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While everyone’s focused on the latest mass shooting in the US, The Washington Post published what may be the first major acknowledgement from the mainstream western media that Ukraine’s war against Russia has not been nearly the cakewalk they’ve been leading the public to believe.

In a new article titled “Ukrainian volunteer fighters in the east feel abandoned,” WaPo reports that contrary to the triumphant narratives the western world is being spoon fed, many troops in eastern Ukraine have been surviving on one potato per day and deserting their posts because they feel their leaders have turned their backs on them and they’re being sent to certain death.

“Stuck in their trenches, the Ukrainian volunteers lived off a potato per day as Russian forces pounded them with artillery and Grad rockets on a key eastern front line. Outnumbered, untrained and clutching only light weapons, the men prayed for the barrage to end,” The Washington Post reports, citing multiple named sources.

“Ukrainian leaders have projected and nurtured a public image of military invulnerability — of their volunteer and professional forces triumphantly standing up to the Russian onslaught,” the article reads. “But the experience of Lapko and his group of volunteers offers a rare and more realistic portrait of the conflict and Ukraine’s struggle to halt the Russian advance in parts of Donbas. Ukraine, like Russia, has provided scant information about deaths, injuries or losses of military equipment. But after three months of war, this company of 120 men is down to 54 because of deaths, injuries and desertions.”

WaPo reports that volunteer troops in that part of the country “quickly found themselves in the crosshairs of war, feeling abandoned by their military superiors and struggling to survive.”

“We are being sent to certain death,” said one volunteer. “We are not alone like this, we are many.”

Hours after The Post interviewed Lapko and Khrus, members of Ukraine’s military security service arrived at their hotel and detained some of their men, accusing them of desertion,” WaPo reports. “The men contend that they were the ones who were deserted.”

Some commentators have remarked on the fact that at long last we’re seeing some realistic coverage of this war in the mainstream press.

“First major US media I’ve seen to report catastrophic condition of Ukrainian forces, collapsing Ukrainian morale on the front. Seems obvious we should know the truth about a war our government is so deeply invested in,” tweeted journalist Mark Ames, a frequent critic of the mass media blackout on conditions in the Ukrainian military.

“This might be the first article in a mainstream publication that punctures the PR spin and secrecy of the foreign military that the US is subsidizing. Two commanders were arrested after they spoke to the Washington Post, painting an extremely grim picture,” tweeted journalist Michael Tracey.

This is indeed a major break from standard mainstream reporting on this conflict, which is normally more in line with this recent Newsweek article titled “Putin’s Elite Soldiers Getting Wiped Out as Russia Makes Mistakes—U.K.,” sourced entirely in unevidenced claims by the British government and the military industrial complex-funded neocon think tank Institute for the Study of War.

So anyway, there it is. That’s the reality on the front lines of this conflict that westerners have been cheering on from their comfortable homes while calling anyone who advocates a negotiated peace settlement a Putin apologist and a Kremlin troll.

These big brave sofa warriors have been on social media demanding that Ukrainians keep fighting in this way until they’ve secured total victory over Russia and reclaimed Crimea and the Donbas, tweeting “Slava Ukraini” with their little blue-and-yellow flag emojis during the commercial breaks of their favorite TV show in between mouthfuls of Funyuns.

Westerners would be a lot less cavalier about demanding a foreign population keep fighting until total victory if they truly understood the horrors of war. Unfortunately there’s a propaganda machine of unprecedented sophistication that has spent generations preventing them from obtaining that very understanding.

That’s why they’re so happy to throw endless Ukrainian lives into the gears of the imperial war machine, and that’s why the WaPo article we are discussing here is receiving very little mainstream attention online as of this writing. It will be dismissed and ignored by empire managers and their brainwashed flock with a “Hmm, you just can’t hire good cannon fodder these days.”

There’s no real reckoning with exactly what’s happening and exactly what these people are being called on to put themselves through. In the children’s crayon drawing version of this war that lives in the heads of western so-called centrists, this is a team of heroic Good Guys righteously beating the tar out of hordes of Bad Guys because that’s what happens in the movies and on TV.

But this is not the movies, and this is not TV. People are dying in a US proxy war that was deliberately provoked by the US-centralized empire, and behind all the narratives and spin they are ultimately doing so for nothing more noble than the agenda to secure US unipolar hegemony.

Many of the blue-and-yellow flag wavers are well-intentioned, and really do think they are advocating for Ukrainian freedom and sovereignty. But in reality all they’ve been cheering for is Ukrainian subservience and enslavement to the empire, Ukrainian death, Ukrainian suffering, and the continuation of a dangerous proxy war between nuclear superpowers that threatens the life of everyone on earth.


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75 responses to “MSM Offers Rare Glimpse Into How Bad Things Are Really Going For Ukrainian Forces”

  1. I would like to advise of another discrepancy of the mainstream media, that President Zelensky is unanimously supported within his government for the actions he commands on behalf of his country’s citizens.

    NOTE This is a partial reprint of an earlier post I made today that seems more relevant to this article.

    Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) has also been contacted by officials within Ukraine’s inner circle of President Zelensky, asking for advice on how they can remove this sadistic, Nazi ideologist, warmonger (YES, THE COLLECTIVE WEST IS SUPPORTING A NAZI REGIME IN UKRAINE !!) from his current position, whereby he is allowed to carry on the insane application of Gewalt, against the citizens of his own country whom do not agree with his ideals. [Gewalt defined as ‹using all available coercing means, powers based in the psyche, mind and consciousness, capabilities and skills, in order to carry out and wield monstrous (immense/tremendous) actions and deeds -see full definition
    There are now transcripts of conversations pertaining to the several, now official, communications of Ukraine government inner circle officials whom want True World Peace. It is explained that if it continues along the current trajectory, it will become an overt world war IV, not just a proxy as it currently is?! B…bu…but we are only up to WWIII…..aren’t we !?!
    To clarify, World War 1 wasn’t in early 1900s, but mid 1700s
    ( )
    To understand and know, not just take my word for it, read the details here:
    And if you are wondering what you can personally do, apart from participating in discourse with like minded individuals on excellent blogs like this, participate in this……perhaps?
    Ultimately the destiny of our planet, environment and state of collective mental/psyche health rests with each individual that has the free will to choose their own destiny!

