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If you’ve got a gut feeling that your rulers are working to control your perception of the war in Ukraine, it is safe to trust that feeling.

If you feel like there’s been a concerted effort from the most powerful government and media institutions in the western world to manipulate your understanding of what’s going on with this war, it’s because that’s exactly what has been happening.

If you can’t recall ever seeing such intense mass media spin about a war before, it’s because you haven’t.

If you get the distinct impression that this may be the most aggressively perception-managed and psyop-intensive war in human history, it’s because it is.

If it looks like Silicon Valley platforms are controlling the content that people see to give them a perspective on this war that is wildly biased in favor of the US narrative, it’s because that is indeed the case.

If it seems like a suspicious coincidence that Russiagate manufactured mainstream consent for all the same shady agendas we’re seeing ramped up now like cold war brinkmanship against Moscow, internet censorship, and being constantly lied to by the mass media for the greater good, it’s because it is a mighty suspicious coincidence.

If it seems weird to you that so many self-styled leftists are responding to this war by fanatically supporting the extremely dangerous unipolarist geostrategic agendas of the most powerful empire that has ever existed, that’s because it is weird. Really, really, really weird.

If it seems a bit hypocritical to you that the empire is blasting us in the face all day with narratives alleging Russian war crimes while that same empire is imprisoning a journalist for exposing its war crimes, that’s because it absolutely is hypocritical.

If something looks wrong about the fact that we’re about to watch a judge sign off on Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States for practicing journalism while that same United States keeps pushing out narratives about the need to protect Ukraine’s freedom and democracy, that’s because it should.

If you’re beginning to get the nagging sense that the mainstream consensus worldview is a construct manufactured by the powerful, for the powerful and everything you were taught about your nation, your government and your world is a lie, that’s definitely a possibility worth considering.

If it’s starting to seem like we’re all being manipulated at mass scale to think, act and vote in a way which benefits a vast power structure that rules over us while hiding its true nature, I’d say that’s a thread worth pulling.

If you’ve a sneaking suspicion that the lies might go even deeper than that, right down to deceptions about who you fundamentally are and what this life is actually about, that suspicion is probably worth exploring.

If you’re feeling a bit like Keanu Reeves in the beginning of The Matrix right before the veil gets ripped away, I’d recommend following the white bunny and seeing how deep that rabbit hole goes.

If it has occurred to you that humanity needs to wake up from the matrix of illusion before our sociopathic rulers drive us to extinction via environmental catastrophe or nuclear armageddon, then your notes match my own.

If you believe it’s possible that these existential crises we’re fast approaching may be the catalyst we need to collectively rip the blindfold from our eyes and begin moving in a truth-based way upon this earth and creating a healthy world, then we are on the same page.

If there’s something in you that whispers there’s a good chance we make it despite the long odds we appear to be facing, I will tell you a secret: I hear it too.


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57 responses to “If It Feels Like You’re Being Manipulated, It’s Because You Are”

  1. The modern political left went in the direction of not wanting to have any space in the world, anywhere, for people who don’t think like us. 30 years ago, the Left had real principles like, “We’ll defend a neonazi’s right to free speech under rule of law.” Lately, with culture war, it’s been more like, “We want everyone who doesn’t think like us to die off, ASAP.”
    But you gotta think, the other people get a whiff of that, they’re going to fight you to their last breath. Wouldn’t you? Idiots always think the enemy will just roll over. Basic mistake of any conflict is underestimating an opponent.
    Maybe this whole situation will get the modern political left to grow up a little, stop acting like everyone needs to “think like us or STFU”, and realize the truth about ‘lesser evils’ and all the rhetorical nonsense that gets guys like Biden elected–
    The choice between two evils is always simple, even for an adult:

