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“China is a strange, backwards nation ruled by tyrants,” said the nation founded by Puritans who used to execute women for witchcraft and just killed reproductive rights protections because they think Jesus told them to.

The world is dominated culturally, economically and militarily by a regime that just killed women’s rights protections because they make Jesus mad.

Feels like five minutes ago we were being told the US needs to continue its occupation of Afghanistan in order to protect women’s rights.

Most women who’ve escaped from an abusive long-term relationship with a man can tell you about the horror of a missed period and how much more horrific that experience would have been if they didn’t know they have easy access to safe abortions.

Easy access to safe abortions makes women much more free from male domination. It just does. And that’s exactly why it is opposed.

As long as the powerful can make the public fight over issues which don’t inconvenience power, public attention can be kept away from issues which do inconvenience power.

Still can’t believe there are grown adults in 2022 who think the US is pouring weapons into a foreign nation because it wants to protect democracy from an evil tyrant who launched a completely unprovoked invasion for no other reason than because he is evil and hates freedom.

The US empire is going to destroy economies, starve people by the millions, start wars, and wage increasingly risky nuclear brinkmanship in its campaign to subvert Russia and China and secure unipolar planetary domination, but we need the US-led world order to maintain the peace.

Nobody asked the American people if NATO should be expanded, creating a dynamic where World War III could one day be fought over a blockade against Russia in Lithuania. It was just done, because empire management is too important to be left in the hands of the electorate. US foreign policy has been almost completely divorced from the will of the people.

The first sign that our rulers have pushed nuclear brinkmanship with Russia too far will be a nuclear exchange.

It really is spooky how much de-escalation and detente have been disappeared from public discourse about Russia. People genuinely don’t seem to know it’s an option. They really do think the only choices are (A) nuclear brinkmanship or (B) obsequious appeasement.

Few of the people who are hysterical about Russia right now even know the word detente. Like if you ask them they literally don’t know the word. They’re unaware of the word, they’re unaware of the concept, and they’re unaware that it exists as an option. This is deliberate.

When the war started rightists wrongly said liberal Ukraine flag-waving was just another “current thing” that will soon be forgotten. It’s been four months and they’re still going, because this isn’t just another distraction. The US proxy war in Ukraine is a real power agenda.

There are fake partisan diversions designed to keep people chasing their tails instead of focusing on real issues, and then there are real agendas which are of high value to the empire. The Ukraine proxy war is the latter, so the propaganda campaign for it won’t just go away.

Bad guys conscript young people and force them to kill and be killed against their will. Nice guys impoverish young people so they have to enlist on their own to get money.

The World Economic Forum is just class solidarity. It’s the ruling class organizing and coordinating in the ways the working class needs to.

Humanity’s newfound ability to share information and ideas hasn’t made everything better largely because humanity as a collective remains as disordered and delusional as the average individual human. Our new hive mind is still a higher order of mind, but it’s not yet healthy.

We’ve got access to way more information, but we’ve also got access to way more disfunction. We’re not necessarily better or worse now, we’re just way more interconnected.

But what our interconnectedness may end up doing is speed up the process of becoming a conscious species. Online you can find any depth of human suffering that suits your fancy, but you can also find information about what’s going on in the world that doesn’t come through the authorized channels, you can find revolutionary ideas, and you can find information on healing and awakening. What that may end up meaning is that we can all make all our mistakes and successes in a much shorter time span, because we’re not just plugged into our own successes and failures but everyone else’s as well.

We’re still collectively dysfunctional, but maybe now we can get healthier faster.

Really humanity’s just going to have to wake up. That’s it. We’re going to have to drastically change our relationship with mental narrative, bring consciousness to our inner processes, and heal our trauma.

We’ll never incrementalism or crypto or technological innovation or revolution our way around the basic need for a profound transformation of consciousness. We can talk all we want about proletariat uprisings, Bitcoin, direct action or whatever, but ultimately we’ll never see the revolutionary changes we need as long as we’re locked in delusion. We’ll keep generating the same self-destructive patterning until we change how we think.

Luckily the populations most sorely in need of awakening are the ones with the most luxury of time and energy to make it happen. The wealthiest populations in the wealthiest parts of the world are by far the most destructive, and so they can afford to do a lot of inner work.