    1. Link to FIGU glossary doesn’t work, try this link and scroll down to find Gewalt

  2. If an objective outside observer were to look at the policies of the United States, he or she would say that the strategic rivals of the United States i.e., China, Russia etc are in charge of running the U.S.

    The U.S. is a melting pot with a rapidly weakening British core, and it’s easy for saboteurs on any side to sink its ship of state when convenient.

  3. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    The phrase here is NFS. There’s a reason trench warfare went out of style. Sitting in a trench waiting for modern artillery and airpower to kill you was never going to work. I guess the MIC will lose a few more sheeple who notice that once again the MSM narrative never matched reality.

  4. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Once Russia dismantled the few Neo nazi battalions the rest are volunteers fighting the full time Russian military and not even their elite troops. Common sense would tell you this is doomed to failure. Russia is eliminating the Nazis and preserving the infrastructure. Unlike the US which carpet bombs then gives big contracts for the military sycophants to rebuild. Ukranians are not the Taliban who are content to live in a cave and fight on. Only thing I am curious about is how NATO is going to precipitate a direct war with Russia down the line which is their wet dream.

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      I think they want to bleed Russia for 10 years first. I don’t see them wanting a direct war with Russia, they want Russia to fight Ukraine or whatever other regimes on its border NATO controls. i can’t discount the possibility that the unhinged psychos will get a wet war though.

  5. Well the Russian Federation just confirmed that they’ve used the Tos-1 Thermobaric Flamethrower for the first time in this conflict.
    It’s a helluva weapon.
    It’s an unbelievably strange thing to me fighting a war as if you are Buddhist monks. Thermobaric weapons, which are really nothing more than mini-nukes,* have been used by lots of countries, including Russia in the second Chechen War. And of course we all know, Ukraine bragged about using their Themobaric Flamethrowers earlier in this conflict, to roast some of those turn-the-other-cheek Russkies alive, before those Tos-1s were taken out by those same Russians, presumably by using satellite guided munitions.
    Why did those Russian wait so long to use their heavy weaponry? The only conclusion I can think of is the Russian Federation is led by a bunch a pussy footing fools.
    I mean it doesn’t take a Napolean to figure out how to simply destroy the enemy in front of you and move on to Phase 3, because basically, the WWI-style trench systems which the Ukraine Army is relying on in the Donbass to break your Army, are in the age precision guided artillery and rocket fire, nothing more than pre-dug graves.
    *Think I’m kidding? From the another war, Saudi pilots flying Israeli F-16s dropping an American thermobaric bomb on a “Yemeni rebel stronghold” in 2015.
    The pixelation that we see in video does not mean it was nuke, at least according to much of the expert commentary below, if that is what you were thinking. It was lucky hit on an ammo dump. Nothing more.

    1. Alexander, Sun Tzu, Caesar, Wellington, George “almost got to fight a battle” Patton are all rollin’ over in their graves. I mean, who fights like this?
      Those three fellas in the beginning, each one of them would have received their own individual 500 pounder if this was an American operation, and the structure itself would have been flattened by something much, much heavier. And by flattened I’m talking disappeared leaving nothing behind but a crater.
      And yet those prancin’ through the tulip Russians choose instead to duke it out with their peashooting tanks and BMPs.
      Disgusting. The Russians are an embarrasment to war.

    2. “The only conclusion I can think of is the Russian Federation is led by a bunch a pussy footing fools”.

      Indeed. As the Russian Armed Forces do not publish their plans, on appearances they plan strategic and operational art very carefully and will not be distracted by the many attempts of US-NATO-UK. Nor are they in it to win the Media War. They win The War which, on appearance, will run for twenty years, short of a major WW III engagement.

      Some of this described thus:

      1. @Max: Not everybody can be a butcher at heart and send Einsatzgruppen to kill 27 million people in a few months in Eastern Soviet Union or “shock and awe” one country after another, piling civilian corpses on the ground without the slightest concern and leaving behind pregnant women who will miscarry or give birth to monsters because of your depleted uranium bombs. You have to be American. Or German – which basically involves the same gene pool. Perhaps Mongol too since Genghis Khan and Tamerlane have not exactly left the memory of pussy-footing fighters. But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of other American wars where you can get your soul’s content of craters and blood.
        By the way, after four MONTHS of war, it appears Russia is winning without many civilian or personnel casualties. Perhaps they realize that every time they drop an expensive bomb, it costs the Russian people several million bucks and perhaps, for them, war is not a racket. Who knows?
        Of course your folks have a different approach: each time they drop a bomb, like in Yemen (for six YEARS, noticed that? Without winning anything), they just take the money out of your pocket and explain that you’ll have to renounce mending that bridge over there cos’ we ain’t got the dough for now but the diversion through the next one downstream is only a hundred miles anyway. And nailing those bastards on the other side of the Earth is worth a little sacrifice, isn’t it? Plus we give the kids sweeties and gum – which helps the dentists make a buck – and little American flags. That’s what makes us the Leader of the Freak Show! You should be proud!

        1. Yes, the Roman military lost to the German tribes.
          Roman soldiers helped each other commit suicide rather than being tortured by Germans for entertainment.
          These savages later adopted Christianity and took over most of Europe, bringing it into dark Middle Ages. And went on to the Middle East with their Crusades, motivated by insatiable greed.
          They are still spreading the joy around the world.
          I say it’s time to stop killing trees at Christmas time and discarding them after 2 weeks.

        2. Also the US does not balance its budget domestically
          They spend money as if they are printing it, which they do.
          And they send their corporations and military to raid the world, to make up for their budget deficit.

