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Boris Johnson resigning would only be interesting in an alternate universe where there was some remote chance that he won’t be replaced by another depraved sociopath.

Remember when rich people were so worried about Jeremy Corbyn raising their taxes that they spent months pretending to believe he was a closet Nazi? They really committed to the bit, too. You weren’t even allowed to call it a bit because they’d start saying you’re a Nazi for defending a Nazi. It was wild.

1. Use narrative manipulation to divide the population into a roughly 50/50 ideological split.

2. Ensure you control both of those factions.

3. Convince everyone that the only reason nothing changes is because their half of the population doesn’t win enough elections.

Everyone’s pulling on a rope that doesn’t lead anywhere and doesn’t do anything, convinced by powerful manipulators that they’re engaged in a life-or-death tug o’ war match of existential importance. Meanwhile the powerful just do as they like, completely indifferent to that spectacle and its back-and-forth exchanges.

A group is artificially split into two sides and told to pull a rope in opposite directions while someone else stands back and shoots them all with a BB gun. When they complain about the welts, they’re told it’s happening because their side isn’t pulling hard enough. But really they’d be getting shot no matter what they did.

This doesn’t mean give up, it just means give up on the fake tug o’ war game. If you’re playing tug o’ war while someone rummages through your handbag looking for cash, the first step to stopping them is putting down the rope and going after them. It’s like if everyone was pushing on a fake fire escape in a burning building: the first step to getting them out of there is showing them that the door is just painted on the wall and doesn’t lead anywhere. That’s not telling them to give up hope, it’s just telling them to give up on an ineffective strategy.

Every claim the western “rules-based international order” makes about itself and its values has been discredited by the persecution of Julian Assange.

Current US and NATO proxy warfare in Ukraine isn’t sufficient to defeat Russia, or even to stop Putin from continuing to capture territory in eastern Ukraine. All it’s sufficient for is making the war costly for Moscow while Ukrainians keep dying. That’s because this is exactly what the empire wants.

“I care about Ukrainians, so I support a negotiated settlement” is a morally coherent position.

“I care about Ukrainians, so I support direct hot war with Russia” is also morally coherent, if insane.

“I care about Ukrainians, so let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing” is not morally coherent at all.

It makes sense to support a negotiated peace settlement if you want to save Ukrainian lives. In a twisted, deranged sense it also makes sense to support direct NATO intervention against Russia to save Ukrainian lives. But continuing with the current plan clearly does not make sense as a strategy for saving Ukrainian lives, because it just keeps getting them killed.

I of course point this out not to advocate a third world war, but to show that the western empire does not care about Ukrainian lives and isn’t doing what it claims to be doing with its proxy warfare in that country. If the empire cared even the slightest whit about Ukrainian lives it would be drastically changing its approach, one way or the other. The fact that it’s just maintaining the status quo of continuous death is their confession that they only care about grand chessboard maneuverings for global control, not the actual people who are fighting and dying.

One funny thing about Twitter is that the target audience for most posts made by blue-check journalists and pundits is not their followers but other blue-check journalists and pundits. Western news media is just one big circle jerk of bootlicking assholes seeking validation from other bootlicking assholes.

That’s why so many of their tweets get so little traction but they’ll still have one or two blue-ticks chuckling at their esoteric witticisms and obscure references in the replies; it’s because they’re tweeting for each other, not for normal people. And that’s how the entire profession works.

The Pulitzers are just a bunch of propagandists giving each other trophies and assuring each other they’re doing brave and important work. Meanwhile the public just gets more and more disgusted with them, but they don’t care because their validation doesn’t come from the public. They complain that they don’t get enough respect when in reality they get far too much. They’re absolutely the worst people on earth. A bunch of worthless, simpering sycophants, the whole lot of them.


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Feature image via Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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29 responses to “UK To Swap Out Top Sociopath For A Different Sociopath: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. That last paragraph, omg.
    Now I don’t read Johnstone for the stuff that makes me cheer. I read Johnstone because she writes things that change my mind.
    But “worthless, simpering sycophants” would have been worth the trip in any case.

