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All of human civilization is being organized around a “great power competition” between the US-centralized empire and the China/Russia/Iran bloc, and that “competition” stands to benefit ordinary humans in no way, shape or form. It will hurt all of us and help none of us.

There’s no valid reason why powerful nations can’t simply work together toward their mutual benefit. But it would mean the US empire giving up its plans of total global domination, so it’s not even being considered.

This conflict is slated to last throughout the 21st century, and it already has a massive body count. The war in Ukraine is a direct result of this “great power competition”, and the economic warfare between the empire and Russia will starve many more. This is a terrible thing.

Our world is being steered toward a dark and dangerous path full of impoverishment, starvation and proxy warfare, and fraught with the possibility of nuclear exchanges. They’re playing games with our lives, and because we’ve bought into the propaganda, we’re letting them.

Empire manager explains why Latin America must remain the property of Washington, DC:

One of the most asinine things about US foreign policy is that there are Republican wars and Democrat wars. Republicans cheerlead more for escalations against China and Iran while Democrats cheerlead more against Russia and Syria. They each facilitate different imperial agendas; when Republicans were in power we saw the Iran deal shredded, when Democrats took power we saw the proxy war in Ukraine. When I criticize US warmongering against China I get Republican morons yelling at me and when I criticize US warmongering against Russia I get Democrat morons.

They each think their wars are better than the other side’s wars, but in reality the opposing sides are an illusion and it’s all the same unified agenda: the agenda of planetary domination. They’re just trained by propaganda to cheerlead more for different aspects of that agenda.

How about when they announce it’s time for World War III let’s all just be like “Nah, we’re not doing that.”

And then let’s build a healthy world.

The prevailing worldview of our day would have you ignore the unequaled criminality of the most powerful government on earth to focus on the far lesser criminality of governments on the other side of the globe.

Friendly reminder that the prospect of revolution will become far more remote once there are bulletproof AI-guided robot armies who will fire upon locals without a moment’s hesitation. Revolution has a pretty definitive use-by date.

The more things heat up with the Russia/China/Iran bloc the more we’re going to find ourselves hammered with culture war wedge issue bullshit by the social engineers of the oligarchic empire so we don’t start asking inconvenient questions and making inconvenient demands. Inconvenient questions like “Why are we being impoverished so that you can wage a proxy war in Ukraine that we stand nothing to gain from?” and inconvenient demands like “Stop endangering all our lives with nuclear brinkmanship or we’ll fucking eat you.”

The generation gap between Gen Z and millennials is wider than any other generation gap ever. Spending their entire lives with their own culture online has made them much more different from the rest of us than we are from each other, so different we can’t really even grasp it.

They’re inventing their own culture all on their own and using their own means of communication to express it. This culture is developing exponentially faster than any other in history, and we’re completely out of the loop with it because it’s happening silently on their screens.

And, I mean, thank fuck right? It’s not like we’ve been doing a great job holding down the fort on this planet. If ever there was a generation that needed a drastic deviation from the previous trajectory, it’s this one.

The world will never know peace as long as there are systems in place which financially incentivize war. Hoping for peace without opposing those systems is like jumping off a cliff and hoping gravity doesn’t do what it always inevitably does.


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50 responses to “When They Announce WW3 Let’s Just Say ‘Nah’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. jeffrey erwin Avatar
    jeffrey erwin

    Unfortunately, just saying “Nah, we won’t do that,” won’t prevent out leaders from engaging in a global nuclear war. They won’t listen, and the military will follow their orders. The only way to prevent this disaster is for the USA to undertake unilateral nuclear disarmament, and the only way for that to happen is for the electorate to vote in leaders who are committed to such a program.
    Caitlin is right when she says that humanity’s greatest threat is nuclear war. It is too bad the most of the voters in the USA don’t believe her.

    1. And we won’t have such leaders to vote in because only “leaders” pre-approved by the MIC have a chance of getting elected to national office. What’s needed is a massive movement, but we’re so conditioned into culture wars and divisiveness we can’t seem to have real mass movements anymore.

