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Multipolarista’s Ben Norton reports that Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva, who is still favored to beat Bolsonaro in the nation’s election later this year, has announced plans to create a Latin American currency called the “Sur” (South) in order to “be freed of the dollar.” Lula is also making headlines today for his position that presidents Zelensky and Putin are both equally to blame for the war in Ukraine, and that the US and EU also share blame for the conflict.

This comes at the same time the Mexican government begins promoting the idea of a Latin American lithium alliance. Bolivia’s Kawsachun News reports that Mexico’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has expressed his intention to form an alliance with major lithium nations Bolivia, Argentina and Chile for the mutual benefit of all nations involved. This could have major implications for the future due to the use of lithium batteries in smartphones, laptops and tablets, as well as electric cars.

Latin America finally moving out of Washington’s Monroe Doctrine sphere of domination and into its own collective sovereignty for its own benefit would be an earth-shaking historical development. That there appears to be some movement toward that end is both exciting and scary, because the US empire isn’t known for peacefully allowing its vassals to simply move out from under its thumb. Either way, though, the fact that nations around the world are coming out against the empire with increasing boldness is hugely significant.

The New York Times is reporting that US intelligence has helped Ukrainian forces “target and kill many of the Russian generals who have died in action in the Ukraine war,” citing anonymous senior US officials.

This incendiary claim may or may not be true; remember US officials have already admitted that they’ve been pouring out a deluge of disinformation about this war with the loyal facilitation of the western press. If it is true, it would mean yet another dangerous escalation in the US proxy war against Russia.

Oh and on that note it would appear that we are indeed allowed to refer to this as a proxy war now. The New Yorker has come right out and declared that the US is in “a full proxy war with Russia,” a claim that social media users have called me a Kremlin agent and Putin cock sucker many times for advancing in the weeks preceding this narrative pivot. It’s hilarious that it was ever controversial to say that pouring billions of dollars worth of weaponry into a foreign nation to be used by CIA-trained fighters with the direct ongoing assistance of US military intelligence is a proxy war, but it’s nice that we’re allowed to call a spade a spade now.

Speaking of the US empire’s world-threatening proxy war with Russia, I would like to highlight an important new dialogue between The Socialist Program’s Brian Becker and a scientist named Greg Mello, who is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Los Alamos Study Group and an expert on nuclear war. The interview is just as valuable for Becker’s insightful commentary as Mello’s, and together they provide a lot of sorely needed insight into the nature of the horrifying games the empire is playing with our lives in this nuclear standoff.

Lastly we should flag the fact that Spanish police just arrested a Ukrainian politician and media figure named Anatoly Shariy on behalf of the Ukrainian government on charges of treason. This “treason” appears to amount to political speech that has been outlawed by the Ukrainian government, with earlier reports on Kyiv’s accusations against him only referencing “propaganda in favor of Russia” and “subversive activity against Ukraine.”

Shariy fled Ukraine for EU asylum in 2012 for fear of political persecution by Kyiv, and has been living in Spain since 2019. The opposition party which Shariy founded in 2019 was banned by the Ukrainian government following the Russian invasion. Reuters reports that he has been released by a Spanish court on condition of surrendering his passport and performing regular court check-ins pending an extradition hearing.

This is the Free World that we are risking nuclear annihilation in order to protect, folks. Are we sure we want to do this? Is this fight really worth risking the life of every terrestrial organism for? It’s a question we should all be contemplating very seriously.


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25 responses to “Empire News Roundup: Latin American Sovereignty, Anatoly Shariy And More”

  1. “This is the Free World that we are risking nuclear annihilation in order to protect, folks. Are we sure we want to do this? Is this fight really worth risking the life of every terrestrial organism for?”
    If THIS is the kind of world Americans wanted, we just should have let Hitler win WWII.
    What a disgusting travesty that so much money, lives, weaponry and Washington lies have been invested in the Nazi regime from Kiev.
    Just look at Zelensky’s record, every move he’s made can be characterised as the sort of heinous amoral and antidemocratic stunt that we usually condemn when any other country (except our precious “allies”) pulls it off.
    For him, we break the bank spending money we don’t have and desperately need to keep our own economy afloat, and we abandon every moral principle we ever flapped our lips about over the past 80 years.
    Hitler must be doing a jig in his grave, at the same time asking, “Why’d you guys pick on me?” “You seem to love the act, but not the actor.” “Nationalsozialismus über alles!”