  2. Caitlin on point per usual. I have marveled recently about how this entire ‘war’ is a made for TV event. It’s got all the attention, it’s trending on all the socials, people are waving Ukraine flags everywhere. It’s the event! All of it is a production. Take the case of Ukrainian models. They dress up in military garb because that’s what’s trendy for the next 15 minutes, and post it on their socials. Then those pics get spun into “brave Ukraine women fighting for their Homeland. Then there’s a Backpage retraction telling us, no those were just vanity pictures. Then there’s a whole new crop of pics and a whole reboot of the fake story. Zelensky is the same thing. You literally can’t separate ‘real President Zelensky’ from TV President Zelensky’. They mix still frames from his TV show with made up narratives about the real war. He gives grandiose speeches to world leaders that are equal parts fantastic lies and equal parts detached lunacy, but 100% mediocre acting. And people give him the ‘stunning and brave’ treatment. And at the center of it all we have khazarian Jews literally dressed up as Nazis. Which is actually the only thing the TV gets right, but for the wrong reasons. They refuse to refer to the Azovs as Nazis because that would ruin their narrative on the war and everything else. Even though there are pictures of them literally waving Nazi flags. But the fact is they really aren’t Nazis. Just al-quaeda, style paid actor agitators, far too contrived and over the top to be genuine. Like them or not real Nazis built a formidable industrial empire. They didn’t bomb pipelines like Luddites. The entire fraud is intended to succeed aided first and foremost by your gullibility, ignorance and stupidity. Reinforced by the complete and total control that TV and Social Media have on your mind. Yes there is a real conflict. But it is mostly just the most corrupt country in the world executing a false flag on itself to try to scam it’s way into NATO and free nukes so that Zelensky’ has the tools to become the mafia dictator he so desires to be. Knowing that his shithole country will only ever be a pawn in a western strategy to keep Russia subdued. So that we can print $5 trillion dollars a week and marvel at how rich, exceptional, transgendered and immoral we all are. You are seeing the end folks. Reality officially made it’s final exit with Joe Biden most recent pants crapping. All that left now is the crap and the smell.

  3. Gifford Teeple Avatar
    Gifford Teeple

    I wholeheartedly agree, Caitlin! And I strongly, strongly urge everyone to deep dive into GetWisdom dot com for profound explanations AND SOLUTIONS to what is actually going on globally. I haven’t found any source that comes close to connecting ALL the dots this deeply as well as providing solutions that almost anyone can safely practice daily.

  4. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    What do you make of the western elite controlled internet not blocking sites like TASS (Russian news agency) during this ‘war’? Something very fishy going on with this so called ‘war’/ ‘military operation’. I’m far from sold on how genuine it is. They may be engineering ‘Warsaw Pact’ V.2., but this time a western controlled version? Divide and conquer with a renewed protection racquet strategy? What about a control opposition ‘Warsaw Pact’ V2 that takes all the heat from a massive conflict with China? Yeah, I can be wrong, but I still wouldn’t put it past what the megalomaniacs in the M.I.C have in mind.

    1. Speculate away. Your guess is better than the MSM line. At least there’s a chance it’s true. And being too crazy isn’t a factor because there’s no such thing. Whatever scheme you dream up, somebody in the government has at least tossed it out on the table. And if it was rejected, it wasn’t for being too crazy.

  5. Here is the TRUE state of affairs !

    Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine on 24 February to stop the eight-year-long war waged by Kiev in Donbass, which has claimed thousands of lives.

    Since the beginning of the op, Russian forces have eliminated at least 130 Ukrainian warplanes, over 2,000 tanks and other armoured vehicles, 99 helicopters, 441 drones, and 241 rocket launchers.

    Russian forces and Donbass militias continue to advance, as they seized control of the port of Mariupol, and are encircling the last remaining Ukrainian radicals in the city.

    Basically the Rothschild financed Nazi’s are finished !

    1. On the other hand, the West has been sending weapons into Ukraine, many of which end up in the hands of neo-Nazis, and the country has long been an arms smuggling hub as well as a centre for the European far right.

      1. Well… Nato says they send weapons to the brave neo-nazis so that they can defend their version of democracy (with the opposition being eliminated) against people who hate our freedoms but the Russians say no weapon can enter Ukraine without being spotted by satellite and destroyed. There’s a kind of cognitive dissonance there. Anyway let’s be reasonable: what’s important is that the Ukrainian government pays for those weapons one way or the other :o)

        1. I hope you’re right about what’s important. I worry about neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe getting hold of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons and so on.