  2. subcomandante felix Avatar
    subcomandante felix

    Shortly after the Russia-Ukraine war began there was only one voice in Washington that counseled non-violence. Marjorie Taylor Green, a Trumptard whacko who can’t tell the difference between her own wet dreams and reality, said, “they should have surrendered.” Five months later, we know all too well the cost of violent resistance. A cost, that as always, is born by the most vulnerable, women, children, the elderly and all those who just want to live and let live. We will never know what would have happened if Ukrainians had simply said “no we will not use violence to fight you.” We will not cooperate and will non-violently resist with all our power, but we will not resort to violence.

  3. What if they had a war and nobody came?

    Amazon delivers.

    Wars now come with free shipping.

    And there is nothing any of can say about it that matters.

    Whining to each other here does not matter. We are 10,000 snowflakes in a blizzard.

    And everything we do is watched.

  4. Stop doing this:

    “The prevailing worldview of our day would have you ignore the unequaled criminality of the most powerful government on earth to focus on the far lesser criminality of governments on the other side of the globe.”

    This is a self-contradiction. On the one hand it looks like it’s criticizing US policy, but then it says, oh well everyone does it so it’s like driving 55 in a 50 zone– no big deal. The only difference, this says, is that the USA just happens to be the one in charge so they just happen to be carrying the big stick but everyone is exactly the same. That’s the same as saying the USA is doing nothing wrong except being successful.

    Also why do you just assume that all other governments commit crimes without any evidence? Do you feel like you have to lie to be taken seriously? Would you so casually publish off hand comments accusing the USA of crimes with zero evidence? “Oh the CIA eats babies. I mean probably, right? I don’t have any evidence.”

    Plus the general attitude is saying to people that things can’t change. There’s 192 countries in the world but without even any evidence beyond “human nature” I guess? You proclaim they are all committing crimes. Well if that’s a valid line of reasoning then certainly nothing can ever change because human nature won’t.

    1. Self-contradiction?

      “the unequaled criminality of the most powerful government on earth to focus on the far lesser criminality of governments on the other side of the globe.”

      This is how propaganda works. Nazis ranted about the evils of their enemies while they stuffed people in ovens. Pots calling the kettle black. Propaganda as old as war itself. Your enemies are demons and your own shit smells good. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tasty even!

      The evidence is everywhere around you. But you don’t want to look.

      You enjoy a lifestyle that impoverishes all future generations too much.

      Evidence of war crimes? Your ignorance is evidence enough.

      And if you don’t like what I say, tell me here.

      I don’t think you will. And that too is evidence enough.

  5. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    Great power rivalry keeps bringing the competitors back to world war. That’s because wars are fought over power – applicable to everyone. But power is an illusion, a simple truth no one can accept: it implies ultimate defeat. But defeat is what no one can accept. So all eventually end of fighting the war they are trying to avoid, in the second decade of the 21 century – WW III.

  6. Back during the Vietnam war my major professor hung a poster with that quote on his office door.
    It was immediately defaced by the ubiquitous warmongers.

  7. Laurie De Marco Avatar
    Laurie De Marco

    Cassandra daughter of king Praum and Queen Hecuba of ancient Troy gifted by Apollo with powers to predict the future yet ultimately denied acceptance of her words regardless of their accuracy though this story is based on mythology the message is undeniably valid l feel l am a victim of the Cassandra complex l speak my mind to you people l am not heard l am not the oracle l am not a crystal ball l am the voice of reason humanity will do its best to deny responsibility for its obsessed megalomaniac activities on our finite planet l believe the all powerful brainwashing of the masses on behalf of the ruling global aristocracy to maintain their global system of hereditary privilege and lack of awareness of the slave class indoctrination is this planets most pressing problem not nation state competition or the myriad of other distractions created in our minds by out puppet masters the ruling aristocracy l believe l will not be heard …..