  2. Hunter Biden is thinking… Hey! Another plum job has opened up. Maybe my dad can pull some strings and get me appointed to it! No experience or training needed. Perfect!
    Joe Biden is thinking… …. ….. …… …….. …………….. ZZ ZZZ ZZZZZZZZZ!

  3. Roger Hoffmann Avatar
    Roger Hoffmann

    Once again, my gratitude, Caitlyn, for telling it like it is and saying more elegantly what i’d like to say. You are a sister.

    1. Roger Hoffmann Avatar
      Roger Hoffmann

      …with apologies for the misspelling of your first name.

      1. I’ve seen her spell it both ways. I think she mostly uses the “i not y” version to avoid three pages of Caitlyn Jenner search results when someone tries to look her up.

  4. Did anyone else see this Channle 4 (UK) at a NATO Meeting. Looks like Biden is going to fall over until someone grabs him at 0:15??

    1. What I see is a parade of despicable liars acting in their roles as sock puppets of the delirious and evil old man you mention. I don’t know what’s in it for these creatures besides money and the things it can buy, but they demonstrate no concern for the millions of citizens they supposedly represent and no respect for personal integrity or the truth.
      So NATO/OTAN is it now? Isn’t backwards writing one of Satan’s alleged traits? The organisation certainly does his work. Who knows, some people insist that CERN has conjured up Kali, the Indian god of death and annihilation. Perhaps OTAN has done the same for Satan, even if it is only in their troubled imaginations.

  5. I rather enjoyed watching Boris the Buffoon reliably make a fool of himself. He gave at least some competition to Clueless Joe Biden for biggest asshat to try to match wits with Vlad Putin.
    So that’s one down (Johnson) with another functionally down (Biden).
    Macron lost his majority in parliament, so he’s a paper tiger–still prone to making outrageous remarks.
    And Schlitz or Schlotz is an even bigger disappointment than Frau Mutti ever proved to be, a bumbling Social Democrat forced into an even more strident bellicosity by the freakin’ Groen Party of all people. Moreover he gets taken to the woodshed by that slimy toad Zelensky who is clearly nothing but a con man groomed by the CIA.
    If I were Vlad I’d capture his ass ASAP and display him as a sideshow attraction whilst exposing his entire mission from the CIA.
    The whole structure of Western “democracy” is a metastable artefact just waiting to collapse.
    I rightfully condemned Chirac and Schroeder yesterday for failing to preserve some semblance of fairness and honesty (but let’s not call it “democracy”) in their transformative phase from enlightened civilised countries to shitholes on the American model, but, honestly, the West would still be better off with them than the likes of the present carnival clowns.

  6. After so many resignations from within the Tory party in Britain, does the party still hold a majority in the Commons?
    Only in an undemocratic theocratic government, such as Israel, can a government continue in power with an interim prime minister. Religious nationalism reigns uncontested.
    If not oligarchic nationalism in Britain, can the Tories continue to rule?
    What power does a prime minister, who has been forced to resign, have the power to anoint his successor?

    1. Once the purge had removed everyone to the left of Mussolini from Labor, it became safe for the opingineers to start sprinkling Disgust Dust on the bizarre cast of cartoon characters they had been using to crank up the Tory hate. Soon all of the UK’s political performance artists will be smoothly palatable to the public; what a relief!

  7. One big lesson from the Julian Assange story might be that he was “ recruited” by intel agencies to work for then in a limited hangout operation called Wikileaks. What happened to him was the reward you can expect for acquiescence to psychopathic threats

  8. Isn’t it ironical though that Bojo wanted regime change in Moscow and gets regime change in London instead? Talk about the wind of history and the Tarpeian Rock being close to the Capitol!

    Anyway, it’s a lesson for us all: whatever you do, comb your hair!

