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We’re in the final countdown to British Home Secretary Priti Patel’s decision on the fate of Julian Assange, with the WikiLeaks founder’s extradition to the United States due to be approved or rejected by the end of the month. Joe Lauria has a new article out with Consortium News on the various pressures that Patel is being faced with from both sides of this history-making issue at this crucial time.

And I can’t stop thinking, as this situation comes to a boil, about how absurd it is that the US empire is working to set a precedent which essentially outlaws information-sharing that the US doesn’t like at the same time western news media are full of hand-wringing headlines about the dangerous threat of “disinformation”.

Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) has an article out titled “‘Disinformation’ Label Serves to Marginalize Crucial Ukraine Facts” about the way the mass media have been spinning that label to mean not merely the knowing distribution of false information but also of information that is true but inconvenient to imperial narrative-weaving.

“In defense of the US narrative, corporate media have increasingly taken to branding realities inconvenient to US information goals as ‘disinformation’ spread by Russia or its proxies,” writes FAIR’s Luca Goldmansour.

Online platforms have been ramping up their censorship protocols under the banner of fighting disinformation and misinformation, and those escalations always align with narrative control agendas of the US-centralized empire. Just the other day we learned that Twitter has a new policy which expands its censorship practices to fight “misinformation” about wars and other crises, and the Ukraine war (surprise surprise) will be the first such situation about which it will be enforcing these new censorship policies.

Then there’s the recent controversy over the Department of Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board,” a mysterious institution ostensibly designed to protect the American people from wrongthink coming from Russia and elsewhere. The board’s operations (whatever they were) have been “paused” pending a review which will be led by Michael Chertoff, a virulent swamp monster and torture advocate. Its operations will likely be resumed in one form or another, probably under the leadership of someone with a low profile who doesn’t sing show tunes about disinformation.

And this all comes out after US officials straight up told the press that the Biden administration has been deliberately sowing disinformation to the public using the mainstream press in order to win an infowar against the Kremlin. They’ve literally just been circulating completely baseless stories about Russia and Ukraine, but nobody seems to be calling for the social media accounts of Biden administration officials to be banned.

You see so many discrepancies between what the oligarchic empire says and what it actually does regarding the issue of disinformation because the empire has no problem with disinformation. The empire that is built on propaganda and lies has no problem with propaganda and lies. It has a problem with the truth.

They’re not worried about disinformation, they’re worried about information. They’re worried about journalists using the unprecedented information-sharing power of the internet to reveal inconvenient facts about the largest and most murderous power structure on earth. They’re worried about people finding out that they’ve been lied to their entire lives about their world, their nation and their government. They’re worried about people using their newly connected minds to decide together that they don’t much like the status quo as it’s been laid out for them, and deciding to build a new one.

All the safeguards they’re setting up now to manipulate the flow of information online are not there to eliminate lies, they’re there to eliminate truth. These people have a vested interest in keeping things dark and confused, and we the ordinary people of the world have a vested interest in shining a big inconvenient spotlight on everything. The elite agenda to keep things endarkened is at direct odds with the people’s agenda to get things enlightened.

We are not being protected by a compassionate alliance of corporations and governments who only want us to know the truth, we are being manipulated and oppressed by an oligarchic empire that wants us to believe lies. That’s why they’re locking up Assange, that’s why they’re censoring the internet, that’s why they’re filling our minds with propaganda, and that’s why we can’t let them win.


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46 responses to “They’re Worried About The Spread Of Information, Not Disinformation”

  1. The concept of seditious libel arrived in North America with the first English colonists. Under English law, it was a criminal offense to publish or otherwise make statements intended to criticize or provoke dissatisfaction with the government. Truth was not a defense and, in fact, made the offense worse. English libel law applied the following maxim: “The greater the truth, the greater the libel.”