Things are fucked because we’re ruled by tyrants. We’ll be ruled by tyrants until we collectively force real change. We don’t force real change because we are propagandized. We’ll remain propagandized until we awaken from our unhealthy relationship with mental narrative.

Maybe that awakening will be triggered by things getting a lot worse. Maybe it will happen as a result of our continually expanding awareness. Maybe it will happen spontaneously. Or maybe it won’t happen at all. I don’t know. I just know that’s what our plight hinges on.


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68 responses to “The World Is Ruled By A Backwards Puritanical Regime: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Pentagon Awards BAE $12 Billion Contract to Modernize US Nuclear-Capable Missiles–1096659973.html
    So the US government is going to borrow $12 billion printed-out-of-thin-air USD, backed by nothing but men with guns and drones, in order to pay BAE to “modernize” US nuclear-capable missiles. Big windfall for BAE and the UK, right? No wonder the UK licks US ass very clean and does whatever it takes to get Julian Assange into the US inJustice system.

  2. You know that moment when you have been supporting smart kids making serious journalism and then in one podcast 8 bottles of water get. more attention than that ugly hat and conversation…. Of course it must be a fundraising event at the rooftop of a bad choice. Only drinking boxed wine with cats can make things right for them at this point.

  3. Maybe there’s no-one?

  4. “Few of the people who are hysterical about Russia right now even know the word detente. Like if you ask them they literally don’t know the word. They’re unaware of the word, they’re unaware of the concept, and they’re unaware that it exists as an option. This is deliberate.”

    Thats because “detente” was a strategy, not a moral imperative..As that “wise” “humanitarian” and nobel laureate of a guy Henry Kissnger said “foreign policy is not charity work ” .It was a way of deescalating long enough to work on driving the Soviet Union and China further apart. Whatever us rubes out in the hollers thought was going on – a wave of civilizational awakening , perhaps? Evolution in progress? nope…it was just a ploy that suited the moment and when it was no longer useful it was dropped like a good habit…As long as western civilization is organized around the profit motive and planned and executed by. an acute minority of oligarchic criminal parasites we will suffer the INEVITABLE , INESCAPABLE consequences of such a society -and we will deserve them. There is a choice socialism and a chance at a future worth sticking around for or , the western status quo of “freemarket” extremism and the end of the line

  5. SCOTUS becoming a Roman Catholic-dominated Star Chamber: this is exactly what America’s Deist founders feared so long ago, the servants of the Vatican tyrant stealing Americans’ civil liberty in the New World. One thing you can say about patriarchy, it’s really going out with a bang. Once the Church held the power of life and death over millions, and now this is all it can do, inspire the worst in emotionally damaged people while it snipes at gay people and shelters child molesters.
    Science has not, and cannot, prove religion false, but it has convincingly shown that the suppositions underlying Christian faith are misunderstandings of the natural world and the human place in it, as well as outright fabrications of long-ago historical events. Plus human progress definitively reveals that belief system is so relentlessly judgmental and obsessively dualistic that it provides a well-nigh impenetrable barrier to true self-awareness and serenity. No amount of wishful thinking –or state violence- can restore worth to this dead-end value system. Like the indecent revival of fundamentalist extremism among the other Abrahamic faiths, this is but its final bright flaring before if finally goes dark forever.

  6. ‘The problem with ending delusion’

    I’ve been called delusional because:

    I don’t believe the moon landings were faked, that’s earth is flat, that Holocaust never happened and that Hitler really was a good guy forced into killing so many Germans to protect German-speaking people in other areas of the world. DUH!!

    That Doctors are faking covid deaths to make more money and that the Sandy Hook school massacre was a government false flag so ‘Obama could take your guns’.

    I’ve also been called a Russian troll – simply because my mother was Russian and I still have family in Ukraine (relocated to Germany because of the war).

    When we finally do end delusion some moron will claim you are delusional because you don’t fall sucker to the nonsense he buys. 🙂

  7. I shouldn’t talk about abortion really considering that I’m unlikely to get one because I’m 71 years old – and also, for full disclosure, because I’ve been identified as a male since day one – but I can’t help having an opinion and my opinion is that I don’t even understand why there has to be a legislation about abortion, be it at state or federal level.