  6. The US is tying itself in knots over trying Russians for war crimes. Hoping to protect itself from any such charges, it passed laws prohibiting US cooperation with the International Criminal Court, and now finds itself hamstrung when it comes to providing any assistance to the ICC regarding Russian war crimes in Ukraine.
    or. minus paywall,

  7. “Heartache, death, pain and disaster” are in store for much of the world due to the kind of inflation that leads to starvation, according to Krystal Ball at Breaking Points.
    I think Ms. Ball flubbed her line. It should read, “heartache, pain, disaster, and death” are what’s coming, and there is not much standing in the way of this Four Horseman-like progression.
    And clearly, I’m not talking about rising prices or the “food insecurities” (aka starvation protocols ) of nation-states due to IMF and World Bank – export monocrops only! – loan mandates.
    That’s tactics. And as Sunny Sun Tsu said, “tactics is to stragedy as the noise before defeat.”
    “I believe we’ll either transcend our old self-destructive patterns or perish, so we might as well say “Damn the torpedoes” and sprint toward that transcendence at full speed.”
    I agree Ms. Johnstone, it is a race. Unfortunately, we humans are still in the starting blocks and extinction is halfway down the track and looking like Usian Bolt in his prime. Does that mean the race is over? Not necessarily. The odds aren’t looking all that great, but hey, all things are possible.*
    We humans need to get out of the blocks though, and get to running. That is the minimum requirement if there is to be some kind of miracle photofinish.
    * At least according to the now sanctioned Fyodor Dostoevsky 😉

  8. I read a lengthy article the other day, that contained a relatively sober analysis of the Ukraine conflict and the escalations, that led up to it. I recommend it to anyone who would really like to understand a bit more:

  9. There’s a simple test you can ask people to do – that is ask them if they have seen ANY balanced media articles where BOTH sides are considered, and where the author remains neutral & unbiased.
    If they say yes then follow up with asking if the number of balanced & unbiased articles they’ve seen is the SAME as the biased one-side ones.
    If they say yes to that then you can safely accuse them of lying (or ask them to show you 10 articles of each, which they would not be able to do).

  10. Of course Russia is actually attacking the Rothschilds criminal banking cartel of which you are ALL dependent !

    The Rothschilds OWN the media – the $US and the EURO !

    Russia has banned the Rothschilds owned media and kicked out the Rothschilds controlled NGOs

    Russia has stopped accepting the Rothschilds $US and the EURO for energy exports – ALL Russian exports will follow suit !

    China will perform the ‘ coup de grace ‘ when they follow Russia’s lead as planned !

    Western economic collapse is just around the corner for ALL of you who are dependent on the Rothschilds criminal banking cartel !

    ENJOY the show !

    Only the 148 nations that have joined the BRI will be spared !

  11. Peter O. Childs Avatar
    Peter O. Childs

    Caitlin, believe it or not you’ve edged out Chomsky at the top of my list because not only do you surgically expose what’s wrong with human doings; you do so with the appropriate strength of feeling. And very strong feeling indeed is appropriate with the human race about ten feet from The Cliff with our pedal still barely off the metal in high gear.

    But far more important, you speak from a position of understanding the spiritual context within which all human (and other) activity takes place and always will take place. And you share my feeling that while the peril of this moment is immense, the opportunity not just for escaping The Cliff but entering a whole new octave of Life is literally infinitely greater than the peril, can we but see it and act appropriately. How this can possibly happen in the short time apparently available to us, and how, is the matter at hand.

    This is the subject of “The Choice” (you can google it, e.g. on Amazon), a book that I’ve been trying with increasing desperation to put in your hands; of all the people in the world that I want to read it, you’re number one; you’ll see why if you get your hands on it. I’d be delighted to send you a copy if I could just get a snail address. Go well, Peter Childs

  12. ”If you believe it’s possible that these existential crises we’re fast approaching may be the catalyst we need to collectively rip the blindfold from our eyes and begin moving in a truth-based way upon this earth and creating a healthy world, then we are on the same page.
    If there’s something in you that whispers there’s a good chance we make it despite the long odds we appear to be facing, I will tell you a secret: I hear it too.”