        3. that is exactly how i feel about these armchair warrior typists, i never heard em cry for yemen OR lybia, cambodia after the fact maybe? i wonder how many have ever been in a fight? i am embarrassed to be american. go somewhere else you say? dont come near me, i am feeling threatened! Theres a group of impostors, and this isnt the 1st time Ukraine has been in the cross hairs. Is Odesa their root? apparently the impostors, the forgers, the thieves of kingdoms made their last stand in the place that all major wars are lost due to supply chain. This is as old a battle as any in the worlds history. is putin the devil? or is he the worlds last hope? I know I’m not contributing much other than armchair criticism. i have no solution other than self correction. correct my thinking, allow others to point out my short comings. Live together or die alone.

    3. My YouTube algo just gave three WWI documentaries, one of them was on why the British Army was unable to defeat the German trench system in their sector of the line in 1917, and the other was on the overall effectiveness of the WWI trench systems in preventing armies from doing their thing, which is of course to shatter enemy armies in open and fair fights on battlefields that will be long remembered.
      Too funny. My algo did not give me this. I’m a subscriber. Mr. Algo can attempt to hide subscriber posts from me … but not forever. A conversation between Brett Weinstein and Jim Rutt, on why we should allow Twitter to censor all it wants, because under Mr. Rutt’s deviously clever plan, the more Twitter “unfairly” censors, the more the wealth the aggrieved can accumalte.
      I’ve never used Twitter but if this shit gets off the ground, I’ll be tweetin’ all goddamn day.

    4. Reply to Pascal:
      Save your ire for someone else Pascal. No one this blog, including our host, and has made greater efforts to point out, almost on a daily basis STARTING ON DAY 2, that the Russian Federation, the General Staff and of the Russian Army, and their Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin, are to be commended for the HONORABLE way in which they are fighting this war
      As I have repeatedly stated, this operation in Ukraine has no precedence in the history of organized warfare, and it pains me greatly that the unbelievably fucking disciplined Army conducting this operation is neither receiving credit for this in the West by anyone else BUT ME, nor are their titanic efforts, made all the greater by the restraint in which they are expected to fight, seems to be unappreciated – or outright ignored or even denigrated – by their fellow citizens back in Mother Russia, as at least half a dozen links I have provided over the past 95 days would attest.
      Wake up you fool, or at the very minimum try to ascertain what a person’s position might be on a subject when he has provided mountains of evidence as to what that position is, before you jump to conclusions.
      Or do I need to place sarcasm tags down at every step along the obvious way, a little trail of /s for you to follow to better understand the intended targets of my contempt.
      And get your facts straigtht while your at it.
      The Einsatzgruppen didn’t kill 27 million people in a few a months. They were efficient, but it takes a lot more than pits and bullets to kill that many people in such a time frame. The generally accepted figure is 1.5 million or thereabouts from 1941 to 45, the majority of which were slaughtered and buried in the first two years as the Wehrmacht moved east.
      The 27 million figure, just you know, is the generally accepted figure of Soviet citizens killed during WWII, 17 million of which where soldiers, 13 million dying in combat and the other 4 million perishing in Nazi POW/death camps, mostly from starvation.

      1. Ach! Zo zis waz zarkazm?
        “The only conclusion I can think of is the Russian Federation is led by a bunch a pussy footing fools”.
        Kolossale finesse! Voo voud haf thought? Und die 27 million Soviet citizens were not killed in the Western Soviet Union in a few months by Einsatzgruppen (German task forces) as I said but in the Western Soviet Union by the Wehrmacht (German armed forces) in two years – which some reckless fools like me also call “a few months”. Minus the four million who died in camps.
        Of course that’s very different when the underlying idea – may I remind you – was to contrast the heavy-handed butchery of the German offensive in WWII and the “shock and awe” ones of the US in several countries since with the Russian softball approach in the Donbass that you’ve been relentlessly criticizing for weeks, contrary to what you are now pretending. But of course, this was sarcasm, like the sentence quoted above, which I didn’t get, being a bit dim-witted. Please forgive me as I am about to blow my worthless brains in shame and despair :o)

      2. Reply to Pascal:
        What I have been “relentlessly criticizing” Pascal is the Western narrative that the Russian Federation is fighting a war of unheard of brutality BY MOCKING IT.
        Do you think fighting house to house, street by street, and block by block, on foot and mostly to the death* through a city the size of Mariupol is pussy footing around you dumb fuck? Are the tanks and BMPs in the linked video dancing the through the tulips, as they go about the killing at ranges of less than 100 meters?
        Are the Russians taking the “softball” approach as they now proceed to systematically bury the best of the Ukraine Army in their Donbass trench systems with their heavy artillery?
        War has nuances Pascal. Yes, I have been critical of the Russian’s reluctance to use their REAL firepower, for the main reason that it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference in the propaganda wars vis a vis the West if they had employed it from the get go.
        You know, on Day 4, it was my third comment in here, I suggested to our host that she pay attention to the details of what the Russian war machine was clearly attempting to do. There was ample video of the war back then, and there were two drive-by vids that showed the results of Ukraine supply columns, both over 10 kilometers long, caught in the open by Russian gunships just to north of Crimea.
        All the lead and rear vehicles at various points in the column were destroyed, all the armor had a one neat hole in its side, and the rest of the column, mostly supply trucks, was left untouched and abandoned.
        And there was no sign of a rabbit hunt. No chewed up pavement, no evidence of a blade of grass on either side of the roadways being disturbed by 30 millimeter cannon fire.
        And I wrote, “The Russians are going to make every effort in this conflict Ms. Johstone, to leave a forensic trail behind, that are they fighting a new kind of war that no one has ever seen before, or believed was even possible.
        Do you know what a rabbit hunt is Pascal?
        *The casualty reports from the Battle of Mariupol, at least as they pertain to the UkoNazi forces that fought there, are mostly in. It looks like roughly 2 to 3 thousand prisoners were taken during the battle, and 12 to 15 thousand were killed in action.
        Interesting no? Those pussy footing Russians sure do know how to kill when killing is the only option the enemy gives them.
        And they killed them all up close Pascal. Up close and personal.
        War has nuances.