    If a girl wants to have an abortion, let her have it! It’s practically certain that it’s not for her own entertainment. So she must have a very good reason for it and what is the state to judge of that?

    Besides, the state didn’t intervene in the conception – unless it was in the framework of a threesome with a civil servant, which I suppose is rather uncommon because they are by nature not terribly sexy and therefore unlikely to get this kind of break -, why should it get involved in the following course of events?

    Of course, there’s the question of when does the baby really evolve from the identity of simple sperm, with pronoun “it” – and there’s plenty of that getting wasted all the time – to that of full-fledged human being with feelings, thoughts and therefore rights?

    There must be reasonable science on the matter but I admit it’s not really in my sphere of concern for the above-mentioned reasons, so I leave it to the experts. However, what strikes me in all this is the fury people get into.

    I can’t help thinking that among the congressmen who sermon us about the sacred quality of the life given to us by Baby Jesus and the Holy Spirit masquerading as a pigeon, quite a few voted to send $40 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine to kill people. Even if it’s really a scam and most of that will end up in the coffers of their benefactors at the MIC, a fraction will no doubt materialize as stuff to slay folks, would it be only those unfamiliar with that last generation technology who will blow themselves up trying to launch it.

    This makes me wonder if the reason why these congressmen are so vehemently against abortion – considering that the government is people’s worst enemy and can’t therefore be suspected to act for anybody’s own good – is not by any chance that it puts a strain on the amount of cannon fodder they or their future alter egos will be able to count on in case of war…

    1. ” … and the Holy Spirit masquerading as a pigeon … ”
      Lmao …
      ” … quite a few voted to send $40 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine … ”
      More than a few, the vote was nearly unanimous, and was unanimous among the self-proclaimed virulently anti-war left, most of whom are known famously as … “The Squad!”
      Plus, the overall Ukraine bill is $55 billion if I’m not mistaken, plus, Bicycle Biden just authorize several hundred more million for the proxy fight, which seems to me an extra double dose of superfluity. Why throw pocket change in a fountain that already has dozens of pure gold bricks in it?
      Still haven’t been able to figure that one out.
      My views on abortion are simple. If a nation finds it perfectly acceptable that a gunman can enter a classroom and decapitate 3rd graders* with close range semi-automatic weapon’s fire, then it really shouldn’t get too upset when a woman decides she doesn’t want to bring a child into this world.
      *And yes, our killer had the time, and the inclination, to blow the kids heads right the fuck off. And did so.
      That much I did learn. By accident. However, what burns me the most, is I still don’t know whether the courageous little girl in room 112, the one giving the calm and accurate situational reports under EXTREME DURRESS, “he’s in the room,” “there are 8 or 9 of us left,” “he’s shooting the door,” “please send help,” survived or not!
      How can this possibly be? An American hero if ever there was one, worthy of multiple Medals of Honor, but for all the “journalism” that has surrounded this event, she might as well be a ficticous character.
      Ms. Johnstone is absolutely correct about one thing in my opinion, the greatest threat to life on this planet is our main stream media.

      1. “More than a few, the vote was nearly unanimous, and was unanimous among the self-proclaimed virulently anti-war left, most of whom are known famously as … “The Squad!””
        Actually, I was focusing on the contradiction of the congressmen against abortion: how many “pro-life” actually voted to send weapons to Ukraine to kill folks, which made them pro-death?
        The Squad, like Democrats in general are pro-abortion. So there’s no contradiction there.
        The Republicans are usually anti-abortion but the only ones who voted against the $40 billion to Ukraine were 57 Republicans who were at least consistent here in their pro-life stance – even though their motivation had of course nothing to do with abortion. Since there are 209 Republicans in the House, what interested me was the 152 who were against killing foetuses at home but in favour of having grown-ups killed in Ukraine to the tune of $40 billion worth of armament. “Quite a few” was a figure of speech of the euphemism garden variety.
        I hope it’s clearer this way.

        1. It was clear. It was I that was unclear. Apologies.
          The pro-life pro-death penalty crowd were always my favorites. No nuances in that stance. Just a plain old “I’m a valueless walking talking contradiction.”
          “Vote for me!”