  2. Re: Patel: How likely is it that she would even contemplate ruling against the government that gave her the position that she fills. I realise that Boris Johnson and any PM has less latitude in imposing his own personal preferences upon the entire country than the American dictator Lord Biden does. But, c’mon man, Patel would release Assange after the whole inner party, including Johnson, has hunted Assange for over a decade? Unthinkable.
    Re: Disinformation Governance Board = How Washington manages (governs) its campaign of lies
    Lord Biden and the gang that either i) bows to his will or ii) puts the words into his frequently malfunctioning mouth (it’s even possible that this reality changes from day to day) are clearly fearful of the consequences of all the nefarious things they’ve done in office, so they are lying like throw rugs or Persian carpets to avoid a congressional inquest and possible impeachment and/or a court trial for all the heinous lawbreaking they’ve been doing, especially in the fiasco involving their proxy war on Russia.
    Actually a procession of cabinets working under three different presidents have told so many lies from the very first chess move in this match, which was the coup instigated and managed to the tune of $5 billion by Victoria Nuland, that they have to double down daily, not only on the threats made to Russia, but also on the volume of quotidian lies dispensed to the American people. The people might forgive a couple hundred or so whoppers, but the last three White Houses have collaborated on the penning of an entirely different running history from what actually happened in the real world. At least a few national merit scholars or theoretical physicists from CERN or perhaps the readers of Consortium News should be able to note the disparities. And, when the political opposition eventually catches on, or becomes desperate enough for fresh mud to throw, the dirty deeds that only a tiny few were privy to can transmogrify into a movement… sometimes a quite massive movement that doesn’t even require a laxative.
    Lord Biden is already a dead man walking, since losing his wits and ability to speak the English language. The only thing he does with panache anymore is to snarl. He’s got to keep lying to protect himself, Hunter, his own brother and the entire Democratic National Committee. Even Kamala is getting edgy, not because of any shady directives she’s issued–so far that catastrophe has not yet struck. But if the Big Guy goes down she might have to try to say something coherent, like how she would manage the transition, which she has heretofore failed at every time she’s been put behind a mic. There’s no changing course for the Dems now, they simply have to keep the lies coming or the show’s over. Ah, Democrats, gotta luv ’em. The only fellows funnier are the GOPers.

  3. ‘Endarkened’ is an excellent word that I will absolutely be stealing. A war against information is a war against physical reality itself. :popcorn:

  4. Prosecute George W Bush for revealing the war crimes he committed while president of the US.

  5. David Edwards Avatar
    David Edwards

    Julian Assange has been appallingly mistreated for years, culminating in this shockingly brutal treatment from US and UK governments. That’s the issue – the abuse of legal powers to persecute someone and make an example of them. Let’s not use Assange as a political football for our own extrapolated political bête noires, as many are doing. It’s not about our own particular obsessions, rhetorical framings and generalisations.

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      it’s about the US empire lying about their wars, the way you lie about this particular war. not surprising you want to hermetically seal the treatment of Julian Assange off as some isolated case.

