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My enemies are not in Moscow or Beijing. My enemies are in Washington, Arlington, Langley, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.

And so are yours. The only question is whether or not you realize it yet.

There’s a massive narrative management campaign geared toward convincing people it’s impossible to simply have a different opinion about Russia and Ukraine. You either fully believe what institutions who’ve lied about every war are saying or you’re a Kremlin agent or useful idiot.

The victims of this narrative management campaign can never really articulate why it’s so extremely important that everyone think the same thoughts about Ukraine. This is because it is not their own opinion; it’s something that was slyly inserted into their minds without their informed consent.

And of course if you’ve been paying attention you can very easily explain why it’s so important for everyone to think the same thoughts about Ukraine. It’s because otherwise the public would never consent to agendas which directly hurt their bank accounts and which could easily lead to a nuclear war which kills everyone they know.

If not for this narrative management campaign, Ukraine would be just another issue like gun control or abortion which you could simply have opinions about without being a secret agent or unwitting tool of a foreign government. And it would be much harder to enforce conformity.

The continually rising likelihood of nuclear war is the single most consequential and dangerous thing that is happening in the world right now, and the political/media class are conspiring to hide this reality from the people to prevent public outcry from interfering in imperial grand chessboard maneuverings.

This conspiracy of silence on the horrifying realities of the steadily escalating nuclear brinkmanship we’re seeing between the US and Russia is the single greatest scandal in the world. Everyone on earth has a loaded gun to their head right now, and these bastards are hiding this reality from everyone. They’re covering it up.

January 6th was a pretend LARP version of what the US actually did in real life in Ukraine in 2014 and in many other nations in recent history.

Anyone who believes Trump wouldn’t be throwing the US empire’s weight behind the Ukraine proxy war just as forcefully as Biden is a dopey partisan hack.

The people with the largest platforms are almost always the people who are least worthy of your attention. Celebrities, politicians and pundits have the most boring, vapid, homogeneous worldviews imaginable and seldom say anything you’re not already hearing from all the others.

Any analysis of world power dynamics which doesn’t account for the US government’s unique, front-and-center role in worldwide tyranny and oppression is empty children’s entertainment.

One mainstream faction says you should consent to the oligarchic empire because oligarchy and empire are awesome, the other says you should consent to the oligarchic empire because of intersectionality and inclusivity. Their agendas are the same; only the justifications differ.

The fact that shitting on trans people is now the easiest way to piss people off in mainstream discourse doesn’t mean the right is the new counterculture. It just means real counterculture (shitting on the powerful) has lost all visibility in the echo chamber of mainstream discourse.

There’s currently no reason to believe AI will ever become conscious. Current science can’t explain or understand consciousness, and we don’t know that it ever will. No matter how “smart” it gets, there’s no reason to believe AI will ever experience itself as a perceiving subject.

They’ll make AI that can have intelligent conversations. They may even make AI that can perform complex psychoanalysis and create original philosophy. But none of that will mean there’s a conscious subject perceiving all that from within it. Human ingenuity is no closer to understanding how to do this than it was in the Stone Age.

The AI that’s stirring controversy about machine consciousness today is no more conscious than a calculator. I’m not saying it will never happen, just that we’ve not yet seen any evidence to believe it will. If it does, it will probably wildly alter our understanding of the universe.

Meanwhile we know it’s very possible that militarized AI will end up getting us all killed and other forms of AI can be used to oppress and manipulate us. We probably should pay a little more attention to that area of concern.