  2. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    It’s the #NoMore movement.

    Damn spell check.

  3. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    Sounds like the Horn of Africa, and, indeed, all of the sub-Saharan countries are doing the same thing with the #Nomura movement.

  4. Mary Wildfire Avatar
    Mary Wildfire

    I watched the whole video but it was very hard to keep watching after, about eight minutes in, he reveals that the Wall street Journal just had a big headline advocating for nuclear war. This is not a war crime, not genocide–it is to those things as they are to a single murder. We don’t HAVE a word for the crime to pushing for a large risk of terminating most advanced life on Earth. I sure hope those guys are wrong that this has become mainstream thinking among the powerful.

  5. In Hedges latest on Scheer’s site, he writes of mass migrations to temperament zones and resource wars. I could feel the truth in that. The lithium will run out. Resources will run out. If we don’t blow ourselves to smithereens. Power may shift, wealth with it, survival may require more than that. That’s why we collectively dream of space travel and asteroid mining, because we can’t see another way out.

  6. This interview was excellent, covered all the primary bases. Shocking really. Thanks for it.
    So Ms. Johnstone, let’s say for shits and giggles the US goes for the whole enchilada. The Ohio’s launch and their 2,500 warheads are incredibly successful in their journeys. They wipe out, not 95%, but 98% of Russia’s counter-strike capabilities. We kill em dead in their siloes and mobile launch platforms before their engines even light.
    We catch em nappin!’
    The suriving 2% IS a threat, approximately one hundred nuclear warheads ARE coming our way, but our ABM’s, located all over the world but primarily firing from Aegis warships in the Arctic, prove surprisingly effective in their mid-course intercepts. They cull the incoming pretty good, and only 70 or 80 Russian warheads reach the US, and to our good luck, none of them are programmed for high altitude detonations (air-burst EMPs) nor are any of them targeting our nuclear power plants.
    By random chance they all fall harmlessly on cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington and kill several 10s of million Americans but who the fuck cares, WE HAVE WON!
    Champagne celebrations spontaneously erupt all across the US, as we come to the realization that we are greatest warriors of all-time.
    And we will make it through the nuclear winter that’s coming, because we are plucky and determined Americans, and there is nothing we can’t do!
    Meanwhile, the Poseidons get their post-doomsday signals, and they start moving towards our coasts.
    Lmao … Vlad the Spectre from Beyond outfoxes us again!
    Note: My take on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Wrote this comment on Tom Lewis’s Daily Impact blog on Z Day 4, in reply to someone who also questions the military efficacy of the nuclear bomb drops.
    The Soviet Union shipped an Army of some strength across Siberia to Mongolia after Berlin fell, rolled down into northern China on the 9th of August 1945, envolped the Japanese Kwangtun Army (31 Divisions, 900,000 men) that was defending something (?), shattered it on the first day, by the third it no longer exsited, 600,000 prisoners were rounded up, and the Red Army then proceeded to the Korean coast.
    Necessary vessels were being brought in, to facilitate the crossing of the Sea of Japan by the Red Army, but the surrender of Japan to the United States took place on the 16th, was officially carried on the 2nd of September, and that was the that, the end of war.
    Now did the Japanese fear the atomic bombs more than the Red Army? My conclusion has always been no, for the reasons you alluded to above, all of their major cities had seen the rubble pounded twice, and most of the rest fit into the category of completely destroyed.
    Now what government gives a shit about bombs and cities, at that point, with the Red Army of ’45 on your doorstep?”