    2. In a world built on lies, truth is the mortal enemy!

  6. The fair solution would be to free Mr Assange and offer him a dukedom.

  7. Must see interview for anyone interested in what is going on in the world at the moment, and what is going on is a military operation in Ukraine that could well decide the fate our species.
    Scott Ritter interviewed quite expertly by Billy Bob, in my opinion, who gets out of the way let’s Ritter roll; and answer his pro-Russian critics who believe he has “flip flopped.” He hasn’t. What he has done, is allowed new data inputs to fed into the analysis machinery. A logical thing to do, methinks.
    Vlad the All-Powerfull is anything but, and he sure as hell ain’t Vlad the Lightening Quick. His lack of alacrity reminds me of what President Lincoln said about one his generals,* who preferred to prance around on the parade ground instead of getting shit done; “He’s got the slows.”
    Should have quartered the Urkaine in the Eastern half, destroyed all air fields in the ENTIRE theater, dropped every bridge over the Dnieper into the river, severed every rail line going North to South or East to West toward the Donbass region, and then given the trapped pocket of 150,000 thousand – now 40 to 50 thousand? – Ukraine troops who were preparing to launch an Eastward offensive, five days to use the provided corridors to get their civilians out and then pounded the shit of everything inside the cauldron/pocket/kill box with everything you’ve got until the motherfuckers surrender or die.
    Hey, I fight wars to win, and win em quick, and I don’t fight wars to get into a longer war and bigger war and then see what happens. Not in the Age of Nuclear Weapons I don’t.
    Ritter’s right. The whole proplem with dancing the two-step and playing nice-nice in Ukraine is that isn’t de-arming or de-Nazifying jack shit. Quite the contrary, what Vlad the 4th Dimensional Genius is allowing is for Western Ukraine/POLAND to gradually and systematically arm itself to the teeth, while the whole Western world goes gaily about the process of Nazifying itself.
    As for “Battle of Maripol,” yeah it was thing of beauty. Street to street for miles and miles and you hardly produced any ruble or civilian casualties, while taking minimal losses to yourself.
    But to what fucking purpose? You could’ve bypassed the town and let it die on vine. Instead you wasted a two months killing 5 or 6 thousand Nazi’s and forcing maybe 2 thousand more to “cease operations” and “evacuate” themselves on to your prison buses.
    Hardly the stuff that de-Nazifies a world order that has now has upwards 700 million Nazis.
    Drop the bridges over the Dneiper Vlad. Use your vaunted hypersonics and establish once and for all a real no-fly zone. Use your thermobarics. Drops some bombs (that is legal!). Kill the enemy. Your in a goddamn war ya nitwit.
    Vlad the Neo-liberal. I’ll keep saying it. The last thing he wants is to align with China and the multi-polar East. He loves the West. He wants back into the good graces of the World Economic Forum. The only reason he’s recently taken to playing Dedicated Leader of a Nation-State is he has to, because the other option is to receive a one way ticket to the great beyond by those in Russia who are, in fact, dedicated to their nation-state.
    A fucking weird concept to be sure, dedication to a nation-state, especially in the West, where such thoughts among elites are considered pathetic weaknesses to be exploited, but there are places on this planet where such strange dedications do exist, even at the highest levels.
    I am talking about China of course, who will be next up on the list should Vlad the Vacilator fail.
    *George B. McClellan, the general who not only moved his army at turtle speeds, but rolled up like one at the first sign of danger.

    1. What a clueless blowhard.

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      Ritter was part of the military. this is a military has engaged in a lot of wars, oh wait i mean “police actions”, and won precious few of them. I think he is blinkered by his past association, even though he is excellent at deconstructing some of the myths behind the wars.

      and give me a break on Vlad the neolib, if he was a neolib he would have continued with Yeltsin’s bootlicking.

      1. Col. Douglas MacGregor interviewed by Judge Napolitano if your interested. He and Ritter and have seen more or less eye to eye on this Ukraine business since the beginning, their essential verdict on the Russian operation is that will be successful in liberating the breakaway Republics in the Donbas, but at what cost?
        And they’ve both been adamant since Day 1, that the Russians have been far too soft in their application of force. And I agree with them.
        As for Putin, he was Yeltsin’s right hand man. The groomed heir. And the bottom-line is, Nato has marched up to Russia’s borders on his watch, and now has him mired a proxy war of their design.
        As for the neo-liberal thing, come on Pretzel, you’re better than that. I could link this shit all day long.
        Here’s to hoping Vlad the Blinkered has had his Saul on the road to Tarsus moment.

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          Putin was Yeltsin’s right hand man, which is why they US didn’t oppose him. it’s when he started pursuing the oligarchs and pushing back against the US led destruction of his country that he became a target.

          Russia tried to ally with the US and Europe in various ways, and was rebuffed every time. now they are doing it their way, and just because a couple of US analysts immersed in US military doctrine disagree with how they are doing it doesn’t make them right. the only way to stop NATO is this war, which runs the risk of nuclear war. Russia (and that is the country of Russia, not the caricature of Putin being the absolute dictator pushed by the MSM) tried to avoid that, and now it is fighting back. you might was well blame Xi for not invading Taiwan before this. the fact is the US has a lot of power, and people tried to reach an accommodation with that power, from Europe to Asia to South America.

          I don’t trust the judgement of people who have lost or drawn almost every war they started, which would be the US and its chosen tools like NATO. Ritter has good on some subjects, doesn’t mean he is right on all of them.