          1. Sort of like the my body my right pro abortion, not your body not you right mandatory vaccine crowd. Everyone walking talking contradictions. Go figure.

      2. pretzelattack Avatar

        in this case, the cops were as big a threat as the shooter. they could have stopped him.

        1. Ted Christian Avatar
          Ted Christian

          78 fucking minutes. If I was an armed parent I would have gone over the cops’ dead bodies.

  8. The puritanical regime has at its heart the worship of private property. Moral judgements become, inevitably a matter of money and power

    It comes down to core beliefs and the puritans are not all easy to point at.

    They walk among you. The puritans. Perhaps you embrace inequality and might makes right as part of the law of nature and fundamental fabric from which the universe is cut.

    If that be true than you is one 2.

    1. As long as property taxes exist, there is no such thing as private property. Those individuals who pay property tax are paying rent to a gov’t entity.
      I do agree that puritans do walk amongst us.

  9. My algorithm is harmony with my being at the moment. I’ve been hoping more straight-up Chinese propaganda would drop in my TubeFeed. I want to know what they’re really thinking. What is their true innermost narrative? Enough of the modesty already. What kind of boasting are you going to do when when you are in full bragging mode? Propaganda afficionados want to know. So thanks Mr. Algo!
    Holy shit can the Chinese build roads. They lay down extremely elegant elevated superhighways, through treacherous mountainous terrain, like they’re hanging clotheslines.
    What I’ve also recently learned (or been played for a fool by slick Chinese propagandists) , is China wants to be it’s own leading trading partner,* that’s the whole point of the uber high tech infrastructure linkages and interconnections. Every province is now fully integrated into the system, and from there it’s from each province according to it’s abilities, to each province according to it’s needs.
    There are no longer any excuses. Should a province shirk it’s duty after being given so much, there will be consequences. Failure is not acceptable. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to a see an entire Chinese province thrown into a Uyghur gulag archipelago prison slash torture camp at some point here in the near future.
    For showing weakness.
    *Yeah, as far as trading partners go, southeast Asia is one, Europe is two, China to China is three, and the US is now number four. At least according to “their narrative.” Which if true, means China can say good-bye to their relationship with the US and face no more than some temporary buffeting, while on the US end, without China my country will be like a drowning man hanging on to a deflated Made in China life preserver.

  10. I’ve been reading your e-mails for awhile. Enjoy them. Agree with much of what you say and donated– hoping to help you continue your good work. The problem with ending delusion (which I am in agreement with) and focusing on consciousness (which is also critically important) without changing the structures that promote delusion and lack of consciousness is that most likely one doesn’t happen w/o the other. I’m not a Marxist but there is one thing that Marx pointed out that seems right which is that there’s a material base to consciousness. One way I understand this is: we need “material” i.e. Things, money, housing in order to have even the chance of being able to think. Another way: our material interest controls our thought. So e.g. When I wanted to be part of a collective (which we called One Purse), I was asked to give up my private money since not doing so would mean decision making in the collective would not be fair, i.e. It would not work properly. So I did. Globally, this goes in the direction of ending class society, hierarchical decision making, inequality of all sorts and ultimately, maybe, money at least as a tool of separation. So, when I hear you saying Change consciousness first that is only part of the project. We also have to change the structures (probably like private property, the family and the State) that b/c of their structure are against that.

    1. ‘The problem with ending delusion’

      I’ve been called delusional because:

      I don’t believe the moon landings were faked, that’s earth is flat, that Holocaust never happened and that Hitler really was a good guy forced into killing so many Germans to protect German-speaking people in other areas of the world. DUH!!

      That Doctors are faking covid deaths to make more money and that the Sandy Hook school massacre was a government false flag so ‘Obama could take your guns’.

      I’ve also been called a Russian troll – simply because my mother was Russian and I still have family in Ukraine (relocated to Germany because of the war).

      When we finally do end delusion some moron will claim you are delusional because you don’t fall sucker to the nonsense he buys. 🙂

  11. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    We don’t need to wait for climate change to make our species extinct. The ignorance and stupidity of those in charge, is doing it better and faster. Climate change is just taking is good old time.