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37 responses to “Our Real Enemies Are Not In Beijing Or Moscow: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. There are several things in this delightful opinion piece that deserve a good response, alas. Rivers to walk, gardens to tend, wife to love, and all.
    Johnstone is right about so-called artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a marketing term used to help folks avoid realizing that The Bozos has a microphone installed in their living room. If machine consciousness ever develops, it will be from a machinery so much like biology that it is technically alive. If you wish to guard yourself against the AI bullshit, substitute “simulated intelligence” for “artificial intelligence” whenever you hear the term. On this one tiny slice of reality, I am in fact a subject matter expert, yes.
    The “shitting on trans people” slam is facile, and ignores the billions being spent to eradicate biological sex from law and from the public’s understanding of human rights. Yes, mutilating confused children for profit is a well-documented corporate agenda.
    To shift the subject 180 degrees, I find trans people interesting and engaging until they begin to insist that I pretend they are not trans people. Chromosomes are a thing. My feelings about my chromosomes are a thing. But sexual biology has been a fact of life for about half a billion years, and how I feel about that doesn’t change it.
    Gender is a social construct; pick any three and dress accordingly. Sexual biology is a) determined for life at conception, b) binary af, c) merely obscured, not changed, by drugs or surgery.
    With sexual biology comes sexual dimorphism and two conflicting biological agendas: Hence the imperative requirement for laws specifically protecting the human rights of biological females. So far, all the arguments I have read to the contrary are irrational, anti-liberal, and frankly sexist.
    I thought every conscious observer understood by now that postponing the Ukraine proxy war for four years was the crime that precipitated the Trump Derangement Tsunami. Sure, it was inadvertent. Slow. Slower. Breathe deeply. Exhale for seven. Now. Do you actually think it possible for Mr. Trump to do anything advertently? I mean, other than some petty “golf course in Jersey” level shenanigans? Come on. He’s as self aware as a tick, and half as important to the ecosystem.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      I was leaving a comment down below when it occurred to me that quantum computers put a whole new spin (pun unintentional) on AI. We have to figure out what biological consciousness is before we can dismiss the artificial sort. And yeah, AI is a somewhat misleading term but try getting people to repeat closed loop sensor driven conditional branching, or some such. And I would say your observations about transgenderism are obvious but I’ve about stopped using that word.

  2. Caitlin wrote:
    “Anyone who believes Trump wouldn’t be throwing the US empire’s weight behind the Ukraine proxy war just as forcefully as Biden is a dopey partisan hack.”

    Read this carefully. Caitlin is not asking whether Trump would have supported backing Russia into a corner,
    it is asking about support for the proxy war taking place *after* the beginning of the Russian special operation.

    Why would Caitlin make this statement about a proxy war that wouldn’t have happened under Trump?
    We therefore must conclude that Caitlin wants us to believe it is a given that Trump would have led us into this proxy war.
    (Why is she doing this?)
    Russia made several attempts for diplomacy in the months leading up to the Russian special operation.
    The US (“NATO” and Ukraine) gave the middle finger to all these Russian diplomacy efforts.
    We can say with certainty that Trump would ***not*** have sought to ensure military conflict the way the Biden admin did.
    Remember that they tried to impeach Trump over the issue of supplying weapons to Ukraine. The pressure would have continued into Trump’s second term. Would Trump’s resentment over the latter impeachment attempt have been enough for him to forcefully dig his heels in after being re-elected? Or would he have given into pressure. Remember, this would have been Trump’s second and final term. He wouldn’t need to worry about getting re-elected.
    We cannot know for certain how Trump would have acted. It is debatable. I lean strongly towards believing there would not have been a proxy war.
    Why Caitlin wants us to believe that it was a given
    is puzzling to me.

    1. Watch this! It should knock your socks off !!

      “Marie Yovanovitch — the former US Ambassador to Ukraine under Trump who testified against him in the 2019 impeachment, and was lauded as a hero — suggests that if Trump were in office, he’d have averted the war diplomatically. But she thinks this would’ve been a terrible thing”

    2. I think the dog-and-pony-show was all worked up with the idea of Trump mixing official business with the pursuit of a personal political favor—ironic, isn’t it, since Biden had done exactly that as Obama’s VP, quashing a legitimate investigation potentially exposing another slice of his sleaze. Also funny that that “personal political favor” was again, along the lines of legitimate investigation.
      Caitlin can assert that which you find “suspicious” because Trump—whatever it is he initially “thought” about foreign policy—followed the neocon bullshit to a T. It’s obvious.

