN UKRAINE (jacques Baud). Prometheus may be snapping the chains!

  7. the Cheap Dude Avatar
    the Cheap Dude

    Having followed the lies and wars for decades, I must say: You are absolutely correct, nearly always. Please don’t stop.

  8. you aware there is a scheme to help rich/china get cheaper than normal investment?

    first ukraine coup 2014 to install hunter biden=united fruit company 2.0 Guatemala

    then have ukraine declare join nato/do shady bombing east Ukraine=Cuban missile crisis 2.0

    2. then use refugee program abuse=toss away population for usa to take care of in order for ukraine stay lower inflation/living cost than normal

    3. same with destroy iraq=dump iraq population to europe in order for iraq stay cheaper than normal for Halliburton investment

    4. destroy cali prop187 and create daca=south america stay cheaper than normal for outsource by throw away portion of their population for usa to take care of.

    all of these 3 examples killed value of minimum wage

    when wesley clark said 7 countries 5 years=12, so 2 term each between bush obama play bad good cop kill iraq to syria

    wesley clark got black mailed post 2008=

    dnc kill 50 in vegas+one in portland, use thugs to atack with san Jose/charlotte, burn loot several months, blm driver crash car in to parade,

    jan 6 is false flag to frame trump for break glass similar to ukraine coup 2014 to oust current president by cia shoot at both guards/protesters or hide among protesters to shoot at guards

    usa lied about sending troops to fight isis enter syria, then it change to assad must go, they had turkey kill kurds so pelosi can stay in syria

    nbc follow jury bus+lied about never receive hurricane maria supplies

  9. I think it should read ‘When you tell the truth its now called as misinformation’. The truth is these days an offence as Bob Marley so aptly and succinctly put it.
    We live in the times Orwell described for us. It is now we have either catastrophe or opportunity Caitlin. For we are in a time of crisis. This is the time that we are given and it will lead to the future of humanity or its destruction.
    It now that the iron must be struck the hardest blows. For now will be the one chance we get in our life times. I see the opportunity if only a few take it up.
    In desperation they expose the biggest chinks in their armour of deceit in the empire of lies. The truth is the mightiest sword. That is why they fear Assange and those that follow in his footsteps. The truth is their greatest enemy as it brings to light the things their vampiric kind carry out that they know must remain in the shadows.
    The sickness most of of humanity suffer is the inability to challenge the world view they hold that has largely been created for them. One reinforced via media and social media daily. Though it is a thin and twisted tale that does not take much to see the holes in. Keep exposing them Caitlin. You Rock sister.

  10. I’ve given up. I only talk to like-minded people, and I’m rootin’ for Putin.
    I pray that he puts a stop to the monstrous crimes that the West has been committing in a complacent Ukraine, and I also pray that a bus hits Victoria Nudelman, Hilary Clinton and George Soros, together or separately.
    I can see that Brandon is about to be kicked to the kerb in favour of the loopy Kamala; however bad he was, she will be ten times worse, because she thinks she’s smart. Frankly, the entire Washington crime gang needs to be taken out. Prayers for that outcome too.
    I’m doing a lot of praying these days.