    Even though a great number of people, including me, Caitlin, Tim, people who comment here and probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of other people have ALREADY collectively ripped the blindfolds from our eyes and ALREADY begun moving in a truth-based way upon this earth and ALREADY truly WANT to create a healthy world and need absolutely no more “education” about it, up to this point in time, as far as I can tell, we still have not only NOT “revolted” (unless typing articles and comments IS “revolting”) against those who not only create and publish the narratives, but We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On continue to vote our warmongering, false-narrative-creating oppressors’ bought-and-paid-for R and D agents into public offices time and time again! Is that going to happen yet again in rapidly approaching November?
    What, exactly, does the word “revolution” mean? Is there universal agreement on what the word “revolution” means? If there is, please tell me precisely HOW people “revolt”? What would the BEHAVIOR of “revolting” be? Would We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be picking up guns and running down the streets with our hair on fire, each of us yelling in perfect synchronicity with the collective “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”? Would We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be guillotining some VIPs on the White House lawn? Would We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be marching hand in hand down Penn. Ave. demand, demand, demanding that the Elite behave better, or else? (“or else” just exactly WHAT?!)
    Here’s what you, me, We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On, We Who Want A Better, Healthier World are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way! to remove our warmongering, false-narrative-creating oppressors’ 536 Rs and Ds from federal elected positions of power. (If you know of another way, please spell it out, right here, right now and, BTW, reading another hundred really great books that tell you who’s holding the reins of power in one hand and your balls in the other, wishing upon a star, dream, dream, dreaming; hoping and praying and deep, deep, deep self-study and drug-trips are not going to do that job.)
    THIS is how you “revolt”. If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why. If you DO want More Of The Same, when you walk into the voting booth, just vote for another R or D, makes no difference which. All 80 million of us have to do is vote those R and D fuckers out of office. (The latter is what the tens of millions of direct and indirect employees of, and the investors in, the MIC are going to do. They’re going to vote for No. 1 and they don’t give a shit if doing that ultimately leads to WWIII; they know precisely what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. )

    1. The “former” is what “tens of millions, etc. are going to do”, not the “latter”. Sorry.

  13. I think you should try writing something as an MSM drone and see if it’s a tenth as good. You write well, and I think a lot of that comes from it simply being firmly held and emphatically stated truth, which the MSM doesn’t have.

    I’m guarded on your optimism. Maybe we’ll achieve sufficient species level enlightenment in the not too distant future, but the nuclear dice could roll against us at any moment. That the first will happen before the second is wishful thinking, and optimism discourages urgency. You and I may have achieved some measure of enlightenment but humanity on the whole is for the most part a collection of hateful monkeys, as you must surely have noticed, or as we might more clinically put it, humanity is the latest evolution of hominids, and is plainly in over its head. I’ve been thinking anymore in terms of the next use of nuclear weapons, because I’m not confident humanity will turn away from nuclear destruction without a second helping, hopefully short of the full buffet. I think it might be productive to see the next use of nuclear weapons as currently inevitable, to explore the ramifications, to talk about how to hopefully limit the destruction, how to deal with the new reality, and generally shove humanity’s snout down in it, because simple appeal to reason isn’t making it past the secretary. Maybe with the current instability in Pakistan we’ll soon get some talking points.

    Like Thoreau said, strike the root. The MIC openly states its objective is full spectrum military dominance of the planet. See this is insane and you see all the insanity that flows from it.