  7. The US was engaged in proxy warfare with both Japan and Germany for more than two years before hostilities were finally declared in December 1941. FDR responded to Japan edging the west out of the China trade by freezing Japanese assets in the US, a series of crippling economic sanctions, and the final de facto act of war, embargoing Japan’s vital oil supply in the spring of 1941. This latter measure was FDR’s reply to a peace plan proposed by moderates in the Japanese government which would have included accession to the key US demand to evacuate Japanese forces from China. Meanwhile Washington supplied arms and supplies to Britain to prosecute the war she had declared against Germany, in direct violation of four US laws: the 1907 Hague Convention, Title 18 of the U.S. Law Code, Section 3, Title 5 of the 1917 Espionage Act, and the 1937 Neutrality Act. The US Attorney General Jackson who signed off on these violations would later be chief US prosecutor at the infamous Nuremberg Tribunals, which were as much about concealing the US role in the needless war as deadly revenge, “a high-grade lynching party” in the words of Chief Justice Harlan Stone at the time. Betrayal by liberal Democratic politicians is not exactly a novelty.

    1. How history repeats itself. The same can be said of Woodrow Wilson and WWI as well.

  8. So it’s wrong to endanger the lives of others…

  9. I would hope that any new currency would be issued without interest attached. Otherwise it will be more toxic banksters nonsense with usury driving everything to extinction. Best wishes & loads of love, South America. Break free from fraudulent debt to flourish & blossom at last! The USofA empire bully boys are now at their weakest yet and creating more war than they can handle here, there, and everywhere. The quite unmissable production, ‘How The Mighty Fall!’, is coming to a planet near you very soon. Stock up with popcorn.

    1. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      That won’t work. popcorn comes from Planet Earth, the very planet where the production is happening. and we will be too busy struggling for survival to sit and eat popcorn.