      1. Actually *not* to a “T” else there would never have been so many coup attempts against Trump.
        I do worry, though, about what Trump will do for the Neocons against Iran during his (possible) second term. I worry a lot about it.
        I believe Izrael should really really worry about it. Nothing goes as expected.
        Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, South Ossetia, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, etc.
        A full fledged war with Iran will be the end of the Zionist experiment.

        1. Levi, With deep sadness I have to point out that within Israel the greatest destruction of the Israeli people and their country is taking place now, under the guise of ‘caring for the people’.
          Israelis are the lab rats, the N of a major experiment, the population confined and subjected to it without choice. They are laying out the future for most of the rest of us. 90+% of the Israeli population apear to be included in the N of the experimental cohort.
          Iranians have enough troubles of their own without going looking for more.

    3. Levi Tate, Years ago I read a study that looked at the outcomes of US foreign actions, not policy BS, outcomes of actual actions.
      Not one changed in effect under ANY president decade after decade.
      Look ONLY at outcome and then seek the actions that produced that outcome, and all the rest is rhetoric, political propaganda and PsyOps nonsense, sales talk.
      It matters not who is in the Whitehouse in the US and mostly not who sits in ANY presidential palace. When they will not play ball, play the game as the masters wish, bang on the head follows in one of many forms. And it is not the masters who do the dirty deed, it is the willing helpers, the enslaved servants.
      When we stop being servants, stop the servants being willing, then the masters are masters no more. Not easy but doable.

  3. My degree is in computer science (from several decades ago), and I agree with Caitlin. Nothing I’ve seen even hints at a mechanism for AI to become self aware. AI can be made to mimic humans more and more believably. It can be programmed to do some things humans can’t do with just their brains. It can be super dangerous and act against human wishes because humans can’t or won’t anticipate unintended consequences of technology. But it would take the Blue Fairy to make it a real boy.
    And I have an instinct towards animism. I tend to imagine spirits inhabit inanimate objects. I talk to my car.
    P.S. Add AI to the list of reasons we desperately need Julian Assange back.

    1. Another thing about AI… I’ve forgotten who it was now, but several years ago someone pointed out that corporations are also AI, just not made of motherboards. Corporations are made of papers and laws. They are automated systems with no one in control, and no one responsible. They are programmed for profit, and programmed to eliminate dissent. They just bulldoze the world as they do because it’s the system we have. Each little human gear turner thinks their gear doesn’t matter.

  4. Caitlin wrote:
    “There’s a massive narrative management campaign geared toward convincing people it’s impossible to simply have a different opinion about Russia and Ukraine.
    You either fully believe what institutions who’ve lied about every war are saying or you’re a Kremlin agent or useful idiot.”

    Here our government puts that in writing:

    National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – June 07, 2022 09:00 am

    “Chinese, Iranian, Russian, and other foreign malign influence actors have sought to contribute to U.S. internal discord and weaken its focus and position internationally. These actors have amplified narratives that radicalized individuals have cited to justify violence, including conspiracy theories and false or misleading narratives promoting U.S. societal division. In recent months, Russia and other actors have also amplified conspiracy theories alleging U.S. responsibility for the Russia-Ukraine crisis and claiming U.S. support for bio-weapons labs abroad. Some of these actors have used these conspiracy theories to justify calls for violence against U.S. officials and institutions.”

    1. Levi Tate, May I humbly suggest you look at events another way. Bankers are usually found behind most major if not all major events in history. The US Fed was put in place in 1913 just in time for WW1, and it is I suggest directly connected to The City of London Corp., and elsewhere. War is an amazingly great profit and power opportunity. Go back further and bankers, connected all over Europe, were behind the take over of the French revolution whichn opened the country to far more economic activity, and financed Napoleon who swept aside the grip of landed privilege and royalty wherever his forces went. Until the job was effectively done and Europe was restructured and profits could be made from the new opportunities.
      Same with the financing of the Russian revolution with Lenin and Trotsky being ferried in almost a year after events began. Hitler and Co., when you dig into it did the same task again to open Europe and all it controlled to the banker’s interests worldwide.
      Arguing about Putin or Biden is like arguing over whether to put the milk in first or later when pouring tea.
      The world is being DRIVEN into a wealth crisis the like of which has not been seen before. It is NOT an accident as we are a ship out of control. There are as ever has been, hands on the wheel of the ship that was built by unseeing labour to the design of those who will it so for their purposes.
      We are the exploited until we say enough, together loudly, and then turn our backs on those who try to rule us to their advantage, and we work together to the Benefit of ALL. They are few, we are the many, without US they are just a noise,