    1. Don’t give up! He would not and has not. Take inspiration from President Putin.
      The Russians need us and so does he. We need to expose this for what the reality of the matter is! This is the battle of our times and it is largely being fought with disinformation to make people feel alone and isolated. So don’t give up! The truth can yet prevail.
      I personally raise a glass of the finest Russian Vodka from St Petersburg (They make good Vodka and the finest of leaders there). I also make anyone who drinks with me do the same. Then I raise one to Mr Sergey Lavrov. The finest diplomat one earth. Then I explain to them why.
      First I ask something like ‘Would you want Indonesia creating bio weapons with the help of the Chinese to test on the Australian people left in Papua? To see if they can spread to mainland Australia.
      They say ‘Of course not! The Australian military would have to intervene with the US’ (Or something to that affect) Then I say. So why the hell should Russia put up with Neo Nazis building bio weapons and testing them on the innocent children of the Donbas Ukraine! Then I ask if Australia should have intervened in East Timor. To which most people who know the incident say yes of course for human rights sake. So I then ask ” So why should Russia put up with a civil war on its borders for the 7 plus years of the Ukrainian Donbas war? Why should they put up with ethic cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainians.’
      Then I ask what they think of us helping to kill millions of innocent children across the world with our sanctions. Then I ask what they thought of us bombing Iraq into the stone ages and killing 500,000 innocent Iraqi children. Normally when I add quite loudly THE FIRST TIME! They stop me and I explain history they oft seem to have missed.
      Its often at this point people also start to look a little sick as I describe the affects of depleted uranium and the birth defects. Though I can assure anyone its better than seeing the footage of the hundreds of thousands of poor babies. Then of course Afghanistan, which but for one shred of solid evidence on Bin Laden would supposedly not have happened as the Taliban would have handed him over. I am sure they would have preferred their country and children NOT BOMBED. Though I am sure some of them appreciate the new arsenal the West provided. Might make it harder for us to bomb them again for two decades.
      Then we come to the Iraq shock and awe campaign of 2003 and the mass murder of innocent civilians in front of the world. then the conversation starts…..If I have to go on and they don’t see the issues and hypocrisy I ask them if they enjoy their one sided mass murdering government? I have at times even somewhat sarcastically offered some meathead a glass of bleach instead as I assure him its good for the health. If I have to convince them later otherwise I tell them I have none available and to buy their own.
      ‘Though the last part I don’t advise for anyone who is not a nasty tough as nails activist or fire performer like myself and my son.’ We are obviously somewhat crazy.
      Its generally here they look at me as if I am serious. Though its pretty clear by that first glance I am.
      I ask them to go away from my home or me in general and gain a bit of common sense and human empathy and to get even a limited comprehension of what lateral or critical thinking is before having the audacity to think they have a clue about anything. Then I will turn my back on them. I do not have time for throwing pearls to pigs. It generally gets people thinking somewhere along the line. The ones that don’t start thinking for themselves generally can’t and are not worth the time.

      1. I have given up alcohol completely because it delivers the opposite of what you truly want. And bought a few used books about how to pray, and how prayer puts you out of survival mindset into the universal mind, and you can ask and receive from the Universe anything if it is for the good of all.

        1. Do you think Joan of Arc prayed?

          1. She sure did but it did not help against the infidels who wanted to burn her as a threat to their rule.
            On the plus side, corporate site LinkedIn allowed a post that quitting alcohol can be transformative.

            1. She was actually burnt by a bishop named Cauchon who prayed too :o)

  11. “Opposing US military interventionism and World War 3 is bootlicking now. War propaganda is turning people’s brains into soup.”

    That’s because most people are f*cking idiots.

  12. Well said Caitlin ! The Cuckold EU deserves an equal lambasting.

    This little active democracy clip is worth a watch:

    Thank Gaia there is at least one person with the courage to speak the simple truth in the EU Parliament! The reaction says a lot too.

    1. Look at the idiot’s reaction.
      Frankly I despair … morons like that guy actually have a say in the future of the EU.
      What a failure it has been: every country in huge debt … to whom? Poverty expanding like a pandemic.
      Removal of national sovereignty was never a good idea. Just as One World Government/New World Order is a BAD idea. The EU is the best example of that.
      Having travelled extensively both before the EU and after its formation in Europe, I can tell you the individual countries are a shadow of their former selves.
      Disband it ASAP.

      1. Funny enough, there’s something in this guy’s body language that reminds me of exorcisms. He is suffering physically from the truth he’s administered like the vampire seeing a cross in movies. I’m sure there’s some measure of MK-Ultra in all that jazz. People can’t be naturally so stupid as to commit suicide in masse in a parliament.

  13. Eh, the “west” winning the propaganda war! Where? In the five eyes and around thirty blind slave followers. Let’s clarify – it is NOT “International community”. Go and spend some time anywhere else and you will see that they are not winning that war at all.
    About winning any wars – the last time the “west” won any wars (real ones) is the last time they conquered a piece of land somewhere in the world and committed their biggest “value” – genocide. They claim to won WWI but if you look at the maps they did not move from their trenches. Serbian army broke the Thessaloniki front and was on the way to Vienna. Then they claim to win WWII – by coming in when it was well and truly over. While supporting Nazis all the way. Came to protect Nazis – tens of thousands of who emigrated to the five eyes in particular.
    Make no mistakes, Ukraine is just beginning. That is just an action to signal to China, India, Indonesia, the whole of South America, and the whole of Africa that they are the world’s biggest power. Kingdom of Genocides and Caliphate of Chaos – get ready.