  10. Notice the date of the following WSWS article.
    Obama defense secretary Leon Panetta says NATO is in a “proxy war” with Russia
    Andre Damon
    18 March 2022
    Leon Panetta, the former US secretary of defense and CIA director under Barack Obama and White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton, said Thursday that the United States is involved in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.
    “We are engaged in a conflict here, it’s a proxy war with Russia, whether we say so or not,” Panetta said.
    He concluded, “I think the only way basically to deal with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin right now is to double down on ourselves, which means to provide as much military aid as necessary.”
    He added, “The way you get leverage is by, frankly, going in and killing Russians.”
    Panetta’s comments came one day after US President Joe Biden announced the deployment of an additional $1 billion in weapons to Ukraine, adding to the $2.5 billion in weapons given to the country since 2014.
    Biden announced that Ukraine would receive 9,000 anti-armor systems, 800 anti-aircraft systems, 7,000 small arms and 20 million rounds in ammunition.
    So far, the US estimates that 7,000 Russian servicemen have been killed in Ukraine, or one in 28 troops deployed in the conflict. While the Russian army is making slow advances in parts of Ukraine, it has not managed to gain control over any of the major cities so far over the past month of fighting. The massive weapons deliveries by NATO to the Ukrainian army clearly have had an impact on the course of the war.
    On Wednesday, the defense ministry of Slovakia, a member of NATO, offered to send S-300 long-range anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine.
    Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow “will not allow” the delivery of the weapons system, declaring, “We clearly said that any cargo moving into the Ukrainian territory which we would believe is carrying weapons would be fair game.”
    Lavrov’s comments reinforce the dangers of the “proxy” conflict over Ukraine spilling over into a direct war between Russia and NATO members, which could trigger, via Article 5 of the NATO treaty, a full-scale war.
    This week, the US deployed two Patriot Missile batteries on the border with Poland.
    On Thursday, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced that the UK would also deploy a medium-range anti-aircraft system in Poland.
    Amid rumors that Ukraine and Russia were nearing a diplomatic agreement to end the war, the US on Thursday made clear that it would not accept a diplomatic solution. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “The actions that we’re seeing Russia take every single day, virtually every minute of every day, are in total contrast to any serious diplomatic effort to end the war.”
    He concluded, “We have a strong sense of what Russia could do next… We believe that Moscow may be setting the stage to use a chemical weapon and then falsely blame Ukraine to justify escalating its attacks.”
    The United States is meanwhile flooding its European allies with weapons. “European governments have approached the U.S. government and defense contractors with a shopping list of arms including drones, missiles and missile defenses as the Russian invasion of Ukraine drives renewed demand for U.S. weaponry,” Reuters reported.
    Germany is in a massive buying spree of weapons as it abandons all restraints placed on its military in the aftermath of its horrific crimes during the Second World War. The country has announced plans to buy 35 F-35 fighter jets from the US, and Reuters reports that Berlin is also considering purchasing a US missile-defense system. Poland has plans to purchase reaper drones from the United States.
    Reuters reported that “The potential for a surge in sales of all types of weaponry since the invasion began Feb. 24 has lifted Lockheed stock 8.3 percent and Raytheon shares 3.9 percent.”
    The conflict is accelerating the already massive US arms trade. This week, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute published its annual global arms trade report, concluding that the US was by far the world’s largest arms exporter.
    The journal Forbes commented: “For the five years from 2017 to 2021, the U.S. accounted for 39 percent of major arms deliveries worldwide, over twice what Russia transferred and nearly 10 times what China sent to its weapons clients. In addition, the U.S. had far more customers – 103 nations, or more than half of the member states of the United Nations.”
    Under conditions in which massive quantities of weapons are being poured into an active and bloody conflict, there are growing warnings of a full-scale war, alongside unhinged demands for escalation to the brink of the abyss.
    “This Is How World War III Begins,” declared New York Times columnist Bret Stephens. He meant this as a demand not for de-escalation, but for a more aggressive US military intervention into the conflict.
    Stephens wrote:
    “Refusing to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine may be justified because it exceeds the risks NATO countries are prepared to tolerate. But the idea that doing so could start World War III ignores history and telegraphs weakness. Americans squared off with Soviet pilots operating under Chinese or North Korean cover in the Korean War without blowing up the world. And our vocal aversion to confrontation is an invitation, not a deterrent, to Russian escalation.”
    This week, Martin Wolf of the Financial Times warned, “The hope for peaceful relations is fading. Instead, we have Russia’s war on Ukraine, threats of nuclear Armageddon, a mobilised west, an alliance of autocracies, unprecedented economic sanctions and a huge energy and food shock. No one knows what will happen. But we do know this looks to be a disaster.”
    Wolf concluded: “Russia’s war on Ukraine has similarly transformed the map of our world. A prolonged bout of stagflation seems certain, with large potential effects on financial markets. In the long term, the emergence of two blocs with deep splits between them is likely, as is an accelerating reversal of globalization and sacrifice of business interests to geopolitics. Even nuclear war is, alas, conceivable.”
    Despite these warnings, there are demands for further US escalation. The Hill reported that “a growing number of lawmakers are pressing the Biden administration to fulfill Kyiv’s request for more air power.”
    The Hill added, “The discussion has transcended the partisan divisions routine to Washington, pitting the White House against not only Republicans, but also some of President Biden’s closest Democratic allies.”
    There are, moreover, indications that the conflict is taking on an increasingly global dimension. Meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, Biden demanded that China pledge not to provide “material support to Russia,” and threatened “consequences” if it refused to make such a pledge.
    Xi, for his part, condemned the US response to the war, stating, “Sweeping and indiscriminate sanctions would only make the people suffer. If further escalated, they could trigger serious crises in global economy and trade, finance, energy, food and industrial and supply chains, crippling the already languishing world economy and causing irrevocable losses.”
    Republican Senator Marco Rubio declared that “China is complicit in Russia’s war on Ukraine,” demanding that “Xi and the CCP pay a price.”
    The conflict that has erupted with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to Trump Administration National Security Council member Matthew Pottinger, is a “hot opening salvo in a cold war pitting Washington and its allies” against Russia and China. Pottinger concluded, “What we have to do is double our defense spending immediately.”