  12. 9th Amendment of the Constitution

    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    Don’t poke your nose into my private business.

    People have the right to be left the fuck alone.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      That last sentence is the F=ma of politics. Absolutely the only fundamental right anyone has is to be left alone. It’s not an ideology, it’s the only consistent truth, and all else flows from it.

      1. Yup.

        It’s the natural right of a free human (note the non-gender specificity).

        And that which the godders in robes choose to violate imperiously.

        1. Ted Christian Avatar
          Ted Christian

          I like “elderly government cross dressers”.

      2. Freedom is an illusion. Fasten your seat belt, wear your helmet, dont cross here, do not litter, ….. to infinity and beyond. :).

  13. Unfortunately, in the West, or global north, the trend is in the opposite direction. Fascism, predominantly Christian fascism in the US, is on the rise as a result of declining material conditions. The right wing cannot blame the capitalist economy or the empire, so fascism blames the other, it’s always the other, so looking inward is discouraged. I’ve seen a trend of leftists entertaining right wingers looking for commonality, but ultimately they would justify the rope around your neck rather than see the end of competition, even on an internal level.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Collectivists all think alike.

  14. Drone striking pregnant women is more palatable to the US government than legal abortions.

    1. No kidding!
      And killing young boys with drones or CIA raids, so they don’t get a chance to grow up and become terrorists.
      Best part is that they stopped reporting on casualties of their global war in the news. Because it does not matter when non Europeans die, that was the whole point of European-led globalization.
      This is what rule-based order looks like.

    2. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      The “sanctity of life” ends in the fourth trimester.

  15. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    Collectivism is a mass jackboot. In lieu of group enlightenment l would settle for group defanging. Keep the government in its pen, the uninvited off my property, and the earth livable, and each to their own nirvana.

    1. So while you’re sitting on the stoop of your log cabin with your guns, busy keeping the “uninvited” off your property, and presumably so is everybody else, exactly who is going to be keeping the “earth livable?” If your neighbor decides to drill an oil well, or set up a facility to burn toxic waste, who is going to stop him?

      1. Ted Christian Avatar
        Ted Christian

        I just do canvases.

      2. You did say I had a gun. Guess I will have to use it if they dont stop. Wild west and all that.

    2. An individualistic solution to a group problem adds to the problem.

      1. As does a group solution to an individual problem like mandating the same shoe size for everybody.

      2. Ted Christian Avatar
        Ted Christian

        There is no “we” in Idea. And if you believe something absolutely requires government control then lower it carefully into the government’s pen, keep your hands on the rope, and be under no illusion you are feeding a monster.

  16. So many fail to understand what the Supreme court did with abortion. They punted the decisions back to the states where it belongs. Even Ruth Ginsberg said as much. People cannot seem to seperate law from politics. All big issues in America has always been about state vs federal rights.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Indeed. 50 individual experiments, per the original intent of the Constitution. And with society being as mobile as it now is the time between experiment and result will be shorter. Stopping abortion is like maintaining slavery. It’s only possible from the top down. Slavery required federal jurisdiction to be viable in a mobile society, and in similar fashion any state that outlaws abortion is simply forcing women to cross a state line. As a practical matter it can’t be done, but fundies will have a go anyway. To some extent the affluent will get abortions and the poor will get poorer, along with the states they’re in. The future will prevail.

    2. So now the states are free to declare that half of their citizens have no right to bodily self-autonomy and no right to seek the medical interventions of their choice?

      1. Ted Christian Avatar
        Ted Christian

        Don’t defend what you destroyed. It’s long been a given there is no right to “bodily self-autonomy”. See: alcohol prohibition, the war on drugs, medical prescriptions, anti suicide/assisted suicide laws, seat belt laws, helmet laws, and on and on and on. The left spends half its time complaining about the government and the other half trying to give it more power, and the right does the same. Does big brother know best or not? Make a decision and stick with it.

        1. “Does big brother know best or not? Make a decision and stick with it.”
          Agree. Of course the decision is made easier when the government has control of the operation, but in my country unfortunately it does not.
          On this planet at this moment in time, divided as it is into artificial entities known as nation-states, for better or worse, only in China is big brother in charge.