  8. Jimmy Dore is on a roll today. First he called out CNN, and now in this one, he calls out NPR, for questioning the validity of their own narratives!
    Lmao …
    JD: “Zelensky is gonna wake up with a horse’s head in his bed.”
    For all we know every Zelensky morning begins with a horse’s head in his bed. A daily reminder to The Puppet to keep on doing his puppet duties. Or else.
    Does Big Z surivive this War of the Proxies? I don’t know, I think it’s a pick em. Part of me wants to believe that there is still enough honor and loyalty left in the US of Natostan that we will get our puppet out of there before the start of the final Volkssturm phase of this failed war.
    And the other part of me thinks Big Z will be handed over to the roaming death squads by US “intel,” because we American prefer our puppets die as “heroes,” rather than listen to their excuses in their retirement years.

    1. If you dropped Manhattan into Shanghai it would be swallowed up and very nearly disappear. If you noticed it all, it would only be the result of taking a wrong turn and ending up, to your astonishment, in a shitty, run down section of town, the one small piece of it that hadn’t been demolished yet and replaced with something shiny and new. 5 minutes. Regrettable tune-age.
      Jealousy. and embarrassment at the nation-state level. It’s fucking ridiculous, but I believe it will be those two emotions that are going seal our planet’s doom.
      Once America passes through the final part of the denial phase that is. And it will.
      Our propaganda can only insulate us from reality for so long.
      And by all appearances, it is already starting to fail in a fashion most spectacular. .
      And I’m not talking about the waking of the average sleepwalkin’ citizen here. Whether they do or not, is irrelevant. I’m talking about our leaders.

  9. Gustav Agenbacht Avatar
    Gustav Agenbacht

    One should pay closer attention to intuition. Gut feel, whatever your label of preference.
    Even in my most stupid era, when i thought the world was essentially good, like our friend Steven Pinker assures us, peering at it from ever pinker and pinker glasses, I had a nagging feeling that my convictions of Darwinian Survival of the Fittest had a few cracks.
    It did not occur then that Power is the ultimate Fit for such a witless world view. I thought because I was physically supremely fit, and absolutely believed I would Rule The World, as every fool does, it’s a system made for me.
    Having done a squealing 180 on every single thing I thought I believed then, since, the world does appear a little more austere now.
    What is VERY evident, is the Transhumanism that is a work well in progress.
    The question of Why, as systemic incentive or agenda would be a matter of overstating the obvious, and as Caitlin well points out pretty eloquently. The System is algorithm driven by those who most benefit from it, as we can see.
    The REAL question in my mind (having studied Psy in my younger days), is why it so appeals to the Millenials et al, my own son being one. My suspicion is a deep cynicism of Being Human, with the young, a very skeptic view of the society my generation allowed to shape itself from unquestioned compliance.
    I sense a critical weight of moral ineptitude coming.
    We HAVE to change course.

  10. Hi, Caitlin, et all! “Robot warriors” are just ONE of the potential threats to protest. I may have this wrong (as I read about it, second hand), but I heard that Trudeau’s tactics during not-long-ago protests was to attach the bank accounts of protestors. Even if that is incorrect, that is a government power that could be sought in every country, especially with the drive to all-digital currency (which would grant any government both tracking and control power). Without cash, any protestors who had their accounts confiscated would be left to try and ‘barter’ for food, etc. This would likely crush most rebellions (and their ‘leadership’) . Maybe the only thing that we’d be left with was the improbable, spontaneous, massive ‘general strike’. I imagine the oligarchs would LOVE robot-warriors, though — I heard that they have some worry about controlling their ‘security humans’ around them, if the shit hit the fan.

  11. War is terrible ,as Churchill stated but added that slavery is even worse. Just as war must be loathed, the West must be the first to see the offender in itself before seeing others as being oblivious to the danger and therefore find it right to coerce us to rally behind them. We, of the formerly colonized communities have known wars for generations which Western imperialists have waged against us. We should not be expected to cry for others when we are still nursing the wounds Western imperialism has inflicted upon us. All wars are terrible including the atrocious wars of colonialism and hegemon expansionism. Let us condemn them all without choosing which ones are more terrible.