    1. “Amid rumors that Ukraine and Russia were nearing a diplomatic agreement to end the war, the US on Thursday made clear that it would not accept a diplomatic solution. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, ‘The actions that we’re seeing Russia take every single day, virtually every minute of every day, are in total contrast to any serious diplomatic effort to end the war.’
      He concluded, ‘We have a strong sense of what Russia could do next… We believe that Moscow may be setting the stage to use a chemical weapon and then falsely blame Ukraine to justify escalating its attacks.’”
      What planet does Blinken come from. Does he not remember that only a month ago Victoria Nuland stated in a Senate hearing, in response to a question asked of her by Marco Rubio, that she was worried that the Bio Containment labs in Ukraine could fall into Russian hands, implying that there were dangerous biological agents contained in those labs. Those labs were set up by the USA.
      Make no mistake, if chemical weapons are used, it won’t be the Russians that are using them, it will be Ukraine.
      All those billions of dollars of weapons that the U.S. is sending Ukraine are being used to kill Ukrainians, not Russians. Those weapons are falling into the hands of radical Azov battalions who are using them to kill Ukrainian separatists in the Donbass region, Mariupol in particular, which has been blown to pieces by the U.S. weapons just like was the case in Iraq and Syria.
      The U.S. cares nothing about the Ukrainian people, it is only using them to prosecute this proxy war against Russia. When the U.S. has gotten what it wants from Ukraine, it will do to Zelenskyy exactly what it did to Iraq after Iraq terrorized Iran for several years using chemical weapons supplied to him by the USA. In other words the USA carried out a proxy war against Iran through Iraq, just as they are now doing to Russia through Ukraine. If I were a Ukrainian, I would be very worried, it is bad now, but in the months ahead it will get exponentially worse for Ukrainians. In the end the USA will do to Ukraine what it did to Iraq, leave it a failed state.
      I would like to observe here, that this is exactly what Woodrow Wilson did to Germany in the 1914 to 1917 time-frame. Wilson was determined to go to war with Germany and there was no concession that Germany could make that would appease Wilson, because Wilson was not looking for peace, he was looking for war. The exact same thing is now playing out with Russia, and if history is any kind of teacher, then the U.S. will shortly be in a full blown war with Russia, because there is no concession that Russia could make that would be acceptable to the United States short of regime change, and that, of course, would not be acceptable to Russia or any country with any kind of rational leader.

      1. “What planet does Blinken come from?”
        Mello says in the ‘Escalation’ video that people like Blinken are totally out of touch, living in a bubble of unreality, or something like that. Their world revolves around ratings, political point scoring, and their place in the Washington pecking order.
        Does he believe what he says? I doubt the question makes much sense in his terms.
        Does he care about the consequences of what he says? Probably only insofar as it helps set the current narrative.
        Half-wits like him imagine that since they’ve always been immune to whatever crises and problems affect the rest of us, they always will be. If he survives a nuclear war, he might realise his immunity is somewhat limited as he waits out a nuclear winter in his bunker.

  11. I think J bide is unpopular not only domestically, but also worldwide.
    Thus nobody wants to follow his demental leadership.
    Pelosi deserves to be retired already. Can some financial planner help her claim her Social Security allowance, fir peace’s sake!
    Hopefully Zelensky can find another gig soon that is more humorous than nuclear war.

  12. The interesting Becker/Mello video you posted, highlighting the way the psychotic Western ruling class deals with the nuclear showdown and the prospect of mutually assured destruction, reminded me of that old joke:
    A bunch of guys are cleaning the windows on a scaffolding against the 86th floor of a skyscraper when one of them slips and waves his arms in the air while screaming before falling off, by which time a colleague just manages to catch him by his elastic suspenders.
    While he is thus precariously hanging in the void, he suddenly bursts out laughing so hard that tears roll down his cheeks.
    The other guy asks him what’s going on and he replies: “I was just thinking of the slap you’re gonna get in your face if my suspenders break!”