    1. Did you say the root? Over 73% of the Americans are overweight or obese. Of those, 42% of adults have obesity and 10% are severely obese, while 19% of children and teenagers have obesity and 6% are severely obese. This is NOT normal and has been getting worse and worse for 30 years. Half of their food is contaminated by glyphosate – including non-GMO and organic. PFAS, a class of about 9,000 compounds used to make products like food packaging, clothing and carpeting water and stain resistant, also called “forever chemicals” because they do not naturally break down and accumulate in humans – producing cancers, birth defects, liver disease, thyroid disease, plummeting sperm counts and a range of other serious health problems – have been found all the way down to breast milk in all US states. One in 59 children is born with autism. Life expectancy is in constant decline, especially life expectancy in good health. American health is a national tragedy. And what do people worry about? Climate collapse (whatever that means) and nuclear extinction. I’m asking you…

      1. I don’t think obesity is the root. More like overhanging fruit. Living in SC really makes one see emaciation in a different light. And what they eat doesn’t help but I think it’s mostly how much. Way way too. But we’re off topic. Really just wanted to write “overhanging fruit”.

        1. But what happens to the old “mens sana in corpore sano”?

          1. sic semper fat people

            1. And I didn’t even mention the opioid crisis. I can’t see how a population that sick (thanks largely to Dr Fauci according to RFK Jr) and with a financial incentive for unchecked Big Pharma to make it even sicker would perpetuate itself much longer.

        2. I have Gilead Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bristol- Myers Squibb stock. And Cigna, they’re health insurance. And FMS, which does dialysis. And Cardinal Health, which does medical distribution. I think that’s it … oh yeah HCSG, which does hospital cleaning. I’ve never lost money with a drug or health insurance stock. Investing in Americans needing more medical care is like picking money up off the ground. I keep waiting for the right psychiatric stock. That would be a winner.

  14. Wow, Caitlin!!! What an incredibly thorough, especially with all the links and citations to other articles and links and citations, powerful, clear, well-written, well thought-out, relevant, necessary, and dare I say, righteous/dharmic commentary article!!! I think maybe by far the best one I have ever seen anywhere. You are doing such amazing, heartful, caring, wise, sane, beneficial, even though perhaps largely thankless work; so I want to say thank you thank you thank you as deeply and heartfully as I can. You are doing such amazing clear-headed insightful work, and you must indeed be putting a lot of work into it. An extremely noble calling. I can’t thank you enough; nevertheless thoroughly appreciate you and what you are doing much more than I can say. 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  15. Jerry schaefer Avatar
    Jerry schaefer

    This is great Caitlin. I love the tone of this piece. Soft but brutal. Whispers in a shout. A gentle kick in the butt.

  16. We know it – We’re manipulated and lied to all day long.
    So what the hell can we do about it?
    It’s just like Auschwitz-We’re being force-marched to the gas chambers.

  17. Hope Sheets Sanford Avatar
    Hope Sheets Sanford

    No one likes being manipulated, but this is certainly not new. Most of us worldwide with the leisure time to even think about it knew that the invasion of Iraq was horrific bullshit, aggressively marketed to us by the WARonTERROR and “thank you for your service” propaganda. We protested loudly and in huge numbers across the world. I’d rather be aware of the bullshit – none of us wants to be duped. But my awareness or my absolute hook-line-and-sinker swallow don’t alter the course of events.

  18. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    I have noticed that Fuckbook . . . er, Facebook is currently punishing people who post alternative media articles by flooding their news feed with something called “Reels” which consists of stupid and moronic home videos by stupid moronic people. They flood my news feed with more than 30 in a row so that I can’t see posts from my friends. If that isn’t punitive censorship, I don’t know what is. But for the moment, I intend to keep using the platform to post the truth, such as your article and as many articles of truth as I can. Keep up the good work!

  19. man without a flag Avatar
    man without a flag

    I never knew there were so many millions of Nazi sympathizers in the free world (sic) !

    It’s a classic “the enemy of your enemy is your friend” state of mass formation psychosis.

    1. @Man Without A Flag:

      Perhaps it’s because there are, in fact, very few “Nazis” in Ukraine? Perhaps it’s because people genuinely disagree with Russia’s decision to invade a sovereign country?

      Perhaps it is actually possible to *both* condemn the US’s actions in invading/interfering in places like Iraq, and also condemn Russia’s interference in, and now invasion of, Ukraine?