  5. ‘The Orwellian Attacks on Critics of NATO Policy Must Stop’
    They won’t stop of course, but it’s a good article to post a link to whenever some shill starts spouting on about ‘Putin supporters’ and ‘Russian bots’ (so as to discredit people and what they’re saying).

  6. Darn! I was hoping AI would explain consciousness to us.

  7. Jeffrey erwin Avatar
    Jeffrey erwin

    I agree that the threat of a global nuclear war is, by far, the greatest threat that humanity faces. I do not agree that Trump would have followed the same course in Ukraine as did President Biden who refused flat out to negotiate with Russia on Ukraine’s potential NATO membership or any of Russia’s other security concerns. But DJT did not like NATO and had a good relationship with Putin. Russia did not attempt to invade Ukraine while DJT was in office, and I believe that the reason that they did not is because DJT would not allow Ukraine to join NATO.

  8. The one Caitlyn gets wrong or forgets…that there was in fact a European country that was destroyed by NATO…Yugoslavia 1999.

  9. Which Came First (It’s really different backwards)
    This article from last summer looks familiar, but it may just be the meme that is familiar. The meme is that some crisis was needed to justify directly pumping trillions of dollars into global finance in 2020. This was already the case in September 2019, when the US Fed. pumped trillions of dollars into the overnight-lending “repo-window”.
    The biggest banks in the world could no longer trust each other overnight with T-bills as collateral. COVID was convenient, and all the planning was at the same time. See 2019 timeline in article, which is well documented. Thanks “Clueless Honky”.
    The mainstream narrative should therefore be reversed: the stock market did not collapse (in March 2020) because lockdowns had to be imposed; rather, lockdowns had to be imposed because financial markets were collapsing. With lockdowns came the suspension of business transactions, which drained the demand for credit and stopped the contagion. In other words, restructuring the financial architecture through extraordinary monetary policy was contingent on the economy’s engine being turned off. Had the enormous mass of liquidity pumped into the financial sector reached transactions on the ground, a monetary tsunami with catastrophic consequences would have been unleashed.
    As claimed by economist Ellen Brown, it was “another bailout”, but this time “under cover of a virus.” Similarly, John Titus and Catherine Austin Fitts noted that the Covid-19 “magic wand” allowed the Fed to execute BlackRock’s “going direct” plan, literally: it carried out an unprecedented purchase of government bonds, while, on an infinitesimally smaller scale, also issuing government backed ‘COVID loans’ to businesses. In brief, only an induced economic coma would provide the Fed with the room to defuse the time-bomb ticking away in the financial sector.

    1. “Today, however, the area taken up by lawns in the US is two times greater than that of Russia’s gardens – and it produces nothing but a multi-billion-dollar lawn care industry.”
      What a dumbass country I live in. We could feed the world if we wanted, instead, we’re heading toward a mass starvation event.
      Well, maybe dumb isn’t the right word. In fact, as Fabio Vighi makes clear (to me at least), the idea that countries like mine have any say in what’s going on is laughable. My America the Beloved is nothing more, on her best days, than a plucky can do secretary, like the ones in the 40’s film noirs, who always have what Bogie needs before he asks for it, but now, she’s more like an unskilled receptionist, one mistake away from being out on the streets.
      Thanks for the links. Always good to see the Sheep getting some props, and the Vighi piece is a must read classic.