    3. The only sort of loyalty you seem to value is one to the nation-state.
      Denazification has much deeper significance to russians (and to all students of history) than alliegance to a flag or borders. Not everything in war can be quantified, morale is a real thing that determines will. Even more important is the perceived moral high ground (especially in an eastern orthodox context).
      I’m no war expert, but if I was a betting man I’d bet on the russians knowing exactly what they are doing, and having a suite of strategies and contingencies to fall back to. American style shock and awe warfare is itself a bugbear of the neoliberal mind-rot. Victory is defined by more than just numbers.

      1. “The only sort of loyalty you seem to value is one to the nation-state.”
        No it is not. But in a world subdivided into nation-states, you need to start somewhere, because the primary goal of the neo-liberal global class is to break the nation-state, and sever whatever bond there might be between governments and their people.
        Once that is accomplished, they are freed up to romp and stomp at will all over this planet.
        And destroy it in the process.
        “I’m no war expert …”
        I thought you did good. In the final analysis, we all are armchair generals. However, even the Russian General Staff, who does indeed have a “suite of strategies,” can possibly plan for all the contingencies that might arise when facing such a psychopathic enemy as one they’re up against now.
        Pepe Escobar has as fine a mind on these matters as any, and he is feeling quite sanguine as to the Russian Federtion’s prospects.
        I hope he’s right. I really do, because at this critical moment in our evolution as a species, we need nation-states to function as nation-states, or were not gonna make it to that Star Trek planet hopping dream, where the state has long since withered away because it was no longer required.

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          yeah I agree with Escobar on this much more than with Ritter.

    4. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      “while the whole Western world goes gaily about the process of Nazifying itself.” Yep, that seems to be the plan. Unleash the ‘WOKE’ psyop first to rev up the future troops (that currently feel unfairly marginalized and demonized by bullshit narratives).
      There are very few fully sovereign states, there’d be lucky to be 3 spheres of influence, probably more like two.

  8. They are fighting to suppress the truth about their stupid decisions which starve their own babies and also their dark secret criminal activities which are about to plunge the world into a hell hole. Yes, we have been murdered and lied to about it for as long as these shark teeth charlatans have seen that many would rather have endless entertainment than to inform themselves and their children better for their own survival and welfare.That’s why sports and insipid television programs are some of their biggest investments. The biggest setback is that national instruments of peace, justice and security are all in their pocket.

  9. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    The ‘Woke’ narrative could be being conducted by the establishment controlled oppositions for a reason, and that reason is highly likely the reverse of what it appears to be advocating. Like most of the establishment’s MSM narratives, you need to reverse their purported goals to get closer to their actual goals.
    The ‘ME TOO’ narrative could be being conducted by establishment controlled ops to unfairly tar ALL men (mainly younger white) with the same brush so that later they will then be ripe to ‘white feather’ and coerce into the armed forces for the overt phase of WW3, and global occupation.

  10. David Edwards Avatar
    David Edwards

    Beware over-simplistic (and false) dichotomies. Beware sweeping generalisations about “THEM”. Do you include George Soros but not Donald Trump in that premise? Vladimir Putin? AOC? Bernie, Tucker Carlson? Is Fox News part of “Empire”?
    Did you know an MIT study found that disinfo (eg fake conspiracy theories, factual falsehoods like Flat Earth claims and anti-vaxx BS) spreads 6 tines faster on Twitter than truthful, verifiable news/facts? In that sense disinfo is a problem for everyone, even “Empire”, since much of that disinfo is not in “THEIR” interests, either, whoever “THEY” ultimately are.
    I think the Illuminatus! conspiracy satire novel made this point better than anyone else back in the 1970s. Don’t trust oversimplistic “anti-establishment” memes or too-simplistic either/or dichtomies.

    1. You are probably an insider of the establishment to make such sweeping statements!

      1. David Edwards Avatar
        David Edwards

        Of course. I must be part of The Establishment™ if my view contradicts yours. Welcome to The Populist Dichotomy-Lobotomy.