      It’s not a dichotomous, one or the other situation. You can do both at the same time.

  20. Blessthebeasts Avatar

    If you’re being manipulated, it’s because you’re allowing it. Practically everyone I know concedes that the government and media lie on a daily basis and have for as long as anyone can remember. Yet, most just go along with it and don’t bother with the truth. It’s rather inconvenient and interferes with their pleasant non-reality. They will be in shock when true reality sets in.

    1. Sorry BTB, but that doesn’t make sense, and is in fact illogical. Caitlin has posted numerous articles about the power and effectiveness of propaganda, and many people have written books about it, Noam Chomsky for one. The reason it’s so effective is because the vast majority of it is directed towards the emotions and emotionalising people, and once emotionalised, any semblance of critical thinking goes out the window. Five or six months ago practically no-one in the US or the UK or Australia etc was thinking about Ukraine, and the reason that hundreds of millions soon were is solely down to the MSM, in the same way as they HAVEN’T been about Yemen during the past seven years because the MSM have mainly ignored it, despite over 350,000 having died either directly or indirectly as a consequence of the war.

      1. Does anyone know how many Saudis have died – ie been killed? I just did a quick search but couldn’t find any figures!

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      It’s likely a split between those who don’t want to leave their comfort zone but know the realities, and those that are susceptible to cognitive dissonance.

  21. not forgetting, of course, that Tony Blair was Officially honoured with a Knighthood for his services to lying us into war and enacting war crimes that killed 1/2 million people, and created massive mutilation, desolation and destruction.

    The slightest amount of self-reflection exposes the fact that actual morality as a core guide to behaviour is non-existent. Blazing, raging media content that push the “Holy Virtue” Button is a device used to blind us to our actual, real world depraved actions. The more depraved our action, the more hysterically severely that blinding “Holy Virtue” button must be pushed.

    Integrity has value where virtue does not. Integrity is measured against evidential material reality. Virtue is Masturbation.

    1. On the ground our holy crusades look a lot like like murderous rampages.

      1. Holy crusades always did :o)

      2. I might have the details a bit mixed up, but I think on the First Crusade, the Pope told the crusaders that anything was permitted in the noble fight against Mr God’s enemies, so when they encountered Muslims they proceeded to rape, roast babies alive, and so on, before realising the people they were slaughtering weren’t Muslims after all, but some type of Christians they were unfamiliar with.

  22. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    Hegelian Dialectics – Create the Problem- get the desired Reaction – then provide the ready to roll out Solution. Check. Controlled Oppositions. Check. Psyops. Check. Limited Hangouts. Check. MSM just another branch of the Intel Services. Check. Western Multinational Corporations are all one. Check. Political Puppets. Check. Overton Window. Check. Thought Control. Check. Cult Brainwashing to ensure 100% allegiance to the ‘Empire’. Check……Am I pissed off and spitting fire? (in a controlled way) CHECK.

    1. I can’t think of a base they didn’t cover. Maybe they didn’t plan for the Internet, which theoretically allows all ideas to compete for an audience and the most persuasive arguments to prevail. So the “world wide web” was a possible impediment. And then they simply ‘captured” the companies that dominate the Internet. Technology that should have helped advance the spread of truths – and expose lies – was easily co-opted.

      1. Among the bases they didn’t cover was a new Russia that had learned, the hard way, to live and act n the real world as opposed to the virtual one., Or the fact, about to become painfully obvious, that the real world eventually trumps all images and illusions. Following Scott Ritter’s lead, we should focus on the events in the arena, not on the kibbitzing in the stands/on the screens.

        1. Internet, like computers, were created to do business. In the 80s, the most heavily computerized professions were banks, insurance companies and travel agencies. Bla bla on computers grew in the 90s with internet as an accidental cancer that Mammon is now busy eradicating so that each sentence posted contains the word dollar instead of the present gobbledygook.