        1. It’s clear to anyone who has the slightest understanding of military actions, that fighting suburban streets, going house to house, is the most dangerous way to fight. Ask the Germans who survived WW 2. There’s a very good reason, the Americans chose to flatten Iraq cities, instead of going house to house, they KNEW what the cost to their soldiers would be, so they chose the easiest way, bomb the crap out of them and flatten the lot. They were not concerned about civilians or about the survivability of civilians, or the rebuilding of their cities. Note too, that to this very day, there has not been one word of condemnation against the Americans for this WAR CRIME. Whilst at the same time, Ukrainians are hiding behind civilians, even shooting them in the streets, AND getting a free pass from the West for doing so. This Pascal really needs to get outside more, playing his P.C. games is clearly doing him damage.

          1. FYI, I’ve visited over fifty countries in my life, half of them several times and I have never once played a P.C. game. That’s how reliable your opinions are and what patronizing does to you.

  6. Absolutely spot on. Keep it up Caitlin. I’ve been banned from Facebook for a month for circulating stuff ‘against their community standards’ saying the same things.

  7. One would have to be extremely ignorant to believe Ukraine could possibly win. The United States of Israel and its puppet NATO band knows Ukraine forces are in a meat grinder. The West is in this for money. Total corruption.

    1. WCH, I don’t believe for a second, any Western nation, including the U.S. believed Ukraine could win against Russia. None of them did.
      But hey, if the Ukrainians wished to throw their lives away on behalf of the West willingly, fine, the West will provide them with “mostly” what they need to do the job, and sit back and watch the destruction and mayhem unfold. Hoping the whole time, Russia would be so weakend by this conflict, they could never again defend themselves in such a manner. (Even the U.S. President told us so.) Why people have difficulty in working that out for themselves, given all the info is freely available, is beyond my understanding.

  8. What 95% of Russians really thinks without any propaganda:

    The trick of the West – to appeal to the population of modern Ukraine’s sense of unique identity – is even more dangerous in terms of provoking conflict. The reaction of Russians to these appeals is similar to that of the parents of a kidnapped child who has been turned against them. It’s better not to get in their way.

    1. That is where US propaganda machine will fail. Why? They target youth and Russian parents watch that with unbelief what is happening in Ukraine where they transform youth into their opposite – zombie fascist.
      This is parents deepest fear because they fought fascist and won never minding great casualties, but this is different this is attack from inside literally like spreading zombie disease from biolabs on their children. Parents know if there is no Russia then there is no freedom for their children too. They will be slaves.
      So, as much propaganda pushes, parents will push back, because they can lose even war, but they cannot lose their children freedom, future, hope and silently go to the dark.
      Putin doesn’t need like Stalin to issue Order No. 227: “Not a step back!” because for parents there is no back to step to.
      Let’s hope that US parents will draw red line with those mass shootings or Disney bullshit and stop to look at propagandist and their masters as a beautiful TV faces and start to treat them as what they really are – disease spreaders.

  9. In re the coverage of this conflict, this is the first time I have ever wished to own a short wave radio and speak Ukrainian. Who tf knows?
    On a lighter note, I see today that all my favorite news & opinion sites, this one included, just got wiped from my “frequently visited” list in safari, and when I went to my bookmarks for them, why, they are missing there, too. How quaint.

    1. I’m starting to learn a little of the language- yes is tak, no is ni.

  10. David Edwards Avatar
    David Edwards

    Nobody (except weapons manufacturers & some brainwashed Russians) has been “cheering on” this conflict. People want it to end, they want Russia to stop bombing and missiling. The Ukraine flag displays aren’t “cheering on” a f*cking war any more than NHS posters in windows all around the UK are “cheering on” Boris Johnson’s attacks on the NHS.

    1. I recently read that trolls were paid for each reply they got, so I’m happy to send a few cents your way. Your admirable efforts at making nonsense and outright lies sound like common sense and Gospel truths are certainly worth a reward. Ain’t easy! And even if you don’t quite make it in the end, at least you’ve tried, goddamn it! Keep up the good work Johnny!

      1. L.O.L. Your ignorance gives you away Pascal. Folks who post on here, know my background very well, as I’ve been posting here for a long time. Even before this conflict with Russia began. So how could I be a Russian Troll ???? L.O.L. If that’s the best argument you can come up with to support your juvenile posts, mores the pity on you.

    2. David Edwards Avatar
      David Edwards

      The usual pathetic attempt to brand as trolls anyone who dissents from the Kremlin propaganda line. I suppose it’s easier than actual argument.

    3. Unlike YOU, David, I don’t want the Russians to stop what they have been DRIVEN to do, until they have achieved their stated objective. I’m deaf to alternative pleas, working on the heart strings. I’ve been in war, I KNOW what it entails, and I actually FEEL for the people of Donbass, who have been on the receiving end of these criminals for the last eight years, with nary a concerned peep from Western nations, nor do I recall any posts from the like of you, displaying your concern. Even now, no one gives a stuff for the welfare and well being of these people, it’s all about the corrupt criminal gangs in Kiev, who somehow have twisted the arms of allegedly sane people, ensuring they do their bidding. The Russians made it CLEAR AS DAY, WHAT THEIR CONCERNS WERE FOR OVER SIX MONTHS. What did the supposedly concerned Western World do when they saw/heard/read of those concerns ???? Laughed, and gave Russia the finger. Within those concerns was the IMPLIED advice, that if their concerns are not taken seriously, Russia would have no other recourse, but to take action to ensure it’s safety. Again, what was the Western reponse ? More laughter and ridicule. Then Russia fulfilled it’s warnings, and the Western nations wet their pants big time. Claimed they were unprepared, and what Russia had done was a crime, never mind the FACT, the U.S. and NATO have done far, far worse, and still, to this very day, are STILL doing so. Ask the Yemenis what they think, where is the alleged concern for them ? Simply because they are not blond and blue eyed, they can be wasted like so much garbage. What does that say about the so called HUMANITY and concern of the Western folks crying buckets of tears for the corrupt Ukrainian Government. I support the actions of Russia, 100% Ukraine has no one to blame for their predicament, but themselves. YES, I realise the average people don’t get much of a say, but seriously, it’s way past time they woke up, and stormed their criminal Govt and gave them their just deserts. Any Western advisers caught within the crossfire, should also be given the same treatment as it is them, that have ensured this war came about. How many times have we read/heard/seen American Government officials stating clearly via the World MSM, that they sanction non compliant nations so the general populations SUFFER. Until they reach the point of no return and uprise against their Government ? Where is the concern for the suppressed people, by this behaviour of the Western Governments against defenceless innocent people’s ? How long has Cuba been sanctioned in this manner, (70 years now) how about Iran, where the people are suffering terribly from these sanctions, and the Western nations, (U.S. in particular) have stated clearly, the sanctions will go on until their people arise and remove their Government for a more compliant Government ? Where is your concern there for these people ? How about Venezuela, that have had exactly the same treatment imposed upon them now for many years, thousands of their people dying as a direct result ? OOPS, sorry forgot, they are not white are they, they’re brown, so they’re fair game. hey ?
      So may I suggest, if your going to get on your soapbox and spread the propaganda you’ve been picking up from the media, you do some home work, and get a fairer balanced understanding of what is really happening here. Russia, (make no mistake about it) is fighting for it’s very survival, and you, by siding with the West and failing to remove your blinkers, are complicity in that aggression and will carry some responsibility at the end of the day, for the outcome. Of course that can be changed, simply by you doing your diligent work and keeping to the FACTS, not regurgitating propaganda.