        1. No, you’re part of the Establishment because you 1/ put in the same bag flat earthers and “anti-vaxxers” which have nothing to do with each other (this is just a fallacy by association, the oldest, worn to a thread, sophism in the world) and 2/ you confuse anti-vaxxers (people opposed to whatever vaccination) and folks who haven’t been convinced by the Covid propaganda, won’t bet on an experimental vaccine when their life is not at much risk (0,03% deaths the first year without a vaccine) and think the risk benefit is not in their favour, which has always been everybody’s choice in a free society before the Covid scammers started to insult people for a living. Besides the vaccines don’t stop transmission and death. It’s a fact. Figures are out there. Another fact is that there are early treatments, prohibited by the Covid scammers – which don’t look too good. A third fact is that most people are immune to coronaviruses anyway, which explains the relatively low level of infection, past the bullshit levels of PCR tests which are worth tits on a moose and have been known to detect Covid even in a papaya in Tanzania. There’s been so much BS in the propaganda that we’ve seen a strong loss of faith over time, with the boosted now making up less than half of the original “gold rushers”. Mandates did not help. Why should you have to force people to take something that your airwaves claim 24/7 is the universal panacea, safe, effective and… free? Why do anti Covid vaccination news fly better than pro-Covid ones past the MSM propaganda bunker? Because there’s obviously more truth in them and less vested interest and people see it around them. Dismissing all this with a smug formula is what makes you an Establishment shill – with a rather low IQ rhetoric at that.

        2. David Edwards Avatar
          David Edwards

          I’m part of The Establishment™ because I use “Flat Earth” and “anti-vaxx BS” as just two examples of online content that we can consider disinfo? Okaaay!

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      You are not completely wrong. Although, anti-vaxxers have some valid points. Would you like a nano ID/TRACKING chip with your government coerced injectable ‘protection’? Face the facts, the ‘authorities’ could covertly put any little extras they want into vaccinations to serve various agendas, and joe public will never be sure they’ll get 100% independent scientists to honestly verify actual additives.

      1. David Edwards Avatar
        David Edwards

        At some point you have to exercise a minimum level of trust in the infrastructure. Yes, there are people in positions of authority who don’t have your best interests in mind. But to extrapolate that to an entire infrastructure (including medical doctors, epidemiologists, vaccine specialists, data researchers, “frontline” hospital workers, health organisations, etc) strikes me as relatively insane, paranoid.
        Assessing risks should be based on sane calculations of probability, and the likelihood of that scale of conspiracy (to covertly insert chips in you, or whatever) seems so tiny to me (even if you assume all those people have evil intentions), as to be practically neglible. Then you have to weigh the relative risk of NOT being vaccinated. I know people who died of the virus prior to vaccines being developed – so I know first-hand the risk is real (esp. for the old and already infirm).

        1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

          David Edwards – Do you really underestimate the abilities of the MIC that much? Do you really trust them that much considering their history? How much control would individual injected ID’s give the MIC? Ever heard of being on a need to know basis? compartmentalized expertise? You only need a hand full of top experts in a field to feed selective (true and false) info to the lower ranks of scientific and medical establishment, to conceal sensitive information. The ‘food pyramid’ is a perfect basic example of doctors and dieticians having absolutely no idea of what good nutrition is, why? Because they trusted an ‘expert’ they believed to be the top authority on the matter. In comparison to nutrition, The highest authorities of nano tech would be greatly magnified in their specialized knowledge. C19, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or how dangerous it is to healthy people, I’m saying that their can be undisclosed additives in the vaxx, the MIC has the technology, obviously.

  11. What do Michael Chertoff, Nina Jankovich, Mark Zuckerberg, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Klaus Schwab (of the WEF), and the absolutely monstrous Yuval Noah Harari have in common, other than all being part of the elite that is clamping down on Western society and dragging us kicking and screaming towards neofeudalism?

    Here’s a hint: ✡

  12. Correct INNA, notice how quiet the MSM has gone the last couple of days ?? There’s even talk of trying to convince W.H. to arrange peace with Russia. But you won’t hear that on Western media. Follow Rumble, a darn sight more revealing AND believable.

  13. Stephanie Ruhle said on MSNBC tonight the phrase, “..Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine”, and she looked like she believed it. Joe Scarborough constantly mocks people who think that something stinks about the official 9/11 narrative. Sneeringly calls them “conspiracy theorists”, as if all conspiracies are false. They have no innocent excuse for such cluelessness. Where do the PTB get these people?