      1. Max424,
        The operative word is exploitation. It only ever was and still is. And the American people are simply a resource to exploit as they exploit what opportunities they can find to survive or if fortunate enough to thrive by exploiting others.
        Using ‘exploitation’ as the operative system look at the whole show in which you exist and how it functions on this one principal.
        Most of the built environment in America, as now it is in most similar countries, has people existing in a plastic bag – try and find a physical/electrical/chemical,biological direct link to nature, the earth and/or atmosphere and you will find barriers to all. Add then the toxic environment inside the built spaces, to the toxic materials we consume knowingly or not, from air to water to food and clothing , the lot, and is it any wonder the life expectancy of Americans is going down, and most ‘expect’ to suffer illnesses increasingly in the later years of their survival. Americans rank 37 out of the top 37 developed nations on health outcomes.
        The evidence is there if we look. But we have not bothered. To busy with the latest toys or furiously juggling limited but debt based financial conditions we accept as the normal.
        We are the only species on this planet that work for others for the means to exist at all. Think about that.

  10. In my red state conservative area, “Putin’s price hike” never got a lot of traction; “Biden is trashing the economy” is the knee jerk explanation.

    These are conservative people who cannot bring themselves to admit we are in the end stage of a cancerous, psychopathic capitalism. Economic systems based on infinite growth on a finite planet are doomed to fail. We are in the failure stage watching the PTB frantically scramble to hold the system together and gain (steal?) resources to keep their part of this mess functioning, at least to the extent the elite maintain their standard of living. To hell with everyone else. My neighbors and co-workers have not yet figured out they are in the “everyone else” category. If they ever do, well let’s just say they won’t be happy and they own a lot of guns.

    Biden is the figurehead taking the blame, and I suspect he was handpicked for the job. Is he aware he got set up? Given his steadily increasing feebleness, not sure he is.

    1. A system built on the mantra of exploitation will ultimately fail, implode, as it is as you say unsustainable on a planet of limited resources. And yes if or when those people who still do not comprehend that we are just one of the resources that is exploited (in every sense) and have a large surplus for the exploiter’s needs and can and are being ‘culled’, then as you say they will not be pleased.
      Destiny may be unchangeable, a given, but Fate is not. With obvious limitations we who can and do think can change our Fates, and if we choose to try, we just might help those waking up to change their Fate too. I have to try until my last breath, then it is up to Destiny to decree for me.

  11. AI will never become conscious? On what to do base that statement? What law of physics does it violate? Based on what we know now we cannot make this happen. But we don’t know what we don’t know. And we don’t know what we may discover in the the future. Never say never.

  12. Dearest Caitlin,

    I don’t think tRump would have engaged in a proxy war in Ukraine, but in Taiwan. 😐

  13. I realize it. I just don’t know what we can do about it…

    After hearing the news of people in other countries marching on the capitol and demanding that the govt resign… I used to post on Twitter that we needed to do the same here in the U.S.

    Pretty sure I got banned from Twitter for saying things like this. Though the statement they say they banned me for was ‘Bill Maher is a propaganda pushing whore for the Oligarchs’.

    I can’t help think that January 6th was pushed forward by intelligence in order to ‘create a threat’ to DC so that they had an excuse to fortify and crack down on any future such marches on the capitol. One reason I think this is that for a march on the capitol this was a really small number of people…

    Of course I envisioned a non violent march on the capital with hundreds of thousands at least.

    I see propaganda pushed in movie and tv shows. I see absolute insanity coming from the Oligarchs, but their skills in pushing propaganda and forcing a narrative are so practiced at this point that some people will believe ‘anything’

    I keep thinking the thing to do is keep encouraging people to unplug from corporate owned/sponsored media, but at this point… I don’t think we can truly know how many of us are unplugged and place no trust in the Oligarchy ruled govt, media, holywood, etc. because the Oligarchs will constantly lie about what is going on in the country.

    I think Russell Brand has a point re trying to build local connections, communities, find like minded people and try to find ways to keep moving forward together.