      1. Ted Christian Avatar
        Ted Christian

        Ditto. And put Iraq on the list of brutalized populations, to the tune of half a million dead, “worth it” according to Madelaine Albright, whatever “it” was supposed to be.

      2. David Edwards Avatar
        David Edwards

        Eddy writes: “I don’t want the Russians to stop what they have been DRIVEN to do”.
        Well at least you’re honest in your warmongering, Eddy. You’re honest about the fact that you “want” the bombing and missiling to continue. You “want” the death & suffering of civilians to continue. You “don’t want the Russians to stop” – your words.
        You people. You’re so brainwashed, you don’t even realise you’ve been turned into warmongers issuing feeble excuses for a brutal regime.

        1. Are you giving us a course in standard trolling, is it just a natural display of bad faith on your part or are you just so brainwashed yourself that you actually believe what you’re saying in spite of Eddy explaining the situation with remarkable clarity?

        2. David, where was your concern for the people of Donbass since 2014 ? You didn’t give a toss about those people being butchered on a daily basis. I DID, and still DO. The butchery won’t cease, until people like you, and the ones carrying out your wishes in Ukraine, are brought to justice. I make no apologies for that. An eye for an eye.

  11. David Edwards Avatar
    David Edwards

    Who the f*ck EVER believed it’d be a “cakewalk” for Ukraine to defend itself against invasion by a military superpower?
    The framing on here – it’s often 100% backwards, a complete reversal of reality.

    1. When it is reported that Ukraine is winning (never was), it is fighting a backward country with a GDP the size of Texas that steals crappers, but when it is reported that Ukraine is loosing, then they are defending against a Giant Superpower. Get your sh!t together!!!

    2. Even the “anachronistic” main stream media, which includes both the legacy giants and the new players on the MSM block, like the Twitters, the Facebooks, the YouTubes, their algo assistants and censors, and so on, never said it be a “cakewalk” defense I don’t believe.
      But I did hear every day, and from every Western media outlet under the sun, that Ukraine had, from the beginning, a damn good chance to turn Ukraine into a “long, hot, burning war” that would become a “brutal, bloody, and intractable stalemate” that would “ruin Russia” just like we ruined em in Afghanistan and turn it into a “failed state.”
      And then news starting getting a little more optimistic, didn’t it? UKRAINE IS GOING TO WIN!!!
      Lmao … In fact, just two days ago, my main man Beau of the 5th, parroting a New York Times piece, told me the recent Ukraine Army offensive* only stopped at the borders of Russia because it didn’t want to become overstretched after making so much rapid progress.
      Like I said below, it is going to be a pleasure reading and watching the war cheerleaders, and they are legion, as they struggle to steadily walk back the expectations of not only sweet and total victory, but of a Ukraine insurgency that will “blead the Russians white” for all eternity.
      *A Ukraine scout battalion got within a few miles of the border, put up a fake sign, took a picture, and skeddadled, at least according to “my sources.”
      Which can be very hard to find by the way, such is the dominance of the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. ;–)

  12. The msm lied about Iraq. Why wouldn’t they lie about Ukraine? Nobody got rich telling the truth about WMD’s.

    1. David Edwards Avatar
      David Edwards

      Not quite. The politicians lied – most of them (a few exceptions in the UK). The “MSM” swallowed the lies & relayed them almost unquestioningly. This was in the early days of the web, before social media. There were only a few sites bypassing government gatekeepers of war death info back then – Iraq Body Count, at first, then later studies with different methodologies and higher death counts (eg those published in The Lancet).
      The media landscape is TOTALLY different now. You have a Ukraine population of 44 million with smartphones widely used to instantly record everything that takes place on the ground, in real time. You can’t centrally “gatekeep” this level of reporting. The information “gatekeeping” is now by algorithm on decentralised media (on which the legacy “MSM” now rely). It’s a war of propagandists regarding who can “game” these algorithms to spread false info. Or true facts. The “MSM” is yesterday’s news, as is most of the anachronistic framing on this blog.

      1. Nobody can lie anymore? That’s a relief.

      2. David Edwards Avatar
        David Edwards

        They can lie, but it’s more easily shown to be a lie. The transparency effect of decentralised media.