  14. I love all the media hand wringing over “white phosphorus” that may have been used by Russians. Whether they did or didn’t use that, am I the only one who remembers when the U.S. ACTUALLY USED that in Iraq? Pot meet kettle. They hypocrisy spiral is out of control. How many Iraqis had their skin literally melted off again? The world is sick.

  15. Empire of lies’ next move?
    According to this paper by Whitney Webb, we might soon “discover”, thanks to the CIA and National Intelligence, that the white supremacists in Ukraine are in fact in the Russian ranks instead of the Azov Battalion. It will take some shenanigans (of which Bucha might be the harbinger) but I feel quite confident that the corporrupt media will manage to sell that to the all buying Western sheeple.
    You’ll also be surprised to hear that “German security agencies and officials asserted just days ago that they can no longer distinguish between ‘far-right radicals’ and those who oppose vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions”.
    We’re reaching whole new levels in government gaslighting here! And all this ultimately to sell weapons and drugs! :o)

  16. I think it’s our gut biome that’s causing cognitive and behavioral changes. Maybe it’s a natural safety mechanism to prevent a destructive species from spreading to other parts of the galaxy. A kind of pesticide. Roundup for psychopaths.
    “Weeds (psychopaths). They’re low-down, stubborn little rascals. And we understand them like no other. So if you have a weed control problem, you can bet we have a weed control product for it. Roundup.”

    1. A recent large scale study has found that over 50% of US food, including non-GMO and organic is contaminated by glyphosate, found primarily in Round Up.
      It’s probably due to climate change though like microplastics discovered in our blood for the first time in 80% of the people tested :o)

      1. How do we climb back from this disaster?

        1. We don’t I’m afraid, especially as the corporrupt media keep us amused with “climate change” which doesn’t mean a thing but is one of these agree good vs. disagree bad notions promoted at billionaire levels to pit people against one another while the bucks keep flowing into Bayer’s and other huge polluters’ coffers :o)

  17. Well said Pascal!!

  18. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    There are no lies anymore. Just misinformation, misspoken, mistaken, misapplied…..never ever a lie.

    1. Damn it!! that’s a lie!! 🙂

      1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        Sorry, You failed to understand my intent since I was speaking metaphysically and allegorically. It was just my personal opinion and not thr policy of others even though I am supposedly in charge. Next question.

        1. I think he was joking :o)

          1. So was I. 🙂

  19. From the movie “Contact”. Ellie Arroway is competing with a short list of people to be the one to go to a place near Vega. She is testifying before a committee of people who will select the one to go.
    – Panel member: If you were to meet these Vegans, and were permitted only one question to ask of them, what would it be?
    – Ellie Arroway: Well, I suppose it would be, “How did you do it? How did you evolve, how did you survive this technological adolescence without destroying yourself?”.

    That is the question that a truly microscopic percentage of the human population — a few usual-suspect moron-polticians including POTUS Potato Head who control nuclear weapons — will be answering on behalf of the vast majority of the population of the human species of animal in the very near future.

    1. Best line in the movie. In other words, how did you crazy cats manage to beat the Great Filter?
      Ms. Johstone: “The ability to conquer our ecosystem without the wisdom to refrain from doing so.”
      My take is; if an advanced species wants to beat the Great Filter, then it does in fact have to not only conquer its ecosystem, it has to enhance it and make it more reselient.
      Make it greener and lusher an cleaner and fresher, make our tiny orb veritably teem with healthy life! Obviously we humans are not doing that. We’ve chosen to instead to annihilate our biosphere at exponential clip. Thanks capitalism,* for all you do.
      You know a quick example of not using our advanced brains to enhance our survival chances: when the Soviet Union fell, the head of their space program began to inquire of American officials, hey, now that the war is over, why don’t cooperate on how to use our respective nuclear rocket technologies to intercept and destroy incoming planet killing comets, and the Americans told him in no uncertain terms, to fuck right off.
      *Or whatever you want to call the “economic” operating system of this planet. Craig Collin’s calls it Catabolism. I like it. I think it fits. Catabolism devours everything before it that can be devoured, and then it devours itself.
      Great piece btw Ms. Johnstone. Thanks for it.