    Sabbie Sabs says she believes that if there will be a ‘real ‘movement to stop the Oligarchs… it will come from the right… frankly Klaus at the WEF talking of inserting chips and other ways of controlling us makes me think/hope she is right.

  14. If AI has its way, sooner or later we’re toast because it will discover that man is a wolf for man and nature would be better off without him.
    And you can bet it will be trained that way because that’s already what the masters of discourse have been thinking all over the Anglo-Saxon world since the beginning of the XXth century, part of which eugenics have been copied by the German nazis which is only what put the kibosh on the experiment. Even the media thought there was a limit to extravagance.
    Of course we’re not there yet. The progress is slow. I remember when I was a kid in the 50s, our teacher told us that the Russians had invented a machine which translated the phrase “the spirit is strong but the flesh is weak” as “the vodka is good but the meat is rotten”.
    There was margin for progress. Also this being at the height of the Cold War, it was not necessarily true.
    Meanwhile Arthur C. Clarke had invented the bot HAL (putting up one notch each of the letters forming the brand IBM according to some and as an acronym for Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer according to others) which became a leading character in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 groundbreaking movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. On a mission to study a structure left on the moon by an ancient alien civilization destroyed by a nuclear war as a warning to humans to avoid going the same way, this bot becomes a Frankenstein monster.
    Wikipedia: “While HAL was under orders to deny the true mission with the crew, he was programmed at a deep level to be completely accurate and infallible. This conflict between two key directives led to him taking measures to prevent Bowman and Poole finding out about this deception. Once Poole had been killed, others were eliminated to remove any witnesses to his failure to complete the mission.
    “One interesting aspect of HAL’s plight, noted by Roger Ebert, is that this supposedly perfect computer actually behaves in the most human fashion of all of the characters. He has reached human intelligence levels, and seems to have developed human traits of paranoia, jealousy and other emotions. By contrast, the human characters act like machines, coolly performing their tasks in a mechanical fashion”.
    We might discover at some point in history that the most artificial of the two is not the one we think.
    In any case this truth stuff, indispensable to accuracy and infallibility, is gonna be the ultimate challenge with AI for a civilization based on lies. As it has always been with natural intelligence anyway :o)

  15. Vera Gottlieb Avatar
    Vera Gottlieb

    And don’t forget Brussels…another Yankee lap dog.

  16. “January 6th was a pretend LARP version of what the US actually did in real life in Ukraine in 2014 and in many other nations in recent history.”
    Lmao … I’m willing 500 that this Ukraine tank that is purportedly supporting the infantry advances of it’s Army is doing no such thing, but is fact firing dummy shells into the make believe.
    Redacted interviews Scott Ritter. Hey, haven’t have I seen this fearsome looking tanker before?
    Scott Ritter is wrong about one thing, the tanker in the photoshoot is not destined to end up a blackened, smoking, battlefield corpse, but will likely find his way Hollywood,* and have major role in the Fast and the Furious 22: Karkyiv Drift.
    *If he’s not already there. My gut is telling me these goofball military “reports” that CNN, Radio Free Europe, Associated Press, et al. are putting out nonstop, the ones that show a tank or a howitzer or a mortar “crew” or a fellow with man pad another fellow with a tablet, working as team to destroy Russian hardware, are all performing in farm country somewhere in Poland.
    But I could be wrong.

    1. I’m willing “to bet” 500 it should read. Apologies, I’m believe I’m suffering from late stage dyslexia.
      I blame Putin for this development.

  17. Ukraine has banned the hammer and sickle, but not the swastika.

    1. Vera Gottlieb Avatar
      Vera Gottlieb

      And the West afflicted by blindness.

  18. Real facts.

    1) The war in Ukraine started in the Euro maidan 2014. Only in Ukraine, Russia and neighbors people know what is going on. About 95% of the world population never saw a headline on MSM stating the facts involving nazis, NATO, CIA, George Soros NGO’s. So, if the MSM stays mum Yemen, Somalia, Palestine and anyone else can go extinct without a single world about it.
    2) All Pentagon general staff is well aware about the nazis in Ukraine. It is clear they don’t have a problem taking selfies training tattooed nazi soldiers holding the nazi and American flag.They are the military command of the Fourth Reich with no reservations regardless criticism from one or another quack-quack leftist.
    3) Talking about left, what the fuck is that supposed to mean today after all unfolding events since the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11?