  13. No good expecting rationality from delusional psychopaths who believe that “we make our own reality.”

  14. Yeah this is the beginning of the end of Phase 2 I believe. The Russkies are about to crack this 300 kilometer long Donbass front, wide open, and then we will either see a pell mell retreat, which seems both unlikely and foolish, considering it will be on foot and without any air cover, or a general surrender.
    Or a mixture of both. Who knows? I only know I am looking forward it, because it will shut a lot of folks up, Beau of the 5th in particular, and it will also force the administration and it’s main stream media mouthpieces to get inventive and come up with a creative and interesting narrative as we head into Phase 3.
    Because this Total Victory is Imminent (!) Narrative, which still includes blitzgrieg tank drives* on Moscow, is starting to bore me to tears.
    Phase 3, the phase that matters, is about to begin. Now if you were Vlad the Wise, do you take Odessa and landlock Ukraine forever? What do you do with the big cities in the Northeast, like Kyiv and Karkiv? Storm them? Starve them? Ignore the completely? And how in hell do you de-arm and de-Nazify a country when you only possess a third of it?
    Do you become Vlad the Gobbler and go for the whole enchilada, and press on to Poland’s borders?
    I think that the West would prefer he do so, so I suggest that you keep that in mind Vlad, as you lay down your all-seeing plans going forward.
    I found this interesting. Popped in my TubeFeed, a Feed that in the last few days has been shockingly devoid of any glorious victory news. Another Russian tank has been destroyed! Russian general number 12 has been shot and killed thanks to US intel! The Russian Federation is so depleted, even though it procudes hundreds of thousands of AK-47s every year, it has been forced to issue WWI rifles to its front line troops!
    The Russian people really don’t know what the fuck is going on. Nor do they seem to care all that much.
    Russia was a neo-liberal country that was forced to reverse gears in an instant and become something else. This would not be an easy sell for the spinmeisters of any government. For their entire lives you tell your citizens that loyalty to anything other than profit margins is not only foolish, it is a deep moral failing, and now you have to sell them on a wholly antithetical concept?
    As of yet, I don’t think the Russian people are buying this 180 switcheroo. They might be accepting it, but convincing them to show unquestioning loyalty and devotion to the grande old notion of Mother Russia, when this new neo-liberal version of Mother Russia hasn’t payed attention to them or to the greater well-being of the nation, for decades?
    Nope, I don’t think this inept Russian propaganda machine is up to such a monumental task.
    Now the US could pull it off. In fact, it is as we speak, easily … pulling it off! But that’s because we do propaganda better than anyone in history.
    *Tanks drives on Moscow using hundreds of captured Russian tanks!

    1. Quote, “The Russian people really don’t know what the fuck is going on. Nor do they seem to care all that much.” Unquote.
      L.O.L. it would seem it’s not only the Russians who don’t know what the fuck is going on, truer words were never spoken, going by some of the posts we see on here.

  15. The USA always hated Russia just because they are Russian.

    When Nazis were killing Russians in WWII, their US “Ally” would not come to Russia’s aid in confronting the Nazis.

    Only after Russia was well on its way to losing 29.5 million people in their fight against the Nazis, and after the Russian army took Berlin, did the US take control of West Berlin and West Germany, against the ability of depleted Nazi and Russian armies to resist.

    The USA then prevented Russia from exterminating all Nazis in Germany, being more of an ally to Germany than to Russia.

    The US then allowed former Nazis to hold governmental administrative offices, thus arousing the Baader-Mienhof movement.

    For every one person the US lost in WWII, the Russians lost about 70 persons.

    Why would Russia again allow their faithless “ally”, the US, and the murderous Nazi producing Germany to approach their border armed again, under the name NATO?

    Know who and what you are getting into, Ukraine, when the USA calls you ally.

    1. Davior Corres Avatar
      Davior Corres

      Youre uneducated. The lend-lease to Russia (which they didnt even want repaid) was massive and crucial for the victory of the USSR.

      By 1945, A third of the trucks in the Red Army were US built. Telephone cables, raw materials, money etc. were shipped en masse. The Soviet air force received aircraft which in 1943 made up about 30% of total warplane production. 90% of railway production was supplied by the US through lend-lease.

      Even Krushchev himself said this:

      “I would like to express my candid opinion about Stalin’s views on whether the Red Army and the Soviet Union could have coped with Nazi Germany and survived the war without aid from the United States and Britain. First, I would like to tell about some remarks Stalin made and repeated several times when we were “discussing freely” among ourselves. He stated bluntly that if the United States had not helped us, we would not have won the war. If we had had to fight Nazi Germany one on one, we could not have stood up against Germany’s pressure, and we would have lost the war. No one ever discussed this subject officially, and I don’t think Stalin left any written evidence of his opinion, but I will state here that several times in conversations with me he noted that these were the actual circumstances. He never made a special point of holding a conversation on the subject, but when we were engaged in some kind of relaxed conversation, going over international questions of the past and present, and when we would return to the subject of the path we had traveled during the war, that is what he said. When I listened to his remarks, I was fully in agreement with him, and today I am even more so”

      from “Memoirs of Nikita Krushchev: Commissar, 1918-1945”.

      And about Denazification – youre also wrong. This article in German pretty much covers it, goes into depth about how for example KZ-doctors and others were allowed to continue work in the GDR, and were even promoted.

      1. For a more than 20 years fter World War II, nearly 100 former members of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party held high-ranking positions in the West German Justice Ministry, according to a German government report.

      2. “The Nazi-era lawyers went on to cover up old injustice rather than to uncover it and thereby created new injustice,” said Heiko Maas, Germany’s justice minister who presented the report Monday, according to AFP.

        The infiltration of the post-war West German government by former Nazis was not limited to the Justice Ministry. A report released late last year found that between 1949 and 1970, 54% of Interior Ministry staffers were former Nazi Party members, and that 8% of them had served in the Nazi Interior Ministry, which at one point was run by SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

        Among those former Nazis were officials who had participated in forced-sterilization programs and high-ranking members of the SS and SA — people who “today would have to be classified as Nazi perpetrators,” the report stated.

        That report also found that 14% of workers in the East German Interior Ministry were former Nazis — a surprising finding, considering the communist government’s purportedly rigorous effort to rid itself of former Nazis.

        So many former Nazis were able to attain influential positions in part because of West German government’s logistical needs and because of the geopolitical imperatives of the Cold War.

      3. “Youre uneducated. The lend-lease to Russia (which they didnt even want repaid) was massive and crucial for the victory of the USSR.

        “By 1945, A third of the trucks in the Red Army were US built. Telephone cables, raw materials, money etc. were shipped en masse. The Soviet air force received aircraft which in 1943 made up about 30% of total warplane production. 90% of railway production was supplied by the US through lend-lease.”