    Putin combs his hair. See the difference? He’s winning the war in Ukraine while Bojo’s legacy will be the two trenches he made in Downing Street by digging his heels into the floor.

    He asked jokingly the other day at the Madrid Nato summit if they should all take their shirts off to look as tough as Putin. The answer is no! It was the hair stupid! He’s all the more unforgivable that his mummy probably told him many times…

    Maybe his successor will come from Butcombe in Somerset (which has a telephone kiosk and a letter box) or Combe Bottom in Surrey (which is mostly grassland and scrub but has a wide variety of bryophytes, including the rare moss Herzogiella seligeri according to Wikipedia). Place your bets!

    In any case, they seem to have a sex problem at 10 Downing Street. They should hang a lamp above the door like in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. A few months back, the health Minister, Matt Hancock, was sacked because he snogged his aide under a CCTV camera after telling everybody to keep their distances and wear masks at all times – a spacesuit whenever possible.

    Even then, Boris didn’t want to sack him and did it only under popular pressure. This came after Neil Ferguson, of the Bill Gates sponsored Imperial College, had advised general lockdown only to be caught shagging his mistress on the other side of town.

    Hancock was the final straw. The Brits, albeit famous for their restraint, are amenable to the notion that there’s a limit to extravagance.

    And now Boris finds himself up Shit Creek for lying about his knowledge of the exploits of one of his cabinet members caught drunkenly groping two men in a club.

    Wait a minute here… Since when does the best part of a cabinet – including the Chancellor of the Exchequer that he’d only appointed a couple of days prior to replace the previous one who’d walked out on him – and half of his political party ask a prime minister to resign because he lied to the public?

    Isn’t that part of the job description?

    There must be another reason but it doesn’t seem to arouse the media’s curiosity.

    Which is cogent evidence that there’s another reason…

    1. The regime will continue, just double down on all its evil. Look at the prospective successors – all cast in the same mould, just even more extreme and more fanatical.

    2. Disinfectant Sunlight Avatar
      Disinfectant Sunlight

      When Putin was asked to comment about BJ wanting to take clothes off to show G7 leaders are tougher than Putin by a journalist in Turkmenistan, following was Putin’s reply;
      Putin response: “I don’t know how they wanted to undress, waist- high or not, but I think it would be a disgusting sight either way. Everything should be harmoniously developed in a person, both the body and the soul. However, in order for everything to be harmonious, one has to abandon excessive drinking and break other bad habits, start exercising and take up a sport”
      My observation was that Putin rarely comments about a person specifically. When he is forced to comment, there is certain objectivity, denoting emotional maturity, decency and culture, which the collective West is trying very hard to cancel with utmost hatred, sign of collective psychological and ethical imbalance which may lead to disappearance of life on earth.

      1. Mr. Putin is special only in his readiness and skill at ruthless measure and countermeasure against all opposition.
        He is neither particularly brilliant or especially emotionally mature. He is what slightly better than mediocre looks like when a generation is raised under a system that feeds, clothes, shelters, and educates all of its children. He looks brilliant and stable to Americans because of the contrast with our own mid-level public-facing comptrollers, like Pelosi and DeSantis.
        The Soviet system had a lot of problems and entrenched stupidities. But its rulers did avoid the obvious pitfall of dooming themselves to be succeeded in old age by malicious semi-literate jackass hooligans.

    3. It is really embarrassing that the UK and the US are led by such nobodies as BJ and JB. Leaders of the free world or Idiocrats? Their IQ must be undertectable.

  9. Regular readers will like this perspective. An American fighting terrorism in Ukraine 2016.

    I know who made the video. We have a simple machines forum together with a dozen members. He lives in Alaska. The vide WAS MADE in 2016. I saw it then. That is important info. If the video disappears from You Tube I have my own copy and I will post it on my own website on Friday.

    Watch the video and you will not buy any mainstream bullshit any more. You can even think the guy interviewed is a little crazy. I do. No matter what, you will know that the news world around you is ALL MADE UP.