          1. Caveat. Of the leading nation-states that is. There are some little guys out there that seem have nominal local control. North Korea and Singapore come to mind.
            Bhutan also seem to be in charge of its own bodily functions.
            One of the reasons perhaps it’s carbon nuetral!

        2. You are not thinking, but spouting ideology. If something falls to the State, then the Big Brothers at the State level, the rich and powerful and connected at that level, propagandize and buy votes and decide. That’s why we couldn’t allow slavery or women’s right to vote to be decided at that level. There are some powerful creeps at the State and local level right now.

          1. Ted Christian Avatar
            Ted Christian

            “You are not thinking, but spouting ideology.” “There are some powerful creeps” at every level, if anything the higher the creepier. The panacea of devolving power upward is an illusion.

        3. “I” didn’t destroy anything. And none of the things on the list you provide applies to just one sex.

          1. Ted Christian Avatar
            Ted Christian

            “You” is shorthand for “your kind”, which seemed more derisive. And a law against abortion applies to everyone, including the doctors giving them. Besides which we’re up to I think 24 genders, all of which are allowed to have abortions at the moment.

          2. Ted Christian Avatar
            Ted Christian

            And I know these are just randomly assigned avatars but I like your arm waving. Sorry.

        4. YES! Well said. Thank you!!

      2. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        The idea of rights are not permanent but shift over time as society norms change. You have no rights but those that others deem necessary to give you. The rights of your father differ from yours as will the rights of your children. So now your rights will be decided at the state level.

  17. I fully agree that we need a fundamental shift in consciousness. A spritual awakening. At present though, we humans (as a group) are hypnotized by a materialist worldview to the point that it’s difficult to get a discussion going about the nonmaterial. We have a lot of knowledge and a shortage of wisdom.

    ‘The essential is invisible to the eye.’ Antoine de Saint-Exupery in “The Little Prince”

    Peace to all. Be kind to yourself and to others.

    1. The problem is terms like fundamental shift in consciousness and spiritual awakening mean different things to different people.

  18. Remember when you refused to cover vaccine/mask mandates because you didn’t understand “science” of it and so you didn’t say anything while the governments all over the world were taking away people’s bodily autonomy rights? No, of course you don’t because you didn’t. So you really shouldn’t complain now.

  19. The real awakening is seeing that the liberal progressive world is awful. Multiculturalism is awful and means the end of ALL culture but the state. Diversity is NOT a strength but a serious weakness. The civil rights did more to destroy black communities than even slavery (and slavery was NOT a White thing!). The real awakening is knowing the good guys lost in WWII and the bad guys won and this is the world they created. Your progressive anti-human dominance is coming to and end and I am basking in the glory of God watching you twist and burn.

    1. I think the actual phrase is twist and shout:

      1. Shake it up baby.

      2. “I think the actual phrase is twist and shout.”


        Superb response, PASCAL.

        Day is made.

    2. Hey its a literal nazi! I used to think it was impossible for people to be so blatantly dumb. Like you were mythological. Thanks for awakening me.

  20. “US foreign policy has been almost completely divorced from the will of the people.”
    Almost? Jumpin’ jeepers Ms. Johnstone, I hope you’re not going soft on me!
    Lmao … Also, the “will of the people” itself a questionable concept, their ultra soft noodles being battered as they are by the incessant drumming of the Five Distinctive Elements of Imperial Narrative Control.
    Speaking of which, Number 3, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, seems to be struggling right now, at least as it pertains to my YouTube feed. It used to filled with glorious stories of battlefield victories in the Ukraine, but those have dried up completely.
    I miss them. I would also like to think I may have played some small part in their disappearance, by repeatedly mocking them for what they were, goofy psuedo-military performances that were most likely being staged in Poland.
    Or somewhere. Canada. The Czech Republic. A Hollywood sound stage. Who knows? But one thing’s for certain, they were nowhere near the Donbass.
    Which leads to me to make a wager. I’ll bet 5,000 that no CNN reporter will be killed by a Russian artillery shell. Hundreds of them could be drowned in the same moment by the effects of a Poseidon torped, while doing what they do in their stateside office buildings, that is a distinct possibility they were things are going, but by an artillery shell?
    Never. You have to be within range of an artillery piece to get killed, and no CNN reporter (and freedom lover!), will ever venture anywhere near the front lines of this “contest.”