      2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        The ‘western elite’ simply infiltrate or hijack and then weaponize anything and everything that gives them the upper hand, no real leverage is available to the general populaces as that would potentially bring the house of cards tumbling down. Any internet info can be selectively blocked or made globally available, even made pop-up/spam like if desired.

  23. Oh yes indeed. Thank you again Caitlin.

  24. I’ve reached the same conclusions as Caitlin. One of these conclusions is that none of these “narrative-control” operations are happening by coincidence. Yes, they want to do everything they can to protect any given scandal from being exposed. But they also want to stay in power long enough to finish the jobs they really want to finish. Most significantly, the rulers behind the curtain know they can’t implement their real agendas in a world where free speech and a pursuit of the truth actually exists/occurs.

    Even if just one scandal (pick your scandal or conspiracy) was exposed, this would threaten the power structure and make it very likely other scandals were exposed. The exposure of any scandal might be enough to expel the conspirators from their positions of power. So two goals resonate with our rulers: A) They have to do whatever has to be done to prevent ANY scandal from being exposed and B) They have to do whatever has to be done to ensure the next components of the Orwellian project will not be blocked. They have to be able to finish their program.

    Alternative thinkers constitute the real threat to those with great power and influence who also have even more diabolical future plans. What we are seeing is a pre-emptive or proactive effort to eliminate or reduce this threat.

    I still wonder why so little attention has been given to the effort to expose the mechanism for funding all of these operations – the fiat dollar “printing press.” It’s also true that all of these nefarious operations wouldn’t be possible if a genuine “watchdog” press corp existed at the corporate or mainstream “news” organizations.

    It’s possible these people and organizations would NOT be able to implement their full programs if journalists with large audiences “followed the money” and if there was a REAL “watchdog press” that was willing to do its real job.

    Someone – or many someones – are going to have to pool their talents and resources and start a real watchdog news organization. We are going to have to go around the “gatekeepers of the news” who control and protect all the false and dubious narratives.

    1. “Alternative thinkers constitute the real threat to those with great power and influence who also have even more diabolical future plans.”

      Which is why education all over the world has created misunderstood ‘learning standards’ for K-12 (and increasingly higher ed) that lay out what is to be thought, felt, and acted upon. They are called competency frameworks and the infamous Common Core and its various renamed but still functioning successor state standards remain tied to the Common Education Data Standards known as CEDS and federally funded. CEDS, in turn, aligns to ISCED created by UNESCO.

      1. Regarding the “capture” of the systems of education, I’m struck by the patience our real rulers displayed. It took years or decades of work to kill real critical thinking and the pursuit of classical education (where the Socratic Method was celebrated) … but they stuck with their program and seem to have pulled this off. I’ve done some reporting on the mechanisms for this. In America, the education reform organizations identified the future superintendents and school board members and then trained, developed and promoted these people into positions of greatest power. This long-range planning is bearing spoiled fruit today.

        1. “Regarding the “capture” of the systems of education, I’m struck by the patience our real rulers displayed.”
          Yup, patience and the dedication to pursue a project which was unlikely to be realized within a typical lifespan.
          Such a pursuit was as weirdly evil as it was remarkable.

          1. Cathedral builders.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      “Even if just one scandal (pick your scandal or conspiracy) was exposed, this would threaten the power structure and make it very likely other scandals were exposed. ”

      Didn’t Snowden supposedly do that. Nothing has happened, people passively accept that surveillance is for their own ‘protection’, the protection racquet has never died since feudal times (at least), it simply got a series of updates.

    3. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      And yeah, the elite are kicking critical thinking in the head. They are even demonizing it to a degree by saying it shouldn’t be applied to things like state sanctioned narratives/ ‘official’ narratives.

  25. Notice that when the illusionist on a stage hypnotizes people, he never makes them do constructive stuff that their allegedly enhanced state of mind would supposedly allow them to do, like playing virtuoso stuff on an instrument they practice? He always makes them do ridiculous stuff to boost his ego at their expense and make the audience laugh at them.

  26. Without the last two paragraphs, this would be an extremely perceptive post. With them, it becomes a beacon to guide and bolster the human spirit. THIS is why we come here.

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