        Once again the US supplies weapons to Ukraine and does a tsk tsk about Ukrainians who are led to the slaughter carrying US weapons.

      4. I think you’ll find, without too much searching, that Russia has repaid ALL of its Lend-Lease loans to the US. From memory the last payment was made in 2016.
        In contrast, Australia’s Lend-Lease loans were swapped for unbridled access to all of Australia’s resources, mineral as well as public entities such as our hospitals, insurance industry, real estate, the funeral industry, healthcare and just about anything that can be outsourced.
        Capitalism never ever ‘jubilee’s’ or excuses a debt. Look at Greece, Sri Lanka and most of South America. And of course – Ukraine.

  16. Davior Corres Avatar
    Davior Corres

    Caitlin, youre a shit person.

    The guys interviewed by the Washington Post, they themselves say they will fight to the end, but dont have enough weapons and supplies and therefore are given bad orders by commanders.

    “We’re ready to fight and we will keep on fighting,” Lapko said. “We will protect every meter of our country — but with adequate commandments and without unrealistic orders. I took an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people. We’re protecting Ukraine and we won’t let anyone in as long as we’re alive.”

    They ask for supplies, and you turn that around for your own agenda. You talk about “Ukrainian death, Ukrainian suffering” while promoting to surrender and to give in to a force that not only claims the entirety of the country is fake, it is ready to kill anyone who disobeys, instead of trying to help them.

    Literal evidence of mass execution ( – and yet you still write dumb shit like this. Putin himself saying that the culture and identiy of 44 million people isnt real, on Russian national TV they talk about eradication and deportations – and yet you still write dumb shit like this.

    If the USSR would have surrenderd to Germany in 1941 – we’d be speaking German. You can see what happens when someone surrenders to such a force – Chechnya in the 2000s, Crimea, Donbas. Occupation of territory by Russia results in mass executions, no human rights and dictatorship. I mean look at the discrimination of Crimean Tatars in Crimea, Executions and Rape in Chechnya, mass conscription of basically every male in DNR/LNR since February – nope, not a word, better to push my agenda of “MSM bad everything else good”. You dont care about Human Rights or whatever you claim to care about. The only thing you care about is attention in your little fictional world where Russia etc. are the righteous rebels protesting against an empire.

    Maybe its not a good idea to listen to someone who believes in Astrology.

    1. Just to pick up a finger of the gauntlet you just threw down . . .
      Crimea: I suppose that’s why over 90% of Crimeans voted to rejoin Russia, so that they could reclaim their own language and culture?
      Chechnya: So Russia should just have let ISIS take over Chechnya, and ignore the thousands of Russians being murdered by their terrorists? And now the Chechens hate the Russians so much that Chechen special forces happily volunteered to fight for them in Ukraine?
      Donbas: not yet part of Russia, vastly outnumbered by nazis, under constant attack (civilians as well as militia), 12000 dead since 2014. How else are they supposed to defend themselves?
      You just keep ignoring reality pal and nod along with the assertions of your delusional psychopathic overlords.

      1. Agree totally with your post, Pasha.

    2. Tsk, tsk.. Davior…. your passion overcomes your intellect. Got a suggestion. Never read Caitlin again.

      1. A quick joke Davior…
        An old woman calls the police to complain of a man walking around his apartment naked – which is across the road from her and he is clearly visible from her window.
        The police attend and look out the window but can’t see anything.
        The old woman yells at them. “Stand on the chair.. stand on the chair!”
        Get off the chair, Davior

    3. Just who fed you this BS? And do you really believe it? Sad.

    4. If all you believe is the mainstream media, why do you bother coming on to alternative sites with alternative opinions & then call people shit for not agreeing with your & msm narrative?

    5. First:
      Please give us some link we dont need to pay for watching those Russian war crimes. I really would like to see at least one RU war crime proofed (in war, shit happens) bcs I didn’t find any for 3 months. (during search I only find more and more banderas fascist crimes posted by themselves)

      Please read link in my comment about Russia history and Ukraine territory and language. You will find out that “kraine” is in all Slavic languages border tampon zone for defending against Turkey and Poland & Lithuania in this case, not a name for a country. Language is invented by banderas fascists, Austria, Germany and Lenin to knock out RU from WWI and kill Tzar family at the end.

      There are Russians who think they are Ukrainians. They learn in school last decade that they are oldest nation in World around 140.000 years old. They learn that Galicia region (Lvov) root means “Gali”-cia Slavic word for Gauls so all France and Spain and Portugal are from Ukraine. With similar logic they learn in school that Turkey and Israel are from Ukraine too. Russia and Finland are Mongols. Belarus and Baltic states are Vikings. Ukraine was biggest country in Europe in 18th century and so on …
      Of course, do I need to say that all writers from those territories, like Nikolai Gogol and national heroes like Taras Bulba are Russians and speaking and writing on Russian language…
      It is hard to comprehend facts and their implication when you first hear about them but I will try to bold it:
      There are a lot of Russians who believe they are Supreme Ukrainian race and they speak Russian language with accent from Lvov – Galicia (almost no difference like Serbo-Croat language). They are so lost in that “Orwell 1984” kind of change history to have tattoos of “inferior race” like Germans and hitler and swastika instead of God Perun from Slavic tribal times (10 years ago all criminals had Slavic tattoos like Yakuzas in Japan)

      Last but not least:
      Let us see, from few year distance, how Montenegro (my ancestors are from there) become NATO member. First in western media they said that Montenegro is most corrupted country in World under Russian influence. Then west threaten country “elite” they will be sanctioned and at the end arrested. Then “elite” invent RU want to kill them and start to break all ties with RU and arresting people in country who confront them. Of course, they forbid all opposition media but then they have problem with history and language and orthodox church and majority of Montenegrins who feel like Serbs …
      So, “Orwell 1984” must invent nation, state, language, new church, origins, genetics … and become member of NATO without even public debate (referendum is completely out of the question). Neverminded that all kings, writers, heroes, church … in history of Montenegro was Serbians who speak Serbian language. (like Kiev Russia – Serbia was born in Montenegro)

  17. William K Jones Avatar
    William K Jones

    The first casualty of war is always the truth.