    1. “Or somewhere. Canada. The Czech Republic. A Hollywood sound stage. Who knows? But one thing’s for certain, they were nowhere near the Donbass”
      I would rather opt for Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire because on one of the videos you posted, the “journalist” for the benefit of whom the demonstration of some armament was performed had a distinct English accent.
      And no English journalist would get anywhere the Ukrainian front. Not that they’re not courageous enough but they know darn well that the narrative is scripted by Boris Johnson and his Lonely Hearts Club Band in Whitehall and then sent directly by carrier pigeons to Reuters and AP (American Propaganda) who then dispatch them to every corporate owned media under the sun. They call that “Trusted News Initiative.”
      Thierry Meyssan, who was in Tripoli in 2011, explained how all the French media present there as their (our) country was co-bombing Libya with Britain, said to him, after reporting the contrary of what they were all seeing, that they were just sent there to report “couleur locale” details of what they were told to see, like an old man crossing the street with a donkey – omitting the rather crucial detail that he then suddenly disappeared in the smoke of a Nato bomb crater -, otherwise it wouldn’t get published. And Bob’s your uncle :o)
      They’ve already got war footage in Pinewood anyway:

      1. ” … they were just sent there to report “couleur locale” details of what they were told to see, like an old man crossing the street with a donkey …”
        In this war it is the close-up of a child’s stuffed animal amidst the wreckage, slightly charred, perhaps missing limb or an eye, leaking stuffing, another helpless victim of the ruthless and indiscriminate Russian shelling, that has been ubiquitous.
        I watched the Chinese robber painter video, btw. Thanks. Damn can the Chinese do volume. 360,000 knockoffs every month? I can get a Picasso for 12 dollars!?
        What is the difference between a forgery and a knockoff? Not much apparently. Some of the artists in the vid were pretty damned good, at least to my untrained eye.

        1. I don’t know the exact difference between those two words in English or if there’s any. What I do know is that as long as it’s not signed, you can copy anything you want. It’s just called a copy. If you copy the signature as well, it’s a crime called forgery.

          1. Thanks. Pretty straightforward. Apparently everyone in China can legally hang a 10 dollar masterpiece on a wall, while living in a hyper-modern 70 story apartment building that has a lovely garden park, a post-natal care center, a rec room, and a all-purpose quick mart – that carries fresh veggies! – at the bottom.
            Which leads me to query, if Big Brother has mostly friendly intentions, would that be a bad thing?

  21. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    In your last note, paragraph three said that luckily the people who most needed to change were the ones with the money and leisure to do it and so they can afford to do inner work.
    In paragraph four, you then say that we are ruled by tyrants. These are the same tyrants that you happily think, in paragraph three, are going to engage in inner work.
    Next, you say that we’ll be ruled by tyrants until we force real change. I see a couple of logical fallacies here:
    1) Tyrants don’t engage in inner spiritual work.
    2) People with money and leisure are too busy enjoying their comfortable lifestyles to want to change. Psychologists say that change only occurs when the pain of going into a threatening future (and change propels you to an unknown and therefore threatening future) is less painful than continuing what you are doing now. How are people who enjoy money and leisure going to suffer so much that they are willing to take the risk of going into an unknown future? Answer: They won’t.
    People who suffer are willing to risk change.
    3) The only way social change happens is that the people on the bottom get tired of suffering and, as you said, “collectively force real change.” Historically, that’s the only way it happens. Every social movement that has moved us forward was done by the little people on the bottom.
    There’s more than a few internal contradictions in your argument.

  22. Excellent scribbling
    Thank you

  23. Not counting European countries, US empire and Great Britain, the rest is shifting from the idea to continue subsiding the American economy which is the hardcore of the unipolar mafia-terrorists-war-criminals world. In the background many are discussing the idea about how to “decolonize” the empire and associates budgets given to the rest with strings attached. Many many things are happening.

  24. Let’s not forget that many unborn children died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s atomic bombing by the USA.
    The survivors who were exposed to radiation suffered from reproductive issues that include miscarriage and sterility.

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