    1. I believe Russell “Tex” Bentley may have been the first person or entity that was cancelled in this war. I know all of his content on YouTube was erased on Day 3 or 4, which means he was perceived as a bigger threat to the West than say, RT, which wasn’t totally censored until somewhere around Day 15.
      It’s such a joke, how cowardly the West is, how AFRAID they are of information.
      Of course, you can’t fight a make believe war if even the smallest rays of truth are allowed to filter in.
      One of the minor tragedies of this conflict. Tex was an insightful front-line reporter. I was looking forward to watching his videos as the war progressed. For perspective, if anything else.
      But it was not to be.

  10. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    OK how’s this for a conspiracy theory- the US is deliberately driving up the price of oil to keep Russia in cash so they can continue the war in Ukraine, and to make money for the oil companies of course. This is bad for Biden but he’s under the bus anyway. Everybody wins except him and the American and Ukrainian public.

    1. “This is bad for Biden but he’s under the bus anyway.”
      Yup. It seems to me his only role now is to jam open the floodgates so they can never be shut again.
      As long as he receives the proper guarantees that his family will be taken care of, he will perform his duty and go down in flames.
      And take the nation with him, if that is what’s required.
      Speaking of the Biden family, you don’t hear all that much about Hunter these days.
      I have a conspiracy theory. Neither party wants to be in charge. They’re both more comfortable sniping away from the minority position. One of the reasons perhaps, they never seems to fully and ruthlessly exploit any obvious weaknesses on the other side.
      And they absolutely do not want the kind of supermajority where the likes of the filibuster or the parliamentarian become irrelevant. The last time we had one of those, Obama and his administration worked tirelessly, and with admirable efficiency, to immediately lose it.

    2. The US is definitely stealing oil from Syria.

  11. Indeed. Johnson perhaps was not psychotic enough for the job. But Tony Blair still on and willing to go back to Westminster if there is support after all fake Iraq testimonies and proof which leaded to the ultimate demise and death of millions of Iraqis. But the point here is they don’t lack Human Resources to take the job. Scott Morrison would love to come back. Netanyahu. David Cameron, Gordon Brown, etc…
    I live in America. Today, 07/07/2022 China and North Korea have more freedom to their people to buy medicines at the pharmacy, to buy a packet of cigarettes, to buy a beer, to travel inside their own country than in the Divided States of America or if you prefer the United States of Aggression. Go to a CVS pharmacy and even if you want to buy jelly bean you gotta have an ID to show to the cashier otherwise you cannot buy anything at all. In supermarkets you cannot find much diversity of products as before. All discount in gasoline promised by Biden to relieve citizens from high prices was just about 20 cents and it is all what they got to offer. America is disappearing and I will not miss what was created since Bill Clinton till today.

    1. Recall when we debated constitutionality of a federal ID, now we are given a deadline to go get it. Mandatory compliance.
      People say we live in post- constitutional era. They empty suits we have for our Potus placed their zealots on the Supreme court trying to rig their 2 party system game of throwns.

      1. A system designed to rule in financial debt will fall short. At some point, penniless and struggling to live on having to follow so many rules made to steel mobility and future will not hold much longer.

  12. If there was any right thinking soul all along, Boris wouldn’t have been elected. The whole system is broken and headless. The West is stuck in a morass from which there isn’t any one who would redeem it. Western rulers don’t make sense anymore when they have the power to annihilate all life on earth. What’s now left is the big rotten tree in the US to fall.

  13. I think we read in Greyzone that people who installed BJ in Britain did not think he was aggressive enough against Russia and wanted him replaced now. Not much to hope for here, but more escalations. Maybe they will drag Ireland into NATO next to make it look like they are accomplishing something.

  14. A point to note about the deplorable Joseph Pulitzer: He was one of the two inventors of Fake News.

    And modern journalists honor him by naming their most prized award after him!

    1. … because a lot of them don’t see any difference between coverage and cover up.

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