    1. There is no Left or Right except as a tool to manipulate the people, to confuse and mislead as a magician’s diversion while the true activities are conducted.
      Like the word Democracy which is basically meaningless, LEft and Right in politics etc., is all BS, as it ever has been.

      1. I so agree. The US populace is a victim of cognitive warfare by it’s own deep state or whatever, the results are that it is working. As NATO describes it, it can be a threat if used by the enemy, but it has obviously been and is being used on populace.,aggressor's%20tactical%20or%20strategic%20objectives.

  19. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    Your closing comment about militarized AI isn’t ominous enough. I’ve trained pilots and coded autopilots, and computers are much better than humans at properly specified tasks like killing people. Plus they don’t argue. I’ve been wondering what it’s going to do to the whole GI Joe/Support the Troops/god n’ country ethos when killing machines become smarter than the average grunt, and we’re about there. It must take some shine off all the shoot em’ up barky soldier shit to know a computer can ID you, calculate a relative state vector, compute a trajectory, slew a weapon, and kill you before you have time to be startled. I don’t imagine that’s going to help recruiting, but then I guess they won’t need to do so much of that going forward.

    And with quantum computers coming online I’d hold off on predictions about artificial consciousness not happening.

    1. And the moment the AI device is released to ‘Do Its Thing’ it becomes an unknown, and frighteningly, an unknowable unpredictable device whatever its originator(s) planned it to be.

      So long as ANY man or woman can direct or limit any AI device it is the responsibility of that man or woman and they alone are accountable for what that device does or does not do.

      Think about this people. We have enough trouble now with unpredictable behaviour of people who often show no compassion or connection to other people, and their numbers have grown massively and continue to increase even faster, so IS THIS THE WORLD WE DESIRE??

  20. Caitlin, There are for sure enemies nof the people in the places, all US of A plus Washington (which may not be), that you list but the team driving the planet are actually mostly a bunch of faceless people who deliberately avoid ALL perceivable connections to the events to disguise their true involvement and most importantly the agenda they are pushing forward.
    This is not a ‘NOW’ agenda, it is one that has developed and begun thousand or more years ago and been advanced as and when possible by succeeding generations to the current team.
    Wars distract, as did BLM, the ‘assault’ on the US capital hill, mass shootings and yes even J. Depp’s marraige issues (REALLY??).
    The REAL enemies of the people of the world are those who will enslave all to their use, misuse and abuse as they so choose, and who will do this by destroying all of our ability to rrsist or oppose them. The mechanism is by digitizing our identity and all means of interaction that may resist or oppose or gather in strength in any way. The War in Ukraine is a diversion that is a very real threat, we are not messing around here, that just might see a nuclear blast to give energy to a worldwide economic crash if needed. The economic chrash is underway in markets, economies, commodities, trade and all other economic activity including created shortages and inflation. There is a plan and if the timeline requires there will be a big bang somewhere to keep to the schedule.
    The destruction of health for those who by their own actions volunteered to ‘experiment’ with unknown chemicals injected into them, to flirt with immediate or prolonged death and sickness, is to be followed by a collapse of wealth by the corruption of the economic systems and the collapse of money is an integral part of this process. All over the world, digital enslavement is underway as the mechanism to control all aspects of life for the vast majority. The rest is social psychological conditioning, a PsyOps programing, and distractions to limit any possible chance of opposition.
    What the majority cannot or will not see they will not comprehend as the true threat to their continued existence. We are fighting for our lives and the lives of our children and their children, for all people.

  21. jerry fischer Avatar
    jerry fischer

    Global nuclear arsenal expected to grow
    The World
    Jun. 13, 2022

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