  13. Caitlin, thank you so much for providing this report.
    Thank you so much for providing the link to: Escalation in Ukraine: The Nuclear War Danger is Real,, this is very informative and very timely.
    Again, watch Ukraine on Fire,, and Revealing Ukraine,, and read, “UKRAINE: The Real Zelensky” — “Natylie Baldwin interviews academic Olga Baysha about Ukraine’s president, a former TV actor who has become, since the start of the war, an A-list celebrity in the U.S.”,
    And everyone, do all that you can to get this information including this post by Caitlin out to everyone you know. People need to be informed about the calamity that is about to befall them.
    This is no joke, by Nancy Pelosi going to Ukraine and telling Volodymyr Zelenskyy that “we will win this war,” is a recipe for disaster and could very well lead to nuclear war. As Caitlin has pointed out Zelenskyy is jailing, torturing and even killing anyone that opposes his policies including Viktor Medvedchuk, who was responsible for Ukraine’s progress before Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in a U.S. backed coup in 2014.

  14. “The New York Times is reporting that US intelligence has helped Ukrainian forces “target and kill many of the Russian generals who have died in action in the Ukraine war,” citing anonymous senior US officials.”

    Surely there is some angle on this that escapes me, coming from mainstream media it seems far-fetched to think it would be true. Yet seems to leave Washington open for a direct intervention from Russia. Hey you attacked first!

    As far as who attacked 1st in 2014 in the Donetsk Donbas regions when all the violence in the Ukraine really kicked off? Lets just say unprovoked is an astonishingly narrow minded way to view the events of Feb. 24, 22.’ Especially when you got warned repeatedly how your action would be reacted to.

    Well lets see if Shariy winds up like Russian speakers after the Maiden in 2014. Surely there must be a worse way to die than being burned to death? If so Nazis will know how to do it.

  15. When I read a couple weeks ago that Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had visited Zelensky in Kiev and promised him weapons, I thought that either something had escaped me about Spanish socialism or there must have been heavy pressure from Nato.
    The Anatoly Shariy charade was probably part of the same deal.

  16. Indeed, the US empire isn’t known for peacefully allowing its vassals to simply move out from under its thumb. Both Muammar Gaddafi and Sadaam Hussein were moving towards some kind of currency independent of the dollar, a movement which wasn’t peacefully allowed. Even Saudi Arabia was threatened with regime change if it went off the petrodollar.
    This time, though, there’s more of a worldwide – minus NATOstan – realisation that the dollar spells trouble in so many ways. With giants like China, Russia, Iran, Saudi and Brazil all thinking along the same lines, and the West in clear decline, capable of nothing except lashing out as it goes down, the age of the dollar and the US Empire seems to be drawing to a close. I hope Lula lives to see it!

    1. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      I had that thought too–he will probably be elected and create a major change in not only Brazil but all of Latin America—unless he doesn’t live that long, which seems a real possibility. I keep expecting the ‘shot by a lone nut’ or the ‘plane crash” tricks to be brought out again.

  17. pretzelattack Avatar

    one quibble, the soviets didn’t back down, Kennedy got his agreement that the Russians would keep silent on the tit for tat withdrawal of nuclear weapons to bolster his political image at home, and life went on. they were perceived to have backed down, though, which cost Khrushchev dearly.

  18. If “proxy war” has been approved, we can assume that it has become a “war”. I’d be amazed if American fingers aren’t pushing buttons somewhere.

  19. pretzelattack Avatar

    heh, I just got booted off yet another site for arguing this is a proxy war, which anybody with eyes and a brain can see, and for arguing that the Bucha massacre was carried out by Ukrainian forces. I don’t think the latter has been admitted yet.

    1. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      Don’t say “yet,” they can’t ever admit that Ukraine’s Nazis carried that out, that would ruin the whole Heroic Underdog Ukraine narrative that has been so effective.

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