  12. TheSaker with his first post after 3 months away. It’s a good one.
    It has long been my contention that the US will start a nuclear war with China (first stike them in the hope of a first minute knockout) because we are jealous. We simply can’t keep up with them. At this point, we are nothing more than what Sham was to Secretariate in the Belmont.
    He hung in there for a couple of races, Sham did, and then was erased from memory in the third.
    But with Russia, we will nuke them because we are embarrassed. Getting our asses whupped at all levels of geo-polical warfare by a county Obama called a “rump state,” and McCaine called a “gas station with nukes,” that we outspead on war material at a 10 to 1 yearly clip and close to 30 to`1 if you include Nato, will prove to be burden we cannot bear.
    And so we will launch.

  13. Let’s take a look into it – US Treasury secretary acknowledges economic slowdown but downplay economic recession.
    1 – Employers did not make an adjustment in wages to employees till now. Prices are the triple at the supermarkets, groceries, gas stations, everywhere. Unless American society will agree to live underpaid from every now and on because cheap gasoline will not happen again. So, recession is here just not officially because it is misinformation according the US ministry of Truth. It still exist this position?
    2 – Many countries are dropping the dollar. Japan, China and Germany are the biggest American debt holders and they have been leaving the dollar because they are seeing the cliff too close to let them to be dragged into.
    3 – The international market still adjusting to the new economic scenario. It will take some years to totally shift from this scenario but they are not going back to what it was before.
    4 – Lies don’t last forever. You can put in jail, you can torture, you can persecute all American people for contradicting Joe Biden rhetoric but at the end all injustice perpetrated will not pay such effort. Besides, who what country will trust in someone who cannot be trusted?

  14. How about a custom t- shirt saying “WW||| Deserter” !

  15. we all see the issues (at least on here) why is it that it is impossible to find a leader who would begin to correct this?

    Trump came along with promises to end the wars and work with Russia (and Make America Great Again) sadly the reality was he was only interested in lining his pockets.

    Ron Paul (a bit of a white supremacist douchebag) but he did state he would close all US foreign bases and bring the troops home. He also said he would pardon every single person convicted of non-violent federal drug crimes (as these issues were under the purview of the states).

    Bernie Sanders built his campaign with zero big corporate money, but Debbie Wassermann Schultz decide (for all of us) that we needed Hilary to go after Russia.

    Many I speak with tell me they want a politician who tells is it like it is- the truth, yet when Tulsi Gabbard did exactly that she disappeared into obscurity from lack of support.

    The average person doesn’t want the truth and they’ll support anyone who tells them what they want to hear.

    1. It is not lack of support. It is algorithmic suppression, and also the overton window. Even though people individually think very differently, the window of what is acceptable to say aloud is so narrow its’ not existing anymore. So there is no public discussions taking place.
      Microsoft is pushing fake news onto everybody’s screens. I blocked their news in several settings, now if I slide the cursor over the weather symbol, Microsoft still pushes the fake political news into my eyeballs.
      Unless we start talking to each other authentically, we have been silenced.
      So was Tulsi Gabbard.
      She actually went back to work for the Army’s psy- ops, they said they would love to have her.

    2. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Speaking of the Overton window, it seems most of the people commenting on this site substantially have their tongues hanging out of it. Ron Paul was the antiwar president the US could have had, but the MSM successfully cancelled him, and he remains cancelled to this day. Ron Paul has pretty much alone stood up for all the faraway darkie victims of both wings of the war party, has pretty much alone condemned their wholesale murder for many years, yet he can be labelled a “white supremacist douchebag” in this comment section and I’ll be the only one to point out the claim is demonstrably false. Next time you people want to carry on about the brainwashed masses try looking in the mirror.