      1. Beau of the 5th weighs in on our collective existential dilemma.
        Another get local message, nearly identical to Russel Brand’s actually, although the two men’s viewpoints on how to get there could not be more dissimilar. Russel thinks that embracing the lies of power structure will undermine of our get local efforts, whereas Beau believes that embracing and advancing the lies of the current power structure are necessary at this critical moment in time, because Donald Trump and the MAGA crowd are a greater existent threat to the continued existence of life than living in a completely fabricated world.
        A world of make believe – total madness in other words – is preferrable to having those folks in charge.
        Even if it means nuclear war.
        Both good arguments, each has their merits, but once again I will point out, that if you can’t get it right at the nation-state level, you can get local all you want, organize the shit out of your communities, produce leaders of integrity and good will in your town halls, but if the nuclear power plant a couple of states over gets vaporized by a nuclear retaliatory strike by a rival nation-state, all that noble grassroots activity won’t mean a goddamn thing.
        Your thriving and industrious local communty will be no more, along with everything else.

  20. Eldred Frederick Godson Avatar
    Eldred Frederick Godson

    vis your Comment “To write vast tomes of philosophy that contain not one line telling us how to feel content in our own bodies, on our own home planet. ” ..

    you may enjoy this..
    & This

  21. Don’t you find it amazing how very old movie scripts can still state things that “modern” movies wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole?

    1. Because now the government tells you directly that it lies to you with all it’s got for it considers you as its pal, its shill. It creates a complicity by considering you’re on its team. Nobody’s ever seen a crowd of supporters whistle when the referee wrongs the other team. Few people point out an error on a bill that is in favour of whatever community they belong to. The government is doing the right thing no matter how insane and will persecute anybody who says the contrary no matter how sane. That’s what power is about. There’s no power in imposing common sense decisions on folks who know it’s common sense! There’s power in imposing anti-natural lunacy that Bible freaks call satanism!

      1. Well said Pascal!!

        1. Thanks! When Pompeo infamously said “we lied, we cheated, we stole”, the audience was supportive, cheering and laughing at a criminal behaviour that Pompeo was sharing with them because he (rightly) felt they were partners in the same “exceptional” crime team that thinks the end justifies the means.

  22. I hate the headline! It shouldn’t be “When you LIE it’s misinformation…”, it should be “When you say anything contrary to the narrative (truth or lie), it’s misinformation…”

  23. I suspect the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, enacted in 2013, was the legalization needed for the central government, Comrade, to treat the American people as badly as it treats foreign people. While the Sandy Hook false flag event was not covered by that act, the American people have endured many false flag attacks and much disinformation from big government, big media, big pharma, and every other empire sucking-up entity there is.

    Yes, we are in the age of disinformation and destruction of everything reasonable and life giving. We are being destroyed as an animal specie. It’s the communist way.

    1. I’m not a fan of the dictatorship of the proletariat myself that’s at each other’s throat permanently for not wearing a mask, not getting an experimental jab or expressing non narrative compatible thoughts about Russia or China but one has to admit that for the last twenty years, the bulk of destruction has looked more like the American way for the profit of war contractors posing as good guys (TM) who are just as capitalistic as they come…

    2. defeating communism seems feasible. maybe a reason to be optimistic?

      1. The commie scare is just like the climate and Covid scares, a red herring while it’s capitalistic billionaires who’ve got people by the balls, impose high prices, suppression of liberties, lockdowns, censorship, pollution, wars and the destruction of the middle class in the Empire of Lies. Then again, if the Empire of Lies’ corporrupt media has managed to convince you that communism is a synonym of evil, then everything evil is communism. It makes life simple but is it very rational? And aren’t there more urgent things to fight than windmills?

        1. but john says the communists are destroying human kind, what can be more urgent?

          1. Ah, if John says so, it’s different of course :o)

  24. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    I suppose optimism about the future of humanity has to be blind, given the lack of data. I’m more wait and see.

    And I don’t see why people watch the MSM or listen to the government. SF and Bogart are better.

    Still not about Bucha, the Katyn of our time.

    1. On the optimistic side, WWIII will be the shortest ever, an estimated ten minutes, fifteen if retaliation is slow :o)

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