    They call it the fog of war for a reason.

    I believe nothing I read or hear on spec, but rely on my assessments of the character of the combatants.

  18. Life grows cheaper by the minute, soak up each and every second within it.

  19. Truth bomb!

  20. Mary Wildfire Avatar
    Mary Wildfire

    One piece of this not acknowledged, which may also be true of Australia, which resembles the US in some ways. That is that while the US has been involved in some level of war continuously since WW II and much of the time before that, there has been no war on US soil since 1814, unless you count the Civil Wat which ended in 1865; and no draft since early 70s. Yes, Hollywood et al have been cheering this on, but the propaganda wouldn’t be nearly as effective here if Americans had the kind of up-front and personal experience of actual war that many parts of Europe and the Middle East have had.

    1. Agree totally. Ask any veteran that’s no longer in the military, whether they think war is a good idea. It’s only the folks who LOVE killing people, (and there are many of them currently serving in the military) and the folks who have no idea of what the word WAR really means, who support it. Of course the instigators, Bankers, MIC and Government officials all KNOW exactly what the word means as well, but as long as THEY don’t have to place their butts in danger and the profits roll in, hey bring it on.

  21. The United States led NATO manufactured hell in the Ukraine is as despicable as is the use of children as human shields by malefactors, and as horrendous as the murder of innocent children in a school by a madman. Ukraine was not a democratic libertarian paradise. It was, is and for a long time has been a nest of corrupt vipers (including the Biden family) feeding on its vulnerable population, but that was paradise compared to where it finds itself today. Its people are being sacrificed and its economy destroyed in a cynical ploy to attain regime change in Russia and assuage hurt feelings over the recent debacle in Afghanistan, and of course, to distract the attention of United States voters. Ukrainians are being used as human tools in order to induce as much pain as possible on the Russian people, whose sin is to have maintained their independence, while successive United States governments drained their own people’s resources on ludicrous military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Libya and in Syria, all over Africa and the Middle East and in the former Yugoslavia, bringing pain and misery all over the globe. And for what?

    Well, not for nothing. Some have benefitted enormously: The war profiteers and now the pharmaceutical industry profiteers. The mass media profiteers and the Hollywood profiteers. The Internet technology profiteers, and of course, politicians who drain us dry, one dollar at a time if that’s all we can spare.

    Are we really as stupid as they hope? History would seem to indicate that we are.

    1. Guillermo, an excellent overview and Tubularsock is with you 100%.

      As for the conclusion on the stupidity of the public especially in the U.S. it has always been due to the fact of the constant barrage of the picture perfect “democracy” and “a nation of laws not of men” bullshit that just keeps coming but is wearing rather thin in the past few years.

      Tubularsock is most skeptical of any mass change to brilliance any time soon. But shit does happen!

      1. Agree totally with BOTH comments. Well done.

  22. Considering the intense use of propaganda by the U.S. Oligarchy… DO NOT BELIEVE that U.S. citizens support this f*cking war.. or any of their wars… how would you know with dishonest reporting from main stream media… it’s not like their polls are suddenly going to be more honest… It has been quite clear from the start that the U.S. Oligarchy provoked this war between Ukraine and Russia and have been USING UKRAINE to wage war on Russia… to fulfill their delusional notions of controlling the entire world and that they are somehow best qualified to do so… (all current evidence to the contrary).

    This U.S. Oligarchy does not serve U.S. citizens and it does not care about people in general anywhere including inside the U.S. The main thing I strive to do at this point in my country is to get more and more people to UNPLUG from main stream media.

    It will not likely be reported but you will likely see a record number of people ‘not voting’ or ‘voting independent’ in the U.S. in upcoming elections and this will only increase as the ‘illusion’ that we can fix this mess by sending ‘different’ people to DC dies… they all get coopted.

    1. Yep. Wish I could vote (just for kicks, as it decides nothing) against not only the Dems and GOPers in the next several elections but also their tools in the mass media and their owners in the plutocracy.
      Vote ’em not only off the island but off the planet. Perhaps hire Elon Musk’s 1,000 space cruisers he plans to build and ship them all to Kronos. I understand Worf Rozhenko still has some influence there. Edwards and Corres will want to go with them, because that’s where all their heroes will be situated going forward.

  23. They won in Afghanistan and Syria as well according to their calculations. For how long still are they going to delude themselves? Its true that if you lie too much, you end up lying to yourself unaware..

  24. No surprises here at all. Even US military types knew this would happen. Ukrainian army desertion rates were very high BEFORE the war, so I suspect they’re even higher. Most of those poor fellows surely understand now that they’re expendable. It’s sickening and outrageous that the US caused this (and they sorely did); the mass murder at the school yesterday, while the heavily-armed cops stood around, speaks directly to the US sponsored catastrophe in Ukraine. Our idiot President asks, “why?” The ruling class never sees its own hand in these matters.

  25. “We’re in deep shit, and we know it. But secretly, we don’t really believe that it can all fall apart.”


  26. Where is vicky Nuland and the rest? only wonder how it must feel to be Ukrainian soldier or civilian or Russian soldiers fighting a war that should never have happened, nor would have done if this crap had not been stirred up from Washington, London or Brussels, we will fight them on the steppes we will fight them in the cities , we will fight them in the tv studios, we will fight them to the last drop of Ukrainian blood .

  27. The Ukrainian Proxy War will not be won, nor lost, by “volunteers”, read mercenaries who think they were in The Ukraine on a Russian Safari. As some military officers pointed out, anyone other than a well trained soldier up against the professional Russian Armed Forces has a life expectancy you count in minutes.

    It appears that the best of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) were located in the east of Ukraine and are being slaughtered by a numerically smaller Russian Forces and in large numbers. By focusing on volunteers, the Washington Post can sidestep major outcomes for the AFU.

    Another take on the US-UK-NATO created Ukrainian Proxy War against Russia and how it is not “going to plan” – for The West . . .

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