      1. Paul seems to have convinced himself that anything that goes against his laissez-fair free-market Oz has got to be a plot of some kind. And, always, every time, no exceptions, a fiendishly sinister and byzantinely complex one, meant for no other purpose than to eventually enslave him, no less. You’d think his angry abusive dad got great big and turned into a government.
        Wikipedia says that of the 620 bills that Paul sponsored over his twenty-two years in Congress, only one became law – allowing a federal customhouse to be sold to a local historic preservation society. Do we hear the phrase “out of touch with reality,” at all, here? Or how about, “ineffectively representing his constituents’ interests?”
        I blame this libertarian war on reality for the mess we are in. For the past forty years, there has been an ongoing campaign to delegitimize the very idea of state institutions designed to improve the well being of the population. When government obeys its constitutional mandate “to provide for the common welfare”, it is relentlessly attacked as an enemy of progress by those who profit most from evading its legitimate oversight.

        1. They delegitimised themselves, if you actually believe most of the taxes they collect are used to provide for common welfare instead of to entrench their power and benefit themselves and friends, then, I am not even going to insult you but, my 13 year old asks the kind of questions you, presumably an adult, should be asking.

          And governments not only waged all the wars that killed hundreds of millions but they also killed more of their own people than died all their wars in the 20th century combined, . government is the #1 threat to your safety & of course your prosperity. It needs to be tightly restrained by informed and armed citizens. That’s not any more “extreme” than any of the insanity being called “mainstream” today, like “the worlds pretty fucked right now, hey I know, lets interfere in a Russian civil war and start ww3! Then we wont worry about food/gas prices anymore!”

          It is true that a limited government vs no government at all does allow for a peaceful coexistence so long as it prevents one citizen from aggressing on another simoly because he’s more powerful. In that regard yes government does provide common benefits and allows for a state of freedom from tyranny. The problem is when the government gets bigger, it makes decisions that have all kinds of unintended consequences and its nature is to expand its domain, that is due to the blind spots inherent in bureaucracy as well as its structure that causes it to “progress” and find hypothetical problems where none exists and then fix them. Thhey believe any consequences can always be mediated with more intervention down the road and before long youve got tyranny of a government completely committed to an out-of-touch megalomaniacal agenda and completely unconcerned with the welfare of the people like we have all over the west right now.

    3. How the hell is Ron Paul, who for one authored the Justice for Breonna Taylor act, and who has consistently treated people as individuals instead of living racial stereotypes, a “white supremacist”?

      Oh, I see, its *because* he treats people as individuals instead of living racial stereotypes. That won’t do, not if you’re one of the race-obsessed authoritarian colllectivists that have taken over much of the discourse on the left these days.

      Ron Paul is as much of a white supremacist as your definition of white supremacist allows him to be. Orwellian word-switching. There are however a lot of examples of race-obsessed authoritarian colllectivists who were actually white supremacists, though, a certain failed painter from Austria comes to mind.

  16. If the empire stopped tomorrow, in short order we would all be cold hungry and poor. The Black Plague killed 1/3 of the population of Europe. The post empire depression could be in the running for something similar. Am I wrong?

  17. Caitlin, you have a gloomy crew here. The end is nigh. I don’t want to spend my remaining days worrying about robot dogs and HIMARS. Perhaps you could bring us some art, a nice painting or one of your cool songs. I think I’ll make some art or just be nice to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

  18. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    Practically all modern wars are proxy wars, inasmuch as those in charge practically always have others do the fighting. The “we” of modern war is propaganda.

    The killer dogbot isn’t a big deal technically and could mostly be built with parts off eBay. Guns are still readily available, at least in the states, and the sensors and actuators are off the shelf components. The software could be emailed. I expect hackers could leave the MIC in the dust on this. But I think a more cost effective approach would be VX armed drones with fuel cells and distributed tactical autonomy. A system like that could kill for maybe pennies if you dealt in volume.

  19. The elites love the Pirates of the Middle East, Pirates of the West Pacific, Pirates of Africa, Pirates of Amazon. It makes sense since Hollywood started with pirates movies.

  20. Remember when they brought civilization to the Indigenous people of Africa and North America who were in desperate need as they were savages, who they then conquered with an even greater savagery and christianity. It’s like that but with democracy.