  14. Pointing out the obvious is easy. What is the solution?

    1. Hang the WH charlatans upside down, Mussolini – like!

  15. The mayor of New York City recently literally normalized this system on local TV and it got absolutely zero attention

  16. The scariest part is that they look like they believe the lies they spread, most of them, like Typhoid Mary or Scary Poppins.
    It’s difficult to imagine a media landscape, no matter how corrupt, where each and every host would think: “Well, which son of a bitch am I going to invite today so that he can spread his lies?”
    It looks more like they’re ready to believe anything that’s on the money trail, like “Really Putin eats children? I didn’t know that… Can’t say I’m surprised, after the pee-tape, the bounty on American soldiers, nobody knows how low this motherfucker will stoop…”
    It’s Mammon that’s driving the whole window-dressing just into more arms, vaccines and whatever sales that make ding-ding in his coffers.
    And these Mammon worshippers are insane, certifiable. That’s what makes them valuable. They’re probably not that easy to find on the narrow path between cocaine addled TV stardom and committed psychopathy. Even though some of them are likely just alcoholics, as has long been traditional in journalism to be able to bear the weight of not knowing today what you’ll have to believe tomorrow if you want to stay on the payroll…

    1. Michael Chertoff, whose mother was one of the founding members of the Mossad, seems the perfect guy for the job. He made history in 2001 by packing back to Israel without further ado the five “dancing Israelis” who’d been arrested in New Jersey for celebrating as the planes crashed into the WTC on 9/11. Later asked what they were doing there by an Israeli TV channel, they explained that they were there to “document the event.” One of the first things you learn in secret services is how to position yourself to document an event that you don’t know is going to happen. And Michael Chertoff knows this. That’s how good the guy is!

      1. His last name in Russian means “of devil”, he got the needed qualifications for the job.

  17. James Corbett: I Read Bill Gates’ New Book So You Wouldn’t Have To

    Journalist James Corbett read Bill Gates’ new book, “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic,” to save everyone else the trouble, he said.

    He found it “every bit as infuriating, nauseating, ridiculous, laughable and risible” as you would expect.

    “Just when you thought you’d gotten rid of him, like a canker sore in the mouth of humanity, Bill Gates pops up yet again,” he said.

    1. May the truthful remnant like you in the US and also Europe save us all from the impending doom!

  18. “That’s why they’re locking up Assange, that’s why they’re censoring the internet, that’s why they’re filling our minds with propaganda, and that’s why we can’t let them win.”
    Agreed. Now, just exactly HOW do we prevent them from “winning”, or, more accurately, CONTINUING to “win”?

    1. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction with every single day that passes. Unfortunately they will be taking the rest of us down with them, along with every other form of life on the planet.
      All we can do – apart from living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle in so far as we can – is to try and get the truth out there to as many people as possible AND expose the dark forces that deceive and mislead them.

      1. Sorry, I would venture to guess that’s not going to work.

        1. Did you not read the first part of my post James???
          I didn’t say – and WASN’T saying – that such and such would/will work, I was saying that NOTHING can stop them *BUT* that we should lead planet-friendly lives and get the truth out there to as many people as possible anyway
          But you do what the fuck you want to do James!

          1. Nice sentiment Allan. I’ve been doing exactly as you suggest ever since Sept 11 and the war against Yugoslavia. Hasn’t made one iota of difference. People will believe what they CHOOSE to believe. It’s much easier, and far less traumatic, to accept the MSM bullshit, than it is to accept the TRUTH, which in most cases, would turn their World upside down. I’ve given up spreading the truth. As far as I’m concerned, your either on board or not. End of story.

    2. When the food runs out (I think it’s already starting) faith in capitalism will start to evaporate. I expect to see a Potemkin moment within a few years.

  19. The US has not won any wars since after WW2.
    Their only hope to win against Russia is to turn the whole world on Russia.
    They are lying that they are winning in Ukraine, hoping that everybody else will side with the winning side.
    They have to suppress any information that is based in reality to win by the means of disinformation – really pathetic minds at work.

    1. All that they are achieving is to impoverish the American people more and more while diminishing the prestige of the US across the globe. This in itself is far more dangerous than anything.

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