    1. and defense contractors.

  21. > “How about when they announce it’s time for World War III let’s all just be like “Nah, we’re not doing that.””

    are you kidding?
    If i read the same comics as our imaginative leaders (and i think i do), then we’ll all get cool mutant powers in the radioactive fallout!
    I’m hoping for x-ray vision and/or tentacles.

    /i am not a robot

    1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      We do not have to participate. They are more than happy to launch the missles without us.

  22. America like most of the human race has been asleep for too long, stuck i n a never ending nightmare and the governments, military, industrialists ect are the monsters manifest in that same nightmare, we must first wake , then sweep out the monsters back into the trash can, alas many of the so called human race simply do not care, so , to hell with them, THOSE WHO STOOD TRULY STOOD AND THOSE WHO FELL TRULY FELL

    1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      Sweep out the old monsters and new ones will take their place. Who would have ever suspected a bartender from NYC was a monster just waiting for her chance. She probably seemed harmless enough while serving drinks. Though outspoken she is no better or worse than the others.

      1. Yes, every era has to sweep out its monsters. If our parents/ grandfathers hadn’t, we’d all be goosestepping and speaking German. My generation is the laziest most self-absorbed America has ever produced. I never thought I’d say that, even 5-10 years ago, but they don’t even give a damn about their children, or the planet. Enjoy your hedge funds and crap while you suffocate when breathable air is gone. Money’s so much more important!!

        1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
          BB Benderhaus

          Just dont take away my cellphone.

        2. Speaking German the way the French had to abandon their language? Remember, the definition of successful propaganda is when you repeat the party line word for word and sincerely believe it’s your own well-reasoned conclusion. WW2 was no good war – Britain used the aggressively racist, nationalist Polish military dictatorship to provoke Germany the same way the US is using Ukraine in hopes of neutering Russia. Both were/are merely disposable pawns of great empires wishing to destroy feared economic rivals.
          And recall that global power France had invaded the small city-states of Germany more than thirty times in the two centuries prior to 1939, when her final attack had no cause other than an unwise alliance with London.

  23. Saying nah is great, but to get the nukes out of the control of the people who would want to use them might require mass mutiny.

  24. The Russians are a lot bigger than the Viet Cong. But nobody said, “Naah.”

  25. Prospect of revolution? That’s been dead in the U$A for years. This public is the most drugged, duped and propagandized in history, and while many are awakening from the most egregious propaganda wave ever in the last two plus years, most are not and probably never will. The collapse is upon us, and that is what we must deal with now. The American Empire will be changed from outside, not from within. The petro-dollar’s days are numbered, and when that goes, so goes the empire.

    1. The revolution has been cancelled for lack of interest.

      You are so right about the empire having a date definite.

      What are they planning for us, the excess?

    2. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      Fully agree. The dayvof reckoning is not far off.

    3. Yes, the only revolution America will see again is the kind of Revolution Sodom and Gomorrah experienced when hell came from the sky. Currently America is incapable of self-reflection.

      It makes sense, American self-reflection would lead to very embarrassing and painful truths.

      People are too weak to deal with the emotional consequences of finding out their arrangements are temporary.

      Collective come to Jesus moments don’t happen.

  26. ” It will hurt all of us and help none of us”

    Sadly, it has just helped America to stay rich and ‘free’ since WW2, they have benefited enormously from being able to print $ signs on pieces of paper and use them to buy goods. On top of that, the proxy control over most of the world’s oil and minerals has made sure they stay the most powerful nation.

    Why do all the leaders head off to the USA as soon as they are elected?? To get the list of instructions they must follow or expect a ‘regime-change’. Its a shame, but we are beholden to those ‘regimes of terror’ and ‘enemies of democracy’ for our freedom from the USA.

    1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      I thought they came to get a suitcase full of cash.

  27. They already did. You must have missed it. It’s happening now.

    1. Who already did what?

        1. If you mean the global war of technocratic elites against the very principle and practice of democratic self-governance, I would have to agree.

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